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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 1, 2018 6:00am-6:52am EST

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interesting, calling we got we d but help is also something we ne >> welcome everybody. back to our coverage hire at fox f bor seautiful mall of amea in minneapolis, st. paul. >> it is so goo actually, it is interesting, because this is the coldes morning since we've been here. . >> see what happened is the so now we have clear skies. no insulation. and it is a lot more care. we've become minnesotans. >> don't you know. nd we're tough. so we go out, yesterday we did dog sledding, today we slidenhu. >> yes, we are. and we will be okay with it and then run backhat's right. plus we'll meet justin timberlake today. and he may be on thedend on ale. >> depends on me? what do you mean? >> well, you talk him into cow tomorrow. >> that's a big job.
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well, let's g in philly. i doubt that's the kates this morning? >> not any more. in fact, i was waiting for your favorite two weather words when doing that explanation, you know what they are, radiational cooling, yes, that's what happened overnight in minneapolis. now it is 24 below windchill and the actual temperature is two below. but here's where we are. right now, wow, above freezing. with our current temperature at 34. and our windchill of 29. we will take that. much, much better. sunrise time 7:09. we've got number of the day is a six out of ten, only because, it is going to rain later on, have a lot of cloud cover. but will be much milder today, it is national grapefruit month. yep, first day of february. don't forget your umbrella if you're going to be out all day. because good chance you could encounter some showers before the end of the day. so 48 degrees is our high. mostly cloudy skies with afternoon rain. then sometimes during the overnight hours that range will change to wet snow.
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overnight low 29 degrees. have the timing of all of that coming up in just a moment. so, bob, how are we doing so far? behaving themselves? >> not real. nasty accident here on 422, 6:02, live look here, eastbound lanes of 422, right at first avenue. if you look close, could you still see the smoke coming, from what obviously is a vehicle fire along with it, so eastbound, 422, right before you get into king of prussia. only that one lane available, that's going to tie traffic up, 422 a mess to begin with for the morning rush hour, coming out of collegeville and royersford in from new jersey pockets every volume along the freeway hid dollars in toward the walt whitman bridge. looking good on the benny and the skyline all lit up, even got the psfs sign, flipped over to green. now that they've the neon light bulbs in there. overturned vehicle west on i is 95 right before the new jersey turnpike. accident out here on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at morgantown. and patco, again, today, running modified schedule, so expect delays for the morning
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rush hour. now, back to the super bowl. mike and alex. >> thank you, bob. >> did you forget us already? it's only been four days, bob, thanks very much. to to this deadly fire in north philadelphia, row home, two people have died. >> and jenny joyce is in north philadelphia. letting us know what happened. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex so the fire started inside of a row home here on the north side of the block. we are live, in in the philly on the 1300 block of west toronto street. small street. right off of broad. the off here. l & i officials were out, taking a lock at the it has strl damage. the deputy fire commissioner tells us that two people die ov. the fire started around midnight when crews arrived, one first floor of the home. it was placed under control within about a halfire commissi, jessie wilson, says one of the victims was found deadctim trano
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temple hospital, and later died. we talked whose home backs up fire scene, she said she quickly notice add lot of activity, firetrucks, ambulances and police then saw a lot of smoke as you get out, walk around the corner, you know, i've i can tell where it was coming, from i came to the corn what this block; corner every block, i looked, andepter: thatd she does not know anyone who lives on the block, didn't died. the fire contained to single whom. neighbors front were not affect in the this. the cause of the fire, remains under investigation. and at this point, fire officials who were out here earlier say they couldn't tell whether or not there were working smoke detectors. mike and alex? >> all right, jenny. let's stay right, or go to west philly now. guys have been jumping people. these guys have guns, trying to robternoon commute, especialy
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upper dash. >> i and three different incident since there, trying to get more information on the search for them. steve? >> reporter: you guys being up in minnesota realize how cold it is. imagine being held up for cold. because that's what happened tuesday night, to the latest victim, not only do they te card cell phone, and everything he's got in his pockets, they took up what was holding up his pockets, his belt, and his hooded sweatshirt that he was wearing. at least they let him go with his pant and shoes. now, so, when these three armed robbers are telling targets to give up all they got they mean it. three guys, three guns, upper darby detectives say the same crew robbed a woman friday night and started this string of three hold-ups. now, since then, as she just got off the norristown high-speed line, was walking to her car. and police say, she actually refused to give up her purse despite three guys pointing guns in her face. >> they threaten to shoot each one of the three.
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which is even more bothersome. give it up. give us your stuff. or we will kill you, or we will shoot you. so that is the brazennes s and predatory nature of their act. my concern is that whether you have these individuals, what's the potential for them to hurt somebody? n and i believe the potential is very, very high. >> and so upper darby and septa police teaming up together to both put warnings out on social and traditional media like us, and also, put plane clothes detectives around the train stations cents where we are. hoping to stop and catch these guys in the act before they go from pointing guns, to shooting them. alex, mike, that's among the big stories today. the other big story on the front page, alex, you got bumped off the front page of the daily news today. believe it or not, just days before the superintendent super bowl, philly daily news puts brady on the cover. too bad you can't see it. not tom brady, our brady, bob brady since he's quitting congress. >> oh. big news, brady on the cover
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of philadelphia papers. oh, that brady. >> different braid. >> i okay. >> thank you, steve. >> so, when it comes to the eagles, though, having second day of practice today. you know they've been raining testing at the university of minnesota. >> the goafer. >> time to get to work, time to get to practice. so yesterday was the team's full practice since arriving in minneapolis for the super bowl. they have full pads. no, they didn't wear full pads. but it doesn't mean they're not fully focused on stopping afraid. >> i i don't want them in paths. they know how to play the game. >> save the energy. >> save the energy. don't get hurt. just go over tom brady on sunday afternoon. >> i can't tell you what to do but i can tell you what not to do and that's, you know, forget about doing your job, and forget about, you know, your fundamentals, what got you here. because as i've said, he's good at timing. he's good at frustrating rushers, getting the ball out. mixing out the protections. and you can't get out of your game. >> in order to help the team
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get ready doug pederson has asked his good friend, and former teammate, brett favre, to address the team saturday night, the night of course before the super bowl. >> they're very, very close matter of fact. so doug, did he help brett with training as a quarterback, right? back up to brett. and then they went top super bowl. >> so experienced a super bowl. yes, let's listen to help. >> i would be impressed if brett favre came over here and talked to us. >> let us know how it is done. >> ya. okay, you know, almost time for the super bowl when you start asking animals to break plea dictions, we do this every season but now in the super bowl. >> when it comes to the giraffe though, is that every year? i think that's a new thing, isn't it? i'm used to the kitty bowl. >> april the giraffe became famous in 2017 forgiving birth and pregnant again, right? i think she at at it again. anyway, predict dollars the winner of the super bowl. it is a stretch even for april. >> going heavy duty. we learned what policeman to use to keep identfication fans from climbing street
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polls, if the eagles win on sunday. they're letting go of the crisco. we will tell you what now they'll n using. >> oh, never let go
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>> could make you feel better or little concern, so many people are trying to bring stuff? >> tsa is announcing it's confiscated record setting 3,957 firearms, in 2017. which is nearly 600 more than what they previous year. >> well, tsa was also able to gn powder, >> what in the heck is a ground burst simulator? whatever it is. >> right. if they confiscated it, ya, i don't want it. >> what? 4,000 firearms. >> and the thing is though they've had 30 million more people that they searched this year compared to last year. so, that's also a thing. >> well, that's kind of weird too. >> more people, more things to confiscation. >> 30 million more people were traveling through airports? >> i guess more people are traveling. >> yes, i guess people have more money now. >> or maybe some prices also starting to go down. >> yes. brady on the cover of philadelphia newspapers, this is oh, it is bob brady. >> not that brady, yes.
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>> because this is a long time congressman, bob brady says he'll not run for another term. listen. >> oh. so the weather. >> another day of different weather than yesterday. it will be much milder. but then we've got rain changing over to snow, we will tell when you all of that happens, coming up in your weather authority cancer challenges us.
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>> the bold north. >> and the cold north. what's going on in philly, knew. >> getting some rain a little later on today. and then, again, on super bowl sunday. so, you guys will be, i think you guys will be home by then, but regardless, if you're in the poconos on super bowl sunday probably going to snow. here if the philadelphia area we'll have some snow and then rain mixes cents in, rain the rest of the day, close to the shore. super bowl sunday will be a rainy day. expecting a rainy afternoon for some. with temperatures already above freezing, in philadelphia, it is 34 degrees, we will get there, north and west of the city by the time the precipitation get here. windchills, though, are some of them are in the 20's, including here in philadelphia, where it feels like 29 degrees. so, next cold front has some
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rain and snow out in the western part of the state. none of that has made it way here. we are thinking well after timir the fox future cast. and by 4:00 maybe a sprinkle or two. by 5:00 or 6:00 it starts to rain little bit more after 8:00 or 9:00 it is raining a little heavier, but then starts to change over to snow, between, say, 2:00 and 4:00 in the philadelphia area, and then all that moves to the south and east by 7:00 and then all out of here. so it moves through pretty quickly, probably just enough to give us maybe .10 of an inch of snow as much as we had accumulating. 33 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. temperatures go up today to 48, back to 33 tomorrow. 34 degrees saturday. mix every precipitation on sunday. and then back to milder weather by the middle of next week. so it is temperature roller coaster ride in your seven day forecast. best advicer today. if you're going to be out all day, to grab theater on.
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>> you got it, get one of those little fold recall once fo 6:17. accident on 422 this morning, this is eastbound lanes of 422. right at first avenue. right before you get into king of prussia. bumper down to only one lane, 422 normally,r g to begin with with two lanes. so starting to back up from trooper arogabe's curve all then toward kop. coming in from new normal volume pop on the freeway, pick cool st of the benny and the city skyline all lit up in green for the gang coming jersey, outy trenton here, 195 westbound an accident right before you turnp. slowing us down. that will one there involving an overturned vehicle.nd pa turnpike, out near morgantown, and patco says, again, another modi today. so mike and alex expect delays mainly from like 7:30 to 8:00 and coming up in the next hit, we are going to have
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another kelly's classroom eagles pep rally, taking the bus right up the street, 730 school student ready for our eagles pep rally later on this morning, so back to you guys, at the mall, of america, at the super bowl. >> thank you, bob. front cover of the pape nerve philly. long time congressman bob braidly won't run for re-election. >> big news, good morning, mike, alex, announcing he will not seek re-election here, veteran philadelphia congressman and power broker as you know has been under federal investigation. it was a scandal involving payments allegedly made to convince challenge for drop his bid, scandal that has plagued him for month now. brady has cents had quite the career, spanning over 20 years, ten terms, he's never been strongly challenge. and he says, look, i'm sting down, not because of the scandal, but to spend more time with my family. >> my daughter, single par
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don't use some help, i would like to take my grandchildren to school. avenue great great child, choose grand child on the them. >> brady says look i want to make recent scandal involving alleged payment did not impact my decision,e, alex, been married 21 years, 20 of those years going to washington fou time to spend time with the families. come home. >> thank you, thomas. >> developing news out of washington d then. memo alterede memo allegedly when it comes to the memo it said that the fbi has grave concerns about it release, it allegedly shows the bias and poor tactics of the fbi in it investigation. house intelligence committee member adam shif says previous agreement to release the memo now inch val add what he calls
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secret altering of the docuont approve the memo release which chief of staff john kelly says will happenckly. >> all right. the minute we get that memo we will pas on to you. speaking there, in virginia, mostly going to a gop event. and they slammedo truck in rural virginia. one person did die after the train collided with a garbage truck charlottesville, virginia. lawmakers some of them with their families werey to a retret virginia, i think at the green returned to help those who were hurt and tried to save dvet su scary. >> well, you know it is almost football time when we go and we ask animals who is going to win the super bowl. so we asked a bunch of animals. >> usually like the dogs or something. >> chicken, we did one year.
6:21 am
>> uh-huh. >> this time it is something different. different animal. >> we need to find out who picked against us, then do something about it.
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don't just >> in is super bowl 512. let's talk to the animals. >> not your typical animals, thes animals, right? a seal, a giraffe. you know? want to bring out the big with the seal. the seal is he maritime aquarium in norfolk, to whatevem they thought would win the big game. and the seal swam toward theeal. but, there is room for some concern. that seal was last year, was right in pki wrong in the prior five years. so maybe they're on a >> meanwhile internet sensation april the giraffe, host end whor bowl. april had let us in the barn by the patriots and eagles logo, sad to say she went logoe lettuce. let us pray. lucky enougto the
6:25 am
giraffe with us in our fox 29 studios right up in the news room. >> yes, we need a talk with april. >> second chance now>> we places represent each team. we had her grab one, s april, show us, which team did you grab? >> i'm guessing to your barn. >> never look better. >> just like with horse, do >> there are certain things you got to do.e? >> april and i, we're no longer buddies any more. i am >> what? >> we'll talk. i guess now that she picked the new but still.
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>> we have snow on the way, rain on the which, when will we get st it all out coming up in your forecast. >> two people died in a overnight house fire, we willm h philadelphia.
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>> fast moving fire claims two lives overnight watch we're learning a
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morning. we learned what police plan to use to keep fans from climbing street polls. not crisco any more. >> another day once. so mike and i, we went dog sleddingment we'll show you how that went. this time. and, mike, today, it is now? >> yes. >> this morning? so you know what? i'm n do that to you. i'm not going to force you to go outside. but i will stronglye somebody pd and set up. >> do you? >> yes. s, it will be what, negative two right now in minnesota. >> yes. >> feels like we're below zero. >> i don't care. we have become tou cold here. and i'm celebrating with them. >> let's celebrate the way you', don't you like the way he's talking, sue? >> the first of february already. we click over to new month. >> happy national grapefruit month. both of you.
6:30 am
>> thank you. >> it is chocolate lovers month as well. that might be something more fun. than the grapefruit. anyway, six out of ten only because it will rain later today. there is bus stop budd which his grapefruit and the umbrella don't forget that if you're out all day, because before the day is through, we will probably see some showers. not yet. 34 degrees in philadelphia. windchill of 29. sunrise time 7:09. and there is the precipitation out to the west, by the time it get here, it is going to be 48 degrees. which is why we're only calling for rain. it is not until the overnight hours, when colder air moves in. that the rain changes over to wet snow. but the storm will move pretty quickly. so hopefully it won't make too much after mess for us, for the early part of the morning rush tomorrow. 101.1 more fm is our radio partner, so for all of the folks that have their radio dial tuned to 101.1, bob kelly, what can they expect?
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>> preset coming up 6:31, just few seconds, good morning, live look at accident east on 422. setting us back, they just got everybody moved off to the shoulder here, finally the second lane is rolling in. this is right at first avenue. right before you get into king of prussia. but already, jammed up over a half hour, just to make it from oaks around the curve into king of prussia this morning. coming down the boulevard, not bad at all, starting to see volume. got the construction on the ramp to go west on the schuylkill. hello to del coach live look at i95, rolling from the delaware state line, up toward the airport, no problems yet. no problems on the tote board in philly international. overturned vehicle, central new jersey, in trenton, wets on 195, right before you get to the turnpike, exit 75 accident. then out out on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound watch for accident out past morgantown. patc morning, modified schedule, running trains every ten minute, in to alex back to t
6:32 am
the soup. >> hey, bob kelly thank you very much. >> all right, so following this developing story out of north philadelphia. where a fast moving fire complained the lives of two people. >> yes. jenny joyce has been on this all morning, jenny? >> good morning, mike, alex, deputy fire commissioner hasn't re lows dollars much information about the victims, don't know age, sex or the relationship to one another. all he has confirmed right now is that two people did, in fact, die in this overnight house fire. it happened here, in north philadelphia, we are live on west toronto street. now, we know that the fire started on the first floor of home. fire crews arrived around midnight. once fire crews wereid a they fe person dead, a second person was transported to temple hospital. and later died. this is a quiet alleyway, really hasn't been too much activity so far this morning. we did talk to woman whose home backs up to the fire scene, saw a lot of smoke last
6:33 am
night. >> when came out the house, i walk around the corner, seen all of the smoke, and came back. because i was minding my business. i just seen it was a fire. police around at the time. >> so the block where the fire happened is still corded off by police. l & i officials were out here checking on structural stability of the home t did sustain so much damage. we do know the fire marshall is continuing their investigation into how this fire started. mike and alex. >> all right, jenny, people in upper darby specially, morning commuters be on high alert conce there have p.m. some victims getting off the train>>teve whan >> we've got three guys, three guns, commu cold
6:34 am
weather. to >> yes, sounds like your shot your shot is breaking up youro audio. let's continue to talk. i never know what to say. when the eagles win, right? say. >> when. >> whatever makes you comfortable, when or if. either one. so eagles win, let's say, s suny night? party all night long, no question about it, fox is going to be o coverage, so don'r turn away from us. but what are the cops doing not greasing the polls any moreover the sit which crisco. >> yesterday, talking about how they said they have another substance but weren't really revealing specifically it was. well now we know. because they're using something new, using heavy gear oil. now, typically finds at auto shops. >> yes. >> so you might want to be careful of that. if you are wearing like your favorite jersey or lucky jersey will get messed up.
6:35 am
>> okay. >> it is thick. you can't get it off your clothe. it smell. and it is >> we are about business, but we are still about the business of allowing people celebrate as long as it is done realize, last time even they they put crisco onans spilled climbed them. if we put something to stain yourself and your jersey you dad to be this oil commerial so much thicker than every otheroi. do you remember what brand it was? bob kel i would remember this. >> i don't think it will work because if the eagles win the soup, and out celebrating and you be a badge of hon tore have those oil stains, like so you could say tellpole, you know, with the oil. >> that's right. >> never mind. ok at my jeans covered in oil. >> the oil from the win.
6:36 am
>> i'm glad they cleared it up, racing, go to the adult shop get ky, anyway,a body shop. >> and not condoning that behavior, justld think of it that way. >> thomas. >> karen, maybe they do. >> kind of ironic because the oil if you look at it, it green. >> it is green, yes. >> on your g it mat their much? let's get you caught up on top stories. shooting in west philadelphia sends three peoplalto including a pregnant woman. >> police are trying to find this s about five hours ago in the 5200 block every webster. police say two women, just 18 and 19 years old, were struck in the leg, also, a 20 year old man was hit in the back. they were all raised over to the hospital where they are in stable condition. we don't know theoong for gunman after man was shot and killed near lincoln high school school's principal, kicked
6:37 am
out a group of people, they were watching a basketball game. th lot, a fight broke out, shot were fired. one man was hit i legs. in chest he later died at the hospital. of local basketball star. just imagine took watch him play. he can fly. former lasalle university basketball star russell butler. he and his wife lea died califa yesterday. just 38 years old. of course born here in phad catholic. drafted in the second round of the 2,002nba draft. the miami h. played 14 years in the nba. his wife was a contestant on the third season of american idol. >> hang today. broad street opens today it closes on the 16th by the way and result will be annoo. the 10-mile race, it is on sunday may sixth, itgh school. 8:00 a.m., and it end at the navy yards in south philadelphia. sign of warmer things to come.
6:38 am
>> we were admiring what you were wearing, mike and alex, mike, that shirt, might un the best one yet. that's good looking. >> well, was that a compliment? >> it was a compliment. >> right? >> alex always looks lovely. >> you, mike. >> and we're shocked that mike might have a nice shirt. >> where did you get this one in this one is nice. >> apparently at a woman's shop because it is not my size, it is so tight. >> what shoip do like that one. >> it is called -- here, in america. >> you don't remember? >> every store.hat i'll figure t in my bag over here. >> pro-life. you mean>> no, it is not the nf. something like pro look, something like it out and tell you. >> anyway, scott hanson, i him,e with him, don't know, he changed my life about three years ago, the nfl red zone, so when the footballs games sunday are not on fox, look over n red zone,
6:39 am
because they don't have any commercials and it just goes cents from one game to the next to the>> just straight thr. so interesting because it seemed like were you real fast na media >> did it seem obvious? >> little bit. >> he knows so much aboutnoif he ever looks at notes, can he go from one game to the n amazing. scott hanson. >> ♪ >> i love you. i love you. oh, get some rest, chris. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and there he is live. i mean, i'm this close. >> i meanest's my sunday. >> red zone. red zone scott. >> ♪
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>> when when do you pee? >> after or before the show but not during. that's dedication. lining this man. >> mr. bladder. >> you do amazing job. >> thank you so much. >> have a great week. >> too. crush, it is his knowledge, plus he is a good looking guy. but i felt kind of weird. he only had time for one question. it was when do you pee? so it is before and after. >> good question, yes. >> then he put out tweet yesterday saying his streak of just peeing before and after the game has come to an end. what did he say? first bathroom break-in december in four years. >> wow. >> his streak is over. apparently his stream is not over. >> i wonder what towed drink that broke his routine? >> i don't know. water? >> he didn't go on for six, seven, # hours games goes into over time without peeing. >> interesting. >> normally i can do this show
6:41 am
four hours without going. >> i can do four. >> but i don't have a streak, i'm sure i've used the show before during a show. >> by the way, you know, aim's a restaurant connoisseur, public rest comes connoisseur. mall of america specially the new wing has maybe one of the prettiest bathrooms i've ben in in my life. i will go on instagram latter today. >> as long as no one is in there whether do you. >> i thought about that. tape as i go in, oh, there are a couple of guys, so i'l facili. but looks like you're walking mike a night club in >> oh, one of the best bathrooms ever. >> maybe i need to go over there then. need to go. >> when you got to go you got to go. and let's go ove to jen. >> i'm going to call this morning cousin company. o that? >> i like. >> there is fox, thered one of e donnie went to this place called original juicy lucy, tell you how to
6:42 am
tell if you'realeal or fugese. >> now, thoseoga pant are not. >> no, tom brady wears yoga not. >> no, tom brady wears yoga pant, i wear this is so exciting, dave! not. >> no, tom brady wears yoga hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes!
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hot diggity dog!
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>> here, shirt of every kind. they had every super bowl possibility, patriots, eagles, and somebody on twitter said the reason it is tight, not made it is active wear. >> oh,. >> what's that again. >> dry fit? is that what it is? so it for exercising. >> well, our a been working out so there go. >> ya, when wt do you mean, worg out with your trainer i thought. >> i have. this trip, for some nothing butg food. >> what else do we have? we don't have a kitchen in our i know. but they have such real good restaurant in the mall but going b lot. >> we've been so busy, don't have the time really to sit down. >> bob kelly. >> good morning, gang. 6:45, looking good out there. come number 84 yesterday. with my buddy, freddie mitchell. the a. i. dupont hospital for c 1hi noon for allf
6:46 am
the patient, kids came down, there with buddy treading, sing the fight tsongas all of the kids the employees from the dupont hospital got in on a osterday, with freddie mitchell, fred x, down there with you guy he was leaving yesterday. we'll see him tomorrow here on "good day,"y, bumper to bumper from 95 over to the schuylkill. an accident get to the ramps for the schuylkill. coming in from new jersey, north. heavy from 295, working your way in is what's left of this accident. now they got another lane block here. this on 422. right before you get into king of prussia. it is right's causing a 26 minue trip from oaks all the way into yourselves extra time if you're leaving from, say,hate
6:47 am
you get toward the new jersey turnpike. and you know what? sue hasgoing to do, the take ov? yes, we have to dot take over. guess what, taking over bensalem, coming your way on monday. we will be setting up shop bage- bagelo-city live all morningthet we'll celebrate eagles victory, what th celebration? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> 6:47. all right, so some that is particuls year's soup. it will be indoors in nearly thirds of super bowl's have been indoors, the coldest one ever was 1982, pontiac,
6:48 am
michigan, where the game time temperature wasts 16 degrees. the most wet, miami florida, 2007. the and 2003, l a and san diego, kick well, we are on track to be the coldest outdoor ever with forecast in minneapolis sunday in contrast, see, doesn't this make you feel warm in contrast?cking some rain later today. and high of 48. thirty-three tomorrow.d days. lyoundhog day and saturday, start out with some snow or mix of precipitation, changing over to rain,ha littlet of monday morning. high temperature, super bowl phe and alex, 42 degrees. >> had two, sounds amazing. >> waiting in lin game, two.
6:49 am
>> still he, we understanded embrace the coal. what will you do about it? i think they're hardy and wonderful pon person yesterday from minute society, a they said they love dressing up, the coats out, chance to be stylish. >> we met some of the nicest peopleou piece in just a little bit the but right now just down the road they have rae men and women >> jen also will talk about the juicy lucy, because i've not had one yet. experience, thy told me. >> i thought it was lucy noland all years. >> first, if people are coming out to philadelphia you know what they're say security check here in the mall of america, that cold. and then take rail into the stadium, unless you have ticket to the game. hot tip for you. you got to stop by matt's, because how it works, there is a this juicy lucy. but, you know you're having the
6:50 am
julu that's how they spelled it, the original time. >> this is where i comfort juicy lucy? >> minneapolis, minnesota. >> what's a jucy lucy? well the key to noahr but the cheese not on the burger, the cheese is in thethis is beefburd with cheese. so amy, are getting ready to go, what do you want philadelphians to know jucy lewes ski? >> the jucy lewes is he the started in 1954. matt dis control was working behind there is the fellow patron, right here, right exactly where >> really? >> yes. and all it came was
6:51 am
hey why don't you put a piece of cheese inbetween two hamburger patties when he took that's one hot juicy lucy. >> it. >> want to take small little nip. . >> tiny bites. >> tiny, bites. >> that's my cheese situation. >> oh, so cool. >> sometimes we like to dip a fry in ize out. >> you want it to ooze out. lov. thank you very much. >> your. >> this is another reason how you know the ledge it spot. as you mentioned invented there. but look at this, former prf matt's, out of the same place i was, and the newspaper he p,icture of them, twin cities pioneer
6:52 am
press. now the woman i was sitting and she is the food editor for their o taking us around showing us all of the wie aim fry matt's, and i have to tell you guys, i. that will i ate that and that was awesome. >> guys, this is like the east coast side. d here? our guys. anthony here, they're here, but a lot of people haven't woken be here alg long. >> okay. >> and the lucy, we had media night, can you garlic, does my breath smell, does anybody ha u good if hours later you're still worried. >> i will say this every time i go to minnesota to cover the super bowl, they say you have to vet have lucy. >> let's do it. >> looks juicy.
6:53 am
>> all right. i'm dope. i look at this thing yesterday, oh, my god. fascinated by the supermoon specially whether blood and blue at the same time. >> three in one. one more thing that it wasn't. . a joke too. >> what. >> 16 million people who thought they saw the blood oking at something
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> 16 million people watch this fake roli the website e buzz, so here's what happened. viewers said it was cents a live supermoon over greece, before facebook took it down. why? was nine years old, and it was cents a still. wasn't even video. i guess it h. still looks the same. >> ye sound? i don't think it had wind sounds, did it?bl for good
6:57 am
>> in order to feel the win standing still and you're kind of just always moving? i don't know. >> when they plant the flag, they had to int sticks on it to make it >> blowing in the wind. >> light. >> there is win, speaking every winds, the winds in minneapolis, 14 miles per feel like 22 below. we show you this because that'secause it is a lot colder than we are. we will have your forecast coming rig
6:58 am
this winter
6:59 am
in the state with more ski mountains family fun reaches a speed demon or more of your winter chariot awaits. at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. getting a cancer diagto discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours.
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>> unfortunately tragedy bee fell north centr and we have two confirmed fire deaths. >> two people are killed in a fast moving row home fire. what we're learning about the cause. commuters in delaware county told to watch their backs. the warning police are issuing after a series of robberies near local train stations cents. >> join the movement. model cape upton takes social media to, say, me too. the fashion icon she is accusing of sexual misconduct. >> we are loud.


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