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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  February 12, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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check out this cool set up here. isn't this great who would have thought that in february we could be outside, with our short sleeves on, and around the fire, give a big wave, everybody. we are coming to you live from grain craft kitchen grain on main on main street we will be here all morning long. what a cool spot right here on the campus of the university of delaware. so come check the jam cams heading out to school or work this morning. everything is soaking wet from the rain we had over the weekend but hey, it could have been 2 feet of snow. that is one way to look at it. schuylkill expressway right at spring garden street, in problems at all, we had an earlier accident westbound right here near girard avenue that just cleared out five minutes ago and then another camera, a live look at the schuylkill at gladwynn a lot of puddles so be careful because it looks like a puddle but pothole about a foot deep to knock your front end alignment out of whack. on the maps we will go martin luther king drive closed at falls bridge because of flooding, and from over the weekend.
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so back here live check out this cool fire pit that we have here, out on the, front patio of grain craft bar and grill, come on by we're right on main street, and, the officers are here, as well. we have virgin bloody marries 's until we can officially open up the bar but all morning long we will be here having fun. karen being back to you in the studio. back to you in the studio. good morning, newark. >> good morning, wake up right back at you. thanks very much, bob. happening right now, we have to watch out when you are driving especially when the sun has not come up yet you may not know what you are driving into. we have had some closures on many roads because of the rain lets get on it to lauren johnson along martin luther king drive/boulevard, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. don't you love it, it happens as our show starts? that is what happens here, it is mlk drive is back opened here this morning. we just had a police officer unlock gates and opened up the
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roads. only a few cars went by. what we think happened is they block this area off as a precautionary measure, just to make sure that this road didn't flood, since we are so close to the river. yesterday joyce evans headed outside and saw very busy rain day. scott williams had been telling us all morning long we were get downpours all day, we would get a lot of rain in just a few hours. so, no flooding here. roads are back opened. we will keep roving and wondering around our area, and let us know if anything is happening in your neighborhood that we should come, check out with me, karen. >> reporter: thanks very much. that is good news. it is back opened. breaking right now, a man has been rush to the hospital after being stabbed in the neck, in a bar, it happened on the 3100 block of kensington just before 2:00 this morning. the victim was rushed over to temple hospital, where he is in stable condition, and, they are still trying to figure out what happened. and we know four people are dead, and several others injured after a violent
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weekend in our city. lets get out to police headquarters and dave kinchen, dave. >> reporter: when we hear about things like this there are several neighborhood as cross this great city waking up to tragedy here, terribly violent weekend in philadelphia. police have their hands full working four murders, that is right, four of the them, one of them came sunday afternoon when cops say two men opened fire on a car leaving a man dead, more than a dozen shots were fired, investigators say, at seventh fifth and elmwood in southwest philadelphia the man killed was only 23 years old, two others in that car, also hurt, cops are looking for the two shooters there. no known motive, a neighbor talk about what he saw. >> there was the crime scene, one or two officers, and apparently the driver's side door was shot out and there was somebody in the vehicle i
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could not make out details, i drove by, nobody stopped us, and i mean you could see now they have marked off several it looks like shots there and it looks like quite a few. >> reporter: also in southwest philadelphia, on the 6600 block of guyer avenue a 22-year old man was found face down dead after being shot, multiple times, around midnight saturday, cops are still looking for that shooter , with two more murders in the city that brings the total for this year so far to 23 homicides, police have been very busy tragically and we also understand another shooting injured several people at a west philadelphia barber shop too. so just a lot of violence going on, way too much, just one is too many. back to you. >> absolutely. all right, thanks very much, dave. 4:04. delaware county the investigation continues into what started a house fire. broke out yesterday evening on
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south front street in darby. no one was injured. but they say that home was a total loss. and a shared parking lot could to be blame for a correctional officer's injuries suffered at the hands of an inmate just released. sixty-six year-old michael meritay is now out of the hospital and his attacker is in the hospital, after he pulled out a weapon and shot the suspect. police say the suspect 26 year-old jamal bennet wrestled with the officer trying to steel his koran friday on the grounds of the curan fromhold prison in holmesberg. the president says these attacks happen too often and changes must come to protect the officers and guards. families of two new jersey fisherman missing since thursday say they are considering a new effort to try to find them. thirty year-old paul mantoes and dennis smalling sent out a distress signal from their 46- foot boat they were off the coast of barnegat. they set out from point pleasant. coastguard searched all day on thursday and friday but they
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didn't find anything. they called off that search on friday, and the families are now considering raising money for a private search. and in burlington county a warning for from police in evesham township, they are worried about a lethal batch of heroin, on saturday, police say four people overdosed in just 24 hours. they are asking to you call 911 right away if you think somebody is overdosing. developing right now, the faa, national transportation safety board, will be at the scene of the deadly helicopter crash in the grand canyon, three british tourist were killed, four others were injured when sight seeing chopper went down. chris demayo has more. >> reporter: trip to the grand canyon turns dippedly for a group of tourist visiting from overseas, authorities say helicopter carrying six british nationals and a american pilot crashed in the canyon, three people were killed, the pilot ace monk remaining four who were air lifted to a las vegas hospitals. while four survivors have life threatening injuries a witness
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says he saw some of the crash victims bleeding and badly burn. >> all of a sudden i saw smoke , people were gasping, there is one man and two ladies, there, they were severely burn. >> reporter: helicopter went down saturday night near the west brim, an area full of roxanne not'sly accessible. >> the terrain, where the crash occurred, it is extremely rugged. it is only accessible by aircraft, and our first responders had a 20 minute hike, 20 minute hike to get to the scene. >> reporter: strong winds also hampered rescue efforts as did the event you hail night search forcing crews to wear night vision goggles. >> they didn't know what they would get into until they got on the scene. all of the first responders there on the scene had to endure same conditions as those victims. >> reporter: officials have not said if different terrain would have affect the outcome. helicopter ways only by path leon airways in las vegas. as for the cause of the crash, national transportation safety board is investigating.
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authorities are looking at saturday's windy weather as one possible factor in the crash n new york, chris demayo , "fox news". and another crash to tell but russian officials have released video of the exact moment a russian air liner crashed killing all 71 people on board. this is from the sarahtops airlines regional airline jet disappeared from radar just four minutes after taking off. search and rescue crews have found debris in the snowy field about 50 miles from the airport. some local villagers reported they heard a very loud boom, with some saying it nearly blew their windows out of their homes, investigators say there was never a distress call, they have recovered one of the flight recorders, and the president, vladamire putin , has announced an inquiry into the cause. in lehigh county the corruption trial of the allentown's married he had pawlowski heads to the fourth week. jury has list toned dozens of secret recordings and so far 30 of the 54 witnesses have taken the stand.
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prosecutors say rigged city contracts in favor of the law firm and businesses that gave himaigns. he denies any connection between city work and contribution plan on testifying. new jersey the latest state to join lawsuit against the governor phil murphy make gooding to resist trump. the more than a dozen suing the president because of a number of issues like is, big change fe because of course murphy's predecessor chris the president. and pennsylvania's democrats are criti proposed col district map by state republicans, saying it is too lp said their plan for the new congressional district map to the governor on pennsylvania's democratically dominated supreme court saying d democrats vote. the court ordered stateraw up ae by this past friday, governor has yet to comment but praised
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court's decision to reject the old one. meanwhile pennsylvania working on its overhaul of the voting equipment including voter registration database. governor tom wolf ordered counties that plan to replace their voting systems to find machines that still leave a paper trail to safe guard against hacking. wolf's administration says that will increase security and make balloting easier to audit. a corrections officer was viciously attack, coming up next, the guard, his beating right there, he will be ambush where a inmate rushes him, comes running in, joined by another inmates, there is some video. and could a miracle be on the horizon in the fight against the flu? the promising pill, in the trial stage right now that could make a difference could it cure the flu in the day, wow, hey, bob kelly. good morning, everybody. it is monday. you know what that means. we take over a different town. this morning i'm here in newark, delaware with the
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smarty pants from the university of delaware here. we are starting off our morning with the cup of coffee but coming up next we will show you how they make their bloody marys in newark with some beef jerky, are you ready , wow, when we come right [narrator] look around. if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education?
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australia, on sunday. isn't that wild? just webbs and snake is a cross the sky right there. the storm went over the city and did cause power outages in one of the sky scrapers in the city was struck multiple times all right. 4:14. lets get tout bob in newark, delaware where they are having way too much fun for a monday morning, good morning, bob. >> this is how i want to start my mondays right here in newark at the bar. i'm here with the gang from the university of delaware. lets get down the line and tell me your name and what you are studying. >> liz, criminal justice major >> alexis biomedical engineer student. >> michelle, biology major. >> all of the smarty pants are here this morning, right. cheers girls we have our coffee this morning. we are here at grain on main, lets check jam cams as we head outside the front door this morning. everything is soaking wet from the rain we had over the weekend. first of all, nothing going on i-95, good news coming down here just off of exit number three of i-95 at newark.
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lets get to the blue route, northbound right here near route one we have a few folks, kind of going slower then normal but watch it, puddles every where from the rain we had and martin luther king drive getting word that they just opened it backup from that overnight flooding. back here live, at the grain craft bar and grill here on main street, the guys from newark, delaware one of the best things they make here though are the bloody marys, is what your name. >> jilly. >> jilly's the bartender and she will show us something special in this bloody mary, what is that. >> what is that but a few things but homemade beef jerky >> as you make your bloody mar y this is the fella responsible where did that come from. >> just a love of beef jerky, craft beer, beef jerky made in the mar made and brainchild ofd. >> this isn't like a slim jim you get at the >> definitely not, know. >> show us how you put it
4:16 am
together. >> we start off house vodka any particular lemon and lime, house old bay made bloody mary mix. >> slide that in there. >> homemade blue cheese olives >> i lov olives. >> beef jerky and we finish it off with a that. >> that is it. >> you made this one for me a few moments agovodka. >> yes. >> in case the boss is watching, without the vodka. >> that old bay gets you but i just lovelives what do you stuff the olives with. >> it is a mixture have half ant and pepper. >> that is great. >> bloody mar is a way to get yr monday morning started. come on here, guys that own the place here, thanks for inviting us out here. we will be here all morning long. how long have you been in business here. >> almost three years. >> how is business for you. >> been going great. >> i'll tell you what. we have had so many cool thing
4:17 am
, characters, check out the characters behind us on the wall. they are all of the regulars in the background. >> yes, they are. >> sort of like the palm, in center city you come in get your face on the wall. we will do that here today in the just for the regulars, but it is a dog-friendly establishment. so they will put pictures of your dogs up on the wall, as well, so we're having some fun grain on main right here in newark all morning long and sueby, come on can we get rid of this rain? >> we will wait to find out, that is to be continued, her computers are acting up so we will get to that in a second, 4:17 is the time, let talk about the news and headlines. attorney general jeff sessions will be in philadelphia today. he will speak at the annual lincoln day celebration which will be at lincoln hall at the his speech will be at 1:10 this afternoon. in new york, their attorney general has filed a civil rights lawsuit against harvey weinstein and weinstein
4:18 am
company following a four month investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. the attorney general says that the company repeatedly broke insuring law, by failing to protect its employees from harassment. he says that the sale of the company which is set to take place this week must ensure that the victims are adequately compensated. in a statement weinstein's attorney says in part, well, weinstein was not without fault there was certainly no criminality and it mentioned weinstein promoted more women to key executive positions then any other industry leader there is a new york city corrections officer in serious condition after being attacked by six inmates at rikers. is there surveillance video that shows the inmate, rushing the guard to the ground as others joined in and then beat him. they say that this was all premeditated, there he is, the officer being attack and other inmates coming in right there. he was beaten unconscious horrifically. thirty-nine year-old officer has not been identified and in the hospital and has a
4:19 am
fractured spine. police have identified four of the attackers as devon burns, frances, and, stephen, sources say thatespinallies a known gang member and they are all under 21 years old. they will be arraigned today. community in ohio, heart broken after two police officers were shot and killed while responding to a 911 call and, that call, just moments after the shots were fired. >> 911, what is your emergency >> please help, please help, my child. >> so that was the terrified wife, the husband, responsible was according to police and there is two men that who their lives there saturday in ohio, 20 minutes north of columbus, when those veterans officer eric during and anthony morley arrived at the scene they say suspect 30 year-old quenton smith, opened fire, the department is shaken
4:20 am
. >> these police officers were pillars in our department, they were the ones people ran to. >> the officers were able to return fire hitting the suspect. police have officially charged him with two counts of aggravated murder. if he survives his injuries, prosecutors plan to seek the death penitentiary. happiest place on earth about to get a little bit more expensive. we have got more on that story just ahead. and also... when are they going to the chapel. we know the exact time right now. royal wedding wake up calls. new details being revealed about the morning of the marriage of the prince harry and megan markle will happen but first, here's kristin rodgers. >> it has been just over a week since the eagles won the super bowl and we are seeing some of the coaching staff leave in the off season. a look at
4:21 am
4:22 am
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers flyers wrapped up their road trip out west last night taking on the best of the west in las vegas. flyers golden knights, right for the end of the second period sean couturier, set up one hander from claude giroux flyers win four-one. eagles offensive coordinator frank reich has been named new head coach for indianapolis colts, he signed a five-year deal and joined john dephilipo heading to minnesota to be their
4:24 am
coordinator as coaches are now leaving the eagles. a week ago yesterday the eagles won the super bowl and now they are still celebrating with fans around the area. jay ajayi went out to king of prussia mall to sign autographs, take photos, meet some people and really continue to keep eagles mania going. alex bowman won the pole for the daytona 500 on sunday, his debut in number 88 after dale earnhardt, junior retired last season. of course, you can watch the great american race, right here, next sunday, on fox. and that is sports in a minute, i'm kristin rodgers. thanks, kristin. and, nick foles getting some recognition from another well known texan actor matthew mcconaughey took out a full page ad in the austin american statesman that newspaper down there in texas to congratulate foles on his super bowl win. foles was born and raised in austin, mcconaughey was born near san antonio but went to the university of texas/austin how about that.
4:25 am
nicely done. coming up at 4:30, remembering a legend a great, rasul, former nba and lasalle star is remembered. that doesn't look like that? that is wrong video. hey there, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, monday, taking over the town of newark, delaware, with me newark's finest and here at at the grain craft bar and grill check out the wall they have here soluting all of our first responders. we will talk bit and we will show you around when we come right back but first let's check those lottery numbers.
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welcome back. we have had a very violent weekend in our city, four people killed, multiple people shot and police are searching for those people responsible. yeah, we have another one of our coaches flying the coupe right there how about that, the latest part of the staff now, and plus a great guy, more on that.
4:29 am
and then this. she has to keep the speed, she has to go right up, and do it. >> yes. >> wow. >> she does it. >> first american woman to land a triple axle, in the olympics, nicely done. >> stuck the landing. >> yes. >> but she did london a little blade, she stuck it, she didn't fall or bobble or anything like that. so much fun when you can watch a sport and you think you can know exactly what they are doing wrong, fall to the left are right. good morning to all of you who are just joining us right now, bob kelly's out, thomas is feeling sick and sue has our rainy, dreary forecast with some changes, maybe. >> the rain is going away but in the as quickly as we would like it to. we had enough of it yesterday, someplaces got over 3 inches on have rain. if that had been snow we would have had 3 feet of snow, if we
4:30 am
use that 10 to one ratio. lets see if we can get this computer going here, we have eight out of 10. we have some national temperatures to show you here in philadelphia a mild 58 degrees but as we head up north and west you will see some single digits in chicago, where it is 8 degrees, some chillier air will be heading our way. there is a look at radar and it is showing rain still hanging around in southern delaware, southern new jersey, and cumberland county, atlantic county, cape may county still get something rain this morning so that system has not yet moved away. so grab that umbrella especially south and east of philadelphia, in north wildwood 53 degrees, brigantine has 51 and as we mentioned in philadelphia it is 58. we have had issues with fog this morning, it looks like most of it, west of the city, with an eighth of a mile visibility in reading, pa. wind is what is keeping it from getting too fog which all that moisture out there. we have northwesterly at 8
4:31 am
miles an hour in philadelphia. so plan on it staying cloudy throughout the day, we will be in the mid 50's throughout most of the morning , and 40 by lunchtime. these temperatures going wrong way. maybe back up to 47, 48, 49 by the end of the afternoon. radio partners 101.1 more fm, so make sure you tune them in after you get into the car but bob kelly, got in his car and headed south to delaware this morning. how are things in newark. >> hey sueby, we are up, alive and awake good morning from newark, everybody give a wave, we are up early this morning grain craft bar and kitchen here in newark, delaware right along main street, we will be having some fun all morning long, so lets check cameras heading out to the front. the rain we had yesterday so be careful. first of all blue route southbound a little slow go as you work your way down toward macdade boulevard.
4:32 am
i-95 right at broad street where it was all jumping there last week from the big parade and of course right near the stadium area. is there only one accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound at at the mount laurel interchange with the left lane, blocked here. back here live, at grain on main i'm with one of the owners lee and explain to me the wall of all of the police badges here. >> been i great first responder wall. we have been real friends with the first responders and through some unfortunate event is here the last couple years first responders from all across the nation had come to delaware and they left their patches with us. >> so as customers come in, family members of the officers like we have here, everybody puts their patch up, all right we have some helmets up top as well from the ms guys. >> both fire and police, and actually we have great wing bowl coming up where third year in a row we pit fire verse police. >> fire verse police. >> all right, come on guys, we have officers here, we will hang out here all morning long
4:33 am
have either one of you taken part in the wing bowl. >> how about you. >> no. >> i will be there this year. >> i want you on my team, all right. fire fighters verse the police who won this past year. >> i believe police won it twice. >> wow, you got it. >> let's have a hand for the officer two time winners of& the wing bowl here. long. we will invite to you come by and say hi on the way to work and school, having some fun, grain craft bar and kitchen right here on main street. karen, back to you in the studio. >> that is such a fun place, thanks very much. 4:33. developing right new we have a lot of our communities on edge after a violent weekend in our city. lets get right to police headquarters and dave kinchen, dave. >> reporter: just a devastating weekend and philadelphia police homicide detectives will be very bus toy day working leads on four murders that have shock the city, this week and one of the them came sunday afternoon when cops say two men fired on a car leaving one man dead,
4:34 am
more than a dozen shots were fired at elmwood and seventh fifth in southwest philadelphia. the man killed was 23 years old, two others mountain car were also hurt, police are looking for those two shooters , and there is no known motive at this time but neighbors say that they are living in fear. >> i'm scared. >> usually don't this have kind of thing right in this area here. you usually don't have this problem. this is first time i have seen anything like that, first time , you know, i have ever seen anybody killed right here >> reporter: saturday in southwest philadelphia, another murder there on the 6600 block of guyer avenue a 22-year old man was found face down after being shot, several times, around midnight, saturday, police still looking for the shooter in that case, there were two other fatal shootings in the city and
4:35 am
shooting at a barber shop in west philadelphia, barber shop of all places where people get to talk about the community, things going on and several people were injured, in that shooting, the violence just never seems to stop tragically police are hard at work and they need information. if you have any information on these shootings please give investigators a call. you can always be anonymous when providing tips, back to you. dave, thank you. 4:35. well, happening right now we knew it was going to happen other teams around the league was starting to look at our coaches and decide hog they want to pluck off. we have lost one. lets get out to lauren johnson in havertown with more, lauren >> reporter: hi, karen a week after becoming super bowl champs already some birds are flying out of our nest. we're talking yesterday big news that came across twitter and football was all excited the indianapolis colts named our eagles offensive coordinator frank reich as
4:36 am
their new head coach, lot of excitement, fans went crazy and there was a lot of talk about this guy. carson wentz dropped a line saying looking good, coach, will be missing working with you. wish it didn't have to end but it was an unbelievable two years. can't thank you enough. indy, you got a great one. eagles release add i statement with a statement from doug pederson who says frank is a a tremendous coach and very deserving of this opportunity. he was a valuable member of our staff and we have all benefited from working with him over the last two years. coming up at 5:00 o'clock, frank's not the only bird that is flying out of philadelphia, we will tell you who else is leaving the squad, thanks to what some people are calling the super bowl brain drain. happens. all right. regrettably. lauren, thanks very much. 4:36. remembering a legend rasul butler this weekend so many people packed lasalle university to pay their respects to the former nba star. he was born in philadelphia, went to lasalle, huge
4:37 am
basketball star. he was killed tragically last month in a high speed crash in last angeles. his wife also died in the crash. this is the crash. thirty-eight year-old was drafted by the miami heat in 2002 and played for several years until 2016. he was remembered as a basketball great and people say he was worth so much more. >> he would always come back and give to the neighborhood. he was a sponsor of, the development basketball league every year. he gave back. he never forgot where he came from. >> just so proud of the man. i love my cousin. i will miss him. >> reporter: in north philadelphia jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> thanks, jenny joyce. this is what he looked look, that was a packed lasalle university over there butler was speeding when he lost control and slammed into a wall. lets get to a case that people have been talking about a lot of parents talking about vermont, police, have busted 55 teenagers from new jersey
4:38 am
for having way too much fun on their winter break illegally. troopers broke up a party involving vast quantities of the alcohol and jamaica, vermont early on sunday morning. they were responding to separate vandalism reports and when they got there they found 55 under age high school seniors along with alcohol and marijuana which they then collected. the teens were not supervised at the time and their parents were called. all right. a lot of people seem to find religion when they go to jail. still ahead, why a guy, that one, broke into a police station, he said, looking for the messiah
4:39 am
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in your health news a lot of adults are taking way too much ibuprofen and it is putting their lives at risk. new study says 15 percent of people take more than the recommended daily dose of the drug, and more than 50 percent of people rely on it at lee three days a week. doctors say taking too much ibuprofen can increase internal bleeding and heart attacks, some researchers say the drug should not even be available over the counter. there is a new flu pill that could save the day, eventually. scientistness japan say they are developing a experimental pill that kills the flu in a day, just one day, which is
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three times faster then tami flu. the company behind it says drug's fast response to killing off the virus is key because that stops the spread of the flu from one person to the next. here's the bad news, the pill will not be available in this country until at least next year. in your money news, the happiest place on earth, is getting more expensive. disney is increasing prices on tickets to the theme parks, again. one day regular park tickets to disney's world magic kingdom will go up four bucks to $119, prices at other three parks at disney world, epcott, hollywood studios and animal kingdom will also rise n california within day regular park tickets at disney land will be $117. all right. so, lots of storms, in canada but one family has a perfect solution, and a dog, we all wish, was ours. yep. for real, it is not only chore he necessary how to do, he can
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do the snow blowing and wait until you see what else he can harold hated everything.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? welcome back. this is a snow day done perfectly a keegan family has trained their dog to push the snow blower and that is not all. this is a therapy dog who can do other chores, ready for this, vacuums, picks up empty
4:46 am
cans, cooks hot dogs on campfires. the family says everybody on the neighborhood with like to hire her. that is amazing, impressive. 4:46. lets check our traffic and some fun as well with bob kelly, hi there, bob. >> hi gang good morning everybody. coming to you live from the back kitchen here at grain craft bar and restaurant. we're getting ready for breakfast. they have scrapple, scrapple cheese steaks, this is what i'm dying for. my cholesterol is already through the roof. that is cheese melting that we will put on top of the scrapple cheese stake but first lets check jam cams to get ready for work, come on get on up, i-95 allegheny avenue we had an accident clearing out. look at all of the water sitting out there in the form of puddles. lets get to the vine street expressway, ben franklin in the backdrop, everything will be wet this morning, and the tacony palmyra bridge, set for an opening at 4:45, this
4:47 am
morning. so be ready to are that. back here live, grain an main, the hot item is the scrapple cheese steaks, michael, tell me how you put it together. >> first we will start off frying scrapple up, and, our rolls are from liscio's backry , serve home fries, garnish on top, physical johns , eggs and cheese sauce. >> three eggs over light. what is scrapple made out of? you don't to have tell me, that is okay. >> if you want to necessity you might not eat it later on we will tell you. >> have you ever had scrapple. >> no. >> yes, i have. >> yourself. >> i have. >> yes. >> how about you. >> yep. >> what did you think, scrapple is a philly thing, and here in newark it is part of the, scrapple cheese stake. look at that. put it all together and then do what. >> what about the cheese where does that cheese come in.
4:48 am
>> order up. >> order up. >> look at that. >> our little twist on the cheese stake. >> my gosh got to love this. >> is this a popular item. >> one of the hottest sellers for brunch. >> ready girls, all of the employees here, scrapple cheese steaks for everybody here this morning, are you red i all right. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. we'd love to be able to say good riddings to all of the rain yesterday but we can't just yet, it is just not necessarily here in philadelphia but to the south of news southern delaware and southern new jersey as well. you will see heavy downpours kind of moving through cumberland county, and maybe parts of atlantic county as well. we are seeing a few scattered showers, very light around the
4:49 am
philadelphia area as well so if you are leaving right now grab that umbrella it is still mild, 58 degrees in philadelphia but northwesterly winds are lowering temperatures in someplaces in the 40's in reading, and 34 degrees in mount pocono, still 57 degrees in wildwood, nice mild day yesterday. we got to a high of 65 degrees and it was the same in wilmington delaware, only 47 high in allentown. so for today we will probably get in the 40's. we will see temperatures drop from the already high temperatures of the day, 42, chillier tomorrow, for valentines day a high of 53 degrees, back to the 60's on thursday, upper 50's on friday but gets unsettled heading in the weekend, things chilling out by the time we get to saturday. but so far, a forecast to love , karen, for wednesday. >> we do love that, yes, valentines day, macing, thank you sue. next story is a little odd guy in utah who goes searching
4:50 am
for jesus in the jail cell that he was already locked into in the first place. officers say he broke in the station over the weekend. he told them he drank two bottles of vodka and he used a about the toll break open the window. you see him on the ground, on the floor, do some sort of meditation in his comfortable seat pose right there. when officers got there he got upset at them for messing up his zen. they allowed him toe continue his meditation behind bars. also trending right now new details about the royal wedding, this spring. kensington palace say wedding of prince harry and megan markle will tea place noon saturday may 19th which is 7:00 a.m. our time. if you would like to get up and watch it. dean of windsor and archbishop of cantor bury willow fish eighth. it will take place at saint george's chapel 25 miles from central london. following services they will travel in a carriage back to windsor castle. history was made for team u.s.a. at the olympics, mari
4:51 am
became first american woman to land a triple axle in the olympics. >> she has to keep the speed, she cannot second guess she has to go right up and do it. >> yes. >> wow; wow. >> it was perfect, u.s. took bronze in the team figure skating so meanwhile her move rate there sent twitter into a frenzy. lets look at what people were saying. that was a sloppy cry kind of state i'm standing in my living room what a triumph. another person tweeting out, watching that skate by mari, yes, like that we solute you. so, a number of different tweets right there more on that. 4:51. soon you will be able to add more flare tour text messages, watchinge maine gi move think weekend. we are getting newe maine gis which is fun, different hair color, styles. we will see some more of that.
4:52 am
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welcome back taking a live look at wilmington delaware outside, this song would have
4:55 am
been great, with that prisoner looking for jesus in the police station. if you are just waking up this early on a monday, we do thank you. we a a small warning if you like your margarita and tequilla, apparently is there a shortage which means they could be in jeopardy. some bar managers are saying they have noticed a difference despite, you know, the bottles on the wall there the most sought after brands are harder to come by because producers do not have enough, to send out. new year, newe maine gis, more than 150 emoji are copping to phone, new hair styles including some red hair , they are curly hair, and they even have, some white hair, as well. is there even bald emojis as well, we have all kind of villains, and there is a party fare wonder what that is, a badger, there it is, a party, and then that one looks
4:56 am
worried. love. smiling with three or four hearts. but cold face, hot face, a llama and badger wonder what you use those for and, they will come out over the summer time. lets take a check of what our reporters are covering right now, let's start with lauren johnson. >> reporter: well, karen this parade could not end fast enough before other teams started tapping into philadelphia trying to pull our coaches away, we will tell you who is leaving the nest coming up after the break. it has been a violent weekend in philadelphia, we will tell you about four murders that have simply shock the city and how you can
4:57 am
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right now on "good day philadelphia" it has been a violent weekend in philadelphia were four killed and multiple victims shot. and another eagle flies the coupe the latest coach to be plucked from our super bowl championship team. and saying i'm sorry why film makers of the peter rabbit are apologizing for a scene some say isn't sensitive good day fill at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. difficult see that peter rabbit movie and rest of the movie was quite funny, charming, and big move think weekend, was 50 shades of gray movie.
5:00 am
>> i miss that had one too. >> leading up to valentines day maybe feeling romantic thoughts. you will have the forecast, nice day of the week come valentines day. >> we will give you that in the seven day forecast coming up, all we have to show you i'll be honest, we're having computer issues. we have a picture of ocean city, new jersey and how wet it is. rain has not gone from every where. here in philadelphia our roads are dry but we could still see a sprinkle or two but as we look at that bought full morning from the music pier in ocnj i will let you know temperatures will drop and winds will pick up, throughout the day as soon as that rain end in southern new jersey it will happen to you as well. than though we are in the 50's and 60's we will settle in the mid 40's in the afternoon. >> so we're rebooting everything and hopefully we will be backup, in 15 minutes with a look at that seven day forecast. in the meantime bob kelly has traveled to blue hen


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