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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 31, 2018 4:00am-4:59am EST

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so dress for six. sunrise time, 7:10. here's some other windchills to show you. five in wilmington, seven atlantic city, three in allentown, i think you're getting the idea, it is very chilly outside. no snow or rain or anything. and we will get to a high later on that will only be in the 30's, we will talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. bob kelly, the roads are dry, but it doesn't mean we're without any problems. >> dry roads and a situation here that happened on the overnight. a tractor-trailer, the trailer portion became un hitched and down the embankment. this is live look at the ramps from route 100 to route 202 here in chester county. happened couple of hours ago. a combination of an investigation of why and how it un hitched itself, thank goodness nobody was hurt in this sucker just kind of went down the embankment, and into the woods.
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they're kind of pulling them out here with the big old tow trucks, but right now the ramps from route 100 to go south on 202, down in toward west chester, are blocked, you're best bet if you exit at boot road. that will get you over to 202, you'll be on your way, probably for the first start or maybe the next couple of hours here until they get that all cleaned up, that will be the detour, otherwise kind of quiet out on the roadways, live look at the freeway coming in toward philly. mass transit running with no reported delays. >> like to hear that, bob, thank you. 4:01, philadelphia police are after armed rob here is trying to kidnap her victims. there have been at least two incidents, our lauren johnson outside walmart in crescent ville. that's where one of the incidents took place. good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, imagine you're in the store, get everything you need, make it outside here to the parking lot. this was the backdrop hereof that abduction, last thursday, around 73:45 p.m., 28 year old woman was in the parking lot when we was approached by
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another woman. that is her in the video we're showing you, police release that us to, the suspect was armed with a knife, forced the victim into her own car, then demanded she drive to the 6400 block of rising sun avenue. it was there at the bank of america atm where the victim was then required to withdraw $500. the suspect was later seen at a wawa on erie avenue, caught on camera, getting out of either a mercury grand marquis or lincoln town car, police unsure at this point. two days later on a saturday, few blocks away from this walmart, police believe the same suspect tried to abduct a 16 year old girl, but she was able to shake loose, and free herself of that woman. now police are asking all women to be alert and aware. >> keep alert. don't wear anything that would distract your senses, don't wear headphones or anything that might, sunglasses, anything that would stop you to see and hear what's going on around you, park in well literaries. if you are fortunate to have this, stay with a group or in pairs, don't go alone.
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and if you see anything suspicious go back inside, tell the security guard or if you can safely do so 911. >> and now police are trying to track this woman down before she strikes again. she seems to be very bold in her actions, she'soman in her md 30's, thin build, medium complexion wearing black coat with fur around the trim. anyone who has seen her, knows who she is, ask asked to call police. by the way employee here at the walmart says there is security inside this store and also driving around the parking lot but police warn that you can never be too careful in these situations, always keep an ian ear out for anything around you that looks suspicious, thomas and car glenn that's very good advice, lauren, of course, thank you. 4:00 # three is the time. police have suspect in custody in the shooting deaths of mother and daughter, we told but this horrible crime yesterday in oxford circumstance em. police found 42 year old rene and her 42 year old mother add line shot in their groovy street home monday. they now think it is the
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daughter's 39 year old boyfriends who could be responsible. he answered the door when police got there. no charges have been filed yet. police have not yet released his name. >> we now know the name of the man in off duty police officer shot and killed after a hit-and-run in south philadelphia. police say 31 year old call eel from arlington, virginia, ran over a man near broad and bigler street monday morning. off duty officer confronted him. they ended up struggling with each other. the officer shot him several times. he died at the hospital. police say the officer and the man la wall hit with the car they went to the hospital. both have since been released. >> you may have been sleeping last night while we had the state of the union. it was a call for unity. the over arch theme as the president delivered his first state-of-the-state of the union address. let's get right to jenny joyce in collingswood. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen, what i think is interesting is this was the most tweeted about state of the union address in history,
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which is an indication that a lot of people have a lot of thoughts, feelings, on what's happening in our country right now. both good and bad. so, couple of the topics that were most tweeted about include immigration reform and the ms13 gang. trump said that for decades open boarders have led to drugs, gangs, pouring into our communities, and hard-working americans, fighting illegal imigrants for low wage jobs, which shouldn't happen. the president said that the proposed immigration policies will be in the best interest of all americans bye also in order to get these policies enacted there needs to be bipartisan teamwork. trump asked democrats and republicans last night to come together to make america great again. >> so let's come together, set politics aside, and finally get the job done. >> i will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations that got us into this very dangerous
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position. >> and the president also pushed tax cuts and said that millions of americans will now have more money in their wallets which will continue to help the economy, several journalist who is spent the night fact checking a number of the president's claims put out a little fact versus fiction. we will talk about that coming up at 4:30. karen and thomas? >> thank you, look forward that, jenny, of course when you have one side you have the democratic response on the other. for that the democrat chose congressman joe kennedy the third who is the great never ooh every president john kennedy to deliver their message. >> this administration isn't just targeting the laws that protect us. they're targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. >> let's go speaker. so that was the calling out there. so, obviously, everyone is
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calling for more hope right now. a lot of people trending on twitter talking about some of the unfortunate spital on the response's, joe kennedy's mouth, so we will talk about that coming up a little later. and jenny mentioned this was the most tweeted joint address to congress ever 4.5 million tweets, the top ones when the president spoke about we stand for the national anthem, talked about immigration, some of the criminal gangs, as well. >> 4:07. police are investigating the sexual assault after drexel university student. the 22 year old woman said she awoke to find strange nerve her bed saturday morning. police did release surveillance of the man who they believe was inside her powelton neighborhood apartment. after several hours, the man fell asleep, and that is when she was able to escape and call police. by the time the police arrived the man had left. here is another look at the possible suspect here. if you know anything of course give police a call. by the way police say there was no force the entry and he got in through an unlock door. and what do you get when you mix an empty beach house,
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a guy with a spatula, and a recipe for a crime spree apparently. police in north wildwood say 45 year old guy, peter vast alley, went into that home right there, squatting at empty beach house 400 block of ocean avenue, used as a home base of operations cents for crimes, they say. here is the interesting part about that spatula. he actually used as a tool to commit five burglaries, three attempted burglaries, and several thefts in that area. the owner can't believe it. >> he makes pancakes with a spatula in your place then uses the spatula to breaks into other homes. >> he did apparently. we still don't know how he got in our house, more than anything happy i guess no one in our house was there, that none of us showed up while he was living there, that my kid weren't there. >> police say that suspect is wanted for crimes in at least five other pennsylvania and new jersey communities, he was arrested and now faces numerous charges. >> over new castle county, a traffic stop leads to gun and
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drug charges from one man from middletown. police stopped 34 year old gary earl junior right here on route 299 last wedneay realized earl junior who is also a registered sex offender, was violating a by not reporting his accurate address. they searched his car and foundf pot. then they searched his home and found a gun, a.m. aoun innings, cocaine, nearly three grand in suspected drug money jailed at the howard young correctional institution. >> egg harbor township man facing multiple charges. ismael martinez indicted on charges of heroin and cocaine possession. he was arrested back in october after police say they found him running a drug production facility, out after clayton mills apartment in absecon. >> the search is on this morning for the driver involved in a pedestrian hit-and-run in burlington county. so do you recognize this truck right here? police in mansfield township
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say this gray pick up ran into a 64 year old woman walking on poequest last tuesday injuring her. they're sharing photo right here in hopes of finding that driver. >> in delaware county, an amtrak worker fired after a train derailment in chester city has cents filed a lawsuit, william robinson is suing the railroad agency and his union for what he calls civil right abuses, he argues he was one of two foremen responsible for the tracks, where that amtrak train 89 derailed back in 2016 killing two workers, but, he, who is african-american, was the only one fired. the other foreman, john yeager; white. >> time now 4:10. let's talk about the chase for the championship. the birds have their first full practice in minnesota yesterday. >> well, the media and the crews got an inside look at the stadium, just about all of the vikings logos have been covered now under place, obviously patriots and the eagles logos there, we caught up with coach who talk about what his team will be doing. >> there is a game at the end
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of the week, and, you know, my job is to make sure that the guys stay mentally plugged in this week, and that's why the routine where will remain the same. you know, we just adjust, we're flexible, whatever we are asked to do, we do. and but at the same time we stay focused on task. >> so, they're having such a fun time out there, so we will be hearing from the players and how they're getting ready. it is also coach peterson's birthday, happy birthday. big shout out to him, as well, so we'll know what present he would like to win this birthday week, we got you covered, whole team is out there, part of the morning cute out there having a lot of fun on later hours of good day, of course whole team covering all of the action for 5:00, 6:00, ten and 11:00. >> too close for comfort. see each other waiving right there. coming up here on "good day" philadelphia, russian fighter jet buzz ago us navy plane, coming within just 5 feet. >> how about this for ruffling feathers? hve you ever heard of
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emotional support peacock? clearly neither have the airlines, it was a real thing, see it right there atop that far woman's head? that's peacock, bob kelly. >> that's pretty good hat. good morning, 4:12, live look situation happening here. i hate when my trailer get un hitched as i'm riding down route 100, but that's what's happening here. route 100 closed, in chester county. let's go to the parkway. live look at the ben franklin parkway, oh, look at all of the lights there in green. we got the price tag on that, jessie j on your juke box, what's a song we can play for to you get you going on this hump day, #trafficjamz. sue will have your forecasts when we c
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>> you've heard of emotional support animals, they bring them on planes and trains. that's a peacock. waffle ruffled feathers, trying board a flight at newark international airport, she went up to the united airlines counter and said this is my emotional support animal. a peacock. well, even though she bought a second ticket for the bird, the airline said wait. not so fast here. they released statement saying the animal did not meet the guidelines for a number every reasons, including weight and size, so she was turned away for her peacock. have you ever sat next to a peacock? >> no, no. >> forget about the armrest. >> well, it is the tail and all of the feathers and all of
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that. >> it is the fit that's spread out. >> yes. a lot of people, they're just going on line to get the documentation for the emotional support animals. maybe that's part of what happened. >> you can understand you want your little fur creature with you. >> but faded away there, look at that shot. what is it, 6:45 this morning, we will have a trifecta. >> right now the supermoon in effect, then the blue moon, the second full moon in this month, and then the blood moon depends if we can see an eclipse. >> oh, what's flying there? is that smoke? >> i think it is. >> little erie. this is the ends every days, sue, you're telling us? >> that's it, it is cents done. >> little hazy out there, but yes, the super blue blood moon. there it is, it is a second full moon of the month. that's always called a blue moon, you hear, oh, once in a means. another supermoon, which means moon is closer to the earth than usual. and then this lunar eclipse that's happening around sunrise, not going to really get a great view of that, unfortunately, but it is all
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happening at the same time. and that is pretty rare. we will check temperatures this morning, now that the precipitation is out of here. and it is an unusually mild morning in minneapolis, our friends mike and alex, will check in with them, but it is 30 degrees there, milder than it is here in philadelphia. so, the tables have turned just a little bit. we got the cold air that moved in after the snow finished up yesterday. 18 degrees here, and wilmington, 15 allentown, 21 in wildwood. but you got to factor in the northwest winds, which are ten, 13, 12 miles an hour. and this is what it feels like outside. six, the windchill in philadelphia, five in wilmington, nine in wildwood. a windchill of 3 degrees up in allentown, so make sure to add that extra layer, make sure you have your scarf and hat on, and that the kids do, as well today. because we haven't had a single digit windchill morning in a while. we will watch our next clipper system coming through thursday night, into friday morning. but nothing to show you here
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on radar right now. so, this is from yesterday watch out. watch out for slippery spots this morning, there could be some iciness, and you supply to scrape that windshield, as well. 38 degrees was our high temperature yesterday in philadelphia. we will probably be at about 35 today. briefly milder, late day showers on thursday, changing to flurries on friday morning. not expecting accumulation on friday morning even less than what we saw yesterday. very cold day on saturday. and then wintery mix maybe changing over to rain on sunday, could linger into monday morning, and we sure are hoping, bob kelly, that monday morning we will be having a very big celebration. >> well, i think -- >> not going to rain on our parade. >> it will be continuation of the sunday evening celebration. good morning, everybody, 4:18. interesting conversation yesterday with the school dis district, that are we going to do with the kids?
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when we have a parade in town? good morning, hang tight for that one. 4:18. live look, tractor-trailer became un hitched, a trailer got un hitched from the front end here, and down the embankment, into the woods. this is a live look at route 100, southbound, right on the ramp to route 202. penndot and they got the big old tow truck here trying to pull this guy, because again, there is only wheels on the back, there is no wheels on the front. so this is a rough situation out in chester county. luckily, no one was hurt, right now, though, coming south on route 100, and you typically pick up 202, headed down to west chester, exit for boot road. that will get you over to 202 and you'll be on your way. so that detour will be with us this morning, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, closed at the vine street expressway. but the overnight construction, green lights all lit up, sears center, fmc center, all of the skyscrapers have the green lights for our eagles all lit up this morning. and right out front of our building here putting the new
4:20 am
air-conditioning unit on the top of our building here at fox. so fourth street closed from market to chestnut, with the big crane out there for the next couple of hours, septa also detouring some buses around our station this morning. thomas and karen, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. i didn't know that is what was happening, new air-conditioning, all right, 4:20, hawaii emergency management work here sent out that false missile alert message had made mistakes in the past. in a new report the state of hawaii says that worker believed it was a real life emergency. they also say he had repeatedly gotten confused in the past. his poor performance had been document forward years. on january 13 he was told six times that it was an exercise, but he hit the send button anyway. then he was told to send the cancel message he just sat there. he's been fired. the emergency management director has also resigned. >> and then this definitely too close for comfort. that is a russian fighter jet buzzing a us navy plane. what do you think they're
4:21 am
saying, hey, fellows, coming within 5 feet. both jets flying in under neighbor national air space at the time. russia, quote, was flagrantly violating existing agreements and international law. >> less than two weeks after pope francis angered many chill ands with downplaying sex abuse victims, the vatican launching investigation, archbishop will hear directly from something dollars victim of fernando, but the focus more on juan borrows accused of covering up the crimes. cardeem al sanctioned by the vatican few years ago for sexually abusing minors. the vatican says the archbishop is well equipped to handle the sensitive matter. >> after bishop, one of the biggest experts in the church on child sex abuse, he was the former prosecutor here in the vatican, currently the president of what is the equivalent of a court of
4:22 am
appeals in this matter. >> the borough's controversy dominated the pope's recent trip to latin america. his comments about a lack of proof angered many. >> in lehigh county the corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pulaski continues today. the court spent time questioning if the word meatballs was used as a code word yesterday. consultant recorded conversations with the mayor in cooperation with the government and on those recordings they were discussing meatballs. the defense says the men were literally discussing the food and not a shady deal. >> the head of philadelphia courts has fired one of its clerks. they discovered that she had asked rapper meek mill to help pay for her son's college tuition. the clerk told "tmz" she passed mill a note at a sentencing hearing for help and she thought mill would look favorable on her request since they both were from philadelphia. city spokesperson confirmed the city did fire that clerk saying court employees should never infringe on the
4:23 am
neutrality of the courtroom. >> so it has not been easy road, clearly, for number nine. >> but he has cents a strong support system behind him. certainly, a tight-knit family. our conversation with nick foles coming up next. this is charlie. and this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. this is charlie not coughing while trying not to wake zeus. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party. because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended.
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nick foles has been behind
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him every step of the ways. >> s is thee eagles nation. kristen rodgers caught up with the quarterback last it out n this moment you just apprec and this is part of it, and you judges sort of embrace it. but at the where you just know what do you have do each day to prepare for the game. that's what you foc that stuff done before coming here. >> nick foles gets his strength from his no one inspires him more than his wife, who got sick back in 2013 when they were dating. >> we got engaged while we were at the mayo clinic. we got married at courthouse two month later. because we new we were in for a run, we didn't know whether we would get married. so we never had a wedding ceremony. we never had a honeymoon. but just the journey we've gone on, gone through there is and just to see her strength, to see her determination, to see her health continue to improve. she still deals with it, but it is amazing. >> now that he's a father being here means so much more.
4:27 am
>> we win the super bowl. she has cents no idea. she will love me no matter what but obviously i want to go in this game. we're here to win it, but to have her here at this game with my wife is the greatest thing ever. >> awe. i never new that about his wife. >> amazing strength, really is quite something. nick, we're behind you all the way. by the way that was kristen rodgers reporting. so, just a little over two hours action something very cool is about to happen. a triple lunar threat. >> so we've got the supermoon, the blue moon and the blood moon, a lunar trifecta, about an hour away, as thomas said, so we will be showing you some views all morning long.
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>> take a look at this woman, she is a susct rob and kidnap her victims. why they need your help to get her off the street befor again. >> and together we are building a safe, strong, and proudty but playing to the base, president trump's take on the nation in his first state of the union address. all right, like a little bit of madden football. so, there was funny. we had blount our
4:31 am
and back playing little video games there. so could the winnerof the super bowl? >> got whipped. >> whoop whoop. >> you know who won that one. halfway there, with us us a alw, you'll wake up to some cold outside. beone, thomas drayton, karen hepp, sue serio, good morning. >> good news, the last day every january. now we have to go through the blistering colds february. >> right. >> yeah. >> yes, ather page on the calendar. >> it is true, and feels like, weren't we just saying happy new year? well, happy almost february. we've got a six out of ten today because it is so c-c-cold. bus stop buddy has the blanket coat back on, of course, everything in eagles green this week. single digit windchills is to kr wardrobe selection, and there is our supermoon, our second full moon of the month of and io
4:32 am
eclipsed but i don't thi be almost light out when it happens. anyway, 18 degrees, oh, yes, y it feels like six, the other windchills, well, feels lancaster, that's our warm spot this morning. eight in millville. windchill of and six in trenton, nothing to show you on radar. so, let's talk high temperature today. barely above freezing. we will get up to 35 degrees, it will feel chillier than that, with breezes gusting up to 20 miles an hour, but the good news is sunset time is now 5:19, bob kelly, as the days get little longer. >> there you go. little extra time, and remember, we've had some of our biggest snowstorms in february. so we're not done with mother nature yet. 4:32, live look here, this situation happened earlier this morning, the trailer came un hitched from the tractor. this is southbound 100 at thisoute 202.bound 100 at amazing no one was hurt when this sucker went flying off of
4:33 am
the roadway. and into the woods. they're trying to pull it out here with a big old tonka train. so this is the ram from 100 to south 202,ou exit for boot road. that will get you over to 202, and then you'll be back on your way heading down toward west chester, live look at the schuylkill expressway, all lanes still block here as we got the eagle logo, cool shot here, they got the eagle logo here, kind of swerve bac back ad forth across the searsnd lanes still blocked at the vine street expressway. until about 5:00 or so. and a big old crane blocking fourth street here, between market and chestnut street. so down fourth street, even the septa 57 bus is on a 6:00 this morning. and be ready if you use patco, another rough day running on modified schedule, again, this morning. karen and thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you, 4:33. police are on the huntig suspeca
4:34 am
woman, who kidnapped and robbed another before. let's get trite lauren johnson. morning, lren. >> reporter: hey, karen, good morning to you. police were so grateful to us yesterdayfoay this woman is bold, and they're ready to stop her in her tracks. it this walmart on roosevelt boulevard, it was where she first did victim last thursday. a 28 year old who came face-to-face with knife, forced the victim inside her own car, demanded she ring sun drive, that's where she made the victimri atm. later cameras catch her at wawa gases station getting out . police can't make out whether it is a mercury grand marquis or believe that's her. feeling successful, she tries her luck again, two days time, r victim just 16 years old, but it doesn't work, and she is able tore hearing about this are surprised a woman is behind the crime. scary.
4:35 am
it goes to show that you can't trust people nowadays. and anybody, anybody around, you have to be careful of everybody around. >> yes. >> who would think that, you know, a women would pull a knife on another woman, you know, for that. i mean, that's scary. >> so, police want you to get a very good look at her. she a black woman, mid 30's, medium complexion, thin build, and at the time of the crime she was spotted wearing a black coat with fur trim. they want her off the street. so if you see her or you know her you are asked to call or contact police. they also want to remind everyone that any tips that you provide police can remain anonymous, so karen, thomas, they want people to pick up the phone and start calling. >> absolutely, terrifying, let's hope they get her. lauren, thank you. philly mob boss joseph skinny joey merlino back in a courtroom. the 55 year old back in manhattan on charges he returned to his life of crime after his prison release, they
4:36 am
say he was part every health scare scheme that build insurers for unnecessary annex he is i have prescriptions. merlino has pleaded not guilty to those charges. >> in atlantic county police need your help to find a woman who they think is involved in a string of car thefts. wow, that's really clear picture of her sitting in that vehicle. earlier this month, several cars were broken into at the river wood park, suspect smashed the windows, stole credit cards, money, checks books, from inside, then used some of those checks allegedly at three banks in new jersey, fun know who she is call police. >> we know it was the state of the union certainly last night, the president gives his take on what happened right there. so, much of his speech hailing what he calls the start of new american moment. let's get out to jenny joyce with what people are saying. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, so the theme last night was america is getting stronger by the day. and then this country is giving americans what they
4:37 am
need to be all that they can be, living out that american dream. so, president trump addressed a number of big topics last night, including tax reform, infrastructure, and jobs. the associated press spent time cross-checking the president's claims. the ap found that several statement may not be truthful. the president discussed energy, stating that we finally have ended the war on clean coal with the ap pointing out that cole is not clean and 83 percent every major air pollute and the at power plant are from coal. also the president said we're finally seeing rising wages, but the average hourly pay raise was high nerve 2016 than it was in 2017. on border security, the president had this to say. >> for decades open boarders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities. they've allowed millions of low wage workers to compete for jobs and wages against the
4:38 am
poorest americans. >> so, here's what we know about that studies over several years have found that immigrant are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the united states, previous presidents bush and obama roughly doubled the ranks of the boards pear troll and the obama administration deported more than 2 million immigrant during his eight years in office. and that's more than previous administrations. so, what the state of the union, again, there are always a lot of opinions on both sides. we would love to hear from. so send me a tweet, sends me facebook message on twitter, i'm at jenny joyce tv. again, we want to hear from you. karen, thomas? >> you can bet both sides will be dissect that speech today. all right, jenny joyce, thank you. >> 4:38. one local town has cents a new rule. >> it is an ultimatum basically for a family, your patriots flag or your water. >> you better take them down.
4:39 am
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yee, a lot of us are trying to be better, get on our diets,oreg resolutions cents include alcohol. >> of course trying to cut back on quit altogether. how does that work out as we end near february? >> most every russ failing miserably. say resolution toss drink less alcohol may be some of the hardest to keep. they surveyed about 3,000 high risk drinkers, and nearly one out of five wanted to cut back on their con sim sean, six month later they're still drinking about the same.
4:42 am
experts suggest the best way to change your drinking habits, is to find a support group or to get professional councilsing. >> some exciting news for biker to re its it -- rotorcycle, the electric bike will carry you 50-mile range, it will be able to go from ze in four seconds. the company says it plans and $50 million on electric technology over the next few years. >> and also, more good news for atlantic city, i think maybe thiarnd, thousand of jobs coming back, five atlantic city casinos shutdown in the past five years. putting 11,000 people out of work. but this summer, the old trump taj mahal casino will be open as the hard rock casino bringing 3,000 jobs back to atlantic city, the casino will continue to interview job candidates today, it says, 1400 people have already applied. >> with the super bowl just a few days away, a lot of friendly bets going on.
4:43 am
but one mayor has some stern words for you. if you root fo for the youth, guess what, we'll shut off your water. the town cracking down on the patriots pride, we'll explain.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
>> women come back, taking a live look at wilmington, delaware, if you look up, you'll see a huge moon in our sky. >> the moon is on break this morning. >> well, trust me, it is there above our heads, because it is not cloudy. but we awesome cool celestial event, the lunar trifecta time in 150 years. we have a blue moon, a supermoon and what's called a blood moon. that occurs when the moon slides behind the during that lr eclipse. that's going to be about 7:00, ma viewing, 6:45, 7:00 that whole effect. more onle skies, so it will be a nice to look up and see. probably notice already if you looked outside, it is a lot brighter this morning. also, a lot colder. we will get a check on your forecast in just an employment. a check on the roads and rales this morning, hey, bob? >> you will definitely notice it is brighter. i noticed that this morning, pulling out of the driveway,
4:47 am
like you know you kind of feel like there are lights around the house, but definately the moon. so make sure to pull over safely later on at 7:00. if you want to watch the whole trifecta. modified schedule again today. on patco, now, spec delays, they reported over-crowding, the later part of the rush hour yesterday. so, be ready for, that again, all a result of the accident with the down wires and the power line that happened monday. so again, patco running, but expect delays in and out of the city. oh, and you can't have an eagles pep rally without going to eagleville. that's where i'll be, big eagles pep rally starting 9:00 . so we put the kids on tv. they're fired up out there in lower providence. route 100 south closed because of this mishap. the trailer became un hitched earlier this morning, this guy driving down route 100, thank god nobody was hurt, the trailer kind of veered off to the left and down into the
4:48 am
embankment. right now they're trying to get it all out of there. but route 100 southbound you want to exit at boot road. that will will get you over to 202. then back on your way down toward west chester. they're still working on the vine street expressway closed eastbound right here in center city, all traffic push off ton vine street expressway until about 5:00 or so. and downtown philly here, we're getting the new heating unit on the top of our studio here at fourth and market. so, fourth street is blocked, from market to chestnut, they got the big tonka crane up there putting the unit on the roof, closed until about 6:00. at positive point the septa route 57 buses also on a detour this morning. come on, pat your -- pack your bag, lets guess to bensalem. we take it over on monday morning, i'm going to set up shop, broadcast live from bagelo city and the soup king cafe. no soup for you. all right, i'll give you some soup. monday morning, 4:00 to 10:00 all details up on the facebook and twitter pages, love to meet you out there in bensalem on monday.
4:49 am
sue-be has your forecast coming up in 15 seconds. >> all right. you can jump outside right now, just make sure you're bundle up to catch supermoon. live, here comes, very breitbart outside as karen and thomas were just discussing. super blue balloon moon, call it the balloon mood, also also an eclipse going on which makes the moon appear red in color. blue moon, doesn't mean the moon looks blue. it is just the second full moon in a month they call it the blue moon. yes, the moon closer to the earth than usual. that is little hazy out there. but i think you'll see how breitbart it is everywhere, especially, maybe if you live outside of the city. anyway, outside of the city, in the city, most of our temperatures are until the teens, or lower 20's, but it is really the windchill that
4:50 am
you dresseer hour winds in philadelphia, it feels like six outside rightindchill of twn reading, three in allentown, and nine in started. so today, it is all about the temperature, because the precipitation fromes is gone. left a coating for just most of us. we .10 of an inch of snow in philadelphia. yes, there is cents another clipper system, headi before tht will get a little bit milder than it is right now. here's a look at the future cast, we go to eight in the morning, tomorrow, and we see some clouds rolling in, so probably get mostly cloudy day, but the rain doesn't start until closer to sunset, maybe few showers for the evening rush tomorrow, some rain in the overnight hours, looks like at least according to this computer model will remain above freezing, but it looks also like this could be out of here before it gets cold enough to change over to snow but there is a chance
4:51 am
we'll see maybe couple of flurries about two, 3:00 in the morning before the whole thing is out of here in this case it may not affect our morning rush on friday. we'll see, keep examining the timing of that, as time goes by. 38 degrees was our high yesterday in philadelphia. we only got to 35 in atlantic city, trenton was cents 38, and today we will be in the 30's as well with high of 45. thirty-seven tomorrow. which is why it is rain late in the day. flurries perhaps early in the morning, on friday, but generally, sunny, cold day friday and saturday. and then couple of flurries or wintery mix changing over to rain on super bowl sunday. karen, thomas? >> yes, come sunday we will be focused on one thing, i tell you that, 20 below. 4:51, collingswood showing its eagles pride ahead of the big game. the mayor has a very clear message. if you root for the patriots your taps will run dry. that's what the mayor of collingswood said in a
4:52 am
humerous letter after they flew a patriots flag outside of their house. out lied the flying any of any flags that show colonial figures, and the penalty for refuse to go take the flag down? your water will be shut off. >> i really have not had any great reason to tell them it needed to come down, frankly, with the success that they've had, it has been difficult to tell them that. but things changed this weekend. >> just the comradery we have as sport fans, that we can go, and that's what sports is really all about. >> all right, so in just a few days, we will see who has all of the bragging right and whose water is dry. for now, it is all just fun says the mayor. >> so maybe this is a better owe men. eagles running back blount, one of our favors, number 29, and patriots right end faced off in a game of madden on xbox last night, so much fun when the players play each other. obviously blount played for the eagles, and played for the paths. the outcome in who won? blount thank goodness beat his
4:53 am
former teammate 33 to 13. i'm mark that down cents as the score of the game. how about that? >> never doubt. there go. 4:53, the mayor every minneapolis calling out the eagles. >> my eyes popping out of my head. the message he has for the players and us fans. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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4:55 am
>> so a lot of back and forth, a lot of trash talking, and the latest to take a jab at philadelphia eagles fans is
4:56 am
the mayor of minneapolis himself. >> i'm going to let him speak for himself. he put it out there in a video welcoming people for the super bowl. >> a big welcome to the new patriots and philadelphia eagles fans, eagles fans, don't worry we'll be greasing all of the lamp popes so you feel right at home. come on out, have a great time, make sure you come back to visit us again. >> are we seriously welcoming the beep eagles fans? >> hi, i'm jacob fry -- >> oh, a sense of humor. and right back at you. so -- >> what does he know? esiason's 17, maybe 17 and half? >> i know. >> talk to us in a couple of years, you'll be eating your words. >> 4:56. let's get a rounds up, see what our workers are working on at this hour, hey, jenny? >> good morning, karen, thomas, what did we accomplish in 2017. where are we headed? well, president trump, answered that, in his own words, in his state of the union address last night. hear from him coming up next.
4:57 am
lauren? >> hey, good morning, jenny. second district philadelphia police officers on the hunt for a woman who used this walmart parking lot to commit a very bold crime. we will tell you what she did, and who she tried you were borne to rock... borne to piggyback... and you don't want anything stopping you. airborne plus beta-immune booster™ is the only immune support with vitamins and minerals, plus an added ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. airborne.
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psst, we are the new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners.
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zeroooooo!! ooh eye contact. ♪ ♪ yeah girl, 13 grams of protein. yaaassss! we're the new light & fit greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. >> right now on good day philadelphia, searching for an armed robber. police say she's trying to kidnap her victims, what you should be on the look-out for.
5:00 am
the people dreamed this country, the people built this country. and it is the people who are making america great again. >> a call for unity, speak to go a deeply divided nation, president trump takes an optimistic tone, in his first state of the union address. what he has to say about his first year in office and what he plans to do next. >> patriots. >> the best. >> eagles. >> really good. >> eagles. >> champs. >> patriots. >> i got nothing. >> what comes to mind when you think of the eagles and patriots? we're counting down the days, let's bring home the lombardi trophy. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. start right now. >> patriots, i got nothing. that's the quote of the day. so good to have you with us here at 5:00. it is january the 31st, can you believe we're about to click over toker? >> wow. >> that's when you take that


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