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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  February 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> leading up to valentines day maybe feeling romantic thoughts. you will have the forecast, nice day of the week come valentines day. >> we will give you that in the seven day forecast coming up, all we have to show you i'll be honest, we're having computer issues. we have a picture of ocean city, new jersey and how wet it is. rain has not gone from every where. here in philadelphia our roads are dry but we could still see a sprinkle or two but as we look at that bought full morning from the music pier in ocnj i will let you know temperatures will drop and winds will pick up, throughout the day as soon as that rain end in southern new jersey it will happen to you as well. than though we are in the 50's and 60's we will settle in the mid 40's in the afternoon. >> so we're rebooting everything and hopefully we will be backup, in 15 minutes with a look at that seven day forecast. in the meantime bob kelly has traveled to blue hen country,
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and bob kelly, i hope you had a nice birthday, yesterday. >> yes, yesterday was my birthday i'm still partying with a few of my friends, good morning, from newark, grain on main, check this out we are here at grain craft bar and kitchen where it is dog friendly. say hi to my friend manny. hi there, manny, he is smelling that scrapple, scrapple cheese stake that i had a few moments ago. we will have some fun all morning long from that great spot on the campus blue hen country lets check jam cams heading out the front doors this morning. disabled on the roosevelt boulevard southbound on the ramp to broad street as we go to i-95 right at girard, everything is all wet, and slowry, and, 2 feet of snow, so that is one way to lot ate. tacony palmyra bridge had an opening at 4:45, a little bit slow in both, directions.
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back here live out front with the fire pit, how cool is this , gang? you got to love it. no matter how cold, they said folks like to come out, gather around the fire pit. we are right here on main street grain craft bar and restaurant showcasing newark, not newark, it is newark, delaware, right? all morning long, right here on main street. so come on by on your way to work and school. we have plenty of good surprises. coming up next we will show you what they do to make this place pet friendly. back to you guys in the studio >> ahh, so cute, thanks, bob. 5:02. happening right now, we're losing one of our good ones, we know other teams will start plucking our talent and they have started with our coaches. it is happening. frank rabies going to the indianapolis colts. lets goat out to lauren johnson. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: here's the deal if you cannot beat them, hire them.
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that is what the nfl seems to be doing with our coaches, the vikings, tapping into our resources here and got one of our coaches, who will become an offensive coordinator there as you mentioned we are sending frank reich up to a team, the colts, to be their offensive coordinator. that is a surprise to a lot of people, not surprise to go some others, he has only been here two years. news was met with much excitement on social media, he seems to be respected buy a lot of coaches and adored by players. players like carson wentz who took to twit tore drop a line and he writes looking good, coach, miss working with you, wish it didn't have to end but it was an unbelievable two years. can't thank you enough. indy, you got a great one. we are at wawa in havertown we will try to catch up with some eagles fans as they start to show up this morning and get their reaction to see what they think this means for the team, come next season, karen. >> karen, thanks much. 5:03. breaking news right now out of kensington a man has been rush
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to the hospital after being stabbed in the neck in the bar it happened there at a baron 3100 block of kensington avenue, just about three hours ago, the victim was rushed over to temple hospital. he is in stable condition, police are trying to look for a motive and suspect. and, that stabbing continues, in a very violent weekend in our city, four people have died, many others injured, lets go to dave kinchen at police headquarters , dave. >> reporter: yes, very violent indeed, police will be working , and hard working, several cases specifically homicide detectives will have their hands full object four murders, one of them came sunday afternoon when police say two men opened fire on a bar, leaving one man dead, more than a dozen shots were fired and seventh fifth and elmwood in southwest philadelphia the man killed is only 23 years old. two others mountain car were hurt, and police are looking
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for two shoot hours ran off after the attacks took place. there is no known motive at the time and a neighbor, told us what he saw. >> there was, you know, the crime scene, one or two officers, and apparently, the driver side door was shot out and there was somebody in the vehicle, i could not make out details. i drove by. nobody really stopped us. i mean you could see now they have roped off several shots there. it looks like quite a few. >> reporter: just a horrifying scene to walk up on, meantime, also in southwest philadelphia , the 6600 block of guyer avenue a 22-year old man was shot multiple times and found face down, around midnight, saturday, police are still looking for the shooter there and motive, also unknown in that case. two other murders cross the city.
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that means police have four, they are working 23 homicide in the city of philadelphia as of this date, this year, still very young, back to you. thanks very much, dave. hopefully we will get people responsible for these horrible crimes off the street, thanks, david. 5:06. lets go to delaware county where is there an investigation of what started a fire, as you can see right there that got knocked down. fire happened yesterday evening on south front street in darby. the good news is that be in was injured but the home is a total loss. and, there was an attack at one of our prisons, maybe it was a shared parking lot that could be to blame, for that corrections officer, being injured. there was an inmate that just gotten out, apparently tried to steel his car. sixty-six year-old michael meritay is out of the hospital , that is the guard. his attacker is in the hospital because the officer pulled out a weapon and shot the suspect police say the
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suspect 26 year-old jamal bennet wrestled with the officer trying to steel his car friday night after he got out of the jail there at curan fromhold prison in holmesberg. the president of the union says these attacks have been happened too often and they have to make change to better protect everybody. families of two new jersey fisherman missing since thursday say they are considering launching a new effort to find the missing people. thirty year-old karl mattoses sent out a distress signal from the 46-foot boat they were off the coast on barnegat the search guard cruzs searched all day thursday and friday and they did not fine anything. they called off their search on friday evening. now families are considering raising money to do the search , themselves. burlington county, a drug warning, from the police in eve slam township. they are worried about a very lethal batch of heroin, on saturday, four people overdosed in just one day in that town.
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they are asking if you know anything about people overdosing or have any problems to call 911 right away. developing right now, tragedy out in southwest, despite seeing a chopper trip turns deadly in the grand canyon. officials confirming three people died and four more were injured, and so all six passengers were tourist from the uk, and three survived, including the american pilot, the helicopter crashed in the canyon was owned by a airways company a popular sight seeing company that specializes into yours there. there was severe weather conditions in the area, during the time of the crash including 50-mile an hour wind gusts. >> the terrain where the crash occurred in the canyon is extremely rugged. it is only accessible by aircraft, and our first responders had a 20 minute hike, 20 minute hike, to get to the scene. >> it is unclear exactly what caused this crash, the faa and
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ntsb will be back on the scene today, to inn investigate. russian officials have released a video of a exact moment a russian airline crashed calling everybody on board including three children the plane slammed in the ground there this is a regional jet. it disappeared from radar four minutes after take off. crews found heavy debris in the snow field about 50 miles from the airport. people that were in the area where it went down local villagers heard a very loud boom and nearly blew out their windows. investigators say they never heard a distress call. they have recovered one of the flight recorders. president vladamire putin has announced an inquiry in the cause of the crash. lehigh county corruption trial of the allentown mayor pawlowski heads in the fourth week. jury listen to dozens of secret recordings, so far 30 of the 54 witnesses have taken the stan, prosecutors say, he rigged city contracts, in favor o, and, and campaigns,
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he denies that he plans to testify in the trial. new jersey the latest on state to join lawsuit against president trump. the governor there phil murphy making good on a prom toys resist trump.& it is garden state one of the more than dozen suing the president because of immigration and taxes. this is all a change for the state because republican chris christie was a friend of the president. and pennsylvania's democrats, are criticizing a new congressional district map that was drawn up by state republicans, saying state republican leadership sent their plan to the governor on friday, pennsylvania's democratically dominated supreme court threw out current map saying it is diluted democratic votes, it was a hodge-podge for being an example of partisan ship, court ordered state law make tours make a new one by friday , governor has not commented on this new one. we will see what happens. meanwhile pennsylvania's working on a overhaul of the
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voting equipment, including, voter registration database. the governor ordered it, to replace they're electric tronic voting systems by machines that leave a paper trail so people cannot hack or be able to count all of the votes individually and make auditing the ballots much easier. there was a correcting officer viciously attacked someplace else not the story we told but in our area, this is someplace else. coming up this whole thing where there was video of it, the inmates rushed the guard, and more, join in. there it is, you can see what happens next. >> ♪ >> we knew it was too good to be true, sorry spice girl fans but it looks like a tourist not going to happen at least this year what victoria beck ham has to say about the so-called reunion, all right, bob kelly. hey, gang good morning everybody, i'm here with my
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buddy manny at grain craft bar and restaurant where it is pet friendly, look at my buddy manny having some coffee. we will show you this spot here newark delaware taking us over this morning when we come right back.
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welcome back. well, we have to work hard for the money, we have to pay the north gauge, get up, join the gang and get this week started it is 5:15 on this little bit of a dreary rain in someplaces machine morning, sue, but it will not last, right. >> no, but we will get a little bit of this rain for early part of the day even moving up into philadelphia, i'll show what you i mean. not quite out of here just yet and we could use some as we zoom in closer. we will see up around beach haven with a few heavy downpours, scattered showers around atlantic cityes tell manor and sea isle city this morning and checking out this future cast a new computer mod that he will just came in and it does show that rain, sin king backup into the philadelphia area. so, this morning. and, kind of, just spending about an hour, and then getting out of here and then
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we're done by 3:00 in the afternoon. the clouds will probably be out of here as well giving us another cold night tonight. so reading is only place reporting fog this morning. that is because of the wind. we have mild temperatures, when we got here this morning at 4:00 or when we went on the air at four at 60 degrees. now down to 54. that chillier air will start moving in as that cold front gets out. 16 miles an hour windness wilmington delaware. 17 miles an hour in dover. that is preventing fog from forming our high yesterday a delightful 65. it would have been delightful if it didn't rain so much but that was the trade off. temperatures will fall through the 40's today, lower 40's, chilly tomorrow but seasonably so, 53 degrees for wednesday, loving that for valentines day and then gets unsettled, thursday, friday, saturday with a chance of some rain, each day, and that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, taking over the town of newark, delaware we
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are loving your friend, manny, manny is so cute. >> do you love manny. >> yes. >> it must be my kibbles and úon here this morning.i have where are all of the pet owners here? who has a pet. we are live at grain on main where it is pet friendly, what kind of doggies manny. >> a miniature datson. >> i love his outfit we have been giving him treats inn having some fun with us. do you have some pets with you , lets check the jam cams as we head out front door i-95 everything wet and slippery from the rain we had over weekend. we have a disable southbound right there at girard avenue. lets go to the boulevard southbound watch for a disable on the ramp from broad street. as we go to the maps up inner dublin an accident at limb be kill than pike at dresher wood and tacony palmyra in the upright condition with an early morning accident. back here live at grain craft bar and restaurant. lee, the owner, tell me how
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the whole dog friendly idea came to be. >> we have always been dog friendly. we love having dogs on the path yes here. it is a great environment. the staff started taking pictures of the dogs, put them on instagram and we just started adding some of the very select ones like manny and putting them on their own wall. >> folks may be familiar with how they do it on the palm in center city where they put pictures of the customers up. here you put pictures of your favorite dogs. >> yes, we get to celebrate them. >> that is so cool. everybody have their dogs here , we have students of the university of delaware, who has dogs, who has pets, all right. get a chance to bring your dog by. this place where we are here a combination of inside and outside, so, the dogs air lud to rome the patio here during all during business hours. >> absolutely as long as they stay well behaved just like our guests. >> lot manny, come on, manny, ahh, looking g give you some
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more treats and morning kiss i , kiss i, kiss i, we are live , bring your pet by and we will put your pet on tv and we will take a picture. we add your pet to the dog wall of fame, here at the grain on main. back to you guys in the studio more fun all morning long, from grain on main. who has class today. >> wow. >> all right. right after our nap. >> they are having way too much fun, all right. 5:19 is the time. happening today attorney general jeff sessions will be in philadelphia he will speak at annual lincoln day celebration, held at lincoln hall, at the union league in philadelphia, this speech is at 1:10 this afternoon. and new york's attorney jennies filed a civil rights lawsuit against harvey weinstein and weinstein company after a four month investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. the attorney general says that the company repeatedly broke new york law by failing to protect employees from harassment.
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he says that the sale of the company which was supposed to happen this week must ensure that the victims are adequately compensated, in a statement, weinstein's attorney says that while weinstein was here, there was certainly no criminality. it also mentioned weinstein promoted more women to key executive positions then any other industry leader. there is a new york city correctional officer in serious conditions after being attack by six inmates at rik ers. we have surveillance video which shows the inmate rushing the guard to the ground, and as others then joined in, beating the guard unconscious. the authorities are calling this attack premeditated. that is first inmate. is there the west of them. they planned it on the phone that day, the 39 year-old officer who has not been identified is in the hospital and has a fractured spine. they have identified the attackers, here they are, one a gang member. they are all under 21. they should be arraigned today
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a community in ohio heart broken after two officers were shot and killed. here's the call from the woman hiding in the bush west her baby still in the home while her husband is on a rampage. this happened 20 minutes north of the columbus those are veterans office shore who their lives, eric during and anthony morally. they got to the scene and they say suspect 30 year-old quenton smith, opened fire, obviously everyone in the department is shaken. >> these police officers are pillars in our department. they were the people they went to. >> the officers were able to return fire, hitting the suspect, police have charged him with two counts of
5:22 am
aggravated murder. if he survives, prosecutors do plan to seek the death penalty well, the beatles barely had it wrong, yeah, money can buy you love, it is interesting, the amount of money that makes people happier and the number of kids that makes you the happiest.
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welcome back at 5:25 in health news orange juice sales are on the rise for first time in five years thanks to the flu? kind of an unlikely reason. the first spike in sales since 2013 up nearly... well, consumers are hoping the extra vitamin c will help keep them from getting sick as country experiences what experts call a particularly active flu season. overall orange juice market had been down by half since 2001 because people were turning away because it has high sugar content but it is also really good for you. good news. follow thanks love orange juice. there is a new pill in the works to fight the flu. scientists say they are developing experimental medications that kills the flu virus in one day, which is three times faster then tami
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flu. cot behind this says the drug 's fast response to killing off the virus is important, because it stops the spread from one person to the next. here's the bad news this will not be available in our country until at least next year. and another mistake from wells fargo bank, reportly forcing 38,000 people to buy auto insurance that they didn't need, and then, the wall street journalist reporting they sent out refund toss people who didn't even have accounts with them and then some people were told they were getting refunds. it was a big mess right there. sending things to all of the wrong people. some people didn't get refund that is were supposed to. wells fargo is working on fixing it. money may not buy happ iness but it can buy love. according to e harmony, study revealed that couples with incomes greater than 200 you this dollars are more in love then those who make less. out of 2,000 people, long term relations,e owe relationships,
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64 percent said they are happy with their relationship. study also looked at number of kids that you should have to be happiest, according to the survey the magic number is three. how about that. you are frantically busy. 5:27. coming up at 5:30 remembering a legend rasul, former nba star and lasalle star is honored and remembered as a horrific crash that killed both him and his
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welcome back. what you are looking at is a violent scene, we had a very violent weekend in our city. we have four people dead and multiple victims were shot. also, we have got another one of our eagles coaches leaving the nest, the latest of doug pederson's staff to take a head coaching job. well deserved but we will miss him. and the gang from the new jersey cher getting back together. we finally have the first teaser and sue serio, wait for it, the release date. >> all grown up. >> yes. >> well, good morning to you, on this sort of rainy, dreary monday, it is february 12th,
5:31 am
we're almost halfway through this short month already coming up on that. >> right. >> i'm overwhelmed i have to get my valentines to the kid toss get them out, already. >> it is wednesday, coming up, we were so consumed with the eagles it snuck up on us there , you know what we did yesterday. >> we watched the super bowl again. >> a lot of people d all of the tweets last night were all about football, we just can't stop reliving the moment. >> so, hopefully you are recovering from your, your week, later, celebration, a week ago we were all so tired but so happy, anyway lets get you ready for today, because we have some rain this morning you may need your umbrella the system exits. we have bus stop buddy with the umbrella, flyers won yesterday, so that is a happy thing. temperatures are still mild in the 40's and 50's as we get started this morning. here's a look at radar just a little bit of rain sneak nothing to chester county and moving further up into
5:32 am
delaware, were this system is completely out of here at new jersey shore, and probably seeing some rain as well, speaking of the new jersey shore as we just were. fifty-four in philadelphia yes , a mild start to the a february morning but these temperatures will go backwards , the won you are looking at on this map 32 in mount pocono. had in reading and lancaster. fifty-seven in atlantic city. these temperatures will go down instead of up. temperatures will drop and winds will pick up. here we are in mid 50 ease. we will be at 40 by lunchtime. 45 degrees will be our afternoon temperature with a little bit of sunshine peeking through before that sunset time of 5:34. more fm101.1 is our radio partner, been kelly is taking over the town of newark, delaware this morning, making friends, of k-9s and human is a like. >> good morning, sueby. this is so cool i'm checking
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out kids menu here they give it to you in the little readers like we have as kids, grilled cheese, mack and cheese, look at that, delicious, isn't that cool for all of the kids. good morning from the university of delaware. is this food better than cafeteria. >> i would say so. >> check out what we have here we have cinnamon raisin french toast, a mix of the cheese, eggs, home fries, look at my man you are starting off with good day right here. >> it is wonderful. >> what time is your first class. >> i'm 30. >> is he one of the professors here. >> let's check the jam cams as we head out the front door having fun this morning she casing newark, delaware, a live look at the schuylkill expressway westbound right here near city. nothing really going on but everything is still wet, yucky from that rain we had over weekend. we have a disabled on 95 south the girard avenue and burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 5:50, in the
5:34 am
morning, back here live, grain on main my man lee check out this table, tell me how this came to be here. >> this table created by challenge program in wilmington they take at risk youth in wilmington and teach them a trade, carpetry. >> the tree fell down from the du pont estate and they cut it in half and turned tonight to a table. isn't that so cool. how old do you think tree was. >> i would say at least six weeks or so. >> sixty-seven years or so and they tern tonight tie table. one of the cool spinning. here on main street, grain craft bar and restaurant we will be here all morning long. if you come by this morning free breakfast for everybody, how does that sound, gang, free breakfast before we head out to class but for you before you head out to work. back to you, in the studio. let's eat. >> thanks, bob, free our favorite price. 5:34. developing we have had a very
5:35 am
violent weekend police will be very busy with numerous investigations, from what has happened over the weekend. lets get up to dave kinchen to explain, dave. >> reporter: police really are working hard on these cases, homicide detectives, they often see some very difficult cases coming across their desk s, but in these particular cases we have some young lives that were lost to senseless violence over weekend, one of them came on sunday afternoon, when cops say that two men opened fire on a car and left one man dead, and more than a dozen shots were fired and seventh fifth and elmwood in southwest philadelphia, and the man who died, 23 year-old, two others in the car also hurt, believed to be in their 20's, and cops are looking for two shooters who ran away after the attack took place, there is no known motive, neighbors are now living in
5:36 am
fear. >> i'm scared. >> usually don't have this kind of thing in our area here you usually don't this have problem. this is first time i have seen anything like that, first time , you know, i have ever seen anybody killed right here >> reporter: also in southwest philadelphia on the 6600 block of guyer avenue a 22-year old man was found face down after being shot multiple times around midnight saturday and police are still looking for the shooter there and still looking for a motive as we come back out here live we are at 23 homicides in the city of philadelphia since the year began so police have been busy working on some difficulty cases. if you have any information on those murders or two others that also took place across the city, give investigators a call, now back to you. dave, thanks very much. wait until you hear this story, oh. lets get right to washington because we have a
5:37 am
lot of developments happening with the trump presidency today. we could have the senate a ruckus affair they will talk immigration, president wants to talk infrastructure. lets see what doug luzader has to say right now. >> reporter: president will introduce a infrastructure plan today but senate will spend, who knows, maybe weeks talking about immigration now, in this free for all debate, that we don't often see, that often in this very steady chamber but this is part of the deal they made with democrats, to take plans from all comers. we will see the president's plan, largely introduce today which includes a pathway to sit send ship for 1.8 million ill help legal immigrants, many came, to this country as children in exchange for border security and limits on future immigration. that will probably fail. we will see other plans from democrats that will probably fail. the question is what will come up with, a unified plan that can get 60 votes it needs to move forward to the senate and
5:38 am
kick over to the house. we have seen this beedevil one administration after another coming up with a deal on immigration that can become law. >> how about the buzz after resignations of two high profile peel in the administration and talk about the chief of staff, kelly how he handled this whole situation what is fall out from all of that. >> reporter: will probably continue with real questions about what did the chief of staff john kelly know about this situation, these situations, early on, if he was aware of how extensive allegations were, for instance , against white house staff. so we don't know where this will head but the president, was supportive of due process let's say over weekend tweet ing out that paraphrasing here something about careers and lives being ruined by mere allegations that there needs to be due process as he says. >> certainly critics who said those women's lives were shattered by what happened as
5:39 am
well. 5:38 is the time. police in vermont have busted 55 teenagers from new jersey, for having too much fun on their winter break? state police say troopers broke up a party involving a vast quantity of the alcohol in vermont early on sunday morning, they were responding to some vandalism they got to this house party and they found under age high school seniors, 55 of them with a lot of alcohol and marijuana allegedly which was collected, the teens were not supervised their parents were called. remembering a legend rasul butler grew up here in philadelphia, went on to the nba. people packing lasalle university yesterday to pay their respects, to the former nba star. this was his funeral, ceremony right there, you can see casket. he and his wife died in the car crash. he was 38. he was drafted by miami heat in 2002 and played with several teams in the nba up
5:40 am
until about two years ago. he was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a wall. talk about a backlash makers of the new film peter rabbit are saying i'm sorry about one scene in the movie that some parents say goes too (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs.
5:41 am
while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. it was our first sunday without the nfl. quick moment of silence. but not without news in the nfl. eagles coordinator frank reich has been named new head coach for indianapolis colts. he signed a five-year deal. he joins john beyond dephilipo to become minnesota offensive coordinator. flyers golden knights right before the end of the second period sean contact tore use skating hard, set up, one hander from claude giroux, g with the goal. flyers win four-one. sidney crosby scored his 400th goal, came as penguins win over blues, crosby led league were 44 goals last season, only joe thornton, patrick marlow and alex ovechkin has more points as active players. it was his debut in number 88 after dale earnhardt junior retired last season. watch the great american race next sunday right here on fox. that is sports in a minute
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bob kelly, back at it, taking over the town down in delaware, newark, delaware, bob. >> hey gang, good morning. mondays we take over a different town every week this morning we are coming to you live all morning long from newark, delaware. everybody give a wave. look at everybody up early, it is newark, delaware, grain on main, right here off of exit
5:47 am
number three right off of i-95 , a cool, feature here is that the regulars get a chance to put their pictures up on the wall. this is my buddy pete, up top here, right off to the side, he is just one. lets check jam cams as we head out front door, first of all, 202 near route 100 out of west chester police are on the scene there with a disabled. otherwise roads are wet, sloppy from the rain that we had over the weekend. watch it those puddles, below those puddles are huge potholes and then we have a vehicle fire as we go to the maps in new jersey. new jersey turnpike southbound , two lanes are blocked and then burlington bristol set to open up at 5:50 back here live grain on main one of the owners, tell me about the wall here with people on it. >> it is around to celebrate regulars, that is who define the grain. >> so cool. take a look here this is jerry
5:48 am
and kathy. give us your picture look/pose there we get. jerry, looking good. you had more hair on this side here, all right and now that you look good, you need your scarif there. >> it is 55 so i didn't dot scarif. >> you are a regular here. >> yes, sir. >> what do you like most about the place. >> the people, of course, the owners are fantastic. and wait staff, bartenders, top notch. >> that is within of the great things about this place, it is family friendly. you come in here regulars, pictures have gone up. you can bring your dog and put your dog pictures up on the wall as well. here's my picture we will add to the wall here. i will put this right next to you, okay, right there, ready, sue has the forecast in 15 seconds.
5:49 am
radar tells the tail we are not quite finished with rain just yet. we see some spreading back in the northern part of the viewing area meaning north of where we were looking at, earlier, and then we did have some rain in atlantic city. we are down here in cape may and there is some rain there, it looks like some heavy downpours around lewis, delaware and yes, around our area as well. grab that umbrella we have 9 miles an hour winds from the northwest, and winds are picking up and temperatures will be going down but that should coincide with the rain ending and then we will end up in the mid 40's by end of the day. suncy, chilly tomorrow high of 42 but some lovely sunshine on valentines day, 53 degrees. sixty-two on thursday. just like yesterday we will get in the 60's but we will get some rain, showers and sunshine on friday, and much colder day on saturday, but
5:50 am
then back to the 50's on sunday. so we're happen bye this valentines day forecast, karen , it is something to love >> i do love that, we do love that, thank you. appreciate it. the new peter rabbit movie is really cute, sweet but there is one scene that has some parents objecting because the rabbits are up to their high jinks and trying to do things to foil mr. mcgregor the new mr. mcgregor and they learn he has a black bring allergy. in one seen they throw black berries at him and he initial to shock and some people complained mocking allergy sufferers is not funny in, fact they say this results in bullying. here's the scene with the black berry. they started a than line boycott movement. film makers behind the movie they have a will guyed. been a couple years but new jersey shore cast has still got it, they are wild and crazy as ever. they are going to a family
5:51 am
vacation now. >> we're your new neighbors. >> yeah, busy, it looks like it is when it will happen cast except for sammy sweetheart is in miami. it does not seem like much has change, it begins april 5th. it is monday lets check with the rest of good day, hi mike, how are you. >> i'm good. i'm fine. do we have video of i was laying in bed this morning and i had my phone in my hand so i recorded this. what you are looking at is my& head board out my window. >> wow, riff oathing can we hear it at all. >> cricket. >> do you hear that.
5:52 am
>> baby bird. >> the temperature is so warm birds are confused. i got up, went to my balcony and opened up the sliding glass door and it turns out it was this type of bird, it was a ford thunderbird with the alarm going off not that bird, a thunder bird. >> all right. >> i asked someone to comment on your tie reminds me of the dress alex holley wore this weekend. >> did she look stunning as well. >> stunning. >> i she walk in the fashion show with her father, and stunning. would the man is stunning. >> that is the truth. >> the dress resembles this tie. >> i actually this is hem of her dress and i crafted tonight to a tie because i love her so much. the whole reason the bird thing was to she case how warm it is, isn't that great.
5:53 am
>> down right balmy yesterday, rainy but balmy. >> balmy. >> but it will be changing. >> thanks, mike i will see you shortly. we will be right
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
oh, yeah, the spice girls, well, they may not go on a tour, we may have gotten a head of ourselves, victoria beckham says, slow down pump your brakes, rumors start circulating she posted a group getting together for lunch saying they were brain storming about the future. her real focus is her clothing line whether she hits the road with them or not, there are reports that the group will play stand alone gig is a cross four continents we will see. rebuilding a championship team eagles front office faces tough choice this is off season including some super bowl heroes. do we have to trade anybody? we will break down who is staying and who could be going fighting the flu, how about this, a pill, promises to kill the flu in one day, just 24 hours, even if it does come to this country how fast could you get your hands on it , we will explain.
5:57 am
5:58 am
this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... .
5:59 am
awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'! they poached another coach , the indianapolis colts hire a prominent member of the eagles staff leaving doug pederson with yet another big vacancy to fill, he bolts for the colts.
6:00 am
relief from the flu in just one day, and soon that may be a reality. the new drug that changes the way doctors treat the virus. we are drying out or trying to, over the last weekend rain is moving out of the area. does that mean we may finally see some sun today? good day, everybody. it is, monday, february the fifth, 2018. >> it was constantly raining all weekend. >> yes. >> you didn't catch ity said it is february 5th. >> why did you say that. >> i wanted to relive a week ago today. >> this is when you roll tape, seriously. >> there you go, week ago today week ago this morning, look at that. >> wow. >> just a week ago this morning, so my question is, now what? >> i see you, mike, right there. >> green light there on the left, i just crowd


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