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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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transition over to rain. but still snowing in the suburbs during afternoon here comes a wall of rain heavy throughout the afternoon and that goes right up to allentown even the poconos. out of here by the evening. the good news it will be windy and that will dry the roads in time for the parade. coming up we'll talk about the snow amounts and your parade weather and our neck storm that will be coming in in your seven day forecast. we'll zen it over to you, iain. >> kathy, thank. less than 48 hours to go now the city of philadelphia getting ready to show some love to our super bowl champs the eagles. we of course have got you covered with everything you need to know about thursday's big parade. bruce gordon kicks off our team coverage with how the city is getting ready tonight. bruce? >> reporter: with the aftermath of the super bowl sunday celebrations still evident, benjamin parkway is being readied for thursday's official party including off the charts, over the top mother of all parades.
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even those used to this big event venue are bracing for amazing. >> it's going to be much bigger than made in america. it's going to be much bigger than the pope, the nfl draft. >> reporter: yup. if rumors and speculation are to be believed, some 500 billion people will line the parade route which begins at broad and patison 11am. travels north up broad street, bends around city hall then cuts over to the parkway for a 1:00 p.m. program on the steps of the art museum. egles president don schmolenski unveiled the vince lombardi trophy at a news conference spelling out the details of the celebration. >> waiting a long time for that. [ applause ] >> reporter: and said the team can't wait to join a pretold already underway. >> really the parade is a chance for to us say thank you to philadelphia for everything. >> reporter: event organizers say the parkway will be outfitted with 14 jumbotrons and plenty of loud speakers and 850 port o potties as well eagles will ride in open air vehicles so fans can get good view of
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their heroes. streets will be barricaded but spectators will not need to pass through metal detectors. still the advice is to travel light and be prepared to do lots of walking. given the crowds, safety will be paramount. homeland security will be on hand to help a massive police presence. we'll have officers in preventive patrol assignments both in uniform and out. so that we'll be able to detect anything that seems like it's out of or. >> reporter: sunday's celebration while mostly peaceful did have its moments of mayhem. mayor ken even asked knuckle heads to stay home thursday. this party said the mayor is all about celebrating excellence and what it means for this blue collar town. >> it's nice to be a winner. after not being a winner for so long. >> reporter: event planners say while they've not public the stuff the parade and program till now so to avoid jinxing the birds, they have been talking about all of this for the last couple of weeks. still it's an awfully big party
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and not a whole lot of time to plan it. go to we will link you to all the information you need to best enjoy thursday's big celebrati celebration. on the parkway, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> septa is gearing up for the more than 2 million expected at the eagles parade thursday. people already in line to make sure they get their train tickets. two days in advance. orajel jeff cole talked with septa who says they're looking to keep everyone's commute safe and easy. >> reporter: in just a few hours here at the septa station in media, special parade passes were sold out. the authority hopes to have more here tomorrow but it's a sign of just how big this event will be. and the pressure on septa to get it right. they're almost as good as ticket to the super bowl an lot cheap cheaper. their ten dollars, septa independence passes and along with weekly and monthly trill trill passes if you don't have one, you're not riding the regional rail to the parade. >> there's no way you're getting into the city with a car on
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thursday. or unless you want to walk which is not going to happen. >> reporter: septa is selling 50 thus san of the discounted tickets and is warning riders not all stations will have service and they'll run only to jefferson and 30th street stations in the city. >> our desire is to move large numbers of people, express style service wherever we can and make sure that, of course, safety is held. >> reporter: the authority is urging riders to use the broad street and market frankford lines running free on thursday thanks to a thee hundred thousand dollars contribution from independence blue cross. a half million riders are expected to take septa to see the super bowl champions in the authority hopes to avoid pack trains and angry riders of the 2,008 phillies parade. and there's no booze allowed. >> there is no drinkin drinkingf alcohol and we will be preventing people from carrying cases, six packs any alcohol they won't be able to drink it on the street when they get downtown. >> reporter: back media, trish
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combs is trying to be a good mom hustling to the ticket booth to get a ten dollars pass for her anxious daughter. >> she has called me multiple times, um, oh and my way here in the two minutes i've been driving make sure you get the right ticket. make sure they punch the right day. she has teched me the date that should be on the ticket. >> reporter: septa is urging its workers to make it on thursday it says it wants no canceled trains because of crews shortages. in media, jeff cole, fox 29 news. what is patco doing. they'll help you get to the parade by running a modified schedule thursday. they'll close ten stations, beginning at 3am, so from 6:00 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. only westbound trains are going to run. trains leaving from the lindenwold, woodcrest, ferry avenue and broadway station are going to go directly to ninth, tenth and locust street station. from 1:20 to 8:00 at night trains are only going to run eastbound. in case you don't have all that we've got everything you need to know about the parade route, the trapes all the road closures and
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school closures head to our website at we of course are keeping track of area school district that is will close for the parade. so far the philadelphia school district, upper darby, penn-delco, and collingswood and oakland school districts are all closed. the arch diocesan schools and community college of philadelphia will also close thursday. this includes administrative offices and late this afternoon temple university says it's campuses will close and they'll be no classes thursday except temple harrisburg. well the city of philadelphia and businesses in the area are fine tuning their plans for thursday but what about the people who live along the route of parade? joyce evans talk to some people about how they're preparing. >> reporter: everybody is i don't know excited, yeah, there are a few residents along the parade route who say that they just don't have time enough to prepare for it. however, there's no denying it's in the air and nobody can escape it. >> give it burton he throws to foles, touchdown. >> i'm excited.
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i can't wait. i was that forly phillies but this will be ten times more special of special without a doubt. >> reporter: to hear the lombardi trophy and the victorious eagles will roll practically right past john guarino's house, well -- >> in south philadelphia, eagl eagles! >> reporter: a dream come true for the ultimate eagles fan. while city workers prep broad street for the ultimate celebration, john's plans were in place an hour after the official announcement. >> i have relatives cupping the night before to sleep over. so they don't have worry about traffic and you know, the hustle and bustle of the people. >> reporter: just can't contain himself at home alone. well there is apollo there all deck out. he's got a training camp keep sake from years ago and he's going to break out an eagles special edition cabernet he's been saving for seven years. >> i think it's good. record record ed lives where the parade will end and the ceremony begins. a neighborhood not always thrilled to host the really big one. >> this is the exception. not the norm.
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to see the spirit of the eagles. i've been waiting a long time. i was down there for the flyers way back when, i was down there for the phillies and now it's coming to me. it's easier you're older. >> reporter: back in south philly,. >> i'm going to walk 400 feet up to broad street and look for that lamb board trophy. >> you'll be wearing this hat. >> i'll be wearing this hat. eagles -- a shame it doesn't say world champions but we are world champions and i'm loving it. >> loving it so much he had to take all that energy outside and, yup, that's john's car. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: now if you're looking to book a hotel close by the parade route, good luck. we talk with the embassy suites along the parkway and they said they don't have much left. and then city officials told us there is a huge convention the title one school convention already in town. so they're taking up a lot of space, too. iain? all right, joyce, thanks. we've been of course cheering with you all season long we're not going to stop now. all day parade coverage kick off
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thursday with our "good day philadelphia" team starting at 4am and we will be live with you all day. thursday will be a party and fox 29 is not going to let you miss a single second of it all. rowdy eagles fans caught on camera trash ago south philly gas station after the big game. a group of supposed eagle fans poured into the sunoco gas station on the 800 block of south road street just after the eagles clinched the super bowl but they didn't want to buy anything. look at this video shows them grabbing stuff off the shelves, throwing it on the floor and the walls some even push down displays they even smashed a hole in the back wall of the store. if you recognize any of these people, police would love to hear from you. to developing story now. the amtrak engineer in that de deadly train crash in 2015 now head to trial. after a judge reinstated involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges against 34-year-old brandon bostian. a last year a different judge throughout the charges when the
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evidence point to do tragic accident not negligence. pennsylvania prosecutors appealed and today judge catherine lewis ruled the earlier judge was incorrect when the train rounded a curve at more than twice the speed limit of course it derailed killing eight people and injuring more than 150 others. now to breaking news out of philadelphia. skyfox is over the scene of a car that almost crashed into the delaware river. this happen in the east torresdale neighbor. not many details are being released right now but we do know no one was hurt and no one ended up in the water. of course, when we learn more we will pass it along to you. go to the parade on thursday you're going to want to layer up. we've got
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looks beautiful. of course if less than 48 hours it will extremely different pack with eagles fans for that big parade of champions much it will be a chilly one as well. our dawn timmeney talk with some fans who say the frigid temperatures it's not going to stop them from packing broad street. >> reporter: birds faithful are proudly donning their eagles green across philadelphia and beyond in anticipation of the city's long awaited super bowl parade. ford is going glam today. with her green eyelashes and purse but it's going to be cold on thursday. so how is she going to stay warm with wind chills in the 20s? >> i was actually downtown the night they won and it was really cold. but i put on a hoodie an jacket and i'm going to put hand warmers and i'm going to go for what i know. >> go birds. >> reporter: i goldberg army/navy in center city out of hand and foot warmers but has the next best thing body warmers that you can put on your back or side to take the chill off. >> you can pull this off, just
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stick it on your first layer, put it between that and your nan or your sweatshirt it will keep you warm for 12 hours. >> reporter: lori freds season layering up will be the key to staying warm. she suggests heavy duty thermals a parka made for he can treatment temperatures, heat holder socks, ski mittens or warm gloves, and you got to have a hat. >> i think you shall go with this fur hat. >> very very warm. you can wear it like this. or put it down. then you have to coverage for your ears, too. >> reporter: all right. let me see. >> let's see how it looks. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what do you thin think. >> danny davis snagged her husband's goal scarf. the couple and their four sons are going to the parade and they're not concern about the cold good i don't know, we'll up. they'll be so many people around we'll be warm. >> reporter: 3 million. >> bill of trenton is a life long eagles fan he was ten years old when he saw the birds beat the packers in the 1960 championship game at franklin field. he'll be warm for the big parade
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at home with this grand daught daughter. >> i'm the designated babysitter, yeah. i love it, though. >> aww. that is a great dad and grandpa. staying home so his children and the rest of the family can go to the parade and savior and celebrate this eagles win, iain. >> i love the hat, dawn. >> thank you. >> i know you must be warm. all right. >> hot. >> okay. we have been cheering of course with you guys all season long. we are not stopping now. all day parade coverage will kick off thursday with our "good day philadelphia" team and then we'll pick up that baton and just keep going. thursday will be a party. so fox 29 is not going let you miss a second of it all. the philadelphia fire department is continuing on its mission to give and install free smoke detectors to city residents today they were out on the 7,000 block of clear view street. the philadelphia fire department got a $1 million grant from team ma last year to install 30,000 smoke alarms in philadelphia. if you know anyone in the city who needs one, ask them to call philly 311. the department also has adaptive
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alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing. let's get back to your weather authority now. as we take live look outside our studios here in old city. as it's chilly out there now but don't worry. that will all change. we got snow on the way. kathy's forecast in just 15 seconds. all right. today a bit of a break. tomorrow we get the cold. we get snow, sleet and freezing rain. so we have preps for the parade on the parkway and at the art museum. we got to get those done. because tomorrow is just going to be a miserable day from beginning to end. temperatures pretty out there right now in the poconos 24. 30 in allentown. 30 in pottstown. 32 in millville. 31 in wilmington. winds not so bad out of the northwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. ultimate doppler we have two parts of this storm converging. the cold part to the north with
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the snow and of course the rain coming up from the south. the warmth is going to win because we don't have a strong high to keep the cold lock in to the delaware valley. so that's the good news. we'll go hour by hour. you can see overnight no big deal but by 5am it's going to be close. by 6:00 it will be snowing in philadelphia. 7am, 8:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m. we transition over to rain. still a snow to the north and west though. and then finally we see all rain. could be a break in the precipitation between about 11:00 and 12:00. but then afternoon rain heavy at tims. wintry mix through the lehigh valley and even the poconos and then rain everywhere during the afternoon into the evening. maybe even a squall line of showers some heavier rain by the time this all ends. front pushes through. it becomes windy. we have northwest winds and those winds are going to dry the roads before the parade on thursday. so how much snow? well less than an inch all the way up to our philadelphia suburbs. just to the north and west of the city. one to 2-inches in the central part of bucks and montco even
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into chester county and then as you head toward the lehigh val toll to 4-inches of snow. four to six where it will be snowing the longest and of course in the poconos. then transitioning over to rain. take look at this much overnight 15 in the poconos so mainly snow there. with a little sleet at the end. possibly mixing with rain. pottstown 23. 28 in wilmington. dover 29. millville 27. tomorrow in philadelphia it's a immediate suburbs talking a brief period of snow. mix and then rain. heavy at times in the afternoon we'll make it up to 45 degrees. some southern zones in south jersey will make it to 50. parade day, 25 at 7am as you make your way to the parkway. and also the parade route. by the time the parade begins 2e the festivities end at 3:00 the temperature freezing with a westerly wind going to be out there a long time. so make sure you bundle up. maybe even your ski pants. take look at the seven day
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forecast. friday thine. saturday 50 with showers rain sunday. but 54. monday 46. tuesday 48. kristen, i think we better bundle it up. a lot of body heat on thursday. what do you say? >> luckily i still have my scarf and hat ready from minnesota. i feel like i'll be good for that. thanks, kathy. we are getting some new sounds and looks at super bowl lii coming up hear from someone who knows nick foles very well on his journey to becoming a super bowl mvp. plus break out the tissue. you have to see what torrey smith did for young eagles fan
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♪ who knows what my emotions will be? hopefully my eyes will
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remain somewhat dry. >> incomplete. and the game is over. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> merrill reece the voice of the eagles giving everyone goosebumps that was my interview with merrill before the super bowl, so much emotion from guy who has been through it all. and check this out. the phillies special capture on the cover of sports illustrated. nick foles now the only quarterback in super bowl history to throw and catch a touchdown. open when foles was back at west lake high school in austin tech text todd dodge the arrival coach that he played, that's correct play against him in the 2006 state championship now the current head coach at west lake new that this was in the cards for foles. >> very very proud of him. obviously, um, the man that he is, what he represents, i think he's just a great representative of west lake high school in austin, texas. >> he still comes around that's the one thing we appreciate so much is when he's in town, he
6:25 pm
comes around to throw to the kids and everything, and we have a tremendous amount of pride in nick and i think he has a tremendous pride in being from west lake. >> joel embiid was in minute miss for the game taking it all in. after watching videos of the celebration on broad street he said he would have been out there if he can join. >> insane. i wish i was in town. i would have been jumping over cars and do the same thing but i saw the videos. it was amazing. just shows you the passion the fans in this city. >> how awesome is this. torrey smith posted on twitter today that he visited a local school happened to meet carson wentz's biggest fan naturally torrey face times wentz and the reaction is priceless. >> hello, man. >> who is your favorite player? >> carson? >> carson wentz. >> carson. >> biggest eagles fan i ever
6:26 pm
seen in my life, bro. i swear. >> stand up. stand up. >> what's up, man. >> you're okay. you're okay. >> you're all right. >> say hello. >> say what's up? >> hi. >> the impact that this eagles team has on this entire city is amazing just constantly getting goosebumps from it. >> incredible stuff. >> he couldn't even talk many. >> hey, how you doing? >> never forget that. >> amazing. >> great thing about technology now, too. >> right. pop them up on face time. carson what's up. >> is that what you would say. >> wentz, what's up, man eagles parade you going to go or not going to go? that's a big question. are your kids going to be at school or a moment they shouldn't miss? all these questions. the difficult decisions. more on that coming up to tonight at 10:00. just go. >> will you help me with that decision. >> i will. go. have the kids go. forget it. schools are going to close. my kids are going. >> that does it
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right now on "page six" tv, who says selena gomez just spent six weeks in luxuryexclusive. plus, charlie walk's claim he was being extorted before he was accused of sexual harasslememeh when did taylor swift buy a new york city block? and why does it look like there's trouble in paradise for lord disick and his lady sophia richie? all the answers right now on "page six" tv. welcome to "page six" tv. i'm john fugelsang. here are today's top stories that matter. selena gomez is in rehab, matt lauer's estranged wife is in amsterdam. looks like music mogul charlie walk is in trouble. here to break it all down, welcome "page six" senior reporter mr. carlos greer. variety writer elizabeth wagmeister. host of sirius xm's


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