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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 25, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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temperatures into the 20's, chilly breeze will be out there. but lots of sunshine today. that's the trade off. only gets to 38 degrees for your afternoon highs. and then it is, you know, down to the freezer again tonight. down to the 20's, but again, i am going to promise and deliver some mild weather as we get into the weekends. we'll look at that forecast coming up in just a little bit. here's bob kelly. >> look at you running for offers over there. going to promise and deliverment tick-tock, 4:00, live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound lanes closed at 30th street station. all part of the overnight construction, saw some flakes flying last night during brad sattin's live shot at 11:00 here in center city. live look at the benny, no feed for any salt or any that far stuff this morning but we are below freezing so again in that time of the year where you just got to look out. no problems though coming up and over the bridges. finally got the green lights, lit up on top of the skyscrapers in center city. glad we're all on board for that one. south on 95, 495, closed as
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you roll south into wilmington, right near governor prince boulevard. so, if you are headed southbound this morning, stick with i-95 through wilmington, until they clear up that accident scene again it is on the southbound side. otherwise, mass transit looking good, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. 4:01, we got to get to this trial set to begin for delaware man charged with ambushing a philadelphia police officer, it was a horrifying attack, that was all caught. live report coming up in a matter of moments in connection with that story. in other news right now, developing, the search for gunman who opened fire on busy center city street last evening, hitting one person, this was right in front of the wendy's, you know where it is at 15th and chestnut, one of the busiest sections of the city. police say the gunman fired off six shots in that crowded area before running away. there was a 24 year old man who was hit in the wrist. he was able to run through blocks, into the apple store, at 16th and walnut, where he flag down a police officer, he was rush over to the hospital.
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>> he's only hit one time in the wrist. and there were six shots fired. so we're really not certain at this time whether or not he was the intended targetment because the victim himself is stating that he heard gunshots, then realized owe was shot. and we were asking him additional questions, and at this time he's being somewhat uncooperative. >> so they are looking as lots of cameras in that area at some of the video cameras to see if they can figure out who that suspect may be. also, police made arrest overnight in the attempted arson in the hunting park section of the city. this was on home on the 1600 block of bristol street, it is about midnight. now, according to police, this was domestic related. the good news is that there were no physical injuries reported. police say a man with mental health issues beat his mom, 49 years old, to death in her own home. they found the body of tammy blunt yesterday afternoon during a wellness check. the windows in her apartment on wissahickon avenue in east falls were all open and then
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there was a dog locked in the bathroom. her son, mal kai white, now faces murder charges. >> there is an aston man from delaware county, the first person in delaware county to be sentenced foreign gauging in sexual activity with a person he knew was a victim of human trafficking. police say that 40 year old matthew jefferies-sips met 16 year old victim at motel in maple shade after seeing an ad on line about three years ago, and then he took her to his home and kept her therefore a month until she finally called her mom who called police. he's looking at up to 60 months in prison. in atlantic county police need your help to find a robber on the run right now. they say the guy robbed a wells fargo bank on west white horse pike in galloway township yesterday afternoon. the teller says he handed her a note, and then he took off with the money. there he is. you know, late 20's, early 30's, police think about 5-foot nine, obviously wearing that black hood i, and some
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gray sweat pants. all right, let's going are get back to the story we were kicking off with today, the very latest in the trial that's happening today. interesting to see who was going to be there, that was the shoot that was so horrifying, ran up, shot that office, who got out of the car, and chased down that suspect, and who was alive and well today. let's get to jenny joyce about what we are speccing in this and who may be in court. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen, so the trial process has already gotten off to interesting start during jury selection earlier this week. the defendant, 32 year old edward archer of delaware county, apparently started telling the judge that his attorney does not represent him, this was while potential jurors were in the courtroom, archer's attorney said that's proof that his client is not fit to stand trial in a 2016 case of attempted murder of philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. surveillance video from the night of the shooting allegedly shows archer opening fire on officer hartnett with a stolen police firearm as the
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officer drove through an intersection. police commissioner richard ross told us that archer fired 11 shots from the stolen 9-millimeter handgun at close range, hitting officer hartnett three times in the arm. fellow officers held multiple benefits for their wounded brother as he underwnt several surgeries, spent couple of weeks in the hospital, and time recovering before heading back to work, and at the time the defendant said that he carried out that shooting in the name of islam. so we do expect a lot of philadelphia police officers to show up here to the courthouse today for the start of this trial to, again, support their brother in blue. karen? >> all right, well, that would be definitely be a packed courtroom today. jenny, thank you for that. let's get to burlington county a brave homeowner foils a burglar, burglary suspect, he snaps a picture of the get-away car. so he takes a photo after stopping two intruders who were breaking in to his mt. laurel home in the middle of the day. it was friday.
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if you know anything about this car, or who could be driving it, please call police in mt. laurel. in cumberland county police need your help to find a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a 77 year old woman. investigators have just released these pictures of the suspects, pick-up truck being towed away. so it is the one on the back of the flatbed right there. this all happened in maurice township intersection every highway 47 and broadway streets. >> and we have a search continues in chester county for pair of would be shoplifters who pepper sprayed a macy's security guard. police in west whiteland township say the guard saw two guys, there they are, putting stuff in a shopping bag, which is out of the exton square mall where bob kelly shops. those guys walk out of the store without paying. so the security guard confronted those guys who whipped out some pepper spray and shot it at her. then they dropped their bag and took off inside the bag about $900 worth of merchandise. that macy's officer is
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expected to be okay. >> and police in bucks county are hoping maybe some surveillance pictures can lead them to an arrest in a skimming scheme. they've had many issues up there with that. that's the guy they are looking for, he put in deep insert card into a atm at the fulton bang the one in southampton. only inside for short period of time before it generated error message that made the machine stop working. if you know who that guy is, please, call the upper southampton police. >> a third person has died from the flu in delaware this season, latest death 76 year old man from sussex county. he died in the hospital over the weekend. delaware has confirmed more than 900 flu cases so far this season. health officials expect that we will continue to see a lot more flu in the weeks to come. and in the meantime, we've had 15 more additional flu related deaths, reported in pennsylvania, bringing the total to 50 in pennsylvania. it is so bad in lehigh county, they're setting up tents at
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hospitals. lehigh valley medical center has a surge tent and the idea to streamline treatment. health officials say, they're treating 30, 40 people a day and just opened second location in bethlehem. >> silly, isn't meant to segregate population, meant to deal with the illnesses and then the different conditions on a quicker basis. >> hospitals in new jersey are also reaching capacity with flu patients. all right, montgomery county, we've got rabies alert, after a raccoon has tested positive for this deadly disease. the animal was found in gladwynn over on glenmore road f anyone in your household including pets has had contact with a wild or stray animal, you are urged to immediately call your county health department. >> all right, the countdown is on right now from facing the
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patriots, in the super bowl again. let's get out to steve keel any south philly with the latest on all of that, hey, steve. >> reporter: well, very minnesota-like at least outside, and the eagles practice facility will give them dome-like feel as they get back to practicing this morning for the first time since their big win. by the way, karen, eagles color in green, the eagles now have a lot of green behind them. because the point spread has suddenly droppe in the eagles favor down to four and a half points because somebody in las vegas unnamed at this point placed a multi million dollar bet on the eagles yesterday. so, it was even steven patriots-eagles until that. and perhaps that bet alone may have dropped the point spread by a full point. so, somebody out there is a true believer putting their money where their mouth is for sure. and j rude with mgm refused to identify the better but says they've bet before. so the eagles will hear that
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no doubt. that will give them little confidence that somebody believes in them. bill belichick was asked about the eagles yesterday, and here's one every his colorful answers. >> they have a lot, a lot of explosive players that can score on defense, they score a lot on offense. good in the kicking game. so pretty good at everything, which we expect. >> all right, and belichick also was reminded of one startling stat that you may not know, karen, despite all of their superbowls, and all of their super bowl wins, they've never scored, the patriots, that; ever in the super bowl's first quarter. and he we asked about that, he said yes, we hear the negative stuff all the point. here is the point. we try to score in every game, that's hard to understand but we try to go out and score and keep the other team from scoring. that's our goal every game. his news conferences are hysterical. i'm sure the national press will love him when he gets to minnesota. >> well, that's the truth. all right, yes, not how you start, how you finish.
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hopefully they won't finish strong against us. 4:10 is the time. going out there. we will be out there all next week, our good day team it will be mike, alex and jenn fred, every morning next week leading up to the big game. >> all right, 4:11 is the time right now. a high speed collision with a jaw dropping end. coming up next, a suspect trying to get away from police crashing head-on into an innocent vehicle. we'll show you right after the break. ment. oh, there it is. plus: oh, so many great songs. all right, elton john saying good-bye. his farewell tour will be his last right now. and it actually kicks off in our area. a little bit more on all of that. hey, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, it is a throw-back thursday, 4:11, live look at the vine street expressway. the vine is open. eastbound with construction. come on, we will check out some of the other jam cams downtown philly right out front of our studio.
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come on, elton, don't let that sun go down on us, little traffic jams for you, what get you going on a thursday morning? hashtag it with traffic jams. and mike's got your forecast when we come right back.
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>> here is the chase, driver in speeding through a neighborhood, that's how it ends right there. there was an innocent vehicle that got slammed. you can she car just looks like catching on fire and smoking certainly, incredibly, here is the thing, the guy driving that walks away from it, or runs away from it, gets tackled short time later by investigators. there he is running away. the other driver hospitalized, but also should recover. this chase began after the guy for some reason fled a traffic stop, there is the police moving in on him right there. >> all right, let's get a check right now of our weather. not chilly start, but the good news, sue is off, hi, mike masco, will get warmer for the weekends. >> yes, we get warmer. today's cold. don't get me wrong. but then we will get little warmer as we get into friday specially saturday, really going to love. couple of snow showers across town as we get down toward mays landing, excuse me, sea isle city and atlantic city this morning. i'm not specking, you know, any kind of issues on the roadways, but just some flurries flying across the region. thirty in town. very chilly up to the north
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and west, western suburbs, where it is into the 20's and teens, little bit every winds out there. that's why the windchill values feel below zero up toward the poconos to 21 here in philadelphia, 25 as you get along the shore point, so there is the snow showers over south jersey. we broaden out the shot, big area of high pressure, an arctic hi, that's why we stay pretty cold for the rest of your day today into tonight. but down south, there is an area of high pressure, another hi, this is a milder hi, and it will deliver southwest wind, as we get into friday and saturday, allowing for afternoon highs to get back to the 40's, and then, get into the 50's close to 60 degrees. so the chill you see on top of us right now short-lived. we go south, we already find temperatures into the 30's, and four's, for morning lows there is will translate out to 60s as you get down toward the tennessee valley later today. so fox future cast showing us low to middle 30's today, chilly day, northwest breeze, and then as we get into saturday, 50 degrees weather by saturday night some rain showers developing, and i think on sunday it is a pretty
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soggy scenario, but mild trade off with daytime highs into the 50's, so four in town,'s outer suberb, tonight, pretty cold, temperatures into the 20's, there is your warming trends, 45 on friday, 58 degrees as you get into saturday. then sunday just an issue in terms every rain. but we stay pretty mild. we will talk more weather coming up. bob kelly? >> you got it. 4:17. good morning, everybody, still got the closure of the vine street expressway into the schuylkill, it is the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway pushed off, use the ramps for 30 or stick with the vine street expressway, live look at the 42 freeway for the gang from south jersey not bad at all at the moment working your way in toward philadelphia accident and shutdown of 495, southbound, between exits number four and five. so, if you are headed south into wilmington this morning, use i-95 until they can get all of the lanes cleaned up, the pothole patrol coming our way today, they're working up
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and down route 202 between west chester all the way up toward the malvern interchange, and are you ready for free pancakes? best kinds of pancakes are the ones free. we'll be out here the west norriton diner breakfast spot in the heart of norristown on main street free pancakes from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by with the kids, we'll fill them one pancakes before we sends them out to school. karen, back over to you. >> thank you so much. developing right now, out of colorado, sheriff's deputy shot and killed in adams county late last evening. his killer, may still be on the run. the deputy was shot chasing a suspect, in a assault case. we know one person has been arrested, but investigators think two other suspect are still on the loose. more fall out from this, president of michigan state university has resigned, a mid the complaints that she mishandled the entire situation with the gymnast and abuse at the university. her name lou anna simon.
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she's going to smith her official resignation letter today after disgraced sports doctor larry nasa r sentenced between 40 to 175 years in prison for assaulting young women and children yesterday. now, she has faced a lot of criticism for the university's handling of this entire scandal. yesterday the doctor finally talked to his victims. >> except for ap million gentlemen to all of you it is impossible to write and convey, i will carry your words with me for the rest every my days. >> you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. >> a full investigation into michigan state university where so many of those victims were treated of nasar is planned, now, so a lot more on that. and two more women now accusing russell simmons of rape, according to "tmz." the women both filed police reports in the past month. one of them is a documentary philadelphia many maker, and alleging that he raped her at
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his home two years ago, suing him for five muscle becomes. he has denied the allegations. >> and president trump will arrive in switzerland today to attend the world economic forum. but before leaving, he told reporters he's looking forward to answering questions under oath from special council robert mueller. mueller is leading the investigation into russia's involvement in our presidential election. the president made these comments to group of reporters at the white house yesterday evening, things got little heated. >> no collusion whatsoever. there is no obstruction whatsoever. and i'm looking forward to it. >> under oath. >> oh, you said it. >> i have no idea. >> i think you have an idea. do you really have no idea? >> i have no idea. >> i will give awe idea. she didn't do it -- >> they haven't announced when the exact interview will happen. federal judge throwing out the three biggest bribery charges
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now against new jersey senator bob menendez. judge wall says there is not enough evidence to prove the senator used thousands of dollars in campaign contributions as part of corrupt bargain. but, he is leaving some charges intact including one's connect today mendez's luxury trips to paris and the caribbean in november, a jury deadlock after a week of deliberations in the first trial. menendez hailed the decision as is a victory. and there is now a lawsuit challenging trump administration's new medicaid rules. this allows states to require that certain medicaid recipients work in order to keep their taxpayer funded benefit. the federal government announced earlier this month it would let kentucky be the first state time mr. meant that requirement. lawsuit claims the waiver violates medicaid giving americans access to healthcare. >> all right, banning hard liquor on campus. one of our colleges have had enough. why they're cutting up the hard stuff. tell you, put down those red solo cups. but first, here's kristen
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rodgers. >> we're only ten days away from the super bowl. but, hey, who is counting? coming up, hear the players reaction to the support from fans here in this is charlie. and this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. this is charlie not coughing while trying not to wake zeus. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party. because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended.
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>> good morning, i'm kristen rodgers, every win talking about nick foles right now. he embodies this underdog story like no other. back up quarterback considered retiring now headed to super bowl, nice bed time story, the eagles think he can give them a good ending, he is a gotten
4:25 am
better each day he's played this post-season, said he's feeling loose head today minneapolis. >> just stay in the moment. this is a big moment. the super bowl. something you dream about as a kid. but at the same time, you know, we're going into this game. it is a game. you know, once i step on to the gridiron, i'm playing like playing against the patriots. >> phillies legend jim thome is head today cooperstown, named to baseball us a hall of fame on wednesday, this is the first time he's been on the ballot. he's eighth on the all-time homerun list with 612. ben simmons parent in the house for australian heritage night, first quarter, sixers up, ben simmons, going to throw it down. he had a triple double on the night. sixers never trailed. they beat the bulls 115-101. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers. >> thank you, kristen. when we come right back, we will be talking about a whole lot more that's happening with news. and, also, oh, yes, the shooting that's going to be
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discussed today in court. we've got a live report on the latest of this, that's where it all happened, we'll have a lot more. >> good morning, everybody, accident shutting down 495. all southbound lanes are pushed off, just south of exit number five. you want to use i95 as you roll south through wilmington. let's go outside. check some of the jam cams. we go on the way to cape may. looking live on a thursday morning, mike's got your forecast, but first, how about some lottery numbers?
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>> police raid in delaware landed those two people behind bars. and also, the eagles will be back at practice today we'll be out, there so excited, so what are those paths players and coaches saying about our birds, as we get ready for the big game? >> trouble in toy land. once known for its huge jingles, announcing it is closing hundreds of stores, and several are in our area that you have likely been to.
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>> good day everybody, it is already, january the 25th, where did this month go? i can't believe it. good morning. >> you know we will be sing that jingle all day. >> stuck. >> where am i going get my g.i. joe that's. >> not toys 'r' us. >> you have boys. >> potato heads. >> potato heads, yes. >> and you put everything in the wrong places cents. >> oh, yes, i remember furby that's not too long ago, they still have them? >> i'm sure they do. >> we'll get you one. >> can we? that's reliving childhood. >> we'll get it for you. good morning, everybody, let's get a look. we've got a morning that's pretty cold out there, guys. you know, yesterday morning, not bad. this morning, yes, it is a little slobbing to the system with a north breeze. still, coming in around 12. so we do have feels-like temperature of around 21, what you need to know is that the brisk breeze, not going to shake this afternoon, that's going to stay with us, and that should translate out to temperatures dropping tonight. but hang on, by the weekend, we should start to warm up
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nicely. egg harbor, down toward sea isle city and stone harbor, couple of snow showers out there. this isn't winter storm by any stretch of the imagination, but just couple of flakes flying this morning. temperatures are into the 20's across the region, 30 here in philadelphia, warmer spots down along the shore points, and you notice, again, really the cold is lock up across the northeast, nice mild trend down to the south and west, so we look forwards to that as we go forwards to the weekend. dressing the kids what show should look like, lots of eagles gear, lot evergreen, lots of layers because of the chilly temperatures, 20's for the rest of this morning, and lots of sunshine today. temperature close to 40 degrees. we will talk more weather of course on 101.1 more fm. thank you, di, we will talk more weather with you here on tv, coming in just a little bit. here is bob kelly with traffic. >> 4:31, good thursday morning, off to pretty good start, overnight construction on the vine street expressway and the schuylkill, so eastbound schuylkill, closed, right underneath 30th street station. so you can jump off at 30th,
4:32 am
or use the vine street expressway to get into downtown. they should be out of there about 5:00 or so. no problems coming in from south jersey working your way on the freeway. one closure southbound lanes of 495 all traffic, puts you onto route 13 through wilmington, leaving the house typically use 495 stick with i-95, through wilmington, that's going to be better than going through the detour and the pothole patrol crews out along 202 working pretty much route one through west chester, mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys, all running with no delays, karen backs being over to you. >> 43:00 it, delaware county man accused every isis-inspired attack on philadelphia police officer goes on trial today. >> is that office here survived, jenny do, we think he will be in court?
4:33 am
>> like look be in court for this trial. also a philadelphia police presence here to support officer jesse hartnett in the trial of edward archer admitted to caring out an attack on officer hartnett in january of 2016. archer says, he did it in the name of islam, surveillance video, from the night of the shooting, shows, archer opening fire on officer hartnett with a stolen police firearm, as the officer drove through an intersection told us he fired 11 shot at close range hitting officer hartnett three times in the arm. fellow officers held multiple benefits for their wounded brother as he underwent several surgeries, two years later the try now set to begin. archer's attorney has been
4:34 am
trying to argue that his client is not mentally fit to stand trial, but the judge in this case disagrees, and says, he simply is not cooperating. karen? >> all right, jenny, thank you so much. 4:34. man and woman in kent county now facing weapons charges serb of the out state street, they found loaded handgun, hooded mask, gloves, and ammunition, and 30 year old sylvester gould, jr., of newark, and 29 year old i am kimberly mart written both taken into custody. >> this all comes in the wake of several high profile alcohol related medical calls that have happened this semester, the fraternity council says sever-imposed ban is attempt to focus on the health and safety of its members.
4:35 am
>> seeing else get back to work as they prepare to square off with the paths in the super bowl. out to steve keeley at the nova care center. >> reporter: few days every practice here in south philly then they leave for minnesota this weekend. and before they leave, and the patriots leave, of course, there is a lot of media in the two towns. and among the stars talking to the media, patriots head coach bill belichick, who was asked a question he wasn't real happy about, unlike most questions he's not happy about anyway, but this one had to do with a very negative and surprising statistic for the patriots in supe superbowls, despite their history of winning so many of the. >> in the superbowls in the past, you guys haven't scored in the first quarter. >> thanks, mike, ya. >> sorry to remind you. >> yes. >> but how -- >> and all of the negative stuff on the superbowls need to be aware of, too. >> how much do you look at that history and this week and
4:36 am
say, you know -- >> we score in every game. that's probably hard to understanded. but we try to go out and score and keep the other team from scoring. that's our goal every game. >> ya, that's the goal in all sports, too, out score your opponent. by the way, could you probably place a bet on whether or not the patriots will score in the first quarter, karen, some surprising betting going on at las vegas at mgm, more people betting on the underdog eagles not just to win with the point spread but to win the game outright, what they call the money line bet. last night twice as many betters put their carbon the eagles than the patriots, and eight times more people are doing the money line bet on the eagles to win the super bowl outright than the patriots. and because of all of that betting in favor of the eagles, karen, the eagles point spread has dropped a full point at mgm, and now just four and a half point under dogs at least at mgm at the other vaguest books, still five points at least. >> maybe at some point we may not even be the underdog, we'll see, thank you, we
4:37 am
appreciate it, steve. 4:36 is the time. we're going out there to have so much fun and bring you action from the pre-super bowl leading up the big game. mike, alex, jenn fred, will be out there as well having fun. >> happening right now. if you are looking for a toy: ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> toys "r" us closing 182 stores across this country, as part every it bankruptcy reorganization. that's about a fifth of the brick and mortar locations cents, stores, in our area, on that list, you can see them right there. the one on north dupont highway in dover, delaware, cherry hill, and burlington, new jersey, and then over at horsham, annex ton. that's where i used to go growing up. how about, that bob kelly? more on. that how about this? monkey see monkey two,
4:38 am
scientists have successfully cloned two monkeys. could peep -- oh, and they're cute. could people be next? hey, mike? >> oh, i hope not. a lot of people i don't need to clone. all right, here's what's going on, good morning, ultimate doppler showing snow showers across the area, ocean city to sea isle city. the flakes are flying. it is cold today. but nice treat for the weekends. details are coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> in your health news, spending one hour-a-day a day can be interfering with your kids sleeping habit most likely to be sleep deprived, older teens, boys who did less exercise or had poor mental health. canadian researchers found teen girls are the most addicted to social media, but it affect boys, just the same. the guidelines in this country children six to 13 should get sleep every night and 14 to 17 need eight to ten hours of sleep. >> this is really cute. double trouble, look at these guys, scientists in china have cloned monkeys, they say, using the same method that produced dolly sheep 20 years ago, the knowledge is are the first primates to be cloned from non-embryonic cells. more births are expected in coming months, oh, look at how cute. the team says the work bridges the prospect of human cloning
4:42 am
closer though that's not their intention. >> 4:42, your money news, more companies are giving back to their employees, starbucks the latest to say it is giving employees a pay raise because of new tax law. they said that they plan to provide company stock and paid sick days to part time and full time employees. starbucks also plans to give bonus toss higher 8,000 new workers, it is all disney is giving, all of the workers a thousand extra dollars. maybe our company will, too. sixers strong, the team already won, trending all over twitter, talking about everybody, but this little girl, what a special night they made for her. she's battling leukemia. look at that. oh, we love you guys. giving back. more of this in a
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights.
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if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> mike masco says we may see flurries over cape may, south jersey, as women. we'll check on that in second. first, over to bob kelly. >> good morning shall everybody, 4:45, not that bad this morning, but yes, we've had some flakes through the overnight, one little accident here. this is the ramp from 202 to go west on 422, looks like some sort of utility truck there. so, police are on the scene, it is out there, in king of prussia. where we don't have the overhead street lamps. just be careful.
4:46 am
good morning, northeast philly, looking good on 95, no problems from cottman avenue, into center city. we're gooding it there. they still have that closure, the eastbound schuylkill, at 30th street. they should be picking up the cones momentarily. south on 495, still closed this morning, from early morning accident, it is right at exit number four, your best bet, headed south through wilmington, is to use i-95 this will they can get those lanes back opened up. make it a date, don't be late, maple shade, coming to visit you, our town take over monday taking over for the shaders broadcasting live from vincent's brick oven pizza starting 4:00 a.m. all morning long. breakfast pizza, and special guests and surprises and fun talking all about the good stuff happening? maybe i shade. mike has got the forecast in 15 seconds.
4:47 am
>> really, pizza for breakfas breakfast? >> pises a breakfast party. >> he's real excited as you can tell. good morning, snow showers across town. most around atlantic county, northern cape may county right around sea isle. so traveling the garden state parkway this morning, couple of snow showers your way. but it is clear skies as we get into old city this morning, and cold, 30 degrees in town. look at the teens up toward the poconos. and right around the freezing mark getting into millville. now, the winds are still out there. it is northwest breeze, coming in, so we do have feels-like temperature below zero right now in the poconos, 25 here in millville, and the temperature departures are pretty impressive, about ten to 15 degrees colder this morning, in comparison to yesterday morning. so step out the door, little shock to the system, as we are talking about some much colder or chillier conditions. so, there are the know showers
4:48 am
across south jersey, high pressure in control. this is canadian high that is delivering much chillier air, but down south, this is an area of high pressure, when you get the south high pressures develop, we get more of southwest wind. and that's why we are forecasting actually mild trend as we get into the weekend. now, saturday, may push 60 degrees. but by sunday, cold front out to the west, this is western moving storm, so with the south winds, it is more rain across the area. we are expecting about quarter of an inch every rain for your day saturday. forty in town today, tonight, get cold, down into the teens, and 20's, we will talk more weather and show you the seven day forecast coming up in just a little bit. karen? >> all right, mike, thank you so much. so obviously, everyone trying to get all of their gear and get decked out. so custom t-shirts flying off the shelves. >> phones off the hook, everyone throwing parties. >> this is a screen factory, jenn fred doing this, rush t's
4:49 am
to get her own printed help pick the designs. let me show you the contenders, here they are, the road to jennyopolis. getting loud with gin. and road to frederosota. let us know what you think, you can go to her twitter right now and vote, the win letter go with jen to minneapolis coming up for the big week next week. >> big night for the sixers, they had great game. they won. and villanova's back in his hometown every course but what happened inbetween all of the action that was so special. our shawnette wilson with a little girl's big night. >> ten year old add a laid is getting the veryuc sixers game. >> i used to play basketball. so it. >> but tonight she wasn't just watching the players. she got a one on one with forwar dario sarich. >> nice to meet you. >> and joelk time out from
4:50 am
pre-game warm ups to pose for pictures keep fighting. >> you want to take a picture? >> yes. encouragement meant a lot to rs. who has been battlingea >> it has been rough but i've been able to be okay. >> the sixers invited her, her younger sister oss they could hr with the strong kid of the game received personalized jersey from saric. >> just great once in a lifetime opportunity forreat time tonight. >> this is so special, she spent so much time in the hospital, and away activities, o get here, such a privilege, exciting way her favorite players in person, not just on a tv. >> the famy arena including thes room where players do interviews with the media.
4:51 am
>> for adda laid who suffered a night out but still undergoing some immune ' th biopsy in three weeks. >> see where it takes us, but this is relapse for her. and so fate in god and our doctors and hoping everything comes out quick. >> news." >> thank you, shawnette. so we all have right now. but some people go a little got a christmas decorations in one of our neighborhoods, it is in atlantic county. and we will talk to the folks who are in that house when we come back.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 4:54. you may see some flurries if you were down the shore way. ocean city, new jersey, good morning to you and all of the folks nearby. so small children, even animals, we know the fight song for our eagles. but in hammonton, there is a couple that takes their love to whole new level. this is madison avenue. we have got bill paulis and his wife linda coming up with the idea to deck the entire house in green and white lights after the big win on sunday. needless to say, it has got a lot of attention out there. people are coming from all over to stop by. >> i just get so many compliment from all of my
4:55 am
friends and family. >> they took all of the negative activity that people were saying about them, they showed them. >> you can hear it right there. they have the fight song also playing anacine chronickized with the lights, how cool is that? now, most of us already have some green and white light from the holidays, i think this is a great idea. so the neighbors don't go crazy, tune your radio to hear the fight song. turn the lights on around 6:00 t 10:00 at night so the neighbors don't get annoyed. >> all right, there we go, we have all of these challenges, bakery up there in boston. montelino bakery brands philadelphia cream cheese, and also a competition with the collegeville italian bakery, we go out there all the time, good friend of the shop, we'll follow that, of course we head to the cream boston donut on the show yesterday from another bakery, daddy's donut. now, you know, philadelphia cream cheese technically has nothing to do with philadelphia. kraft trade marked it back in the day because we have such a great reputation as the place
4:56 am
for high quality dairy. so we shall see. have much more on all of that and the controversy and the trash talking, 4:56. we do have a lot of news to get to this morning. let's get right out to jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning, karen. so the trial for edward archer, the man accused of an ambush-style shooting on a philadelphia police officer, two years ago, is expected to begin today. two years ago, is expected to begin today. we will your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. two years ago, is expected to begin today. we will clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect.
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4:59 am
>> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. right now on good day philadelphia. the man accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer will be in court today. >> flu numbers rising. sixteen recent deaths in just our area. thousands have been sickens, now, they're setting a -- setting up tent at hospitals. our players are pumped up. how about you? >> this is the last town that this team is going to play on this field together. >> so revolutionary rivalry between the birds and the paths and our fair city. >> ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer ♪ >> saying good-bye. why elton john says his farewell yellow brick road tour will be his last. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. start right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning, and welcome.
5:00 am
thank you so much for joining us, as we approach the 5:00 hour. thomas is working nights this week. we've got bob here. mike masco in for sue. you said snow. you slid that by me a little bit but not much. >> little bit. >> brad sattin's shot last night saw some snow? center city. toyed look for a second, looks like snowflakes. >> that's the testimony the arctic air that we have on top of us, but short lived. it is out then we get close to 60. i don't want to say 60 because if it doesn't hit 60s you'll be like -- >> where are you sue serio, you are hedging on that. >> hedging real hard. i'll steel a term, though, from bob kelly. >> go ahead? >> let's show the graphics. >> ice jammo. >> an ice jammo. >> we got a jammo on the -- >> that will cost you a donut, you snow. >> this is issue for the northampton county. you get way to the north, right along the river, there is still a lot of ice and that's going to create an issue for communities that are right up against the banks of the delaware river. there is a flood


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