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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the route but we begin with bruce gordon live with a look at how the city is preparing. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, when pope francis wrapped up his 2015 visit to philadelphia with a huge open air mass right here on the ben franklin parkway, folks were justifiable until awe of the spectacle. at the risk of sounding bloom item muss for some locals furs thursday's eagles celebration might just be an even bigger slice of heaven. with the remnants of the super bowl sunday celebrations still littering the ground, the parkway is being readied for thursday's official off the hook over the top mother of all parades. tourist melanie main was in new orleans when the saints celebrated in 2010. >> it was really good. this is a whole lot more of a frenzy i guess there's so many fans compacted in such a small area. >> reporter: oh yeah. if rumors and speculation are to be trusted, some 600 trillion people will line the parade route which will begin at broad
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and patison at 11am. travel north up broad street, bend around city hall then cut over to the parkway for a 1:00 p.m. program on the steps of the arthur museum. eagles president don schmolenski unveil the lombardi trophy at a news conference laying out the details of the celebration. >> waiting a long time for that. [ applause ] >> reporter: said the team can't wait to join a party already in progress. >> it's really an opportunity for us, our organization, our players, our staff to really sort of take in that enthusiasm. >> reporter: event organizers say the parkway will be outfitted with 14 jumbotrons and plenty of loud speakers. oh, and 850 port o potties. the eagles will ride in open air vehicles so fans can get a good view of their heroes. and,. >> there's a couple of surprises along the way, along the parade route that will happen. >> reporter: streets will be barricaded but spectators will not need to pass through metal detectors still the advice is to travel light and be prepared to
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walk great distances given the crowds security will be an issue. homeland security will be on hand to help a massive local police presence. >> we'll have people all over on foot, in vehicles, in the air, um, they'll be on bikes, they'll be on horseback. >> reporter: sunday's celebration while largely peaceful did have its moments of mayhem. mayor kenny said thursday's event daytime more families should be even safer. but he has a warning for those looking to play down to the city's image of hooliganism. >> the small number of knuckle heads should stay home. >> reporter: here here. event planners say while they have not discussed the parade and event publicly till now so not to jinx the birds they have have been talking about all of this stuff for a couple of weeks now. still it's a big party to pull off in a short amount of time. go to we will link to you all the information you need to enjoy this event to its full let either in person or right in front of your tv set on fox 29.
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lucy? >> all right, knuckle heads, you heard him, stay home. thank you very much, bruce. looking to take a train into the parade perhaps. well you're not alone. septa says it wants to make it easy and safe as possible for to you get to the celebration. fox 29's jeff cole live in media. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, we're already finding out just how packed and difficult this may be actually. so we're here at the media train station much the ten dollars discount passes septa is selling are already sold out here. at least sold out here for the day. septa hopes to win this big transportation event on thursday just like the eagles did on sunday. trish combs is on a mission. she's hustling across the parking lot of septa's media train station to buy her ten dollars independence pass for the parade. her high school aged daughter has sent her. >> she has called me multiple times on my way here in the two minutes i've been driving make sure you get the right ticket. make sure they punch the right day. she has texted me the date that
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should be on the ticket. >> reporter: septa is selling 50,000 of the discounted pass along with weekly and monthly trail passes they're the only way to get to thursday's parade on the regional rail. but beware, trains will not stop at all stations and they'll run to jefferson and 30th street only in the city. >> our desire is to move large numbers of people express style service wherever we can and make sure that, of course, safety is held. >> reporter: septa expects to move at least a half million riders in and out for the para parade. it's urging fans to considerate mark frankford and broad street lines which will run for free thanks to a $300,000 contribution from the region's largest insurer independence blue cross. everyone is welcomed says the authority but sober. >> there is no drinking of alcohol and we will be preventing people from carrying cases, six packs, any alcohol because it won't be able to drink it on the streets when they get downtown.
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>> reporter: septa says it's learned from its mistakes during the 2008 phillies parade when riders were left standing at stations while packed trains rumbled past. it says the visit of pope francis went far better. >> got my tickets whoo! >> reporter: back at the ticket booth in media, joe is over the moon. he and his son have their passes for the parade they've waited so long to see. >> at least now i know i can get down there. i'm not going to be thursday morning trying to figure out if i'm going to get on a train or not. i got my ticket. >> reporter: buses will also run. they'll be some changes in the routes. remember, not all regional rail stations will be open. go to or to find out which one of the places what trains will stop. live in media, more on the 6:00, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> lucy. >> thank you very much jeff. speaking of trains patco helping to you get to the parade by running a modified schedule
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thursday closing ten stations at 3am from 6:00 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. only westbound trains will run. trains leaving from the lindenwold west, woodcrest ferry avenue and broadway stations will go directly to the ninth, tenth and locust street station. from 1:20 p.m. to 8:00 trains will only run eastbound. so this is hard to absorb all of this so for everything you need to know about the parade route and trains and road closures, school closures and everything else, just head to, you'll find it all right there for you. so the city of philadelphia and businesses are fine tuning their plans for thursday. but what about the people who live along the parade route? fox 29's joyce evans went out to see how they're preparing for the big day. live now in south philadelphia. joyce? >> reporter: well, hey, lucy. you know only a couple of frowns from folks along the parade route who say they don't have time to prepare. but they're excited, they say it's all in the air and nobody can escape it. >> i'm excited. i can't wait.
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i was there for the phillies this will ten times more special without a doubt. >> reporter: to hear the lombardi trophy and the victorious eagles will roll practically right past john gay reno's house, well -- >> in south philadelphia, eagl eagles! >> reporter: dream come true for the ultimate eagles fan. while city workers prep broad street for the ultimate celebration, john's plans were in place an hour after the official announcement. >> i have relatives cupping the night before to sleep over. so they don't have to worry about traffic and, you know, hustle and bustle of the people. >> reporter: just can't contain himself at home alone. well, there is apollo all deck out he's got a training camp keep sake from years ago and going to break out in eagles special addition cam bore nay he's been saving for seven yea years. >> ed lives where the parade will epidemic and ceremony begins. a neighborhood not always thrilled to host the really big ones. >> this is the exception. not the norm.
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to see the spirit of the eagles. i've been waiting a long time. i was down there for the flyers way back when. down there for the phillies. and now it's come to go me. easier when you're older. >> reporter: back in south philly. >> i'm going to walk 400 feet up to broad street and look for that lombardi trophy. >> you'll be wearing this hat. >> i'll be wearing this hat. eagles -- a shame it doesn't say world champions. we are world champions and i'm loving it. >> reporter: loving it so much he had to take all that energy outside and yup that's john's car. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> reporter: he needs to bottle up some of that energy and pass it around but you know what, nobody else really needs it. go, eagles, someone screaming from across the park right here. now, if you are looking to get a hotel room to stay close by, good luck. we talked with the embassy sweets along the parkway and they say they don't have much left. and talking to city officials, they tell us well there is a title one school convention in town a big one and boy did those
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guys pick the right week to be in philadelphia. lucy? >> didn't they? absolutely, joyce. thank you much. we're keeping track of school district closings -- school districts closing for the parade. so far the philadelphia upper darby, penndel, collingswood and oakland districts are all clos closed. philadelphia arch diocesan schools and community college of philadelphia will also close on thursday. that includes administrative offices and late this afternoon temple announced its campuses will close with no classes thursday except for temple harrisburg. so we've been cheering with all season long of course. not stopping now. no way. all day parade coverage kicks off thursday with our good daal day philadelphia steam at 4am. we're going straight through the day thursday is going to be a party. fox 29 won't let you miss a single second of it. now on the other side of the spectrum of happiness and such, fools trashing a south philly gas station. a group of supposed eagles fans pour flood the sunoco gas station on 800 block of south
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broad street just after the eagles clinched the super bowl. they didn't want to buy anything they just wanted to do that. ridiculous. surveillance video shows them grabbing things and doing what they're doing, whatever. some pushed down displays even smashed a hole in the back wall of the store. so if you recognize any of these guys, if you know anything about this, call police. your fox 29 winter weather authority tracking snow. live look at wilmington it's going to be a bit of a mess tomorrow morning. kathy, that first look at your forecast what you got? >> well, we're talking about some snow, some sleet, some freezing rain and even rain, lucy, that's all before our parade gets started so those preps have to get done tonight. we do have winter weather advisory in effect for most of the region. 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. that's the time frame we're dealing with tomorrow. it does get extended through south jersey, mt. laurel, browns mills, winslow, washington township, and it goes through pa right through the lehigh valley. we do have winter storm watch in effect for the poconos for higher accumulations of snow. two parts to this system.
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the cold part with snow. the warmer part with the rain. we'll start off with the snow an then we'll transition to rain during the day. so let's go hour by hour. we start off at midnight. by 6am it's in here. it's snowing through philadelphia and south jersey. we that wintry mix highlighted in pink and rain down the shore. and then look what happens. by about 9:00 o'clock, we change over to rain in philadelphia. north and west we have the mix. lehigh valley still snow. and then by 11:00 o'clock, we get a little bit of a break, precipitation begins to end and then the afternoon heavy rain for pretty much everyone and that's out of here by the evening. breezy conditions expected and that should dry the roads before the parade begins on thursday. so take a look. snow amounts coming up in the seven day. we'll talk about that. the parade forecast and our next chance of rain in the seven day forecast. lots to talk about, lucy. it will be a little bit of a blustery day for the parade but i don't think anybody will mind. >> i don't think so at all. we carry our own heat, thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. >> tomorrow morning perhaps, sue serio, bob kelly will have more on tomorrow's anticipated messy
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commute all begins at 4:00 a.m. on "good day philadelphia". coming up, skies should stay clear as you just heard kathy for thursday's parade of champions but it's february. cold weather gear probably you're going to need to cheer on the birds. and did you perhaps get that alert the tsunami warning? it's another fail for those alert that is are supposed to keep
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>> such an site its exciting time to be in philadelphia right now the parade of champions two days away. get ready it will be cold and we do mean cold for fans lining broad street and the parkway.
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our dawn timmeney is breaking it all down for us. >> reporter: just about everywhere you look, philadelphia eagles fans are out in their birds gear gearing up for the city's long awaited super bowl parade. myself included. >> it's not too bad out right now but thursday wind chills are supposed to be in the 20s and i need some serious warm weather gear. >> go birds! >> reporter: lori fredericks son of i goldberg to the rescue. a quick spin around the army/navy store in center city and i was set. her number peace of advice to stay warm, layer up. >> thermal, thermals, thermals. [ laughter ] buy just get thermals as your bottom layer and go from there. >> reporter: certainly plenty to choose from. heavy duty ones i'm thinking. >> i wanted the warmest you have, lori. the warmest. >> reporter: look at this. is this a onsie. >> yes, human suit. very warm. a lot of people wear these as pajamas. >> oh my gosh perfect under
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layer. >> pile on the eagles gear and serious coat. >> go why the woolwich parka. very very warm. they made these for people on the alaskan pipeline. you'll be warm in this. >> hat is a must. especially for anyone who will úbe out on the streets for hours celebrating this moten he mentos win. >> pick out a hat, lori. >> i think you should go with this fur hat. >> very very warm. you can wear it like this. or pull it down. then you have to coverage for your ears, too. >> let me see. >> let's see how it looks. >> reporter: what do you thin think. >> keep the toes toasty. these heat holder socks seem ideal. >> they're niece inside thermal sock and they're very comfortable they have the cushion so you'll be standing and you'll be cold. so that's the perfect thing to have. >> reporter: pick out a perfect pair of ski mittens. but another parade must have, body warmers that you can put on your back or side to take the chill out. >> pull this off, just stick it on your first layer put it
5:17 pm
between your that and your flannel or sweatshirt it will keep you warm for 12 hours. >> reporter: quick trip to the dressing room to try it all on for size. ♪ >> reporter: so with as many 2 million people possibly more expected to pour into philadelphia for the hitter 86 parade, some of the fans i talked to today said they'll be plenty of body heat to keep them warm along the route. always lot of adrenaline. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> she looks cozy, doesn't she? [ laughter ] >> our eagles team coverage continues with kristen rodgers freshly back from the twin cities. kristen, so how was it covering your first super bowl? >> oh, man, lucy. what a trip. this team is so incredible to cover because they're so close to each other. they're serious al brotherhood and why -- that is why i think they are now super bowl champions. case in point, this philly special and here it is. now forever inked on the cover of sports illustrated of course i'm talking about that trick
5:18 pm
play with the touchdown from tray burton to nick foles. fun fact tray burton high school quarterback and now nick foles is the only quarterback to throw and catch a touchdown in super bowl history. this play perfectly a pitt tow maced the eagles team. it showed the amazing chemistry they have on and off the field. and the aggressive play calling from doug pederson that earned him a super bowl title in just his second year. coming up later in the show, hear from someone who knows nick foles very well. why he knew even back in high school in austin, texas that he was capable of leading a team to a vince lombardi trophy. lucy? >> amazing time. just an amazing time. >> what a time to be alive. >> what a time to be carson wentz. week keeps getting better. eagles quarterback is engaged! wentz announced on twitter today that he popped the question to his now fiance' maddie. along with the pictures he said can he not wait to marry his best friend now they both have ring. wentz added god is doing some amazing things and i can't thank
5:19 pm
him enough! so congratulations to carson and maddie. developing story. the amtrak engineer in that deadly crash in 2015 is now heading to trial. a judge reinstated involuntary manslaughter and reckless end endangerment charges. last year a different judge throughout the charges ruling the evidence point to do a tragic accident, not negligence. pennsylvania prosecutors appealed and today judge catherine lewis ruled the earlier judge in her opinion was wrong. when the train rounded a curve at more than twice the speed limit it derailed killing eight people and injuring more than 150 others. a false tsunami alarm went out. it happened this morning. this time people on the east coast got it. the warning was meant to be a test. does that sound familiar? congress is now asking how accidents like this can be avo avoided? fox's doug mckelway has more from d.c. >> reporter: the alert went out to millions of mobile
5:20 pm
devices up and down the east coast. warning of a tsunami watch on tuesday morning. it turned out to be another false alarm part of a test being conducted by the national weather service. but for many, it came too quickly after the false missile warning in hawaii. congress now taking up the issue trying to find a way to restore confidence in america's public alert systems. >> at the very least, we expect that the alerts that come through our devices are timely, accurate and only sent when necessary. >> reporter: officials from fema and the fcc telling the house homeland security committee the two person validation used by most systems has been effective for cities but less so in rural areas where operation centers more likely staffed -- lightly staffed. lawmakers sparring over who was to blame when the hawaii false alert was issue. >> there was at the beginning and at the end exercise, exercise, exercise. >> the individual employee has broken his silence and said that he didn't -- it was real.
5:21 pm
he didn't hear any words exercise, exercise. >> reporter: hawaii officials are now working with the fcc to develop new protocols but it will take time to re-establish trust in the state' emergency alert system with many residents expressing anger and even threatening violence. >> received a number of threat threatening calls in various natures. upset people. people threatening physical or bodily harm to the employees here. >> reporter: the employee responsible for the hawaii incident has been fired. but it's unclear if anyone at the national weather service will face discipline for the tsunami warning. in washington, doug mckelway, fox 29 news. >> thursday' parse raid could mean big business and lots of green as in cash versus you know the midnight green that will be everywhere. but as everyone staying open? and faith in football. eagles players saying their spiritual will the absolutely helped them win big this season. ♪
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>> happening right now police are trying to piece together exactly what happened when a driver hit a woman who was crossing roosevelt boulevard. she died. it happened last night around 11:00 near large street. police say she was crossing across the boulevard when it happened. she died at the hospital. the 22-year-old driver did stop but police say that he did not have a license. so we are awaiting word on any charges. pennsylvania's governor tom
5:25 pm
wolf has delivered his budget address in harrisburg. the governor laid out his plan tday for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. he started out by his address by applauding the eagles. even sporting a philadelphia eagles hat, of course. and he proposed a budget that would boost spending by about $1 billion. funds going toward education, middle class jobs and treatment to fighting the opioid epidemic. specifically, wolf says this year's budget focuses on reducing costs for families. the governor believes the best way to do that is with a cut in taxes. >> and by failing to put in place this common sense tax, we're actually just paying states, the other states taxes like when we fill up our cars or heat our homes. we're paying for alaska schools or texas' roads. i don't know about you but i don't remember ever getting a thank you note from any of the taxpayers in either texas or alaska. >> republicans are pushing back. house majority leader dave read
5:26 pm
likes the some and going toward education but also believes it will lead to tax increases in the future. well philadelphia mayor jim kenney outline his top priorities for 2018 in his herd chamber of commerce address he touch on the need to keep improving public schools and public transportation while fighting the opioid epidemic and homeless epidemic across the city. kenney also unveiled a plan to tackle the skill gap when it comes to blue collar jobs through work force training and education. to close or not to close deciding whether to shut down for the parade of champions or trying to cash in all that green that hopefully fans will be spending much businesses are weighing the options. kathy, i wish we can weigh the options when it came to weather. >> i know, me too. tomorrow morning, most of us will be waking up to snow. accumulating. we'll talk about how much to expect coming
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak.
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so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. >> just two more days until the parade of champions for the philadelphia eagles. here's what we know. the parade is going to start at pattison avenue and broad street. make its way to the art museum steps, streets we know the barricades will go up but you won't have to go through metal detectors if you'd like to go. homeland security on hand. city officials are saying you might want to travel light and be prepared to take a long walk. septa is offering free rides on the market frankford and broad street lines. special one-day passes available for regional rail. for all the details, just head to fox
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everything parade white right there for you. it's not just fans getting ready to celebrate business owners are seeing green, too. not just midnight green. we're talking cold hard cash green as many as 2 million people could pack the parade route and our dave kinchen has been talking to business owners who are getting ready for those crowds. >> keep the beer cold and burgers warm it always works that's part of the plan for mace's crossing pub along the ben franklin parkway. they're making rest up along the way since philly has likely never seen a parade like the eagles super bowl championship celebration coming through town on thursday. >> he one we have the st. patrick's day parade, thanksgiving. i was at the phillies parade so i'm just going to figure that it's all three of them together. it's going to be so big. >> reporter: manager bob thompson is working on his food and drink menu for the big day and plans to open two hours early at 9am to give the fun times a running start. >> it's the smallest place. so we're going to try to get in
5:31 pm
everybody as safe and comfortable as possible. we're probably going open the outdoor. we have an outdoor patio. and wait fort parade to come beach all hands on deck. we're talking to lot of our, arc lost restaurants around here to see how they're going to manage it and we're all in it together basically. >> meantime across the city of champions -- >> ♪ >> reporter: when kids walk out of schools wednesay, the classrooms will remain empty until friday since students and staff have been given thursday off to celebrate with the champs up down the parade route of school district of philadelphia and the arch dice cease making the. >> call i feel as though it's going to be lit. can't wait. >> i'm feeling like super happy they won. i going get day off on thursday. everybody is excited. >> ten-year-old paul miles will be watching the fun with his mother who fondly recalls the last time the city came together like this ten years ago. >> let me tell you. he's ten years old. ten years ago, the phillies won the world series. the year he was born.
5:32 pm
and now ten years later, the eagles won the super bowl. so it's like a bittersweet moment. it really is. it means a lot. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> we've been cheering with you all season long. not stopping now. all day parade coverage kicks off thursday with "good day philadelphia" at 4:00 a.m. going straight through the entire day. iain and i will be with you at 11am when this starts along with alex and mike. it will be so fun. thursday will be a party. fox 29 won't let you miss a single second of it. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the weather for the parade it's going to be cold but first tomorrow we got a messy start to the morning commute. snow and rain on the way. so kathy is breaking down the tolls in 15 seconds. >> okay today was the calm before the storm before the parade. we are getting ready, of course,
5:33 pm
on the parkway. get it all done, guys. because tomorrow is just going to be a mess. it's not like it will be a lot of snow. especially in the delaware valley. but it is going to be sleeting, raining, and pretty windy tomorrow. the temperature is 37 in philadelphia. 26 in the poconos. and arthritic in millville. right now we have that northwesterly wind sustain at 12 in the poconos and reading and those winds will definitely pick up on parade day. we have one-two punch the cold coming in from the north and warmth of the rape coming in from the south. so the two combined are going to give us a mess tomorrow. a wall of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain will be moving in after 5:00 a.m. so sue serio will be telling you all about it first in the west and moving toward the east. in philadelphia, by 6:00 a.m., between about seven and 9:00 we transition from snow to rain in philadelphia. you still see that wintry mix in our northern and western suburbs. the upper parts of bucks and montco in the lehigh valley still in snow at 9am. of course you'll see your higher accumulations as you go farther north by noon we see the rain in philadelphia. almost to the lehigh valley and then heavy rain highlighted in
5:34 pm
yellow right through the afternoon into the evening commute and then it moves out during the evening. by nine, 10:00 o'clock it's out of here and the winds kick in. winds gusting to about 25 miles an hour late tomorrow night. here's a look at your snow accumulation. less than an inch in south jersey along i-95 and those close by suburbs along the mainline of philadelphia pretty close to the city. one to 2-inches as you get through central parts of our suburbs and upper parts of bucks, montco and chester into the lehigh valley potential for two to 4-inch as you move northward and four to six as you go into the poconos. transition faster through south jersey, philadelphia, even into new castle county and so you'll see less snow. the farther north you will see more snow. so overnight tonight, 28 in the city. 15 in the poconos. township in reading. and 28 in dover. during the day tomorrow, in philadelphia nearby suburbs in pa and south jersey it will be brief snow. a mix and then to rain. 45 degrees the afternoon high. what a difference from morning tonight.
5:35 pm
for parade day 7am25 degrees with a northwesterly wind. by the time we start at 11am the temperature 28. so it's going to be cold with the wind it had feel like around 20 by the the afternoon when the festivities end at 3:00 p.m. on thursday, 32 degrees with a westerly win. wind chills in the 20s. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday more clouds, saturday some showers. warm but wet sunday. temperatures in the 40s next monday and tuesday and that's a look at your seven day forecast. three, two, one. >> wow. space x making history with a launch of the world's most powerful rock the falcon heavy it blasted toward mars from the same launch pad that sent the crew of nasa's apollo ten to the move this rocket payload is cherry read tesla. promotional stunt includes a mannequin in space suit. david bowie is playing too. nasa's launches its next
5:36 pm
generation rock the space launch system it will become the world's most powerful rocket with the space agency says more than twice the power as the falcon heavy. not only did they lose the super bowl, but one patriot lost some of his stuff. burglars broke into his home
5:37 pm
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>> roller coaster day on wall street. stocks pick up steam as the dow closed up several hundred points today. after starting the day down more than 500 points late surge helped the dow close nearly 600 that's more than several. that is fantastic. it has been crazy 24 hours with the stock exchange not to mention 401ks. yesterday the dow jones tumbled 1,175 points in a historic sell off. worst everyone-day point loss. it's not your imagination. banks are closing branches at a pace we've never seen before. according to analysis by the wall street journal, more than 1700 bank branches closed in 2017. experts say it's because more people are banging at atm's
5:40 pm
capitol one financial shut more than 30% of its branches from mid 2012 to mid 2017 while 22% of sun trust bang branches closed during that same time. used to be everywhere now it so many times like cd's going the way the walk man. best buy about to stop selling them according to business insider the company says it will sell the last one on july 1st. that's it. music industry experts say between streaming services and return of vinyl which is a fabulous thing, cd's just don't have a market and target can be the next major company to follow suit. happening right now, police in foxboro, massachusetts, are calling it a double whammy. straight off the patriots crushing loss at the super bowl, rob gronkowski arrived home to fine his place burglarized. the thieves struck while he was in minneapolis for the game. right now detectives aren't saying what they took from gronk's home. from the pulpit to the grid iron. the role faith plays in football and how some players say it help
5:41 pm
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♪ back to your super bowl champ football. this team is also making an impact in other ways. many of the players say their fame is a huge part of their success. local pastor told our bill ant son having such good role models may actually make our city and an even getter place for goodness sake. >> reporter: the fact that the super bowl champions are being discussed in bars, empty median on the streets that's not that unusual.
5:45 pm
but what may be unique is that this eagles team is also being discussed in places like this. >> ♪ >> reporter: this year several eagles have unafraid to express how much their religion means to them as football players and as men. >> can't walk and do things the more i realize he's got everything in the pal much his hand. >> i don't know how i'll get this done. god, i need that direction. >> what's interesting is that religious leaders have gun to see a definite impact on the community perhaps because of the actions of these players. >> people were excited to come to church with a dog mask on. people were excited to be 80 year old women singing fly eagles fly. if people can experience any kind of joy and be decent and be noble and generous and honest i encourage it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: from eagles chaps
5:46 pm
to decorating the pulpit with eagles logos and wentz banners, reverend mitchell says in a lot of ways, it feels like the city need add team like this. >> so you've got public baptis baptisms. you've got people who talk about god at press conferences and i think that energizes the faithful in this city has needed something to energize its -- showing people how to compete on the fielder but also how to potentially face life off of it. >> every time i'm out in the field i'm not trying to bring my name glory. i'm trying to bring god's name glory. sports spectrum began a couple years ago highlighting high profile players who don't shy away from theoriux his john in video messages and social media and this year the eagles they're well represented. >> the love and the grace, the beauty of christ and having a true relationship with him. >> my relationship with jesus is second to none. >> embrace by fans from the streets to the pulpit and perhaps really making a difference in this city. >> i think it's also an example
5:47 pm
for people who are in the pews to look into the world and see people who are living successfully and practicing and living out the same faith proposition that is they hear sunday after sunday. >> so with all the talk about our rowdy fans and the trash talk from others about our lack of championships, is it possible that the eagles are not only a great team but when we win, we show society how you can win and also be great men for goodness sake? i'm bill ant son. >> happening right now, in the wake of the growing opioid crisis, philadelphia city officials are pushing to make the city become the first in the us to offer safe injection sites. however legal experts say the plan can be a nightmare to he can cute. fox's talia kirkland reports. >> reporter: america is in the middle of its deadliest drug crisis and philadelphia is ground zero for a new plan to save lives. >> time for to us rethink our assumptions, and consider things we hadn't considered before. we estimate in 2017 there will
5:48 pm
be 1200 overdose deaths in the city. >> reporter: the city announced plans to open the first u.s. supervised inject sight. these safe havens will be placed in high-risk neighborhoods offering wound care, clean needles and be a pipeline for users to access treatment. >> good evidence that supervised consumption facilities safe lives. particular facility in vancouver canada open for some 15 years. they've had thousands of people had an overdose on the facility and not had a single death. >> reporter: while canada's success is promising experts say it's no guarantee. >> american ethics and culture are not those of canada. so it's going to be more political decision. >> reporter: seattle allotted $1.3 million for a plan of its own but was stalled in 2017. philadelphia hoping to avoid this fate has opted to serve as facilitator not operator. a decision that some are calling irresponsible. >> engage many center has to be part of a reform continuum of care to even work.
5:49 pm
homeless people on a binge who go into an engagement site for an hour does not resolve their homeless binging situation. >> reporter: the city will not pay for the sites and must up hold the law. >> they are in kind of a legal know man's land. it's still illegal under city, state and federal law. what it is, it a decision about what to prosecute. >> reporter: no time frame has been announced for the new roll out but officials say they are committed to working with community stake holders in order to have the sites up and running as quickly as possible. in philadelphia, talia kirkland, fox news. >> hit row on loop in the nation' dooms with lawmakers facing another government shutdown. fox's ellison barber has what's happening right now. >> reporter: congress is once again facing a deadline to come up with a plan to fun the government. the clock is ticking towards another federal shut down. the government is set to run out of money on thursday. lawmakers are working oh and budget deal to try and keep the lights on. >> the only reason woe we do not
5:50 pm
have a full budget agreement is because democrats contine to hold funding for our government hostage on unrelated issue. >> reporter: house republicans are moving ahead with a spending bill that would fund the government through march 23rd as well as fund the military for year. the measure is expected to face opposition in the senate where democrats hold a bit more power than their colleagues in the house and are looking to spend more money on domestic programs. >> just as our men and women in uniform deserve the resources they need to keep our country safe, so do our veterans waiting for better health care. >> reporter: budget impass forced the government to close for three days last month. lawmakers say that won't happen this time around. but many of the disagreements that led to the january shut down haven't been resolved. on sunday democratic senator dick durbin said a daca deal was unlikely before the budget deadline. by monday morning, immigration talks app pedestrian to stall with the white house rejecting the latest bipartisan immigration proposal. >> if we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want
5:51 pm
safety and unrelated but still related, they don't want to take care of our military, then shut it down. >> reporter: there's a charge chance this could go down to the wire. house democrats are expected to leave town tomorrow for a policy retreat in maryland but we're hearing that the buses will be gassed up and ready to head back to d.c. in case members need to vote at some point on thursday. in washington, ellison barber, fox 29 news. one beer company is make going on super bowl bet but is hasn'ting out free beer on parade day a g
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> philadelphia just won more than a super bowl. the city also scored 20 pounds of lobster all thanks to a friendly wager placed between pat's king of steaks and the king of lobsters from maine. the two made a bet with 20 cheesesteaks and 20 pounds of maine lobsters on the line. poor little lobsters. today it was time for the king of lobsters to pay up. >> we were sad that the patriots lost but it was great game. can't deny that. it was great game. but we stand true to our word and we're here and we're here to pay up in person. >> i'm always up for a bet. i just new the eagles were going to be victorious and i love lobster. so here we are with a lot of lobster an lot of lobster meat. >> and though the patriots loft pat sent them back with cheesesteaks for the road brotherly love in action. bud light is making good on a bet free beer for the entire city. dilly dilly philly philly.
5:56 pm
bud is giving out free booze during the super bowl parade recipe for disaster, here's hank. ♪ more beer, more fun. one beer, i'm sure everybody will have a few beers that day. >> one beer is not going to change much. >> jeff gets tattoos before his team's win. eagles on his neck this year. phillies a couple years back. he knows commitment he says free beer for thursday's eagles championship parade ain't nothing but a thing. >> i don't think the parade is going to be crazy. i mean everybody got it out of their system last night. still people driving around honking their horns everybody is happy. that's the big thing. >> the free beer is courtesy eagles tackle lane johnson who promised philly a beer last august if the eagles won out to bud light immediately jumped in to foot the bill which was hypothetical then but very real now. so free beer for the parade. some don't like the look of it. >> some people not supposed to be drinking beer. you know how they act when they
5:57 pm
drink beer. [ laughter ] >> they act tough. >> ladies had some concerns about how the beer might be distributed. i asked bud light about it and got a dilly dilly scroll that says, during the great victor parade bud light shall flow in the taverns along the parade trail. >> philly, philly. >> parade trail getting more apparent this afternoon already. with port o potties and barriers showing up. bob thompson of the mace's crossing pub says he's helping out bud light. >> something else it's not in our business model to give out free beer, but somebody else is helping with the tab. so it's going to be fun. it's just another part of the whole eagles magic for this season. >> ken was in his harold carmichael jersey getting his pig cher taken with the rocky statue. bud light is fine also as long as they pay their debt. >> is it a good idea for bud light to be throwing free beer out there. >> yes.
5:58 pm
>> i think it's a bad idea to renege on the offer. >> the town celebrates hard. free beer, championship celebration, i get the concern for sure. i think the reality though is anybody that shows up drunk for the parade was going to be drunk free bud lights or not. my question is, didn't anybody guarantee free pizza or tacos? we need to look back through the twitter scroll. let's get this thing cooking. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> i can go for free tacos. that does it for us at 5:00. iain has got your news at 6:00 right now. ♪ it may not look like much now. but your fox 29 winter weather authority tracking a trifecta. snow, sleet and rain. so just how messy will the morning commute job kathy's forecast is minutes. eagles nation getting ready to celebrate but if outwent get to the parade using septa, you might need one of these. team coverage of the parade of champions starts right now.
5:59 pm
♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we'll get to the eagles par raised champions in just a minute. first a winter weather advisory issued for most of our area looks quite tonight in reading but it is shaping up to be a messy commute in the morning. the big question, will it move out in time for thursday's parade. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm iain page. kathy is here now with more on that. kathy? >> well, iain, we're talking about the preps getting underway and get them done tonight because we have the snow coming in tomorrow. most of us will start off with snow that advisory from 4am to 9:00 a.m. for most of the delaware valley. south jersey will pick up snow even philadelphia hail higher accumulation as you head toward the lee his valley. two systems to talk about. a northern cold storm southern warm storm converging on our area overnight tonight by 6am it's in philadelphia in south jersey by 9:00 till 11:00 we
6:00 pm
transition over to rain. but still snowing in the suburbs during afternoon here comes a wall of rain heavy throughout the afternoon and that goes right up to allentown even the poconos. out of here by the evening. the good news it will be windy and that will dry the roads in time for the parade. coming up we'll talk about the snow amounts and your parade weather and our neck storm that will be coming in in your seven day forecast. we'll zen it over to you, iain. >> kathy, thank. less than 48 hours to go now the city of philadelphia getting ready to show some love to our super bowl champs the eagles. we of course have got you covered with everything you need to know about thursday's big parade. bruce gordon kicks off our team coverage with how the city is getting ready tonight. bruce? >> reporter: with the aftermath of the super bowl sunday celebrations still evident, benjamin parkway is being readied for thursday's official party including off the charts, over the top mother of all parades


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