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tv   FOX 29 News Special Chase for a Championship  FOX  February 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. chris, thank you very much. yes. let's bring in joyce evans who's in south philly at broad and south. what's gone >> excitement nervousness. we're waiting for the seconds to tick on down and hopefully we
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will hold on to it. looking towards city hall trash trucks are in place, starting to barricade areas so that the crowds can be contained. i don't know how they can contain that kind of excitement. you have police officers beginning to gather. and right down here, at the cit! city. i guess something good happened. they're getting ready. come pouring out of their homes and businesses and we will be right here, with you. take a look what's going to go inside the city diner.
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>> got a lot of game to go. >> definitely, we can do it. we can do it. >> reporter: ok. so from the looks of everything. we're going to do this. i just love watching these police officers watching this, getting in a little bit of the last few second of this game as they get ready to go to work. temperature there are more barricades to be pulled out if necessary. i har people shouting from their apartment buildings. you can hear them running down the street every now and then. they just cannot wait. they can't wait for this game to end, and end, in our favor. i'll take another look up the street here. real quick. at the barricades there. diverting traffic. some people don't like it. but they should have expected that. but they will be more traffic diverted. who cares?
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we got to celebrate tonight >> hopefully >> and here's the thing, this is what happened when you heard the big scream, it was because we stripped tom brady of the ball and recovered. that's what you heard. >> that's what we like. we like it. lucy,'s we love talking about it. thank you, joyce. >> shawnette is hanging out at miller's in springfield. it's not too far, let's check in with shawnette wilson who's hanging at miller. >> reporter: two mostly eagles who say the brady is the nonfactor and tonight is about the eagles. >> nick foles is playing out of his mind right now. that's the highlight. >> it's been competitive but i think the eagles are doing a great job. brady is who brady is but at the end of the night, we'll keen it. >> reporter: we've seen a few fans wearing dog masks, tonight
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fans hope that title will change. >> back to you in the steward. >> shawnette wilson rocking the green
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a couple weeks ago here at broad and locust. the bars jammed. folks watching the game, we expect them to be out momentarily. i'm joined by joseph sullivan. >> we're confident the eagles fans will do like they did a couple of weeks ago. come out, have a positive emotional celebration and everybody have a good time with in problems. >> we got the street blocked off. name all resources >> resources have been activated and we'll make sure we create a safe environment. let the world know how proud we are of our birds. >> reporter: looks like we got to get ready for a parade. >> we'll start that early tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much.
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we're double tree. they're ten deep. bike police out here, mounted police down block. down here on the right-hand side by the kimmel center, trash trucks they're blocking off the street, so that no traffic can come down here, you see the barricades both sides. i want to tell you broad street the median almost clear down to the stadiums. no cars parked in the median, broad and oregon we hope there's a party. looks look folks just waiting to launch here. this was ground 0. filled up in about 45 minutes the last time we were out here doing this. i'm looking forward to a big party. hopefully it happens and we'll bring it to you as soon as it does >> i got to tell you i'm about
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ready to have a heart attack. ly my goodness. let's talk about the so, we have the nfc championship where we did the chris co cops, do you think gear oil is ok? it's been raining a lot. >> nobody -- i'm not an expert on that, but the guys who deal with it every day who we talked to last week, said it's nativity stuff, you can't get it off your clothes, your hands. you touch it. you try and climb set up a pole with it. you're taking it home, no doubt about it and that wentz or a foles jersey or fletcher cox probably ruined. >> 4133, we just scored a field goal. fyi. >> i'm going to predict these streets are packed in a few minutes. i guarantee and the police are out here. ready to go, hopefully it's a nice safe night and a big party
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mere on broad street. >> we need a defibrillator. >> thanks a lot.
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we got to trash trucks on end of frankford, either end of cottman, police officers as you can see in those yellow bike out fits are gathering. we've begun to hear some yelling and celebration. here's a fellow likely to be seen, there you go. number one is yelling. what we've seen here also is that -- geico sign above us off to the left. fireworks blowing.
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in his fellow in front of us holding up eagles wings has come out into the the intersection and is yelling, in fact, that he'll go to disney world. we were told reported on friday that the police would have at least 300 officers here. at least 300 officers here. and that they would have for checkpoints those all to see seem to be in place. we're not going to allow april with bottles or cans to enter the area and they asked all the bars to serve alcohol in plastic. so those are some of the safety concerns they've taken. folks, obviously, say that this team long last is on the verge of winning a super bowl. in the middle of frankford. we've seen one heck of a football game. i believe we'll see one heck of
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an exciting show here in mayfair. there's woman standing next to me. with an underdog shirt on. and i'm going to put my arm around here and you seem happy here. >> i'm so excited. >> did you think that the eagles would actually get there against a team as tough as the patriots >> i hoped. i knew they could do it. yeah. >> reporter: what is your plan the rest of evening >> hanging out but i got to work tomorrow. unfortunately. >> you know, hopefully i'll be home and in bed by 2:00. >> that's pretty optimistic >> what's what you are name >> sue. >> reporter: we would only get two premature but it certainly looks like the team will win. let's swing the other way, here's what's going on. these city trash trucks are parked head-to-head right there. and that will be one of the check points this is frankford. that's going to be one of the checkpoints checkpoints to sort of slow this
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thing down. no bottles and cans thrown around. the championship game, police they go they would get still more here. i'm sure you'll be back to us later on for now. i'm jeff cole live here in mayfair. folks. >> jeff cole, you know what? i don't know how your nerves are but i'm about ready to die. we got 13 seconds. we could about rap this thing up. >> all right. from jeff cole to dave schratweiser >> this is a scene about ten deep everybody watching the game from the street ready to erupt and you go up the block a little bit further. getting ready to go. you see the bike cops and look, just in case we were going to
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win. we got the t-shirt ready to go. crazy. check it out. everybody coming out on the street now. you'll see more of that. had checking them come out on the of the bar. take a listen. ♪ >> the police celebrating as well. all the sirens. finally got a championship. super bowl champs. >> after all these years, you can't call us a loser anymore. you can't say hit. >> that's all. that's all. can't do that either. >> we won, we're super bowl champions >> first of all, you can excuse the fan and we apologize that that came out on air. but they're incredibly excited. they are lit.
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unfortunately that reminded with the word that he said but nevertheless. we brought it home for jerome. we're the super bowl champs of super bowl 52. let's see if we can reestablish contact. this is a live broadcast these things happen. we apologize for that. but these fans are excited. >> reporter: yes, they are. let me tell you, check out broad street right now. they're going crazy already. that's up near walnut and a little bit further up the block. we got fireworks going off. we got police sirens. turnpike around now we'll go south on broad street. you see everybody headed this way. fans everywhere coming out from the bars to celebrate. and check this crowd out. southbound on broad. coming towards us in center
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city. this is down near the kimmel center. walking this way. everybody headed to center city to party. and the one big party as you can tell. to thousands of people champion party, super bowl championship coming out of the double tree. lots of philadelphia eagles jerseys. people going nuts >> let's go. further down broad. >> my goodness. >> reporter: just take a listen to this. >> absolutely. >> it's an amazing scene we're at broad and locust, hundreds of people on the street here.
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>> there we go. take it easy now. take it easy. here we go. i told you it would fill up quickly and it did. chock out the crowd going crazy. >> you're looking at broad street. you can see the crowd here. hundreds of people here. >> i'll tell you what, going incredible. we're going to want dip back in a little bit. right now we have jeff cole who's in the center of this one area where people pour in the streets. cottman, frankford, jeff cole. what you got >> in the mayfair section of philadelphia,ing cottman and frankford people are rejoicing and long last they've won the
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super bowl. folks streamed into the middle of the intersection mere and it is one of full rejoicing. fireworks literally all over the placement fireworks in the air. i'll help my photographer just swing over here a little bit and see if we can't show the fireworks that we're blowing off. we have quickly filled up in the intersection here and folks are just streaming in out of the bar, and are just following down, coming down here, gathering, dancing. yelling. and celebrating this eagles win. at least at this point, and it's very early on, people seem to be excited built sort of holding their own. hugging each other and happy about all of this. police officers are watching this happen. interesting the officers are wearing or have with them helmets with face shields. they're simply just watching and following, and let folks
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absolutely sort of rejoice. and here we go. this is the kind of separation that we're getting here. but this is actually an area of the city that's long been a place where folks celebrate, and certainly officials here knew they didn't would as they told us, they would put some three 300 police officers here. let me just stop talking and let you listen to a little bit of what's going on here. pure emotion in the city of brotherly love. >> get back to you in a little bit. let's check in with joyce evans. what's going on where you are. . >> reporter: what's going on? the crowd is beginning to pour up broad street. somebody struck up a band down there, there have been fireworks down here.
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just like everybody else. there are other people who are coming up the street. all of south philly looks like is now coming up broad street. looks bigger than a mummers' parade to tell you the truth somebody struck up a band. they had tuba's and here they come. heading up broad street, here's where they're headed right up here towards city hall. you cannot tell people, someone was on the phone jumping up and down. he was talking to somebody out of town. it is exciting here. no more no super bowl ring eagles. they have a ring, they're the champs, and this is south broad street tonight.
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it is nuts out here. only going to get crazier as you see them. here they come. here they come. language. yeah. you're excited. >> i'm really excited. really excited. i'm super excited. >> reporter: there are cars in traffic. look at this [cheers and applaus [cheers and applause] >> that will go on for awhile. super bowl in franchise history. celebrate but enjoy yourselves. >> on the right side is frankford and cottman in favor.
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where everybody pours out to celebrate. i'll bet new minneapolis there's big time celebrations going on. >> let's check in with chris o'connell. >> reporter: what's going on? we just won the super bowl. we're inside u.s. bank stadium. place erupted with eagles fans, this is one of them. my god i'm -- -- this means so much to me and so much to all my family members, this is incredible for the city. more than one. this is more than just one. >> beginning of a dynasty >> the leadership is unbelievable the way he led nick foles through the playoffs. given him so much in terms of his growth for the future. we're going on for the next decade and beyond. >> reporter: this city was starving for a championship. we have one now, got or super bowl. how are you feeling >> feel incredible. this has been a decades in the
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making and it the backup quarterback brought the city from behind when no one believed in us to have the trophy. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: i'll party we'll bring it back to you. >> thank you very much, chris o'connell, how many people out pthere have no voice already? they've been cheering so hard. >> wait until a little later. congratulations. nick foles with four touchdowns. they were underdogs in the divisional game and in the nfc championship and in the super bowl. how about them dogs now >> let's go to mayfair and jeff cole who is in the middle of it all. who do you have with you. >> reporter: find out. who are you >> my name is milt. >> reporter: how are you feeling >> awesomely right now, e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> where did you watch >> with a friend of mine, we had
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a lot of fine, now i'm down at frankford and cottman. >> reporter: how long might you be out on her >> a little bit. have fun with everybody else. great win for the city. great, and chris collingswood take that baby. >> reporter: thanks very much for talking to i guess so. that's the kind of emotion going on here. let me get out of way and show you what's happening in the intersection of frankford and cottman. the crowd is continuing swell here now. as this win occurred, this folks streamed into the street. the police have this cordoned off and you hear nothing but joy here. nothing but joy. >> yes, it is. >> really in the middle -- here we go with the fireworks, these have been going on all night and they will continue to go. it's interesting what we said. these trash trucks are here. the operators are laying on their horns and blasting as this
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victory occurred. just take a look here at the number of fans that are coming into the neighborhood. here's something with a huge eagles flag. there we go. boy, pure joy here. come on over here, my friend. how are you >> good. >> reporter: who are you >> sean costello. >> reporter: what are your thoughts >> i came from levittown pennsylvania. this is awesome. everybody countered us out the whole year. nick foles did it. let's go birds. >> beautiful. very good. folks this is what it looks like here in the mayfair section city back to you. >> fantastic. can you imagine what it's going to be like in the city for the parade. we still don't know what day tuesday wednesday, thursday, friday. when, but apparently tomorrow the city will release the details. now, remember what happened the last time we played the pats.
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this is why they did not release the details. didn't belichick use our parade. what did they do? what happened >> i'll tell you this. do you remember the 2008 parade with the phillies, no one ever confirmed or denied it but there was reports there was about 2 million people at that parade. imagine this one, ten years later first super bowl for the eagles. >> and the revenge match >> revenge >> david took down goliath. >> could be 5 million. who's to say, it will be incredible. look those green lights >> skyfox over a sea of eagles nation. the philadelphia, you're city of brotherly love turned into the emerald city. it's all things eagles green out there. we did it brought it home for jerome on his birthday, february 4th, second time that the super bowl has been played on february 4th and happened to be on jerome's brown's birthday who passed away >> >> alshon jeffreys.
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>> they marched through the playoff, this was an epic game, it was an offensive back and forth incredible trick plays, incredible stuff and nick foles the backup quarterback four touchdowns and leads them to the victory. what a team effort, what a team it's been all year. kind of mentioned when jake elliot made the field goal. it's a team of did he say knee. and wentz went down against the ram and i kind of said look it's not over. you can still get there. >> you did. >> you believe good things will happen well you believe. i'm so happy for the city. let's get back out to dave schratweiser on broad and locate you have to. >> reporter: we went up to higher grounds in the parking garage to give you a better look at this crowd. check this out at broad and
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locust, we were live 15, 20 minutes ago. there was no one in the street. check this out, there are people marching here from south philadelph philadelphia. everybody happy. everybody cheering. everybody excited. eagles fight song up and down the block, check this out. i'll let you listen for a secon second. >> blocked off all the way up to city hall. blocked off.
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people can gather, but i would say again, my estimates last time were 5 to 10,000, it's bigger than that now and growing by the second. by the second. the police are out there. keeping everybody orderly, everybody is behaving but having a great time out here. just cheering, i see dancing, i see a little mummers strut stuff going on out there. craziness on south broad street, and this is the view from the double tree hotel parking garage. we figured we'd get up high give you an aerial look since skyfox can't fly so far we figured we'd go up top. i want to tell you there's a lot of bars along the side streets leading up to city hall. they were packed tonight. people watching the game from outside the bar. listen to them. the eagles chant right there and those bars are emptying out. here on to broad street. and it just keeps filling up and up, and it's a crazy scene. it's crazy. listen to the crowd.
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i can only imagine what a parade is going to be like if it comes down broad street oh r goes up to the art museum whatever they decide to do. there are thousands of people. and let me tell you during the game, we drove around the city. there was nobody on the street. watching and waiting for a celebration. every time the eagles scored, took the ball away from brady. of they went nuts in the bars here. take a look down. there are hundreds of people in the north and southbound lanes. locust south is filling up. and they are coming by the hundreds. we'll bring it to you all night. the city looks so cool on broad. green lights.
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you can see all the skyscrapers outlined with the green lights. air horns. of. we got guys with horn playing the fight song. >> the mirium >> doesn't get a i better than that >> that was so credibly cool. they were playing with the horns and the crowd is singing along. >> they just appear at a window start playing the song and the entire crowd stops and starts to sing. you can't beat that only in philadelphia. >> that's how they roll in
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philly. eagles won that juan. joyce evans in south philadelphia. what's going to go, joyce . >> reporter: you're on, joyce. >> so they're talking about the parade that's coming up. checkup broad street. coming up broad street. this is the parade. they're not waiting till tuesday, wednesday, whenever. they're already out here. doing the fight song, there's the tuba. the firework further down broad, look how many people are streaming up broad street. heading towards city hall to get up there and celebrate. i believe they haven't figured it out we're shooting we would be mobbed. that's a good thing. i do want to talk to a couple of people. what does this mean >> this is the best -- this is the best -- this is best thing ever for philly.
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excite excited. >> reporter: look, somebody dropped their wallet. i have someone's wallet i'll make sure they get it back. it's in the middle of broad street so when you get home. find out, we don't have a wallet. look at this.
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>> take another look down south broad. where are they coming from. they're all coming up broad street he heading towards city hall and just anywhere they can get on the street. they can't get much further up, because it's just full. again, they will never be called the no super bowl ring eagles ever again. because you know that's what you hear when everybody starts getting into the trash you talking. at least we got a ring. guess what? we got one too. we got it right here, right now. on broad street. send it back to you guys. >> thank you much, joyce evans. that's right. david slayed goliath. the death star has been ripped apart >> look at this crowd. let's get you out to jeff cole. what's going on? >> listen, i've got something to show you.
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we got a friend here who got the lombardi trophy already. he got the mask too. my friend be who are you why did you build this thing here. >> my best friend joe kelly dhe built it. and we -- he made me do it. ok, going to do ahead and do it >> >> frankford and cottman where everybody pours in to celebrate. we got skyfox live over the city of lights. heading to manning. take a look at that a sea of green lights. >> let's get you out to dave schratweiser. >> reporter: the party look at this, here's our guys with the horns that were on the fifth floor. those guys are entertaining the crowd. it is crazy out -- this is loc
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street, it is 50 and 60 deep in each a lane, north and southbound lane. check out the corner of broad and locust. we'll pan over there and show it to you. this is amazing. >> they got the fight song going. forget about the parade. we got one tonight on broad street and it's a philadelphian's parade. i know the eagles aren't back here yet. but the fans are decided to
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start the parade without them because it's crazy scene. now, all the way back to me, past the double tree hotel, 50, 60, 100 deep on each side of the street. just take a listen to the crowd. >> i mean, it is bananas, but in a good way. i want to say that in a good way. people having a good time celebrating that big eagles victory. look, one guy ran up to the
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camera before. he said you can't call us losers anymore. and guess what? they're not, we're all winners tonight. here's our in foles we trust guy. he was out here for the nfc championship couple weeks ago. carrying his banner again, right here. right in the middle of broad street and he's got the thing in foles we trust. and he did a heck of a job. good stuff. broad and locust, check it out. let's get you out to chris o'connell who's in minneapolis. chris? >> destiny over dynasty? there's a new one it starts today and it's called the philadelphia eagles. >> these guys are from voorhees.
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guys, i was here hours before game time. and it was four to one eagles fan, pat fan, it was our game the whole time. baby he's it, baby.
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>> we'll have a lot of fun now, we up next and i'll do my best to do it. >> different than when i go to the game. so i must be lucky. trust the process. >> you're next. >> joel embiid. it's bananas out here. bring it back here in a little bit. >> we're trusting the process right now. that is awesome. so funny thing happened outside of the stadium. joel embiid dropped by and talked to chris o'connell. >> he's always on social media, we got a parade tonight all over the city. ready for the parade.
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they're not waiting for the official parade because they won the championship. alshon jeffery had guaranteed it and made good. >> mayor kenney, philadelphia's mayor, of course, released a statement said for so many who have called themselves eagles fans for a generation, this is it the day the game the season and the team we dreamed of. 20172018 philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. fantastic. cannot wait. what day would you think perhaps the parade would be >> i'll have to check with kathy on the weather but i like tuesday. >> knock it out tuesday, let's do it >> she's giving us the thump up. >> we like that. tuesday. >> so that's here in philadelphia. right now, minneapolis and we have kristen rodjers. we did it. >> reporter: we did it. it was destiney or dynasty.
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the philadelphia eagles are your 2018 super bowl champions. how does it feel >> great. i can only dream, i feel like i'm in a dream. this is amazing how they did it all the things they felt. and to do it and beat brady and patriots. it couldn't have been written up any better. it was the way it was supposed to be. doug pederson out coaching bill belichick with the world watching and what do they do? knock the ball out of brady's hands with the season on the line. they stepped up. nick foles a great game. everybody stepped up. alshon jeffery playing. that's the reason we got him. you had tori smith making plays
10:47 pm
zach ertz, corey clement wasn't even drafted >> corey clement with the touchdown the glassboro new jersey native, the rookie undrafted. you want to talk about an underdog team, that was the eagles and they knocked off the kings of the nfl and they just won their first super bowl. >> you know, really, philly came in here and took over this stadium. you could hear the philly fans making the most noise. you always knew that this was like a home field and you know this was just the year. everything worked out. everything nick has done, everything that doug done. of course, you can look at the front office. everybody had a had hand in it. great year. pof course you needed drama. >> reporter: we did drama >> up to the end and of course, the greatest quarterback ever to play, you knocked the ball out of his hands and beat the patriots. >> reporter: we need to talk about that real quick. brandon graham, gets the strip.
10:48 pm
derek barnett gets the recovery and i think that sealed it >> the thing about it is the way they were driving up and down the fields, somebody had to make had a play and right with the season on the line. he fought through it and it wasn't easy sack. he got in there. of got the ball out. and really that's what did it. >> reporter: one of my favorite things was the chance to go over and see some of the players during the trophy ceremony go over to the fans, nelson agholor gave his glove, torrey smith came over, so many emotions, and the eagles are super bowl champs >> it took everything out of everybody. took everything out of the players, the coaches everybody totally exhausted. but it couldn't be any sweeter. doesn't get any sweeter than this. so much adversity.
10:49 pm
if you were writing a book you'd go no way you could have that happen. but they did it. . >> reporter: you can hear fly eagles fly in the background. they just played the rocky theme. this was all eagles in start to finish. >> the party starts and you can see people are ready to -- it was just a confidence all the fans had a confidence that it was going to happen and you could feel it. really, after the atlanta game, the guys had more confidence you could feel it in the locker room. this team believed they could do it even when things were looking shaky and they got it done. >> reporter: the eagles champs will in the stop all night. we're not going to stop with our coverage after the nfc championship game, garry got me that trophy maybe he'll pull e lombardi trophy later. lucy and iain
10:50 pm
>> huge night. you go get that lombardi trophy for us. garry. bring it back. fantastic. >> love the rocky song too playing in the background. that's what's up. back here in philly. look at the crowds out here. incredible stuff. as three guys celebrate the first spoke about win in franchise history. >> it really was. it's just >> they took down the dynasty, gary mentioned it. you couldn't have written a better hollywood script. a backup quarterback >> end of the season. there were a lot of questions about doug pederson himself. a lot of folks were saying i don't know about this team and look what happened, man >> exactly win the super bowl >> frankford and cottman is where a lot of action is going on. mayfair area jeff cole in the
10:51 pm
thick of things. jeff, how goes it. >> reporter: i got a bunch of friends. let's talk to a few. of course these young guys where did you watch it tonight >> at my grandmother's house. >> reporter: never forget it? what are your thoughts about this win >> awesome. >> were you with your pal watching this >> yes. >> reporter: what play did you like end of the first 4568 the little trick play when they didn't threw to foles >> yeah. >> let's get back up. we got lots of folksily let's go right here. >> i've been around for awhile now and i love this, i love it. i feel -- i feel good for them
10:52 pm
foles. that's what we did. brady. let's go. >> very well done, my friend, your thought. >> both teams played great. eagles came out on top as we knew they would. >> well said. >> reporter: let's get this young woman in here folks. just a minute. talk to us quickly. your thoughts about this win. honey go ahead. >> good game. >> it was a great game. >> jeff we'll get back to you in a little bit. you got a lot of friends here. let's listen to zach ertz. we'll get back to you, we want to listen to tight end zach ertz right now >> world champions ' champions' pederson did a phenomenonal calling plays. best head coach i ever played for and i am blessed to play for him. >> i mean, that drive was huge,
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obviously, you can't give that guy any time. ideally it would have been sirs. when we kicked a field goal but i scored and i guess that's a good thing but the down play was huge. nick did an unbelievable job. i kind of know exactly where the sticks were. i caught the ball kind of -- and it was right after the of his down line i was hoping i got it because it was fourth down and we needed that and doug called a heck of a game to go for it in that situation puts a lot of faith in us as players and a lot of confidence in us. >> listening to zach ertz in post super bowl kind of glow in minneapolis. if it's glowing in minneapolis you know it's bright here where
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doug pederson is talking right now. >> hasn't sunk in but -- i'm so excited for the locker room, for mr. lurie to give me opportunity to coach this team. everything we have -- we've been through this to season to get to this point, a lot of people counted us out, but that locker room believed in each other, believed in me and i got a great staff and great players and we found a way to get it done. (inaudible) >> i knew that we were going to have to score a touchdown, you know, a field goal wasn't going to be good enough, not against brady and the patriots. and so we stayed aggressive. nick made outstanding throws.
10:55 pm
guys made outstanding play, nelson, ertz, play after play, the guys stepped up and had to get a touchdown in that situation. (inaudible) >> felt like whoever had the ball last could win and we were fortunate enough to put ourselves in position to really -- to end the game with that -- with that drive for the touchdown, and defense stepped up and did a nice job to finish it for us. and so happy for them.
10:56 pm
>> probably the last -- last three weeks maybe, last, since the season started. >> nick is well deserved of the honor but i know that he would give credit where credit is due. he had a lot of players make plays for him both sides of the
10:57 pm
bal ball. >> i table it week by week. i trust my players, the coaches. i trust my instincts. i trust everything that i'm doing, and you know, i want to maintain that aggressiveness with the guys and in games like this against a great opponent, you got to make those tough decisions that way, and keep yourself aggressive. >> doug pederson, of course, talking very emotional as he was a backup quarterback in his career and talking about the big win, he mentioned in training camp that seven and nine was no good. i won't say what he really said.
10:58 pm
guys let's make a little bit of a run. congratulations >> they made a run, they took it to the finish line crossed it. what's interesting, belichick and brady they've been at this so long when he was under brett far that was the third super bowl appearance for belichick and brady. that's how long they've been doing this, let's go back to minneapolis and jay ajayi is the to podium talking. >> i wanted to challenge them as well. i wanted to see each other succeed at the same time pushing each other to be the best we can be. i believe that showed the running backs that played in this game. everyone played a part from la
10:59 pm
garrett. kenyan, the running back rooms showcased ourselves well tonigh tonight. >> how far i've come from the journey. i'm so thankful to be on the eagles, so thankful for the opportunity that i was given. i'm so thankful for my team mates for embracing me, i'm so happy to be part of something special. everyone dreams to be in this seat and to be a champion and i can say even when i'm gone i'm a super bowl champion and this is the greatest feeling in the world. i'm still kind of in shock right no
11:00 pm
now. >> we were so aggressive as team, we wanted to stay aggressive and we didn't want to take our foot gas pedal. in our minds we still believed in who we are and what we can do and i think that showed tonight. >> you guys doubted it a little bit in the second half >> there was no doubt. we knew that -- on the offense they couldn't stop us, whatever we were going to do, we were going to execute. keep our foot on the gas and not let upping in the clock said zero and we did that throughout the game. >> right there, jay ajayi, a soft-spoken man, really shows kind of how this team is. of a very humble team, speaking of humble nick foles. cw >> one of the greatest quarterbacks and coaches of all time. the team all


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