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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 1, 2018 7:00am-8:54am EST

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>> unfortunately tragedy bee fell north centr and we have two confirmed fire deaths. >> two people are killed in a fast moving row home fire. what we're learning about the cause. commuters in delaware county told to watch their backs. the warning police are issuing after a series of robberies near local train stations cents. >> join the movement. model cape upton takes social media to, say, me too. the fashion icon she is accusing of sexual misconduct. >> we are loud.
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>> we're passionate. >> but are we insane? minnesota fans were so appalled by eagles fans during the nfc championship game, they asked psychologists cents to come in and analyze us. what those doctors had to say. >> good morning. >> good morning. >>re rain? >> ♪ good morning good morning to you ♪ and you you. >> i like this place. >> i do. >> i totally chan i say one thi. >> you changed your mind? >> i thought it was cents too stinking cold. andalls. but this is really nice, and i'm getting used to the colds. you, so now you're ready to do something outside >> let's test your love. >> hey, by the way, a lot of eagles fans are coming in now
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>> i'm glad you mentioned. that will because i have to s,g around i haven't seen many eagles fans, seen a lot of opa viking fangs, but kind of surprised i thought some eagles fans would be out here already. >> well, probably flying inhe wf the hotel room kind of adds up, yes. so thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. >> true, true. >> and the coldest weather you're experiencing starts today. and we're looking at a fake moon. remember the fake moon story, we've got our own. it is not real. gee, looks real. doesn't it? >> ♪ >> three below feels like 22, that's your minneapolis temperature. it actually is a beautiful sunrise, not official yet, but almost is. it is 7:09. notice how the days are getting little longer. 35 degrees, windchill of 29. our number is a six again,
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even though it is much milder than yesterday. we are getting some rain later on, that's why bus stop buddy has his umbrella february national snack food month. so some chip and dip is a good idea for today. 48 degrees, with afternoon lane, tonight, that rain changes over to snow briefly before it ends. we'll time it all out for you coming up. >> chips and dips for everybody. 73:03, good morning, sue. morning, everybody. live look at the vine street expressway stacked up crossing town all because after accident right there on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway. that's adding time. big delays coming inbound 422 eastbound see what's left over after accident and vehicle fire, so put about a half hour on the clock. from oaks all the way into king of prussia. barely moving there. as you come around the curve this morning, coming in from new jersey, not normal volume from the expressway up through ng on special schedule again today. mike and alex, all from theprobn
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monday. so expect delays into philly. guys at the soup super b >> let's get to this really serious story out of northin a . >> jenny joyce is on t jenny? >> good morning, i offer camera. he said he knows the two victims, according to him, adult, brother and officially cd by anyone here at the scene. but commissioner confirmed that two people did in fact perishe n broad.0 block of west toronto the fire started at midnight when crews arrived they found heavy fof the home. it was placed under control within about a had a of hour. deputy fire wilson says one of e victims was found dead inside the home,tim was transported to temple hospital and later died. we talk tbaocks up to the fire . she said she quickly noticed a
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lot of activity then she of smo. >> see the smoke, as you walk lu know, i've been to fires before, coy see where it was coming from. i litter limb came to the corner of i don't know what block, corner of park, i looked, oh. >> l & i was here overnight checking on home. they've since cleared that home. and it remains under investigat marshall. mike and alexnk up, general i, e appreciate. that will now we want an update toe on alert when on your way to work because there has been series every people have been, what, pulled out guns on people, getting off the guns. well steve, update on whether this has been happening and ste? >> our first live shot in the daylight, and you can see,n't lt walkway, and she's kind of
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goes down this walkway to the norristown high-speed line. imagine what it is likehat's whs are happening. three guys with three guns, teaming up, usually, three different times now since friday night. >> scary, makes me not want top. terrifying just to know, even in your neighborhood. i live right up the stree the street. and they better hope and pray they don't run into somebody that's got a concealed weapons permit. because, you know, shame on them. anything, anything can happen. but if thein the big leagues. now in the big leagues. >> and big league crimes get you major league time. plane clothes cops walking to and from the train too. acti l commuters as well, seeing if these three guys may pick them as target.
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mike and alex, sadly, not all football news, crime seems to never take a holiday or even take time off for a big game once the eagles are in it. >> for sure. more news. >> developing story we've been following all morning, shooting in west philadelphia sends three team to the hospital this morning. including a pregnant woman. shots rang out, shortly after 1:30, this is the scene, the 5200 block of webster street. police say two women ages 18 and 19, they were hit in the leg. a 20 year old man was shot in the back. they're all in stable condition at the hospital.h at this hour for a shooter. >> the search continues this morning for gunman, in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. lincoln high school went on lockdown yesterday after a shooting in the school skyfox right over the scene. two men were kicked out after school, after basketball game, e of the men died, at the
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hospital, that night. >> philadelphia area mourning the passing of a local hoop star. former nb a lasalle university basketball star, russell butler and his wife lea died in a car crash yesterday in california. he was 38 years old. the philadelphia native and roman catholic high school product, he was drafted in the second rounds of 2002 in the nba draft by the miami heat. nba. his wife lea was a contestant on the thiamerican idol. he's nt running again, this comes as the philadelphia congressman and democrati icnvestigation. it was a a primary challenger to drop his bid. a scandal that for month. now brady quite thes, has nevery challenged. he says, though, stepping any federal investigation. but he wants to spend more time with his family.
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my daughter,t corks use some help. i would like to bring my grandchildren to sch child, anor grandchild on the way, and i just think that i choosem. >> once again, brady wants to make it very clear the recentg d not impact his >> national transportation safety board investigating after amtrak train caring doze lawmakers derailed in rural virginia, one person died, after with a ge truck, this was just outside of charlottesvil lawmakers, somh their families on their way toro were injured and even tried to save the truck driver who survi. >> so latest headlines this back to you.. >> all right. >> thank you, karen. because kate upton apparently joining the me two movement cen.
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>> karen, what's about? >> put something out there both instagram and towadays, put this out with the allegations about one of the co-founders, of the clothing, company guess. obviously she was the face that far time. what she put. disappoint such iconic wan still empowering paul, their creative director, hashtag me te his power in the industry to sexually and women. guess has not responded to her y ads for guess and one of the spokespeople so interesting high profile people coming forward with different allegations about men in power in all different industries, guys? >> i know you're having hard time hearing sometimes. there you go. >> yes. thank you, karen, sore bye that. >> i'm doing award robe change. because i got a little chilly. >> it is very chill.
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>> i so i'll slip into that like cher. so the white house is weighing in and now the release of this memo. memo, memo, memo, that's been the talk all week long. >> so with this memo against -- it is pitting republicans in congress against the fbi. now the president has big decision to make when it comes to this. >> all right. is it going to be when is it going to be released, what's been redacted, what's been taken out? doug? >> good morning, you think it is chilly there. right now relations cents between the white house and the fbi are pretty chilly as well. the president has to relatively soon here, whether to release that's caused so much anxiety around here. all in the hands of the white house now, mysterious white house memo de fbi abuses in the russia investigation. while house chief of staff john kelly it. >> they are slicing and dicing it, looking at it so we know
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what it means, what it understands. . >> what do you think? >> well, it will be released here pretty quick i tnk it. >> republicans who have seen the memo say it is fbi stance has been clear with this statement. we have grave concerns about material omissions cents mentaly impact the memos' accuracy. democrats are saying the changed before it was sent to the white hou thought. either the fbi trying to protect is self because theexpls legitimate concerns. >> you need to take whatfb is s. that's not to say that this memoanthat it couldn't be relead and modified form. >> at this point, what is real the other option? are we going national discussios not ongoing, won't see what's in this member s has been so mud up at this point, if the memo isn't relea fuel all kind of conspiracy
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theories about what the fbi did. mike and alexes the final decision national security over need to go rll memo? is that the president? >> it is the pre and the clock started ticking when congress voted this monday. so he's got to make the decision this week a lot ofpen today. memo.hink it will too. >> okay, we know that doug will be on it. thank you, doug. tomorrow. >> sue, sue time? >> it is sue time.we've got a ge here this morning. some clouds mixith the eventual sunshine. we are not going to see the sun forhoh, it will be ten to 15 degrees milder than it was yeah. showers this afternoon. then that rain changes over to snow early tomorrow morning.
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so lots to keep track of here as we look ahead to the pladelpa right now. we're above freezing here. it is 29 i reading. twenty-seven in mount pocono. but down in wildwood, itee windchill, a little bit colder than. that will but the winds coming out of slightly milder air moving in. so it feels like 29. you still need the winterticipas precipitation, getting here this afternoon, but by the time it gets 40's. that's why we're only calling for rain, starting a5:roun in t, raining through the rush hour here in philadelphia and corrid. then it is kind of a race between their moving in behind the colds front, and the change over from rain until snow untilt gets out of here. here is 3:00 in the morning, we see rain at then philadelphi, changes over quickly, but also gets out of here quickly. it is gone philadelphia. and by 8:00 or 9:00 at the shore.
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timing of this afternoon into tomorrow event. then it will get cold again. forty-eight today. thirty-three tomor saturday. snow changing over to rain on sunday. back to middle of next week. so, lots to keep track of, bobod because we are going to the super bowl. >> you got it, crazy couple us,, northbound lanes of the blue route. accident rht expressway, it is all off to the shoulder. everybody to a grinding halt, westbound on the vine street expressway, heavyy over, had earlier accident on the ramps there. coming in from new jersey, just your freeway. from the expressway, inr bus continues, today i'm going to take over the mccall elementary school, r dancey. for a pep rally, we will bring it to you live10:00 on good day. mike and alex take a look at this woman. i met her yesterday. l. they'll name their babyif the er
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bowl. she marble aid boston they got pregnant, she said you know what? i'm make a bet i eagles win the super bowl we will name the baby carson. he baby carson on the way due any day now. they'll send us deliverycarson,. >> wouldn't it technically have to be nick though? butarson -- >> that's the controversy. but the bet made nine months ago, so they carson. >> observation okay. that makes sense. >> good point though alex. hum. >> i guess you stick with the bet. >> got to stick with the bet? >> thanks for sharing,. >> what if nate gets into the game actually wins the game. >> what about jake kicks a field goal? >> by the way, specking thousands and thousands of fanso
7:17 am
pour into minneapolis today and tomorrow. and certainly saturday. >> and getting tweets from people saying they've leaving heading for the airport watch we want to do for you and guys at hom what's happening inside of the stadium. >> yes. >> the super bowl foods. i love. >> this what they do, as soon as they finds out who is in the super bowl. they get these based on where the area is and what they like to eat there. >> so their master chef puts together accustommized men knew. >> yes, so you have the philadelphia eagles kind of menu, then the patriots menu. so we will compare and see what the food will be like for the philly fans and what the food will be like for the patriots fans. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so here at the us bank stadium, here with james the executive chef here. you've been put in charge of putting together all of the food for the soup super bowl. big job. >> good support system behind us. >> you didn't have a lot of notice. you didn't know hot teams would be. >> that's correct. we had bunch of food items ready to go before
7:18 am
championship weekends, we landed on the eagles and the patriots. >> what did you do with the other food items in. >> still try and taste them and love them but didn't make the cut. >> so let's talk about what you dee dee side to bring. you brought in chickie's and pete's', amazing. >> yes, serving their crab phase fries here at the stadium put together south philly tribute sandwich >> what's the bread.moked >> amorosso roll here. >> who knows that. where did you do research? >> i'm from the northeast it, many a time in that heads up on everything. as far as the>> that's right. we have sour green apple pucker vodka andda. >> and it is called? >> the midnight green punch. >> i like, that that's okay. >> so as far as the mac and cheese then? has flaming hot cheetos on it?
7:19 am
>> yes, little collaboration, is got cool ranch flaming hot cheetos, real tasty real chipotle chicken on the side. >> kettle chip crusted flied cram roll and new englandt delicious, and also offering legal seafood clam chowder as we >> this chowder, sooo, right? good. >> highlightin hometown, showine of the city. house made chowder wild rice offeringe with carmelize ds onions,e j hosting us, we should and part of it. >> absolutely. >> well, i to close this out, the patriots drink, what's the name of it? >> i can't even rht, because doesn't matter but the wick red. did you pick the names.
7:20 am
>> illy pick the names. >> we like them. thank you so much. can'tai super bowl. >> i like to be here for the food. hard job. somebody has to do it. >> i have to admit the chowder was amazing. i ' still thinking about it. some of the different restaurant here. >> you know ice fishing there were walleye under the ice but we never caught anything. >> looking for sunnies. >> yes. >> well, we didn't finds anything. anyway. the food is fantastic. >> it better be for that much monday. >> exactly. okay. >> did you hear about what's going on with continueder? >> what? >> you know you swipe left and right if you like somebody. apparently cost money to be a part of tender plus right? but apparently it cost more money based on how how old you are. and. >> wait. >> apparently you can't do that. >> that can't be legal. >> no.
7:21 am
>> plus: check this out. a minnesota newspaper we found yesterday, they say they've been talking to psychologists cents, psychiatrists, they believe there is something wrong with us eagles fans. mentally. we'll tell you about it.
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>> mike be honest, have you ever been on tinder? >> no. >> me neither. >> what's the concept? >> one way if you like them, the other way if you don't. >> i know an expert on this, hillary, up in new york is on tinder all the time. >> how do you know if you don't have one? >> i think she told thaws. >> no? >> oh. >> so left is bad. white is -- right is good. yes. so here is the deal. tinder under little bit of heat here in california, because they charge more for tinder plus which is their higher end tinder account. if you're over 30 years old, so over 30, they are charging you 20 bucks for tinder plus,
7:25 am
under 30, you only have to pay $10, and court in california is saying hey wait, that's discriminatory. you can't pay more, charge someone more, simply because of their age, but tinder says well, it is because we think people over 30 make more money, have more disposable income, so we will take a little bit more from them. people un 20 may not pay it, so it will get cheaper or we're not sure the way they'll go with this. >> well, none that far makes any sense. >> because i guess would you charge more, are they trying to say it is more work? >> like what are you trying to say? >> why would you charge them more? >> just not fair. >> just an excuse. >> i know that. >> right? >> of course. >> i think tinder excuse, yes, to take little bit more if you're older and try to make
7:26 am
sure younger people in their 20's, are on the app more often. but i don't know. as someone who is approaching 30, i'm not okay>> it needs to . >> and there is a way where you can get all of this done for free, just walk around through life. >> right. how about get a life and meet someone. >> oh, stop it, no. >> not saying all that. >> but, you snow it is a way to meet people faster. >> yes. >> do you want to share your tinder screen name so people can fine you if they want to find you? >> i'm actually not on tinder guys, sorry, just blew my cover. >> oh,. >> if you were, i would swipe right. >> oh,. >> is that good or bad? >> i think good one. >> thank god. >> thanks, hillary. let's swipe to sue right now. >> oh, we definitely sweet right to sue. >> right. so i don't know if you like this forecast. because it will be milder today. isbu we're also getting some
7:27 am
precipitation. rain and snow? what are you going to get? we'll let you know coming up. >> so i have good news and bad news, good news is that cuz is here, the bad news is laundry and marlie are going to steel your job, yes, the eight year old. >> serious? >> best sports reporters of all time. what they have to say about tom brady. we also asked merrill reese. but their stuff way better than merrill's.
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>> find a way to give back. how one mom is using her son's death to help other. >> another day on the ice. see what happens when mike and i try dog sledding. >> good day everybody. it is thursday, february the first, 2018. and we are live once again for the mall of america in minneapolis, minute society, a getting ready for super bowl lii. >> days closer with each day. the excitement builds, and builds, i'm just red for more eagles fans to get here. >> need to fill up the beautiful mall with eagles fans. >> we need back up. >> silver, black, yes. all right, sue? >> do you really say mush when
7:31 am
you dog sled? >> well -- >> they actually said something, like hut? >> hut, hut, like football, weird, like being football, hut, hut. >> well that's appropriate. thank you. >> ya. >> all right. welcome to february, first day of the month, national staff food month. bus stop buddy has some chips and dips for you. don't forget the umbrella not now. 35 degrees, it is cents cloudy out there, feels like 29. love r right? although it is too cold. 48 degrees is our high today. with changing over to snow, in the overnight hour. we'll tell you how long that will last coming up. >> friday mornings, also wing bowl here in philadelphia. good morning, 7:31 accident, approaching the schuylkill expressway, causing back up,
7:32 am
maybe another accident within the delay here, out in king of prussia. >> over in new jersey, route 73, southbound, accident right before you get to the ramps for the a.c. expressway. patco running on modified schedule, again, today. so expect delays. that over-crowding, started to happen between 7:30 the last couple of days. >> looking good. back over to >> mike, alec, back over to you. >> i t actually. >> bob? >> we are going to car glenn back over to you. >> karen? >> well, thank you, guys. it was only time to stories devg overnight, we have a tragedy, s ripped through a home ined north philadelphia. and absolute tragedy there.e sc. so many of them, 1300 block of westtreet. fire broke out on the first floor of the home. it was cents right around it
7:33 am
under control. about half hour later. but one person had already dithe other person died later at thetoshat sent three people to the hospital. this morning, one of them, pregnant shortly after 1:30 on e 5200 block every wst women, ages 18 and 19, were hit in the all in stable years old, sho condition at the hospital. police are trying to find tt shooter. and so many people are worried in delaware county because there are some robbers outhe commuters when they get off the train after a hard day's work. three spa man, on tuesday, justn off the train right at parkview. his phone, hoodie, and belt, they were taking, his clothes taken, couple of held up on the same spot. then last friday at the chestnut street parking say a wd of her phone. >> so, all right, guys. that's a look at the back to
7:34 am
es to what's happening in philly at the super bowl. walwalkingf people bring up crisco, climbing polls, they talk to us, now we y let that go. now ready to reveal what they willhe polls to make sure you don't climb them. >> so if the eagles win or lose, i plan to go frankford, climb a pole. >> you might want to wait on. that willng gear oil. >> oh, no, from an engine? >> yes. which is interesting. because yes, it is green. so, you know, it is on theme. but it is like, you know, thicker. >> thick, thicker than crisco, here is the down side of gear oil. it stinks to high heaven. so i don't know, but if you want to celebrate you want to celebrate. >> but a tough stain it get off. and the thing that it smells. >> it is thick. you can't get it off your
7:35 am
clothes. it smells, and it is really tough to clean up. >> you know we are about business, but we are still about the business people to celebrate, as long as it is done >> also, there is going to be more mounted officials on street corners. and, things g police in those protective suits, they'll come out and they're going to stop it, make sure it doesn't get too out of control. >> i think what you're you mean horse mounted officials, not mounted officials. with all of the lube talk i didn't know what the heck you were talking b but the mounted police officers? >> yes, not using crisco any more, mike. >> no. >> the horses cents and the bikes will all be out there. let's just hope they're needed. >> yes, really. let's just hope we get this win. then we will worry about how we celebrate. okay, so, let's get to thomas. because interesting after the last game, playedhe them, they't
7:36 am
over t okay? i mean, we turned on the news, still doing stories about eagles fans, now even in the newspaper, they're sending psychologists out there, to like figure out what's going on with us. >> they're talking about our mental state. diagnosing us from 1300 miles away. how would they know. yes, you're right, minnesota star tribune has article on it website titled can eagles fans change their image? yes, but only if they wt nicolee university of minute society, a has cents a social psychologist, says in the article, that research shows fans mentally will do things in the contention after sport df t they feel it is okay. she says, the culture can only change if those fans want it to. and then there is another psychologist, his name rick reef. he blames well behaved eagles fans for not doing more to stop the bad behavior of other fans, it is being called a bad behavior cycle. but get this, mike, alex, local psychologists cents say our sports team are central to our civic identity, regardless
7:37 am
of rich, poo, white, black, republican or democrat. in our overall spirit, just fine, there is nothing wrong with us mentally, so no need to hit up the couch and talk about our sports feelings. >> i can't believe they did in. >> oh, yes. >> maybe it was a slow news day for them? >> very slow. >> they think that we got a screw loose a lot of us. >> well, i do think that they think and act differently. you know, the way we behavior act, probably very -- >> i have to tell. >> this i grew up in kansas, midwest, i've lived in philadelphia so the midwest cham is gone. >> really? >> ya. somebody said, well, you guys, you have that east coast charm. >> oh,. >> think meant gruff. you know what i mean? >> you know i'm from the south. sometimes people, when i go home, they're like oh, alex, look at you. >> oh, yes, i think you've
7:38 am
changed you. >> think so? >> for the better for me. >> for you? >> well, you're tough, your skin is thick. >> and beautiful. and dewey. okay, so, you want to see a plane load of plumbers? >> who doesn't? >> why? >> airplane full of plum hers to be broken, yes, they had toilet problems, and they had a plane these plumbers on plane, and they couldn't fix it? >> well -- >> what? >> might have been an over
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> so now, we plane, why it made a big u-turn. it happens to be norwegian airline plane caring eight a plum us. >> what do you mean it happens to be? is there like a plumbers convention? >> there was. >> oh, okay. >> going from oslo to munich for plumbers see. now this makes sense. >> yes. it is entitled crack, crackcity.
7:42 am
i don't what it is called. but the toilet broke on the plane. >> why couldn't you fix it. >> eight a plumbers, a broken toilet. the issue they had to turned and land because the issue was on thelane, and no one would volunteer to go out and fix it. >> oh, so it was outside, not, ? >> wasn't like the body, inside going out. no, this, ya. >> yes. >> you had to climb plane. >> and if you climb on the outside would you die. that wasn't happening. >> that was it, yes, yes. >> that wouldn't go over well. >> but apparently like zero eight of them in the toilet, the tight spot there, bending over it, and there is plumbers crack everywhere. nobody could figure out. but the toilet on an airplane, you know, that big vacuum, that suction thing? >> yes. >> different than a toilet like in your apartment. >> that's true. >> you would think. >> so they have probably special aviation plumbers. >> oh, yes. >> to handle thosement probably another level of schooling, you snow.
7:43 am
>> those toilets scare me, too, always hear aboutyou know,n into the toilet. >> do you sit on it? man. >> jen, are you -- yes, baby? >> i'm on radio row. i found some friends, okay? t wg jerseys tight t-shirt thursday, come on back, tell you how they feel about the tom brady. some people agreeau
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>> you all right? let's check in with bob. bob kelly. >> oh, bob's got a rally going today for sure. >> you know t we got pep rally number 127 today. live later this morning from the mccall elementary school. all 730 kids, the parent, the teachers, eagles-d up. seventh and delancey, we bridge it to you live between 9:00 to 10:00 here on "good day" it, has been great week for the eagles pep rallies, west on the schuylkill expressway stack up from sit owl toward 476. rush hour underway. over here in west berlin new jersey white horse pike southbound, right at rich avenue. just south of the old berlin circle there. septa, running with no delays. but patco, said, to expect some delays today because of that over-crowding situation
7:47 am
with the trains only running every ten minutes in toward philly. sue has gotast, but first, i want it remind you, that on monday, the town take-over, we're taking it over, bensalem, broadcasting live from bagelocity cafe, soup king cafe, wear your eagles green, before work, before school. you know ever every monday we've been having fun, bensalem your turn to get in on the action, this coming monday morning. sue has got the forecast in 15 seconds. >> the last time we had an eagles game, folks were cooking out if the backyard, it was so mild. it is not going to be the same for super bowl sunday. around these parts. we'll have snow in the poconos, we'll have rain mixing with snow, or actually, snow mixing with rain for
7:48 am
philadelphia and the i95 area, and then rain, and only rain, close to the shore. that is for super bowl sunday. let's get back to right now. 35 degrees philadelphia, if 27 mount pocono, 37 in wildwood, and it feels a little bit chillier than that with the wind. it feels like 29 our favorite number, even though it is a pretty cold temperature. now we talk about when the rain start today. 5:00 to 6:00 start to see the first raindrops, then more rain, eventually changing to ever snow in the overnight hours. as the system races out of here, so going to be race on how much snow we will get as the system moves pretty quickly. i think it we will be lucky to get half inch if you call that lucky, and the pavement should only be wet. very similar to the storm we had the other day. forty-eight today. only 33 tomorrow. that cold air will rush in for groundhog day. saturday's high 34. for super bowl sunday high of four it, snow changing others to lane, chilly for awhile, then back to milder temperatures by the middle of
7:49 am
next week. so, a rainy day for super bowl sunday. but who cares? mike and alex it will be fine. >> that's right, in the super bowl i love people on twitter, you covered your eagles logo, well, i got little chilly but i'll do that over the shoulder thing if you want. look at you. >> yes, yet i went to paisley park, had to pay my respect toss prince, so i wore purple shirt that had the letters on people, weren't you wearing eagles green? >> it is paisley park. >> so green, ya. >> so let's get to jen. because only she can really craft a segment that's nothing but talking trash on tom brady. >> i'm totally into that type of segment. >> now, mike, and at ex, i know you've seen the video, marlie and landry, sports reporters, first good morning, guys. you're all here, live in minute society, a yes? >> all rooting for the wrong team. >> i mean, i would like to see philly win. >> that's what i am talking
7:50 am
about. >> same thing. >> you? >> fill. >> i and you, go away. so, here is the situation. landry is my daughter animal is he her best friend, sometimes they get fashion advice. but apparently they've ventured out no the sport reporting word. so laundry and marlie we asked the question do you even know who tom brady is? >> do you guys knowing about afraidy? >> yes, the cheater. he deflates the ball, easier to throw and catch. >> yes. >> he also gives. 's' great player and all, but tom brady the lady. brady is the lady. he is a good player and all, but you know, brady is a lady. >> -- >> in fact, no one want tom brady. root for nick foles because he is the only quarterack -- >> no one wants afraid toy win. that's the theme of the week right? >> no, nobody want him to win. >> no one wants afraid toy win. >> no one want afraid toy win. no one want tom brady to win.
7:51 am
why would you even bring this guy here? >> he's our ride. >> oh, okay. all right, i got keys to a car. bye bye. see you. adis. i did go to media night and talk to couple every guys, guy, james devlin, from philadelphia, our area, so i had to ask him, how much does he hate afraidy? >> so, are you rooting for the eagles to win this >> no, i have a job to do sunday. >> do you wish you played for the eagles. >> , no i wish i afraid for the patriots like i do, sorry, that's the way it is. >> how much do you hate afraidy? >> how much? tom brady the best player ever. he will win sunday. >> he's not going to win sunday. >> yes, he will. >> how much do you hate afraidy? >> i don't hate tom brady, the greatest quarterback every all time. >> how much do you hate gru un
7:52 am
k? >> i don't hate anybody. i respect great athletes. >> all right. okay. we lik rnok on fantasy? >> if he is health. >> i if he is healthy. how do you feel about the outcome of this game? >> philly is going to win. >> and are we done with afraidy? doesn't he need to catch up? >> no, we should be done with tom brady. >> and again, keep it tight t-shirt thursday. you don't need a jersey. would you like to guess his job? personal trainer. he picks things up, and he put them down. by the way, good bye, good bye, good bye. >> good bye. >> jen has the cutest kids. >> i know, oh, they should be on every week, laundry and her friend. >> yes. and you can tell, laundry like her mother. oh, coming out of herschel. by the way i ran into dallas cowboys dress in the all stars and blue and white and everything. i said well who are you
7:53 am
rooting for sunday? he said well i can't root for the eagles but i hate afraid. >> i why are you here? >> i just love football. >> we can respect that. we can respect that. oh, so last night, when i went to paisley park they were setting up for justin timberlake, having little party there tonight. >> yes. >> because he is dropping his new albumn. well, he's a hint about it before the super bowl, man of the woods, everyone wonderng and guessing, but what's man of the woods mean? is he going to go country? we will tell you what he has to say about his new albumn. >> we'll ask him directly. we'll see him in a couple of hours, alex. doug pederson, surprises cents local mom. his presence alone not enough. special gift. here is the breaking news on this show. >> what. >> tony bruno is going to be on good day philadelphia, live, from minne [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire!
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hillshire farm oven-roasted turkey breast is carefully crafted with nothing but heart and hard work. ♪ the results? well, they speak for themselves. >> hey welcome back to the mall of america.
7:57 am
tony bruno is here. >> hello? >> i like the hat. >> it is only minus seven, but feels much colder, mike, so there is your weather update. >> so when did you get in? >> saturday night. >> saturday night. >> my goodness. >> and i'm -- this is mine. i didn't buy this here. i brought this from home. >> south fill. >> i south philadelphia. you buy them, i don't know, the stores on passyunk avenue. great to be here. then mike was on my show yesterday. >> oh, really? >> we did like what 40 minute where we were eating calimary? >> yes. >> we talk for 40 minute, not one time did we bring up football. all we did was eat. >> really? >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm having a good time actually. >> and the ice fishing stuff, the bear cat, what's that thing called? >> the dog cat? >> the snow bear. >> that was awesome. you were really cranking that thing, alex. >> yes, i got to put the pedal to the metal. got to have some fun. are you going to do some ice fishing. >> no, it is too cold.
7:58 am
luigi can't go out, they're whimps. >> how can you say it is ice fishing, can't be too ice -- >> the temperature cut it off at minus 20. so minus 20, anything under that, i don't go out. >> let's talk about the game. >> let's talk about the game. what i love, who is playing by the way. >> egan patriots. >> i love the eagles, this is now the third eagles super bowl 29 overall but the eagles have good shot. because i think the defense is something that tom brady and the patriots haven't seen. think i they'll be able to run the ball on them and control the clock and when they have a lead. they will not freeze up, so to speak. >> doug pederson would go for it. >> pedal down. >> i'll get his haagen daaz out there. when he get the haagen daaz on the side line, start eating, you know it is over. forget gatorade. haagen daaz, wasn't that what they were talking about. >> yes, haagen daaz,. >> did they fine out how many scoops doug pederson wants? >> 352. >> oh, you're on radio, about a thousand radio stations
7:59 am
cents here, what's the concensus, eavesdropping? >> i come here grabbing me, but alex is like far away, getting away. >> how is this? >> yes, really, body heat. >> so what do you think? most people going with the patriots is what ier? >> well yell, but the gambling de jen rest, i am not one on them, i don't bet on sport unless i'm in vegas and we're in the in vegas last time i checked, i would bet with the eagles meaning they're going to win this game. i don't care about the point spread. eagles win the game that's all that matter. >> you've been pretty busy, didn't get toss ice fishing busy trying to find a place for all of us eagles fans come together s there an eagles bar? like we haven't found one. but you created one. >> miss robin doing work, and luigi, how can that happen? i know the viking fans still brine. >> so we found a bar that said yes, are you crazy?
8:00 am
and it is right near the stadium. it is called the town hall brewery. >> they say yes, so, eagle fans coming here, you don't have ticket to the game you want to go a bar all friendly folks. >> how much fun is that? >> and the most decorated brewery, here, in minneapolis. >> i think we're showing a picture of it now. >> beautiful great food. you guys will be in game though. >> what's weird, there are some bars, restaurant, don't want eagles fans in there. >> right. >> but this place did? >> i'll be hosting pre-game thing. i'll be hanging and watching the game with the fans having fun then i will actually get the lombardi trophy will come right over from the stadium after the eagles hoist it, on sunday night. >> i'll be darn. >> then will come right to the bar seoul ' be able to kiss the trophy have, fake trophies, anything lombardi related. >> no, it is matt lombardo will drop by. >> not lombardi. >> well, thank you for tilling us about it, so eagles fans you hear that, we appreciate it. >> stay warm, boys.
8:01 am
>> all right. well, then let's start the 8:00 hour watcher do you say? >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> deadly fire, fast moving flames ripped through row home killing two people. what caused i >> local mom diagnosed after losing her son to bone cancer she kept going. how the philadelphia eagles took in the and delivered a big surprise. >> having trouble falling asleep are you? forget counting sheep. try cooking up some bacon. >> why that sids he will may be just what you to doze off. >> you've got it all wrong. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> why justin timberlake said
8:02 am
he's not making a country albumn. the explanation he gives foreman of the woods. >> i may or may not have done some snooping around paisley park, i knew justin timberlake, setting up, looking for the door for the set up, putting up trees and rocks. >> so, watch for that. >> dog sledding thing this hour. >> yes, this hour. >> and a lot to get to. >> so much to get tonight so let's first start with sue. we got to start with sue. >> i was cents jealous of all of that until i looked at your temperature versus hours. >> 18-mile per hour winds, it is cutting through you the colds in minneapolis, now, not so bad, 36 degrees, windchill
8:03 am
of 29. i think we can handle that, a lot better than yesterday and our number is still a six. only because, we're expecting some rain, aayment so grab the umbrella if you're out all day like bus stop buddy did, enjoy the first day of national snack food month. >> by the time this gets here, what you see out in the western part of rain, some snows going to be mild enough here that it is only going to be rain, so, with that high of 48 , we may get some snow before it all ends tomorrow morning. so, it is a lot to and we will talk all about it, coming up in your seven day forecast.ep track of it all. >> yes. >> write it down for us, 8:03. good morning, everybody, live look, 295 an accident, southbound, right near route 30, over here the white horse pike in south jersey. schedule again today. so expect delays and over-crowding, starting to
8:04 am
haow. only trains coming into philly running every ten minute, inbound, and westbound on the schuylkill, stack up here from sit, out toward the blue route, 476, delays from new y,rsey north on the freeway, just a lot of volume pack in here from the a.c. expressway, all the way into 295. and hello northeast philly. live look, 95, at cottman avenue. looking good as you head into center city. now, let's go back to mike and alex at the super bowl. >> thank you, bob. well, we want to get an update from jenny because we've been reporting on this overnight fire killed two people in north philadelphia. >> you talk to one person who says that he lives here, on this block, of west toronto street. and he actually knows the victims. and according to him, their brother and sister, both adults, but again, that has not been officially confirmed. earlier this morning, we did speak with the deputy fire commissioner, who did, in fact, tell us that two people perished i the 1300 block of west toronto street, just off of north
8:05 am
broad. the fire started around midnight when crews arrived, they found heavy fire on the first floor of the home. placed under control within a half hour, deputy fire commissioner jessie wilson said one of the victims found dead inside the home being second transported to temple hospital and later died. we talk to women whose home backs up to the fire scene, she says she noticed a lot of activity overnight, and could see a lot ofee the smoke as soon as you got out. walking aroundment corner like i've been near fires before, coy tell where the smoke was coming from, i literally came to the corner of i don't know what this block was but on park, the look, oh,. >> l & i officials were here overnight checking on the structural stability of this home. they've since cleared this scene. we know that the fire marshals cents are continuing to investigate. back to you. >> thank you. >> all right, okay, let's get right to jen. we've got tone know.
8:06 am
and she knows carson wentz certainly very well. >> yes, miss america. >> it is the, the miss america, 2018. and it is not just a carson wentz situation. we have much more about why she is connected t bowl and the eagles even though not allowed to say she is with either team. we will talk about it right after the break. >> oh, this is us, they said it was a tease. so, you went to high school with carson wentz. >> i did. orth dakota. >> are you rooting for the eagles? >> well, i'm huge underdog fan. and i think the fact that the eagles have never won, and then also you you need to support the hometown boy. >> yes. and also northison america before you won. >> yes, yes. so i say it is the year of the underdog. fingers crossed. >> all right. so you have philadelphia. and you've seen that we're nice people. but you've heard that we're so terrible, like the people in minnesota have been nice but they keep mentioning that there were some ugly fans, like, are you trying to help us out a little bit, let them
8:07 am
know that we are nice people? >> oh, absolutely. and i think it is just the passion. eagles fans have such passion. so just to let them know they'll support their team no matter if they win or not. >> but you think they'll inch. >> i think they're going to win. >> and you're if the going to talk to any boston tv a phillie at, right? kidding. thank you very much. some of your people are from philly so i love. >> this give little sparkle, do you get took to the game. >> i'm hoping so. we'll see. i don't have ticket yet but we'll see. >> if you have tickets and want to go with miss america, we can call her. thanks, guys. >> oh, she seems pretty great. really cool. >> she down side to miss america no matter where you go you have to >> that's a down side? what woman doesn't want to be a crown. >> it get to be pain, start slide off. you have to use a nail gun or toking get it on there because it will slip right off of you. >> oh, what trouble. >> let's do this race. >> yes, so i found a friend
8:08 am
out here in minnesota. his name is chuck. and he runs this dog sledding company. >> okay. >> well, he just believes, he loves dogs, he goes out in the woods, and he sleeps with his dogs, he really cares a lot about dogs. so i'm like hey can we come see him and have some up? ya, come on out. we went out to see my friend chuck, we asked him, if we were to race when it comes to dog sled to go would win. >> chuck looks like a dog. >> what? no. >> i'm here with buddy chuck, and you have the largest dog sledding kennel in the state? >> in the state. yes. >> currently. >> so how many dogs would that be? >> that would be 138. right now. >> so he knows dogs, mike. >> you know dogs. >> she andg sleds, is that all . >> that's okay, that's perfect. >> look at us. >> that's what it is ball. >> how do think will win? look at us. >> look at him. look at me. you didn't even look at me. >> i'm here to tell you she
8:09 am
has the advantage weight wise. >> oh,. >> bus he has the advantage experience wise. >> you mean i'm old. >> y so it could be a draw. >> could be a draw. we'll find out next. >> right. >> good day philadelphia in minnesota. >> yes. >> yes. >> got to love chuck. >> i love that guy. and don't just -- don't -- you'll be surprised. about how this turns out. okay? let's get to this story, i love it, fighting cancer, on multiple front. still giving back to others, local mom diagnosis wad disease after already losing her young son to bone cancer. but she kept going. how the philadelphia eagles took notice and delivered a big surprise. we have it for you.
8:10 am
this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from
8:11 am
with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'! >> oh, you guys must be loving all of the super bowl stuff being
8:12 am
>> really? >> is it, bob? >> is it really, bob. >> really going to bob. >> it is really going, and i wish you guys were here, because take a look, just delivered to the studio.
8:13 am
from our friend at federal donuts. >> what? >> kelly green, oh, my gosh, can't see it, because of the green screen. >> yes! >> the kelly green donuts! >> the box is empty. there is really, there you go. look at that. oh, baby. sue, there is one missing. did you -- did you eat one of my chilly donuts. >> no, no, no. >> good morning, everybody, live look, route one, southbound near the pennsylvania turnpike, accident, this fellow off the roadway here, again up there in bucks county. and then, 295 southbound, accident right near route 30, which is the white horse pike. but otherwise kind of quiet on the schuylkill and 95, nothing major, modified schedule again today on the patco high-speed line. with some over-crowding. common. make it a date. don't be late. see you monday. it is bensalem, your turn, to be a part of our town take-over. we will bring cast life all morning long starting 4:00 from bagelocity and the soup king cafe right there on
8:14 am
the boulevard. come on by, we will show the best of the best of bensalem like we cover week and your turn to be in on the fun. sue has got the forecast in 15 seconds. >> 8:00; not as cold as it was yesterday when we had the single digit windchills. temps mostly in the three's, and windchills are the in the upper 20's to around 30, those temperatures, thanks to the southwesterly winds, will continue to go up. now, how about this rain? looks like it rolls about 5:00 or 6:00. in the philadelphia area. moving from northwest to southeast. and, it continues through the night. but this is a cold f to rush in, right after the rain. and change some ofo snow, four, 5:00 in the morning, looks like that is out of here, though, by about
8:15 am
6:00. and then, clears the shore by 7:00 or 8:00. how much snow are we going to get? well again will accumulate on gy surfaces, maybe half depending y this system moves. so that's tomorrow. we'll have the showers late in the day today. some snow for valentine dane, 34 degrees satda forty-two for super bowl sunday with snow changing over chilly again by the middle of next week it is mild again. but, we've got good weather forr bowl, because it will be raining outside. then that's just fine, right, mike, al next. >> that's right. >> it will make the food taste better. does! >> cheer them on. >> get some chile going. all right, everybody's rooting for the alex and have even more reason you do too to root for the philadelphia eagles. they did something real nice for a family. >> local family, they real had i been through a lot because
8:16 am
of cancer. and they found a way to still give back to other. inhave more. >> yes. >> this is the kerr family, thank guys, eagles charities do amazing work, so amilkerr f struck billions cancer, an inspiration how to handle some of the toughest struggles life gives you. >> was cents 12 whiagnosed witho sarcoma, a bone cancer, he had 15 surgeries. >> i wanted to do something to make his room seem a little bit more like home. so i made him a fun breitbart pillow case. >> the cancer took his rightfivs diagnosis, he lost his life. his mother, cindy, was making pillow cases and got the help of others to create ryan's case for smiles. to date, 1.6 million pillow cases cents have been made world-wide, thanks to her many partners. she was working on the project when she was diagnosed with cancer. the philadelphia eagles took notice of her work and got involved. with players, even helping to
8:17 am
be sewing, then came an even bigger surprise from coach peterson. >> because of all of your hard work, and your dedication and everything that you've done, we've given you two ticket to the super bowl. >> oh, my god. oh,. >> to minnesota. >> how amazing is that? cindy kerr, super mom. >> oh,. >> so good to see you. >> you're excited i can tell. >> i am. i am all ready to go. >> eagles gear, eagles pillow, so good to have you with us, hearing not only your story but ryans story, you truly are meant to carry on his strong will. he had such a strong will. we talk about 30 minute of chemotherapy, 15 surgeries. he had had is right leg amputated but he was able to make everyone else smile. >> he absolutely was. so he, not only in, you know, he inspired a lot of people in how he went through his cancer journey, then obviously we started ryan's case for smiles. >> so you started with the pillow cases but also cents what you realize with your family you have two other
8:18 am
children, two girls, two daughters, not just the person that has the cans their goes through it, it is everybody around them. a lot of times the other kids get left out. >> exactly we realize one is hard on the other siblings, they're always oh, you're ryan ace sister, they never had their own tid at this. so one of the things we wanted to do was develop these coping boxes. and they are for siblings only. they are a team building corporate team building event. and it is to let the siblings know that they are important, also, and each item in there has -- >> what's in there? >> inside hereof course this is what i will be taking to the super bowl. stress ball. >> yes. >> there isand crayons, and really what it is all about is is that with each item there is a coping skill. that goes along with it. so if you tell a three year old to you need to breathe and relax, you don't understanded that, but if you have them below bubbles that will cause them to obviously breathe and
8:19 am
relax. so each items in here, play dough, you get mad, you want to squish it, you can do all kind of things with it. and then there is coloring, which is obviously very relaxing. so, that is for the siblings. >> you know, i was simply touched, 30% of parent go through ptsd. then when you losses ryan, we often were faced with the different roads that we have to take. how did you choose this road with the pillow case and reaching out to other families? >> i think brian always said, you know, that he didn't want me sitting in a corner, and just, you know, being sad. so to go out there and make sure that i was doing something for others. and that actually makes me feel better over the lasts ten years, just being able to do something for someone else. and i think as you mentioned the ptsd, it is notne happens, but it is the multiple stress that you, you know, we obviously experienced over five years. so, that's why we just designed coping space, which is a new on line resource. >> 1.7 million pillow cases
8:20 am
cents, your arms must be tired. >> and the kids and players helping you sewing them. >> that was harder than us sewing them by ourselves, trust me. >> which is so nice to have in the hospital rooms. so, doug pederson. >> yes. >> he surprised you. >> yes, did he. >> oh, boy. what was that like? going to the supr bowl. >> fabulous. i think for me what's really great is obviously going through my own cancer journey so that was one of the reasons they gave it us to, but eagles car partner, but i'm going to represent all of my heroes at the hospital and all of my incredible volunteers like rock stars and make this all possible. >> what's your prediction of the game? >> of course they're winning, i told doug before they new they were going to the super bowl, remain positive and you're going to get there. >> try not to stay out too late. >> i've got my eagles pillow i'm taking with me. >> you are such a prince prayings. all the best to you going through your own diagnosis, we wish you all the best. >> we're be praying and thinking the game. oh, you're making me cry.
8:21 am
thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you are what do you when you have things that are just hard situations cents, all right, we send it right now back to mike and alex and amazing story, such an inspiration, guys. >> yes. >> certainly, sweet, sweet woman. i hope she bundles up when she comes here. >> very nice. >> really, really stuff that's important in life. i mean the game is fun. but that's important stuff right there. all right, let's get to this. because after four days, five days traveling with you, it will be a pleasure to kick your texas butt on ice. >> what do you mean? listen, i at least stayed out in the cold for ice fishing, all right? so i think i can atog sledding. >> all right. >> but first, you've got it all wrong. why justin timberlake says no, he's not making a country
8:22 am
8:23 am
unlike ordinary toothpaste, colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> busy week for justin timberlake, it was also his 37th birthday yesterday. i wonder if he had a chance it celebrate. and he gave up a date to fans while getting haircut. >> man of the woods. major, hey, by the way, the albumn is named after my son, okay? his name means of the woods. so stop telling me i'm making a country albumn. hey, hey, hey, i'm really feeling myself on the birthday. thank you for the birthday wishes you all. i love you. >> oh, well he's clearing it up. so it is not a country albumn, folks, but either way his non-country albumn comes off out tomorrow. just three days before his half time show at the super bowl. it will be interesting at the super bowl when practicing, a lot of out of the woods stuff do we have to look because we won't know what it is or a single, go way back? >> he'll dot single then it is all going to be throw back. that's the only sensible thing to do. >> and then the interesting thing, too, is he's having his
8:26 am
like albumn release party of the preview party at paisley park. >> oh,. >> and that's going to be this evening. and some people oh, that's so exciting. and other some prince fans real up sweat it. >> what are they is upset about? >> upset because they feel well justin timberlake had alcohol permit to have the party there. you know prince, he didn't, you know, drink alcohol, and he wasn't -- >> but didn't he -- true. >> yes. so, oh, is that disrespectful to have that there, to have alcohol? but prince has had party before, offered alcohol, he just didn't partake. >> oh, man. >> the state did a proof t so -- in this day and age go, to your basement being lock yourself in. you'll offend somebody, if you leave your home, or say anything. >> yes. well, he said prince has been influence in him. >> of course. >> and when we were getting our tour last night as leaving they were setting up. so definitely happening, the show will go on, and they have little tint outside of paisley park where you come in, and setting up all of the trees. >> justin timberlake loved
8:27 am
prince so much. i don't think woe do anything to disrespect prince, or paisley park, or anything like that. >> probably just wanted cool venue. people can rent out paisley park to record. >> of course. >> ly get married, again, i'm going to do it there. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> welshing we showed you picture earlier jessica beil, saying happy birthday to her husband. >> she is here in minnesota. >> by the way what's wrong with country music? >> nothing wrong with country music, i think people surprise today have justin timberlake do country music. >> let him get outside of his box. >> but he said he's not doing it. >> we'll check out monster sandwitch. >> huge. >> it may be enough to feed everybody at the super bowl party. imagine one sandwich that feeds everyone? all your favorite foods are stuffed inside. we will show you more of it. >> that's got to be 52 feet long.
8:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooo wooo ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ everything little thing.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> like i said, you cantabiles everybody, somebody just tweeted me, what's wrong with country music? >> everything. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, everyone has different tastes, too, let's get to sue. >> it looks like the clouds have taken over our sunshine this morning, 36 degrees, though, here in philadelphia. a lot warmer than minnisota windchill 29 here. still need coat out there. and it would be a good idea, there is your number of the day, six out of ten, to grab the umbrella, too, you'll need it later on. not as cold as it was yesterday at this time. it is february, national snack food month. have little snack today. rain still out to the western part of the state. not going to get here until later this afternoon, probably, just in time for the evening rush hour. and by then, the temperature will be 48 degrees. so we will talk about when the rain changes over to snow.
8:32 am
>> next time, all of our wings will be wet and frozen. >> slow going pretty much city avenue all the way into downtown, accident down in new castle, route nine, right off stand boulevard. i thought it said slam boulevard. coming in toward philly slow going in toward the 295 interchange, come on, it is pep rally number 276 today. i go to the mccall elementary school, right around the corner, seventh and delancey, we have 730 young eagles fans, ready, to sing the fight song, because you know what? bring your parent, let's got the teachers even the principal will get fired up. wily it to you live 9:00 during good day. mike and alex back to you at the super bowl. >> bob kelly, i want one every these sandwiches we're about to present on a program they have to call good day philadelphia. >> thank you very much. >> so go to super bowl party, table, all different foods.
8:33 am
what, they crammed it all into one sandwich, get everything on the table in one bite. >> oh, i like the sound that far. >> is that possible? >> you don't have to choose, just get it all at once, guys. >> super bowl party on your long roll, who is making it stock adder sandwich company here in philadelphia. thank you will for coming in, chef will. so what's this called and what is in it? >> the yeager monster. and it is on a south philly role. we got it from car. ngi, on top that far yeager mizer pulled pork barbeque, our braze dollars beef sandwich, which is stock yard version of a philly cheese steak. on top that far is boneless wings. and then coal shaw, and house make pickles, then on top that far is a fried potato, beer battered onion rings, then to top it all off, cooling ranch and then again the tank i yeager mizer barbeque sauce. >> i will take it inside to see all of these things, i like the idea of this, everything you would want at the party that it is all right
8:34 am
there in one bite you actually had people order there is how many people ordered this? >> sold just few. but yes. >> i love it. tomorrow come on try this. how do you even take a bite of this? how do i order? sixty bucks? >> i'm on the phone with doctor mike. he says don't do it. >> my insurance won't cover it. this is absolutely amazing, i'll go oh, i don't even know what to go for, these are boneless wings? >> yes. >> fifteenth? >> fifteenth and spring guards glenn special order it. if you want to check it out for the super bowl. thank you for coming in, chef will. we appreciate t mike and alex, it is amazing. >> so good. >> glad it is boneless wings why. >> yes, have dentist standing by. >> really.
8:35 am
>> she's radio row, all of the radio stations all lined up together and doing all of their morning shows about the super bowl. so jen is finding cool stuff going on over there. >> hey, jen? >> phil simms up there with all of the people from cbs, so, this is where it is happening. we will talk to jaylen mills, right after the break. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> thank you our museum. >> i lover it says go eagles, the whole city coming together because we know we're just days away. >> all right, what's green and plays football? >> jaylen mills. the green gobbling, jen. >> hey, jen? >> reporter: yes, what's really cool, is that we first met him earlier in the season. heino every up and coming guy, right?
8:39 am
we know that jim swartz, the came to camp when jaylen came to camp was like can you back up this green hair. and so far all season he's been doing that, and more. >> how? i hate to hug but we have to hug. as is a fan, when i was at the game sunday, every time they call your name, because we've got tone know each other. rooting for you as a person as a player. are you going to tear apart this team? everyone likes the patriots, whatever. are you going to just, i know you're polite, but can you get in there and just take them apart? >> the plan is to win the game. i can't tell you how we're going to do it how i'm going to do it but for sure. >> you saw this, ton of people dying their hair the color green. what did you think of it? >> i love it, it put a warm spot in my heart, for sure.
8:40 am
>> reporter: ajayi len mills remember he's one of the guys during the community service days has gone out to the schools, met with the kids, he knows how much the kids love the green hair, love him. all right, so we are waiting for anthony to get off the air, here with bald i as you can see, and so there is this group over here. see these guys? in the blue? they've already told me how much they hate me because of my pants. they are from dallas. so you got the dallas guys there. you got some guys from the patriots over there. and then coming on through here, this across the way is where phil simms is, i just want to show you a little bit of the radio set up of what is happening here. bald i, i think is picking the eagles. but he's making some good arguments for both ways. i think they're getting off the air so we can say hi, here we go. >> radio row in minneapolis, th lovely jenn fred is right here. it is fox 29. i'm tell but primoz in a
8:41 am
minute, because i want to talk to jen. >> did you see the dallas guys, they're ripping on my pants. >> thank you. baldy can you tell us? >> will i talk to jen? because i want to talk to jen. >> it is live television, baby, this is live radio. >> how are you doing? live tv and live radio. >> so see those guys over there? they were like i hate your pants. where are you from? >> dallas. >> i hate your face. >> loser. you mean the back up? let's go. >> no, no, no, no. what the heck? >> baldy is making some arguments that tom brady a great football player. we know. >> this but we also know that there is going to be a parade next week. >> yes, we do. it doesn't matter that he's a great football player. it doesn't matter. because wednesday, it is happening. >> yes. >> wednesday we're going to have -- it will be rapture in philadelphia. we're in the going to experience something we've never experienced before. jen! >> i love it. been here all morning, mike and alex, you know i'm
8:42 am
supposed to be zip leaning over the mississippi at 1:00 local time. >> she will be like a frozen, like statue, like in the middle of the zip line. she -- >> i wonder if they'll call it off. >> like ted williams head. >> oh, all right, good bye, get back on the radio, guys, back to you. oh, you're staying? we'll get some smacks. we got to get some smacks. >> what do we got? >> sweet geez us? >> we're in a mall. it is the super bowl. >> sweet jesus. >> those two. >> with matt collins booty. >> yes. >> people worried about my yoga pant? i'm staring at the dude's booty all day. >> i got you over -- >> thank you, babe. >> i thank you. >> any day of the week. any day of the week. >> that's a supermoon. >> i still can't believe we're in a mall right now. it is the super bowl. >> like we're in a mall. it is -- can culture is going to die. >> they're in awe. this is an amazing mall, mall of america. >> it is. >> it is cents a mall for america. >> but jen, people are loving jen's pants.
8:43 am
they're very cool, very eagled pants. >> they do have a zip line in this mall. >> they do. >> that is so exciting but she is actually supposed to zip line over the mississippi river. and they don't cancel anything around here because every wetter. >> no, they embrace the coal. negative 20 when it feels like negative 20, they don't care. and we didn't care. because yesterday we went out. we went dog sledding. so mike and i, we raised. who do you think would win in a dog sledding race? is it going to be mike, who chuck my friends in minnesota says is more experienced, or, me, who he says, because of my weight? >> he's the nicest guy. he's calling me too olan you puny. but it came
8:44 am
[burke] vengeful vermin.
8:45 am
seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
8:46 am
>> this is so beautiful, birds fly around inside of it. >> better here than outside. >> well, it is. a lot bert. but, i hope they're eagles fans, wouldn't you think birds would root for eagles over patriots. >> they say birds after feather flock together. >> i like that kinds of talk. >> you like it, suit? >> absolutely. fly eagles fly where ever you
8:47 am
are. we have got super bowl sunday forecast for you in the delaware valley for those not able to make it to minnesota. looks like we will get some snow in the mountainsment philadelphia area starts with snow, mix with rain then change to all rain sank day rain close to the shore. 36 degrees in philadelphia. we're already well above freezing, so, when we get precipitation, later on, it is cents going to be rain, we do have windchill in the upper 20s, but that will change as well. >> more rain changing over to snow b by the time we start good day philadelphia at 4:00 a.m. then out of here, so enough to dump quick half inch on grassy surfaces and it should be wet on pavement. just like the other day. hopefully, 48 degrees today. thirty-three tomorrow. thirty-four on saturday. and 42 on super bowl sunday.
8:48 am
let's head outside. thank goodness not raining yet. because we need to take a good look at this. 1970 pontiac gto, air three. this is only one of 122 judges were bill back in 1970. why is it here? because it will be auctioned off, at our sponsor, the atlantic city classic car show opens friday february 9th, runs through sunday the 11, get your tickets on line at gpk auctions. com. use promo code fox tv for discount ticket. so we have right in front of our studios, mike and alex, you remember this song? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> gto ♪ >> ♪ >> really good looking car and
8:49 am
we won't sing any more. >> let's get to dog sledding. >> is that a dog barking? >> hut hut musharrof. go. >> yes? >> it is go time. >> yes, who will win in our race? >> (dogs barking). >> i got my powder blue coat on. just keep your eye on the powder blue, because i'll be way out ahead. >> no, i'm back in black, baby. back on the frozen lake and i got this. you don't know. you guys ready? >> red. >> i one, two, three. go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i was under the impression there were dogs involved. >> we could get our athletes out and help you out. >> yes, we need help. >> you consider them athletes? >> they're athletes, well bread athlete. >> let's look them up. >> let's get this slow on the road. >> let's do it. >> i knew they were dogs.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> not going to throw them a bone. we will get out there and go, go, go. hut. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> super bowl about to start. >> you're still a main dog. >> this is john. >> how did i do? >> did you well. >> i just sat, well, while he drove. >> is driving the right term? >> driving or mushing. >> and your lead dog final.
8:51 am
>> i fugi and clyde. >> and they're trained to be the leader? >> they're trained to run straight. and they're trained to listen to every command i give. >> you're not steering. the dogs are steering. >> oh, i can't steer the dogs. have to steer. otherwise we're going to the highway. >> people always ask: they're working so hard do they really want to be doing this? >> oh, they love to run. that's their job. they're bread to run. >> so why are they barking before we take off? >> they have a lot of energy. they just want to go, go, go. >> do you think the patriots or eagles are stronger leaders in. >> oh, we have to go with the eagles on that one. >> they're underdogs, right? >> loved it. thank you so much. to kiwachi adventures. chuck, lovers dogs. he quit his job, moved out into the woods, so he could spend time and take care of them, even sleeps with his dogs. >> he does?
8:52 am
>> yes. >> that's where the term three dog night comes in. you sleep with the dogs, keep yourselves warm. >> you need to quit cheating. of all things, seriously. >> i'll do better tomorrow. >> bacon, the smell every bacon, here is the key. the guy that invented my pillow lives in minneapolis. i just saw him walk by in the mall. >> oh,. >> and store here, we have to talk with him. >>
8:53 am
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. meet with a ctca cancer specialist
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in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours. learn more at
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>> the sounds of the beach. this is a new one now, the sounds every sizzling bacon. >> what? >> yes, researchers say it will put to you sleep.
8:56 am
>> well, see, we've also done story, alarm clock, smells like bacon. >> yes. >> to wake you up. >> oh, i like that. >> so i guess the smell of bacon wakes you up, the sound of it puts to you sleep? >> sounds like stream almost. anyway, we found the guy that invented my pillow. he lives in minnesota. he has cents a store in this beautiful made in america mall in minneapolis, said i'll come by to do an interview. >> i can't wait. see those commercials all the time. >> he must travel with pillows under his arms. >> naturally, naturally. and i wait to tell you mike, everyone asking about have you gone to basically park, here in minnesota? of course, i had to go pay my respects cents to prince. now, this is a very interesting tour there, because, you aren't allowed to take any photos inside of paisley park. so photos outside, getting in, i just thought it was so amazing, yes, i had to put on my purple. but i went with mike check, we were allowed one photo. okay? so i'll show you the one photo inside every paisley park, tell you all of the details
8:57 am
about this lovely tour for such a great musical l
8:58 am
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>> let's go crazy the rest of today, tonight, friday, saturday, sunday, then go crazy in philadelphia on monday. what do you say about that? >> sounds good to plea. >> or on sunday because also live sunday getting you ready for the big game. >> they share photo of gee gee, naked. >> why? >> sitting very close together. critics say, they think it is weird. and they think it is incest too us, what their mom is saying now. >> good lord. >> and then, inside the world
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