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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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who is more excited? the eagles their fans? that's a toss up. and we haven't even gotten to thursday's victory parade yet. ♪ fly, eagles, fly, how about land, eagles, land. >> here we government this is it. this is it. >> your philadelphia eagles back in town. >> bringing it right over to us.
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look at that. >> the plane had one additional passenger, a big welcome to fill to the vince lombardi trophy. let's keep the party going. we've got a parade to plan. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ we have waited years, decades even for this very moment. philadelphia you are truly a city of champions. we are still flying high tonig tonight. my goodness. and that energy is not going to die down at all this week. philly is basking in its new role as raping super bowl champs. guessing you're probably tired too. this has been a whirlwind 24 hours. i'm lucy noland. can you believe it? the drought is over. our boys are finally going to wear super bowl ring. but first they'll parade down broad street. that parade is now set for thursday. skyfox flew over the route today starting down in south philly at broad and patison, then going up to the ben franklin parkway to
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the art museum. want to witness history? so far the philadelphia school district and philadelphia archdiocese schools along with upper darby and penn-delco schools are shutting down on thursday. remember i said so far. list the list will grove this goes for students and staff and probably hear about a lot more closings from schools and businesses and offices. the entire fox 29 team wanted to be part of this day in history. our crews have been at the airport as both fans and players arrived back in philly. they're talking to the men and women who partied hard last night and today and tonight we are live all across the delaware valley as we get ready for one huge party on thursday. we begin with that man smiling wide brad sattin live in enter of south philly. brad, can you believe this? >> reporter: well, if i told you i predicte predicted this, u believe me any way? no. >> no. >> you probable woman not. no one could have predict it i'll tell you what, this city is pumped up. there is green everywhere.
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speaking of the phillies, did i mention the phillies here, take look at citizens bank park. they are lit up with signs across the board. congratulations super bowl champions. we all woke up toys morning asking was this for real are was eight dream? the parade still a few days away which gives us just enough time to try to make sense of it all. >> has it sung in yet? 24 hours later and the eagles have landed back safely in philly after a night of unbridled euphoria we're left to consider what this championship really means. >> eagles! >> reporter: hundreds of fans greeting the team as they stepped off the plane. and then one by one drove out of the novacare center to so many this championship is deeply personal. joyce thinks of her dad who died in 1977. >> my father used to go to the vet, to the game. like any loyal fan. he would have been on top of world. >> reporter: her rivera it's about his daughter. >> when i'm long and gone i want her to have these memories here. >> reporter: for brian keena
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keenan -- >> ultimate. ultimate win. >> reporter: he witnessed something his older brother jack never look to see it was jack who got him hook on the eagles and football as a kid. taking him to his first game at franklin field and by age eight, he was selling team lineups. >> i used to tanned on milk crate with my jeff cam cap on daily news line up. i'd sell them. they would allow to us stan in the end zone. >> brian is phil. his son serves in the navy was in the flag ceremony during the nfl championship caught by nfl films. brine is a mummer with his nephew cherishes their photo of ron jaworski. if you think about it championship isn't worth all that much if you can't share it with the people who mean the. for brian that's the only way this championship would have have been sweeter. >> most of all my brothers and sisters who never got to experience it. the tears flowed you know what i mean like i've been waiting so long. >> it was like elated. finally, you know. finally we did it.
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>> reporter: yes, we did. we love hearing those stories. wells fargo center also lit up in green. lucy you'll like this. sports radio wip today had an interesting survey question. the question was, was last night the best night of your life? 2600 people took part. 78% said yes. last night was the best night of their life. let's hope they don't have kids, right? [ laughter ] >> that is no surprise to me at all. brad sattin, thank you much. philadelphia of course still standing. but this is the kind of scene police are hoping to avoid at the upcoming championship parade on thursday. no major issues reported. some property damage -- property iis damaged. police are after the fools responsible right now. mean wool they are taking the experience from last night and using it to prepare for thursday. planning for upwards of 2 million people is no easy task. but police are confident they can keep everyone safe. while letting fans have a good
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time. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside the philadelphia art museum with more on how police are preparing. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the stage and the sound system already going up here at the art museum in preparation for thursday's big parade here. police are also at the same time putting together their security plan for a parade that could swell to close 2 million people they're telling me. and tonight they say they're also trying to track down those vandals who destroyed property during last night's celebration. with preparations already well underway monday, for thursday's big eagles parade and celebration on the parkway, police quickly began switching gears for security. >> it's a different thing in that, you know, you're talking about, um, large crowds, but, you know, primarily stationary where they are. >> reporter: from sunday's boys boisterous alcohol fueled celebration on broad street and elsewhere, following the eagles big soup super bowl win, police are planning for as many as
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2 million people to surgeon out to celebrate the world champs. >> it will be a lot of families out there and some respects that probably will help to quell a lot of situations earlier in the day. >> eagles man mark santora and his family watched the game from home sunday and skipped the center city celebration. they're looking forward to thursday's parade. >> i think you're going to see generations out here, um, grandparents, grade grandparen grandparents, grant kids. >> reporter: commissioner ross says while police prep for the parade detectives are using video tape to track down the select few clowns as he put it who smashed out windows at macy's on sunday, tosse tossed s through glass at ac moore on crest nut and tore down traffic signals. even turning over cars. >> they acted like complete and utter idiots, and we are coming after those folks. you better believe it. >> majority of fans that acted the proper way. >> we'll get them now.
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you better believe it. we'll make an example of them. >> reporter: now the commissioner says they've tracked down video some of it posted by the vandals themselv themselves. he says he spoke spoken to district attorney larry krasner and they will prosecute the folks they can identify to the fullest extent of the law. i'm dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. unbelievable just to see everyone, to be here. unreal. ♪ >> from minnesota to florida eagles fans everywhere are celebrating that my friends super bowl mvp nick foles. how does that sound? the first ever eagle in disney's super bowl parade. last night after winning the big game he shouted out those time honored words etched in sports lure, i'm going to disneyworld and you saw him fist bumping mickey in disneyworld. got to love it. dilly dilly for philly
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philly bud light is honoring its promise a free beer for philadelphia. if the eagles won the super bowl. well we did. and early this morning during our extended coverage of our super bowl champs the company tweeted me 25 bars along the parade route will offer free bud light to patrons. the deal came after eagles offensive tackle lane johnson said in an interview last summer that if the eagles won the super bowl he'd give out beer to everybody. well bud light tweeted him back saying, let's make a bet. wit win it all and the party is on us. deal, oh it's a deal. we've been sharing with you all season long. we are not stopping now. all day parade coverage kicks off thursday with our "good day philadelphia" team. then we'll pick up that pa baton and keep on going. thursday is going to be party. fox 29 won't let you miss a single second of it let's head outside live look at old city. it's gorgeous. eagles nation green where are. you know fans will be pouring into philly streets for
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thursday's parade. kathy, here, how about this. let us order up some really good weather. >> well, we're definitely going to have to do that. we shall keep the city green right through st. patrick's day. >> i think so. >> it's beautifully. of course, we will end up on the parkway thursday afternoon. this was good luck at the art museum. they put that sign up last week after the nfc championship and here we go. so thursday's forecast looking good. 7am sunny, 28 degrees. a little bit of a breeze at 11am when we kick start the parade. sunny, breezy northwesterly winds. we'll put those wind chills in the 20s and sunny and chilly by the afternoon the high temperature 35 degrees. but with the wind it had feel like it's in the 20s but, hey, we're used to the cold. a lot of body heat with hundreds of thousands maybe a million people around? on that parade day. coming up in the seven day talk about brief break from the cold. wednesday, snow and sleet and rain before the parade. of course, next chance of rain in the seven day. lucy, i'll be back with that in just few minutes. >> sounds good. big chill on the corner of wall and broad as in manhattan. happening right now, a lot of
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people checking their fear scene 1k's wild ride on wall street. at one point the dow plunged nearly 1600 points. it selled at a bit less at more than thousand points erasing all the gains it made so far in 20181 big ouch. iain page is live in our operations center. >> lucy, while thousand point drop seems like a scary thing and it can be remember the mark has been experiencing a lot of big gains recently. the dow had its single worst point drop ever on monday. so what should you do? probably nothing. don't panic. remember, you're in this for the long haul. >> what did people expect? we had dropped on friday 666 points on the dow we've seen incredible run up, but today every were you sort on tender hook wonder wagon will happen with the mark. >> we found out and while monday's selling spree was almost 5%, it would have to drop 10% to be considered a
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correction. >> what spooked the horses here it's got to be starting last week we started to see interest rates tick up on treasury bonds borrowing money might get little more expensive. that got people nervous. >> super bowl indicator merely a coincidence that says, if an nfc team like the eagles win the super bowl, there will be a bull market or stocks will go up. so the birds won the super bowl. what happened to the market? >> when the eagles win, of course, the world stops rotating on its axis. >> maybe that's what happened. what does this mean for you are 84 fear 1x. if your retirement is ten or more years away, don't worry. you don't have to do anything the market always bounces back. >> lucy. >> let us hope so. thank you very much, iain. first comes championship then the parade. right up broad, down the parkw parkway. get ready. it is so epic. schools are already deciding to shut on down. so do you have your super bowl swag yet.
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>> no. well you're not alone. could be why there was a mad dash tonight and fans just keep coming. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> imagine being on tonight. that is former governor and philly mayor ed rendell. fly, eagles, fly just doesn't
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one of philly's biggest fans could not contain his scheme much that's former pennsylvania governor and former mayor ed rendell leading his flight from minneapolis back to philadephia in an eagles channel.
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that would have been so cool. no doubt he'll be along the parade route this week. what better way to celebrate the eagles historic first super bowl preps for that parade of champions is underway. the list of schools and businesses plan to go close is ballooning because come thursday as many as 2 million people could pack the parade out from broad and patison to the art museum. our dave kinchen is live at city hall and, dave, if businesses are staying open, i'm thinking that the green they see could be the color of money. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's a fair assumption to make. you know, so many business folks that we talked to they're incredibly excited about this parade. at the same time they're wondering, how do we plan for this? >> keep the beer cold and burgers warm it always works. >> that's part of the place for the pub along the ben franklin parkway. they're making the rest up along the way since philly has likely never seen a parade like the eagles super bowl championship
10:16 pm
celebration coming through town on thursday. >> we have st. patrick's day parade. thanksgiving day. i was at the phillies parade. so i'm just going to figure that it's all three of them together. it's going to be so big. >> manager bob thompson is working on his food and drink menu for the big day and plans to open two hours earlier at 9am to give the fun times a running start. >> it's the smallest place. so we'll go try to get in comfortable as possible. probably open the outdoor. we have an outdoor patio. and wait for the parade to come beach all hands on deck. we're talking to a lot of our -- a lot of restaurants around here to see how they're going to manage it. we're all in it together basically. >> reporter: meantime across the city of champions -- ♪ >> when kids walk out of the the schools wednesday the classrooms remain empty until friday since students and staff have been given thursday off to celebrate
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with the champs up and down the parade route. the school district of philadelphia and the archdiocese both making the call. >> the parade will be lit. i feel like as though it's going to be lit. can't wait. >> i'm feeling super happy they won. i'm going get a day off an thursday. everybody is excited. >> reporter: ten year old paul miles will be watching the fun with his mother who fondly recalls the last time the city came together like this ten years ago. >> let me tell you he's ten years old. ten years ago the phillies won the world series. the year he was born. and now ten years later the eagles won the super bowl it's a bittersweet moment it real is it means a lot. >> reporter: very special time indeed. no doubt for a family members. that family they have their parade watching spot already pick out. the best spot, though, fox 29. we'll have you covered all day. >> you know we will. actually, from 4:00 a.m. all the way through until 6:30 p.m. we're not stopping, dave. >> reporter: that's right. all the way through. >> that's right. going ton fun. eagles players traded their
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jerseys and helmets last night for some super bowl merchandise. the players celebrated on the field full of green and white confetti falling. on to their brand new hats and t shirts and we know you want so some. the merchandise hit shelves this morning. thousands of birds fans are flocking to stores to grab up a piece of history for themselves. our shawnette wilson joins us live from cherry hill and man, shawnette, the last time we talked it was 3am and you were at the modell's in south philly. it was just closing. sports stores have got to be loving this. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, they are loving it but i have to be honest some of the workers are getting a little weary because they're the ones unpacking all these boxes and setting up the tables. so they're doing the hard washington. but eagles fans with money to spend are patiently waiting to purchase. pro shop the official philadelphia eagles store in cherry hill for any and everything birds had a line almost stretched out the door this evening. and a day after our team's within the first super bowl in franchise history fans say
10:19 pm
there's no limit to what they'd spend to commemorate the date. >> spent 200 doltz on this stuff and 500 online since i didn't go to the super bowl. >> wow! >> going to it it somewhere. do it for the birds. >> reporter: we caught jeff wilkins leaving the pro shop super bowl ticket prices didn't drop to where he wanted so he had money to burn. >> i went through all 32 pages online almost, and picked and chose what i wanted and there wasn't a budget since i didn't go to the super bowl. >> reporter: across the shopping center at dick's sporting goods -- >> anything i can get my hands. >> reporter: adam and kyle weren't discouraged by empty tables they weren't among the early birds they were late to the party. >> we saw super bowl no champions. >> word spread throughout the store another shipment was coming in tonight. temple student studying in arizona this semester. he flew in for the celebration and said he wasn't going back to arizona without everything he wanted. >> i'm going to spend and not check prey my credit card statement. >> workers scrambled to unpack
10:20 pm
boxes as fans grabbed what they can. >> get your black one. >> more or less. >> jonathan want the the official championship the players are wearing and the hat and he'll pay whatever to get it. >> maybe a couple hundred dollars. i don't know. once in a lifetime thing. i don't know. i say a couple hundred now. when i get up to the counter who knows but i mean i'm embracing this. i'm soaking it in. >> reporter: all right. be careful. can't send that credit card bill to the eagles. we actually made the rounds tonight and also stomped by modell's around the corner. they also had just one tiny table of merchandise left lucy. they are anxiously awaiting the rival of a new shipment in the morning. >> long lines all day long. all right, thank you much, shawnette. we've been cheering with you all season long we're not stopping now. all day parade coverage kicks off thursday with our "good day philadelphia" team. we'll pick up that baton keep on going. thursday is going to be a party fox 29 will not let you miss a single second of it.
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developing right now in wilmington, police have found two people dead in a home. they are investigating this as a double homicide. officers found a 29-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man inside a home on the 2200 block of lamont street. someone had shot the woman in the head and shot, stabbed and beaten the man. police have not yet released their identities. ♪ here we go. this is it. this is it. >> the birds are home. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> super bowl champs. >> super bowl champs. >> and so is the bird gang. >> i was jumping up and down. i almost passed out. it was insane. >> let's go, birds! >> fly eagles fly echoing through the airport and the streets. has it sung in yet? ♪
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a lot of eagles fans made the journey to minneapolis for the big game and made their return to philadelphia today. do they have stories to t joyce evans headed to philadelphia international airport to chat with fans still flying high even after landing. >> reporter: that's how they arrived home. >> let's go birds. >> reporter: all day. all night. >> eaglee-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> reporter: how was it? >> it was unbelievable. wentz we came and foles we tru trust.
10:25 pm
>> all right. how many zoo super bowl games have you been to. >> this is the first one. it's the best one i'll ever go to. >> i was jumping up and down. i almost passed now. >> i was in 1960 when they won and i'm in 2018 when they wouldn't again. >> history. >> it was just an aura in the stadium. we knew -- everybody new. >> best feeling i've had. eagles fan my entire life and i was truly truly -- yeah, truly, truly, truly excited about it. >> amazamazing to be there in person. to be there for are very first time the eagles bring the home. >> still in shock. so happy to be home. >> it was awesome. couldn't eye couldn't believe i was there. >> near can bill. he jumped on the plane with his lucky charms and faith that he'd get in. >> so on the flight out you booked a ticket. >> yeah. and sang the eagles fight song and high fived joe by depth aft it was done. it was a pretty crazy day. >> that it was and the eagles won. >> a couple footballs. >> can i have one of those?
10:26 pm
thomas brothers have all the new super bowl gear to prove it. forever. >> we're all fired up. >> you're fired up. >> yeah. >> did you even sleep. >> no. did not sleep at all. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: wish their late father who attend the the eagles last super bowl bowl had lived a few more months to see them win it. >> he would have been proud of the eagles and he would have proud of us for being able to get to the game. >> reporter: you wish he was here to see it. >> he was with us. he was with you. >> yup. >> reporter: so you might think all of that was enough, right? no, a lot of those fans who just got back home said they're going to rest up a little bit and coming rye back downtown for that victory para parade. so i guess we may see most of them again on thursday. at the airport, joyce evans, fox 29 news. fans back in town. boys are back in town with one big trophy. yup. the eagles are super bowl champions. can we say that enough? nah.
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didn't think so. got to love
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13 miles broad street is philadelphia' longest straight away it runs north to south right through the heart of the city and it just so happens to wind up down by lincoln financial field. it may only be 100 feet wide, but we'll find a way to make room for everyone. >> serious props to the eagles social media team on this one. the team tweeted this video to get us excited about thursday's parade. man, it work. some chills seriously here. we've been cheering with you all season long. we are not going to stop now. all day parade coverage kicks off thursday with our "good day philadelphia" team. we're picking up the baton keeping it going all the way to 6:30 p.m. thursday is going to be a party and fox 29 will not let you miss a single second of it. you know, details are starting
10:31 pm
to come in about that parade of champions. let's get up to speed as we said the parade is thursday. skyfox flew over the route starting in south philly at broad and patison going up to ben franklin to the art museum you want to witness history? so far ben delco schools, upper darby school district, the philadelphia school district, the philadelphia arch diocesan schools are all shutting down on thursday. that goes for students and staff and you know we're most likely going hear about more school closings. no doubt fans are excited. our bruce gordon hung out with them as they watched their hometown champs the eagles arrive home. >> reporter: that's doug pederson with the lombardi trophy. the crowd going absolutely bananas. the kennel master of this team full of under dogs stepped off the charter flight from minneapolis and held a lot of the trophy he work so hard to possess. several hundred chill but cheering eagles fans were loving it. >> came back from a bachelorette party in charleston and drove straight to philly yesterday. >> you didn't want to miss this.
10:32 pm
>> haven't left yet. >> i waited 52 years for this much that's what brought me down here. this is what i grew up. i grew up in north phil. i been waiting for super bowl my my whole life. >> soup channel champions. >> eagles players have been quoted in minneapolis saying they couldn't wait to get back to philadelphia. to join the party now thrown in their honor as they stepped off the plane many recorded the welcome on phones and tablets. fans reflected on the long wait for this moment in the sun. >> it's a family moment. cull down and you're family with these strangers right now, and it's kind of rare. >> fun feeling. >> it's fun but i think it's important to just soak it in. it's so rare. >> oh, yeah. look at that. >> highlight of everyone's afternoon that's easy. owner jeff lurie and much of the team detouring from their waiting buses to bring the lombardi trophy to the fence line to give fans from all over the world close up view of what ultimate victory looks like. >> you flew here from germany?
10:33 pm
>> yes, i do. i went to the pro bowl up and i came up here to philadelphia to watch the game and the city atmosphere. >> the mares bus the from here at the airport over to the notify today care complex to retrieve their personal cars and head for home and maybe catch their breath but not for long. after all, the big parade comes thursday. at the airport i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. thousands of beyond thrilled fans ran not street when the eagles beat the patriots. the grandma your are the respectfully celebrated others decided to act a fool even crossing criminal territory. jeff cole spoke with fans who say they're a little disappointed here. >> reporter: early afternoon just outside city hall and streets department workers were hoisting pedestrian and traffic signals on to a new pole. the old one and others claimed in the celebration. >> eight poles and signals knock down last night? >> yes. >> full eight of them. >> eight. >> and you are putting them all back up. >> all back up y. >> reporter: across the street plywood covers the broken wind
10:34 pm
windows and doors on the icon nick center city macy's. prompting disgust. >> i thought maybe few people would, you know, climb a few poles but i didn't think they would take out window. >> reporter: this is disappointing to you. absolutely. it's my city. it dope look good nationally. >> reporter: mid the joyous fans vandals like these men permitted on a newsstand on chestnut using a pole to spear the window at arts and crafts retailer ac moore. >> it was unnecessary. i know that you be happy and everything, but you need to think before you act because that's costing people money. >> reporter: how much money the city is still tallying tonight. but from mayfair to center city and south there was destruction a mid the enthusiastic but mos mostly well behaved crowd. a car overturned, an awning collapsed. punches thrown, bottles toed. even a pole climber in a lime green body suit. even though firework pierced the
10:35 pm
night sky, there were no raging fires or life-threatening injuries being reported at this hour. for city with philly's gritty repu of chestnut hill as he snapped a shot of the remains of a south broad street bus >> well, i think it's a darn shame but we must have had hundreds of thousborhood in phi, and not that much damage. you get this many drunkt p thers going to be problem. >> reporter: philly's top cop richard r his spokesperson says he's fine and apparently the city of philadelphia. on market street, i'm jeff cole. so much love in south philln avenue the phillies switch out to oneanner wishing the eagles graduating them from bringing home the vince lombardtr phillyt into the action when the eagles arrived home today.
10:36 pm
you canee and franklin all celebrating the return of our hometown clamps. there's gear, then there's something you hold on to forever like the cover of the local paper when your team happens to win the super bowl. and these guys were ready. this is so exciting, dave!
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celebration continue and last nigh officers, do you see this, did not let theirpe their excitement. caught on dash cam. the two jumping joy. and shouting out that the eagles won. super bowl lii is now the tenth most watched show in american tv history. drawing 106 million viewers. also on that list every super bowl for the last eight years and last episode of mash. just makes you smile, doesn't it? hot off the presses philadelphia eagles taking over newspaper headlines, of course, fox 29's lauren johnson stopped by the inquirer's printing facility in conshohocken where people worked through the night to get history printed. >> reporter: for so many of us, we have not slept yet but
10:40 pm
it's all been worth it, right? well one man whose been hard at work since 2:30 yesterday fred here at the warehouse in conshohocken where they print the inquire and daily news. how are you. >> i'm doing fine. >> running off fumes, aren't you. >> absolutely right now. best day in the world. >> reporter: all worth it? >> all worth it absolutely. >> you got here early your team got here around 9:00 o'clock last night. >> correct. >> they've been working hard ever since. tell me what kind of how things work here logistic klee? >> we printed about ten times the normal order for the inquirer and daily news. we went to press around midnight and we've been producing papers every since and loading the trucks and they're out in the streets now and waiting for the sale. >> 50,000 papers per hour. >> per hour. we print and we printed about 700,000 between the inquirer daily news. >> what's the break down of that. >> 400,000 inquirer. 300,000 daily news. >> tell me what happened in here. you guys had a little watch party. what happened in here when the buzzer went off at the end of
10:41 pm
the game? >> it was crazy. it was absolutely crazy. we had food arc big screen tv and people going crazy. bunch eagles fans work at the inquirer for sure. >> what happens when you find a traitor with cowboys hat. i think i spotted one. >> we wouldn't let him anywhere near the food or the tv. >> or the printing press. >> or the press, yeah. >> all right. so the trucks about 70 of them out in the area. name the counties much eight counties? >> eight counsel tase. it's delaware county, chester county, montgomery county, philadelphia county, in jersey burlington, gloucester and sale camden county. look at you. >> you pass the test. that's a lot of newspapers. >> and bucks county. i forgot bucks county. >> a lot of people are asking from near and far i want my hands on more than one copy the best place is to go phill philly.corks/go birds. >> yes, yes. you can go -- if you're close you can go to the store. they'll be plenty of papers for you. >> you don't think we'll run out. >> we will definitely not run out. we'll make sure of that. >> good for you. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> go birds. >> go birds.
10:42 pm
>> all right. back to you guys in the studio. >> that's right. go birds. >> kathy? >> awesome. >> all eyes on thursday. right? >> yes. >> for the parade of champions. >> and get our paper it's not too late. we have some snow, wintry mix and rain to get through before the parade. we'll talk about that and of course your forec -if you told me a year ago where i'd be right now...
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her her we philadelphia eagles o not shy away from showing their faith. su after their super bowl win. got this video last night from the locker room. every once is talking about the philly breaking our long super bowl drought but this team is also making an impact inny of tr faith is a huge part of their success and ttoay told our bill anderson that having such good role models may actually be making o better place for goodness sake. look at that. >> reporter: the fact the super bowl champions are being discussed in bars in the media and on the streets that's not that up usual. but what may be unique is that this eagles team is also being
10:46 pm
discussed in places like this. >> ♪ >> reporter: this year several eagles have been unafraid to express how much their religion means to them as football players and as men. >> can't even walk and do things, um, the more i realize he's got everything in the palm of his hand. >> i don't know how i'm going get this done god i need that direction. >> what's interesting is that religious leaders have gun to see a definite impact on the community perhaps because of the actions of these players. >> people were excited to come to church with a dog mask on. people were excited to be 80-year-old women who's singing fly eagles fly. people can experience any kind of joy and be decent and be noble and generous and honest, i encourage it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: from eagles chants to decorating the pulpit with eagles logos and wentz
10:47 pm
banners reverend mitchell says in a lot of ways it feels like the city need add team like th this. >> so you've got public baptis baptisms. you've got people who talk about god at press conferences and i think that energizes the faithful in this city has needed something to energize its core. >> they're social people how to compete on the field and how to face live off of it. >> every time i'm out in the feel i'm not trying to bring my name glory. i'm trying to bring god's name glory. >> that mine set is spreading that sports spectrum began a couple years ago highlighting high profile players who don't shy away from their religion in video messages and social media and this year the eagles they're well repped. >> the love and the grace the beauty of christ and having trial relationship with him. >> my relationship with jesus is second to none. >> embraced by fans from the streets to the pulpit. >> and perhaps really making a difference in this city. >> i think it's also an example for people who are in the pews to look into the world and see people who are living successf
10:48 pm
successfully and practicing and living out the same faith propositions that they hear sunday after sunday. >> reporter: with all the talk about our rowdy fans and the trash talk from others about our lack of championships, is it possible that the eagles are not only a great team but when we win, we show society how you can win and also be great men for goodness sake? report i'm bill anderson. ♪ back outside live look at the ben franklin parkway. we've got a parade to plan but before that we'll have to deal with some wick weather. details 15 seconds away. okay. lucy, we have snow. >> yes. >> are you paying attention. >> i'm paying attention. >> we have sleet or freezing rain. >> yeah. >> and then we have rain to deal with before we can get to this.
10:49 pm
>> so it will be slip slide aig way type of thing. >> that's wednesday and of course parade day is thursday. >> that's awesome. what great shot. >> isn't that great. >> i love it i can't get enough it perfect for the parade on thursday. 5 degrees rig in pottstown. 27 in philadelphia and 21 in millville. doppler so we have a few clouds that will be rolling in tomorrow. we have some sleet and freezing rain but it's all go to end as rain late wednesday it will bearade on thursday. windshield he speeds pretty quiet calm most the region we northwest. future cast shows when that precip will b c into early wednesday morning. so tomorrow a bit of a break g do. setting up big time on the parkway. and then by wednesday at 6:00 a.m. you can coming in. philadelphia we'll be seeing snow moving in very quickly mess on wednesday. then during the morning, right through 8:00 a.m.l in some snowy
10:50 pm
mix you see right here in the pink and then rain to the southk we have a little bit of a break. and then here comes the rain with warmer air from noon on wednesday we'll talk about moderate rain to heavy rain see that yellow, that's heavy rain through the day and then maybe a bit of a squall line coming through with heavy rain later with a front and then it moves out. it's out of here by 9:00 o'clock wednesday evening. then we dry it out with breezy conditions. so over tonight 11 in the poconos. philadelphia 26. allentown 17. during the day tomorrow, some morning clouds and then we'll see some sun. the high 41. so a nice day. not much wind really great day to be outside. but then we'll look ahead to some wintry weather. thursday for the parade, it's going to be nice. little bit of a breeze. temperatures will be cool. starting off the day 7:00 a.m. about 28. when the parade starts sunny, breezy 31. wind chills in the 20s and then by 3:00 o'clock, sunny, chilly with a breeze. the high 35 degrees.
10:51 pm
sunset shortly after 5:00 o'clock and get pretty chilly then. seven day forecast shows wintry mix to rain on wednesday much thursday parade day looking go good. friday nice, warmer on saturday. rain on sunday. and monday partly sunny 46 degrees. but all eyes on thursday. and a lot of body heat i think it will be pretty decent there, lucy. looking good. that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> sounds good. thank you very much. sean bell. have you caught your breath yet is your heart still racing? >> it's still pounding. >> okay. >> it's still pounding. and listen, people may not have noticed bill belichick finally made a mistake that might have cost the pats a super bowl super bowl. fine out what he did that gave the eagles a huge advantage. the party started early for the eagle. see who already had a little too much to drink. that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
nor nissan sports wrap on fox 29. >> the party just don't stop. these philly streets are about to be lit over the next couple of days. the players come home today. the parade is on thursday. so you know the party will go through the weekend. so of course the party start the right after the eagles won their first super bowl in franchise history but there was one person who had little too much to dri
10:55 pm
drink. >> we partied out already. you know man he milk wasted. he milk waved. you know what i'm saying? i had my four milks already. he gone. you know, i'm pretty sure a lot of people in philadelphia going to drink until they pass out tonight and they deserve it. >> he got a head start. >> he got a head start. milk wasted. >> talking about his son right there and lost in the super bowl crazy brian dawkins may be the beloved eagles ever was elected to the hall of fame over the weekend. hear was brian getting fit for his fall hall of fame jacket. second try and the voters got it right. back to the actual game. bell belichick benched malcolm butler before the game. he started every game for the patriots this year. belichick chose to only use butler for special teams because the super bowl which isbefore absolutely idiotic to me. patriots cheat and deflate footballs for a living but bench butler for minor up frack. row didn't know he was starring
10:56 pm
the game until right before kickoff. so that's why the eagles thread shredded patriots defense because belichick decided to make that awful decision right before the game. >> now, who cares about the patriots? let focus on us style. the best part in my opinion the fan reactions. i've seen people crying, screaming and just being in pure shock. check out kobe bryant's reaction to the eagles winning the super bowl while carrying his baby. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, thank god. oh, my god. yes, we won. we won the bleep super bowl. that's it. that's it. that's it. that's it. >> we won the bleep super bowl. oh, my god. oh, my god! [ laughter ] >> yeah, baby you just have to wake up and listen to the noise. >> when the eagles win the super bowl. kevin hart after the game he was there and he tried to get on stage in the security blocked him. >> they blocked him.
10:57 pm
>> kevin said -- >> yo. >> security said i know who you are but you can go up here. oh, yes, i am. >> the security said, nah, bro. chill out. i don't blame kevin. i would have tried to do the same thing. >> he's a super star. >> that's good stuff. does it for us tonight at 10:00. >> iain p
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. city of champions, sounds good, doesn't it? get used to it because right now, the city of champions is this one. philadelphia, pennsylvania, now the home of the reigning super bowl champs. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. the excitement has not died down at all. the biggest question asked all over our area today, can you believe it? this is such an incredible feeling. you want some team coverage? we got team coverage for you. dave schratwieser and dave ken chen out with preparations for the big par regard and shawnette wilson got you covered if you're looking for gear. let's start with brad sattin lifer in south phil. brad. >> reporter: iain, you know, we're hearing a lot of compare sons to the 2,008 phillies world series. this parade expected to be much bigger, millions of people. speaking of the phillies


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