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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 7, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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but you better believe it. ready for what's probably going to be the biggest party philly has ever thrown. your news in 30 >> the stage that's set. the champs more than ready. the confetti packed and loaded. fans on the way. next stop, the parade of champions. it is finally here.
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let's do this. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ you ready for this? got your plan, warm clothes all pick out? the parade of champions is tomorrow an event many have been waiting a lifetime to see. and we are thrilled to be able to spend this momentous occasion with you for little more than 12 hours away from the start of the parade at broad street past city hall up to the art museum. officials expect millions to come into the city to cheer on our eagles. so many more will most likely watch on tv. now don't just think you can wake up tomorrow morning and simply head into town. mass transit passes and tickets are sold out. that goes for septa, patco and new jersey transit. parking restrictions youth they're tight. park in the wrong spot you'll get towed. you'll even need to know where you can go to the bathroom with so many people and so comparatively newport a potties. fox 29 has you covered before you head to the parade.
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we've got all angles covered from basics like what to expect and how 3 million people will move around philadelphia. but first we know you want your parade day forecast. here's scott. >> hi there luce seem hi everyone. one for the ages. it will be cold. it will be sunny. look at temperatures tomorrow morning. we'll go hour by hour. 8:00 a.m. 25 degrees. wind chills will be in the teens as we continue toward 11:00 o'clock, 28 degrees. a feels like temperature of 21 degrees. so bundle up, dress in layers. also, don't forget the sunscre sunscreen. yeah, protect your nose or those sunglasses due to all of the sunshine by 3:00 o'clock we're looking at 31 degrees. feels like temperatures in the mid 20s so the bottom line, it will be cold. it will also be sunny. back over to you. >> all right, so basically you better pack your hand warmers and grab your eagles hats for the parade. of course, the biting cold is not stopping eagles fans. it has been day that we've been
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chomping for, millions of expected toilinet streets cheering on our champions and after lots of work an and preparations the stage is set. dave schratwieser is live on the ben franklin parkway where the final parade pieces have come together. dave report roar lucy fans to starting up to get a look at things. work crews putting the finishing touches on things out here tonight. the mayor is expecting a massive crowd. asking folks tonight to be patient and to behave. >> broad street is ready. the parkway and art museum are ready, too. philadelphia is set for what could be the biggest celebration this city has ever seen. courtesy of the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. >> i can't wait for this parade. >> this is about them. it's not about politicians. it's not about anybody else. >> we want to make history, and this way to do it ton participate in it. >> reporter: all the pieces are in place for the motorcade of 25 vehicles that will carry the eagles up broad street to
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city hall and on over to the art museum. may be a little soggy for the close to 3 million super excited fans expected here, the mayor says with a crowd this big, you should bring your patience. >> just as waited for decades this, expect it will take you much longer than usual to get around. >> i think it will be great. long time come fog philadelphia eagles and the fans. everyone will love it. >> reporter: sound symptoms, jumbotrons and port a potties have been set up. extra cell towers and emergency services are in place. the mayor and police believe this will be a different crowd from the alcohol fused thousands that gathered after sunday's super bowl win. >> people need to behave. the alcohol infused the misbehavior. >> i don't think that's our city. i think that was few people and i think our city can handle themselves.
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>> reporter: authorities also put out surveillance video and still photos of others they're still looking for. police are promising to make arrests should anyone try to spoil thursday's big eagles party. >> what i don't understand is how dumb people can really be. these days, everything is video taped. >> it's going to be a fun filled day. >> reporter: oh, yeah that's what we're hoping. now the grounds a little soggy out here from all the rain today. you might want to bring a pair of boots tomorrow. police commissioner richard ross today urging parents traveling with children to keep them close if they get separated, flag down a police officer and he or some will help reunite them with their parents. again, the mayor says, come on out v great time. and everybody behave. back to you. lucy. >> that's it, people. >> aww. >> and just like that, they're gone. eagles fans waiting in the rain got bad news. septa has sold out of its ten dollars special passes to get to the parade tomorrow. but remember if you have your
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regular pass it will work just fine. just don't wait to jump on board. it's going to be crowded. it's the same story for fans in new jersey. looking for patco tickets. if you haven't got yours you're out of luck. they're sold out as well. our dave kinchen is live at the woodcrest station in cherry hill. dave, we knew they'd go fast. >> they wept really quick. in fact you could say that there were so many so much energy with the people in line waiting for those tickets it was almost key word almost like getting a ticket to the super bowl. >> tickets are sold out, guys. sold out. >> reporter: distressing news coming from a police officer overseeing this long line of diehard south jersey eagles fans looking to get patco tickets to commute to philadelphia for the eagles parade nurse morning. >> craziness. should have thought ahead but did not. like all of us. >> waited 43 years for this so going to make sure i'm going to be there. >> reporter: fortunately rick garrison and everyone nel line at the time would luck out. still able to get tickets since they were lined up when the sold out announcement was made.
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and good thing, too, since patco says, no tickets will be sold tomorrow. >> it's once in lifetime experience. we've been waiting so long for this. i wouldn't miseat for the world. i wouldn't care if it was freezing right now. >> reporter: with the massive crowds taking patco and potential overflow parking voorhees police post signs restricting parking around the neighborhoods after neighbors complained of double parking during the phillies parade ten years ago. similar restrictions went up around woodcrest station in cherry hill. >> i was there in '08 for the phillies and parked miles away and walked up and this is probably the best option. considering there's 2 million, 3 million people planning on going there. report roar those able to get transit tickets have one more thing to be thankful for. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: in addition to a super bowl victory. >> oh, my god. elated. once in a lifetime thing. check off my bucket list.
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sadly we cannot hear dave kinchen there at cherry hill. but you know fox 29's all over this parade. coverage kicks off tomorrow with our "good day philadelphia" team. does not stop all day. it is one big party for all things parade from closures to everything else just head to of course, the parade route is the perfect place for businesses to run promotions and for to you score some swag. for instance, shake shack dolling out free ice cream. it's swoop scoop flavor which is a green vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cake. it's free. haagen-daz giving out free ice cream at its south street shot. bud light handing out free beer along the parade route. bud light reps will be at a number of bars giving out tokens one per person. can't make it to the parade no worries bud light offering seven dollars rebates if you buy a six pack as long as you do it
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tomorrow or friday. if you want oh drink something local yards brewer are brewing company handing out free philly pale ale at its new brewery on spring garden street. there you go. need a ride home after the parade and after all that beer? miller light is joining uber give eagles fans a ride. you can get ten dollars off your ride to and from the parade all you have to do is enter the promo code philly parade in your uber app the credits are good for trips between 9am and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. but you better be first in line. the offer expires after 6500 riders claim the promotion and remember maybe 3 million people are showing up. of course the whole reason we're having the parade is because our eagles won the super bowl. you think you're excited? those guy who's played in the game are just as if not more pumped than you. our kristen rodgers spent the day talking to the team as they cleaned out their lockers for the season. kristen, they had lot good stuff to say. >> they did. storybook season for the eagles is coming to an end today the
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eagles cleaned out their lockers. tomorrow the parade and players can only imagine what's coming their way on broad street. >> it's a great question. i don't think anyone really nose. we're really excited about it. i know there's supposed to be millions of people. you know i can't wait to go down broad. go to the art museum and just see everything. this is what you dream. it's really cool. >> reporter: not just something chris long has dream of. but he has envisioned the entire play off run. >> the last month of the season when we were closing in like driving in to work getting off at that exit, you know, i would just kind of picture, you know, what that's going to be like. i swear. and it was -- that's outside of just trying to winter super bowl if there's a visualization if you've done it before that you can remember and kind of -- it's the parade. >> as the eagles cleared out their lockers today, doug pederson had one final message for his team. they will forever be remembered. >> this team is inked in nfl history philadelphia eagles history forever.
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that will never be the same again. it will change as of, you know, probably after the parade tomorrow. everything -- dynamics change. just having that moment today with the guys and just kind of revisiting is pretty special thing. >> forever inked in the history books. coming up later in the show, an inside look at the philly special. hear players not name nick foles do you care every talk what it was like to be part of that pl play. doug pederson discusses his altar ego. lucy? >> players not named nick foles. got you. thank you very much, looking forward. dawn, the parade is created quite a dilemma for businesses along the route. >> reporter: and all over the city. the question, whether to stay open and try to cash in or to close up shop and a number of businesses are saying no way. doors are closed. >> ut-oh. did you know? tomorrow is parade of champions? well shawnette is in one local town where it's all about one eagle. >> corey clement took to twitter
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to try and get in his hometown district the day off to go to the parade.
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♪ live look at the ben franklin parkway. we're counting down the minutes until the eagles take the stage. the parade of champions cannot wait. you can feel the excitement throughout the city. players and fans and businesses all gearing up for the big day. but not everyone is opening their doors tomorrow. fox 29's dawn timmeney live at city hall. dawn, some businesses say it's just not worth it. >> reporter: exactly. you would think some businesses would want to stay open and cash
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in on all the people coming into the city, but others are saying, no way. not worth it. >> we are definitely closed because it's going to be chaos down here. >> reporter: write choice pharmacy on broad street and schneider avenue is right on the super bowl parade route. owner adrian says he worries about out of control eagles fans taking celebrations too far. >> you really don't know what to expect. you got a bunch of drunk be lidge represents that come in here and destroy the whole place. was it really worth opening? >> reporter: that's why pharmacists here are scrambling to fill prescriptions. in advance of the parade and the huge crowds if we've been trying to contact all the patients today to get their medications early and then on monday we'll hire an extra driver or put someone on extra so they can deliver out their medications that they may have wanted to pick up tomorrow. >> reporter: old city flowers on second street is far from the parade route. but it's closing thursday as well. it says there's no way delivery trucks will be able to get
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through. >> it's going to be hard to get around witness traffic and all the streets cut off. it will be impossible. it's going to be like a gridlock. >> reporter: across the street at cafe square one, the deli made the decision to close because it doesn't think it's employees will be able to make it into the city and doubts it will have any business any way since many are headed to the all day eagles ex staff began is a. >> monday till today we asked most of our regular customers, we asked them are you going to work on thursday? they all said no. >> reporter: couple of doors down, manche row coffee says it will be open hoping maybe touristtourists or others lookia cup of coffee will stop in. >> in the event that employees can't come in, i mean, i also live in old city. i'll come in and take one for the team if i have to. >> reporter: now some businesses are actually closing so their employees can go to the parade, and enjoy themselves. others are playing it by ear depending upon whether they're workers can make it in because of traffic or happen to call in sick. lucy?
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>> thanks very much. fox 29 is all over the parade coverage kicks off tomorrow with our "good day philadelphia" te team. doesn't stop at all. it is one big party for all things parade from closures to everything else head to fo so schools in glassboro celebrating the parade by honoring one of their former students. the district shining the spotlight on new super bowl champion corey clement naming tomorrow in his honor and thanks to a tweet from the eagles running back students now have the day off for the parade. there you go. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports from glassboro, gloucester county. >> reporter: clement tweet add request for his form her high school to have the day off tomorrow. he said they deserve to parade with the eagles while the district responded and now all schools in glassboro will be closed for the day. >> it's just a true blessing i'm so excited for the kids and for the faculty and staff here that, um, they get to have off tomorrow. and go and see him in the para parade. >> reporter: glassboro community is boiling over with
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excitement after the superintendent of schools announced today that the district is declaring tomorrow corey clement day with the eagles first super bowl win. to honor clement schools will be closed for families who plan to go to the parade. >> i think they should did it sooner. i think did phenomenal job and celebrate him and the eagles. 100 yards did he great job. >> he played football for glassboro high where we talk to people leaving a basketball game tonight. >> i actually was his teacher in sixth grade. i work if the school district. so i'm excited that i get a chance to go and we're really proud of corey. >> monty willis says his success energized students. >> a lot of kids that, you know, are looking up to him and now they're pushing themselves because they see what really is possible. >> reporter: while the community can't stop talking about clement's electric touchdown they say it's what he does off the field that makes them so proud of him. >> every time that he comes here, he comes to support, um, the basketball games, he comes to a lot of sporting events. he is from glassboro but he is
10:18 pm
glassboro. and that's what we love about him. >> reporter: clement stopped by "good day philadelphia" this morning to talk with mike and alex. he says he wasn't back for the pep rally at his former high school monday but hopes to celebrate with them soon. >> i wish i could have been there. hopefully we can do that all over again. this week or next week. >> and he has a message for his hometown of glassboro ahead of tomorrow's victory parade. >> they better be there. >> yeah. >> if ya'll not there we got a problem. >> reporter: he hopes to look out into the crowd during the parade tomorrow and see lots of dog masks. even though the eagles are now champions, he says, the underdog theme shows just how far the team has come. in glassboro, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. now on the flip side of happy celebrations, we find the folks who philadelphia's mayor calls knuckle heads people flipping cars, wrecking stores, tearing down poles. iain page is following the search for those knuckle heads and substantial row war to help catch them live in our operations center. iain? >> lucy, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everybody.
10:19 pm
now philadelphia police are catching up with most of these guys. take look here are some of the guys that philadelphia police, eight people who police commissioner ross referred to as knuckle heads. that face charges like vandalism and assault. one of the people arrested so far 20-year-old john rigsby he's now facing charges like vandalism, police have also just released this video of people smashing a macy's window. they broke the window at the center city department store right after the eagles win sunday night. police are still looking for them. a $3,000 reward is up for grabs for information on this. a group of criminals taking down a metal pole and breaking a store window at the ac moore store in center city. the damage estimate there about $4,000. so one thing to remember about this tomorrow. come out and have some f the city wants you to have fun. philadelphia police want you to have fun. but if you're going to ruin it for everybody, just stay home. >> thank you very much, iain. the city is flying high after the eagles super bowl win and if you're going to the parade the red cross wants to
10:20 pm
make sure you stay safe. especially with the cold weath weather. it's telling folks to bundle up with hats and gloves and scarves. you know what to do and you might want to pack snacks and water like a lot of it. and for when nature calls probably get toilet paper to put in that bag and hand sanitizer as well. ♪ >> okay. so your layers are ready but is your bag packed for the parade? food, water and toilet paper? yeah, let's just say doing your business could get tricky tomorrow. >> it's hank. i'm with costume mr. james may who made this king of the under dogs costume. who will wear it in the par
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>> weather authority scott williams here. we're just hours away from the parade of champions. it's going to be sunny but it will also be cold. so bundle up. temperatures by the start of the parade 29 degrees. low 30s toward the epidemic of the parade at the parkway. we're looking at 9am feels like temperatures in the teens. as we go hour by hour, by the start of the parade, 11am, it will feel like 21 degrees in philadelphia. and feels like temperatures stay in the 20s. >> cold but it's okay. tomorrow is a big bash bringing in eagles fans from all over. we're talking crowds of people. millions expected to line the parade route and with that many people packing into a small area makes wonder how do you avoid getting sick? fox 29's joyce
10:24 pm
evans explains why some might need to stay home. you're certainly going to have transmission of the flu virus. now, normally i would say stay away, but, joyce, the eagles won the super bowl! >> reporter: if ever there was a good reason to risk it, but not without taking the usual precautionary measures to protect yourself. seriously, our dr. mike cirigliano has some disappoin disappointing advice. >> if you have the flu you just had the new or you're sick stay home. >> reporter: tell that to eagles fans who have been waiting 30, four years for this. >> how about mask? >> i don't like wearing masks. one, it's going to creep everybody out. and, two, the best way to prevent the new is bringing a hand sanitizer if you're kissing and hugging everybody make sure you don't touch your eyes, you
10:25 pm
don't touch your lips. >> reporter: still, everybody has got to breathe, and there are so many nasty bugs out to get you this season that the flu shot won't zap. >> you can go anywhere because it's everywhere. >> reporter: he says medicine is much better and philadelphians are smarter and tougher than a hundred years ago when the spanish flu swept through a see parade leaving thousands dead. >> just be careful with the kids f you're going to bring your kids, make sure you're not in a packed in area. >> reporter: dr. mike says, for the most part -- >> in the italian way and the philly way, don't worry about it. >> reporter: the good news out of all this for those people who did get their flu shot is, even if you get sick it might not be as severe or last as long. that's what dr. mike says. good advice. on the parkway, joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> that's it, people. >> aww! that, my friends, is the sound of septa selling out of
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special passes for tomorrow. got a back up plan? 2 million people packed on broad street and the parkway. bathrooms, 850. that math add up to you? this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other,
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♪ how exciting. we're about 12 and a half hours away from the eagles parade of champions. i don't know about you but we are psych. officials expect millions of people to pack the parkway and broad street tomorrow for the parade. and it's free. we know that. but the hottest tickets in town all across our area have mass transit passes and tickets to hop on septa or patco for your ride in. our jeff cole was there as septa sold out. >> middle of the day at septa's media station and the ticket booth is packed with a long line sevenning outside. the parade passes are literally going like hot cakes and then they're gone. >> that's it, people.
10:30 pm
>> aww! >> reporter: at the fox chase station in 34 years working the railroad, john star has never seen such a rush for passes. he sold the last of his 900 at 1:30 wednesday to this lucky f fan. >> how does that make you feel? what are your thoughts. >> so happy. so happy. go eagles. >> reporter: septa put 50,000 of the ten dollars passes up for sale tuesday. they were gone by 1:00 this afternoon. the authorities says along with its regular pass holders 50,000 day passes macked out the regional rail. >> we would rather allocate the tickets and give piece people a real shot at getting oh and train by having a ticket in ha hand. >> reporter: 22,000 tickets were sold overnight and it distributed the remainder wednesday. fans were allowed to buy ten at a pop and some quickly turned up on craigslist for 100 bucks. this fan waiting in media missed out. >> little disappointed. um, i mean it is what it is.
10:31 pm
can't real dollar anything about it roar report get to the train early says septa and hope. there's a chance you've actually paid the ten and you may not ride no matter what time you get there. >> there's always that chance but the issue the thing about the ten-dollar pass that pass is good for he have. good until you use it. >> reporter: no eagles parade on friday. >> no eagles parade. use it to commute to work on monday. >> don't pay the mark yup on craigslist says septa. get to the broad street and market frankford lines and ride for free. on market street, at septa headquarters, jeff cole, fox 29 us in. can't beat free and then there's patco different service same story. sold out. if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket patco officials say you had had better get to your station early. trains will fill up fast f trains leaving atlantic city tomorrow morning at 8:26. another leaves philadelphia at 4:19 in the afternoon. from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the bus service will only make a single stop in center city at
10:32 pm
six many and race streets and the river line will run between trenton and the walter reid rand transportation center in camden. now as philadelphia puts the finishing touches on tomorrow's big celebration, they know all too well getting all the details just right for a mass celebration is a heck of a challenge. among the most challenging challenge, what to do when nature calls for the expected millions. our bruce gordon has the answe answers. >> reporter: i got to say i'm flushed with excitement over this assignment. a football team that's number one and fans worried about number two. the stage is nearly set for a party the likes of which philadelphians have never seen before. but the stars of this show after a million or so beverages are consumed, may be the sea of eagles midnight green partible toilets lining the parkway parade route. city officials were asked about this vital party preparation this week. >> i don't know about the port a potty thing. i'm not an expert.
10:33 pm
>> the parkway and broad street are fully stocked says event producer fred stein. >> 850 port o johns out there. scattered throughout. >> reporter: 850, huh? 2 million visitors divided by 850 port o johns. 2352.9 people per toilet. ouch! as soon as i heard they were going to the super bowl, we made plans. >> reporter: former eagles season ticket holder christine, flew from her retirement home in utah at a its for the celebration. she's dressed for the weather. >> vintage mitt dense. >> as fourths public facilities. >> it seems like there's never enough part a potties no matter if you're here for a marathon, the draft or what it is but it works out. >> reporter: those seats look fine now but after about 2,000 visits a piece, standing room only never sounded so good. just ask this family from millsboro, delaware good i feel bad for the ladies definitely, but i think as guys we're lucky as long as they don't try to tip
10:34 pm
them. >> we'll make do and do what we need to do and get the job done. [ laughter ] >> reporter: do what you need to do and get the job done. so cryptic it's almost frightening. >> i know. >> reporter: this women having a tougher time with port a tote potty with men thing is real. any circumstance under which you woldn't mind being the 2,000th person using that thing? >> it depends on how bad i have to go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: thing get better enough you do what you have to do. >> that's right. >> reporter: lots of these portable toilets are manufactured in minneapolis. after the way we treated those poor vikings fans in fill al few weeks back i'm a little worried you've heard of montgomery sumo's revenge about minnesota minnesota's. bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> fox 29 is all over this parade coverage kicks off tomorrow with our "good day philadelphia" team. you can join the party all day. we do mean all day. if you have family or friends out of town who couldn't get here to watch in person no worries tell them to join our
10:35 pm
live stream on fox that is going on all day as we well. so a former co-star of scott yea yo filed a police report against the actor accusing him of sexual assault. nicole eggert starred along him in charles in charge. she claims he molested her when she was just a kid. she also reportedly provided a leg of with witnesses who saw inappropriate behavior by baio. last month eggert posted a zero receives tweets accusing him of molesting her from the time she was 14 to 17 years old. baio had since said the pair had consensual sex once but after she turned 18. take good look here. you notice anything missing? just a seat from the super bowl. because it's strapped to that guy's suitcase rip it right up and flew home with it. so it turns out when you're watcwatching dv someone may be watching you. uh-huh. slightly creepy. ♪
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>> trending someone want add super bowl souvenir except this one wasn't for sale. so somebody actually ripped a seat out of us bank stadium in
10:39 pm
minneapolis. photos show a gaping hole in middle of one of rows there's that. airport with purple seat strapped to his suitcase. people are aware actually -- police are aware of all of this and yeah they're investigating. they say this is not the only one. the stadium preparing and actually replacing a number of broken or missing seats. now check this out. ♪ that's the eagles matt hole lince biking to work of course going with the rocky themed song. the rookie wide receiver posted this video on twitter with the caption, it was worth the ride. you know what, rumor more has it sylvester stallone may be running up the rocky steps tomorrow. just a rumor more but i heard it fox 29 is all over the parade. coverage kicks off tomorrow with our "good day philadelphia" team. it doesn't stop all day. it is one big party for all
10:40 pm
things parade from closures to everything else, just head to so you'd been to sunoco station in philadelphia recently because you might want to check your bank accounts. police say they have found credit card skimmers. they say in the span of two days they found skimming devices on 3atm's from january 30th through february 1st. surveillance cameras at the sunocos on penrose, ridge and stenton avenue caught the thief. if you recognize him, give police a call. so speaking of money, more money, you may not be paying apple for your next iphone. your money could actual go to goldman sachs. the wall street journal reports goldman sachs is in talks with apple to take over its financing program. apple currently offers zero interest loans with citizens bank as part of its upgrade program. so now imagine you're watching your tv and suddenly the channel changes. turns out your smart tv might be watching you. consumer report says the security on the tvs are so bad
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someone remotely could type something into your search bar. they can also launch and install apps, knock the tv off the wi-fi network. use the hack harass. roku and samsung will look deeper into the security i but roku says consumer reports got it wrong and insist its devices have no security risk. all righty. today not the best weather wise. it's -- scott no blame to you because tomorrow it's clear up but man it will be cold. >> absolute, lucy, to rainfall is moving out but the cold air is rushing in. coming up that parade of champions forecast we'll talk coming up that parade of champions forecast we'll talk get the best internet with the best shows coming up that parade of champions forecast we'll talk and get the best of both worlds. fios by verizon gives you the fastest internet available for only $79.99 a month online with a two year agreement, and your netflix is on us for one year. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once.
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♪ air. heading back outside to the ben franklin parkway. we got you covered with all all important forecast for tomorrow's parade just moments away. so you can go to tomorrow's parade. watch it from the side lines. but actually be a part of it that's reserved for the team only. one local guy has just the thing for one of them. any of them to wear. hank flynn explains. ♪ >> i started with paper mache. i started doing the molding. i got the fur that i needed.
10:45 pm
and i said i know they're going to win so i'm going to be ready. >> it's hank i'm outside jim costume shop he's built a doozy the king of the underdogs. my take is somebody ought to be wearing this in the parade. yeah, i tried out jim may's new king of the underdog costume in front of his macdade shop in folsom. drivers like it just fine. (horns honking). >> when did the idea for this start brewing? >> when they took the championship. >> the conference championship. >> yes. he prepped costumes for the mummers and other clients for decades so the king costume is legit. if the ball pants, carson wentz jersey, green velvet cape an doggie mask with crown. >> let's go ! >> what message are you putting out to the city of philadelphia? >> let them know that they are not the underdogs. they're the king of the underdogs. >> sure. >> and possibly if they ever want to use him for a mascot or,
10:46 pm
you know, whatever they'd like to do. >> right. >> in their organization i'm up for it. >> reporter: okay. >> pots for them. >> reporter: jim wants to see his costume in thursday's parade but he's not sure who to ask or where to go. i went to city hall and surprise surprise jim has got a friend there another guy named jim. >> i know jimmy may for years. we were in the jokers new year's association. haws our costume maker for decade or more. does he great work. >> let the celebration begin ! >> reporter: but this is the eagles championship parade. the mayor added. it's really their show. >> this is something that they've chief and their coaches and the team i think it's their day to shine. i don't know what -- if jim approaches the eagles they'll be the ones to make that addition. >> reporter: i talk to former eagle on the phone who loves the outfit but he won single himself by wearing it at the parade. jimmy the costume maker says he's open to suggestions and days like thursday are days that make people fall in love with
10:47 pm
their cities and their teams all over again. >> i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ man we got to work on that that is a fantastic. somebody has got to wear the king of the underdog costume. maybe you kristen. maybe you can do it. our coverage kicks off tomorrow with "good day philadelphia" team. we're not stopping all day we're on live with you until 6:30 p.m. we meant all day. it's all day. one big party for all things parade from school and street closures to parking restrictions head to your parade forecast 15 seconds away. it's here. it's almost here. we're talking about the parade of champions tomorrow. so what about the weather? it
10:48 pm
will be sunny. it will also be cold. so bundle up as far as the temperatures, by the start of the parade we're looking at 29 degrees. low 30s by 2:00 but wind chills tomorrow morning to start will be in the teens and then climb into the 20s and stay in the 20s throughout the parade. the rainfall it is moving off. we still have leftover showers for folks down the shore cape may county, atlantic county, but clearing skies overnight tonig tonight. the sunshine returns. it will be cold overnight below freezing. so any standing water will likely refreeze turn into some patchy black ice. but otherwise, wall to wall sunshine expected for tomorrow. it's 40 degrees right now in atlantic city. we have upper 30s in millville. mid 30s in pottstown. below freezing mount pocono a cold 24 degrees. so upper 30s philadelphia. look at pittsburgh, 20 degrees. teams for chicago. single digits minneapolis that cold air is headed right in our direct.
10:49 pm
how cold? look at temperatures overnight tonight. 25 degrees in philadelphia. 26 wildwood. teens once you move north and west. so by 8m it's 25 degrees in physical but look what it will feel like. 15 degrees when you factor in those northwest winds at times they'll gust over 20 miles an hour. so by the start of the parade, 11am, it's 28 degees. the wind chill right around 22 degrees hour by hour. it stays right around their degrees. but look at the the feels like temperatures stuck in the 20s. so layer up. bundle up. stay hydrated. drink a lot of water. you might even want to have that sunscreen handy for tomorrow. 33 degrees the afternoon high temperature. 40 degrees on friday. mild for the weekend but it looks like wet saturday into sunday. more showers by monday. mid fours and then temperatures climb into the low 50s kristen by valentine's day. >> well, scott, this is great news, because i haven't unpack
10:50 pm
from the trip to minnesota i can just use those clothes tomorrow. a play so good people are getting tattoos of it. that would be the philly special. coming up, an inside look at the play that changed it all muss how doug pederson is building a dynasty here in philly. that's next. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. who is ready for a parade? ready or not, it's coming tomorrow. here's the deal for septa's regional rails. you must have a pass. only going to be stopping at certain stations. you must board and return from that same station and no trains are going to be stopping at suburban station there on the parkway. the best deal is going to be the market frankford or the broad street subway. free rides, no fares at all tomorrow. starting at 5am. you can ride both train systems for free. only at select station stationsl
10:51 pm
they be picking and dropping off passengers and trains will be running every five to seven minutes that will be your best bet. coming from new jersey the westbound trains only starting at 6:00 a.m. into philly. eastbound only start at 1:20. again, only from certain stati stations. you can't park in the stadium checks. no way. the parade starts at 11 am at broad and patison. comes into center city. flips around dilworth plaza and then up the parkway to the steps of the art museum. you'll see it all right here tomorrow morning
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
you know it, you're ready, so are we. the parade of champions but are you really ready for this jawn. your ride, your food, what about your bathroom? we got you. fox 29 news at 11:00 next. >> nor nissan sports wrap on fox 29. it's on t-shirts it's on tattoos. the philly special may be the single greatest play in eagle history. we know that nick foles called the play after doug pederson decided to go for it. but what about the other guys on the field. like corey clement the rookie running back out of glassboro, new jersey, he took the snap beforehanding it off to tray burton who flew the touchdown to foles. talking with clement he says that may made him utilize another skill set. >> i tried to be the best actor
10:55 pm
on that play. tried to act like i didn't know what nick was doing as he was walking up to lane. so you got to sell the little things for the play to happen, and i try not to bobble the sn snap. i secured it before i even took off once i put it in trey's hands it was his problem from then. towed make it happen after that. >> that body embodies doug pederson's play calling. what does he think about that reputation. >> that's my altar ego. that's my -- that's my, um, my evil twin i guess. i don't know. i mean whatever it is. i learned that probably from my dad a little bit, you know, his aggressiveness with us as kids growing up. >> now that the eagles have the taste of a super bowl in their mouths they say they are hungrier to win another. doug pederson said this afternoon this is now expected. >> get used to this. this is the new norm in philadelphia. playing and hopefully playing
10:56 pm
into february every year. it's the new norm so get used it to. short off seasons and let's do that. you know, and the guys that want to be part of that, um, you know, we'll just -- we'll do that. >> taking a quick side step from the eagles as we look at possibly the next champions in philly, number one villanova taking on saint john's. saint john's with the edge over villanova. nova down here. ponds drives, get the floater to go. saint john's goes by nine. nova with a chance to take the lead 12 seconds left but spellman three doesn't go. villanova gets knock off 79-75. temple taking on east carolina. owls pick it um here. part of a 13-zero run by temple they take care of business 90 90-7373. four star wide receiver jacob copeland chose florida for national signing game. his woman walk out.
10:57 pm
she's not for it. they did later return to give him a hug. she was like you had two options and you chose none of those options. >> alabama, florida, tennessee. >> oh well, momma not happy. >> no. >> that does it for us at 10:00. iain page has you covered o
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