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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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bowl lii in minneapolis and teams making their final preps why eagles need to focus on getting healthy before sunday. >> wintry mix moving out overnight rain and snow making thing slick this morning where we can still see problem areas right now. it is a tradition like no other? not the masters. underway already in south philadelphia. it is wing bowl, extra special this year, extra crazy. because our eagles are in the bowl. >> i can only imagine what it will be like. >> so much fun at the wells fargo center. you know how wing bowl was created, of course because eagles were never in the super bowl so we had to do something on the friday before the bowl. >> what do you do if you did it because you weren't and now you are in the super bowl. >> you probably don't -- >> you cannot cancel wing bowl >> don't cancel wing bowl. >> make it an eagles version.
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>> by the way, look at this shirt what is this velvet. >> feel it. >> i believe it is crushed cordoroy. >> beautiful eagles green. >> thank you very much. >> there will be a reveal later of the shirt underneath. >> you have had lots of wardrobe changes. >> nicely done. >> i'm not done yet. >> he keeps getting new things >> 520 stores i have been to every sickle one of them. >> show us what you will be wearing today and especially sunday watching the game. >> i put on my eagles shirt, fly eagles fly, long sleeves too, which is good out here. >> send us your pride use that fox 29 eagles. it is a little different so use #to see it and put it on tv. >> fox 29 eagles. >> i had discussion outside a mall with the woman who lived here her whole life and discussion of, ground hog day. >> right. >> i said i'm from pennsylvania. she goes no, we have a different, here in minnesota
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she said if the sunnies out, that is a good thing. i said no, if the sunnies out with the groundhog and gobbler 's knob if he sees his shadow six weeks back in the hole. >> last year he saw his shadow , six full weeks of winter and we had a warm up like crazy in the 70's. it was goofy. it is the interpretation of the groundhog that might be error, ground hog him self always 100 percent accurate. calm wind in minneapolis but they are dealing with a temperature of six below zero. we have 37 degrees. we have wet roadways and colder air moving in. we have a six out of 10 because we are dealing with the mess right now of the cold front changing rain to snow and kind of wet snow, mess of our temperatures are still in the 30's with buddy, make sure you wear a warm coat because things will be getting chillier with these north
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westerly wins bringing in much colder air and the snow has ended for a lot of us north and west of the city we have a few left over flurries and temperatures in the 20's and pottstown and allentown and we will see those temperatures drop northwest and southe throughout the day. we will settle at 32 for an afternoon temperature once the sun comes out and those breeze s and it will file chillier then it is. what about the rest of the weekend. we will have that forecast coming up in just a few minutes, a few rain drops for your super bowl travels on sunday as you head to your party bob kelly. >> we have rain drops, quick hit of snow and then temperatures, maybe freezing, some standing water out there, live look at the schuylkill westbound a 44 minute trip from center city through conshohocken only within lane opened westbound we are seeing volume popping eastbound on the freeway coming to new jersey. just ayuky start. if you are heading down to the
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airport, just no delays for folks flying out to the super bowl this morning but two big events underway before you got out of porogamies. we have got wing bowl exiting 95 at broad street and ground hog day out there west of harrisburg and a accident near south of i-95 south of 202 and it is a free ride friday, mike and alex, patco offering free ride as they are way of saying we're sorry and thanks with putting up with headaches. free ride friday on the patco high speed line, back to you guys. >> you get a ride, you get a ride we all get a free ride. >> i'm going to take it. >> i want my free ride, yes. >> before we turn to jenny gist do we have a graphic here we are giving this with man fits all week.
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>> go bird. >> do it again. anyway we put an eagles logo live on boston television. >> we are running up on peoples live shot when they are doing the news. >> certainly not. >> we don't want that to be happening. >> all he said was go bird. >> a lot of bird are flying this to minneapolis i met so many at the mall. >> i'm loving this they are starting to pour in getting ready for the game. lets get to jenny joyce because there are so many flights flying out of philadelphia right now. >> good morning, guys there are nine flights to philadelphia to minneapolis and people here at the airport tell me they are running on adrenaline right now not sleep they are so excited about what is to come over next few days we are hearing family budgets have been thrown out window and people have been spending thousands of dollars between airfare, hotel and fun in
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minnesota, she doesn't have tickets to the game but she and her family just want to be here and soak it in, participate in the nfl experience and be part of the passion and energy that comes with the bird in the super bowl. >> we have been season ticket holders. when they went to jacksonville we went there. great experience. we hung out in the city. would i figure we give amanda the same experience we had. >> a little nervous but excited. >> don't be nervous, just be excited, keep it going, i was check flights and for round trip we are up to about $1,500 at least to get out there. >> thanks, jenny. let's eat. >> what? >> let's eat. >> wings. >> let's eat now i thought you were talking about the fans. >> home dog got to eat. >> fans have to eat too.
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>> let's go to pj wheelihans because they were putting 10,000 wings in the friars. >> of course, for wing bowl which is happening right new at the wells fargo center, how many years have we been doing this. >> twenty-seven years. >> twenty-seven years. >> it is still allowed, which is great. >> hey, steve. >> i got one of my neighbors with me and she will sing tina marie. tina, we both live in doug pederson's home town we have moorestown pride. now i have winning bell pride because you are here. >> yes. >> you look phenomenal. this is not how i see you on the running track but you look lovely as usual. what will you do here today. >> i'm singing the eagles fight song with the house band so at various points throughout the forecast. >> you sung at wing bowl before and little while you sang on a trampoline. >> i sang god bless america on a trampoline in a sixers dance
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costume. it was a dare from al and angelo and they didn't think would i do it but i did it. it was fun. it was crazy. >> nobody will leave you have three kid because you look like a kid still. i always ask do your kid kind of hide the fact that you appear at wing bowl or are they proud of the fact that mommies a big star at wing bowl. >> i hope i'm raising them right because they are proud of it. they are proud of it. >> do you have a prediction for the game. >> eagles 27-17. >> your plans for the game. >> may plans i will get to the super bowl party in moorestown , plenty of super bowl parties, i'm going to an awesome one with friends. >> we will see full outfit once you sing because it went be in eagles robe i take it. >> no. >> tina marie within of the many participants here at wing bowl look for her to sing eagles fight song.
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>> only better place to be is probably here because i would be out there. >> big wing bowl fan. >> i have had incidents a lot of incidents that happen at wing bowl. >> we ran into a couple players and they are feeling the effects of the flu, they say it won't deter them in the super bowl. >> it worries you eagles players have a flu what is going on. >> including our coach. >> they are standing guard we will chat making sure no one messes with our rocky statue again. >> he has been sleeping under the statue. you have do what you have to do to protect rocky.
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♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey!
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♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooo wooo ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ everything little thing. i have had the flu. we ran into michael kendricks and he said he has been suffering with the flu. he says you have to suck it up >> they have been dealing witt since last week, it is not is just like it just happened when he got there timmy journigan missed practice because of the illness. ronald darby, running back ken jon barner and our head coach doug pederson they have all been said to be under the weather. we are in the middle of the war flu season in the decade
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but many say patriots coach bill belichick is dealing with the sickness because eagles fans being eagles fans they are calling it flu gate. but what i was looking at one article, michael kendricks he said we had this last week. it has been going around. they feel it is nothing we got here. we might have brought it from philly. it spread. >> i can barely get out of the bed with the flu. how do you play football and running and slamming into each other. i don't know, people are also blaming this on me because i ran into ronald darby the other night at the party. >> did you this. >> he looked fine when i saw him. >> what did you do kiss him how did you spread it. >> there was a little affection. >> you were excited to see him >> now he has the flu. >> please, please. >> hopefully team doctor can work overtime and make sure they have vitamin c and everything they need to keep going. >> yes, whatever. >> buckle up. getting fired up for the super bowl if you are not pumped up
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yet eagles put out a video that gave me chills. >> you have to see this this will get you ready. we want to thank theo and gene for send nothing pictures using #fox 29
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i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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we are talking about all of the different things to get at the super bowl. they have to get their shirts and what they wear on game day or they are wearing same things they have been wearing every sunday for the whole season. >> yeah. >> superstition. >> here's the thing though you have to change if you have anything that involves patriots or the word pat, pat 's. >> we don't need that in our atmosphere. so pat's king of states, original changed they are name >> they have a new name by putting a big eagles banner over their pat's sign. it is now eagles king of steaks, i love. that they even have, eagles king of states. >> that is official. >> great job. >> so, sueby what is going on, sister. >> last week we went to the museum of the american revolution and their patriots lounge was change to the eagles lounge, so everybody is in the spirit. we have to get rid of this messy weather and be careful
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out there because colder air is coming in behind this cold front and it will make things slippery in spots, punxsutawney our focus today 14 degrees, and here is a look at live, what is happening, what they are wearing, hoola skirts, well, there is no shortage of liquid refreshment in the mid of the night in punxsutawney pennsylvania as they anticipate ground hog seeing or in the seeing his shadow. that is just part of the party going on there. live look at radar shows rain changing over to snow as the whole storm head toward the shore. we may have one more hour of this at the moment and then cold air settles in and we will get to 34 degrees tomorrow. that is another cold day. we will start off with snow changing over to rain on super bowl sunday stays cold on monday and tuesday, and milder with some rain possible, on monday. so once again just like last week, it is a bit of the
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temperature roller coaster right, bob kelly. nobody is riding anywhere and road you are looking at right now where is this. >> 6:18. westbound schuylkill accident at the curve down to one lane here over an hour to leave town and then folks coming into town we have extra volume on the roadway, unusual, folks heading down to wing bowl a live look at freeway road are wet as sue said we have a quick hit of the snow. we just lost 5 degrees on the temperature reading here in the last half an hour. so cold weather, quick hit of snow, things will get icy, slippery, salt trucks are out there standing by ready to apply that salt where needed, southbound i-95 just south of 202 an accident. bryn mawr your turn we will get to our kelly classroom pep rally, saint john coleman a newman school at nine to 10. kid are fired up. our last big pep rally before the super bowl, mike and alex, back to you in the home of
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america. by the way i'm a large looking for sweat shirt size. >> thank you, yes, very good. >> we were just talking about that. people send nothing requests. now we don't have any money left. >> i'm not sure we have enough machine toy get back home. >> give me this. do you understand how much things cost out here. >> stop, stop. >> i will make you something when you come back. >> white t with a magic marker >> so apparently we have a verdict not a surprising verdict but karen and thomas will tell us about it. >> guilty is verdict for gunman who ambushed and shot a philadelphia police office are >> suspect was three two-year old edward archer opening fire on officer jesse hartnett. horrifying video shooting at close range, this was two years ago. they is mug shot at 16th and spruce. there is officer hartnett who survived. said after this verdict so relieved it is over and wants to get back to the job that he loves. >> i have annex stream passion
6:20 am
for the job. this is something i have always wanted to do. i can remember being a little child small child and thinking that i want to be a police officer. >> hartnett says he still gets physical therapy for his broken arm, nerve damage caused by that shooting. arch are will be sentenced in may. los angeles police say they believe a shooting at a middle school was unintentional. police arrested a 12 year-old girl for negligent discharge of the firearm. shooting happened yesterday morning critically injuring one classmate and hurting several others. fortunately everyone is expected to survive, investigators new trying to figure out how that 12 year-old girl was able to obtain a gun. 6:20. that is your head lines. now lets throw it back to the mall of america and mike and alex. >> karen, thomas thanks very much. >> thank you. >> it is early. what time is it, it is 38- seven yet.
6:21 am
>> no, 6:20. >> i have two minutes. >> yes. >> don't miss it. all week you missed it. >> i will find some mall walkers vikings fans and rub tonight one more time. >> no, 6:22. >> if i are not pumped for the game i have something to tell to you do you need to watch this video eagles released their new hype video and everybody is saying it will give you chills
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let's get pumped up, game is on sunday. it is friday. >> we need two days to make sure we're ready to get this together and way to do this, video that the eagles send out >> do you want to play one. >> yes, let's do this. >> ea. >> tell you what you can do. >> gl. >> it will never be the same, same. >> es. >> one game. one game. they love to say it all comes
6:25 am
down to one game. really. they also said our season was over. they said that this thing would crack. they said we not believe in old saint nick. we play this game before. fog bowl. snow bowl. there is something special about this bowl. this isn't about a change by the inch but moving tires through your block, by block. one game, for who, for the ones who line up next to us, one who introduced this to us. the one to bring it home. this is so much more then one game. this is joy, this is pain. this is certifiablably insane
6:26 am
one game it is all we got. one game is all we need. >> we all we got, we all we need. >> let's go, let's get, let's go. >> we all we need, mike. >> that is all we got. >> no, we all we got. >> we all we got. >> we got more and we will give it to them patriots. >> i love that. >> so good. >> so good. >> sue, are you stoked. >> you know what i just found out? >> what. >> the voice on that piece we just saw bradley cooper. >> bradley cooper. >> yeah, yeah. >> he sounded really philly. >> i wonder if he is here. he is a super fan. >> oh, he is here. >> we got, we're connecting with our ultimate doppler radar which is showing beginning of the end of this storm but we still got a few left over flurries and icy
6:27 am
spots out there, don't worry we will
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is it game time yet? super bowl lii is just two days away and how teams and fans are getting ready for the game. >> look at ocean city in the delaware valley, wintry mix and it is going to be a slow mover when do we see sun next? sue knows that. >> standing guard for our city
6:30 am
meet man who has been spending his night protecting rocky statue from those patriots fans. >> yeah, one thing he has done a nice job of doing making sure that rocky doesn't run off. >> we cannot have him run. >> even though he runs through the city. he has got -- >> here's my theory if the vikings fans did that before a vikings game and we know how that turned out don't we want them to do it, maybe if they are supposed to do it, so we can win. >> we will get that guy out of there then. >> we will talk to him live. >> our last day what we will do is at one of their minor league teams here, baseball stadiums, they have a giant slide. alex would like to slide down it. it is in ice. >> you go from the top, go all the way down. i have never seen a baseball stadium that was opened filled with snow.
6:31 am
>> the key to this thing if you ever do it, keep your crouch up. >> the guy said it is all in your core. >> i said this is a work out i thought i was going down a slide. >> i don't know, if my fingertips have ever been that cold in my entire life. >> we have been here all week and yesterday i realized mike was done. he was over it. he had a rough time yesterday. >> been doing a fine job. your current temperature is six below and, wind chillies six below. it has become very hearty as a result of all this. our temperature is 34 degrees. it has gone down a bit. winds out of the northwest and we will get with a old six out of 10 there and make sure we have a warm enough coat on as rest of the rain and wet snow gets out of here because it
6:32 am
will be very, very cold throughout the rest of the day , we have a waterproof, waterproof might than cold is good idea, flurries around philadelphia right now and colder temperatures filtering in, we will settle in at about 32 degrees by the end of the afternoon and temperatures will be in the 20's by lunchtime. rest of the weekend forecast is coming up, in the meantime don't forget about 101.1 more fm, been kelly. >> you got it, sue. 6:32. as we get ready for super bowl weekend live look, hold on to your coffee cup here little shaky, idea of the wind we have here, westbound, 80 minutes over an hour, to work your way out of town, would i say forget bit. call in a personal day, accident near conshohocken just cleared out of the way but already a hot mess leaving town and we have a rain, quick hit of snow and then all out of here but look at the
6:33 am
temperatures right around that freezing mark. if it looks wet things could get ice think morning. live look, working your way in to downtown philly because of the weather conditions, new jersey turnpike up and down, put in a speed restriction, same deal for 95, and as well as 495 dealing with an accident southbound wilmington just south of route 202, free ride friday mike and alex, on the patco high speed line today, their way of saying thank you for putting up with the repairs, i'd rather have just a free coffee or a free jelly doughnut instead of the free ride. >> free ride, thanks bob kelly >> we will get out to wing bowl here but first the airport because can you imagine if you waited your whole life and eagles fans have to go to the super bowl the excitement of being at the airport ready to take off. >> and leaving from
6:34 am
philadelphia coming to here. i'm sure as the morning goes on, rowdy. >> it will get jumping. >> yeah, believe it or not a lot have the flights were early this morning. 6:30. first leaves around 7:30. they are about every 10 minutes to 30 minutes so it has been exciting, it is fun for you guys getting to see, eagles fans show up in minneapolis. our chris o'connell got to do just that he was with those fans on cloud nine to have this experience and those fans here at phl this morning are sharing a similar level of excitement on very little sleep. >> this is crazy, ready. >> yeah, we didn't even sleep. it has been great. >> reporter: how is your bank account doing. >> it could be better, we did all right. a lot of things fell into place, it work out well.
6:35 am
>> nine flights from philadelphia to minneapolis at lee happening today and i'm sure we will continue to see those fans funneling through, back to you guys. >> thanks, jenny. jenny drove by the airport by the wing bowl and steve asked if she wanted to come in. she passed and went down to the airport. >> she said i will just go. >> there are people going to wing bowl. >> they are already there. >> the place is jam, steve keeley's there, that is enough >> for the first year ever in wing bowl we have corn wells fire company represented, you got a man in this for the first time. how will he do. >> from the looks of it, he is hungry. >> didn't eat yesterday. he has been practicing. >> does he eat a lot at firehouse. >> we get a lot of wings and pizza. >> yes. >> do you get a meal if he gets there first there is in the enough for rest of the crew. >> he is, taking food down.
6:36 am
he may shock some people today , he may shock some people. >> adrian, this is your first wing bowl, what did you do first of all to qualify. >> six cheese burgers in four minutes. >> who made the cheese burgers >> mcdonald's did. >> six mcdonald's double cheese burgers do you usually eat that many in that quick of time. >> i had two, in. >> have you been to mcdonald's since. >> no, no. >> sorry mcdonald's. >> do you have an estimate on how many wings. >> i will go at lee 400. >> you used to breathe nothing smoke you can take in bad things in your body, so you should be able to do good at thing. >> yes, would i say so. we will see. >> don't let the corn wells fire company down, brother. >> i won't. >> no pressure. >> all right, see you later. >> so there you go, first
6:37 am
timer right there and we will see how he does from the corn wells fire company in beautiful bensalem, guys. >> we need an update. >> isn't it funny angelo started this because eagles were rarely in the super bowl, right. now it is so successful wing bowl is, he can't get to the super bowl he has to be there for his own event. >> it is weird. >> and great at the same time. >> if we winnie would want to be in philly to see the mad ness and everybody celebrating, and we will be in philly. >> we have a special show on sunday and then we will stay up all night with you, i'm not even going to say. >> you know what we're talking about. >> if the right thing happens. >> now a few weeks ago when vikings played eagles vikings fans came into our city and they put jersey oz the rocky statue. >> everybody was so bad how disrespectful that will not happen this go around.
6:38 am
>> maybe it should because we beat their butts. >> but there are a lot of people who don't want to it happen including one person who put in the time who doesn't. jordi has been standing guard to make sure in one messes with our rocky. >> pride, welcome to good day philadelphia, thank you for your work out there this week. >> yeah, thanks for having me on. it has been a pleasure, honor to serve this city making sure rocky stays clean this week. >> when you say serve how does this work you come out there when sun goes down and stay until sun also backup, do you have something to make sure no one touches the statue, what are you doing. >> i knew patriots fans would only operate in the darkness of the night, that is when i come out here, that is when rocky need me the most. i have been table get together a army of people watching the statue. we have eyes on it 24/7.
6:39 am
>> i like that. >> all right. tell us about yourself, i mentioned you are a delco guy tell me burying also fans history, getting ready, how long have you been a eagles fan. >> i have been a eagles fan from the moment i was born, so just seeing them in the super bowl again this is incredible, and here's the thing. i heard you talk about maybe wanting to put patriots jersey on the statue just because it work out so well, and so it did happen last week, someone was able to sneak a brady jersey on to our beloved italian stahl john back there so i work for bar stool sports there is a lot of patriots fans there. it is city pride for me. i need to put my foot down and say enough is enough, you got your one brady jersey on there but it will not happen again under my watch.
6:40 am
>> snow jordi since you have been there and it is not going to happen has anyone tried to come up, have you had to stop anybody. >> not yet, like i said we have a decent amount of support out here, ton of eagles fans buying into deeven ifing the statue. i think they know this is a whose style unwelcome territory for them f they want to come take pictures we're friendly enough we will let you take pictures but don't bring your patriots gear. >> jordi, we solute you for your service, we thank you for your service, the city does as well, go eagles and we will talk to you when we go back there. >> what does dough when someone does try, do you knock him out or tap him on the shoulder. >> alex, you know in philly we do what we have to do. >> apparently. >> he deserves his own statue and when they put up jordi statue. >> what pose should he be doing if rocky's doing this, what should injuredi be doing. >> that is so perfect.
6:41 am
>> he is great, i love it. >> fantastic. >> oh, we saw, how many. >> they told us to look for some eagles to interview even though we had media night, they say we need more interviews, guys can we go up there and in the just a few, go out there a get the entire team. >> we saw all 53 eagles and we will show them to you, next. >> literally we will show you fly eagles fly, you can't beat that. >> on the road to victory. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory. but e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. it is cold.
6:42 am
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we have a ton of pictures coming. >> use the #fox 29 eagles to use your eagles pride. >> all right. >> let's check in with bob kelly, he has done a great job all week. >> i have been outside with the kid at pep rallies and so amaze to go see kid, and, they
6:45 am
don't realize that this opportunity doesn't come around that often. how often have we been waiting for eagles to get to the super bowl. kid are excited, the adults are excited, we're ready to go on a friday morning, live look at 202, painters crossing, everything is wet, we have a quick hit of snow flurries coming through and temperatures are dropping. backed up here on the vine expressway, heading over to the schuylkill, backed up on the boulevard, south watching on the ramps on and off ramps could be slippery, penndot, ready to put down some salt if needed and right after rush hour we will have an instant traffic jam where everybody exits wing bowl but it is a free ride friday on patco from six to 9:00 o'clock free rides as a way of saying thank you for putting up with the repair work all this week. monday morning we will take over, bensalem, bucks county, it is your turn, we will go live from four to 10:00 from the bagelocity and soup king
6:46 am
cafe, showcasing, the best of the best in bensalem, come out join us live starting at 4:00 a.m., coffee, soup, bagels for everybody, sue has the forecast in 15 seconds we are watching last of the storm move through and now we are seeing temperatures drop, it is only 17 in mount pocono. in the 20's in pottstown and allentown. thirty-four in the city. these temperatures will continue to fall, and winds are picking up, 15 miles an hour, wind gusts at 25 to 30 miles an hour. wear a warm enough coat because things will be getting cold out there as last of this storm gets off shore, we will be focusing on punxsutawney in
6:47 am
about half an hour, 45 minutes where it is only 13 and they have snow flurries out there, few flurries around aston pa, still raining and or snowing in darn delaware and new jersey. average high 41 degrees, below average on wednesday, and, yesterday, it was 47 degrees so we have an up and down temperatures but when you get to the super bowl party on sunday we will need your rain gear and then cheer on our eagles. yeah. >> yeah. >> hey, that is what i'm talking about. >> do you a british accent. >> hello that is more australian. >> yes. >> maybe back on tuesday in philadelphia we can have a spot of tea with jay. >> jay ajayi. >> jay train. >> jen fred as well. >> hi there, jen. i call her the j train. >> that was a very good nickname for me.
6:48 am
you cannot see it, but second best accent that you will hear on this show southwest philly gentlemen i's back. >> i'm doing great. >> you know stat about volunteers. >> so, the stat that minnesota public radio news leader in this market has come up w so essentially what they say is nfl typically has, folks, not show up, volunteers. folks come volunteer, 30 percent don't show up, they dent show up, so, visit minute so the. here's the situation, we have had media night the other night, i love your accent, lot of people say i sound cocky. lets hear what jay has to say what about my british accent. you have to be sophistcated. >> yes, mine is mixed anyway, it is like a texas slang with my british accent, it is hid
6:49 am
men there. it is weird. >> here's how you know, that it is negative 47 degrees here in minute so the a everybody is inside. this is nfl experience. check it out. nfl network is here this morning. we will go, and beach some guests from them all morning long. if you are coming from philadelphia, i tell you you must go to the mall of america first, right joey, do your security clearances there and then light rail that will take you directly to the stadium that is what they are saying instead of waiting outside at negative 372 degrees. >> exactly. >> all right. >> so again, so guys. >> i will tell you, jen, every time i see her she has new merchandise. i was there yesterday, it is really cool. so much going on. you get to try new things. have you ever heard of skittl es. >> they have spicy skittles.
6:50 am
>> i brought you this to try it and let you know what you think. >> hot skittles. >> flaming hot cheetos. >> yes. >> i will try this. >> but first you know coach pederson gave us an assignment and i want to thank him for trusting in us, what was the assignment. >> what was the assignment. >> all 53 eagles on the squad, i think that is what he meant. >> yes. >> talking about coach pederson. >> we were supposed to get eagles ready for the game, get them all in one spot. >> okay. >> wow, that is such a big task. >> we ended in red winning, minute so the. that is where i'm told eagles were they want to be isolated. >> let's rub down and get our eagle on. >> thinks the ultimate eagles insider, his name is bruce austin, bruce, thank you for having us out. >> well, thank you for coming.
6:51 am
>> lets talk eagles, lets make you an eagles expert. >> i'm not a total eagles expert but do i spend time down here at the park and in the wintertime from probably the first of december until mid-march there can be up to a hundred eagles in this one little town. >> why do they come here. >> they come to this bay because there is a warm water discharge out there, with the electric plant and that attracts fish out of the river , fish snow it as a giard chad. >> i just had a warm water discharge myself. >> as you can see is there maim tour bird and mature bird >> that would be me. >> that is immature bird right here. >> okay. >> the vast majority of the eagles that you see here now will nest in northern minnesota and ontario. >> all we care business the
6:52 am
nesting they are doing on sunday, super bowl. >> can they beat the patriots. >> oh, i think so. >> we always encourage maybe under dog to preveil. >> i believe that guy. he knows eagles. >> it was so cool, seeing so many eagles in one spot. >> we have done a lot of these all week long and that that is my top five. >> we can see reallying also, perfect but apparently we are only people at the time who signed up for the tour. >> well, other tv stations don't know what they are doing they are doing the same standard shots in front of stuff. >> look at you. >> but they were gracious. hopefully more people get out there. >> most of them get through i never saw a bald eagle. we saw 150 in one set of trees >> i'm getting ready to eat skittl west a hot kick. this will take me a little to
6:53 am
warm up. >> take your time, i hear they are spicy. >> you are working on that. >> creed two they will start filming too in philadelphia, michael b jordan will be there do you want to be in the move i here's your chance. we will tell how they are i here's your chance. we will tell how they are looking for to this winter i here's your chance. we wiin the state with more looking fski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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6:56 am
calming all creed fans. calling all creed fans. so creed two they are about to start shooting, they are looking for extras but is there a catch, all right. they are looking for people, in delaware valley, who are going in russia. >> good luck in that. >> head down to d.c. for that. >> ring shot. >> so casting company looking for men and women age 23 to 55 , and shooting will begin in mid-march, and, mid-april. michael b jordan will be fighting again. >> around you just to walk your way back. and pick up something on the ground and then walk off the screen. >> what they have is under five people and over five people, and under five lines and over five lines. >> there is something, if they are chant nothing russia at the match, you know, saying
6:57 am
something. >> die, die. >> you no some russian. >> yes, that is about it. last week we were going to do that. >> then we didn't do it. >> we want to be miguel b jordan. >> no time for skitles, here. >> we have to slide in the slide cheese. we did this, hold that cord. >> and then lets get back the two airport because flights are taking off one by one, heading right to where we are, the bold north. >> yeah, good morning guys live here from philly international, how are you doing? we have a feeling you are going to the super bowl hear more about his story
6:58 am
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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7:00 am
well, the stage is certainly set for the biggest game of they are careers. >> well, from my standpoint, you get a little bit of that adrenaline going. >> the big thing you try to simplify what is going on in your mind and slow it down. >> in just two days eagles will battle patriots for their chance at their first ever super bell title, city ready, what they need to do to


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