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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  February 8, 2018 5:00am-5:57am EST

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>> happening right now on good day philadelphia, pumped up for the parade. >> it is time to celebrate with a parade that philly fans have been waiting for for decades. >> 2 million fans from near and far descending on philadelphia to watch our team travel up broad street.
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>> and if you aren't out already, what are you waiting for? get your travel plans in place. you'll have a lot of company. good day philadelphia's parade of champions, at 5:00 start right now. >> oh, my gosh, a lot of you started celebrating and so are we. it will be a fun day. >> can't tell you how great it is to have you with us. here is what you do, take the batteries out of the remote. we will be on all day until 6:30 this evening. you'll not miss a beat. good morning, everyone. >> good morning, get my coffee at wawa this morning at 2:30, there was a dad with his three kids getting their hoagies, their smacks, all bundled up, hunkered down for the day somewhere along the parade route. >> and they listen to you, all wrapped up. >> well, i've been looking, bill anderson, steve keeley are out there with the folks already out there, and they all list toned our advice. and they've layered up. and everything is eagles, eagles, eagles, i love it.
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so, yes. wear layers every eagles wear and you'll be fine. eight out every ten, the rain is out of here, we're ready for the parade. temperatures are mostly in the 20's but feels colder, thanks to the winds. northwesterly breeze at 12 miles an hour. makes 28 degrees feel like 18 out there right now. and look at the other windchills, zero, in mount pocono. brr. nineteen is what it feels like in millville. fourteen? lancaster and reading. and 16 in trenton. so, plan on sunshine today. but very cold temperatures. it will feel like it is in the 20's, by the time the parade begins. and a breezy rest of the day as well. but at least we got rid of the rain. now, there could be few icy spots, bob kelly, this morning. because of the rain that fell yesterday, because, and temperatures well below freezing, but the sun will take care that far. >> that fine glaze, you know, that fine glaze, like maybe on the front step, parking lot, maybe walking into the convenience store to get your coffee earlier this morning, here come the barricades, they
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told us using the big old trash trucks, that's why there is cents no trash collection in the city today. because they're using trucks as barriers. this is a live look, at the back-end of the art museum. this is spring garden street. if you go up and over this hill, you come right on the art museum would be off to your left, just example as the closures of all of the roads surrounding the parade route are starting to go into effect. the bottom line, if you're driving in toward the city, be prepared, right now, 95, northbound, broad street off-ramps are open. the off-ramps from the schuylkill to broad street will be closed all day, because that's actually puts you right there in the parade route. so, no problems up and down 95, the schuylkill itself is looking good. they're not going to be enforcing the parking meters today. so, it is cents free parking, downtown, along the streets, of course the garages, you'll have to pay if you are driving into center city. the market frankford line, here is a example, there is only select stations.
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>> trains are not stopping at every station along the way so make sure you have the right station picked before you head out the front door and respect the train. respect that yellow line. septa's concerned with all of the crowded conditions and a lot of new riders today, especially, the little ones, the kids, going along with us, to the parade today. make sure to stay back behind that yellow line today for safety. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> he steps up. he's hit. he stumbles. he's throwing it deep to the end zone. and it is battered around. and incomplete. and the game is over. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere, this is for you.
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>> this is for you. some of you tweeting out that you spent the night re watching the game, can't get enough of the highlights from super bowl sunday. doesn't get old, does it. >> we saw everybody celebrating. we were celebrating. screamed at anybody who would listen, fireworks going off, now celebrating all over again. and we've got you covered. because here's the issues with getting into town. we already new that all of were you so excited to go. that our mass transit passes cents sold out. they did that within hours. that's true for septa, patco and nj transit. there is free parking, but if you park in the wrong spot, and they're marked, they'll tow you. and we know that there is going to be, you know, a loft pressure on the bathrooms, as well. >> for some reason you can't make it out, don't worry, we have you covered until 6:30 this evening, all of the faces you know and love. they'll be sprinkled throughout the day. you see jenn fred right there, steve keeley, bill anderson, out and b let's start with jena long the parade route. hey, jen. >> reporter: okay, so we're not just along the parade route, at the very beginning, so at broad and pattison. check this out. and i can tell you, there has
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been very few people actually parking, this is a mistake. if you want to come out, see the parade, see the players, this, i think, is a great spot. they're saying that there will be three spots of serious congestion, it will be south philadelphia, the city hall area, this jeep is amazing, and obviously up near the art -- dude! i love your jeep! are you ready for this? are you ready for this? >> we are. >> where are you guys headed? >> we're here. >> you have front row parking by the way. >> yes. >> now, do you have supplies? >> oh, we got vitamin water. >> just coffee. >> keep it going, you're number ten, i like, that so as you can see, they just drove right in. they're ready to go. i have to tell you, we said it couple every minutes ago, let's say you didn't get the hotel. let's say you didn't get, you know, the liberty pass. this is the way to go, drive in, park in a spot that's legal, and bring your vitamin
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water. go eagles. i'm excited by the way and a little bit surprised that it is only vitamin water. am i the only one that's surprised it is vitamin water? >> he may have been fibbing just a little bit. >> i think egg's lying. >> thanks, jen, we'll check back with you in a little bit. eagles fans getting ready and getting the party started early. we're up with you and all the way throughout the day until 63 the parade start at 11:00 then the celebration all the way at the art museum, you see the folks out there. >> they spent the night. >> yes. >> they wanted a front row seat to see the championship parade. it is cold out there. not going to dampen our spirit. we'll see that crowd no doubt grow throughout the morning. we have mike and alex who are starting the coverage 6:00 a.m. as well from the art museum. heck ya. let's get in with steve keel any throw-back jersey right there. at least the olds kelly green. hi, steve. >> reporter: i added a layer, because sue serio said dress in layers, so i said i'll add a layer. so i put this eagles dress on. as you can see. it goes down to my knees. but this was the great chuck's
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number, coincidentally his number was the lasts year this team won any kind of championship that was before the super bowl's, that was in december 1960, just days before yours truely was born. and there is the original throw back. and i had this from the last super bowl. by the way they had long sleeve jersey this then, zone in elbow patch they were trying to show their arms off and the tats off like they do today. so among the people arriving early, lou, come here for a second. >> my favorite. >> oh, my god. did you hear that? i'm her favorite and i got a hug already. where did you come from? >> go eagles. >> wynnecote near jenkintown. >> how did you get here? >> we actually drove down to the navy field. we drove down to the navy yard and parked there. that's where he works. >> how did that work out? >> we've been walking since earlier. >> you walk all the way from the navy yard? >> yes. >> so you are already did the stadium route, parade route? >> that's where we're going, right to the ends.
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>> broad street down. >> how was it? >> i'm actually walking, actually working right in front of the stage. >> very smartly dressed today. all right, keep the parade going. >> yeah. >> thank you for stopping. have fun today. all right. wow they walked the parade route already. lou from mays landing drove hereby himself, got parking, tell them where you parked because people are watching who couldn't get a train ticket. so you have a guide identify me? >> eighth and race. >> i'm in a parking garage. >> you just did that of the cuff or that was a plan? >> i left at 3:00 in the morning, got here at 4:30, there is about 500 spaces, get here now before it's gone. >> and your plan to meet up with friends, and this big crowd, do you have a spot in how are you going to meet them? >> probably meet at the logan, formerly the four seasons, but i mean whether he can get here, i have no idea. he's coming from trenton, plans to lever at 73 i said you may as well turn around and go back home because you
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won't make it at that point. >> get going. thank you for stopping and smart way to commute today from mays landing. >> thank you. >> that's halfway to the shore. so there you g everybody's finfinding ways, all in a good mood. so i think everybody's going pretty good so far. but what is it, 5:00 a.m.? so we'll see. but everybody's in a good mood. i'm happy for that. >> oh, it is wonderful. the energy is contagious, steve, thank you so much. well, if you are coming over from jersey like mays landing where he was coming from a number of you will take nj transit. they are adding extra train that will be leaving atlantic city at 8:26. there is another one leaving the end of the day after the leave philadelphia at 4:19 for the return in the afternoon. and then from 8:00 to 7:00 p.m., it will be bus service only making a single stop at center city at sixth and race streets, then the river line that's running between trenton and the walter rand transportation center in camden. >> with you thing certainly
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certain, bill anderson will not be alone this morning at frankford terminal. bill? >> reporter: yes, thomas, i don't think that's going to be a problem. we've had pretty steady stream here at the frankford transportation center. it is moving smoothly. people are all happy. so i've gotten an chance to enjoy some of the cool stories, like this gentleman, good morning, tell us your name. >> my name is barry wattman. >> this was your long time eagles fan, but important to you why? >> this is for my father. he died about seven years ago, seven and a half years ago, and he was a big eagles fan. we were watching games every sunday and there would be times if the game was at 1:00 we wouldn't go out to dinner until it was over. so, you know, this is really important for me and my son. i wish he was here with me. he would definitely be at the parade. and i mean, he's so happy for the eagles, so proud. finally a first championship. you know, this is really great for him and my family. >> and if it meant getting up
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little early, getting on transportation, didn't matter to you. that's just a positive energy today? >> yes, yes. just i can't -- i have no words for it. it is amazing, the eagles did a great job this year, with our carson wentz, and nick foles was the man, and he did it for us. the defense, i just look, i don't know what else to say, just so happy. >> reporter: enjoy t they want to do it quick, ready? >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> you know guys we will be doing it all day. >> all day. >> without a doubt. >> bill, thanks. >> and of course we'll have coverage all day, so we start all morning long, we began at 4:00 a.m., we will go straight through all of the hours of good day. we won't go away for one moment there except for commercials, then we will be there all day long during the entire day part all the way up through the 5:00 and 6:00 news. >> see a member of the fox 29 team throughout the area. in fact, jenny joyce, out there with riders, as well, jenny? >> good morning, karen, thomas, live here at
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69th street station, we've been watching eagles fans come in, parking in the lot, and then making the trek into the station waiting on the first train. hey guys, how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> good. starting your day, have a great day. go eagles! bob? >> jenny looking good. already starting to close the off-ramps from the vine expressway to the parkway. the city's trash trucks are getting ready to set up the roadblock ands. let's go take live look at the ben franklin franklin parkway. all lit up in green. we are ready for the parade. come on, mcfadden and whitehead, you sing it for us. what's a song we can play for this morning? parade day. hashtag it with traffic jams. we got the forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> soon things will be liaw unlike yesterday, this is confetti, not rain that will be falling from today as you plan your trip. so by 8:00 it will be sunny, wi up, 11:00 when the parade startsin south philadelphia,rt museum, you still have to wait a while. windchills in the 20's throughout thell be breezy, chilly, by about 5:00 p.m. plenty of now, we see little bit of lake effect flurry activity, even
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making it to the cennsylvania. that's as far as it will get. but it is an indication of the colds air that moved in, as soon as last evening. and so now left with much chillier temperatures, we've gots, there is 28 degrees, we have winds miles anut of the northwest at hour, sustained, and some wind gusts cents of 21, 25 miles an like it is in the teens right now. if you're going to be awhile prepare for windchills in the 20's, of course. tomorrow is a little bit skies, 40 degrees, in the 50's by the weekend, but the rain. shower chance on saturday. and a rainy day on sunday. gets littl sunshine. and then by valentine day, backtus in the 50's, so that's a look at your seven day f where we need to go. >> i tell you what, all going down to the seeing a lot of unusual traffic patterns, a lot of folks on the roadway thisve
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saw it coming in this morning, at 2:30. the trash trucks now, a lot of e closures, are going into place around the parade r using all oe big heavy trash trucks to block off roadway. that's the reason we don't have trash collection today. the ramps from t parkway are now closed. also, both the martin luer drivd of the line there, trying to come in behind the parkway, thos closure mode. here is a live look, broad street in south philadelphia, so herecenter parking lot over . and basically, there is your parade route, right on up skyline all lit up in green for the parade today. so, if you are getting ready to leave ahead of you, if you are coming in from new jersey, patco, philly only westbound service starting at 6:00. theyo eastbound only, and there is only four select stations that will be trains. no meters today. so it is free parking on the
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pladelphia. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> i love to hear that, bob, hes not going to be your average commute. >> i don't eve work. i have brother and sister that look in the sit, decided toted e therefore the parade, not going to work. already people tailgatin comingm 69 street, the transportation center. hi,come in, and it is free, our >> reporter: seriously free is the best part. but it is also very calm here. i just ambassador, septa ambassador, everything great, so family, so excited, right? >> rig eagles! >> all right, tell it is, what's your name, where are you from, what's yourere? >> my name is terrell willis. we're originally from moved outo arizona they now live in telford. eagles fans, and we are so excited.
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we've beenever. >> our whole lives. >> our whole lives. not his whole life but our whole your whole life, too, born an eagles >> sir, you have a injury? >> i tore mia kill east last week, cell stop me from coming down here, greatest time ever. so glad to befe, my son, my broe whole family, we wouldn't miss is it for the world. >> we love it. such a positive feeling, you snow.rgy, in the city; amazing. the people here are amazing. tie they were doing there that day of the super bowl. we'll all embrace and have that day. it is beautiful. >> history, giles. go enjoy history,ight. eagles punk up. >> have a great day. e-a-g-l-e-s, e counted six so f.
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we're off aboutte >> birds fans already pump up this morning. >> but if you need a little more inspiration, out one of the fabulous eagles hype videos. steps up. he's hit. he stumbles. he's end zone. and it is around and the game is over! >> we wonr bowl champions. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere, this is for let the celebrations begin. >> we yes. god.>>♪
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>> philly is in the building. philly is in the
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>> it is a party already happening, thousands of people
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already o celebrating. >> oh, all aboard. let's get out to our conductor, billhe bill? >> thomas, what time is it again? who are here all ready, all fired up, ready re. (cheers). >> look at this. let me check out, they've got the suppliesepared to share andy the parade. this young lady walk up to me an who? >> hang i flynn. >> we had to talk to people who know hank flynn. why is it so important to get up and do this? first of all we've never seen this before in our lifetime. i was born didn't even get the flyers. and otherwise theids need to se. >> this my kids need to participate. this is history. my husband this. >> shout out, evyb karen, thomas, i need to point something out. th kids,
5:26 am
right? all your kids. school is not closedecided to km out of school so they could ll, that's good. re >> number seven. >> that's all the note you need, bill >> right. we're keeping running tally of excited.s chants. everything flowing smoothly. people are ready to goment and they gave their kidsay off. >> that's good parenting, guys, that's good>> give you a t of school today. made seven cop. >> exactly. >> and a lot of the schools are giving excused they'll stilt them in session, they don't want to add more e of the schoo, but sends in a note, it is excused, because this does not ha and staff will be calling out, as is well. we are certainly feeling the at love park.ning. hey, steve? s! reporter: look how good
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>> let's see? >> reporter: we're live. we have a big family with unnsi. and they've got risers to sit on or stand on for thealng to t, when we see you next. by the way, i gave away my jerseys, dresses now for the ladies.
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>> foles touchdown. >> we love to relive every single moment, touchdown after touchdown, the eagles, on the edge of our seat, weren't we? look at that super bowl victory. >> and now it is the day that we've been waiting decades and decades for, go birds, let's celebrate together. already having hundreds, thousands of you out there already, because we're having a party. >> oh, they got a head start. are you out there, about to head out? what are you waiting for? people have been camping out all night waiting for the chance to see the super bowl champs. no doubt. philly, we're pumped up. >> it is a god day everybody, mark this dayton your calendar, february 8th,
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because we're having a lot of fun, you can see, we have the skyline behind us, and it is little up green. good morning. >> history in the making here we go, bob kelly, sue serio, good morning, everyone. >> everything is shutdown. schools are closed. businesses cents are either closed or forced to close. what else are you going to do but come to the parade? >> sure. and if you don't want to do that, watch it on fox 29. >> we're here with you until 6:30 this evening. let's talk about that weather as we head outside. beautiful shot. >> the reason we didn't have the parade yesterday was because of the messy weather, good thing, with the snow, that changed over to rain, so the sun will come out today. now it will be a lot colder, than it was yesterday, but we can handle that. because we prepared for it. it is a eight out every ten. bus stop buddy is ready for the parade, as well, with many layers on, and they're all pretty much green. temperatures in the 20's. but it feels colder than that. because of the northwesterly winds. so, our windchill right now is 18 with a temperature of 28 in the city. windchill is zero in mount pocono, 14 in reading, and feels like 20 degrees in
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atlantic city. so watch out for some icy spots this morning. we did get a lot of rain yesterday. and there will be some places where you're walking specially where you might get a little slippery. windchills will be in the 20's throughout the afternoon, high temperature of 34 degrees oh, bob kill, you've got all of the methods that we can use to get to the parade. right? >> exactly, tell you what, folks are out there already lining it up. so let's begin first of all with the cool city skyline. this is a live look from our jersey camera. all of the buildings are in green. we are ready for the parade. now, here we go. our first accident of the morning, tractor-trailer accident on 95 at broad street. right in the stadium area. looks like you have two tractor-trailers, and a car here, so this is going to cause problems, south 95, the stadium is to my back here, so anyone trying to get down to south philadelphia, from northeast philly, or bucks county, you already have delays here, and folks trying to get to the airport, delayed
5:33 am
here, as well. again, that's the southbound side at broad street. here is a cool shot. of the broad street at 95 interchange, there is the wells fargo parking lot right there. and here is your parade route. there is broad streetment look at that, right on up. there is the skyline where it is all going to go down. again, kicking off from broad and pattison at 11:00. now, if you are using mass transit, all of the passes cents are sold. you have to have a pass, don't even try it without a pass. now, pass doesn't guarantee you a seat. it just guarantees you an opportunity to get on one of the select trains that are coming into philadelphia. so, go to our websit. each line has select stations, and different time lines. and then respect that train line. concerned with all of the people, the crowded stations, and specially the little kids. a lot of folks there is will be their first time using the regional rails, and their first time coming in for a parade obviously, hold on to the kids, market frankford line, same deal.
5:34 am
there is only select stations cents that are the trains will be stopping at. so, download this from our website. so you know what trains, what stations the trains will be stopping at. same deal with the broad street subway, that runs underground, from fernrock all the way into south philly. and patco, now, the westbound trains, will be starting at 6:00, westbound, only, coming into philly for the parade. karen and thomas back over to you. >> you will be watching any changes throughout the morning, bob, thank you. 5:34. very good morning here on this thursday, we watch them celebrate on the feel after defeating the new england patriots, then every course outside many prom too celebrations broke out here at home. now it is time to celebrate together. >> and we have crews that are all over the city right now to be in all of the places you want to check out and sigh how the commute is going so far. let's get to some of those locations right now. we've got jenn fred at the beginning of the parade route. and we've got bill anderson at one end, jenny joyce at another, but we start right now with jenn fred.
5:35 am
hey, jen? >> reporter: hi, guys. so here is the situation. you can still get in and around this part of south philadelphia. we are at the beginning of the parade route. we are literally at broad and pattison. we're about a block away from the nova care complex which is where players, coaches, family, maybe even howie roseman; going to get on a bus and come out this way and then go up on double decker buses all the way up broad street, taking that great left turn at city hall and go up to the art museum. so i can tell you a lot of people are thinking where am i going to sit, will i be able to see what's going on, if you could find your way to here, look, it is clear. there is a lot of people that are already, barricades up further up broad street. so you can tell which way they think everyone is going to go. police officers, security, teams, are already here. but i can tell you, that if you can get to this area, you're going to be able to
5:36 am
see. you'll have a place to put your little chair, probably want to bring your hot cocoa. because, karen, thomas, as you guys have been reporting all morning long, and sue serio, in particular, it is cold out. it is not minnesota cold. it definitely is not minnesota cold. but for south philadelphia, it is chilly. >> come on, jen, you survived minnesota, ice fishing, skiing, what was that other, skajoring? >> oh, that was the best with the dogs, your hat is adorable, all admiring it with the tiny ears. >> i stole it from laundry, so if you see a eight year old down here without her hat because her mom is a jerk. >> mom of the year. jen, we will check back in with you in a moment. >> and then one of the best moments we've had this week of course when jen ended up kissing our steve keel when they were reunited there at the art museum stems. he is over at love park right now. hey, steve? >> reporter: yes, because of that, they separated us as far away, we're at opposite ends of the parade route.
5:37 am
thank you mr. planning manager back at the station. this is like ridiculous. this is like the middle of the day. i think at 5:30 something this tells that you it is going to be a wild day and a huge crowd. because i can't believe how much busier it goss in one hour. and i've got this terrific family from glennside. even members from california here. this is the o'donnell, the miller and the herman's families. and i had eagles jerseys with me to layer up, these from people were shivering already, so look at this ron jaworski jersey. >> this was long on me, it was past my knees. but now it is a nice dress un you. you look fabulous. that's the nicest dress you have now in your closet? it definitely is ill wear this everywhere, everywhere. >> did this warm you up a bit this old jerry? >> thank you so much. >> these are like dresses cents, all right? and look, she's going to wear our fox coat, so the managers will get mad at me for that, but she was shivering, and i felt terrible. you're the leader of the group. look, not going to the parkway, they're staying here,
5:38 am
they have these rides ers they brought, veterans at this, because they brought these same risers through the phillies parade. how did that work back ten years ago? >> excellent, excellent, little pushed back. so we got a better location this year. >> reporter: you'll stay right here at the td bank, nice and green for the eagles parade. >> and the city hall as backdrop, ready to go, baby. where are they at? >> reporter: how are you gig to surviving this if you're shuffle erring already? >> i have no idea, i'll figure it out. >> the plan, you'll be real close. >> body warmth. >> you know when you go to the pet store and you see the hamsters altogether? that's you guys. all right, you wanted to talk. you look like the warmest one of all, the smartest kid here, right? >> yes. >> reporter: school closed today or are you cutting out? >> cutting. >> reporter: did you need mom and dad's permission? >> no. >> reporter: that's good. are you going miss school? >> no. >> reporter: what do you think actual ' remember an eagles parade at your age or a math class and english classes? >> the eagles parade. >> reporter: that's right. you're a smart kid. so who else wants to talk
5:39 am
here? who has something to tell us? all right, go ahead. come here for second. come here. all right, are you warmer now? >> i'm warm. >> reporter: so what grade are you? >> i'm in seventh. >> reporter: your school didn't close today? >> no. >> reporter: why didn't they chest? >> because no teacher really can like comprehend that no one is going to go to school today. >> reporter: so did you talk to all of your classmates, and nobody was going to go today? >> i mean a couple of my friends will stay. >> reporter: the smart kids, the smart science kids, right? >> yes, basically. >> reporter: that should be fun picture, hopefully they'll take a picture every an empty classroom. this is the day you'll remember. you won't remember missing a day of school but you'll remember this day. so here we go. look at the crowd across the street. george, look, across from city hall. look at everybody. they're letting trains out, and just mobs of people already, and they're all bumm rushing the parkway i think to get closest to the stage and
5:40 am
the rocky steps which is probably already full. jared, if you have the ability to switch our camera, which we have on top of our master showing the scene, i see the police lights, parkway lights, and the flags really blowing, so it is a chill parkway, as well. but, nobody, even though they're shivering, are complaining. they're all excited to be here. more excited than i think i've ever seen a philadelphia crowd at 5:40 in the morning. so, we will sends it back to you, from city hall and love park. >> you know what's so shocking? five hours before any of those floats and the buses leave the linc area and head on up. five hours before the parade starts. >> throughout the morning, wait five, ten minutes, see the scenes in they're going to change. so we will check back in with our crews throughout the morning here on "good day" philadelphia. just getting started. so we saw the celebrations, bradley cooper, will smith celebrate to go say kobe bryant was pleased with sunday results, i guess would be an understatement. >> because he's still talking about it, still celebrating.
5:41 am
there, doing the little quick jog, quick step. yeah, so excited, they won! more of his excitement when we
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> super bowl, that's it, that's it, that's it. super bowl, oh, my god, oh, my
5:44 am
god. >> good thing he didn't spike the baby. kobe bryant could hardly contain himself after tom brady's epic fail. super bowl night. in fact, he spoke to espn about it, about that excitement. he says he's just happy he didn't hurt himself. >> that moment, where, you know, like you see the ball in the air, i'm just like no, no, you see -- no, please, no. and the ball's juggling around, like no. you see the patriots made those plays time and time again. so the ball hit the grounds. i'm like yes. i look at the clock oh, my god. you know, it is like everything just kind of happened one after the other. and i'm just thankful, honestly, i didn't like tear a hamstring or something jumping around. >> it is true. you start doing moves. like celebrating. my shoulder has cents never been the same since sunday. i don't know what i was doing. >> i love it. stars are just like us, they get overwelmed just like us, so happy. show us your pride, we know a loft are you already
5:45 am
celebrating. keen those pictures coming use the hashtag fox 29 eagles. next time, i want you on my bowling team. [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> good morning, everyone, tractor-trailer accident, with only one lane open, right before you get to broad street
5:48 am
so anyone headed south to the stadium area, one lane open here with this accident. so, that's already causing delays, right there, into the stadium area. the ramps, pretty much from the schuylkill and 95, to any ramp or access, already in shutdown mode, city using big trash trucks, likes for example the schuylkill eastbound, no access exiting at spring garden, and then on the schuylkill expressway, the ram tops broad street, are also closed. here is a example of one train, on the paoli thorndale line. so, if you are using the regional rails, each station has a different scenario. for example, the thorndale station, there is only three trains leaving thorndale, there is your three times, and that capacity every those threes trains, just under or just over 2500 people. if you have a pass it doesn't guarantee you a seat, just guarantees you an opportunity to get on one of the trains
5:49 am
rolling through that station. go to our website everything you need to know before you get on the go including links to the septa system. sue has got the forecasts in 15 seconds. >> here is 10:00 a.m., 20 degrees, windchill of 216789 we move ahead in in time to 11:00 in the morning, 29 degrees, with windchill of 23. even when we reach a whopping 31 degrees, it is still feels like 25, and that's about one in the afternoon. i think we'll still be parading by then. 33 degrees by 3:00. and a windchill of 27. so, that's what you have to prepare for today. feeling like it is in the
5:50 am
20's, all day long, it is actually in the 20's, right now, but you factor in the winds, and the wind gusts, we have 12-mile per hour winds in philadelphia, right now, and some places cents have wind gusts of 20 to 25 miles an hour. well, then it feels like it is in the teens, at the moment. and as we've seen all morning, folks are already outside and ready to go, so 34 degrees our high today. forty tomorrow. fifty's over the weekend. which is unusually warm for this time in february, but the trade-off is also going to get some rain. chills out little bit after that. and back to the 50's, by the time we get to valentine day on wednesday. thomas and karen? >> thank you so much, there, sue, we really appreciate it. >> say honey i got you warm temperatures for valentine's, wouldn't fly, right? 5:50. over the years we've, say, we've been the butt of many, many, many, many jokes about not winning a super bowl. >> well, that all just changed on sunday, we can put them to rest. top five eagles no win jokes we can no longer say. bill anderson, you kick it off
5:51 am
off. >> reporter: i got you, in umber five, what's the best part about dating a eagles fan? she won't be asking for a ring. >> general i joyce? >> reporter: what do you call a philadelphia e-a-g-l-e-s with a superbowl ring? a thief. >> bob kelly? >> reporter: number three, what did the eagles fans say after his team won the super bowl? why didn't you wake me up? i was having an amazing dream. >> oh, all right. let's go out to jenn fred? >> reporter: all right, what does a philadelphia eagles fan do when her team won the super bowl? she turns off her play station. >> oh, jenn fred. >> steve keeley, let's bury the final joke. >> reporter: and the number one joke no one can ever say
5:52 am
again: what dot eagles and the mail men have in common? >> what? >> reporter: the answer, drum roll, please, drum roll already happen, of course it it, neither deliver on sunday. >> oh,. >> well guess what? they do deliver on sunday. >> and so did our philadelphia eagles. >> we need to have like one of those waits they have down there in new orleans, they have a big party, burying all of that, putting all to rest. >> i sense a daily segment here. top five. >> top five. >> i like that. >> i'll get working on the graphics on that. >> exactly. all right. and the drum roll. >> back in 092nd. just getting this party started. live look along the parkway. oh, the excitement is about to begin. we are coming
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> litsch along the parkway this morning, great to have you with us, by the way could be special event happening during the parade. always sun any philadelphia star rob mcelhenney will be in town, he tweeted last night see you soon, philly. eagles defense i have tackle beau allen shouted out to him asking if he wanted to shotgun a beer with him. the actor responded with where and when, and allen said: tomorrow. so he will be here sharing the beer. by the way he played mack on the show, a phil i native.
5:56 am
>> has his own bar in old city called mack's tavern. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> showing their love for the phillies. to the eagles, and to you, as well, the flyers have announced they're lowering the cost of its ticket to a very appropriate price here. it is keeping with the city's theme, the team giving fans the opportunity to buy two tickets for tonight's game, against the canadiens for just 523 bucks. still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia. it is the play eagles fans just can't stop talking about. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> brady gets hit. the ball is out. and philadelphia has it. derrick barnetter. >> turns out the play is popular around the world. wait until you hear it in different languages. also ahead, our great coverage continues with a very special guest, eagles safety rodney mcleod will be live on good
5:57 am
day coming up, we're back in about 90 seconds. good morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> touchdown by nick foles. back again. he steps up. he's hit.
6:00 am
and pulls forwards. >> he fumbled. >> he fumbled the football. the eagles have it. it is recovered by barnett. barnett. >> recovered by philadelphia. >> brady fumbles, and barnett has the ball. and the game is over. the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere, this is for you. let the celebration begin. world champions! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are the champions collectively, our sit, our team, our people, and this is the day that we are all celebrating together. it is here. good morning. >> let the celebrations cents begin. >> yahoo. thomas drayton, with a football on his head. >> here? right here? yes? oh, boy. here we go. the excitement is building this morning. all right, so by the way, outside right here at fourth and market, big celebration going on, as well.


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