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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> eagles! it's beautiful thing. fly eagles fly the underdogs no more. the birds are for the first time ever super bowl champions. we were with you all last night straight into this morning. burning that midnight oil. we've got live team coverage right here right now at 5:00. our joyce evans is at philadelphia international airport as fans return home from minnesota. jeff cole is look at the aftermath of last night's celebrations. we begin though with bruce gordon live at atlantic aviation where the eagles have landed. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this birds arrival here mid afternoon was not really a planned public event. that is to say not something specifically designed for fans. it was no real place to stand and even less places to park. that did not stop a whole lot of eagles faithful from coming out here this afternoon to welcome
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home conquering heroes. >> here we go. this is it. this is it. >> the lombardi trophy was first off the charter fly flight from minneapolis held a loft by a beaming owner jeff lure rye the crowd of several hundred chilled but cheery eagles fans were ecstatic. >> nobody thought this was going to happen. >> makes it all the sweeter when it does happen? >> makes it great when it does happen. i missed the phillies parade. so wasn't missing this. >> reporter: as the players and coaches filed off the plane, many of them checking their own pictures and have you crows to capture the triumphant return, fans reflected on a moment many of them have waited a lifetime to experience. >> seeing it for the people who can't be here like my grandfather who is hopefully watching from above. everyone like waited all those years and missed out on such a lucky opportunity. >> you want to be there for them. >> yes. >> jeff lurie bringing right over to us. >> high point of the afternoon, lurie and much of the team detouring from their waiting buses to bring the trophy over to the fence line and give fans
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an up close look at the hardware they've been waiting so long to see. rooters from as far away as germany came here to take it all in. >> this is the first time they win the super bowl. it must be huge experience for úi'm really happy for the philadelphia to win the super bowl. first time. >> you came here all the way to germany to be part of this. >> yes, to be part, to see the experience. >> reporter: guess you could call it eagles nations plural. the birds were bussed from here at the airport over to the novacare complex another huge throng greeted them. the players seemed genuinely moved by all the emotion, all the adoration from the crowd. is still ahead. >> isn't that the truth. bruce, you know how cool was that to watch the players take video and pictures of the fans. >> reporter: yeah, i think they are as excited about the whole experience as the fans were and it was really nice to see. >> super nice. all right. more of that to come, you know it bruce gordon. thank you much. one player did not make the flight for reasons we'll get to in a moment. and that man happens tower soup
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mvp. sean bell in the house with more on super foles. hey, sean. >> i'm still sweating from last night's game. >> right. >> i didn't expect this, okay. nicky big game foles. foles is the only question mark going into the playoffs and he ended it being the best player on the entire field. listen the man out played the goat tom brady. trust me. foles will never ever have to pay for a beer in this city again. 373 yards. 3td passes and the greatest trick play in super bowl histo history. that's how you catch the ball, tom brady. foles right there with a great catch at the end of the second half and right there i knew it was destiny. i knew right then and there that this game was going to be an eagles game. foles think about this. thought about retiring a couple years ago and now he's super bowl mvp. failing back then makes this just so much sweeter.
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>> failure is a part of life. that's a part of building character and growing like without failure who would you be? i wouldn't be up here if i hadn't fallen thousands of times made mistakes, you know, we all -- we're all human. we all have weaknesses. >> the things you know, back then when we had him in philadelphia to today, you know, he's just a better quarterback today. he's a smarter quarterback today. he's a veteran quarterback tod today. but nick is nick. nick is who he is. he just saw up here how genuine he is. and i have a lot of guys on that -- in that roster that are just like nick. >> oh, man. thank you nick foles. thank you. and to me the best part of the eagles winning the super bowl was maybe the fan reaction. later in sports i'll show you how guys such as will smith and kevin hart reactioned to the birds winning. >> you're fans lined the parade route from start to finish watch do you have to say to them? >> i mean philly fans are everywhere.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> you did it hear was them breaking out in the eagles fight song. philly fans are indeed everywhere including disneyworld the super bowl mvp nick foles is the first ever eagle in disney's super bowl parade. last night after winning the big game he shouted those time honored words etched in sports lure, i'm going to disneyworld! foles visit to walt disneyworld continues at disney tradition that began 31 years ago in 1987. how sweet it is. all right. eagles team coverage continues right here right now a lot of eagles fans were in minneapolis for the super bowl making it feel more like home game at us bank stadium. our joyce evans at philadelphia international airport as fans return home. joyce, you recover from last night yet? >> reporter: no, but do we really want to? not the good parts i'm talking about. as it got late it got weird. who cares? we survive much listen, thousands of eagles fans who flew out of the same
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american airlines gate to minneapolis flew back through that same gate today. and they were tailgating on the way out and they were victory dancing on the way back in. >> super bowl champs. >> that's how they arrived home. >> let's go, birds! >> all day. >> all night. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> how was it? >> it was unbelievable. once wentz we came and foles we trust. >> how many super bowl games have you been to. >> this is the first time one and the best one. >> i'm as passed out. it was insane. >> i was there in 1960 when the eagles won. now i'm here 2018 when the eagles won again. >> history. >> history owe yeah i'm glad we all witnessed it. look i said it was an aura in the stadium. everybody knew we were taking it home. >> it was awesome. i couldn't even believe i was there. >> near ban gill bill lot at a he jump on the plan with his
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lucky charms and faith that he'd get in. >> so on the flight out, you booked a ticket. >> yeah. >> and some of the song all fight and high fived joe biden when it was done. was pretty crazy day. >> and eagles won. >> yes. >> a couple footballs. >> can i have one of those? thomas brothers have all the new super bowl gear to prove it. forever. >> we're all fired up. >> we're all fired up. did you even sleep. >> no. did not sleep at all. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> only wish their late father who had attend the eagles last super bowl had lived just a few more months to see them win it. >> he would have been proud of the eagles and proud of us being able to get to the game. >> you wish he was here to see it. >> oh yeah. he was with us. >> reporter: he was indeed an lot of those fans including jim and jeff thomas say that they plan to attend the parade on thursday. also, we just saw gentleman who
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came back. he had been on a cruise. he said somebody offered him two tickets to the super bowl and he said nah i'm going on cruise. i guess he missed out. >> i think he kind of miff out there. i love that one guy saying that and i high fived joe biden. it was a pretty crazy day. >> how about that? >> i know. right? >> all right. thank you much, joyce. of course the super bowl parade is now set. thursday is the big day. and school districts are shutting down. understandably so. so far upper darby school district, philadelphia school district and philadelphia archdiocese schools are shutting down on thursday. that is so far. this includes administrative offices so students and employees and their families can witness history and just soak it all in. dave kinchen joins us live from south philly. you can bet they're all rejoicing, dave. >> reporter: yeah, we're hearing from parents and students all already who are simply thrilled here at south philadelphia high school. they're about as happy as you can be. no school on thursday. the same for the school district of philadelphia schools and administrative offices. and we can tell you they've already put the signage up right
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here some eagles chants going on. no stopping during that time because we're on the parade route on broad street. let's go to that tweet that really sent shock waves to school parents and folks out there. the school district of philadelphia confirm nothing school on thursday calling this a once in lifetime event the eagles super bowl parade as well and everybody is just loving it. >> the parade going to be lit. i feel like it's going to be lit. can't wait. >> reporter: to not be in school thursday to be, upping, witnessing a once in lifetime eagles parade, what do you thi think? >> it's amazing because who knows when this is going to happen again. >> i think it's a great thing. i think the kids deserve an opportunity to enjoy, you know, once in a lifetime, you know, event that happened. this is special in the city. they deserve to enjoy it with the rhett of us. >> reporter: what are you reeling right now. >> excitement. you know, i'm a huge nick foles guy. i'm happy to scenic foles come through for us, and bring the
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city our first super bowl. great quarterback and happy for him. >> reporter: and of course, we can tell you the archdiocese of philadelphia announcing a similar move closing catholic schools as well across the five county region for the thursday parade celebration. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to philadelphia. the city of champions. back to you. >> isn't that nice to be able to say? dave, i'm getting off of social media so we'll check the veracity of it that jersey schools are also following suit here. so of course as those details come in, we'll get them to you. dave kinchen. thank you much. learning details about thursday' parse raid starting at 11:00 down at broad and patison in south philly of course. skyfox over the area this afternoon and it all ends right on the steps of art museum. crews already hard at work getting the stage set, of course, we'll be with you every step of the way. starting at 4am right through 6:30 p.m. did you hear that? 4:00 a.m. through 6:30 p.m. we are with you live covering this epic event.
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we got you on this. >> um-hmm. >> we were with you all last night. now you can stay with us all day to celebrate our champions. let's get a first look at your parade forecast right now. >> whoo! >> we're wearing green, kathy. >> i can't even. >> right? >> i can't. >> unbelievable. >> wow. i was there for the parade for the phils and it was all day event. went to sunset. >> yup. does we'll do it again. >> this is where we're going to do it. do you see anything hidden in this picture? >> hidden mickeys we have hidden eagles. >> hidden eagles right on the parkway. right under the sign it's going to be unbelievable day and we knew that wednesday weather was not going to be good. so that was out for the parade. >> good. tuesday a little bit too soon. so how about thursday? 7:00 a.m. sunny and 28. by the time the parade starts sunny a little bit breezy wind chills in the 20s it will be 31 degrees. by 3:00 o'clock, sunny, chilly, the temperature 35. wind chills probably around 28 degrees. so this is your parade forecast just bundle up. there's going to be a lot of body heat on the parkway. that's for sure.
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the seven day we'll talk about the brief break coming tomorrow. wednesday snow and mix. then the next chance of rain in the seven day forecast but it's all about thursday. it's all about the green we'll send it back to you. >> sounds good. we'll talk soon, thank you kat kathy. >> philadelphia partied hard many are still celebrating the eagles big win.
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♪ >> as the vast majority of eagles nation celebrated some ridiculous fools decided to be fun to act like imbeciles in center city. they flipped a car on its side.
5:15 pm
others claimed on. to ritz carlton hotel' awning collapsing it to the ground. and it did not stop there. the tens of thousands every people celebrating on the streets the right way say it's not a good look for our city. our jeff cole is live in center city. jeff? >> luce z under going a building boom and in the hunt for amazon's new headquarters fill not afford black eye in the post super bowl celebration. largely as you say things went well, but there was trouble. early afternoon just outside city hall in streets department workers were hoisting pedestrian and traffic signals on to a new pole. the old one and others claimed in the celebration. >> eight poles and signals knock down last night. >> yes. a full eight of them. >> eight. >> and you are putting them all back up. >> all of them back. >> reporter: across the street plywood covers the broken windows and doors on the iconic center city macy's. prompting disgust. >> i thought maybe few people would, you know, climb a few
5:16 pm
poles but i didn't think they will take out window. >> this is disappointing to you? >> absolutely. it's my city. don't look good nationally. >> reporter: mid the joyous fans vandals like these men perched on a newsstand on chestnut. using a pole to spear the window at arts and crafts retailer ac moore. >> it was unnecessary. i know that you be happy and everything but you need to think before you act because that's costing people money. >> reporter: how much money the city is still tallying tonight. but from may tear to center city and south there was destruction a mid the enthusiastic but mostly well-behave crowd. a car overturned, an awning collapsed. punches thrown. bottles toed. even a pole climber in a lime green body suit. even though fireworks peered the night sky there were no raging fires or life-threatening injuries being reported at this hour. for city with philly gritty
5:17 pm
reputation not bad says alan ash of chestnut hills he snapped a shot of the remains of had south broad street bus shelter. >> well i think it's a darn shame but we must have had hundreds of thousands of people in every neighborhood in philly and not that much damage. you get this many drunk people out on the street there's going to be a problem. >> reporter: philly's top cop richard ross took a bottle to the back of the head last night. his spokesperson says he's fine and apparently so is the city of philadelphia. live on mark street near macy's i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. luce gee. >> standing tall. jeff cole, thank you much. breaking news right now. the dow has dropped more than 1100 points. liz clay man with fox business is live in new york. drama on the corner of wall and broad, liz biggest single day point loss ever? >> reporter: yeah. different broad street. i'll give that you. >> different broad street. >> reporter: than philadelphia. whoo! but actually, just kind of crazy what did people expect?
5:18 pm
we had dropped on friday 666 points on the dow and remember we've seen an incredible run up but today everyone was sort of on wondering what's going happen with the marks. oh, they found out by noon we were down about 500 points. then we started to drop even further. tried to come back a little bit. people were wondering maybe it won't be so bad. 3:00 p.m. eastern final hour of trade, boom, we started to fall an 11 minutes after the hour we saw the biggest point drop in history. remember the dow is just 30 stocks but s&p lost all of its gains for 2018 and what spook the horses here? it's got to be starting last week we started to see interest rates tick up on treasury bonds want does that mean? borrowing money might get more expensive. that got people nervous and besides we've seen such incredible run up not a big surprise on top of it when the eagles win, of course, the world stops rotating on its axis. what do people want you guys?
5:19 pm
congrats. >> stunned. that was thank you very much for. let's hope the psychological impact doesn't last long. liz k laman live from new york city. fox business. much appreciated. >> indeed. >> kristen rodgers sat down with eagles insider dave spadaro speaking of he eagles to talk about the birds thriller avenue hit-making win. >> guys, i'm here with dave spadaro. we talk all season how much of brotherhood this eagles team is. how much were they able to buy in what doug pederson brought here in 12. >> his big messages has been ownership. when you're on the field you're required to make place. they did it all season long. they did it sunday night. defense stepping up late in the game after being pierced the entire game. offense couldn't to do produce wildly. total team win as the eagles have done a all season. >> it sounds clay shaye to say defense wins championship much that's nothing to take away from nick foles to see that strip from brandon graham and the
5:20 pm
recovery by derek bart net sealed this game for the eagles. >> it came down which defense was going to make the stop for while it look like when the eagles were stopped patriots territory forced to kick a field goal that would be the stop but the eagles found pass rush pressure we talk about this during the week game of adjustments and counter move. eagles got pressure early. patriots adjusted and protected tom brady. eagles mater the counter move gone to brady and forced take away and changed the game. >> one of the most amazing moments after the game was seeing nick foles with his daughter, he's talk so much about the strength he pulls from his daughter and his wife. what can you say about the performance he had? >> nick foles defied every expectation of every football prognosticator. remember it wasn't that long ago when at a press conference after a game doug pederson was asked would you consider starting nate sudfeld in the place or would you consider going to nate sudfeld if nick foles struggled he wins the nmv. super bowl has three great performances in the playoffs.
5:21 pm
anything is possible in this great game of football. and in the life of people who believe in themselves. so doug pederson believed in nick. nick foles believed in himself it goes back to the eagles made the change in quarterback. chase daniels gone. nick foles in. nick foles wins the super bowl for this team. >> these players have said how amazing the locate kerr room energy has been because they can relate so well with doug pederson. just how impressive was the season here in 842. >> never stopped. they never stop believing in each other. they had lot of things to overcome. never let that get them down that. way all season. it was that way after the game. it was that way in the after party. what a wild celebration. everybody on stage dancing. it was awesome. the entire city partying along with this football team. everybody shared in it because the fans even sunday night were great at u.s. bank stadium. it was a total victory by everyone who loves the eagles. >> this team, these fans, this city, they deserve it. dave, thanks so much. >> we'll zen it back to you in
5:22 pm
studio. >> all right, thank you very much. kristen, dave. coming up, a tragedy in new jersey. a senior city behind the wheel and police say he drove his car right into a lake. a disgraced doctor sentenced again. the former olympic doctor for usa gymnastics was back before a judge. his own words next. ♪ oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts?
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>> investigators work to figure out how a car ended up in a west windsor, new jersey, lake. killing the driver. skyfox over the mercer county lake around 8:30 this morning with a car partially submerged as you can see. firefighters and police found an 85-year-old man inside that car investigators don't know yet how long he had been in the water. a third sentence now for disgraced former olympic sports dr. larry nassar. this time, 40 to 125 years for molesting young athletes. a judge had already sentenced nassar on other abuse charges stemming from his work at michigan state university in this hearing the judge sentence him from mosing gymnast had a private club run bio limb pick coach. 60 athletes and they're parents
5:26 pm
testified. what you're looking was a parent lunching at the doctor. nassar apologized to his victims before the official sentencing. >> it's impossible to convey the depth and breath of how sorry i am to each and everyone involved. your testimonies will ever be testimony will always be present in my thoughts. a big night for the eagles. eagles nation. they are now back home with a certain trophy to boot. more on the team's phenomenal win straight ahead. kathy -- just can't get enough. >> nope. >> doing it ale week. >> we have some white on the doppler screen. we're talking about some snow and some sleet and some heavy rain before parade (phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites...
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♪ eagles have landed. birds arrived back in philadelphia this afternoon after winning a little thing called super bowl lii. cheers erupt as the birds got off the plane. eagles owner jeffrey lurie happening off the vince lombardi trophy to doug pederson. both of them smiling a mile wide hoping that trophy up high for the first time in franchise history. the par raised champions is on thursday. we are reliving every moment of the thrilling win soaking it up because it has been a long time coming. sean bell is back with more. sean, you know, everyone is saying that this game was just
5:30 pm
thrilling. >> listen, you can't even say thrilling. i don't know if there's a word. >> beyond thrilling. >> to describe how unbelievable this game was. like you said we've been waiting a long long time for this. luce is that correct, sir merrill reece the play by play guy for the eagles and for a long time he's been waiting for this, right. very long time. he started calling the eagles game on radio in 1977. that's over 40 years of waiting for a super bowl. last night is the greatest game he'll ever call. so listen to the sounds of the game from merrill reece. >> 75,000 fans here at u.s. bank stadium on their feet. as the tension reaches its apex. ♪ >> gronkowski approaches the football and the super bowl underway. foles under sent. blount across the twenty seven, the 15, the ten, the five, he's
5:31 pm
in the end zone. >> foles back again. foles looks, he floats it and competes it across the 50, the 40, across the 30, across the 20, still running with the football. all weight down across the ten as the pass -- >> that's corey clement. what a play. >> foles moves to the right it goes direct toll clement. clement reverses it and the pass goes into the end zone. >> to nick foles. >> touchdown by nick foles! >> second and ten. foles back again. he's looking, he's looking he's pumping. he is going deep and is it touchdown? it is. touchdown. it goes all the way down a 22-yard touchdown to clement. empty back field. four receivers right. back goes foles. fires, slant, touchdown ! zach ertz. he caught it. he bobble it and he never let it drop. with white to his right. brady back again.
5:32 pm
he steps up he's hit. and he fumbles the football eagles have it. it is recovered by barnett. barnett. >> recovered by physical. >> barnett. brady fumbles and barnett has the ball. >> here's 46 yarder to give the eagles an eight-point lead. ball is spotter the kick is away and the kick is good! biggest kick jake elliot's live right there. >> he's back again. he steps up. he's hit, he stumbles, he is throwing it, deep for the end zone and it is batted around and -- incomplete! and the game is over! >> the game is over! >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere this is for you. let the celebration begin!
5:33 pm
>> i can listen to that all day long. and believe me, the celebrating will continue for the entire off season, okay? we won't stop celebrating. i love it. later i have more on the mvp of the super bowl plus kobe bryant's reaction to last night's game. >> i'm tearing up over here, sean. it's brilliant. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. taking live look at doylestown, bucks county, as we try to catch our breath here. doesn't matter where you go. everyone is getting ready for the parade. a champions on thursday. so what's the weather going to be like? kathy is right here but you got to wait just 15 seconds. lucy i just keep staring at this great shot of course we have
5:34 pm
this parkway camera that's going to be key on thursday because it's just going to be like when the pope was here. there's going to be thousands and thousands of people maybe a million people i want to step out and you can see obviously on the art museum it says go eagl eagles. but we're already setting up the posters. you can see the athletes there and also they have all the truck out there setting up there's a lot of setting up to do before obviously the parade. 31 degrees the high today 38 that was early this morning. winds out of the west northwest at eight. ultimate doppler shows clear skies for tomorrow. no problems but snow and some sleet and some rain moving in by wednesday. right now in philadelphia it's 31. it's 27 in pottstown. 32 in millville. northwesterly winds keeping it chilly. winds gusting to about 20 but sustain at 12 in pottstown. 12 in wilmington and 12 in atlantic city. putting a bit of chill in the air during the day today. those winds will die down tonight. let's go hour by hour. i'm starting at midnight on wednesday. so late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning here it comes. and by 6:00 a.m., it's knocking
5:35 pm
at our doorstep. this is 5am. look what happens. by 6:00, light snow in philadelphia. this is wednesday morning's commute. and then you can see that pink, that's a wintry mix. rain in millville in south jersey but as we work our through the 8:00 a.m. hour we see rain in philadelphia. icy to the north and west and snow in our upper counties noon the lehigh valley. and then we fast forward to 11 11am, still icy in allentown. rain in philadelphia. and then by about noon, heavy rain everywhere. especially the lehigh valley and this continues through the afternoon as heavy rain and then it's out by about 8:00 o'clock at night. that gives us about 12 to 14 hours to dry out and get ready for the parade. it will be a little bit windy behind that to dry the roads. that's the good news. overnight tonight, 11 in the poconos. 26 in philadelphia and 17 in allentown. during the day tomorrow, look for sunshine. after some morning clouds. the high temperature 41. tomorrow really great day to get ready for the parade and get
5:36 pm
setting up on the parkway. then of course the parkway forecast for your eagles, thursday morning early in the morning getting up getting ready sunny at 7:00 a.m. 28 degrees. sunny and breezy when the parade kicks off about 31. wind chills in the 20s because there will be a breeze out of the northwest about ten to 15 miles an hour. sunny, chilly breeze at 3:00 o'clock. 35. of course, sunset is shortly after 5:00 o'clock. here's a look at your seven day forecast that morning snow mix to rain on wednesday. the parade on thursday. the day after the parade when the party continues friday 38. saturday nice, 47. rain sunday. monday 46. but who cares? because it's all about thursday. >> that's right. and thursday is looking good. >> just wear layer or two. that's all you need to do. >> that's all. thank you much kathy. >> you bet. speaking of parades and pep rallies and things of that sort look at this. pep rally at glassboro high school in new jersey. here's why. eagles rookie running back corey clement who had a big day yesterday graduated from glassboro. our lauren johnson caught up with clement's school adviser
5:37 pm
and seventh grade and she has a letter that he gave her all those years ago. >> it's corey's first day of school card in seventh grade when i first taught him and it says, when i grow up i want to be an nfl football player. >> you probably had hundreds of those. what made you keep corey's? >> there was just something special about him. he's the most driven person. he makes goals. he follows through. and if anything gets in his way he just rises above. >> kind of like last night. clement graduated from glassboro high school in 2013. fly eagles fly. >> some adorabl children cheering on the champions. bob kelly is introducing
5:38 pm
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♪ federal investigators are on the scene in south carolina tonight where an amtrak train slammed into a parked freight train early yesterday morning at least two crew members are dead more than 100 are injured. investigators say some kind of mistake diverted the amtrak train on to side track where it crashed into the other train.
5:41 pm
this is the third deadly wreck involving amtrak in less than two months. the u.s. supreme court will not hear arguments about pennsylvania's congressional district's ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court. u.s. justice samuel alito rejected emergency appeals from republican legislative leaders. pennsylvania supreme court ruled last month that the 18 congressional districts violates the commonwealth's constitution because they unfairly benefited republicans. the state court has given lawmakers and democratic governor tom wolf three weeks to submit a replacement plan. if they cannot make that deadline, the court dominated by democrats will come up with its own plan. hot off the presses. the eagles win. we are there as
5:42 pm
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coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ anybody else want to watch the game again? hot off the presses, hundreds of thousands of newspapers full of eagles victory headlines. our lauren johnson stopped by the inquirer's printing plant in conshohocken where crews began working late last night to print history. >> reporter: for so many of us, we have not slept yet but it's all been worth it, right? well one man who's been hard at work sips 2:30 yesterday fred here at the warehouse in conshohocken where they print
5:46 pm
the inquirer and daily news. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing wonderful actually. >> running off fumes aren't you. >> absolutely right now. best day in the world. >> reporter: well worth it, isn't it. >> all worth it. absolutely. >> reporter: you got here early your team got here around 9:00 o'clock last night. >> correct. they've been working hard ever since. tell me how things worked here logistic klee. >> we printed about ten times the normal order for the inquirer and daily news. we went press around midnight and we've been producing papers every since and loading the trucks and they're out another on the streets now and waiting for the sale. >> reporter: 50,000 papers per hour. >> per hour we print and we printed about 700 to us san between inquirer and daily news. >> reporter: what's the break down. >> 400,000 inquirer. 300,000 dale news. >> what happened in here. awed watch party. when the buzzer went off at the end of the game. >> it was crazy. when he food, big screen tv and people were going crazy. bunch of eagles fans work at the inquirer for sure.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: what happens when you find a traitor in here with a cowboys hat. i think oy spotted one. >> we wouldn't let him anywhere near the food or the tv. >> or the printing press. >> or the press yeah. >> all right. so the trucks about 70 of them out in the area. name the counties. eight counties. >> eight counties. it's delaware county, chester county, montgomery county, philadelphia county, jersey burlington, gloucester and camden county. >> look at you. you passed the test. that's a lot of newspapers. >> and bucks county. i forgot bucks county. >> a lot of people are asking from near and far i want my hand on more than one copy the best place to go is online right birds! >> yes. yes. >> all right. >> you can go -- if you're closer go to the store in the eight county areas. plenty of papers there for you. >> you don't think we'll run o out. >> we'll definitely not run out. we'll make sure of that. >> good for you. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> go birds! >> go birds! >> all right. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you lauren. eagles celebrations are just getting started across our area. our bob kelly visited the
5:48 pm
children at saint charles borromeo in bensalem who have a special song for the eagles. >> hello everybody. we're not done yet. we have the gang from saint charles borromeo school here. they'll sing the thank you song. go ahead. hit it. ♪ we are proud of our eagles, proud of you all, you are winners and our heroes who made us stand tall ♪ >> ♪ we are perfect strength and sacrifice, you saw our city through, thank you, thank you thank you to you ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ applause ] >> saint charles borromeo good
5:49 pm
stuff. doesn't feel real, does it. >> pinch yourself. the philadelphia eagles are indeed super bowl champions and with historic win comes lots of championship meme biehl ya. one print company mere image in rhode island work through the night and into this morning churning out eagles championship t shirts. do you what he's wearing. >> most of the employees at the company were rooting for the patriots. >> obviously eagles to which us patriots fans were disappointed but we're glad to the to print. we're not allowed to open the boxes before the game ends. as soon as the game it end the shirts get laid out and presses start running. >> the business has printed t shirts for the five previous patriots championships and was geared up for a sixth before the eagles soared to victory. >> eagles fans are basking in the glow of the super bowl victory our jennifr joyce went out to check on the pulse of eagles nation many still indeed pinching themselves it but this dream is very real.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: i just want to say we did it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> eagles fans celebrated historic and thrilling super bowl within into the wee hours of the morning. >> who's going to work today can. >> nobody. [ laughter ] >> nobody. >> nobody! celebration for the eagles at my house. >> reporter: around 3am the for seasons diner in northeast philadelphia was pack with bleed green diehards digesting post game grub in disbelief. >> i'm pretty shocked. it was pretty crazy. but yeah i'm just looking to win back to back now. >> i'm so glad it was against brady. you know, the goat and he's not the goat any more. we're the great testify of all time. >> doing ate the goat. >> that's what happened this year. >> it was heart pounding game. emotional for many fans who have wanted this for so long. >> when zach ertz scored that touchdown, um, that was just when i started crying my brother told me to pull it together because we still had at least
5:51 pm
four minutes left in the game. >> the birds pulled out a win fresh brag swag at modell's confirms last night was a dream come true. >> i had to wait 62 years for a super bowl championship but now we got it. it's a good thing. >> beyond excitement like we can't believe it. like i mean we have name our team but it's actually happening for the first time. it's a mazing. >> reporter: t-shirts, sweatshirts and even new jerseys for some. i have a wentz jersey on i wanted foles. that's what i came in for. >> reporter: nick foles the newest philly sports hero after an incredible post season performance that led the birds to a super bowl victory 60 years in the making. >> he did a phenomenal job. phenomenal job. we couldn't expect -- you couldn't ask anything better from him. >> reporter: merchandise at this modell's in cherry hill is going fast. managers here tell me they are expecting additional shipments dough so there will be enough super bowl swag to go around. i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news.
5:52 pm
>> got to get me some swag still. aft the game last night, chris o'connell was interviewing some eagles fans when he got a surprise visit from a very big eagles fan. >> now officially bananas. outside -- oh, joel embiid! joe joe. joe joe! >> eagles, go eagles. >> what do you think about this? >> how crazy is this. >> that was amazing. i'm happy for the whole city of philadelphia. we going to have a lot of fun now. we up next and i'm going to do my best to do it. >> for a super bowl? >> yeah. different when i go to the games i must be lucky. >> you're next? >> trust the process. >> there you go. joel embiid. >> joel embiid. the look in chris' eyes wee realized it's you. fantastic stuff. can't make it up a part from the eagles huge win folks also are cheering and engineerings the super bowl commercials. we've got a closer look
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d,
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but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. from new york giants players dancing to dancing devito as an mm for some soup fans the real battle was off the field. here's fox business network's diedre bowl ton. >> humor, humanitarianism and dirty dancing themes in the super bowl spots so how effective were they? just ask alexa. >> alexa coal call brandon.
5:57 pm
good amazon taking the top spot based on cop schumer vote. the winning ad opens with alexa getting asked about the weather but she starts coughing and -- >> in austin it's 60 days. >> gordan ramsay and rapper card dee b step into replace alexa but happy ending her voice comes back. >> thanks, guys but i'll teague from it here. >> the new york giants eli manning o'dell beckham, jr., starring in the nfl ad in taking the number two spot it feature the two recreating moves from the movie dirty dancing. >> ♪ >> not just because it was funny, not just because we had eli manning makin making of fun himself also because we'll be talking about it today and on -- going on i think that's one of the measures of a good ad is are you going to talk about and remember who the ad was for? >> ♪ >> budweiser came that third with an ad about the company's emergency water program but some say bud dropped the ball. >> we all use look forward to
5:58 pm
bud ads it was -- they were the measure of what was success and i just don't think them mellable a lot of people want to seat tradition of budweiser coming out more. >> pepsi killed two birds with one stone by advertising two brands in one commercial. doritos and mountain dew. >> ♪ >> the ad shows peter from game of thrones and buster rhymes teaming up in single battle get morgan freeman and missy elliot. nbc charged just over $5 million for each 302nd spot. in new york, diedre bolton, fox business. and that does it for us here at 5:00. here's iain page with fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ here we go. this is it. this is it. >> the birds back with their knock celebrating with eagles nation. >> they're bringing it right over to us. look at that. >> vince lombardi trophy finally here in phil. mvp nick foles staying humble. >> everyone around me that did an amazing job and the out come was, you know, we were successful and now we're world
5:59 pm
champions. >> get ready, next up the parade of champions. team coverage starts now. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> ♪ >> the birds slaying the patriots eagles nation rejoicing and it's even sweeter now that they are back in philly. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. let get you right out to our team coverage. bruce gordon is live in atlantic aviation where the eagles touched down earlier this afternoon. bruce? >> reporter: iain, for fans this was not an easy gig. it was cold out this afternoon. it was windy. very little area to stan out here, and even less area to pa park. none of it mattered. there were conquering heroes to be greeted. that's doug pederson there with the lombardi trophy, the crowd here going absolutely bananas.
6:00 pm
>> kennel master of this team full of under dogs stepped off the charter flight from minneapolis and held a lot of the trophy he had work so hard to possess. several hundred chilled but cheering eagles fans were loving it. >> came back from a bachelorette party in charleston and drove straight to philly yesterday, and,. >> you didn't want to miss this. >> haven't left yet. >> i waited 52 years for this. that brought me down here. i grew up in north philly i've been waiting for super bowl my whole life. >> super bowl champions! >> you city. >> you city! >> eagles players had been quoted in minneapolis saying they couldn't wait to get back to philadelphia. to join the party now thrown in their honor. as they stepped off the plane many recorded the welcome on phones and tablets. fans reflected on the long wait for this momentin the sun. >> it's a family moment. come down and you're family with these strangers right now. and it's -- >> fun feeling. >> it's fun, yeah. but i think it's important to just soak it in. it's so rare. >> oh, yeah. look at that. >> highlight o


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