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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 4, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ eagles! >> i think they have something special. i know that every player is in it to win it. to see this day come and to know we're going to get it done, nick and the boys are going to get it done. >> eagles! >> ♪ that's right. after two long weeks of anticipation the stage is set for super bowl lii.
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live look right now at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, minnesota. >> it all comes down to this one game, one opportunity to win it all. eagles/patriots and the time is finally now. epic battle for the lombardi trophy. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. i'm wearing my eagles pride right now. you can feel the excitement building as the birds get ready to fight for the first super bowl in team history. and you know we have live team coverage. kristen rodgers and chris o'connell in minnesota for the game. shawnette wilson is a watch party back here in pennsylvania let's get this party started. kristen rodgers live at u.s. bank stadium. man, kristen, this is what we have been waiting for. >> reporter: lucy, i have goosebumps right now. not just because it is 3 degrees outside here outside of u.s. bank stadium. but this is it. it has been 13 years since the eagles have been back here on this stage. and now the underdogs are ready to rise up and knock off the kings of the nfl. and every player on this team has had a special story of how
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they got here, but at the end of the day, they all have that same feeling when it comes to running out of that tunnel. >> there's going to be extra energy, extra excitement from all of us, and i think what you got to do right now to channel in on that stage an allow it to be, you know, put night a display of just straight joy and happiness because that's going to help you play free and fast. >> reporter: lucy, i had a chance to talk with nelson agholor right after the nfc championship game and all of these guys had this amazing energy and iain we know we'll see the same energy hopefully later today because we are less than an hour away from kickoff here in minneapolis. >> all right, kristen. we'll definitely seeing see energy tonight from the birds our team coverage from the twin cities continues with the guy who's been there fort entire chase for a championship. chris o'connell live outside u.s. bank stadium in minneapol minneapolis. chris has been spending the day talking to eagles fans. chris? >> reporter: yeah, iain, this may be a neutral site for super
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bowl lii but this is a decidedly i've been in there for the last couple of hours and u.s. bank stadium. and it is about four-one eagles to patriots fans. take a look right there. oh, yeah, things are getting grooving down here u.s. bank stadium. birds fans pouring in, bursting with excitement. knowing the eagles super bowl could be just hours away. >> we put it together and you know i would have gone with my dad but he's not around so my daughter said we should go. >> we've been waiting for this for -- we've been season ticket holders 17 years and longer than that. to be here and get the trip with my dad before -- jut to be here. it's a mazing. >> this stadium is just filled with eagles fans. there's 20 to one eagles fans. everywhere you turn around there's e-a-g-l-e-s. eagles chants every night all night long. >> go, eagles! >> whoo!
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>> go, eagles! we're from havertown, pennsylvania government eagles come in here. get in here. >> we're going to win. >> can this thing happen. >> york kit. >> we can do it. they have so many super bowls. we just need one. >> reporter: as we bringing back out here live at us bank stadium, eagles fans getting their pictures taken. eagles chants can be heard about once every minute inside. the place inside is hot but outside the wind chill is about negative 21, guys, so go in there, hit the game. we'll see you at 10:00 o'clock. >> man, you are looking great for negative 21. good job, chris o'connell. my goodness. all kinds of people are in philadelphia to watch the big showdown. legions of others are hanging out in the burbs to cheer on our birds. our shawnette wilson is live at the stretch in swarthmore. oh, my good next shawnette, digging the lipstick. >> reporter: oh, thank you, compliments of rihanna the pop
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star it's called midnight wasa wasabi. i don't know lucy if i can pull this off my regular life but for super bowl, i am here for it. as you can see behind me the crowd is cranked up here at the stretch. the place is all decked out in green. eagles football balloons, fans, ready to take this title. they have wanted this forever and as they chant. they say tonight patriots reign is over and the fact it's been a tough road getting here for the eagles and they bounce back will make it more of a storybook ending not even the rain could keep these fans from coming out early to celebrate what their confident will be eagles win. >> feeling g feel real good. i think it will be a big victory tonight. the city will go nuts. >> reporter: what do you say to all the people who did not think we would be here? >> screw the haters. we are here. we did it. wentz got hurt, but foles brought it down for us the whole team did. and there's a lot of pressure on fletcher cox tonight.
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>> reporter: all right. well the fans are jacked up here tonight, sir. what did you just say? >> super foles, baby. >> do you love it? >> super bowl, super foles. we are ready for the game tonight. i have to tell you there's one patriots fan from the crowd he's very lucky tonight they say it's a neighborhood bar so they're going to let him stay. he'll be going home pretty sad tonight. >> nice. >> thanks, shawnette. something to keep in mind over the next several hours if you drive into the city be careful where you park parking restrictions are in effect as of now on broad from arch to pine and around city mall and dick kin ton to oregon avenue. parking restrictions will be in effect until 3:00 a.m. as police are expecting many people to flood the streets before, during and after the big game. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look over the ben franklin parkway. a rainy bit of a mess today across our area. >> some ice mixing in locations as well let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr with a first check of the forecast.
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>> green, i like your green hair. >> boss said it was okay for me to wear. >> did you see that. look at lucy, one little green hair. take look at ultimate doppler a lot of green on the 15 and you can see those reds and also oranges and yellows that's very heavy rain just moved through philadelphia and more is coming up the i-95 corridor our northern suburbs we see the pink that is some sleet and freezing rain that's why the national weather service has kept this advisory this is a winter weather advisory for wintery mix it goes through chester, even pars of central and upper montgomery and bucks for some snow and sleet freezing rain and that will be changing over to rain and all will be out of here by 10:00 o'clock. take a look at the future cast. you see all that yellow that is very heavy rain working northward as well. staying wintry up in the poconos and then look how quickly this pushes out. it changes to rain everywhere with the exception of the poconos and then by about 10:00 o'clock it's out of here. so those post super bowl festivities will be dry. that's good news. right now it's 33 in allentown. 37 in philadelphia. 47 in millville.
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allentown just going over that freezing mark right now. so here at home temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s with rain late tonight. of course, chris already mentioned it is. it is cold in minneapolis. the temperature i just updated e going to stay very cold right through the game. kickoff just a few minutes away. it's two and the wind chill i double checked is about 12 below. >> wow. >> stadium is 70 that. will keep you warm. we'll talk more about the work week when we could have parade later in the broadcast. >> sounds good. i got question for you kathy. >> why. >> why would hundreds of people line up in the rain today? sounds like the beginning of a joke but it's not. to watch the birds inside of popular center city bar. that is why magill len's old ale house began super bowl festivities wrist bands around 11:00 that. he told sought. they opened their doors to those who scored a wrist band at 4:00 this afternoon. >> philadelphia police are preparing for what could be one of the biggest celebrations in
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the history of this city. if the eagles win tonight, should we say when, authorities expect at least 12,000 fans to pour into that popular cottman and frankford area and they will will be met by more than 300 police officers trying to keep the peace. there will be four checkpoints for fans police commissioner rid charred ross says while they try to keep everyone save they want fans to have a good time celebrating. >> we'll be there ensuring that the city is protected and that the people that come out are protected and that we protect the reputation of the city as well. >> police have also requested that bars serve customers drinks in plastic cups. >> all right. so what about school tomorrow? well philadelphia school district officials want you to know win or lose tonight school is in session and if the eagles win tonight, who is going to work tomorrow is the question? one survey finds 30% of fans whose team plays in the super bowl are no shows for work the next day and if the city has parade tuesday or wednesday or thursday or friday, that means
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probably won't be a very productive work week for a lot of folks. so when can we expect to be productive again? >> friday. maybe next friday. i'm thinking, yeah. you got the parade on tuesday. maybe another celebration on wednesday. i think the city will be on high for long time. >> besides the fact that a lot of people probably won't be at work monday any way, i think that you'll see some productivity declines in the short term. >> philadelphia eagles! >> so here's the deal. many human resource managers actually think the time has come to make the day after the super bowl national holiday. safe to say employers are probably okay with that. >> local student athletes honored for the commitment their commune they got a special message a member of the eagles and this. >> it's super bowl sunday here in norristown. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> bob kelly hooked up with eagles fans who know how to tailgate. wait until you see what they did
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to an old church bus. >> ♪ fly, eagles, fly on the road to victory, fly, eagles fly ♪ >> they don't look like firefighters since their all dressed up for annual banquet but the langhorne middletown fire company is eagles proud. got to love it. this fire company is one of the oldest in bucks county by the way. that's right. fly, eagles fly. >> ♪ on the road to victory. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! ♪
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♪ ♪ cry brittany on the road ♪ >> the children from pennel elementary school in aston delaware county changed the words of fly eagles fly to cry brady's cry at their eagles pep rally. >> we're getting closer to kick
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off for super bowl lii as we take live look at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. be sure to turn over to fox 29 after the game if or should we say when the birds win we're not sleeping. we'll be you will with you all night for all the celebrations. ♪ >> you see all the jersey. parishioners decked out in eagles gear this morning coming together to ask for little divine intervention to help the birds win tonight. resurrection of our lord church held two masses in north philadelphia. folks doing everything they can to ensure the birds crush the patriots. and you know what, a group of eagles fans in norristown are taking their tailgating game to another level. >> our bob kelly met up with them and their bleed green eagles bus. >> reporter: hey everybody this is the bus you want to be on for super bowl sunday. hey, who put the fire truck in front of jus the green fire truck in lower providence and hello to norristown.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: oh, we are live aboard the bleed green eagles bus. here's the deal. about seven guys got together and bought this bus from a church group and they've since convert the it into the best eagles tailgate bus ever. they originate every sunday at lincoln financial field out of the k lot. it's complete with heat, enough chairs it's got the bathroom in the back with patriots located logo located properly where it should be. and they go down to the game. they originate every sunday right here from nippers pub in norristown without the game being at home what are we going to do? we're going to bring the tailgate party here! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: look at everybody. the entire community coming together today for a huge tailgate party. rob, this is unbelievable. you're one of the owners of the bus. this is -- all these guys want to get on the bus every week, right. >> every week they want to come.
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glad they all came out today. >> reporter: we had the kids here. the adults are here. let's see what we got going on. they got the tents put up. they have plenty of food for everybody. look at them all. all the kids are here. they're getting their facing painted as well on the other side. they got the grill here for the food. so nippers brought all their food out. george also because of the jerseys that they got here the dawkins jersey and they also have the to jersey, number 81. so with the parents here, the kids here, they are excited. they don't wheel realize how important this is a chance like this doesn't come around too often. so from norristown, let's give everybody an eagles chant. you ready? e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! whoo! church in west philly holding a special service to honor the birds today. people at transformed church
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celebrated not only the eagles but local athletes as well. the student athletes given gift cards movie tickets and special message from northern other than carson wentz the church's pastor says he's full of pride for the city. >> get excited. you know, it's a good time to be in philly. it's a good time to support the eagles. a good time to get behind what's happening in our city. >> transformed church wanted to celebrate the student athletes who set an example of excellence and service in their homes, schools and the community. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look at allentown in the lehigh county. what wet and messy on this super bowl sunday. >> how long can we expect this to last? let's bring in meteorologist kathy orr with full check of your forecast. decked out in her green, of course. >> absolutely. yeah, we have a lot of green on the radar screen tonight. a lot of rain out there and blue mountain right now we're seeing some skiers still on the slopes. they'll be watching the super bowl in a little bit. but we're seeing rain little bit of sleet mixing in with the snow even in the poconos.
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temperature right now in philadelphia is 37. the high today 38. there is not much wind out there. so at least we have that going for us. ultimate doppler shows everything moving through rather quickly. snow mainly through southeastern pa and you can see in the poconos and rain in philadelphia. this rain is coming down really hard. it will continue for the next couple of hours. we have that winter weather advisory in the areas highligh highlighted in lavender or purple for snow mixing with some ice and then all of this will be changing over to rain during the evening period. all out of here by late tonight so the fox future cast shows the heavy rain in yellow over philadelphia trenton and wilmington. this will be moving out by about nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight. and oh even in the poconos we stay wintry mix as this departs off the coast. so by 10:00 o'clock we're drying out and hopefully after the eagles win it will be dry out there. right now 33 in allentown. 36 in wilmington. 47 in millville. so it's quite warm to the south and east. but not a lot of win. right now the wind is calm in philadelphia at 13 miles per hour southerly winds in atlantic city that's why we have
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temperatures in the 40s there and wildwood a 14 miles an hour sustained wind. now next week, we're talking about some sleet and some snow during the early week period and add on to what's already have fallen today and then we'll see more rain moving in. it looks like by wednesday that when we'll see our next weather event. so for planning a parade, tuesday or thursday is looking much better than wednesday. that's for sure. 32 in philadelphia overnight. 15 in the poconos. pottstown 25. allentown 25 and tomorrow not much warmer. temperatures will stay in the lower 30s possibly inch up into the mid 30s to the south. sunny and cold with winds gusting out of the northwest at 25 miles an hour. so definitely talking about a wind chill. take a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. for your tuesday mostly cloudy, 40 a decent day. morning snow and sleet on wednesday. that will change over to rain as we warm up. thursday 35. sunny friday 36. more rain saturday. and more showers hanging around
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by sunday. so lucy, we get the team home. >> yup. >> we party. >> that's right. exactly right. we'll do it. >> quick. got to be fast. >> we're doing it. tell was. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. >> kristen rodgers, she comes to philadelphia and suddenly we're at the super bowl. what a dream, kristen. >> reporter: this has been a dream for me, lucy. i have to say we watched the sunrise this morning now we are watching the sunset and finally, we are getting some super bowl football here in minneapolis. coming up, here's some -- hear from some philadelphia roll tee and they're picks for what's
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♪ this is it. super bowl lii right around the corner. i had a chancing to into u.s. bank stadium for awhile before -- before tonight and e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles chants are everywhere. philadelphia has taken over minneapolis. and no one knows what a win for this city would mean more so than former eagles quarterback rodney pete and his wife holly robinson born in mt. airy. here are their predictions for tonight. >> eagles are winning. eagles, we are not letting this opportunity pass us by. we have gone to the super bowl before with the panthers and we lost. terrible feeling. you get rolled up off the field. >> eagles lost to the same team.
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>> right. but the bottom line is, we will win on sunday. >> i think they got the recipe to do it. i think they've studied the giants and how they beat the patriots in the last -- the super bowls they played in. so, um, i'm excited to see the game but i'm excited for eagles win. >> okay. before we start talking some more eagles and wrapping things up here tonight, we have to talk some college basketball. let's start with villanova taking on seton hall earlier today. second half nova up nine. pick and role leads to an open three by amari spellman he had 26 points on the day. he made six, threes part of a nova 733. nova wins 92-76. temple up two in the second half. josh brown going to get the steal from freshman nate pierre lewis to the layup. he had 18 points off the bench. temple wins, 83-76. their third straight win. okay. guys, this is it. super bowl lii right around the corner and we are going to have
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you covered all night long after post game. we'll be live on the field. so keep it right here on fox 29. this is it! super bowl lii! can you feel it? >> exactly. >> we are ready. i know you're cold but it's hot in philly. >> all right. that will do it for us on this super bowl sunday night. "the q" is up next, of course, followed by our live lottery drawing. >> as kristen said we got you covered right after the super bowl live team coverage from minneapolis all across our area. eagles win means we will be with you all night and all morning long. fly, eagles, fly.
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