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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 10, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> it will go down in philadelphia history. the speech from jason kelce and his words of vengeance the eagles center went from local ledge toned international star overnight. if you have not had nephew can meet him and other eagles later today. breaking news out of northeast philadelphia. carjacking gone wrong forces off duty correctional officer to pull a would and shots leave the suspect in critical condition. more on the officer's recovery this morning. and the weather may be chilly in our area. that's nothing compared to the snowstorm hitting midwest. several major car crashes and more than 1,000 flights cancelled at philadelphia international airport is affected by the mess. >> and 17 marvel comics
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finally won featuring a plaque superhero. >> how "black panther" is bringing hope, hype and pride and one local principal is able to send her students thanks to it generosity on social media. >> it's amazing what the power of social media can do. spread messages. >> and it's like a movement. >> saturday, february 10, 201 2018. >> you're still fired up you have black and green on though you cannot see it now. eagles green on the bottom. this is my last piece and i'm done on the season. >> we have to get ready for next year. it's in atlanta. >> super bowl lii. >> it totally is. >> it's over and people are somber because it will be col cold, wet and rainy. rain is moving in and temperatures gop a little bit. but it will be pretty soggy
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for the entire weekend. so right now it's dry. beautiful down the shore with sunrise. we're looking at a lot of green on ultimate doppler. look at all that moisture moving up from the deep south. the gulf of mexico headed right towards the delaware valley. we'll zoom n look at the grop grope. we're talking about flood watches. posted for the lehigh valley. sections of delaware. also, south jersey as we and moderate to heavy rainfall moving in. dry to start. that rainfall really starts to ramp up 1, 2:00 this afternoon moving towards the evening time frame we might see a lul lull. it phils back in overnight. sunday morning we're looking at the red. yellow, maybe even a rumble of thunder as all of this moisture kind of trains and moves over the same location. hour by hour the rainfall arriving later on this afternoon. temperatures today will top out in the low 50s.
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so little bit of a tradeoff. because we're talking about low 50s today and then tomorrow upper 50s. but once again you'll be dodg dodging the rainfall. and also the pothole problem that will continue to be an issue. we'll talk more about this system and the expected rainfall totals which, lauren, we'll be measuring in several inches for some. >> super soaker saturday. scott, thank you so much. we begin with breaking news out of philadelphia holmesburg section. off duty correctional officer shoots a man recently released from prison and that suspect is in critical condition. live in holmesburg with the breaking details and what happened here jennie. >> good morning, lauren, the suspect is in critical condition. but he is expected to survive his injuries. the victim a correctional officer here from hold is in stable condition.
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jamaal bennett was released from prison. his first 100 stopz freedom. he committed another crime. investigators tell us he attempted to carjack a correction's officer that just clocked out. 66-year-old officer was at his car ready to go home when ben eight approached him. the two wrestledied with one another and officer fell to the ground and the officer fired his private weapon as he was off duty at this point. the bullet hit the suspect in the chest. >> attempting to carjack this offer duty correction officer. it's bizarre but the correctional officer is in stable condition and at this time it appears that the 26-year-old who was shot, although critical, appears he will survivor. >> so according to correction officials the suspect was locked up seven times since 2 2011 most recent incarceration was related to weapons charge charges. police plan to interview the
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suspect as soon as he is stableizeed at the hospital. lauren. >> jeepy joyce. crazy story, thanks so much. president of rowan university calling issues to sexual assault and harassment. rowan's president says it's everyone's responsibility toll report acts of harassment and create a safe and respectful environment. a school psychologist tells fox 29 the idea for letter came from members of campus committee focused on preven preventing sexual violence. >> there's fear attached reporting. potential retaliation. and there's often the thought they did something to contribute to. it unfortunately, there's a culture out there that i think often flames victims. >> rowan says the letter was not prompted by any incident on campus and with the feel now is the time to act. >> this one hurts. police in philadelphia need your help identifying the thieves who broke into a woman's car and got away with
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two of her super bowl tickets. this happened on january 6 at a parking garage on 1,000 block of norm delaware avenue in fishtown. police say the suspects broke into the car. stole the tickets and got away with designer shoes and handbag. the crooks got away with about 5,000 worm of goods. cleanup continues today from the parade on the parkwa parkway. taking a live look now over the ben franklin parkway where workers were busy since crowd scattered on thursday afternoon. philadelphia streets accident crews started work behind the parade route. by yesterday, midday, they removed 60 it of debris. wednesday rain and thursday crowds made for a muddy mess. >> right now the trash the cans are deep in the mudd i have to dig in. >> as expected massive crowds along the art museum and
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parkway caused some delays which is made is challenges to clean the parkway right away. man, i'm sure. i walked through there and it was quite, quite a mess over. there the amount of debris removed is more than the mess created by the 2008 world phillies celebration or 2015 papal visit. meanwhile, philadelphia officials are calling eagles championship parade a huge success. philly police report two arrest and four police cars damaged and one jumbotron toppled over. there was a store vandalized and two stabbings during the day one on the parkway after a fight broke out. crowd size, officials have not released exact number some estimate say upwards of 2 million which would beat out the crowds at thels phillies parade. and this is the story making national head lines. yeah, eagles won the super bowl and all but it's jason kelce epic parade tirade still buzzing on line. fresh off his iconic speech
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fans got up chose and personal with the legend. sabrina bring us uptown where he was signing autografts. >> throngs showing outside carl cards in hover ton to seat eagles. >> hours in line for a glimpse and auto grv of players bowe allen and jason kelce. many hearing kelce's speech at the parade. >> it's been like the biggest group of underdogs i believe. we're the only team in history to be number one seed and underdog in every game. it was something that just kept running through my head. >> hundreds of fans and families, $40 tickets for a memory to hold on to. victory lap that has no end in sight. tom was first in line. he waited six hours for a signature. >> how are you feeling. >> good, awesome, great to
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meet them if each for a few seconds. >> i'm happy for you. >> thank you. >> leaving with souvenirs to help remember this remarkable moment in philly history. >> die hard eagles fan. die hard eagles' fan. >> melissa flew in from hawaii for the game. she waited three hours for her take home token of her trip. tiny shop packed insideen a line wrap ago round the building. good vibes still going strong for the team, for the players and for the fans. owner carl has been here 22 years. >> i remember the craze with the phillies. this is like none other. >> sabrina, fox 29 news. >> apparently more eagles today will stop by carl's for autograft signing. >> that will be fun for fans. they love, love their eagles. >> those speeches resonated with a lot of fans. and they felt something and really appreciate the brotherhood of the players. >> i think so. i think tori smith was tweeting last night that what
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he appreciated most about being part of parade was looking out from the buses and sealing so many people brought together in positivety and you know it was up lifting for a lot of players to know the sport of football can do that. >> that's what sports are all about. >> how much did you love jason kelce tribute to the mummers with the parade costume. get this look at that. zach ertz is crack up laughin laughing. mike jerrick tries his hand at the look. two and a half minute break and we'll show you what happened when mike jerrick tries to don that look. >> and sleet, freezing rain, snow in the midwest. see that board. cancelled. a lot affected. we're in store for a super soaker saturday. what time does the rain start and how long will it stay? got to have the forecast after and how long will it stay? got to have the forecast after the break. i'm sue serio weekend wendy has her yoga matt because
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today it's yoga with cats. that's right. at the pspca location on frank furt avenue. they want to you bring your own yoga matt and then you can do your downward dog with adoptable cats. they'll be great time for whoever participates and best of all all the proceeds benefit the pennsylvania society for pro tevx cruelty to animals. starts at 9:00. i hope
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snrvr septa west trenton rail line shuttle buses will replace train service for west trenton, woodly and yardley. those changes are happening to due to construction. >> the mid west and the region have been pummeled with heavy snow and wind. severe weather caused two deaths yesterday and national weather service reported 10 eye of know in suburb urban chicago nearly a foot in indiana. snow related crashes were widely report add cross southern michigan. al this making air travel very difficult already today and at least 950 flights were cancelled at chicago's o'hare international airport. hundreds of other flights were delayed or cancelled and michigan over the past 4 hour
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hours. and we're flying over the weekend and calling the airline ahead of time to flight status. we're getting the rain. >> we're on the colder side. mild, moisture that will tap into later this afternoon and continuing into sundayment stretching from the gulf of mexico all the way through tennessee river valley. headed right towards the delaware valley. we're looking at a lot of green on the map. out ahead of the system flows are flood watches and we're talking several inches of rainfall with the system. of and terms turz 52 will be the high temperature today. the rainfall move manage after 1, 00. tomorrow temperatures top out upper 50s to near 60. by 1:00 this afternoon look at the green. that wall of water will be moving in by 5:00 still
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looking at the downpours we may see a little lull late this evening but late tonight overnight tonight here's midnight and here's round two moving back n you can see the rain training over the same locations. tomorrow morning, 6 a.m. we're looking at mod troot heavy rainfall that continues into early afternoon time frame before we finally start to dry out. look at the clock and look at how much rainfall to expect. 1 to 2,", maybe isolated 4" rainfall total amount of that's the concern. pretty mild stuck in the mid upper 40s and 2:00, upper 40s and rainfall moving in later today. and still have dry period. to run those errand before the
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rainfall moves in early on this saturday morning. temperatures 58 degrees and low 40s tuesday. they warm up again. 52 valen type's day and partly sunny skies and moving towards thursday temperatures rebound to upper 50s. lauren. >> scott, thank you so much. did you see it. if you missed it live surely you heard about it by nowment we're talking about jason kelce's speech that for ever graces the page for history books for choice words at the super bowl parade. bragging down the iconic speech. >> i'm bruce gordon and i watched history in the making. i was too young to see abraham lincoln deliver gettysburg address and missed president kennedy famous. >> ask fwhoot your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >>.
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>> i have a dream. >> and i was there when the latest, greatest or tore in our nation's long proud history stepped to the staeming and uttered words etched in the monica malpass i ares of philadelphia football fans forever in what began as simple thank you speech during the eagles victory celebration in the parkway and ended fest vus like airing of grievances kelce sought to you explain the underdog status. >> no one wanted us, no one likedto this team and no analysts liked this team to win the super bowl and nobody likes the fans. >> it's a tribute to the team and vice-president operations and howie roseman and few years ago relinquished all control pretty much in the organization. and kelce was just getting started listing supposed shortcomings of himself and teammates. >> jason kelce too small and
7:19 am
johnson cannot layoff the juice and brandon -- nick foles still got it. >> on and on it went. kelce offering put downs of no fewer than 2 4 teammates and coaches of praising accomplishments. i'm not sure it works in real life honey everyone said you were ugly but we're married and everybody said you're a loser but you're hanging out and then came the punch line message to all the doubters and haters a decade ago chase utley earned immortality at the philly's world series retaliation proclaiming the phils, world champions. >> well, jason kelce laid down a carpet of f-bombs and they seemed to like that even more. in pantheon of great speeches
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give me liberty or give me death it ain't. some cities fu will have to do. in philly. >> i went to fur man university and as students we liked chanting f-u all the time. >> lots of people talking about his getup. he marched in a mummer's costume. the look was made a decade ago by mummer's designer james may who since retired. we took a trip to may's office in ridley where he showed us original stephens an hoy it was all born. he designed this for the avalon string band. look at that. he was pleased whether he found out kelce wore his design yesterday morning on "good day". mike jerrick had a little fun with jason kelce respect and style. take a look. >> i'll give you the definition of underdog when "good day philadelphia" started they said we would never be none one we are
7:21 am
number one because of these people. they said she would never be a good executive producer milky way said she could never produce they said jackie could never handle the assignment desk or whatever you do. they said katie can never write. they said alex holly could never anchor this show. they said produce. they said samantha, cld maybe they're right. >> he is too much. just because over, of course, doesn't mean the party has to end. send us super bowl parade. we want to see them. use the # fox5goodday. that cao my mind as we were walking away ft. paradealute whoever has to cleanup this huge mess. >> oh, my gosh.e
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way here in old city. >> i know. >> everywhere. >> and that came wednesday which is why they didn't have the parade wednesday soaked- it was mushy and muddy. >> there was no grass left. >> it's pit down there. >> yeah. >> that costume by the way will be the hit this halloween. >> you're right, you're right. that's true. that's true.nd girls in sports stand up. we'll celebrate your extraordinary achievements in we'll celebrate your extraordinary achievements in athletics after the break
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switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two year agreement. go to to switch today. >> junior reporter mary lip buckley from rider university joined us this morning. tell me what you have for us. >> tomorrow is national girls and women in sports day. rider university is doing something unique. they're having a completely free sports clinic for girls ages 5 to 17 looking to get more involved in athletics. >> we can expose or get three or four kids to want to play particular sports as they get older. we've done a great job what we're trying to accomplish. >> national girls and women in sports day is a day to
7:26 am
remember female athletes everywhere. young girls are encouraged to put skills to thetist. >> so we divide them up to age groups and we go through and have stations set up of all different sports. so the kids spend 10 to 15 minutes lerlen about each sport and participating each sport with coaches and student athletes. we had young ladies that never have involvement in the sport at all and have left here thinking i want to do this sport when i grow up. >> sports have been a huge part of my life. and that's where i made some of my best friends. soy think it's a great opportunity for them to come out and get experience in sports and sports and college players and then maybe one day they'll be in our position as well. >> we try to give them an exposure to what being a student athlete it and giving exposure to playing sports as a higher level and as i mentioned before we turn a young person into someone that want to be a star athlete one day. >> sports equipment will be provided throughout the clinic and all participants are encouraged to wear sneekdz
7:27 am
area comfortable clothing. >> i grew up in sports and participated in sports it taught me leadership and time management and organizational skills and that's what i want the girls moving forward to say hey, i can participate in sports and be like those young ladies that are getting money to go to school and i can be like those young ladies who have fun and have a positive self image and they are outgoing and that will help them later in life. >> love this as a form are athlete myself. women and girls in sports. >> me, too. what's great about it it's all walk in welcome. if you have not signed up and you want to put your skills to the test sign up and show up tomorrow and bring your a game. >> let's talk about the parade that seems to have have united entire city. now one group wants the peace and positive energy to stick around. and positive energy to stick around. that story coming
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another white house aid resigned over domestic violence. david sorenson a speech write
7:31 am
tort president stepped down last night. his ex-wife says he abused her physically an emotionally. this comes in the wake of the resignation of rob porter a top aid inside the trump administration and two of his exwives reported a history of abuse. >> welcome back you're watching "good day" weekend i'm lauren johnson. scott williams has pretty nas nasty information for you about this weekend weather. >> get those errands done early. we have about five to six hours before the rainfall really moves in. but take a look at green. we're talking flood watches all of south jersey and parts of northern central delaware as you move north and west towards the lehigh valley as well as we expand the view look at all moisture gathering from the gulf of mexico through the deep south headed right in our direction. so, we'll go hour by hour. here's 1:00. we're looking at rainfall moving up from d.c. and baltimore. towards delaware south jerse
7:32 am
jersey:00 looking moderate to heavy rainfall breaking out surprised morning. 6 a.m. you can see maybe a rumble of thunder with red and moderate to heavy rainfall early surprised morning keep that in mind for church plans we're talking wet weather and also poppeding on the roadway roadways. so as we go hour by hour the rainfall starts the to move in. showers around this afternoon. temperatures climb upper 40s to low 50s today coming up we'll go hour by hour timing out heavy rainfall and how many inches your particular neighborhood will see out of the system. back to you. >> scott, thank you so much. continuing now breaking news out of holmesburg app off duty constructional identify shoots a man recently released from prison.
7:33 am
the suspect in critical condition tries to steal the man's car. wild story happening last night moments after the suspect was released from prison. jennie joyce live in holme holmesburg with the details on this bizarre story. hi, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, according to police it was right after this suspect was released from prison he took a few hundred steps and committed another crime. he's at aria torresdale in critical condition and is expected to survive. the injured is correctional officer here listed in stable condition at the hospital as well. so what we're hearing it happened notice parking lot here at from hold prison 11:00 last night. 26-year-old jamaal bennett was released from prison. he attempted to carjack a corrections offer officer that just clogged out. the 6-year-old officer was at his car waiting to go home when ben ate approached him. the two wrestled with one another and officer fell to the ground and that's when
7:34 am
police say is the officer fired a private weapon as he was off duty at this point. the bullet hit the suspect in the chest. >> he was in the parking lot of the constructional facility that he was just released from seems like he was starting life of crime over again within minutes of released and attempting to carjack this off duty correction officer. >> policeman to interview the suspects and continue their investigation once he is stableizeed. according to construction officials the suspect has been locked up 7 times since 2011 and his most recent up kars ration was because of weapons charges. lauren. >> some people don't learn their lessons, jennie joyce thank you so much. let's get to top stories. this one out of southern california an accident involving motorcade of canadian prime minister sends three people to the hospital and prime minister was not
7:35 am
hurt and collision happened when officials say suv made left turn in front of suv nothing appears critical it was returning from reagan library where he spoke about canadian trade. history on korean peninsula representative from north and south korea sat side by side during the opening of the winter olympics. mike pence was closer to the north korea contingent than expected. >> fire borkz over winter olympics in south korea and muted fireworks in olympic stadium taking in opening ceremony sister of north korea leader exchanging historic handshake with moon. looking ahead vice-president pence. vice-president only stepped in proofly. earlier in the day pence
7:36 am
visited a memorial of south koreans killed when north korea hit their ship and met with fred warmbeer whose son died in north korea. all part of strategy to prevent north korea from high yack ising games. >> simple truth is that the time has come for north korea to permanently abandon nuclear and ballistic missile ambitious sfwlz on our own mission as arriving in. >> because she's a family member she has latitude that others from the north don't. >> the piong yang olympics branded they say is not a good thing. >> we do not accept this contaminated by participation of north koreans. >> north and south korean
7:37 am
athletes marching together and helping to light the olympic torch gave at least a long shot hope for peace. in soul, south korea, "fox 5 news" fox news. when you waited to see the vince is lombardi travel down broad you had mrepttive time to stock up on eagles gear. we reveal the fashion's from thursday's parade.
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>> the sixers president basically told us what we already knew. markle is not close to m coming back. listen to what he had to say about the first around pick. >> there's a long recovery probably taken longer than anyone had hoped or imagined and you know, again, he's making progress and headway and totally and that he'll be out there doing what he does so well. >> and yeah he's done for the season. to the sixers and bell cans this thing was not even close. check this out ben simmons with the alley to joe isel embib he threw it down. nigel fresh off a super bowl
7:41 am
victory helping ot a bunch of families he gave $125 gift card to ten kids to shop at dicks sporting goods store. that's sports in a minute. i'm shawn bell. >> i'm sure a lot of people go in there to stock up on jerseys and all eagles gear for next year. >> 'i know. no surprise fans all out for the eagle rz pa parade. we're looking at best fashion moments. check out this fan. full of fur from head to toe. the inquire julia turoso posted this one. look at those nails. fans rocking nice design in honor of the birds. that woman put on a wig fur up down bottom fans got creative to stay warm. i saw a lot of coats, scarves, hoodies, everything from eagl eagles to green to anything that will keep you warm. >> i'm loving tattoos a lot of folks are getting tattoos, full out tattoos.
7:42 am
>> philly special you name it. >> they had jason kelce in mummer's costume with quotes down with. it it's kind of cool though. >> i love the energy. >> speaking of that you can feel it in the streets. positive energy radiating throughout philadelphia after celebration that's been decade in the making and one group wants that peace to sort of stick around. we'll is that story for you next.
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>> live look there at wilmington, delaware. cloud cover is rolling in. it's a chilly start out there. 34. temperatures will climb into the low 50s. later this afternoon. but we're dealing with the rainfall. you can see it ganlerring to our south. still about 5 to 6 hours away. we'll zoom n you can see already aerial flood watches happen and posted for several inches of rain fall. 52 bill be the afternoon high temperature. looking at 58 for tomorrow. and and that rain arrives especially this afternoon. and then the heaviest rainfall lookly sunday morning. so go hour by hour here's 2:00 you can see the rainfall approaches from baltimore, washington, d.c., we'll get a little bit of a lull it looks
7:46 am
like maybe between 7, 8:00 towards 11 p.m. before more heavy rainfall starts to move in overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning. 7 a.m. you can see the yellow, the orange, right on top of the i-95 corridor. steady rainfall maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder by 2:00 on sunday we're still looking at rain. it's going to train basically move over the same location like a train car on the railroad tracks and that will be the concern for the flooding. so the ground is frozen. runoff and poppeding on the roadways. we continue to thaw, freeze cycle and pothole problem will continue. we're looking at over" of i-95 core for and maybe 3 to as much as this 4" of rainfall parts of south jersey just to give you and idea of how much rainfall we're talking about with this system. so temperatures chilly right now. but as we go hour by hour you can see by 3:00 already into the upper 40s. but the rainfall it will be
7:47 am
moving in. lauren. >> scott, thank you so much. in about a half hour runners kickoff the annual cupid 5 k. other similar races happening across the can'ty as well all put together by the non profit community actions which helps people disabled. all the participants and spectators at this local race can get in the zoo for free after the program. >> and also happening today fans get a chance to meet former philly star ryan howard he's headed to deptford new jersey for a book signing event. world series champion will sign books with wife crystal and they created rhino chapter book series. that event aims to pro poet good sportsmanship and importance of literacy. it is happening 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today south jersey federal credit union 1600 block of huffville road and the book can be purchased at the signing for $5. >> let's go to bucks county. where eighth graders put away cell phones for the night and it was not punishment but
7:48 am
their choice. students at newtown middle school held a lock in at their school last night in an effort to raise money for autism cares foundation. school invited families of children with autism to have a play night with students and eighth graders say it was a lot of fun. >> at first i thought it would be fun lock in all eightth graders i was nervous once i heard we were with kids. i got used to it i'm having a good time it feels good to finally do something like this. >> it feels good to give kids a chance that don't get to go to things like this. it gives them -- feels good to give them a chance to have fun with us. >> you needed $5 to participate. they all donated $25 that goes to fund other activities for children living with autism. >> with the city on all time high right now one group wanted to keep the peace. our bill anderson shares the mission to bring philadelphia together once and for all.
7:49 am
>> june 5, 2017 i got a call from my mother she was telling me my cousin had been killed. >> over 300 people were killed in philadelphia in 2017. it happened so often it's almost emotionless and people are desensitized to it and reality is those people had friend and family and they had values. spoken broke into hi grandmother's house in backdoor and actually shot him and 14 times. and laying back on living room floor. >> february 9 would have been birthday. >> if you take a look at social media or speak to friends and family it's not exactly the type of person you expect to be involved in this type of situation. >> devita and her cousin were close. with murder remaining unsolved eight months later devit as
7:50 am
was tired of waiting for justice and want todd be part of pushing for peace. >> erase the rate became -- the community has to do something. we have to police ourselves. >> she started a erase the rate to focus on minority communities. they've been helping in varous ways for months. as die hard eagles fan she saw something in how the city came together. >> philadelphia the community is strong. the philadelphia eagles they won and philadelphia came out with a whole city for us to come out for sports teams. we can come out and saturday, february 0 they planned a peace march not only to draw attention to unsolved murders and allow the people the opportunity to publicly grieve but also to take advantage of the unity our city is currently experiencing. >> and there's a lot of inside violence fwrupz of philadelphia that many don't know about and i feel we need one big event to bring everyone together. >> devita own others are
7:51 am
grieving lost loved ones every day and she hopes all of us who understand and want a peaceful city will join her quest to erase the murder rate for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> it's been called the "black panther" challenge. it's effort to help students defeat "black panther" movie. we found one local principal who already met the goal thanks to go fund me and who already met the goal thanks to go fund me and generosity.
7:52 am
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♪ ♪ sad news to report this morning. french came known for roles in house of card. hbo the wire he died his death was announced on twitter by creator of the wire. more details of passing have not been released just yet. we know he was struggling with cancer and emmy nominated actor was only 59 years old. i remember him of course from house of cards barbeque joint. so sad. >> of the 17 big money films
7:55 am
made about marvel comics none featured a black hero until now. >> it happens now. determines what happens to the rest of the world. >> "black panther" focuses on african-american superhero played by chad bowsman and this is the first movie with so many black supporting members and writer and desireen and the film set in africa and base of sound track all local africans. the national ka academy of sciences thinks this film will increase stem studies among african-american students and the same way "hunger games" it got girls into archery. >> and a local teacher wants her students to see the movie. she's a principal and raised
7:56 am
more than 800 away past her goal. the film comes out next friday and there's been hundreds of other similar crowd funneleding campaigns across the currenty trying to get students to the theaters. there's even a # "black panther" challenge. in all, people have donated more than $300,000. >> "black panther" also breaking barriers imprint. "black panther" came the first marvel cinematic universe movie features on the cover of time magazine. time is not really known for having superheros on the cover but like wonder woman the culture and political weight of the movie makes it so very special. so a lot of people are doing a lot of things for this but that local prince pal she had this posted and yesterday i saw it on social immediate why and said to candice we should get her in to spread the words to students because they're in a school culturally disadvantaged and in 457 minutes, $2,000 from the community. >> she'll definitely reach
7:57 am
that goal. >> i know. >> chadwick bowsman he's from south carolina. >> really? >> yes, he went to school in the south. >> i went to school south carolina. >> not far. >> greenville. >> that's cool i didn't know that. >> you may not be able to buy love. those romantic gestures add up. shower your lover with valentine gifts that won't will have a heart shape knoll your pocket. also trending this morning why social media users are saying oh, snap to snap chat latest social media users are saying oh, snap to snap chat latest updates.
7:58 am
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when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but sir froggy can never forget. "i used to be a prince. but no princess would kiss me now." stlv the shots leave the suspect in criticalen
8:00 am
condition and more on the officer's recovery this morning. >> flu season started back in october. but we all have so many questions about the potentia potentially deadly virus. our media expert is here to break i all down. >> and if you happen to be the one person in our area who missed eagles super bowl parade earlier this week you still have a shot to see the lombardi trophy in person. well, kind of. we'll explain that one. "good day" everyone, saturday, february 10, 2018. the 8:00 hour we made it through an hour. no rain yet. but it is on its way. >> several more hours lauren to get those errands donna cross the area. walk the dog. get the paper, grab that cup of coffee. cloud cover is thickening across the region and chilly out there and temperatures will climb to the upper 30s to low 50s for today. let's focused in on what is happening, we have flood watches that have been posted pretty much for the entire area. that's in anticipation of round after rounds of rain
8:01 am
fall beginning this afternoon and evening and continuing for sunday. we're not talking one inch we're talking several inches of rainfall before all is said and done. look at that moisture. you can see a water hose of moisture coming out of south and that will move right in our direction later on today. in fact we'll go hour by hour advance the clock, 1, 2 p.m. and we're looking at that rainfall and just kind of moving into section of delaware and lancaster and plan kaeingts are county and delaware county and and south jersey sections of delaware and moderate to heavy rainfall with the yellows and also oranges, we'll get a little lull it looks like 7:00 tonight. so that's a little bits of good news if you have plans. but late tonight, 11:00, midnight, round two. it moves in. and look at that. heavy rainfall early on sunday morning. we're talking about potential thunderstorms, rumble of thunder not out of the question with this system.
8:02 am
we'll go hour by hour and the clouds thickening and maybe a few sprinkles around noon and by 1, 2:00 moving to 3 p.m. we're looking at that rainfall kind of moving in and that will set the stage for damp upcoming weekend. so the rain arrives this afternoon and heaviest officer night tonight and early sunday morning much more on that flood nraet and we'll talk about who will see potentially three maybe isolated four inches of rainfall. lauren back to you. >> scott, thank you so much. break news out of philadelphia holmesburg section off duty constructional officer shoots a man recently released from prison and that suspect still in critical condition. let's get to jeepner joyce live in holmesburg with breaking details on what happened last night. hi, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, according to officials although the suspect is in critical condition he is expected to survive. as for the victim in this case it's a 66-year-old corrections officer. he suffered minor injuries during all of this. it was last night around 11:00
8:03 am
when 26-year-old jamaal bennett was released from fro fromhold prison his first few hundred steps to freedom he committed another crime. investigators tell us he attempted to carjack a corrections officer that just clocked out the 66-year-old officer was at his car getting ready to go home when bennett approached him an two wrestled with one another and officer fell to the ground and that's when police say the officer fired his private weapon as he was off duty at this point and the bullet hit the suspect in the chest. >> correctional officer fell to the ground one time and was injured to his head, face and neck. and during the struggle, that's when construction officer pulled his private offer duty weapon and fired one shot striking the inmate who had just been released viking him one time in the
8:04 am
chest. >> according to corrections oyvlz the suspect was locked up multiple times since 2011. his most recent incarceration was related to weapons charges they're they're still conducting a number of interviews. ep and they will whenever stableizeed at the hospital. lauren. >> jennie joyce:04. police in salem need help finding two fwiz want fod are attempted murder. the pair along with a third person burst into the map's apartment tuesday night and stab stag him three times. it happened at the burkely trace apartments on bensalem boulevard the suspect are armed and dangerous. call police if you now who they are. >> a town in george ashaken after police officer is killed and two deputies seriously hurt in a shooting. the 9-year-old suspect identified as teree gutherie do ied in the incident south of atlanta yesterday. the violence unfolded as the officers were serve ago rest
8:05 am
warrant. details have not been released about who fired first the fallen officer has been identified as 26-year-old chase maddox. >> rowan university president is urging community to work together to create a safe environment in the wake of sexual harassment cases all over the country. our jeff cole as more on the story. >> glassboro rowan university is expanding school of 18500 undergraduate, graduate and medical students. takes public university whose frez friday took on sexual assault and harassment. amy hoke is rowan psychologis psychologist. >> are student reluctant to come forward do you think. >> the statistics would suggest that most people do not report this. they created environments where respectful language and actions of the norm. the letter was idea of university committee focused
8:06 am
on sexual violence prevention. and its members wanted to speak to the rowan community in wake of larry nassar case. nassar, 54, is michigan state university doctor who molested olympic gym night. his victims were allow todd speak of their pain in open, emotional court hearings. elena knoff is a senior majo majoring in english. >> do you think it's a problem here. >> i do. because i feel like there are snaps from something super small to you know instances of blatant sexual harassment that people don't talk about. >> pope says the letter was not promed by an incident but released in knowledge one in five female graduates are sexually assaulted and she thinks horror of nassar case made it time to act. >> it's taken really significant event with numerous victims to somehow
8:07 am
even make a dent in creating i think national attention to this issue. >> jeff cole fox new. >> the cleanup continues today from the parade on parkway. let's take a live look now over the ben franklin parkway where workers are busy since crowd scattered on thursday afternoon. philadelphia streets department crews started their work behind that parade route and by yesterday midday they removed 60 tons of debris. it's a lot of trash. wednesday steady rain and thursday's huge crowds left eakins oval in one muddy mess. >> right now the trash is stuck in the muddy have to dig in. >> it caused some delays which made it challenging to us to access the area and clean it right away. >> amount of debris removed is more than mess created by the 2008 phillies world series celebration or 2015 papal
8:08 am
visit. look at that mess. turns out last year equifax data breach was worse than thought. credit reporting company submitted reports to the ban banking committee saying they were able to access tax id numbers. email addresses and much more. that's more information that the company initially reporte reported. equifax released a statement saying they're not trying to mislead customers just sharing the information that affected most people. >> stocks staj aid literally ending a wild week on a positive note. dow jones gained 330 points and earlier in the day dropped 500 and dow lost more than 5 500% for the week worst week since january 016 and dow reported 1,000 point drops monday and thursday. it was busy crazy week i think for investors. a lot of people on roller coaster ride. most financial experts say calm down. stay put. this happens.
8:09 am
we'll all be okay. >> he'll be in. >> and malcolm jenkins apparently ripped steph curry being on the patriots side of the super bowl. >> ut, oh. >> see, i knew i deposit like steph curry. i knew i didn't like steph curry, that's your boy. that's your boy. steph curry. front runner. >> all right. you heard it. those were his words not ours. he was wearing red as you saw there and was not patriots geerl it was muny redhawks he malcolm jenk ipz you should have fwoten glasses i represent the redhawks appreciate the shout-out and congratss on the ring and tell tori smith what up, too, tori backed up curry and said is he
8:10 am
was actually rooting for the eagles to win. >> closer inspection of that picture it looked hike he was kind of patriots fan wearing -- >> but it was not patriots gear. it's interesting malcolm was talking about him during the game. >> why were you worried about that. >> that's weird to me. >> all right. >> they won. >> that's all that matters. >> who knows with the sidebar conversations that happened down there. if you happen to be ft. one person in the area that missed super bowl parade this week you have a shot to see lombardi trophy in person, well, kind of. i'll explain what i 3450e7b mean. but first you washed hands and gotten flu shot. now what? how you can help prevent the flu without taking medication. and plus what to do if you flu without taking medication. and plus what to do if you think you have the flu i'm sue serio weekend wendy has her yoga mat with her and
8:11 am
it's yoga with cats. bring your own yoga mat and then you can do your downward dog with adoptable cats. they'll and he a great time for everybody that participates and pest of all all the proceeds benefit the pennsylvania society for protection of cruelty to animals. it starts 9:00. i hope you have a good time
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> dry, quiet and chilly for now. temperature-wise in old city we're looking at 37 degrees. temperatures will climb to upper 40s to low 50s and look at all of the rainfall moving in from the gulf of mexico to deep south anden ten river valley ooh moving towards the delaware valley later today we're looking at rainfall and lots of it. and we have advisories and watches posted for a flood concern. >> and looks like heaviest of rain fall moves in early this afternoon. we might get a little bit of lull late this evening.
8:15 am
but you can see after 7:00, 8:00, then we move towards 11:00 and midnight we're watching more steady rainfall moving towards the area by sunday morning. temperatures will be above average into the 40s and we're look at rainfall. moderate to heavy sunday morning lingers into sunday afternoon. so as we roll the clock you can see on the order of one, two, perhaps as my as three, maybe four inches of rainfall for sesz of central delaware and into parts of south jersey. so with the grounds being relatively frozen we're looking at runoff, ponding on the roadways and also more pothole problems unfortunatel unfortunately. 7 for philadelphia. already upper 40s as you move to wildwood. as you go hour by hour by:00 temperatures upper 40s. we're looking at rainfall moving in. there could be some fog overnight tonight. maybe a rumble of thunder as you wake up surprised morning 58 for high temperature. 47 monday and temperatures
8:16 am
moderate back to low to upper 50s for wednesday into thursday. lauren. >> scott there's a lot of flu out there. we accused you of having it a few weeks ago. federal health officials say it may be with us weeks to come. weekly flu report for centers of disease control and prevention shows the number of people seeking treatment for flu like symptoms is as high as it was during the peak of 2009 h1n1 epidemic the number of deaths is up to. flu surprise started in october and we have so many questions about the potentia potentially deadly virus. dr. nina radcliffe is here to break it down. let's start with the flu scam. if people think i'm feeling under the weather don't feel good andicy and good to see you dr. what do you do. >> first things we do it check your vital signs this is morning because straightal signs are vital. we'll check temperatures and if you have the flu it's likely it will be elevated. and then also we'll check
8:17 am
heart rate and many times because of the fever and body working over time we see increase in heart rate aunt reason i point this out is because when your heart rate increases most of us it is not a problem for people who have heart disease this can become deadly. these are things we as healthcare professionals look at to see should you go to emergency room or be admit as a patient. these are things we want to see. we'll check blood pressure and also check the way your oxygen sake tlivrd to your body. and these are key indicator and it is vital in that. >> people at home may not be able to see. >> exactly. >> let's talk about what you're seeing in doctor's offices and emergency rooms. it's bad this season.
8:18 am
>> and we could have complications. if you're at home and it's cold outside or snow outside there's sleet, rain, here's indications if you feel short of breath please go n that means flu or maybe pneumonia with bacteria has gone down lower into lungs and when this that happens can kill you within a few days. if you have a fever over 101 and tried to take tylenol and still has not gone down or aseat min ten it's an indication your pod question can't fight. it if you're so fatigued just go into not only the doctor office but monica malpass room. >> if you have gotten a flu shot and done what you can to prevent it sometimes it's diet that helps. let's walk through items we can eat to help with immunity. >> flu shot is most effective means of fighting immunity against flu. even though considered 0% effective it's critical. >> let's go through the food options you laid out there's a
8:19 am
lot of them sglel our immune system is army. it's complex. intricate. but fierce army. we don't completely understand how it works but what we know it takes building problems and nutrient vitamins and proteins to function at very best. these are foods with zinc. zinc is involved in a number of enzyme processes and especially in the immune system. mushrooms, whatever type of mushrooms rich in zinc and oat meal, almonds, pumpkin, oysters and because of our body cannot store zinc it's important we eat every day. you need small amount of zinc every single day. >> sdairy is that leave it out or make sure you add it. >> this is for celenium a trace mineral we need it for our immune system to be robus robust. milk, eggs, cheese and also you can do lien meats as well. >> greens don't surprise me he what do you think they are. >> vitamin c. >> close. >> iron.
8:20 am
>> okay. >> beans. >> we'll get there. so spinach full of iron. beans. there's a number of different things that have iron. make sure you get that. and vitamin c where you are. it helps blood flow to different part of body. keeps blood flow helmy. that's important we want to deliver anti-bodies and killer cells and macrophages in order to flow nicely we want plenty of vitamin c. it's not just oranges and it's lemons, limes, brussel sprout sprouts, red and green bell peppers and also medicineial herbs garlic has an odor sulfur containing odor is dea deadly to viruses and deadly to fungal as well as bacteria. that's very good. add in garlic whenever you get a chance. and ginger we don't know how to works but using it for over 5,000 years and it has properties to fight off bacteria and viruses and of
8:21 am
course, things that have pro buy otics such as yogurt containing hem my bacteria and balancing our body against bacteria gives us the edge. thank you. >> thank you. >> she is helping us stick to our sxy back. you're bringing sexy back in relationships i hear. foods prom tion great valentine's day and fun night. foods prom tion great valentine's day and fun night. stick around.
8:22 am
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>> dr. nina took off the white coat and now she's in red and going to help us spice up our romantic dinner next week for valentine's day. we know this the way to man's heart is through his stomach. >> for women, too. >> ladies and guys. >> not gepder neutral it's interesting because the way we talk about food and sfwrib it we use terms delicious and diego castellanos dant and lush and that signifies how food plays role in emotions and feelings and might be able to stir feelings of love. >> we always here about aphrodisiacs thing that make us gets excited inside.
8:25 am
>> and the word comes from greek goddess known for love, fertility and desire. when you think about it you see pictures of her she's emerging from the ocean on a clam shell. and so many times we still think of a lot of oysters and clams and seafood. >> there's truth to that. >> and there is truth to that. and mostly our desire comes from our hor momz. testosterone in men and project rhone me women and in order to make it it's all about the building blocks and i go back to nutrient and amino acid and we have to get them in to be at our peak. tell me about avocado. that surprises me sdmrt jury is still out on this one. people say it's lushious when we teet soft texture it creamy it is arousing us to because it as aarral sensation and some people say it's a shape of uterus and that represents fertility. more likely just scientifi
8:26 am
scientifically contains plenty of vitamin e which is boost for our energy. which is is important. >> got you. >> so popular now avocado and then we get to spicy stuff. spice it up, peppers. >> sad thing i had all this at home i didn't have to get them. basically spicy food when we eat something spicy it causes pain in our mouth when we do feel pain our body responds by releasingen door fins it's a natural painkiller. but it also creates a sense of euphoria. in really? >> and one other things about spacey foods stimulates how we are when were are aroused increasing temperature and makes us feel warm. >> in fact. >> blood flowing. >> bananas that's surprising one too. >> yes, yes, again it's shape sometimes people say it's shape but. >> ah-ha gets get back to science and fact contains compound bro' jp lynn increasing tests together rhone and energy.
8:27 am
>> chocolate is not surprising. >> go to for everyone valentine's day and all yearlong. the chipping about dark chocolate contains tripto condition fan a preceptor toer is owe toe anyone which affects mood and most apt a depressant medications increase trip toelynn and there's a chemical related to amphetamines and released by our body when you fall in love. >> starker the better. >> darker the better because it's less processed. >> and have berries. >> honey contains something called boran when boosts energy levels and can increase testosterone and progesterone. >> eat that or drizzle it on. >> dip it on there or drizzle it. >> thank you. >> and shape of heart and color of that. that's what they think about that. >> look at that. >> you may not be able to buy
8:28 am
love. those romantic gestures show up. shower your lover with valentine gifts that will not leave a heart shaped hole in valentine gifts that will not leave a heart shaped hole in your pocket.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back saturday morning it's chilly and dry for now. look at ultimate doppler lit up the rainfall and headed in our direction.
8:31 am
as we go hour by hour, by 1, 2:00 norristown and reading and philadelphia hooking at rain in south jersey and down the shore. it continues into the afternoon. and early evening time frame looks like we get a little bit of lull between 7 and 8:00 tonight and as we move towards 11:00 and midnight, rounds two is going to move in. heavy rainfall overnight tonight and first things on sunday morning where we could have a rum rumble of thunder. chilly to start. and later this afternoon looking at showers developing ep overnight looking at rainfall moving in tomorrow morning. we'll go hour by hour and precipitation totals lauren coming up. >> valentine's day is not until middle of next week.
8:32 am
and our area made the rank. philadelphia comes in with number four. austin texas. we're expected to spend more than 19 billion on valentine's day. breaking down exactly where this money is going. that's a big amount. >> that's a lot of money. >> 0 billion will be spent this week to say i love you or i'm sorry depending on state of your relationship. right? >> jay-lo says love don't cost a thing. >> but she's wrong. >> this week it does. >> this week it does. >> 4.7 billion spent on bling. bring in the bling. still very popular for valen type's day.
8:33 am
>> popping the question a lot of people are doing or upgrading ripingz and buying diamonds. >> all the above. >> 3.7 billion adult night. >> and second most popular. and flowers. >> duh. >> 250 million rose this week will make at matt sacrifice to say i love you, 250 million roses. >> some people say danny don't know if first lady says this don't buy me flowers because it is wait of money and they die. >> not only am i love geek but money geek great wife and if you're stupid enough to ask significant other what do you want you know she says don't get me anything and if you're stupid enough to listen you deserve what you get or don't get. do not do that this week fellas that's a huge mistake. average couldn't assumeer spends 143 on valentine's day. men spend more than women. >> of course.
8:34 am
>> 75% of spending is done by men. >> tell me this as a man do you expec a gift or expect to get acknowledged in only some way. >> i never received a gift to valentine's day i don't want one what kara will do is make something coconut cake or key lime pie because she's a great cook. every day is valen type's day in the rick ado household. >> you're a love bug. >> are you buying diamond valentine present. >> you're not alone. average consumer spends $5 on valentine day gifts for pets. >> i spent more than 5. i'm over budget. i think that little sweatshirt was 10.99. >> poor diamond. >> wearing valentine day sweatshirt. >> she hates me. >> it says limited edition on there. >> you have to go for that. >> it's a big day, shopping day a lot invented by hallmark but boost to the economy. >> i had a boyfriend once tell
8:35 am
me we don't celebrate valentine day it's a hallmark holiday so we broke up. >> we will see you later. >> we'll talk to you later. >> so you don't have to spend a whole bunch of money as dan said there are diy projects you can do at home. so our diy goddess roberta has a few money saving gift ideas to keep
8:36 am
8:37 am
the bathroom. when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but little miss puffytail can never forget. "the only thing worse than having such large ears, is having such large eyes."
8:38 am
"the only thing worse than having such large ears, >>♪ okay we talked about balling on a budget this valentine's day. let's make gifts and create moments that are special. because you put your heart into them. and we don't have to break the bank and spend a lot of money. >> exactly all these gifts here under $20. >> this is cute i can read it. >> you have to read it. >> hey sweat heart all my leafy dated runts and in other words and i finally met a red hot guy he gave me love that was good and plenty and i would not tried it for a million dollars. i love you. >> this is so cute. >> this is clever you're so cute. >> and i feel like you can get this at the dollar treatment that's $7. >> you can totally switch this up too. >> that's so great.
8:39 am
>> you can get dark and lovery or chocolate. >> i think one of my favorite is the mugs. >> okay. >> how do you do these. >> dollar store mugs. >> same thing dollar store. >> markers at craft store they'll write on glass. so when you write on there i don't know if you want to write something to test it ou out. >> i'll try. >> will it come off when you wash it. >> no. >> it's permanent and it's on there and you'reing a a lot of money for these like you know styles and crafted you know little things. look at that. >> this is good marker i'm starting with b and i'll make it say mine. >> with red. >> you can get really creative with these. >> and you're only spending less than $10. >> this was a dollar at dollar tree. >> and these markers are $2. >> craft smart paint pen. >> look at cookies too. they think why did you write with markers. it's not it's food markers. food dye markers.
8:40 am
>> you can eat them. >> if you plan to get engaged. >> i don't i i i am, anyone out there? >> if you are, what you can do is inside the cookie let me seefy can break the cook didn't. it comes out. >> no it's a ring. >> an you can puts the ring flight there see how it has all this. >> you're too much. >> all of them have sprichkls and stuff or you can put a necklace in there. >> you could imagine bust open that cookie and a ring come out. >> spts that creative. >> another i think is crafty use lipstick kiss on there and make it a card and write something on the back of it. >> oh, >> and frame it. >> it's artsy you can frame on the wall. >> and put up at desk at work so all the girls know. >> right. >> you're taken. >> this one too all flowers are from the dollar store. you get punches. >> you tip them off. >> and you use the back like styrofoam piece and cut heart
8:41 am
out and use hot glue gun. >> robert a. >> you can hang this up. >> like mistletoe. >> >> i'm having fun. jennie joyce where are you girlfriend. >> interesting character here. this is one of the shows we're highlighting this is musical thrown to. game of tlopz. >> i'm john snow. >> we'll
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> i'm carp weapon today's busy mama. good morning to you. >> tell me about your family. >> so i have two boys he eight aider and dozenman. >> busy and super fun. you also have your own business you went to school and can get people in shape and get them on a path. i think it's really interesting. you have an app to do like virtual training and app available through any part device which permits versatil versatility for mom's. i train mom's and mom's are on the go and mom's wear many hats and this app provides them to take control of
8:45 am
fitness and have a real person behind the app so they can accept their workouts from home, on the go, while they're traveling and kind of get that accountability and motivation. >> what are some of the exercises you think are best for helping women and workout workouts. >> favorite are squats there's so much it works the whole body and works core and glutes and you know being moms and having children your core takes a toll. so i like to work really deep core muscles to get you know your whole body functioning to have better posture and to alleviate aches and pains that occur through post partum. you're post partum the rest of your life you can never undew do having a child. >> and you're in chester county. that's your use area for folk folks. >> that's my usual area and with the app i train people up and and down the northeast. so anybody that kind of not in
8:46 am
chester county area they can reach me ape can train them virtually awinter weather advisory. >> catherine that's amazing. check her out and find out how to reach come to our web site to reach come to our web site that's today's busy mama dry for now all rainfall off to south and lots of it streaming up from full of of mexico through parts of deep south. we have flood watches that have been posted for much of the area for several inches of rainfall before the end of weekend. the closest approach you can see moving through west virginia and virginia and still several hours away with that rainfall. temperatures today climb into the low 50s. upper 50s by tomorrow. so as we go hour by hour you can see 2, 3:00 looking at moderate to heavy rainfall.
8:47 am
little break in between around 1 and round two that moves in late tonight towards midnight overnight tonight and then look at sunday morning we're looking at mod troot heavy rainfall and rumble of thunde thunder. you can see as we run the clock 2 app a half inches or more philadelphia some locations could have three and isolated four inch amounts with this stix the 7 day forecast showing milder conditions, foggy, damp, dreary for sunday heaviest rainfall tomorrow morning low 40s on tuesday. valentine's day now looking g pretty good temperatures top out low 50s. rawrn back to you. >> all right. scott, if you happen to be the one person in the area who missed super bowl earlier this week you have a shot to hit the lombardi trophy in person. families can head to lego land to hold the lombardi trophy replica and wear lego championship ripingz. you can enjoy posing for pictures and checking out
8:48 am
parade and money land where iconic land marks were created with get this one an a half lego bricks and for adults looking for something more mature. >> ep mys to the east. >> enemies so the west. help mys so the south enemies to the north. if it stands in our way we will defeat it. >> how about a live stage party of one of the most popular tv traumas is perfect way to celebrate theater week. jennie joyce live in sent city with the details. hi, jennie. >> good morning i was stopped hear first ever philadelphia theater week. we wing broad and lombard joined by page price. page talk about philly theater week and what we can expect
8:49 am
and we'll meet character. >> this is first ever as you said there's 0 organizations taking part and 268 performances and sort ever like flight of theaters and you can get free tickets or very low priced. you can sample as much as you want. 15, 0, you can good all over the city. i don't think people under the breath of theater there to. and getting people involved and and absolutely, absolutel absolutely. >> there's so many different kind and so it's really fun and we're doing three shows here at philadelphia theater company and do i need an acto actor. >> happenening now musical thrown to. is this at the dressing room here. what do you have. >> she said come in. hello. you're one of the character from mu sakeal thrown to. >> i'm playing cercie on right now and play you ten other character margie, tie rel, me
8:50 am
melsondra and 40 khaevrpings throughout entire show. >> 40 changes. >> yes, quick, wigs, costumes, yeah. >> this is how you start the show. >> this is how i start yes we do a warm-up back staej and all on stage 90 minutes. quick changes back stage and we never come back to the dressing rooms after this. >> so nice to meet you. >> you too. >> break a leg tonight. >> thank you. >> we're going to go, another character here we have is puppet character what is his name. >> august stark. >> i have to ask how did the show go last night. >> went rally well my favorite part is signing autografts. >> that's so cool lauren this is no joke. you can get an autograft from character after the show. it's cool. >> how did you sign. >> well, i just make my brother john snow do it. >> okay thank you so much. nice to meet you you let shake your happened, okay, come on i think they're going to work on some live theater happening in the theater right now.
8:51 am
what is this? is this fencing scene going on. >> actually what we're doing is fight call. any time you do stage combat you want to rehearse it before the show to make sure it's safe no matter how simple and easy it is even when you work with plastic swords it's a rehearsal thing. >> back to musical throwns this is one of many shows of part of philly theater week. people i know it's a popular show. for those who don't know what's the premise and what he can people expect. >> the premise is that there's a number of families called "game of thrones" because everyone is trying to be king or queen. it's a number of families doing horrible things to each other to win the game of thon thonz. with our party what you ask expect is a lot of laughs and song and dance and style yeesed violence an murder and really just a bunch of fun. >> that's awesome. two more perform apps today. >> that's correct. >> are they told sold out can people get tickets. >> i believe there's tickets left but not many. >> philly theater work a whole
8:52 am
week. if you cannot make it to this show through february 18 what's the web site. fully >> thank you so much lauren sending it back to you. >> trending this morning. why social media users are saying oh, snap to snap chat latest update. you have tried ♪ go take the scenic route.
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just in time for valentine ace dae love statue coming back. making big return to 16 and jfk tuesday and there's reports there will be a parade along with. it crews removed it last year to restore back to original collar are scheme of red, green and purple. good thing they didn't bring it back early for the parade. people would have climbed on it and daaged it >> that's rights where i was standing it was a crazy crowd. >> if you are big use are of snap chat by now you've seep the new update people don't like it scott it's hard to figure oar out the update. seems difficult to get used to useers are furious snap chat
8:56 am
made big khawchings almost every part of app for example if you swipe left reveals friend's fame and that let's you see your chats with friends and along with their snap chat stories but the friends page is now ordered based on best friends instead of order of latest stories. listen when they put stories on instagram i was like what is snap chat i don't use it? imore. why do companies make up daitsd and upgrades without consulting people that use it. >> it's growing pains i think. >> i don't want to see on instagram other day i saw something quincy harris posted six days ago. fy want to see what he posted six days ago i'll go to his page and go back and look. >> is it in case you missed it or something like that. >> i don't know show me relevance like time. want to see what i missed since last logged on. >> if you have the rank and it's happening and chronological. and makes sense in mind.
8:57 am
and and instagram and snap chat. i'm not really a snap chat user. and social media. google and facebook taking on a new method of dating they're allowing employees toe ask one another on dates but they're only allow todd ask one time. so if you're rejected by that person you cannot ask a second time or that's considered crossing line. the new protocol comes after rise in workplace misconduct, google and facebook over the past few months. >> that sounds like a slippery slope to me. >> a lot of people say that but i think relationship experts say most people meet at work. >> document, paper trail. >> can we go out. no, pripts, give it to hr. >> that's the one time. >> and that's so funny.
8:58 am
that's cruel and unusual though. >> have
8:59 am
9:00 am
alex: coming next, giving beagles a second chance. plus, helping america's national bird. and saving some babies. this is "animal rescue."


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