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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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celebration. >> was it worth it? >> so worth it. >> reporter: sure if you're not in charge of cleaning up by midday friday streets department crews removed 60-ton of crash more for the phillies world series party or the papal visit. wednesday's said dee rain and thursday huge crowds left eakins over looking like a battle feel. and left workers feeling like part of a mash unit. we found him using a blower to dish lodge beer cans and other stuff. >> ever seen anything quite this messy in all your life. >> no, never. at all. >> it's definitely a challenge. >> reporter: streets department officials say their clean up literally followed the parade up broad street but the parkway was a chore in their biggest task ever. >> as expected, the massive crowds along the art museum and parkway caused some delays which made it challenging for to us access the area to clean the parkway right away. >> reporter: as for the worst job ever, that's got to belong
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to allison santos cleaning out portable soil toilets if my crowd estimates are correct average nearly 1100 users per potty. >> full to the top. >> yikes! >> we can't take it without pumping. >> you got to empty them before you can move them. >> right. >> reporter: as expect the mess did not end at the parkway's edge. some nearby moment owners complained their streets were a disaster area. >> in my neighborhood there was not one police officer from the time i woke up at 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. >> control the traffic or the people. >> or the people or the urination or the discarding of trash. >> reporter: mr. santos the gentleman we showed you cleaning out the toilets nice fella by the way turns out he was brought in by his company from connecticut from this job. he's new england patriots fan. now sure i'm quite sympathetic to his plight. on the parkway, bruce gordon fox 29 us in. >> we continue team coverage now. the other big questions, just how many people were out there celebrating? some estimates put the crowd at 700,000. dave schratwieser was there.
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he's breaking down the numbers from center city. this week has been one of the greatest weeks in philadelphia history. >> reporter: from broad street to the parkway it was all smiles the day after the big eagles parade and celebration. for the eagles, the fans and the team of officials, who put it altogether, let's just say it was special. >> it was an epic performance on an epic day celebrating an epic victory an and epic moment for our city. >> reporter: city thanked everyone from the eagles to the fans to the event organizers and workers. it was one big well-deserved pat on the back. >> pretty much went off without a hitch many. >> reporter: while they didn't pin an exact number on the crowd size, everyone agreed it was bigger than the 700,000 number floated out in the media and bigger than the phillies parade in 2008. >> phillies estimate was 1 million plus. there were more people there than the phillies parade. >> reporter: police said there were two arrests, four police
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cars damaged and one jumbo tron toppled over. there was a store vandalized and two stabbings during the day. one on the parkway after a fight. the commissioner had high praise for his officers. >> the way they perform is just outstanding. i mean the way they interact with crowds. most importantly the way they use restraint. >> reporter: septa officials told reporters they moved 395,000 riders on the mark frankford and broad street lin lines. another 70,000 in other areas and still more by bus. >> we believe those plans and expectations we laid out for riders came close to matching what was done on the ground. >> reporter: the mayor says it will take a couple of weeks to calculate the cost of the event and determine who pays for what. the same goes for the economic impact on the city. no real numbers yet. the consensus this was one great day for philadelphia. >> it was a great team effort. >> it was a fourth down roar the entire way.
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my ears are still ringing this morning. everybody was happy. >> the mayor also explained why he decided not to open the parking lots near the sports stadiums for the parade. he said that would have required 250 to 300 police officers and he felt those resources could be better used elsewhere. along broad street, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. the parade may be over but the eagles hype is not stopping any time soon. tonight jason kelce who stole the show yesterday along with a team made bow allen they're in delaware county. let's get out to sabina kuriakose live in havertown for a look. sabina. >> reporter: they are here. they're talking right now. okay. nobody likes us. nobody likes us but we don't care. we got the speech here right n now. we got beau allen and jason kelce, of course. i'll try to sneak in here. >> -- from heart really passion not prepared speech so much i think it resonated really well not only with the fans and the
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players -- but also the players that we're all up there and we loved it too. >> jason was the speech prepared? >> um, i didn't like write anything down but for some reason the night before the parade like i couldn't sleep. i was really really excited. like kind of running through your head just, you know, the path of getting to the super bowl and then it really started hitting me about like how much, you know, i had overcome from last season and then once you start thinking about that you think about other guys how much they've overcome. >> the city, too. >> yeah. it was like every single thing that you went down the list on it was like, you know, this is literally been like the biggest group of underdogs i believe. we're the only team in history to be the number one seed and be the underdog in every single game. so, upping, i think that it was just something -- it just kept running through my head. >> how do you stay hungry now? >> well, certainly that parade helps because -- >> guys, that you can see that they're talking here and the passion, the true feeling from
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this crowd i'm whisper i don't go want to interrupt them. people waited for seven hours to get these ticks. we'll send it back to you. but 300 people here to see our super bowl world champions. >> i'm sure it's worth the wait for them. thank you very much sabina. the outfit that has everyone talking today eagles jason kelce marching in the parade of champions in this mummers suit. he didn't have it on just now it turns out that suit was made a decade ago by this guy james may a mummers designer who has since retire. so we decided to take a trip to may's office in ridley township where he showed us how the whole idea started. may designed that suit for the avalon spring string band for mummers parade made with irish theme that year. >> he looked very good in it. lee looked like leprechaun with the beard and everything kind of went with it. and he was the pefect guy to sell it. he just -- he has that personality. >> he was the perfect guy. may says he has not yet met jason kelce but he really wants
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to. he said he was very pleased when he found out that kelce wore his design. james may legendary right there. a super bowl championship the celebrations continued today for the eagles and their faithful fans who are still savioring the birds victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> today at may see's in center city fans gathered to celebrate with eagles defensive end vinnie curry. the first 150 fans that made a purchase of at least 35 bucks at the locker room by lid store got the opportunity to meet curry and score an autograph. the eagles of course celebrating their first super bowl win in franchise history. chris what a ride it's been from the eagles march through the post season the incredible super bowl win and then the cal minute nation yesterday with the parade of champions. want to keep living it all? we do. it is all on our website just head on over to time now for force check of your forecast at 6:00 as we take
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live look down at the shore wildwood what week for philly and now, yeah, the weekend is finally here. scott is here now with what we can expect tonight. i know off little rain on the way but it didn't rain on our parade, scott. we don't care. >> i mean it was sunny and cold yesterday. but everyone's hearts they were filled with warmth. it was a chilly friday. high temperatures upper 30s. but dry on ultimate doppler but look at all of the moisture gathering to our south. that will bring a weekend soak soaker. temperatures right now low mid and upper 30s. we'll actually hold pretty steady because winds will develop out of the south. so increasing clouds. not as harsh. it's dry for tonight and dry to start the day tomorrow. temperatures will climb upper 40s to low 50s. but look at 3:00 o'clock as we move toward your evening plans making those dinner reservations, yeah, we're looking at the rainfall that will move in. so coming up, much more on the dry start to the weekend, get
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those errands done early. afternoon, evening, rainfall it will be picking up heavy at times. we're talking not one, but maybe a couple of inche inches more be all is said and done. back over to you. >> thank you scott. >> skyfox over a house fire in berks county. you can see heavy damage to the roof here. smoke just pours out. this broke out this morning on allens lane in boyertown. officials say it was electrical fire a woman inside apparently tried to put the for out herself but the flames were to out of control. she did match to make the out safely along with her dog and cat. no one got hurt. but officials say the home is a loss. keeping an eye on your money tonight. stocks staged a late rally today ending a wild week marked by dramatic point swings on a positive note. the dow jones industrial average gained 330 points. earlier in the day it had drop by 500 still the dow lost more than 5% for the week. the worst loss since januar january 2016. the dow recorded a 1,000-point
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drop on monday and thursday. president trump has signed a $400 billion budget deal to reopen the federal government after it shut down overnight for the second time this year. the budget bill and stop gap measure funds the government through march 23rd. president trump says it will make the military stronger than ever before. the bill stands to add funding for military, domestic programs and disaster relief. democrats say the legislation packed a measure to protect dreamers through the daca program set to sky march 5th. rowan university taking a stand when it comes to sexual assault and harassment on camp campus. what's sparking the public stance. there's another update on markle fultz and one of miss teammates isn't very happy about it. find out what jj reddick had to isn't very happy about it. find out what jj reddick had to say about the n
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♪ this one hurts i feel for this woman. police in philadelphia are asking for your help identifying the thieves who broke into had a woman' cars and got away with two super bowl tickets. this happening january 26th around 11:00 o'clock at night at a parking garage on the 1,000 block of north delaware avenue in fishtown. police say the suspects broke into the car, stole the tickets along with some designer shoes and a purse. all told those crooks got away about $5,000 in merchandise. happening right now, an important message tonight from rowan university. the school's president is urging the community to work together to create a safe environment. >> this is in the wake of the sexual harassment cases all over the country. fox 29's jeff cole reports from glassboro. >> reporter: college is a time for growth, a time to grapple
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with big issues like sexual assault and harassment. how to spot it. what to do about it. students and faculty received the memo in campus wide e-mail friday by early afternoon it was clear it had struck a cord. >> for every college you have to set a standard and make sure you keep consistent stuff like that probably happens all the time and gets unreported. >> reporter: he's right says amy, a campus psychologist who co chairs a committee working to prevent campus sexual violence. >> there's fear attached to reporting potential, um, you know retaliation, there's often the thought they did something to contribute to it, um, unfortunately, there's a culture out there that i think often blames victims. >> reporter: she and her committee members thought now was the time to speak to the university commit community about sexual assault. rowan president's write it is the responsibility of us all to not only report acts of
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harassment we see but also to create environments where respectful language and actions are the norm. it's the case of michigan state university dr. larry nassar that's drawn the nation's attention to sexual assault. convicted of assaulting olympic athletes, nassar's victims spoke of their pain in court. >> do you think it's a problem here? >> i do because i feel like there are instances from something super small to, you know, instances of blatant sexual harassment that people don't talk about. >> reporter: houck says the letter was not prompted by a campus incident but released in the notch one of five female undergraduates are sexually assaulted. she believes the nassar case makes it time to act. >> it's taken, um, really significant events with numerous victims to somehow even make a dent in creating i think
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national attention to this iss issue. >> reporter: rowan university says it has a process to investigate these cases and to protect the rights of the accu accused and of course the victims. but for now, openness and awareness are the goals. at rowan university, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. and back to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take live look at doylestown bucks county where the chill is on tonight. in fact we're all feeling it. if that's not enough it's shaping up to be a wet weekend. scott's forecast in 15 seconds. high temperature today mate made it to 39 degrees. upper 30s right now. clouds rolling in. winds developing out of the south. temperatures will hold steady tonight in the 30s for most of
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us. 38 right now philadelphia. upper 30's in pittsburgh but off to the south, cincinnati 49 degrees. 49 in roanoke. 57 degrees in charlotte. look at low 60s right now in nashville. nap some of that milder air but along with it will come some moisture. so it look pretty wet tomorrow afternoon and evening and much of the day on sunday. temperatures tonight once again pretty uniform. low mid and upper 30s out there. 20s the only exception as you move toward sections of the poconos. so tomorrow morning, 7am, waking up mostly cloudy skies. temperatures upper 30s. low to mid and upper 40s as we move toward the early afternoon time frame. but look at the rainfall. it will be moving in. especially 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock, so run those saturday morning errands early ba that you rainfall will overtake the area. 52 for the high temperature tomorrow. upper 50s nearing 60 degrees by your sunday.
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so ultimate doppler dry. flurries well to the north and west of us. chicago dealt way lot of snowfall today. but look at the green. gathering to the south of us. that's the stream of moisture 4:00 o'clock saturday moving toward saturday night 11:00 o'clock look at the yellow. look at the orange. that's moderate to intense rain sunday morning waking up to a wet start maybe a little bit of lull prime. late saturday and sunday night looking at more rain moving back in. so on average one to as much as 3-inches or more. take look at the bulls eye for sections of south jersey. watch for ponding on the roadways and, yes, a flood concern. as we move beyond the weekend, 47 degrees on monday. low 40s on tuesday. there could be a wintry mix an bit unsettled not a wash out for wednesday and thursday but could be a shower chance around but look at the milder temperatures. 52 wednesday for valentine's day and and that upper 50s nearing 60 by next thursday.
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sean, over to you. >> scott, now that the eagles season is over, it's all eyes on the sixers. brian coangelo the sixers general manager gave an update on markle fultz and it isn't very good. find out
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♪ now that that beautiful eagles football season is over it's on to the sixers and kind of a mixed bag of emotion. they're playing pretty well they could be a play off team but they have a lot of problems and
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one of those problems is their first round pick markelle fultz. every week a new video comes out of his shooting and every week it looks awful. i don't know what happened to him between the summer league and the regular season. he doesn't look right. the sixers have completely mishandled the situation from the get go. brian coangelo gave us an update on fultz and of course it's not looking good. >> there's no timeline, per se. but i do know he's working hard. he's doing a lot of great things on the basketball court. and we hope to see him this year. if not, we will wait until he's ready to participate and help and put him in position to succeed and that's going to be a determination that's made at some point in the future. >> listen i blame this whole thing on the sixers. take look at their last 41st round picks. embiid missed the first two seasons. okay for made 53 games. simmons zero. and fultz just four. i doubt he'll play for the rest
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of the season. to be honest with you this whole thing has been a little unfair on markelle fultz he's a young cat trying to figure out nba life. today his teammates stuck up for him. jj reddick expressed how annoyed he was with at amount of attention and criticism fultz has been getting. >> it is annoying. the guy is 19. you know he's working his bleep off. i understand that fans, you know, want to see his progress but, um, this is maybe going to be a longer process. i don't get the coming in here every day to like watch him shoot pull up jumpers. it's a little obsessive. >> that's on the organization. okay. today the sixers gave some love to bobby jones today 93 revealed a statue of jones outside of the sixers training facility the. jones played for the sixers for eight years and was a part of that championship back in '83.
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this is how you know spring training is starting. right around the corner. they pack up the equipment and shipped it out to clearwater, flor. pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report on the 14th. my thing is do we even care about any of this? i feel like we're still euphoric over the eagles. who cares about the problems with the phillies and the flyers and the sixers? we champs. >> we champions are baby. >> we want another parade. >> that's true. >> springtime, too. >> i'm just happy right now. >> good to see baseball back. >> super bowl victory and massive parade the eagles season is under wrap. how do you keep the spirit ali alive. tonight at 10:1 local sports shop make it happen. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. >> up next
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right now on "page six tv," who said russell simmons is in hiding after multiple allegations of rape against him, where did he flee to? what does dee anze's dad have to say about race? he's opening up to us today. when did will smith become an overnight sensation on instagram? why did dr. oz say a fight with his wife paid off for him? i'm john fugelsang. here are today's top stories. beyonce's dad is speaking out after his controversial interview. the big stars are in new orleans for marred ee grau. russell simmons is hiding out. here to hash it out welcome "page six tv" reporter mr. carlos greer. variety writer elizabeth wagmeister. and host of sirius


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