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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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eagles fans, we're flying really high tonight. next all the things you loved about today's super bowl and some of the things you may have missed in that parade. some of the things you may have missed in that parade. your get the best internet with the best shows some of the things you may have missed in that parade. your and get the best of both worlds. fios by verizon gives you the fastest internet available for only $79.99 a month online with a two year agreement, and your netflix is on us for one year. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once. so get the fastest internet available, plus netflix, plus up to200 tv channels, plus phone, plus a two-year price guarantee. all for just $79.99 per month. it's time to fiber optics your netflix. go to getfios.comto switch today. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what a day. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a moment we waited for for a
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lifetime and memories will carry with us forever. >> and today we celebrate the fact that philly has a world championship! >> our philadelphia eagles are champions. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. all quiet now along the ben franklin parkway on unforge unforgettable day. it was nearly 60 years in the making and we just do not want it to end. fans and eagles players themselves you poured on to the streets and you poured out your hearts to cheer on the city and this team, and we just can't stop smiling and parade of champions down broad street and the ben franklin parkway to honor our super bowl champions. thank you so much for staying up with us after what has been a very long day for so many peop people. but, wow, it was worth it. you're probably too amped to sleep. i know i am. we got to see our philadelphia
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eagles and the vince lombardi trophy together at last. you know a day like today deserves some serious team coverage. our shawnette wilson is live as crews work to clean up the city after the crowds finally left. dave kinchen has all those people got home. but let's begin with fox 29's chris o'connell live along the ben franklin parkway and, chris, we know that you've been dreaming about this day your entire life. >> reporter: i actually have, lucy. if i heard it once, i heard 800 times today. this is the single best day in the history of the city of philadelphia. yes, the super bowl victory parade now in the books but not before making a lot of memories. [ cheers and applause ] >> today was amazing. i'm 35 years old it took 35 years for me for this to happen. >> how happy are you? >> oh, man i'm on cloud nine. i'm on cloud 52. super bowl lii.
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>> reporter: it was the kind of party the city has never seen before. >> it was so much fun. so much heart in this city. you could just feel the energy. it was awesome. >> reporter: philly was electric as the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles took to the streets for the first ever championship parade lombardi trophy in hand. >> i knew it was going to be crazy. i got a bunch of beer spilled on me, mud everywhere. >> reporter: worth every seconds of it. >> worth everything. >> reporter: fans started lining the streets 12 hours before the parade even started, and continued well into the afternoon. the parkway packed with rabid eagles fans who waited a lifetime for this moment. the art museum steps that made rocky famous now the sight of eagles history. >> without any further delay, let's welcome your super bowl champion philadelphia eagles!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> and the civic pride off the charts. >> i have never seen so many people in one spot celebrating in unity one thing. wee finally did it. we're super bowl champs. [ cheers and applause ] >> stayed together that's that brotherly love we talk about in philadelphia. >> center of the football universe let me hear you bark a little. woof woof woof woof. >> as philadelphians gather as one city, united behind their team. >> it don't get no better, bro. >> reporter: it. >> this might never happen again. >> reporter: did you ever think we'd at a parade. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i love you brother. >> reporter: now eagles fans who have waited so long now get a taste of a victory parade. get a taste of a super bowl championship. you know what, we want more now.
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we want another parade. in fact eagles tight end zach ertz just a few minuting a just tweeted that won't be the last parade we have on broad street. lucy? >> absolutely. nice to see you hugging it out with some of the fans out there, chris. >> reporter: it's all love out here. >> you know it is. let's take another life look outside. thank you much, chris. police are investigating some crimes at the parade. such as a stabbing around 10:30 on the ben franklin parkway. victim is in critical condition. no one arrested as of yet. a police source also tells us as many as 75 to 100 people ransacked a cvs at 21st and hamilton right near the parkway. no arrests yet there either but you know, they were on can dade camera. the par raised champions has come and gone. and gnats wake one big cleanup for the city. you saw the video so many people packed in there they left quite a mess. shawnette wilson live now near the ben franklin parkway, and boy, shawnette when bill anderson i were walking back
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from the parade we were saying that's going to be one big job. >> reporter: i know, right? i cannot believe it. you know i knew there was going to be some trash out here but i definitely wasn't expecting to see what we saw and get this lucy at one point i thought that the eagles had left their confetti blower out but it was actually the wind hurling all this trash around, but take look behind me. you can see we're on the parkway right now. you can actually see the street right now and that was not the case just two hours ago. >> tornado, earthquake, natural disaster, whatever you can think of, that's, l you go. >> reporter: you got to deal with that while you're working. the fun is over for you. >> reporter: terrence smith and other city workers have a long night ahead of them. the parade was a magical site but take away all the people and eagles decorations and this is what's left behind. >> cigarette butts, like you said alcoholic beverages, cans, there's trash, dunkin' donuts you name it it's out here but
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like we said we got to get it up. >> reporter: sweepers hit the streets as soon as the parade was over. trying to clear the bulk trash left behind by what could be a few million people who descended on the city for the eagles super bowl champion victory parade. heavy equipment took to areas along the parkway and broad street but some of the trash needed a little finessing. >> we into the stone age with these brooms. >> reporter: it's a dirty job but somebody has got to do it. >> i feel like you deserve employee of the year because you are going to be sweeping this way until we win the next super bowl. [ laughter ] >> reporter: just one broom. what's happening here? >> i mean, you know, we got to do what we spode to do as city workers. >> reporter: what's out here, you name it we can find it. >> a lot of people left chairs and i'm seeing more bud light cans i've ever seen in my life. budweiser came through, okay, for today. >> reporter: yeah, they came through all right. and kept going. >> this is typical but i know that by tomorrow morning it will all be cleaned up.
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the crews will work all night. >> it reminded me being in landfill or nuclear war just happened but it was wonderful spirit all day, and i'm sure by tomorrow they'll have it back the way it should be. >> reporter: this is a true sign that we all really had a good time. >> awesome time. very rewarding. >> reporter: and so one city worker told me that they will likely be out here until around or even after midnight trying to get the city spot less by tomorrow morning. lucy? back to you. >> all right. good luck to them. thank you much, shawnette. you know from near and far, eagles nation gathered in the city of brotherly love to soak in this moment in history. but then there was that hall whole getting home thing. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the 30th street station where the travel home seemed about as long as the eagles super bowl journey. dave? >> reporter: yeah, pretty much. we have this much confirmed. eagles nation very much is a family and when the occasion is
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certainly right like this one, well, you travel far for a family reunion. eagles green at 30t 30th street station means only one thing. time for the long journey back home after a lifetime of memories at a parade that drew millions from all over. >> how long did it take to you get from there to here? >> that long. >> steven had to think about it for a minute. it took from an hour to get to the train station with the longer commute waiting ahead of them back to the midwest. >> we've been up almost 24 hours so we drove from cleveland to baltimore to bring the train into the city to enjoy the super bowl. for us we're going to stay in hotel outside of baltimore and then we'll make the additional six and a half hours back home. >> reporter: for orders it was a trying pilgrimage getting from the festivities to the subway stations in sent city. market street became ajayi began tick sidewalk with foot traffic. >> you've been walking about 40 minutes. >> yes. been worth every second. >> standing, walking being
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smooshed in the crowd, getting elbowed. it's all good. we all love each other. >> we actually took amtrak which was a little costly but totally worth it. >> from trenton new jersey we've been waiting 13 years for his. >> i have to walk to the next station which is eighth street. if that's crowded i have to wait to go to second street and then after that i just have to wait. >> reporter: no matter how near or far people traveled from, they kept their eyes on the prize because that's exactly what the birds did. >> that's what you come here for, right? to celebrate with the team and the fans. i wouldn't have changed it one minute of it. >> reporter: of course, many people plan on staying overnight before traveling while others plan to make an extended weekend of celebration right here in birds nation. back to you. >> why not? all right. thank you very much, dave. eagles center jason kelce was already a legend in philadelphia but tonight you can put him right up there with ben franklin for eternal philly rock star status. that mummers outfit stole the show. you can't get more philly than
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that. all right. kristen, he had some big-time fun today. >> he's amazing. i think that's the only way we can put it. the second the eagles won super bowl lii back in minneapolis, they said this is for you, philadelphia. and today the eagles got to celebrate with the city they love and cannot thank enough. >> stand here today and look out here i think ya'll are more than crazy. [ cheers and applause ] >> ya'll truly are the best football fans in the world and you make a joy and a pleasure to play for you. >> yo, philly, hey. i anticipated ya'll being lit bop but man ya'll know how to party. >> to all the fans out there that have supported us, i love each and of one of you. you all know that philly is my home and philly is world champs today. i love ya'll. >> philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. so it's fitting that the eagles
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sented on a brotherhood. the super bowl season. >> you know we know we've been through some ups and downs and we can easily gave it away, you know, and gave up on each other. but we didn't. and we stayed together and that's that brotherly love we talk about in philadelphia. and we stayed together and we made it happen. 2018 world champions, baby. let's do it. >> 2018 world champions. coming up later in sports a look back at that empassioned speech from jason kelce. i cannot hear it enough at this point. why this will be the first of many parades down broad for the birds. lucy? >> just because that kelce speech it was -- it was true with a capital t you know what i mean? >> that's it. >> all right. >> we'll tack to you soon, kristen. did you miss any of the parade? would you like to relive it because we've got you cover. fox 29 has encore presentation of the parade of champions it starts tonight at 11:30 goes all the way until 4:00 a.m. so this group of fans came to the rescue of an eagle today. but not before posing for this
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picture using his phone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and today we celebrate the fact that philly has a world championship! ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> this super bowl championship is for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> you are the most passionate and deserving sports fans on the planet. we couldn't have done it without you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there's no place quiet like broad street for a parade. hundreds of thousands of fans packed the route to catch a glimpse of our super bowl champs. some actually waited overnight in the cold. that's no big to witness philadelphia history. our dave schratwieser says in all of his years this day, this moment is the best of his career just hanging with you. dream come true.
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awesome dream come too. >> reporter: it was the day every eagles fan has dreamed about. only thursday it was real and right there in front of them to see and savior. >> we're just excited to be here and they won the super bowl for the first time. >> ever since growing up grew up in havertown. it's been -- i'm 59 years old, and we've been diehard eagles fans our whole lives. so this is just amazing. >> reporter: three generations of the ramirez family from northeast philly got up at thee in the morning to get a front row seat at broad and spruce. they got to see the super bowl champs up close and personal. >> this is amazing. i mean, it means so much to me. to my family, you know, it's just the most beautiful thing in the world. >> it's just so great that i can share it with my daughter. we've been watching for many years. i grew up watching eagles with my father. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> crowd looked on and cheered from street level to parking garages and rooftops up and down broad street. if there was an elevated
10:17 pm
position to watch history in the making, the fans found it. >> this is special to be out here right now with my girlfriend and everyone else here. it's awesome. >> reporter: do you ever think this day was going to come. >> i did but i didn't know it was going to come so soon. >> waiting 50 years for this. every year day in and day out every year been waiting. now it's here. >> reporter: in the end fans of every age got what they came for, they got to stand shoulder to shoulder and salute their team. their champions, their eagles. >> it was awesome. it was what i've been waiting my whole life for. hopefully it won't be the last time. >> we did it. i'm happy. >> reporter: the fans on bradstreet called this everything from epic to historic and most of them say it was a day they'll never forget. they also said they hope they get to come back here next year. on broad street, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. man you got that right. a moment of panic, though, for an eagles player during all of the celebrations.
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cornerback sidney jones lost his phone in the sea of fans. he was having fun when it fell out of his back pocket. how in the world could the rookie get it back in all the mayhem? well some fans found it opened it, highjack his instagram account posted that picture of themselves and those words, get who dropped their phone at the parade. we will return it. and they did. very grateful jones then tweeted back, a big thank you. so of course hundreds of thousands jammed the streets to watch the parade and everyone of those eagles fans has their own personal connection to the team. fox 29's bruce gordon is at lincoln financial field with one of those stories. >> reporter: ann turned her ten penn floral shop into a parade party room for the big event inviting family and friends to share in a celebration 58 years in the ma making. >> it's probably one of the most exciting days of my life other than the fact the day i married my husband. >> reporter: jerry passed away
10:19 pm
back in 2015 but ann is certain he's up in heaven having traded his angels wings for those of an eagle. >> ten pennies has been a fixture on south broad since 1980. >> to used to come every thursday for coffee. >> terrell owens. rodney pete. mcnabb. >> for nearly 40 years she's been creating floral arrangements for and making friends with philly sports legend and had a front row ship for championship season phillies and sixers. this was different. >> the others were parade. this is something more. >> this is -- i can't even -- this is an event. this is -- i don't even know what word to use. >> reporter: with crowds of families, fans young and old, cheering themselves hearse, championship parade past right by ann's shop double decker buses carrying the city's newest heroes men am ann believes have done more for philadelphia than simply cam cher silver trophy. >> the physical eagles gave us life. we were down in the dumps and
10:20 pm
they gave us something that we're going to cherish for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: after a more than half century wait, the parade was over in a matter of minutes. brief but worth every precious moment. the calendar says february. but to ann it feels like december. >> i felt just like that little kid christmas morning get getting the doll i waited for. it was fabulous. >> reporter: it was that good. >> it was better. >> reporter: ann has been to 15 super bowls over the years including the birds 2005 loss to new england. but sean in minneapolis on sunday no it was her birthday. i'd say the eagles her a heck of a present. at the linc i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hungry dogs run faster.
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that's this team. we wanted it more. all the players. all the coaches. ♪ ♪
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♪ so much fun. i mean look at chris long. kind of looks like eskin up there in that big old coat. nice allen iverson shirt there. you can count on him to revel in
10:24 pm
the moment. you know the defensive end twe tweeted his heartfelt message i want to take a minute to thank all the men and women of the philly police force that made today possible. it was amazing chaos out there and they were fantastic keeping the buses rolling down broad street and keeping everyone save!!! here here. >> for many today was a family affair. something fans have been hoping for and dreaming about for decades and the day finally came. as our dawn timmeney reports folks were not going to miss this day no matter what it took to get here. >> we're from pits ton, pennsylvania. right outside the poconos. took us around two hours to get here. we had 6-inches of snow last night. it was 10 degrees last night. the roads were all ice. it was crazy. >> reporter: pete lie beck and his 26-year-old son, nicholas wouldn't miss the eagles super bowl parade and pandemonium for all the world. pete is a life long eagles fan. >> this is a motor home that i custom painted back in 1980. we went to every game at the vet for five years because we had
10:25 pm
season tickets. >> reporter: nicholas has birds fan since he was baby. >> there's nicholas when he was only a few months old wearing his eagles shirt and little ball. >> come on. >> yeah. >> reporter: pete has been hoping for an eagles super bowl for years. >> it's amazing. i didn't speak for two day. i have a business, customers are calling i'm like -- >> for last 13 years he wasn't sure if he'd see something like that in his lifetime and then it happened. and it means the world. generational thing where you're born into it, and it's just great being eagles fan. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: you don't have to tell that to this crew. they left easton, pennsylvania, at midnight arriving in philadelphia at 3:00 a.m. just to be part of this unbelievable experience. >> eagles! >> you got to love it. you got to love the area. you got to love the people. the eagles are i was m this is great. >> fans coming from far and wide decked out in everything eagles
10:26 pm
imageable. many permitted in precarious places just to get a glimpse of the team as the players made their way to the art museum. the early bird definitely getting the worm as far as picking out the perfect mace to take in all the action. >> we just knew we had to come down so we got up this morning, bundled everybody up, and i called out sick. bird flu. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i have feeling a lot of people had the bird flu today, and suspect they'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow unless they did a little too much partying today. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. thinking the bird night might stick around for day or so. doug pederson used to be quarterback but watch that one handed grab. well, there is a beer on the line. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> we're the best in the world! if you love the philadelphia eagles let me get a hell yeah.
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>> hell yeah good as i stand here today and look out here i think ya'll are more than crazy. >> it's an honor for us to bring you the super bowl. we finally did it. we're super bowl champs. ♪ yes, we are. live look down the ben franklin parkway where crews have a big job at hand cleaning up after the huge crowds that lined the street for eagles victory para parade. now check this out. a sky writer over the parade rallying cry of sorts for our city. phil dilly. hopefully if you weren't at the parade in person you watched the parade from the perspective of our fox 29 crews. and the really cool thing about social media is that you can also experience it from the team's vantage point. iain page is in the operations center breaking down all those tweets and instagram posts. there's some classic ones, iain. >> there were lucy what a busy day. it's incredible how social media allows to us get closer and connected to the players and allows the fans to kind of keep closer to their favorite players.
10:31 pm
let's check out some of the the tweets from twitter because there were a lot of them first of all from carson wentz epic that parade was epic absolutely unbelievable support and passion from the entire city of philly. can't thank ya'll enough. hash tag world champs. hash tag hungry dogs run faster a pair of tweets from beau allen this is amazing foaled that up with psa pleases to us beers as we drive by. you know philly was listening to. check out our camera on the boss carrying the tight ends. fans toed beers and they caught them because that's how they roll. they caught those beers and they're receivers. they drank those beers. how about this? video going viral right now check this out fans to as beer towards head coach doug pederson he doesn't skip a beat and makes a one handed grab. nice job, doug pederson. this tweet. heartfelt message for eagles from its fans it says, thanks for removing the word never from our vocabulary. at eagles hash tag eagles para
10:32 pm
parade. that certainly is a feeling a lot of us have after day because that parade witness vince lombardi trophy down broad street is something we'll never forget. >> i tell that you doug pederson one hasn'ted grab, the legend of doug grows. don't you think? >> no doubt. he grabbed that easily. >> amazing. all right. thanks, iain. attending today's parade of champions is truly a dream come true for so many and while many took off work to go many others just couldn't do it our hank flynn says he nose exactly how they felt. >> i think you need to go to the parade if you have the ability and do it. >> reporter: yeah. but you can't? >> no. >> reporter: it's hank i'm in media where the owner of this philadelphia eagles football helmet mobile is actually at work today and not at the para parade. my take is there are a lot of people that wanted to be there today but duty calls. dean key social security an eagle through and through from the randall rung cunningham jersey are would today to the eagles helmet golf carts in the
10:33 pm
parking lot. dean watched the parade online from his office today. he was out of the office for most of the last week getting some satisfaction at the super bowl. >> probably one of the best parts of it was having the opposing team leave very quietly. they had very little to be happy about and they left quietly and comfortably. >> reporter: must be nice but for most of us the best we can do is the parade. getting weird phone calls at his fire bit pizzeria and grill. >> i ask if you're open today. >> it's thursday at noon. >> eagles comes first. >> george makes pizza at the fire pitt watches the parade on fox 29. he'd rather be there so would i frankly but we both know we can enjoy the occasion and still be on the clock. >> to be part of it and just witness it, see it on tv whether you're there or here, upping, it's a big deal. >> reporter: you hadn't had work today, where would you be. >> i'd definitely be in pillly right now. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: feel for spencer
10:34 pm
the junior manager at hill's quality seafood in media. he drew the short straw. >> someone has got to do it. got to keep rung i'm happy about the win and hope we'll keep celebrating here. we'll be celebrating all year. >> reporter: i didn't go to the super bowl or the parade. i was working. but i get jacked up on the energy regardless. it's a great thing for the town. plus super bowl means a shorter off season. combines at the end of the month. free agency mid march. drafts at the end of april and may rookie camp. football will be back before you know it and guess what you're the reigning champs. i'll stand pat for that. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ how sweet it is. so if you missed any of the parade and you want to relive it, we've got you cover. fox 29 has encore presentation of the par raised champios starts tonight at 11:30 goes all the way until 4:00 a.m. and good day. a follow up to a story we brought you last night. so the guy who ripped a seat from the minneapolis stadium after the super bowl has agreed
10:35 pm
to pay for the damage. photos and video taken from the airport show a man wearing eagles clothing with a purple seat strapped to his carry on luggage. he wasn't trying to hide anything. police tracked him down and he says he's sorry. he's agreed to pay for replacement and guess what? he gets to keep the seat faces no chargecharges. nice souvenir. so you bet against our birds? it is time to pay up. yup. open for u.s. senators. maybe next time, maybe next time they'll learn.
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♪ >> the super bowl lii champion philadelphia eagles ! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:39 pm
>> what a day. eagles nation celebrations not just here in philadelphia on capitol hill today senators bob casey and pat toomey collected after a super bowl bet with massachusetts. the prize, boston brood beers app basket of goodies from new england. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and edward marquis had to take a picture with a nick foles jersey. if the patriots won new england would have received some philly cheesesteaks and beer from yards brewing company. the celebrations did not end there. the united states senate congratulated the birds on their super bowl victory with proclamation. the letter commends eagles fans for sticking by their team. the fans of the eagles whose who's devotion and enthusiasm is renowned throughout the sport have waited for this moment for 58 years. yes, we have. the senate sent that proclamation to eagles owner jeff lurie and head coach doug pederson. well developing right now,
10:40 pm
another chaotic day on wall street. (bell ringing). >> the dow jones dropped more than 1,000 points today for the second time this week concerns over inflation set this market down turn in to motion last friday and investors are worry it's been going on for few days here. however many strategists say that the us economy is solid with corporations delivering on earnings and on sales. let's get back to fun. miss any of the parade. want to relive. it got you covered. fox 29 is airing encore presentation of the parade of champions at 11:30 straight away to 4:00 a.m. and "good day philadelphia". man, it was a picture perfect day for a parade. scott williams. thank you for that. >> it was like philly special in the weather department. it was cold though. temperatures right now, lucy, 2. coming up find out about your friday and also what looks to be a wet weekend. all right. scott, what do you do if you live 537 miles away from
10:41 pm
philadelphia? well, as the cook family shared with me on facebook you throw i don't know or pone parade right there in charlotte north carolina they're raising their boy right. little nolan always an eagles fan. philly philly. ♪
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10:44 pm
this has been a day many of us will cherish for ever. our eagles super bowl champions home with the lombardi trophy. chris oh woman were you in the thick of it all and rounded up some of the most memorable moments from this historic day. okay. skyfox is up. >> the buses are rolling. >> and the buses are rolling. >> and just before 11:00, the parade of champions officially moving up broad street. >> swoop is flying. >> here he goes. >> a day philadelphia will never forget. >> we've waited 58 years for this parade. what's a cull more minutes. >> i'm with about 500 of my eagle friends her. this is pretty much where big center of all these people have congregated waiting for this to
10:45 pm
come -- waiting for the parade. the crowd is nothing but love, guys. it is -- i've talked to fans who have brought their sons, broad their fathers, brought their grandfathers, and it doesn't matter how long they've been waiting here. six, 7:00 o'clock in the morning, the spirits are still high. guys i've been covering news in this town since 1985. incredible scene. it make the hair on the back of your neck stand up just an ama amazing feeling for the entire city of philadelphia. just the way they wanted it to be. >> from the players -- there he is. >> there's the mummer. >> oh, my god. >> jason kelce looking good. >> reporter: to the fans. >> look at nick foles handing it off to carson wentz. i love it. >> no fumble, please. >> there won't be any fumbles today. >> this day will be etched in our memories forever. >> fly eagles fly on the road to
10:46 pm
victory. fly eagles fly score a touchdown one, two, three. hit em low, hit em high, and watch our eagles fly, fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ cheers and applause ] >> that was amazing. i love that song. [ cheers and applause ] >> without any further delay, let's welcome your super bowl champion philadelphia eagles ! [ cheers and applause ]
10:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't think words can really describe what is going on here today. i've never seen so many people in one spot celebrating in 81 tee one thing. we finally did it. we're super bowl champs! [ cheers and applause ] >> we stayed together and that's that brotherly love we talk about in philadelphia. center of the football universe. let me hear you bark a little. woof woof woof woof woof.
10:48 pm
>> ya'll trial are the best football fans in the world and you make a it a joy and a pleasure to play for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> queen, the fireworks and the eagles. miss any of the parade? want to relive it? got you cover. fox 29 encore presentation of the parade of champions which begins at 11:30 goes all wait until 4:00 a.m. your weather 15 seconds away.
10:49 pm
oh, it was a cold but certainly a beautiful epic day in philadelphia history. temperatures for tonight it's going to be cold. overnight lows into the teens and 20s. clouds they will roll in for tomorrow and then get ready for a wet weekend a couple of inches of rain not out of the question. look at the current feels like temperatures. 4 degrees mount pocono. it feels like 16 in reading. it feels like 21 now in philadelphia. millville checking in with a wind chill of 20. 19 degrees what it feels like in atlantic city. overnight low temperatures, 9 degrees for mount pocono. we're looking at teens north and west. low to mid 20s elsewhere out there with those clear skies. we'll go hour by hour. temperatures tomorrow likely topping out in the mid to upper 30s. 37 by 2:00 o'clock with the clouds starting to roll in. we're dry and quiet but off to the west you can see some snow
10:50 pm
showers impacting sections of chicago. that system with the snow stays to our north. but over the weekend we'll tap into some moisture from the south. here's 4:00 o'clock on saturday. we're talking about wet weather saturday night, sunday morning, 8am, sunday afternoon, we're still dealing with the wet conditions. but temperatures will moderate look at the high temperature on saturday, 51 degrees. mid 50s by your sunday. the bulk of the rainfall overnight saturday into sunday. how much rainfall? the european model over an. of rain. the gfs model over 2-inches before all is said and done. so get ready for a weekend soaker. upper 30s tomorrow. maybe a flurry far north and west. the bulk of that rainfall sunday and then we kind of keep some unsettled weather early next week. upper fours by tuesday. low 50s for valentine's day and then more wet weather by the end of next week. but temperatures into the 50s
10:51 pm
for the weekend. kristyn, over to you. >> scott, man does feeley know how to throw a good party. coming up a look back at the best speech moment from the parade, of course, i'm talking about jason kelce plus big news
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. >> every championship parade there's one speech that no one
10:54 pm
can forget. today that was jason kelce. not only because he was dressed from head to toe in the mummers finest but because he voiced the passion that every player and fan feels. >> nick foles don't got it. clem meant is too slow. will he gart blount ain't got it any more. gigi can't stay healthy. corey smith can't catch. nelson agholor can't catch. zach ertz been block. brent celek is too old. brandon graham was drafted too high. vinnie curry ain't got it. jalen mills can't could have. what? >> patrick robinson can't cover. >> what? >> it's the whole team! it's the whole team! [ cheers and applause ] >> excuse me i run through brick wall now. throughout all the speeches though there was one message that kept on repeating.
10:55 pm
it was that the eagles will have another parade down broad street very very soon. doug pederson said yesterday his final message to the team was that this is the new norm for philly. they are expected to win and play football deep into february. they may just have won their first super bowl title but they're far from being done. >> i love these guys. we brought you guys a world championship and just like mr. lurie said, we are not done yet. we have more to go. more to prove. this is our new norm. >> we're world champions and i promise this ain't going be last time we're partying on broad street. let's go! >> is this what heaven is like? it's the best city in the world with the best fans in the world and now we have the world championship. get used to it. let's go! >> the super bowl drain has started though. espn adam reporting john dee
10:56 pm
fillipo headed to minnesota to become the offensive coordinator fort vikings. frank reich being interview for the colts head job as well after the eagles left the starting spot for in south fill it was time for the flyers take over they tried to bring more good vibes to the city today. flyers host pg the canadiens eagles fans stopped from the parade. first period game is all tied. claude giroux on the power play. he'll score here. flyers take the lead off of th that. now three hiv two in the third. shane goss tis here. travis will score. flyers within five-three. >> not bad. a lot of wins for the city of philadelphia today. >> i tell was. my goodness. i got my hat. >> there you go. >> ten buck on the street. i don't think it's real. but it's real enough for me. just saying. [ laughter ] >> i mean what is your one big take away today? witnessing all of this? >> the brotherhood but the
10:57 pm
underdogs and kelce. there's so much that is just so characteristic of this football team and this football program it was amazing to see them voice that today. >> isn't that great. that does it for us here at 10:00. iain page has you covered other other side of the break with fox 29 us in at 11:00. so much more to talk about tonight. don't you go
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. can you believe it's all over as we take live look at ben franklin parkway? feels like a dream. but it happened. we got our parade and this year's eagles will forever be remembered as the guys who fin finally brought that vince philadelphia. today truly a moment we will all remember forever. thank for staying up late with us. what's been a very long day for many people. i'm iain page but wow, it was worth it. you probably are still a little too amend to sleep. lucky for you we've got team coverage to wrap up your day. let's start with our chris o'connell. >> reporter: confetti has fallen. the cleanup crews have started to move in, and things are starting to get back to normal after history is made in center city. ♪ today was amazing. i'm 35 years old. it


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