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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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at 9:00, karen hepp is here. >> happy monday. >> happy monday to you. >> we can wear red, blue, and purple and stuff like that again. >> yes. >> my green was getting, stinky. >> break from the green. >> a little bit. >> they played best friends on tv but one says they are not friends, okay. why kim catrail is calling out sarah jessica parker who said czar, leave me alone. >> they have recreated an iconic photo but they were strangers. now these eagles fans are joining us live to explain how this happened, this parade of lip lock. and also a different take on crowd surfing, this is cool , french rugby fans create a line in the street. >> oh, lord, all the way dunn the line with the traffic >> it is okay. >> we will in the do this. >> yes, we are. >> we're going to do it.
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>> okay. >> i am quite sure there was drinking involved before the rugby match and that is how this happen. >> we just took some shots of tumeric. >> we cannery create that. >> real quickly back the two guy that organized this kissing scene during the eagles parade. >> yes. >> is this, i have a bone to pick with this guy even though he seems very nice, she joins us here. he put it out on social media i need a woman to come down to the parade and we will recreate that iconic photo. >> yes. >> why don't i do that. >> just ask someone to come to you. >> at fourth and market, before 10:00 o'clock somebody comes down there. i will hug them. there is in kissing. weak do it at fourth and market. >> they are already lining up. >> if you are in the area, swing by, new is this just a way to get woman to hug you and kiss ya. >> look at their profile picture i'm sure they both
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check each other out, and it must be, he's kind of cute, she's kind of cute. >> they are not getting together. >> what a cute story that would have been. >> really. >> for valentines day this time of the yeary need someone to kiss me down at the parade this with man shows up. they did it. >> you don't think that could be you. >> if you are in the area of fourth and market we will hug no kissing. >> is there a limit to this. >> i'll hug as many people that line up, all two of you. so here we go, let's get this over with an elementary school teacher in kingsessing, right here in philadelphia is paying students not to get into physical altercations, not to fight and at school, outside of school, on the grounds and whatever. according to, there is a bulletin board, this is at mitchell elementary that promotes the number of days, eighth graders, have gone without fighting. >> they are all going to get a
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hundred dollars if they keep it up, and it is working, a big success for this school and then this if he he don't fight they will get a hundred bucks and they have found other ways to resolve their conflict instead of physical violence. i think it is interesting,. >> it is interesting but is it right. i mean, it is bribery, right. >> it is a incentive to dot right thing. kid may have started it for easy 100 bucks and it is not easy hundred dollars for challenging some kid are facing but hates grown into more, become a movement and they are proud to have gone this long. it is working. i'm a support are of things that work and help kid. >> it together debate people that pay for grade, they end up giving their kid, for so many a's, so many b's, if it causes to you perform well at school. >> back in my day my parents and teachers say hey, there is no fighting in the school. you didn't fight in the school i didn't get paid for grades. >> that was catholic school.
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>> i know. >> it is strict, it is for your god they have a lot of things working there. >> yes. >> only time i ever got hit in high school was by the priest, father gleeson, freshman year, hit me in the back of the head with the latin book and i still to this day don't know why. just came up and smack me. >> there was a reason. >> you were thinking of doing something wrong. >> also, it is all out of pock , how interesting, that is an investment in these students when you think bit. >> if they all don't fight, i don't know if it is a man or woman teacher but that is a lot of money, as a female principal, i don't know, what is a school district saying about this. >> we will, i don't know what to say but they would be in support of anything to help out, and if it is successful. >> get on twitter, let me know what you think of that. >> aim sure you are weighing in. >> oh, yeah, very much so, most people not liking it. >> over weekend did you see peter rabbit.
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>> i did, we had a fun time. i went with from, quinn who is 10 and my eight year-old and four year-old. we had a great time. best movie. animation was awesome. kevin mccarthey like it. i didn't even think about it. some of the backlash about it, is there a scene in the movie that involves a character the new mr. mcgregor. bunnies are up to their funny games, and mr. mcgregor the old one but from the books have died and then his nephew gets it. there is the new mr. mcgregor and he is allergic to black berries. >> he can't eat them because he breaks out or whatever. >> he goes into anaphlatic shock. >> it is a move/have high jinks. it is whimsical. so they are setting traps. they do electrical and stuff. is there all different kinds of things blown up. >> some rabbits are being shock. >> well, they are shocking mr. e suffered many different things but much of the way would you see with home alone or many
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other movies. black berry issue is they throw black berries, he initial to shock, he whips out his epi-pen and has to put tonight to his leg. so there were some parents who wanted to boycott it. they say it is their perspective as a mother of a toddler allergic to several food i'm goodies dust ted sony would make a joke out of food allergic individual. it is an felony aggravated assault what kind of message does that send to kid. so she wants to boycott it. >> somebody else weighed in. >> my 10 year-old son wanted to see peter rabbit but no way would i take him. he has food allergies some cause life threatening reactions. i have watched him go to anaphlatic and rush to the er. that was not funny. so then there is other people, it is a kids movie. going p.c. goes a little too far these days about the film being criticized. so, i mean i can see at first blush it wasn't something but that does not affect my life. it is different if you have a
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child with those kinds of allergies. >> sony responded with that. >> saying food allergies are a serious issues and film should not have made light about a character being allergic to black berries even in a cartoonish slap stick way. >> they look at these films over and over again before they are released and in one brought that up i guess a lot of these slap stick things, like children or bunnies or whatever the characters are, blowing up bad guys. home loan, all kinds of, shotgun sounds and buckets of water and you know. >> yeah, yeah. >> well, lets get to this, jen fred's listening, can you ask her because her children, she has peanut allergy. >> yes. >> wonder if she would be offended by that. >> we will ask her. >> okay. >> in secret, that sarah jessica parker and kim catrail they don't like each other, okay. publicly they say they they don't like each other. >> it came with the third movie. they were going to do it but someone pull the plug and came
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catrail was mad about that. >> sarah says and other cast mens say that kim is a pain in the butt to work with, and they would -- >> what happened was sarah making it seem like kim was holding out for money. i don't care about any money in the world. i will not make a movie. i don't want to do this. this isn't a contract ploy. i will in the make a movie with you. that was the back story. then sarah jessica parker is going on this campaign where she's trying to be good girl and kim catrail's brother just died. sarah jessica parker writes that night, dear kim my love and condolences to you and yours and god speed to your beloved brother. >> what did she say to that. >> she responded, she said, a new post dedicated to sarah jessica parker. i don't need your love or support at this tragic time sarah jessica parker. and then she said, the caption , she said let me make this very clear you are in the
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my family. you are not my friend. i'm writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your nice girl persona >> i don't know who is involved here but i don't think, just off the top of my head you need to post that publicly your condolence, why don't do text her. she has her phone number. >> that is what she's thinking you have my number. other ways to contact me. we work together for years. she goes on my public instagram and publicly write so people can say oh, how nice to do that. maybe they will get along. maybe this will bring them to go. don't use me in my time right now where i'm focusing on my family and dealing with this grief. >> i wouldn't put it on instagram, text the person, personally. >> or call first and then if they put something publicly and publicly say something cool but handle it privately first before you start dealing with the public. >> i completely agree. it was the sports person who said get my name out of your mouth, stop speaking about me, someone, a famous feud that
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happened in this town and that sums it up. >> get your name out of my mouth. >> stop talking about me. you are not my friend. that is what used to happen there. kim laid it out. sarah, you are not my friend. >> sarah should have known, we learned kim does in the play games. she puts it out there. she should have known, there could have been some backlash if they did that. maybe she was trying to call and we don't know it. >> i don't know. come on. >> it is interesting, this just proves, acting, you know, how great they can act because we all thought they love each other, they are so wonderful, the hang out in real life and then you see this and then like wow, all this time in between takes. >> oh, horrible i have work in situations. >> you have. >> yeah. >> people think we like each other, i. >> i do like you. >> do i like you. >> of course, i do. now leave me alone. >> you are the one that she calls when she needs to go to
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the hospital. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> you are frick and frank. >> i give him women advice. >> how is that working out. >> yes. >> i try to, you don't always listen. >> i don't listen. if i listened to whatever you told you, i would be better off. >> well, sometimes you have listen it has in the work out, and then times you don't. >> well, true. well, i have to admit, i don't watch the olympics. i used to watch every single moment but i'm not interested in this. >> aren't summer olympics more popular than winter. >> people like ice skating. >> the downhill. >> and curling, people love the curling. >> it is close i kim the snow border she's phenomenal. she will be tonight. she is the break out start to watch, she's amazing. >> i can't present i myself to do it. it is just so much time i would rather just be with my friends you know what i mean you thought minnesota was bad it is like negative 20 over there. >> it just looks to miserable.
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>> but anyway when something big happens, i like to see it, any wye. so this woman's name is marai nagasue who became first american woman to land a triple axle and you knew after watching olympics know what the triple axle is where you spin in the air. >> it is three times. >> well, yes. >> it is triple. >> yes. >> so do you want to see it. >> we cannot show it because of legal issues. >> getting into it now, she has to keep the speed, she cannot second guess she has to go right up and do it, yes. >> wow. >> how about that. >> watch this, one, two, and three. >> how is that possible and london a blade. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> pretty cool. look at that. girl jumping up, her teammates , i love it.
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>> but if you look at video on the internet of the south korean cheering section, that is what you want to much was. they have people cheer them on whole section and you should see the way they do it, quite entertaining. >> i have not seen it. >> once we get permission and stuff. >> can i just say this, i follow you on instagram and you put out a lot of pictures over the years, the one with your dad, that dress you had where was this event. >> the omega chapter sorority incorporated here they do a annual lunch. they have been doing it for 60th year, they have asked me to host. fashion show fund raise tore raise money for their community programs and things they do throughout the year. so the first picture is of the chapter president, there on the left, and some other lovely ladies. they are very nice. so, that was before we got started. you have to wear pink of course for the aka. >> pink and green. >> and then next one guess who was there, joyce evans. >> oh, yeah. >> so there is joyce, my mom
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on the right, my parents love coming up for this because it is my third year. >> alex, do you think that neck line ace prep eighth for lunchin. >> it is fashion show, stop it and that is from the van cleve collection in paoli. hi, deborah. and joyce evans won the raffle i said listen, i had nothing to do with this. congratulations, joyce. she got a nice little swag bag , pretty cool, i have to admit the star of the show was my dad. usually when they have this event, they have, the models and stuff, some professionals and they have notable men that they asked to come and dot walk. they have asked my dad to be one of the men, to walk. his first time on the runway. even talking about it. diving, all sort of stuff. >> my goodness. >> this is his big moment. here he is. i brought him to the stage to take this video of him. >> we can put the sound. >> show him how you walk. >> and as he is walking, yes.
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how do you walk and he is trying these different moves. >> that is a huge, walk, runway, that is a big ballroom a lot of people. hundreds and hundreds of people. >> big event. >> they had about 1200 or so. and so he didn't get to do it all, then we both came out and we if the to walk together. that is the dress you are you can tagging about. >> that dress. >> people have been saying is your dad a kansas city chiefs fan but because i love philly he is loving philly. he has adopted the eagles as long as he doesn't play the chiefs. >> okay. >> they put together this eagles tuxedo, and, my dad was pretty excited because he dresses jason kelce. so he is working with that. i am wearing eagles green dress and that is also from the van cleve collection at wedding pavilion in paoli. >> it is like a mermaid, good lord. >> thank you, it is nice.
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>> fun time but i was just so happy for him. garry cobb was also there. he was doing his thing walking , with his eagles hat and i got to meet his wife, who is very lovely. >> yes. >> i'll look at video. >> what a cool thing for you and your dad. >> it was special, very proud of him. >> i got nothing like that. >> you were with corry clement >> yes, we had our post super bowl party. first of all i went to the wedding and had to go over to this thing which was great. it turnout to be a huge success. >> someone was having a fun time or photographer. >> that is the two of us. >> anyway. it was so much fun. there was an incrediblably large crowd at this played called p side complex, but the star of the show was corry, un drafted, right. almost didn't become an eagle, pomp friday got hurt so corry had to play.
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scored a touchdown. was part of the philly special what a night. i met a lot of his family. >> here's the crowd. >> then we got to bumping. >> now were you dancing because dent really dance. >> we had a little private blocked off section. >> he got a vip section. >> show us some of you have moves. >> no thanks. >> but difficult get up, dancing around, hopefully in video or stills of that. >> please send it to me. >> corry, making the rounds now. >> i think we are pretty close friends new. >> that hugging like you have a bromance. >> that was 1:00 in the morning. had to be 1:00 in the morning. >> i love you. >> next time i'll do it. >> please, you were invited, i got word you were invited. >> you got word, what does that mean. >> one last thing photos from the thing were from l.a. photography from the fashion show event i wanted to make sure i mentioned them.
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>> you went to peter rabbit, is that it. >> yes. >> look at you. >> she has great family time. >> there is nothing more important then that. >> yes. >> hey, gang. >> good morning, everybody. come on, give them a little flash, ready. we have got spider man his your favorite, spider man. >> yeah. >> i like batman. >> flash. >> flashy like flash too he has a cool outfit. >> good morning everybody. >> town take overcoming to you live from newark delaware we have been having fun, check out the need we have. the scrapple cheese stakes, and not mimosa but the man mos a, we had bloody mary with the bacon. that is how we kicked things off. lot at waffles and chicken. we are here on main street, it is grain on main, right here on the campus have the university of delaware, blue hens in the house, now what is
9:19 am
great is we had cheerleader, the dance team just won the national champion ship, and then what i love is they have a great event called you dance that helped raise money for childhood cancer. >> yes, hello, i'm amelia, as part of the u dance executive board. basically u dance is a group of dedicated students across campus that raise funds and awareness against pediatric cancer. >> that is great. >> because we believe no family should ever hear the word your child has cancer, and -- >> so tell me how it work on march 11th. >> yes, on march 11th we have a 12 hour dance marathon. >> twelve hours. >> twelve hours and over 5,000 students will come and last year we raised over $1.89 million. >> boom, 1.89 million-dollar. that is great. so it is where can we get more information. >> so to learn more you can go to you and donate and learn about our cause and our partner organization an dry mcdonough. >> great speaker thank you. the students, university of
9:20 am
delaware, raising money for the kids. you got it. match the 11th is the date, we will dance, prance, little re man, you got it. back to you guys in the studio >> thanks, bob. i have never been to that place but i want to go. >> the flame in the middle and that table is so cool, showing off that he is cool things, fun. >> we will bloat ourselves up within more time at rim cafe at ninth and federal in south philadelphia, this is a great place to go. do you see that thing right there. >> decadent. >> it is, we will taste it for you, this is a good place to go for
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♪ strummed guitar
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you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. we're talking about t-o i think,
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okay. let's do this one more time rim cafe ninth and federal in south philadelphia. good place for valentines day. his specialty is chocolate and these chocolate bowls. this one you will see the size of the cup. >> it is big. >> gigantic. it has raspberries.
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>> we are at ninth and federal at the rim cafe. >> so good. >> now, renee says he has, a surprise for us. >> um-hmm. so we should just go up and say surprise me. >> yes. >> that scars me. >> mike, this within looks like it will be big. >> look at that. >> what is this called, the surprise. >> this is a surprise. >> that is renee's wife, i cannot imagine what her life is like. >> yes, she will make you happy. >> you are a celebrity in south philadelphia. >> but sometimes you have pat, and geno, big thing in south philadelphia. >> this is a good block. >> yes, salted carmel. >> salted carmel. >> because when i do not want to burn it. so salted carmel make it softer and give it bet are flavor. >> is that check late gnosh.
9:25 am
>> yes, check late gnosh. >> and i will put chocolate and something carmel. >> yes. >> yeah, do it. >> yes. >> look at that. >> oh. >> decadent, look, look mike, look at this. >> laughter. >> do it renee. >> i make it, white check late raspberry. >> this is kind of romantic. >> oh, my gosh. >> but quick, there is more. >> look at this. >> ♪ >> natural cream again, pistachio, pistachio, and sugar, that is it. go for it. come on, go for it. >> go, baby go.
9:26 am
go. >> i have never tasted anything like that. >> it is so good. >> decadence. >> look at this, baby, look at this. look at this. baby, baby, baby, i love you, my baby. >> now it is done. >> it is done. >> look at this. >> renee is so much fun. >> it is an experience when you go there. >> yes. >> can you get high off check late. >> i wonder. >> all of those seratonins in your brain, that was a great place to go for a date. >> so much fun. >> try it, ninth and federal. >> okay. they are here. hey, what is up. they recreated this iconic photo from august 1945.
9:27 am
so on the left, yeah, times square 1945. and then the right was last thursday at the eagles parade, you will meet these two. are you really strangers. they are strangers. >> they are in the strangers anymore. >> certainly not. >> no. >> how did it happen? how did the picture happen? we will recreate something,
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>> the love for the philadelphia eagles brought everybody together this week, even with strangers. this started with a single tweet after the eagles became super bowl champions that sunday flight. >> so eagles fans, seamus clancey tweeted me and your girl on broad street along with this iconic kissing picture take egg answer times square taken at the earned of worlds war, ashley happened to see the tweet and responded saying if you're looking for a girl to recreate there during the parade i'm here for it, it came to be. so seamus and ashley did meet
9:31 am
up at the parade, they followed through with it allment look at the side by side. >> well, seamus and ashley are sitting right here with us. welcome. >> hey. >> morning. >> happy to be here. >> so i'm guessing not whole lot of women responded in a. >> no, you would be surprised how very few responded. >> would it be just ashley? >> i would say one, yes. >> all you needed was one though. >> under 1.5. >> but hey, look at that picture, common. >> it has been seen around the country. hasn't it? >> yes. >> what kind of response have you gotten. >> like overwhelming both positive and negative some people are freaking. >> what would the negative be? >> just people wanting attention, or, you know, things like, that or not honoring the original picture, just kind of weird stuff. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> people even said that, you know, we didn't stands the same exact way that they did. >> well, no, you didn't. >> i didn't minds it. it was fun. >> it had been a long morning. >> you took it up a notch. >> yes. >> this is the 2018 version.
9:32 am
>> had maybe one too many refresh. after the parade? >> gentlemen. >> where are you on the street? >> broad and federal in the middle of broad. after the parade floats went by were you allowed to walk down broad. so i was hanging out on broad and shunk with my friends, and two of us with me, you know, we walk down. >> taken with a camera? >> yes. >> oh, just with a iphone? wow. >> just did filter on there, looks professional. >> true, all you need, throw little instagram filter ton. >> so i mean certainly consenting adults, and stuff like that. >> yes. >> no negativity will. >> yes. >> okay. where are you from from. >> south philadelphia. >> you? >> from bensalem but live in south philadelphia now. >> eagles fans, you went to pennsylvania? >> yes, franklin field. >> god way back, 1960, my man. >> so you guys kept in touch? hey, look what people are saying. >> yes, for sure. >> all the time. >> has there -- is there romantic in anyway now or are you just -- >> we know it is early, but, you snow. >> i think so little bit. >> what? what?
9:33 am
>> we will go on a dayton friday. >> i love this. what did i tell you. >> i knew it. >> this would be the perfect story if you guys ends up together about how you met. where did you take her? >> we went to the public on passyunk east, east passyunk. >> oh, i like that. >> quick interview on friday afternoon, around dinnertime we went there to grab a bite. >> so how did that go? >> it was awesome. >> i guess we don't have to ask about the first. >> we got the awkward part out of the way. >> did you do a redo on that? >> maybe. >> i mean it, wasn't exactly like the picture, but, ya. >> oh, my god. this, i think -- what about valentine's day, are you -- have you asked her? >> i have not asked. >> oh, no! >> should i ask snow. >> go ahead. >> do you want to go out on valentine's dismay. >> i mean ya. >> i mean ya. >> okay, that's a yes. >> i mean ya. >> so, better than i mean no. >> true. >> that's iconic. there are other iconic scenes like titanic. you're both seen the movie tie
9:34 am
taj i can. how about doing a scene from titanic recreating on the green scene where we do the wetter. >> because you guys are so good at these things. >> the first one we want you to do. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, that's joke. wait a minute. i think seamus wants to do that one. >> i can do that one. >> we're not going to do that. >> that was a joke. i apologize for that. >> oh, they have the foggy window ready though. >> come on over here. come on over here. let's see how you look against the foggy window. seriously, that was just a joke. so, line up here. here's the one we want you to recreate. you know which one. >> do you trust me? >> i trust you.
9:35 am
>> ♪ >> all right. open your eyes. >> okay, ready? >> so are your arms out already? >> people do tell me i look like dicaprio. i do get that a lot. >> oh, that makes sense. now, flying jack. >> i'm flying, jack. >> jack, jack, i'm flying. >> jack, jack, i'm flying. >> okay. >> on to the next scene. >> what do you like, notebook? >> oh, the notebook, yes, when it is raining and everything. let's see the scene. >> getting weather effect in here? >> okay, now, you turn around, you turn around like this. >> seamus like i don't know. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> don't grab me too forcefully. >> come in little site err. that is little tighter shot if you don't mind so just the back of your head here.
9:36 am
then you're right there. >> it is not over would you say. >> it is never over. >> it is never over. >> oh, oh,. >> wait. >> okay, go. scene. >> it is never over. do i go in for the kiss? >> do i? >> ashley says -- oh! >> hold on, we didn't get it from the other side. >> multiple angles. >> so now we switch? >> right. >> let's see her face. >> right? >> and let me get out of the way. >> okay scene. >> so then i say it? >> yes. >> it is never over. >> what? >> oh, i love it. >> yes. >> okay, we have time for one more mike. >> i'm familiar. >> so you get in front, then it goes. >> oh, man! >> can i help? >> yes. >> ♪ >> just let it --
9:37 am
>> so you pretend like you're doing some pottery action there. >> yes, look little higher so the camera can see it. >> i don't even know what they say. >> people usually tell me i look like patrick swayze, too? >> ya, i'm camille yan. >> you're doubles. >> i don't know. >> ya? >> you guys are a great story, seriously. >> didn't think that one through. >> mike. >> good to see you, man. >> good idea. >> see you. >> i'm telling you the best story ever how they met. i can't say it in the screen, sore. >> i hey you can get married at federal and broad. >> ya, jason can a phillie ate. >> congratulations. >> where are we going? >> i believe we're taking a break. >> what happened? >> oh, remember this, mike? the crowd surf in the street, the french rugby fans. can you guys stay around? you guys can play along with us. we want to do some crowd surfing now. we're about the g you to work. >> this just happened? >> well, happened over in england. we'll try to recreate it.
9:38 am
ashley, will you let us surrounsurfyou? >> sure, wouldn't be the first time. >> wow. time. >> wow. actual this is so exciting, dave! time. >> wow. hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'! treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together.
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we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at
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>> okay, ashley, so now we got inspired by jason kelce at the parade thursday, he was crowd surfing. >> right. >> yes. he's 300-pound man. >> which is crazy that they were doing this. >> yes. >> people in rugby matches doing this. >> it might be scotland. >> same country. >> well. >> well, same area, yes. >> great britain. >> and look, a run and jump. so do you have get the momentum going. >> oh, lord. >> i don't think we need that. so, let's give this a shot. >> here we are. >> hey, guys. >> what could go wrong?
9:42 am
>> how many people? seven? >> do we lean back. >> lean back as the person is coming back, i think. >> now crawl in here little bit so everybody can see you. >> just wanted to say this was milky way will key's idea. >> still see her? >> no. >> there she is. >> all right? >> get wider on two? i still can't see milky way. >> would it be possible to have -- oh, there you go. perfect. all right. back up. >> hand held this way in our face so she is coming across. no? >> okay. never mind. >> well, that would be -- >> because you want her face. >> just come through. we know what you look like. >> and wave to everybody. >> common through! come on, jamil. >> he doesn't want to come. >> doesn't have special jeans on today or something, doesn't want to be seen? all right, we will wait.
9:43 am
>> success. verbalize, you're light as a feather, stiff as a board. >> this helps with padding. >> why did you wear extra clothes? >> it would help if i fell. >> oh. >> all right? i think i start on your waist? >> yes. >> this is terrible. >> but don't leap. >> why do you have shoes on? you'll knock someone in the face. >> come-on! >> ahh! >> oh, god! okay? >> oh, god! >> oh, god! >> is it working? >> i can't believe it. >> i can't believe it. oh! >> how do you ends it? how do you end it? >> yeah! >> they made it look so much easier there. >> oh, god. >> megan, are you still alive? >> oh, my god, are you okay. >> she will never suggest another idea. >> yes. >> did something happen?
9:44 am
>> no, we're good. >> look at her. oh, my gosh. >> she is in panic mode. >> okay. not sure exactly what happened there. all right, here is jen. >> what mom wants for valentine's day. >> so we have the mom squad. we have the mom squad assembled, hi, guys. and we will tell you guys what we want and what we really really don't want for hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
9:45 am
pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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9:47 am
>> sue weather 15 seconds. >> it is still raining, just kind of not going away as soon as we wanted to, it should be gone by this afternoon, but what's making things even more interesting, couple of snowflakes, mixed in, in lancaster county around berks county, and few snowflakes in the pocono mountains. we've got little bit of rain here in philadelphia, a lot of rain at the jersey shore, especially, down here around cape may, and right across from where the ferry goes, in lewes, delaware, as well. so, with winds at 18 miles an hour, it is a wind driven rain. temperatures keep going down, about 43 degrees now in
9:48 am
philadelphia. it is 4:00 a.m., we were at 60. so, you see where the temperatures are going, not going to go back to six alike we were yesterday. today, see temperatures fall through the four's, tomorrow, chilly high of 42. and we gain 10 degrees on valentine day, high of 52, even milder, but another with rain thursday into friday. chilly saturday. better on sunday. but it looks pretty lovely for valentine day. >> perfect. now, as a mommy, karen. >> yes? >> do you like when the boys make you something? >> oh, the homemade things? >> i do actually, really heartfelt, keep those forever, put them up on your desk, my favorites. >> might be some other things, maybe a little more pricy? >> homemade cards. >> love them. >> but the husbands in. >> not homemade cards. >> flower, ladies, how do you
9:49 am
feel? >> i say yes on the flowers but don't go red roses, too corn. >> i you why. >> give new -- >> next up? >> this is kind of interesting. birch box or a monthly delivery service, what say you? >> absolutely, great idea, surprise every month. >> i love it. we found these ideas on ask men. com. i thought for sure at the would stink, but really good. >> this was not on ask men. com. underwear. underwear on valentine day. >> no thanks. >> not my favorite thing. >> even if it is just like, you know, casual underwear it, feels like yucky and cheesy? >> yes. >> i feel the same way. >> it is a gift for them. >> a gift for them. candy? >> yes? >> love candy. >> candy valentine day is my favorite, chocolate. >> what about you? >> i'm giving it the no. the big no, i'll buy my own cans. >> i no. >> i'm the say way, i buy my own candy and it seems little too predictable, right? we keep going. i'm really good at this.
9:50 am
but i really stink at this. and? >> oh, time out. >> yes. >> yes, right? >> so time out. what we are talking about is like you'll let mommy sleep in. >> take a rest, take break from all of the mom jobs. >> all of the mom jobs, you agree with this. >> i agree 100%. >> we say one thing we don't want you gentlemen to think because we want a time out we don't want the other stuff. >> true. >> that's true, combo here would be preferred. >> yes. >> bottom line think outside of the box? >> diamonds. >> oh, diamonds. >> diamonds are outside the box. >> yes. >> any time. >> i love it, so much of the ladies you're awesome thank you, and if anyone is watching, i want a hotel room just by myself. can be a bad hotel room, i don't even care, as long as a tv and a shower. >> motel somewhere by yourself yes. >> off the side of the road, not i pine lodge. i like that. >> thank you, ladies. here's bob.
9:51 am
>> gang, good morning to you again, town take over, more is more awesome than nhs? >> (cheers). >> awesome. >> (cheers) ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads.
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>> there is a cool thing happening on instagram today., you know the website for the inquirer, the daily news and everything, they have an instagram account. and they're asking different people to take over during black history month to kind of share their thoughts on black history month, things around the city so today is my day. they asked me to take over. so, you can either go on my instagram which is alex holley tv, i'll give you all of the details, but i will be taking over their instagram. if you check on it throughout the day you'll see i'm posting stuff, cool places around the city they might not have known about, great monday ooh months, and also personal incites that i have as far as black history month and things i want people to know, as we
9:55 am
celebrate it. >> that's neat. >> taking over the city. >> i love that. >> that's great. >> nice of them to ask me. so i think it is great you are doing, that get different people's perspective on black history month, alex holley tv. >> i follow them and so now i'm following you, twice. bob kelly, going to wrap things up, say his good-byes from the grain on main. >> you got it, from the town take over, good time this morning thanks to the host grain on main here in newark, delaware. it's been fun morning, i can't think after better way to take it home than with the gang from newark high school in the house. go ahead, let's do it, gang. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> see bob up there, like a music man direct ago band. >> the conductor. >> i love it. thanks to everybody that showed up. they had hundreds of people that came out down there in newark, delaware. >> he's had a fun time. great way to start off the week. >> they're awesome.
9:57 am
awesome. we're awesome. >> that's how you say it. >> you know what, it is time to get on the sixers bandwagon, i go to the sixers-nicks. >> and the flyers. >> since the eagles won. sorry. i can't make it.
9:58 am
it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to
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