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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 5, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good day philadelphia. you can tell by the crowd reaction, this is a philadelphia crowd. from under dogs to top dogs. people disrespected nick. they talked about bringing somebody else in whatever. to nick foles. a touchdown by nick foles. guts, grit and glory. back goes foles , fires, slam, touchdown. zac earths. the kick is a play the kick is gone. an eternal dream finally a reality. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions eagles fans every where, this is
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for you. let the celebration gin. i found myself in the shower crying, dreaming of this moment. your philadelphia eagles are now super bowl champions. how about that jason kel disi crying. he made me cry , too. i'll bet he's still partying, though. the party was nice, the party was pumping. the dogs are out. the dogs are out. we still love our dogs. we're not dogses anymore. we're not under dogs. we are top dogs . we are here. this is the top. it doesn't get better than this. good day, everybody. it is monday, the day of a the for example also won the super bowl you really said that. i just said that. i know we were just
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dancing, but check out this guy who i saw. i was walking in the street. it's not over, watch him. i think there's sound to this, but -- what veet are you you on? >> chestnut? there's no sound to this guys you hear me freak ing out the. i'm freaking out. people were stopping their car all over the place jumping on their own cars. i've never seen anything like it. i want to say for the record everybody we saw here in old city walking in the street, excited but well behaved. i was over in the art museum area and people just started pouring out of their places. >> to come out and be with each other. >> not even sure where where they were going, just needed close to get to city hall. they just wanted to be with other
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eagles fans. the high five and be in the moment. >> it was great. >> that's what really happened. we'll do it all again for the parade. what do you you say. >> people are asking. we don't know yet. by the way, a lot of schools, about 25 schools are on a two-hour delay. look at the bottom of the screen. some of them are in the northern and western suburbs. the cold front came through yesterday with rain . anything that was wet yesterday in those places is ice i a bit this morning. what other number would we do? we had another one earlier, but now it's a nine out of ten. we're nick foles mvp. so let's get to our current temperature. here in philadelphia we're above freezing at 35. but it feels like 27 thanks to that 10-mile an hour winds so make sure the kids, who yes, have to go to school even though it's late have enough on because it's cold
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. wind chills will remain in the 20s all day. can see it feels like 19 in lancaster right now and 29 in trenton, but later on this afternoon we'll get to about 34-degrees with the blustery winds making it feel colder than that. but who cares what the weather is. we're just having a wonderful bowl super bowl upon and so is bob kelly in bensalem this morning still bask ing in the glow, right bob oh. we're taking over bensalem ya. we are live. eagles. look at all the kids lined up ready to go to school. we have school today, but we're going to have a day off later in the week for a parade. let's check the jamb cams as we take a look at the ask you skill expressway. actually an accident in swedesboro right near three t two. disabled on the ask you
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ask you quilt. mitch who just came back on the red eye. go birds. tell me about it. you left last night. we left friday going in and had a great weekend . it was so freaken cold in minnesota, but we were there for one thing and one thing only . it was a business trip my son and my in law, we had some pick up some hardware and we picked up the lombardi troaf i and we brought it back to philadelphia. we are the best. how was the stadium, eagles vans veer just patriots. it was about 630/40. the fans were electric. you came back on the red eye, what time did you leave >> about one. thirty in the morning. i wanted to come up for a bagel. one thing i wanted to say to my dad, i wish he was here, god bless the birds. this ser theer ' the best ever. it's a life changing event. let's give a cheer for the
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eagles, e-a-g-le-es, eagles. at what point did you you think you were going to win this game. >> i was just so scared. everyone was telling me alex, we got this. it's in the possible for them to come back. i was like, no, it's tom brady. he can create miracles. you only had to figure out with the last year, the falcons fans are still freaking out about from last year. most of the game we were looking good, but tom brady had his fourth quarter come back in his mind. that's when foles caught that. nick foles becoming the first quarterback history to throw a catch and catch one. do you want to hear merrill rhys ease call. if you watched it on tv and didn't
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listen to it on the radio, bad idea. he steps off, he's hit, he stumbles. he is throwing it, deep to the end zone and it is batted around and incomplete. and the game is over. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champion, eagles fans every where, this is for you you let the celebration gin. take that ugly purple sweatshirt and go home bill bell chiquita check. >> was it purple. >> it was a purple shirt on, maybe because they were in minneapolis. >> did you see jeffrey lawrry. he took to the podium. making a special dedication. for eagles fans every where, this is for them. how would you describe the character of this football
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team? it's the most you unique together room of men and i told them i've never seen an incredible group of men in all of my years of life that come together with all the adverse adversary and injuries annulus sing our franchise quarterback. i think that's what makes it amazing, i agree. the fact that we've been through so much. oh, my goodness, we can't make it, how are we going to keep go and they believed. they kept pushing and fighting. what you're saying, last night's game was destiny versus dynasty. >> no, destiny over dynasty because we stepped over them. i will tell you this, i didn't think i would ever in my lifetime be able to wear this shirt. >> really? >> yeah. here you are. i'm trying to get my shirts together . the ones i found on online. i want the one that say
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s party on broad street with con fet ticketed event or the one that nick foles, they have a v neck version. jenny has one with a ji can'tic ring on it. what's left? there are a lot of generic t-shirts. the two pictures that you had sent me they don't have either one of those here. a couple variations . i will text those to you. it's definitely picking up here at mow dels, we're see ing a lot of activity. thank fully there is a lot of merchandise to go around. we have a foles jersey. are you getting the foles jersey. >> yes. i was just texting my son to see what size and which one he wanted. do we qur foles a hero? >> yes, he did a phenomenal job we couldn't ask anything better from him. he did a great job. everybody was so nervous and when i was here two folks after the nfc championship within there were no foles jersey.
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they were like we have to order these. lots of t-shirts. are you getting other stuff, too? a. yes, go eagles, great job. >> go eagles, great job. absolutely. thank you. mike anal ex, back to you guys. you're going to see can you go get this for me. >> i did that 26789. thirty this morning to shawnette wilson . she did and left it on my desk. she was rocking on green lipstick. i was like work it, girl:what's the name of the guy, the staff photographer? david. my let i i follow him on instance gram. i saturday next to him on the plane from minneapolis and look at the shot he got. this has been seen around the world. at last you have jeffrey lawry's head in it, the mvp, nick foalts foles. has
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anyone checked on tom brady? someone who is not used to los ing like this, is he okay? >> i just wonder how he was going. he got deep sixed accord ing to the boston globe. the boston globe said slipped away. super come back. they had a super come back? i guess they did, the second half, they scored a lot of points in the second half. does it come as a come back if you didn't win the game? is that a come back still ? i don't think it counts. deep sixed. was it brandon gram that hit his arm? and then who scooped it up? the rookie, barnett. bar p net, okay. anyway, they said get to tom brady and they got to him once and it mattered. i was pretty
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proud of the celebration last night. some due fusses, though, had a little bit too much alcohol and started turning stuff over. i saw a car turned over. they trashed a gas station. this is unfortunate, the actions of a few, the media, they're going to he that you and that's all it comes to when you're talking when it comes to philly. that sunoco was ripped apart. i saw some breeken windows down around sit city hall. i'll show you the beauty and the beast of the city. first the beast. this first news store woman is trying t to clean this glass. the front store wind ovechkin macies. she looks like she cut cut doing all this stuff. i wish she wouldn't do this, but nobody removed the glass yet and she's trying to keep her business open. we're talking about how everybody
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wants to bought newspapers and how is everybody going to buy her newspapersment she has no traffic lights outside. she's worried about a car, truck crash ing into there. that's the ugly stuff. this is shar rekaib who smells as good as a woman can smell. she has no voice. how did you describe yesterday? a. yesterday was the best day of my life. it was my 39 and number nine brought it home for us. oh, my god, i just can't. i can't even explain. i can't even think. i've been up all night. i might of had one hour she was out here in that crowd. a. yes, at broad street. broad and flin. q. guess why she arrived for work, because she's a tax collector. >> they're the only ones working today. she's going into city hall and she promised me she's
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going to run into the mayor and put a green jersey on that guy on top of the building. i want to be the eek also queen at the parade. >> you are the good day queen for sure. you're 39 forever now , every birthday. yes, my birthday goes down in history as the best. >> happy birthday. see you later. good and bad and i'm going to remember the good out of this. i agree. that's how we should remember it. what do you do for your next birthday? you can't top this. that would be rough. plus you got a kiss from steve keeley. >> that's what sent it over the stop. super bowl victory. victory kisses. >> seven:14 now. a couple of stars from our area, they're getting rave reviews for their performances at the super bowl. >> it was philly through and through. you you had leslie owed objection to the form jr. and pink. and then a lot of people talking about justin timberlake, but i heard the
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music director was from philly. there was philly through and through and then why not have philly win the darn game. >> i was watching with my kids and then i was missing meanest mom in the world and he was watching it. the roads are fine , but they're coming up with discusses that they go in a little bit late. let's take a look at the acts. pink she was suffering from the flu. leslie owed objection to the form jr., he performed in hamilton. he's amazing. he did america the beautiful. next up, you name it doylestown's own, bucks county's pink, she had the flu and she was popping in a cuff drop. take a listen to her
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. oh say does that star spangled ban per just wave for the land of the free and the home of the brave man can she sing. absolutely amazing even being sick. justin timberlake, there was a lot of mixed reviews , some of his new stuff. you can take a look and be the judge, of course. i got this feeling inside my bones. it go es electric baby when i turn
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it on. all through my city. all through my home. hayed a lot of up beat moments of course . he had a marching band of course. he got all the dancers. a matching band, live band. some people were saying the instrumentation drowned out his voice. it was a little controversial with his whom minimum wage to prince because he did not use a hol gram, he used a projection but a lot of people were not happy with that minneapolis, minnesota, this one is for you. i am something that you never understand. so, you know, the fans said it was disrespectful since prince once said using the hol gram was the most hormonic. a lot of mixed opinions, but being out there it was certainly something he thought could happen. i was
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glad they didn't do the hol graph. i love she will yeah, but there was a rumor going around it was going to be a hol gram. prince said, please, i don't want to be a whom gram. when i saw it was a big sheet, i was relieved and i thought it was nice. technically, define a hol gram, isn't it a projection and it shows, and it makes it looks like the person is there. >> yeah, but it's not there. i think some people, the prince fans who had issue with it, i think in general had issue with it because they took shots at each other when prince was alive . some people thought he shouldn't do a tribute at all because you you would come from him a little bit. take some shots at prince. really. >> prince said. they had some back and forthment i just see a big distinction between a hol gram and a sheet. it's a sue oh
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gram. look at that. it's like the real thing. technically is this raised tonight hol gram or a projection in. >> the hol grammies to make it look like the person has come back to life. i'm not there. i'm still dead. it's 3d. tired . what if he had not done anything i tribute to prince, wouldn't he have gotten flak for that. >> so true, you can't win. we've learned that. wind chills , thanks to the winds, now that we've got sunrise happening , the winds are going to pink and it's going to get blustery out there and we do have some icy spots as well. we've seen them mostly in the suburbs, but just be careful out there because it did rain yesterday and new it's colder this morning. high temperature today 35-degrees, 43 tomorrow. messy day on wednesday. we start in the morning rush with
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some snow to freezing rain eventually to rain in the afternoon, but all day it looks like it's going to be kind of messy. dries out on thursday and friday and then some rain saturday into sunday. that's your weather authority forecast of course it is happiness and bagels and soup in bensalem with bob kelly. we got all the bs. come on everybody, we turned everything green this morning. we have green clam chow der. we have green cream cheese. a live look at i935. it looks like we're starting to get some more traffic, folks are getting up and out. an accident in swedesboro right near 322 and an accident on 295 right near pawls br oh taking out the center lanes. we're back here live at beg loss ticketed event and the soup sing cafe. we have the
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kids on their way to school. we have the corn wall fire department. bagels, coffee and soup. take it over bensalem. back to you guys. eagles. we got word here that the eagles, i'm sure that coach pederson will be there, they're going to have a press conference, address the media as they say. isn't it tradition, the head coach and the quarterback address the media and this queer back is the mvp. we're going to take that live for you. is that at noon? >> it's at nine:30. we will also be on noon. nine:30 stay tuned. we'll have it live on the show. did you say we're having a noon special. >> we're having a noon special. oh, okay.
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it is exactly -- no, it isn't. it's coming up on seven:25. so in addition to the madness, i really wanted to t like monitor all the eagles players on
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twitter and instagram to see what they're going to say about their moment and a lot of them are expressing excitement. they grabbed their phones immediate limit some of them may have had their phones in their pants. when we were in minnesota., when we had the media night, they announced the eagles. all the eagles came out and every single one of them had a phone up and they were like this. this is our society. fingers going. i know they have some great video or pictures. the followers are waiting and they want to hear what they're going to post from their favorite moments or of course grat dued. the players were busy on twitter. corey philly, philly, philly, that was for you. thank you, see you at the parade drops mike. jason erythropoietins, joe, philly we did it. nick foles, god is so good world champions so proud of this team told you you my boy
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foles was going to shine tonight , well deserved my bro. wayne johnson tweeting unreal super bowl clamps no words, hashtag fly eagles fly. former eagles player john born toss posted on instagram saying if i wasn't able to play it in this is the next best thing. thank you philadelphia eagles for making this happen. president trump shortly after the game, congratulation ulingses to the philadelphia eagles on a great super bowl victory. last year 34 million tweets. they're expected to break that record this year. nick foles kissing his little baby. >> everyone thought that was so cute. she had cute ping beats on. did you see thomas with. q. low. i can't even imagine what anthony is feeling like. i
7:27 am
think we all know what anthony is feeling like, tears, that kill a breath. i don't know. the kill thing is who thought this was going to happen? you're fine. you're awesome. come on back, we're having a party. world clamps.
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the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champion. eagles fan s every where, this is for you. let the celebration gin begin. this is for you you. and the celebrations continue in offices, schools, homes. wherever you are. they're going to be continuing for a while. all week long we're trying to find out the details of the parade. nobody really knows, the decision hasn't been made. it was crazy. a lot of people were saying they were at broad street or they were at frankfurt and cottman. you just wanted to be around other eagles fans who were just as excited. i people were just wandering the streets i don't want to be in my apartment. i have to hit the
7:31 am
streets and get as close to city hall as possible or frankfurt and cottman. there were fireworks, big booming fireworks . i was shocked. how did they do that. good morning, everybody, it is february 5, 2018 our sky fox has launched because there is a fire in rid ridley township. this is on seventh township. one person has been taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. it loose like we can't see it. they have the ladder still up so it's still an active scene. firefighters at the bottom on, lower third going into the house . they get the ladders up there, go on the roof and vent. as you can see the big hole in the roof, they've vented this big fire. it's all white smoke this is the 600 block of seventh . one person was taken to the hospital. >> one person. yes. we'll keep checking on this and get you info. seven:31, sue. what is our number of the day, there he is, the mvp, nick foles number. number nine. it's a great day.
7:32 am
it's a great looking day. it will be chilly out there and we have gotten reports of some icy spots on some roadways this morning. 35-degrees we are above freezing in philadelphia. it feels like 27 thanks to those 10-mile an hour winds. make sure you're warm enough today like bus stop buddy is. wind chills are in the 20s. that's where they'll stay all day, no precipitation, to he sho you the rain ended yesterday and left us with colder temperatures. with the high of 34 it will be bus try with winds up to 30 miles an hour. we plunged down to 25- degrees. our radio partner is 1301.1 more fm m and they're celebrating, too, along with the rest of us this morning and bob kelly is in bensalem, the town he took over this morning. hi, bob. hey, gang, good morning, we're taking over bensalem and hello from bagel ocitc. council
7:33 am
rock stews on a two-hour delay. they're hanging out with us having some bagels and some coffee and with me here is the philadelphia christian academy. look at right here. look at the guys all lined up. look at this guy, george i, i didn't wear my suit coat so he took it over for me. you're looking good, pal. we may have a day off later on this week. who likes that idea cheers. can you say parade? parade. let's go to the skull kill, jambed already as you work your way in towards downtown. folks are starting to wake up. we're all in the same boat. an accident on the roosevelt boulevard as you work your way down. what's the matter, are you a little shy? you don't want to be on tv with us? what's going on over here. this is your big break. everybody else give a waive. here you you go. you got it. they've been
7:34 am
practicing a song and we're going to let them sing it for us when we come back the next time around. give me an eagles chant , eagles eagles. they're so cute. in this day and age of sports television. this started back in the olympics back in the '80s they would start taking shots of loved ones, the wives, the husbands, the mothers and the fathers. it was a true distracts at times. i loved it last night when they kept taking shots of julie earths on the edge of her seat and her hubby played so well. watch this. the world champion. look at this. disak ertz declaring the birds world champion. that sounds pretty good. she also had a cute beanie on. his number blinked out on her hat.
7:35 am
what do they say to each other before the big games. >> ball out baby or something or other. >> i'm sure they definitely did that because it worked. speaking of that aspect aren't there supposed to be super bowl babies in like nine months i'm sure there will be. what month would that be, is that september sm. >> no, it would be november or october. we'll figure it out. october surprise. fans took to the streets to celebrate as the night went on and on and on. but there was some bad boys out there. what you going to do? i guess you got to clean up. here's steve keeley. >>reporter: well, a lot of people are coming here, this is the future isabella attracts because everybody is taking pictures of the smashed windows and because they workaround here now, here is the window now boarded up. i'm going to show you video, our first video is the front door of macies and this is how it looked after the
7:36 am
crowd finally left. this is right across the street from mayor kenny's office and city hall but as people are coming to work everybody is stopping to take pictures. here is to video number two where you'll see the man kin and you'll notice the mannequin is all naked. it was dressed from head to toe with winter finery from macies, but somebody decided to steal it. then our last video all the traffic lights on this very hot corner, six of them we counted just on this side of city hall at market and broad all knocked down and then kicked the lights out when they were knocked down they were kicked while they were down as they say. and finally we have a philadelphia police officer as we come back to our live picture, one man trying to direct pedestrians and traffic in this crazy intersection here where you have that island of people. you've got three crosswalks and he's doing a terrific job. he's got a good old fashioned whistle and he's
7:37 am
waive the buses through because if bob kelly was in the building today he would probably wanting to come down here live because this is bob kelly's thing here. that is a tough job for that officer. he has a lot of lives in his hands stopping the bus. by the way, i'm doing these national hits and one after the other than a i'm trying not to show this image of the city, but i told fox and friends, your old friends, mike, this is how to spell the name of their show from here on in. >> i like it. before they come to me they go to this nie gel guy in britain and he is talking in british. they come to me, you guys are killing me, you you got the national british guy on and with my philly accent and i'm doing the saturday night life ask it. the signal went down. i made fun of us making fun of ourselves, i guess. by the way, we also got tagged this
7:38 am
morning. someone gave us a zero and an x. i think that is a hug and a kiss. it's happened to everybody. people have nothing better to do. we look at that as a hug and a kiss. we thank you philly fanses. if you're looking for another smashed window, i think there's one in the marriott. yes, the t-mobile tore got one. we are usually mobile ours, but we're down oh equipment. so that's why we're not showing you a lot more than this. good thing there isn't too much more to show. nobody loses business because nobody wants to walk in that glass and they've got yellow tape on them and this is the day people would be buying newspapers by the bunch. your handwriting is quite lovely. the notebook where you wrote fox and friends, can we see that. did you forget the railroad r and right to add it later? >> i didn't know i was going to
7:39 am
do this. i wanted to give them a little philly feel today with the ph. hopefully this is our low tech. this is what we have in philadelphia. we we have low budget. we don't have the fancy stuff on the screen. this is what we do. a lot of people call it fox and feens:seven:39. jen, are you still celebrating? >> the one guy we haven't talked about yet is dug pederson. that's who we are going to talk about a little bit after the break. we have to talk about
7:40 am
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? >> the hyperis continuing this morning all over the city, but especially in bala cynwyd because that's where jim fred is with anthony cigar began oh, i'm sure there's lots of yelling and lots of tiers and hugs. what were you doing during the half time show. i just said freddie mitchell was behind justin
7:43 am
timberlake and the kid who didn't work his phone. i'm out pacing and i'm walked outside and i'm pacing some more. i don't care about the half time show. dug i fresh. what doug did, what an amazing story because doug has been un conventional, fearless. >> whack over? a. yes. so think about this. it's fourth and two, you're at the 2-yard line, normally you take the points. normally you're going to kick the field goal and get the three. that's conventional football can you men, right in. >> doug says no and then he runs the play of all plays, the philly special. it's incredible . then he gets the ball. it's fourth and one and a half at his own 41-yard line. there's still five minutes to go in the game. now, if you don't get fourth and one and a half, the game is over. you're going
7:44 am
to gift patriots the ball inside your territory. you're handing them the trophy and he goes for it and they converted. this is not. >> mr. hildebrand: check. this is a guy that was coaching high school nine years ago. >> it's uncanny. did you see after the phillies special play there's a closeup of the patriots, matt patricia. >> i love patricia. he's like but there was resignation like, all right, you got me. like you got me. i guess you're out of play. you beat me on that play and i got nothing. and that was what i saw. i saw doug win the game and by the way what he did with nick foles and what he did preparing him, look at those rpo s. you know rpos now, it's in your lexicon. you know it, watch how perfect nick
7:45 am
foacialtion he put him in the perfect scenario to succeed. >> yes. >> it was afacing couching job:i think you could be the receive error the quarterback. the other thing is we've talked about all year, once he did these player meetings he let the players believe in themselves which i think is part of it, too . these guys were confident, loose, but not in a crazy way. they were loose enough to know they could win this game. well they were. breath far, interesting who spoke to the team on saturday said he needed doug in his ear. he wished he was with doug for ten years because he needed to hear doug. he said doug always said the right thing. the message, you nail it. those players believed . they were an all the team. look, corey clemmette -- pride of south jersey, on fire. everybody contributed. burton
7:46 am
throws. he gets -- that's the ultimate team no one is off the charts with yardage because they all did so amazing. i love you we got a whole week. >> we got a whole week. eagles eagles. i mean yeah. there's going to be a lot of that in the coming days. i think we just got inspired by them talking about corey clemmen. i felt so good for him. we're going to send a crew, a truck over to glassboro high cool, his al ma mat matter. they must be going wild. this is a picture. i'm sure it looks different this morning. we're sending a crew over there with a reporter. if you have your eagle stuff on, meet us
7:47 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooo wooo ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ everything little thing.
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bob kelly at seven:49. hey, bob . hey, gang, good morning, everybody. hello bensalem. i think we reached capacity here. it is jamb oh at the bagel ocity and soup king cafe. let's check the jamb cams. first of all, an
7:50 am
accident on 2935 southbound, the off ramp is blocked. we're getting some reports of icy conditions, just be careful. some schools are on an two-hour delay. another accident right near island avenue. just this in septa, the marijuana young norristown line. they're attempting to get service back to norm l a. back here live at bagel loss ticketed event. everyone give it us. my country tiz of thee, sweat land of liberty, of thee i sing. and where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring.
7:51 am
let's have a hand for them. good job. spin around and show all the parents that are here. look at everybody that's got their cellphones out. we're live in bensalem. come on by, let's celebrate the super bowl together. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. scinting sunshine out there to perhaps brighten your day this morning, like you you needed before itenning, come on. celebratory sunshine is what we have. it will be a blustery today. a messy on wednesday, where we expect no and rain. 3 there have been reports of a few icy spots out there this morning . just watch where you're going, especially on the
7:52 am
sidewalks because we had that rain yesterday and now temperatures are so much colder look at how windy it's getting with wind speeds of 20 to 25 miles an hour. winds will be picking up here in the city as well. even though we'll get to 35-degrees it's going to feel a lot colder than that. temperatures will stay in the 20 s all day. we start off with snow, then a wintry mix and then rain on wednesday and this is pretty much an all-day event. thursday high of 34, friday, high of 42 so we are putting in our order not to have the parade on wednesday. i'm thinking friday. i know it's a ways away , but take off friday and kind of just have the rest of the weekend. >> right. the phillies when they won, their parade was on a friday. i like friday, but that's a whole week of waiting. i don't want it to rain on our parade either, sue. sorry, i had to do that. who are you calling? a. i'm on with mayor kenny. sue wants the parade tomorrow. i'll
7:53 am
take tomorrow, not wednesday. tomorrow or thursday. he didn't like that? he doesn't want you to tell him what to do. he said tell sue serio. seven:53 here. of course the game. i got so excited i saw two or three commercials. >> i only saw one and it was odom beck ham one with he lie manning. i did see the dodge ram thing and it really made me irritated. we'll play a bunch of them, the good ones, the bad
7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:57 am
you see all of those highlights, god, everybody kind of participated. >> how about malcolm jenkins he was on fire. >> what was the name of the guy that he laid out that never returned? >> i don't know either. >> hopefully he is okay. >> smack down or something he was that intense. >> my god. >> i seen a graphic for a moment of the thing. >> must see moments. >> must see moments. >> that is it. >> so, how do you choose it? i lick this though, when they went to this guy in the stands , 99 years old his name is phil basser, and he made it to the game. >> yes, did he. >> this is when he was on our show, that is his house, he has been a life long fan, 99 years old, of course. his family took him to the nfc
7:58 am
champion ship game as an early 100 birthday present. >> that is good. >> if do you that you have to go to the super bowl too, right. eagles hooked him up in the suite. >> um-hmm. >> it didn't stop there. he made sure that, he was able to enjoy the moment. >> yes. >> pictures, of his wife, always an eagles fan, what a way to celebrate one of your deares last night. >> philadelphia's phil basser, 99 years old, and, and he first started playing in 1933. philadelphia phil basser, 99 years oldy love it. >> oh, man. >> imagine how he is feeling, now. >> okay, let's talk about some of the commercials. this is interesting. it is an ad that ran during the half time. it caught my attention, too. it seems to give a little dig to the patriots and tom brady
7:59 am
just a quick little phrase. >> is there a problem. >> i didn't have a problem witt. i wonder up in boston, they did. the commercial is for cure auto, you know, those round happy face things. you know. >> you know what is weird, if you cheat on your car insurance you can get arrested but if you cheat in football you can sleep with a super model, just saying, cure auto insurance, drive well. >> wow. >> yeah. >> but what does that have to do with auto insurance. >> well, you know how advertising works. >> it gets to you remember it. >> just so the word cure is on your lips. >> um-hmm. >> and that brings us, at some point the discussion of martin luther king, junior being used in a truck commercial. we have to discuss that. >> pay homage to black history month but i have not seen it so we will watch it and then make my decision.
8:00 am
>> i leaped off my couch. >> and this is wrong. >> anyway, hi everybody, it is monday, february the fifth, 2018, the day after the super bowl. >> yes. >> um-hmm. >> move to the right, directly to clement, clement reverse is it, and the pass, in the end zone, and it is a touchdown to nick foles. >> brady back again, he is stepped up, he is hit and moves forward and he fumbles the football and eagles have it. it is recovered by barnett. barnett. barnett. brady fumbles and barnett has the ball and the game is over. the game is over the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans every where, this is for you. let the celebration begin.
8:01 am
>> world chapel beyonds. >> that is interesting right there. that is the lombardi trophy. it is so shiny, and we have never touched it. >> it is ours. >> now we have touched it, kissed it, you name it. >> show us your eagles pride too. look at this cutie, melissa. >> my goodness. >> look at that. >> hey, thanks chris for sending that in. >> the best birthday present ever heard, a win. i don't think anyone is more excited then quincy. >> quincy harris. >> what is up. >> what is up. >> are you on the radio right now. >> i have wait might whole life, come on. >> where did you grow up. >> germantown.
8:02 am
>> quincy harris. >> yes. >> everybody should see this. >> were you on broad street last night? >> i was at broad and hunting park, i could not leave. wow. >> black history month right there. >> broad and hunting park. >> yes. >> it is wednesday. >> we don't know. >> come on, come on now. >> i'm leaving now. >> all right. >> do the weather or something >> it is nick foles number nine. that is because, he is the mvp there we go, yeah, eagles
8:03 am
number nine, my goodness, it really did happen. 38 degrees. 17-mile an hour winds feels like 29, your wind chill this morning. it is a chilly within for sure but buddy has been in all of his eagles gear, everybody is just so darn excited. nothing on radar. most of the wind chills in the 20's but 15 in reading, 16 in lancaster, 19 in pottstown. so yeah, it will stay chilly, blustery, mix of sun and cloud , high of 34. down into the 20's tonight with increasing cloud, and we will pick the best weather day for the parade, which will probably have nothing to do when the parade actually happens but that is your seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly, lots of folks parade nothing and out of his location in bensalem this morning. bagels and soup with bob. >> good morning from bensalem.
8:04 am
>> wow. >> we are celebrating our eagles super bowl victory here , with all of the kids, the parents, everybody coming by bagelocity and soup king cafe. who has to go to school today, all right? this is their excuse note for why they will be late. let's check jam cams as we head out front door heading to work. we have to go to work today because we will need to take a personal day later in the week an accident north on i-95 right here near island avenue. accident plymouth meeting on the pennsy turnpike northbound on the extension southbound it is blocking the one lane and then philadelphia henry avenue block between herman and lincoln drive, back here live at bagelocity soup king cafe. >> our team captain issy and rib hencera and you are on the mock trial school. all this climbing of the poles i think that a few folks will be using a lawyer later today.
8:05 am
>> yes. >> what kind of mock trial do you have right now. >> our case right now is a civil case. it is a whistle blower case between a business and a former employee. >> cool. >> do you think you will win. >> i hope so we have district finals tomorrow. >> district finals, let's have a hand, we will wish them the best of luck bensalem high school come on by heading out the front door to work or school, bagels, coffee and we are celebrating the super bowl victory. >> wow. >> back to you guys. >> go eagles. >> thanks, bob. >> i have a rock here. >> okay. >> rock steady. >> steady rocking all night long hold on a second there is somebody under there, so let's play this for you, hold on. they were in the lead for most of the game but patriots caught up in the fourth quarter i'm talking about the game until philly drives back
8:06 am
down the field gets a touchdown pass to the tight- end. that is a history making right there nick foles caught a pass and threw a pass. anyway, just a little bit of what happened last night. person under the rock let me see if he is still there yep, still there. here's merill reese call on radio. >> he is back again, he steps up, he is hit, he stumbles, it is deep for the end zone and it is, battle around, and incomplete. the game is over. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans every where, this is for you. let the celebration begin. >> yes. >> mike quick commentary on
8:07 am
that one his exact quote was wow, wow. >> i love mike quick. >> what do you say other than wow. >> well, owner said this last night. >> coach? >> you know, you never want to be in a shoot-out with tom brady. but we made the plays when we had to. i trusted our quarterback, i trusted our guys on offence defense stepped up at the end of the game and made a couple good plays for us and that is what it takes. if you win these kind of games that is what it will take. >> you know what i like doug pederson reminds me a little bit of myself. >> how so. >> he is not a really cool guy he is not tom brady. he is close to a sc hmo, in a
8:08 am
good way. he is just that guy. he is the guy. he is not the star of the high school football team. he is just a guy, a guy's guy. >> um-hmm, you know, now he is a super bowl championy keep thinking about to minute so the a we got to see firsthand how eagles were being treated when it came to media night they gave no questions, no big deal. when it came to the half time show they only talk about patriots and tom brady. the whole time it was all about the patriots. nobody cared or brought up eagles or talk about them. that is why i love that this happened. they were under dog in every way. fact that people really wrote us off, did you get that feeling in minnesota. >> i know you are here. >> we went to the press conference like she said nick foles name was never mentioned , doug pederson's name was never mentioned. not within question for them, about them, nothing. >> you know what i'm saying. >> it was patriots and super bowl.
8:09 am
who are they playing. i don't know. do you remember how they hired doug pederson many people said , really. doug pederson. really it is like kissing your sister. then they were trying to get these other big name coaches. he has a super bowl. >> he has a super bowl. >> i just love that now all of the people, not talking about us they are forced to talk about us because we're champions. you cannot leave us out now. we have a story coming up about massachusetts, making t-shirts they are being forced to make eagles t-shirts and they are patriots fans. >> now sky fox has moved, we had them flying over the scenes in center city near city hall in the mayfair section of the city but sooner or later things started to get a little rowdy in a few places this is a sunoco in south philly, looting, it got pretty well ripped apart. you can see broad and catherine too. there is trash all over the place.
8:10 am
anyway, check out video of an overturned car, that is broad and walnut. if you went down to the ritz carlton area saw this. there is video of the two on the internet and guy is turning it over. there is some damage, with this awning coming down or an over hang at the ritz carlton. >> i saw that happen. >> yes. >> i was near there. people were jumping on it. started with one person and more and more people got on top and it just gave out. >> yeah. >> well, no matter how much you grease up a pole, philly fans will figure out a way to get up. >> the fact that the game is a big deal and they called it pole patrol it seemed like a challenge to some fans. >> it kept a lot of fans off, for sure, it was worth it. steve keeley's in center city, hey steve. >> reporter: mike i was listening to your commentary, with doug pederson. you didn't compare yourself with doug pederson until after
8:11 am
he won a seeper bowl. alex, also, did you catch that he said doug's kind of a guy's guy. have you ever heard anybody describe mike as a guy's guy. >> no comment. >> you don't need the word comment, the word no. >> what am i, if i'm not a guy 's guy. >> reporter: you are both very extremely likable, and we have rerun the tape of the show, before they hired chip kelly, we were howard eskin and i said they should hire doug pederson. because you know him in moorestown. howard eskin to his credit said he will be a good head coach some day but not ready. he was probably more right. then two months ago to this day i predict we would have a parade tomorrow. anyway, we have a van out here now to throw even more wrench es into the traffic. but since i said, the one cop probably could not handle traffic second police officer has come to help. you see pedestrians, there is
8:12 am
no traffic lights here. then on that island new we have now loud, human dj because they are excited about the eagles winning and they are celebrating with loud live music. it is not too loud here in the shadow of the broken glass. we have lots of happiness and no accidents so far. now look, i have net some great women who are football fans. look at her in, her patriots hat and scarves. she's not from new england or boston but from south philadelphia. not south boston. what are you doing today dressed like this. >> win, lose or draw i will support my team. >> reporter: i asked you did you get more... >> did we lose him. >> we who him. >> i want to hear what that patriots fan has to say. >> apparently our control room does not want to hear from a patriots fan. cut her off. no, she's a lovely woman. eagles won the super bowl.
8:13 am
but did the giants win the commercial breaks? what did you think of this. i did laugh out loud, the what did you think of this. i did laugh out loud, the super bowl ad getting buzz. this is so exciting, dave! what did you think of this. i did laugh out loud, the hey gus, meet tucker... .z. awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'!
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8:16 am
should we take a picture of our shirts up and put it on the gram or something. >> a quick shot here as we throw to it bensalem. bobbies out there all morning. he is taking over bensalem. if anybody can, bob kelly. >> it is a tailgate party in bensalem. everybody give a wave, and the soup king, no soup for you. we have soup for everybody. we have turned clam chowed inner to green, and we have a tans crew ready to go but first lets get to the jam cams we have an accident on the blue route right here near norristown on that southbound side, and a accident just cleared out of the way near island avenue expect to see folks coming back into philly international airport this morning right back from the game and henry avenue we will go that road still closed at the lincoln drive. back here live the name of the group again is.
8:17 am
>> dance with celeste. >> and you are. >> celeste. >> we have the fight song and go ahead, go. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. >> fight, fight, fight. fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 123. 123. hit them low, hit them high. and watch our eagles fly. fly eagles fly. on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds
8:18 am
it has been a chilly morning but we have been just so happy all morning. 38 degrees is our current temperature. we are seeing plenty of sunshine but we have to factor in that wind which is getting higher, 17 miles an hour sustain wind in philadelphia 22 miles an hour in wilmington this makes wind chills colder then actual temperature. this is how it will stay all day. kind of a blustery day with a 29 degrees wind chill. as far as future cast is concerned we have possibility of flurries tomorrow morning but main event is wednesday, look at this mess rolling in at eight or 9:00 in the morning, snow, freezing rain, rain and then all that changes over to rain, heavier rain, throughout day, this is why we dent want the parade to happen on wednesday, if at all possible, i mean we will be happy anytime but is there tuesday that will be dry or thursday and friday, wednesday just kind of messy and then milder temperatures come back, just in time for the weekend.
8:19 am
we have put in our order, guys we will see what happens, but we will have a parade, we will have a par raid because we won >> that should be on you tube right there. >> we will have a parade. >> now question is do we start at linc and go to the art museum or art museum or go to the linc or go around city hall. >> you got to go standard, you start at center city and end up at the linc. >> i likening shot at the art new seem. it is so philly. >> nobody says you have to do it like all the other years. i like that too as far as you can see eagles fans on the parkway, the teams up on the stage. >> that is where we had nfl draft, pope, big events. >> and they're waiting this team to rocky. >> this is a given but then you have the linc where you
8:20 am
have all of the fans in there. >> i wish we hadn't want it because these decisions are too hard. >> they are good problems to have. >> by the way we are all getting beer from budd light or what. >> how will we make it happen. time to pay up. we will tell what you they tweeted out about their plans and how they will dilly dilly us. >> they bittle not about us about this. a lot of celebrities. >> you want awe full glass. >> are they still together. >> yes. >> look at floyd mayweather, i love the celebrities wearing furs and all that. >> yes. >> jimmy had a live show afterward. >> bradley cooper. >> did you see, there is thomas drayton with j low. >> mike trout i thought he was thomas drayton with j low. >> mike trout i thought he was going to lose his
8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:24 am
i forgot i sent out a tweet or a text to somebody last night. >> and why are you saying it now. >> it was rubbing it in the face of the patriots fan i know, i mean, up their nose. >> did they respond. >> no. >> i didn't send any, it will be talked about every where nationally, you will know. >> well, text wasn't to announce news. >> that is what i'm saying no need to rub tonight their face , every where you turn people are talking about who won the super bowl. >> celebrities are reacting to the big victory. christie teigen seems to respond to anything that happens in life. my house is so happy. have one is now apparently the biggest eagles fan. i don't care so please don't yell at me, thank you. m knight shamelen tweeting , fellow fans, of fans celebrating in the stand. sylvester stallone posted this
8:25 am
it says you can see what it says yo eagles, you did it. >> where was that taken from. that was not the stadium but a cool picture. >> is that really from him, official sly stallone. >> you don't think it is him. >> it looks like his physique. >> it is at the linc. he is pretty high up there in the picture too. >> i don't know. >> one of our friends from it is always sunny in philadelphia, hard to explain if you are not from philly, the joy, joy, joy, joy.
8:26 am
>> act he brought so much fame to philadelphia. >> and kobe bryant because his reaction was also, very good. >> here's steve near city hall last time we saw him. steve, where are you now. >> reporter: i'm still near city hall. city is completely different. i have woman coming up telling me they love you. >> i love you mike. >> tell me why you got off your stop early. >> to come take a picture with steve. >> in this cold weather, how many stops sooner. >> just one stop sooner but i had to take a picture with steve. >> so mike we're getting lots of loves from beautiful women in philadelphia because of the eagles. hall until noon i think we are staying on. >> thanks. >> steve won't stop. harold hated everything.
8:27 am
ahh. but i recently bought jimmy dean stuffed hash browns. they're stuffed with delicious meat and cheeses. all of that crispy goodness has him seeing the day in a whole new light. jimmy dean stuffed hash browns. shine on.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> ♪ >> justin timberlake's super bowl half time show has a lot of mixed reaction this morning why some loved it and others calling it a fumble. eagles won super bowl but did giants win the commercial break, the super bowl ads getting buzz this morning i cannot forget this one. to me i was at a house party, we were all watching the super bowl and when they came on and they started dancing the whole group got quiet. only commercial where everybody stopped what they were doing and put down the dip and they were like what is happening here. i was like, and, and, no one puts them in the corner.
8:31 am
>> okay. >> so, yeah, we decided to make our number, the same number, mvp at the super bowl. it is nine out of 10 no matter what the weather, it is a good number because most of us are in a good mood, it is 38 degrees, factor in 17 miles an hour wins and 29, that is what it feels like and wind chills stay in the 20's all day and then take the advice of bus stop buddy, and kid do have to go to school eventually because wear a nice warm coat and put on as much eagles gear as you got. there is nothing on radar, but there will be on wednesday, we will talk about that in the seven day forecast. plenty of sunshine. high of 34. wind chills in the 20's, all day, so sunset time 5:25. that is your planner for monday we will talk about the rest of the seven day forecast and we will get to bob what is n bensalem.
8:32 am
>> they keep coming in, the line is out the door, good morning bensalem. >> we are live here all morning long, town take over in bensalem. one of my dancers missed a late but you have good news where are you going. >> i'm going in ohio dawkins gen the hall of fame. >> do you need somebody to drive you there. >> yeah, my dad. >> turnaround she has dawkins if fame. >> let's check the jam cs reads sluggish, that is okay. we will all take a nap. jammo on the schuylkill unprd heavy from center city to belmont, an accident 295 off ramp to route 130, an accident in burlington southbou5 at route 541. along bensalem boulevard, and, and,
8:33 am
bensalem to come out and celebrate our super bowle here until 10:00 o'clock, come on by if you are late for work youn excuse note, right. >> we were looking at that picture of sylvester stallone in the stadium that i up the lir monday night football. >> yeah. >> that is when they opened getl these messages. >> that would have been 2003. s. >> let's put up these boxes, we were showing morning, on the lefties what it looked like in the mayfair section of the frankford and cottman. >> nobody ever tweeted me about w frankford and cottman. sky fox flying over center ci right, fans all smiles, just starting
8:34 am
to pour into the after the game and it was like the minute thee g out of their s and just wand people, honk their horns and get as close to city hall asit l we do go to broad street, okay >> alll we go and do there. >> i don't know. >> here's sveall, hi there, ste. >> woman are dancing in the streets and vandellas song and they said in that song philadelphi pa. >> that is right it is extremely cold out. made a second trip to his car to retrieve gloves think another lr under the jacket. he is holding his hat windy. despite that nobody is complaining about the weather. but i got m eagles scarf that i got as a gift and the answer from the
8:35 am
told you this on the air, this may not be official answer but reason everybody gat us it is lt concentration of bars, especially srt city. there is, as i was told hundreds of them but is there not that are plenty of all within walking distance and they all let out ey gets out to celebrate together , rather then stay in the answer. maybe. all right. from the police i have another >> the guy, if you can zoom in and pan over to the fan playinin there, there was a guy playing a >> with the motorcycle helmet is that what you noticed. >> yes. >> why does he have a motorcycle helmet. >> i was going to say that because it is so cold, he was so cold, that was the best hat he haddon. he was so cold, other guy is playing musical instruments with his mouth and voice box but he has a horn on his lap
8:36 am
and that freezes. but the guy has a motorcycle helmet playing keyboards because it is so cold. there was ally fair video with the motorcycle helmet on. remind me of 1994 song by liz fair. >> yes, that is great. >> it does look cool, doesn't it. everybody is cold out here. look at all these people taking pictures of us. >> hi. >> by the way, notice in the damage here i just saw this a bottle of champagne. i saw empty bottles of champagne but broken glass of the macy's a about on the of celebration champagne but awful to see that stuff isn't it. >> yes. >> all right, time to pay up, speaking of the things to drink, budd light made a bet on this years super bowl and now company is going to just pay up with free beer for eagles fans but how did the world did this possibly work, what are the logistics we will
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
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8:40 am
budd light apparently has spoken, they are keeping their promise, they say to give eagles fans free beer if we won the super bowl if we did. >> you know it all started when lane johnson promised free beer for everyone if the eagles won and that was before the season even started. so, budd light said hey let's make a bit, win it all party is on us. >> dilly dilly. >> they are saying they are following through. this is what they tweeted last night. they said eagles have emerged victorious join with us lane johnson and your friends over 21 at tavern as long the parade route to raise one of the favorite light laggers, #
8:41 am
philly philly #. >> now, still, that is, that is not enough info. >> that doesn't sound like a plan do you need a ticket, willie get a small mini beer, full beer or how does it work. >> how do you prove you are an eagles fan, do you have, the stuff on, i mean you could be lying. >> that is true. >> it could be patriots fans. >> and then also, i hepp they don't do like you have to buy something first to get it because that would irritate me buy one and then we will give you free beer. >> i don't know, i don't think you know how are messing with, with budd light. >> so, it looks like, a car commercial but it is, a tide commercial. look at the super bowl ads, people are wondering about look at the super bowl ads, people are wondering about this winter
8:42 am
look at the super bowl ads, peoplin the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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8:44 am
we are here in the beautiful morning in the poconos and it matches our
8:45 am
mood, provided if you are an eagles fan and today who isn't 38 degrees is our current temperature in philadelphia in the mountains it is only in the teens, cold one up there. twenty-nine in reading. thirty-seven in wildwood. we have had a cold front coming through with the rain and now it is very chilly and northwesterly winds, it feels colder then it is, we have, 17 , 18, 23 miles an hour winds and that gives us wind chills in the teens and 20's and that is how it will stay, pretty much for the rest of the day. we have cloud cover for tomorrow, maybe flurries up in the mountains but wednesday is our messy weather day where we will start off in the morning with snow and then the snow/ rain line moves further northward throughout the day and gets heavy rain, as another cold front moves through and that will make for a messy wednesday but all other days, we have sunshine, tomorrow, thursday, friday, and even part of saturday, before we have rain, saturday, into sunday. so, we will see what happens,
8:46 am
i guess is what we are anxious ly awaiting now, now we won, we won, when is the parade. >> sue, people are hoping it is not on wednesday, no, don't make it do it in the rain. >> in the rain. >> remember the phillies parade, perfect weather on a halloween. >> we need that again. >> we want that back. >> let's talk about commercials, steve marino is back, chief creative director at ab and c. how are you doing, steve. >> i'm having pretty much the best morning ever. >> philadelphia fan, born and raised the whole bit. >> been and raised. >> you are will smith. >> yes. >> blur your eyes you can't tell the difference. >> yes. >> we will role this giants dirty dancing thing. we all know the film dirty dancing, the thing at the end. >> do we know it like this. so surprising, to see odell beckham junior and to see them in this way. >> here it is.
8:47 am
>> ♪ >> he's got this. let them dance. >> what are they selling. >> who cares. >> they are so good. wait for it. >> look at that. i thought he might drop him on purpose. >> do you think they did this on their honor they had wires. he probably can lift him up. >> would i think. >> that was for the nfl. >> yes. >> i think one of the best things that happened in the nfl is they actually let people celebrate. it became one of the better part of the year. they are celebrating. it wasn't my favorite because it is still the giants. we won the super bowl, and, and, and we celebrate.
8:48 am
>> all right, mr. expert. >> you are an ad man, why the commercials where others don't , let's roll this tide commercial, watch. >> typical super bowl car ad or a hilarious beer beer add or whatever ad this is. >> whatever. >> yes. >> but it is a tide ad. >> what? >> it is a tide ad. >> you liked it, didn't you. >> i did, because i thought it was different. that is first ad and they did a bunch of commercial spoofs, practical for and gamble they started to doing the old spice ads. it is a tide ad. it hooked you in on the entire super bowl. you started watching these spots and like is this a tide ad or regular ad. the fact that they were able to do that it is brilliant. >> when you watch a commercial , you know, you have to remember it.
8:49 am
>> they owned the super bowl because were you watching it waiting for the next one. >> they owned every commercial then. >> yes, they did. >> so, let's do toyota. >> ♪ >> i love it. >> it just shows you not every single spot has to be funny. it opens up with the legs and our super bowl silent. the kids got silent. they were totally engaged. it just shows thaw can overcome, odd if you have that persistence. it was wonderfully toned spot. >> yes. >> you overcome it. they want to you buy a toyota.
8:50 am
>> i think it got funny but it is showing the fact that they are sponsors of the upcoming olympics and para olympics. >> it was beautiful. >> very beautiful. >> lets get in this dodge ad and get it over with. >> they brought up mlk. >> yes. >> if you want to be recognized, wonderful. if you want to be free wonderful but recognize the great's monk you, and. >> that is where they who me right there the minute that dodge came in the picture this is a truck ad. >> i felt exactly the same way you did. a company, philosophy, it was just, entice you with mlk.
8:51 am
really powerful word. and boom, we will slap it in the end. it felt like they were corrupting the moment there. >> and at the end of it you say maybe ram wants to solute black history month or honor. something to bring it home. >> they say, service, built for service, and they are trying to make that connection >> companies tried this before but in my mind it has never worked, why they thought it would work this time, the only other thing as an ad man, we're talking about dodge ram, it is on our lips. is it worth it? if i was an african-american would i never buy a dodge ever >> we talked about this, thinks often what happens when we don't, vet commercials by people. so, there may have been too many caucasianness a room coming up with the idea running it by somebody. you have to run these things by the appropriate people to make sure you will not offend anyone. >> but the history of the world, this never works.
8:52 am
benaton is still smarting over that, h and m is still smart ing. >> it is a good point. you should have diversity to test these things out. just don't show one group show different kinds of people to get a feel of it. >> okay, steve, good to see you thank you. >> pink belted out national anthem, it reminds me what a good singer she is but she had the flu we will play it for you again.
8:53 am
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who need to take a nap here later today after that big super bowl victory. >> if you are ready, we will hear the fight song like we have never heard it before. bedside hurt, ashley. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fight eagles fight, sko a touchdown one, two, three. >> come on. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> would i. >> what happened on the field during the celebration and why some people are saying he made a fool of himself. get something tweets, i'm surprised people are hack reacting this way to kevin. justin's super bowl half time show coming with mixed reactions, why some love it time show coming with mixed reactions, why some love it and others are calling it
8:57 am
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and into the end zone. >> and, and, glory. >> four receivers right. and foles, fires, and it is a touchdown. >> and the kick is good. >> good. >> biggest kick of his life. >> finally, a reality. >> the game is over.
9:01 am
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