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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we had listen party last night. >> that's right, paisley park. >> here in course, the big news for us is he's on good day philadelphia in this hour. in fact, we're mway. >> hey, welcome to the last hour here from the mall of america, theea mall of america. >> it has been lovely time here. >> sure has. >> in >> the bolds north. the cold north, as well. so, here we go. it is before the super bowl. worth the trip i think. >> oh, i've had the time of my li been a ton of fun. >> so many pictures. >> yes but also other next tripk should be, at least one of us, wedding. don't youy? >> oh, that would be amazing. >> weather would be better at's up next for us, where we can meet two people now who are becoming fast fen apparently. >> meghan markle and who? >> oh, that kate >> they'll be like sisters, you want them to get along. check what they'reigr stuff, dit
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looks, different personalities. >> what attention and we'll explain. >> all right, plus an eagles fan, she goes to rutrs loves the eagles. what doctor oz say when you come out of the, what do they call that? >> anesthesia. >> anesthesia after getting wisdom teeth pulled? you kind of think funny thoughts and you say funny things. >> and you're confused. >> yes. >> like a tooth -- >> super bowl? >> no. >> can i go? >> i'm sure they'll know that -- >> you have to watch this whole piece of tape. she thought she missed the super bowl. >> oh, my gosh, i would be upset, too. >> it is fun toy see her face. >> hey, we got to spends some time in glassboro, the home of cory clem glenn having pep rally really cheering our guy on. >> at his high school? >> reporter: good morning, guys, live from glassboro high school. this is where corey clement went to school, right? (cheers). >> they're having a pep rally.
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>> wow. >> (cheers). >> wow, that's very loud. wow. they're excited. they're pumped. >> that's really -- the entire delaware valley like pulsatin pulsating, clock goes to zero. >> did we mention everybody that we will be on special good day philadelphia on sunday morning? >> yep, back in philly get you ready on your super bowl sunday, start your morning off right. >> then if certain things go certain ways, without saying what i'm talking about really, we will just stay on all night. so, park it on fox 29. we will go right all night long into good day philadelphia. >> right. because we want to celebrate with you. >> with you. who do we do? y? way, yesterday over at the hilton hotel, we went over, we met justin timberlake, did he press conference on the half time show. >> right. >> so, as he was walking out, hey, justin, real quickly,
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let's chat little bit. so we did. and i asked him, we kind of need an exclusive here, where the tv station of record for the philadelphia eagles and the sit of philadelphia, we would love to get an exclusive interview with you. could we come to your hotel and maybe, not to the room, but in the lobby something, doing one-on-one interview? >> so many journalists over, there we didn't want to make them jealous. >> so here is the thing he won't give any answers because he didn't want to give anything away. so, see how it went? >> ya. >> do you want to see how it went? >> yes. >> just tim continuing beer lake. >> first of all justin thank you for having us into your hotel. >> my pleasure. >> by the way my wife jessica is from minnesota. she says welcome. so does sigh lust. >> this is real a nice place, plus i'm so excited to meet you. >> you, alex, i would like to rock your body. >> like you did janet? >> the whole world knows you're the half time show
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again. anything special planned? >> i tell you, i'll do what i do best. i mean, i can't help myself. i'm bringing sexy back. it never went away. i mean, look at this. alex, i don't mean to be rude but i can't stop the feeling ♪ >> okay so it sounds like you have some big plans there. let's just get right to it. last time you perform at the super bowl with janet jackson, well, you got some bad press. so now there is all of these rumors going around, people want to see janet back again. do you think there is a chance you could bring her back out, you guys reunite on stage. >> oh, you get right to it, alex. that whole thing, i tell if you, cried me a river. i cried me a river. janet, we thought about it. i tell you what. i like you two. i really like you, alex. dance with me ♪ i'm going to show you some exclusive footage of our rehearsal, i did say, our rehearsal?
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> talk to me boy ♪ no disrespect i don't mean no harm ♪ >> okay, here is the part where i say i'll have you make by the end of this song, and this is the critical part again. >> ♪ >> no? >> no? okay. >> going to have you naked by the ends of this song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well. >> that was an exclusive, for example, you won't see that anywhere else. >> and you don't want to see that anywhere else, or any time again soon. couple of things. i look more like harp el marks from the marks brothers days than dow justin timberlake, but it is the only wig we
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could finds, okay? and the other thing, i want to personally apologize to anybody who thought we really did have an interview with justin timberlake. >> right. >> how disappoint rod they right now? >> we thought maybe they would know. i don't know. >> i hope so. >> honestly isn't that better though than an actual interview? just saying. but we did, were in the room, did get to seat interviews with him, at the press conference, right? >> we were in the room. >> so we do have some answers for you. i know we've been talking about the half time show ever since it was announced. people want to know what's in the show. is he going to have any special guests? >> well, you have n'sync, what about janet jackson? are they involved in the show in anyway? here is the actual, the real, no offense, justin timberlake's response to that question. >> to be honest, i had a ton every grand ideas about special guests. as you already know, we talked about a lot. yes, there was -- i had -- there is a whole list, i think vaguest has a lot of odds on it, i heard. you know, from n'sync to jay
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to chris staple elton to janet. but this year, i'm just excited, my bands is, the tennessee kids, i feel like they're my special guests and i'm excited? year to rock the stage. >> so you know matter of fact after seeing that, our interview might have been more compelling and interesting because he of course can't reveal anything. >> no, but to me, and up to interpretation, he never said it is never going to happen. >> that's right. >> but he said look i want to phone us on the tennessee kids, my band. he didn't -- didn't sounds very likely. >> i would be stunned if somebody big, big, big-time didn't come out. even though, it is hard to get bigger star than he is. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> i guess we have to watch. watch and wait. >> all right. oh, no. no, we're going to let sue do a pin this? >> oh, it is time for super bowl pin this. >> the week has been going so
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well. who booked this? >> well, i did, because i have had eagles duct tape since the eagles were stinky and we didn't care what happened to them. remember those days? i've been saving this for probably about five, six years, to be excited. so, you know what, karen? let's do three project. let's do three things people can do at home that will be awesome. >> pinterest has tons of duct tape crafts that you can do. so we thought we would try to make some eagles duct tape hair bows, okay? >> adorable. >> and then maybe an eagles tie. >> oh! >> to sort of supplement the hair bo, see if we can get one that looks like that. >> those look great. that will will be awesome. >> okay? and also maybe a little purse, you put some change in, or put your, you know, put your license in there, maybe, you know, put your phone in it. we'll see how we do. because as always, karen, with pin there is i have not tried these ahead of time.
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>> what could go wrong? >> but i read the instructions, even fired up my hot glue gun, and i'm not a big fan of glue guns because i always burn myself. so here is what we d i gave karen the scissors, cut 16-inch strip first of all for the hair bo, okay, then you're supposed to fold it in half. and try not, oh, i wrinkled it limb bit. see? okay. this is what makes it tough with duct tape. then, then supposed, okay, over one more time. then cut a piece. we put it in the middle and make a bow. >> all right. >> they just said to wrap so we have to catch up with this. >> we'll start working on the project, weaver all of our pieces in, we'll assemble and bring more to you. >> cut right there. >> across. >> yes, who are we tossing to? >> mike analling. >> mike and alex, weaver eagles duct tape and we're going to use it. >> looks pretty cool too. >> i knew somebody was going to say it.
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>> karen? >> karen. >> you can apply that tape to my face on sunday, special edition of good day philadelphia. >> okay. >> are you ready for duct tape over my lips? seriously, after week. >> no, actually, i've been having great time with you, mike, it's been fun. >> really? >> ya. why are you shocked? you've been up for all of the stuffy put us through. >> i am shocked a woman would say after a week with me they've had a good time. >> well, we had our separate alone time, so that helped, too. >> true. do we have more information about the royals? because again i think this trip has gone so well, you and i should go to the royal wedding in may, across the pond. >> oh, we should ask management. >> no, no, just book the flights, we'll ask them later. now, these two are getting in with each other, they'll be sister in-laws, is that right, megan and what's her face? >> kate. >> kate, kate. >> megan and kate, yes. >> megan and kate. >> so if you want to month, get along, why not use the same designer, use similar
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things, well, kind of. kate was guess of honor with the norwegian royals, wore greeshan style gown with mcqueen, and also the bracelet that the queen wore on her wedding day. >> not the queen, the queen. >> yes. >> meanwhile a lot of people are saying her cyst nerve law tried to be low key, because she didn't want to up stage her. so meghan markle wore understated pant suit also by mcqueen for her first evening event with prince harry. and they were at the endeavor awards in london. i think they both look lovely. >> they do. >> megan markell pull off anything. >> none of this is done by happenstance or chance. you know, the royal keepers, they new exactly what they both were going to wear and one was more subdued. she is the up and comer. >> right. know your place casino every thing maybe. >> yes, know your place. >> just talking because that would be horrible. i hope it is not like that. >> but a pant suit, back in my day, when i was studying the royals, you didn't wear pant
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suits, okay? >> well, megan, ever since she has come in, she has been changing things up, you know, with the traditions some of the rules. she has been doing it differently. >> okay. >> yes. >> okay. >> can we slip in a story about life after the presidency right now? >> talking about former president barack obama? >> i am. >> what life has been like? first year at the white house, out of the white house has cents been eventful. having some time. and it sounds like their new home, that they moved into, that's not the white house, it has been good for everyone. yes. except for former president braham barack obama. >> oh, no. >> does he have the room he wants, the closet he wants? >> oh, no, no, no. no, no, he still talks about this, he got so short-changed on this whole deal, he doesn't have enough closet space, sorry. he's got the smallest room for his office. >> because malea is not there? >> she's got a room up in the attic somewhere. >> i didn't know that. >> she is away at college. yes, you don't waste rooms on
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college kids, no, you don't give them the nice roomsment then she came home for this break and she left all her crap over everywhere. she just left a pile of clothes, and i'm texting her like these clothes? what am i supposed to do with these? she said my bad, mom, just put them away for me. what? >> put them away for me. >> wow. but i noticed a lot of people come home from college and like to do their laundry. >> oh, i used to do. that will irritate my mom. why didn't you just do it at the dorm? hall all that laundry back all the way back home. i don't know. >> but it is also free to do it at home. >> spoiled rotten. speaking of college kids, can we do this now? speaking of college kids, this young lady gust to rutgers university, huge eagles fan, had dental appointment like yesterday. they pulled out her wisdom teeth. and so what's this thing they put to you sleep? >> anesthesia. >> thank you. i don't know why i can't remember that. so coming out of anesthesia,
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i've done it a few times, you start talking goofy, blah blah, she thought she had slept through the super bowl. she thought it was next monday. >> surely she panic. >> yes. here she is. >> did i miss the super bowl? >> no, no, no. >> oh, my god. >> no, you didn't miss the super bowl. >> are you sure? so bad. >> who do you want to win? >> eagles, so bad. >> they'll play sunday, okay? >> can i go? >> no, we don't have money for a ticket but i'm sure they'll know that you're rooting for them. >> no they don't. >> tell them. >> i'm not going to tell them. i don't have their telephone numbers. >> well, i can sends them the video. >> carson wentz? >> so -- >> i'm sad for him, mom. >> okay, okay.
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>> well, nick foles will do the job, right? >> i guess. saint nick. just saint nick. >> you trust? >> water is coming out of my eyes. >> no, it is tears, you're crying. >> i'm going to drown. >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god. her name is haley. and she is so into sport, she's even -- that's her major, sports management. she thought she missed the super bowl. >> you know you're a big eagles fan when the first thing you think of when you come out of surge have i did i miss the game? oh, what's going on? i'm alive. everything is okay. >> all right, let's get right back to the home of rutgers, new jersey, glassboro, new jersey, the home of. >> corey clement, his alma matter. they're real excited for the game. >> guys? >> hey, guys, live here at glassboro high school. this is where corey clement graduated, let's get little chant going. this is a pre pep rally celebration.
9:16 am
cheerleaders get us going. >> (cheers). >> e-a-g-l-e-s, e-a-g-l-e-s! >> (cheers). >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, so, we are live here at glassboro. we know that there is going to be this hype all day long. we have the mascot over there, and we have cory's brother here, this is steven clemente. steven, how are you feeling for your brother? i understand were you a star scatter err back here, got to watch your brother grow, go through the same thing, now to the super bowl. who you are you feeling for him? >> i'm feeling extactic. i don't know about a star and all that, not like cory. i was pretty good though. ya, i'm overwelmed with excitement for him. watching him grow up and watching us play like in the basement, and then coming all the way in, seeing this, you know, this just -- this love here, glasses borough,
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overwhelming. this is crazy. >> i read an argue about that hometown love. so mary bet, if you can come over, i understanded you were a counselor that worked with corey clement during his time here in the school district. and he has cents a lot of love for you guys. you were always supporting him, i understand there was cents a bmw deal. you gave him your bmw because he made it to the eagles. talk a little bit about how you're feeling, you watched him grow, as well. >> very excited, extactic,'s great kid, can't happen to better kid, better team, got works in mysterious ways, and we're so happy. >> oh, cheers, we got tears! >> crazy, crazy. >> this is a beautiful thing. so, you know how keeley's been at the wing bowl all day? well, we have the bone bowl happening here. we have students, what are those, soft pretzel bones? go to town. let's do this. (cheers). >> all right, keep going, keep going.
9:18 am
keep going. let's cheer them on. >> (chiefs). >> we have the school band here. they'll finish us off here with the eagles song. if we can get everybody singing along, that would be fantastic. let's do this for corey. >> ♪ eagles flight song ♪ >> fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ one, two, three. ♪ hit them high hit them low and watch those eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s,
9:19 am
eagles! >> (cheers). >> go corey. go corey. >> (cheers). >> lots of love for corey. >> i'm going to lose my eardrum, it is so loud. they're great. >> my left ear now is bleeding. but it is worth it. people are asking: why don't you go to -- why don't you guys stay for the game, because the whole story about this season, and the super bowl, is it going to be in philadelphia monday morning, sunday night, no matter what happens. so we're going back. >> we don't want to miss out celebrating with you guys. >> so i think i might go to glassboro, new jersey, place called landmark over there, sport bar. >> yes? >> wouldn't it be cool? they have so much invest in the corey that would be good place to watch. >> it would be.
9:20 am
>> local guy? >> to see their guy do his thing. >> ya. all right. that could be it. all right, if i don't, i'm going to have a super bowl party, and i haven't done one thing to prep. >> party at your place! >> party. >> let's get together. we'll help you get your super bowl party together. look at all of the stuff we have. we'll show you how to make it look like it was done by a professional. really? >> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> ♪
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or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. >> ♪ (eagles fight song). >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh, it sounds lovely. all these different ways to play fly eagles fly. i love it. >> you guys can't hear this, but right at the chant part of the eagles, okay? so here we go. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> all right, real quickly, where are you from? >> bucks county. >> bucks county? >> somerton. >> slow down. >> somerton. >> minneapolis, i'm her sister, but i was born in philly but i was cents born in philly. >> eagles. >> that's right. that's what we want to hear. >> it was cold today. >> northeast philly. >> okay? >> bucks county. >> bucks county. >> how do you all know each other? >> my sister. >> okay? >> sister. >> they all met. >> just met. >> we just met. >> you just pick up four guys last night? >> ya. >> eagles fans in minute is minute, all representing the same team and all the underdogs. so let's see our underdog of the day back in fill which karen and thomas. >> hey, guys, we got german
9:25 am
shepherd here from the chester county sheriff's department beyond by conrail brian bolt. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> he's just pooped out? >> oh, what a vicious dog. >> official duty here. >> here we go. close up frame. here we go, here we go. we got you on the wrong camera. perfect. nice job. >> what kind of training goes into being an explosive dog. >> explosive detection dog. i went through six weeks of training with him to get certified in explosives. >> he's almost eight, almost nine years old? >> he'll be nine in april. >> has he ever discovered, his biggest finds? >> he's found couple explosives through his career. nothing too, too big, but he's really helped out a lot in chester county for schools and stuff like that. >> special patriots duty sunday. >> yes, he is. >> sniffing them snout. >> right? >> well he is totally cute.
9:26 am
we absolutely add door him. your department has so many great dogs out there. what's the relationship like between you and your underdog? >> uconn and i have been together for approximately eight years. i got him when he was 11 months. he's basically i don't have any children at the moment, so he's basically one of my kids. >> awe. >> when i wake up in the morning he sees me put my uniform on and he gets real excited. he is ready to go to work. so -- >> quite the dog. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> uconn, thank you. i know it is early still, little tired. got a long day ahead of you. appreciate. >> thank you. >> go eagles. breaking news to get tonight we've just learned that larry nasa was almost attacked by one of his victims father. it happened in a michigan courtroom. of course you know by the way this is file video of nasar sentencing, the father we understanded was tackled by bailiffs. >> so we will get you some more information as is it becomes available but there was 265 victims of this serial preditor, now sentenced to lifetime in prison, but one of
9:27 am
the fathers certainly had heard enough and decided to take matters into his own hands. >> the former doctor olympic doctor, and we once again as karen mentioned so many victims testified in court about the sexual abuse by nasar once again victim's father tried to attack him. more coming up later at 5:00. let's get back to mike and alex. >> hey, mike. >> yes, with the trial and everything, it has been so emotional, hearing all of the victim statements, you can imagine what the families have been feeling through this process? that's amazing, i guess there will be footage released of that. as i said, i was going to stay for the game, but then, you know, our tv show kind of needs us back in -- because really, the story will be monday morning. and sunday night. >> right. >> win or lose. >> and wouldn't you want to be in philly if we win? you know what i mean? >> well, i do. so i'm not prepared to have super bowl gathering at all. >> but we will get you prepared right here on the show. how about that? >> i love every second of that. >> and keep sending in your eagles photos. we want to see you dressed up,
9:28 am
ready for the game, use the hashtag fox 29 eagles.
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i'm not telling you which side of the river i'm on but look down there we are sip lining across the mississippi, in, negative 3 degrees, minus 15, with wind chill. >> wow. >> oh, my god. >> what a day to do that. >> well, we have been frozen all week but that is just the way we live here i admire minnesota. >> they embrace the cold. >> but why not finish off with the coldest thing any of us have ever done, across the frozen mississippi, anyway, so we didn't learn who won that skinny woman who wins the wing bowl, she won again. >> wow. >> 500. 501. >> remind me in the continue
9:32 am
on variety her to my super bowl party. >> well, yeah, so molly's out, but i'm not ready. >> well, we will get you ready lets get to karen and super bowl because we have invited ourselves over to mike's house >> i got the celebrity stylist right here dan macy joining us you have done parties for people like, big famous, things. >> yes. >> who else have you work with >> food network people, emmer ill, marcus samuelson, so i have work with a lot of chefs. >> so lets start with, we will do a fundo. >> it is either on tv or in the aisles, grocery store to day for your super bowl party and i will make it eagles delicious, over the top. first of all we have fundo but this is not your ordinary fun do. this is your foles fundo which is cheese steaks. we have cheese stake meat in here and then onions and cheese and we're not going to
9:33 am
use it for someone like new england, no, man we will use philly pretzels, just dip tonight there and they have a delicious, edible, delicious fundue. that is my first recipe. >> looks amazing, slightly sloppy. >> new we go under dog buffet. we have your dogs on top and then your toppings under here so you might have some, green peppers, some sour krout, some beans, top it off and make your own buffet, under dog buffet. and then i have the quiessential layer dip. i use layers on top. no, layering that spread out and make it feel and then we have our little scrapple of players, our scrap willers, made out of scrapple and each one with a little player, these are won not doing so well. >> this is cutest won i have ever seen and made for our linc, of course. >> exactly. >> then we have victory football all you have is
9:34 am
quacamole, fill them up, sour cream, easy, and these we just edamoney, and peas and old bay , so crab peas and named after our coach, of course. >> peterson's pea is a. >> and we have wentz with onion and wentz with waffle fries. that is right there. that is all of our delicious, i just see these as ideas, waffle fries, carmelized onions, pesto and you have a quickies i, snack right there. >> so on target on point for everything else. >> what did you do for dessert what are you thinking. >> why survey patriots cake. >> because we will serve, polar ice. >> yes. >> pulverized patriots cake. >> we have everything you need to do to have your party, he will come over, style it up. >> what do you think of that. >> wow. >> mike and alex, back to you. >> and when he has it, it will
9:35 am
be with his christmas trees because they are still up because he is not loud to take them down until after the christmas tree. >> win or lose i'm looking forward to take my trees down, that is for sure. >> bob kelly necessary how to work up a crowd especially when it is eagles season, so lets have our final thought, for the game. >> hey, gang good morning, everybody. i'm all eagled up and ready to go we are come to you live from bryn mawr st. paul and john neuman we are readied for the pep rally. when we come right b
9:36 am
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we want to update on break ing news involving doctor larry nassar. >> thomas, and karen, the video is released. >> we mentioned this moments ago video just came in, new video of the attempt add tack on disgraced gymnast doctor
9:39 am
larry nassar, you see the father lunging toward the former doctor, bail is moved in, they were able to tackle him down to the ground, that is father of one of the victims who testified in the michigan courtroom there you can understand emotions involved having to her testifying against the former doctor. >> just overcome. >> we will keep you update th ed as more people, as he is put in handcuffs, you can see shock reaction in the courtroom. that is the latest on that breaking news. >> we will have more today at 5:00. back to you mike and alex. >> it has been so emotional in the courtroom, we have been hearing victim statements and úand now we have some ideah about what the girls were feeling, you know, with the gymnastic team. >> as a dad, i certainly can relate, that is why bailiffs are there. >> let's have one last pep rally and who puts on the best pep rally.
9:40 am
>> bob kelly, of course. >> hey, gang, good morning from bryn mawr, you got to love it. first of all do you like my eagles outfit i'm ready to go, i could not wear this on the green screen but i have it on today, hello to saint john neuman, look at this crowd, these kid are fired up. you think this is as fired up in minnesota, these kids want a super bowl championship as well. i'm here at saint colman john neuman in bryn mawr and kathy, the principal, how many students do we have. >> we have 255 students here. >> wow, they go all the way up through eight. >> 3-d. >> yes. >> tell me about this group. >> it is, catholic schools week. very special year in our school. we are celebrating 50 years of educating students. fifty years ago with the first super bowl and it is our 50th
9:41 am
anniversary. >> it is great. >> exactly. >> my i got to say like welcome back to you. >> it is. >> i used to live here before and since june i'm back as the pastor what a thrill. >> you guys are celebrating 50 years here. >> fifty years of catholic education. parish just over 50 years old. wonderful legacy. >> we will go over here and talk to the students as well, and catholic schools week are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> so, we first catholic schools week on sunday and breakfast, book fair and open house. >> that is great. >> on monday we celebrated school spirit and scholastic olympics. >> how about yourself. >> we do social justice projects here every month and right now we are doing toilet ry bags which is right here. >> okay, cool, check this out, so making these bags. >> and they are for people less fortunate for us so that we can have good eye hygiene every day. >> what did we have here,
9:42 am
goods. >> this is for you, present for us. >> they are giving snacks to take back to the tv station. >> that is my mom's candy store sweet stuff in suburban& square ardmore. >> so we have to take your sweet treats back but you know what lets get a shot of the adults back here, parents are up there as well, they have all their kid all fired up so we are ready, for the super bowl live from saint colman john neuman here in bryn mawr, come on, are you ready, let's do it. lets get the fight song going. >> go ahead. >> love it. >> wow. >> can you imagine, if bob kelly can throw pep rallies like that dawn imagine what it will be like at his house during the super bowl. >> i have never been to his house. >> wonder why. >> we should invite ourselves. >> maybe something creepy is going on there. >> stop it. >> who knows. >> it will take that type of
9:43 am
cheering to get me to zip line over a frozen mississippi river. >> the bold north zip line and jen was bold enough to do it. >> you know this, yesterday it was negative seven air look at me talking. watch this. i can barely talk. negative seven air temperature , negative 715 with the wind chill but we have to be outside to talk bit. come on back. see
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9:46 am
>> give us one more forecast. >> i want to see a update on your project. úright now and we will see more throughout the day, 32 the temperatures and feeling in the 20's today and cold tomorrow as well. warmers up on super bowl sunday we have snow changing over to rain in the afternoon, cold again monday and tuesday, warming up gannon tuesday and we're going through that temperature roller coast test, and and thomas is here to help
9:47 am
us with the tops. >> i will show you real quick. >> we use our hot glue gun and check this out. karen, help me with this. i could not have done it without her. >> bam. >> that is how it is supposed to be. >> yes. >> now we have the ladies covered now lets talk about the guys. we love our eagles. spend 30 bucks on a tie. >> yes. >> when it comes to ties at least. >> we have duct tape. we will do four and a half feet of this. we have a 2-foot table. we will stretch this out. >> i will use this as a template. four and a half feet. double this basically lay it out, four and a half feet, cut it and do side by side strip. and then just layer it. >> that is how you make duct tape. >> absolutely. >> so now we have both side that are covered and then we will do our final side here. lay it over one more time.
9:48 am
>> one more time. >> okay, all right. >> get a long table. >> basically place it over here. >> thinks so ridiculous. >> and then you just cut it out. we will show you final products here. do a final tie and show you our eagles pride coming up here. >> we're ready. >> now back to you mike and alex. >> yes. >> yeah, it does look great. i found it different for those , and, and yeah. it looks great. >> and, sip line with jen, i can't believe did you this, the bold north. and, it was 20 degrees yesterday. >> it was very, very cold, and on top of it, we have to walk up very high on top of the tower but you know what we go there, and, and,. >> no control.
9:49 am
and, and, and fly... >> fly eagles fly. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> all right. >> how did you know i was from philadelphia. >> yes. >> i was going to hit you. >> now i will hit you again. >> okay, all right. step aside. get this thing started. >> ready, for that. >> we will go through this every time. >> we have this, again. no time for that today. >> are you sure. >> here it goes. >> there we go, wow.
9:50 am
>> i was scared so my muscles are sore. >> and, wow. >> yes. >> wow, wow. >> all right. so we did it. >> just real quick this is target flagship, mike and alex i know you have not been down to the nicolet mall and this is a bridge that they literally moved to have it here, just for the super bowl, the bridge is usually in wisconsin, people ski down it, they ride their bike over it, the concert stage over here. it will be the coldest super
9:51 am
bowl on record which if you are keeping score means it is really cold. bye, guys. >> but you did it. you go girl, that was amazing. >> that is impressive. >> very impressive. >> yeah. >> don't you like to be part of record setting things. >> does it count as being one of the coldest super bowls in record fit is indoor dome. >> good point you are inside, it is cold it won't matter to people with air. >> 66,000 people, and 72 degrees. anyway what a week it has been what we like to does put a high lyle real together if you missed any of this, you'll see highlights ever last five days >> all of the things we have done in the beld north getting ready for super bowl. >> okay.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
okay, we need to get this off so we can get this going. >> okay. >> yikes. >> let's check with sue and thomas i want to see how their things came out. >> finish products are ready, eagles duct tape eagles hair bow with the purse with the velcro closure how cute is this but the resistance.
9:55 am
>> bam. >> look at thomas. >> he has an eagles duct tape tie. >> i'm ready you are styling, man. >> he dit himself. >> so proud. >> you have the bow, purse we are hitting the party, back to the town. >> nice job. >> that last good. we have more eagles fans here. this is tara. >> hi everybody. >> tyrone. >> they are here with their vintage eagles gear. >> we just got here yesterday. >> we have been here since sunday and we have an amazing week here, in the bold north, lets look back at all of the fun we have. >> welcome indianapolis. >> go eagles. >> our eagles are in minneapolis new. >> we're in minneapolis. >> slow down. >> slow down. >> keep it going. >> keep going, keep going. >> we will make a turn just slow it down just a little bit >> good luck with this. >> what do you mean good luck. >> take as long as you need.
9:56 am
>> come on please, fishy. >> i'm hungry in here. >> what are you doing. >> i got one. >> really, real, please. >> boston station right next to us. >> dent let them fool you. >> wow, wow, wow, wow. >> burr. >> ready. >> yes. >> can we have a drink now. come on, go.
9:57 am
>> wow.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
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