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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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nor when it happened. apparently the bus collided with a car at the intersection. we don't know about any injuries. of course, we will bring you more as it comes in. not even sure what school district this is with. i'm trying to city we can see the writing on the side of the schoolbus. i can't see anything though. as soon as that information comes in, we will bring it to you. happening right now, students at cabrini university wants answers about fires that keep breaking not their dorm. at least three fires recently with latest just last week and police they're involved. our jeff cole is live at radnor township police with more. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, radnor police say they are concerned about these early morning fiesta that sent students into the cold and rattled emotions here. cabrini university says it's taken precautions but questions are being raised about how the university first reactioned. on the third floor of cabrini university's east residence hall a security guard is standing watch on the look out for a fire bug.
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>> just keeps happening and no one really is saying like much about what's happening. so we kind of want to make it stop basically because it's been happening more than once. >> reporter: fires in the third floor bath three since mid december each one of them sent in the trash. >> we're trying to come way rush why this is occurring much it's a huge safety issue we're concerned about. >> reporter: there were two fires set in the overnight on dee 14th says flanagan and another just last tuesday at 1:30 in the morning. >> relatively safe community, but i'm very -- very uncomfortable now rt report rows apply say they're pressing to solve the case a parent this cay cabrini freshman tells fox 29 the school failed to alert radnor township reports to those december fires. >> the school failed to alert law enforcement? >> yes. >> back in december? >> yes. >> we had to call. >> what's your reaction to that. >> i think that's like really unsafe. >> reporter: spokesperson for cabrini tells fox 29 the local
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fire marshal reached out to the university while it was investigating those december fires. police say the university did call them after the februar february 6th trash fire. cabrini says students and parents were informed last week by e-mail. radnor police say they have called in county investigators to help in the probe of what they call a serious crime. it's a significant crime. it's a significant risk. and, you know, rises to the felony level. >> reporter: this is the same dorm same floor where racist words were scrawled on door back in the fall. but no one has linked the incidents at this time. live in radnor township, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, jeff. violent weekend in philadelphia has left four men dead. police say gunfire killed zac thomas, and three others in various parts of the city. two in southwest philadelphia. five others are injured.
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so far 23 people have died in philadelphia since the beginning of the year because of homicide. shots fired at the teenager and police say this guy is is the one who did it in newark, delaware, in glasgow pines community last tuesday. 23-year-old hakeem evans was with a group of people when he fired shots in the teen's directions. nobody is hurt but evans behind bars facing several charges including reckless endangerment. fire officials investigating after flames took over a pizza shop in kensington. this is ozzy's at the corner of b and westmoreland and the fire broke out right around 11:00 o'clock this morning. the restaurant as you can see is just a total loss. nobody is hurt, though. initial reports say the fire could be suspicious. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at wilmington. rain is gone. warm temperatures are on the w way. but kathy orr our meteorologist extraordinary i also saw that you tweeted little something about cold weather, too. >> oh, yeah. there's little bit of everything, lucy, and consider this. this morning at midnight the
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temperature was 61. that was the high for the day. by 6am it was 51. by 9:00 a.m. 43. at noon 42. temperatures have bounced back few degrees since then. and of course the sun has come out everywhere. here's something we haven't looked at in awhile. down the shore in ocean city, feeling more like a march day than a february day. it's 47 in philadelphia. those northerly winds kicking in. 41 in allentown. 31 in the poconos. and 47 degrees in wilmington. now overnight tonight it's going to get cold. we're talking about light winds and clear skies. so 25 in philadelphia. 20 in pottstown. 26 in dover. and 13 in the poconos. guess what? some unusual weather moving our way right in time for valentine's day. we'll take a look unusual february indeed coming up with your seven day forecast. i'm see in you a few minutes. >> sounds good, thank you very much, kathy. fbi overgrew barred for information leading to man wanted for murder. a murder from 11 years ago. this is 29-year-old he had guard
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dough keen. the fbi wants him for what it says is his involvement in that murder on february 12th of 2007. he last known to be in mexico but could be in honduras or guatemala. so the fbi is offering $5,000 reward for information leading to directly to his capture. philadelphia police are asking for your help to find this woman her name is julia gomez she's 70 years old. she has dementia. last saw thursday morning right around the 4600 block of hurley street. now, apparently, her family says she frequents the area of front street between lehigh and dauphin. if you have seen her please call police. she could be in danger. puerto ricos who have come to philadelphia because of hurricane maria are asking for help. they say housing they received from fema is set to expire this week and they're very worried they'll be homeless. today outside city hall activists along with evacuees called on local government to extend the temporary shelter
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assistance program. activists say more than 1500 evacuees are in philadelphia. >> thrown in the street with all three of my kids one of them being deaf. why we don't have an extension? how can we do this? this is inhumane. this is why we are screaming loud. hope them! help them get the services in the city of philadelphia. >> this comes as puerto rico is dealing with yet another set back. explosion and fire through -- has left a lot of the territory without power again. that happened late last night. more customers most customers do have some power back on now from what we understand. president trump turning to congress to fulfill promise to fix american's road, highways and more. white house churning out a spending plan worth trillions. lauren blanchard is in d.c. with more. >> reporter: the president is asking congress to approve trillions of dollars in spending and today pointed to the nation's infrastructure needs to
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make his ways case. >> the framework will generate unprecedented 1.5 to $1.7 trillion investment. >> reporter: president trump calling his $200 billion infrastructure plan the nation's biggest and bold defendant yet saying the funds will be used over the next decade to fix crumbling state and local roads. highways, ports and airports. >> we're going to make our train structure modern knifed and we're reall really way behind schedule. way behind other countries. >> the second budget proposal from the trump administration. $4.4 trillion plan for funding they can year's priorities. on the list $300 billion more for military spend. 23 billion for border security. and 13 million to fight the opioid epidemic. yet some conservatives criticize the man saying it falls short of the gop's long health goal to eliminate the budget deficit. >> we either deal whitman today tower spending or in a couple years that will dictate to us
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what we have to cut. and those will be ugly cuts. >> reporter: meanwhile on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell planking to fulfill a promise made to democrats last month by bringing a general immigration bill to the senate floor. it's a rare opportunity for lawmakers to hold an open ended debate and offer up a number of amendments on immigration, caca and border securit. >> it's very unusual. rarely does a bill come to the floor where rhee reall really ny what the the final out come is going to be. >> congress is running out of time to strike a deal for young immigrants known as dreamers. march 5th deadline set by the president to officially end the daca program is now three weeks away. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. an envelope, mysterious white powder and that combination sent donald trump, jr., wife to new york city hospital. 53 nessa trump opened the envelope addressed to her husband this morning at their apartment. she called 911 and said she was coughing and felt nauseous. preliminary test indicated substance is not dangerous.
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the trump organization has not commented and the secret service is investigating. horrific crime in philadelphia. police are on the look out for three people who they say kidnapped a man and then it will him on fire. he survived. he has burns to his side and his legs and police are searching for whoever did this. they just held a news conference in the past ten minutes. bruce gordon live at philadelphia special victims units with more. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, unbelievable violence visits acquit olney neighborhood what police say began as a targeted attack on a philadelphia man late last night around 11:30. neighbors on the 5400 block of west forward road say their early quiet was shattered around six a. in. monday. by the sound of violence. >> it was like ahh! >> that was in pain. >> y this woman asked with not show her face was wakened bite noise. >> the very first thing you
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heard was what? >> boom something like -- ooh said wow. >> reporter: like an explosio explosion. >> yes. >> reporter: you look out the window and you see this man on the ground? >> yes. >> reporter: what is he sayin saying? >> he was screaming like help, help, help! >> reporter: she says the victim was lying next to the c car. >> some people come out and he was on fire and -- >> reporter: he was actually on fire? >> yes. >> reporter: police say a 33-year-old black man was robbed at gun point by three black social security males at harbison and benner. >> we did learn a family member did begin to receive messages from our victim's phone from the people that abducted him, demanding $10,000. this went on for at least five hours. row report roar his hands were tied he wasn't driven in 2006 pontiac to west forward road where his attackers doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. a neighbor told our dave kinchen the man was able to cry out. >> his hands was tied and kidnappers was trying to kill
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him. i was kind of scared. >> reporter: the man was rushed by ambulance to temple hospital with burns to his side and legs. one west forward road neighbor told me he saw the vehicle and two men as he left for work monday morning. >> i saw a man stand -- >> man was standing there. >> yeah. i saw a man stand and i saw the one in the car. >> reporter: one man outside the car. another man inside the jar. >> yeah. >> reporter: were they arguing at all? >> i go out here and guy to work after i don't say nothing. >> reporter: around midday a police tow squad arrived to remove the charred pontiac from the road. as neighbors reflected on the horrible scene that shattered their sleep and their sense of safety. >> police moments ago identified the victim in this case as 34-year-old jermel bullock he's hospitalized in critical condition with second and third degree burns over the lower half of his body. police say they do not believe this was a random tack. they think bullock was intact
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targeted his attackers were last seen in a black audi with heavily tinted windows. lucy, more at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll talk to you then, thank you bruce. back just in time for valentine's day. the love statue it's going l
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♪ >> group of bicyclists come together to remember a fellow bicyclist. the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia lined roosevelt boulevard near large street where 22-year-old daniella, died after a driver hit her last monday. investigators say she was
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crossing the busy road when it happened. the group put up memorial for her and then also are asking for safer roads. the eagles felt the super bowl drain losing their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach now their filling those spots with very familiar faces. kristen rodgers has more on who is moving on in. hello, kristen. >> hey, after the eagles embraced that next man up mentality this season it's fitting they're now following the neck coach up philosophy. nfl networks iain rappaport press taylor will be promoted to quarterbacks coach much he's arising star for the eagles he first joined the birds in 2013 when chip kelly named him a quality control coach. he brought the philly special to the eagles after watching tape of the 2016 bears. again, he is taking over for john did he flip poe headed to the vyke to go become their offensive coordinator.
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no word who will take over as the eagles offensive coordinator. much more on the coaching hires later in sports. lucy. >> we'll talk then, thank you kristen. today bray hamlin couldn't's birthday and in town to honor the nation's keep many president is u.s. attorney general jeff sessions. sessions spoke to members at the union league of philadelphia on broad street this afternoon. also there to receive the lincoln award. the attorney general spoke about howlin couldn't's values would hold true today. he said lincoln believed that keeping the rule of law was the most important thing we can do to pre verve our political institutions. >> today celebration is indeed a good way to honor lincoln's legacy but at the department of justice, we seek to honor that every day by up holding the rule of law and respect the rule of law. respecting the legislative process. >> sessions also claimed federal district court judges are not up holding the rule of law. one example he cited they block
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president trump's policies on immigration. now trenton state and federal officials pulling out all the stops to deal with over abundance of crows. here's the deal. this winter about 30,000 crows have decided to hang out in new jersey's capital city and since there's safety in numbers and warm in this numbers large groups are roosting today. which has some residents none too happy. us agriculture department says it's going to use pyrotechnics, lasers, spotlights amplified recordings of crow distress calls and crow effigy to try to scare away the birds from trenton. so good luck with that. love will be returning to the streets of philadelphia just in time for valentine's day. the famous 1976 robert indiana sculpture is returning to its home tomorrow and will make a number of stops in parade basic ale cross philadelphia before it's reinstall laying in love park. about a year ago restoration crews removed the sculpture to spiff it back up. didn't expect the red sup cher, though. don't expect it. it's now sporting red and green and purple the same colors that
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indiana had originally painterred it. so a basically picture perfect day fort obamas the former first couple unveiled their official portraits today. president obama and michelle weren't at the smithsonian national portrait gallery for this special ceremony. it was the ladies first -- it was ladies first, talk ladies first for the big reveal with mrs. obama and her artist amy pulling the curtain down and then mr. obama then unveiled his portrait. so very very good stuff there. >> the ability to be the first african-american paint to paint the first african-american president of the united states is absolutely overwhelming. >> we are both very grateful to have been the subject of their attention for this brief moment. >> both portraits will be on display for public viewing that would be for to you see starting on tuesday. the weinstein company still feeling the impact right now the
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sexual misconduct allegations aimed against co-founder harvey weinstein. new lawsuit filed again the company has stopped its sale. fox's adam housley has more from los angeles. our investigation as demonstrated by the petition filed yesterday uncovered a pervasive pattern. of sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination and abuse at the weinstein company. >> reporter: proposed deal to sell the weinstein company potentially falling apart. after new york state attorney general eric schneider man filed suit against the company and its co-founders bob and harvey weinstein. schneider man claiming executives at the company failed to protect their employees from years of abuse. >> the company's management was complicit in this pattern of misconduct. they knew what was happening. it was flagrant. it was flamboyant. they knew how pervasive it was. not only did they fail to stop it, they enable it and covered it up. >> reporter: the state launching its investigation in
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october after dozens of women came forward accusing weinstein of sexual misconduct including rape. weinstein's lawyer says he believes fare investigation will show many of the claims are without merit. schneider man emphasizes any stay of the company would need to ensure victims are comment say thed and that employees are protected. and executives who enabled the misconduct will not be reward. >> whatever deal is consummated these take into account the serious allegations of our petition and the fact that is we set forth in that petition which are shocking. >> reporter: new york attorney generals' office claiming the company instead of punishing weinstein agreed to fine him up a to million dollars to help pay for the claims against him. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. amazing to think that women driving would actually make news yet it did when saudi arabia allowed women to get behind the wheel. and now another first in the kingdom. what is it that women can do
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now? great question. we've got the answer. >> outrage over a science fair project. it tried to correlate rollo intelligence with racial groups. school officials are trying to figure out how this all happened. ♪
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>> did you know some flowers for valentine's dane are illegal. custom agents are on the look out for flowers smuggled in the u.s. from mexico. here's the worry. that inn vase tiff pests and disease could come along with those flowers. u.s. does not allow live plants or seeds or bulbs into the u.s. without special permits. documents certifying that they are indeed disease free. speaking of illegal, can you imagine living in country it is illegal to wash football such as football as in soccer if you're a woman. that's the state of things in saudi arabia until now. women filled soccer stayed jump last week after crown prince muhammed solomon eased restrictions. he's behind 2013 hoping to modernize saudi arabia which
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includes women more freedom such as they have throughout the rest of the world. allowing women at a sporting event is one of the first faces of this campaign. >> it means i am human. i can do my choices. >> it's special. >> we just used to watch on the tv and now they can experience the fun. >> crown prince lift add ban on women driving a few months ago. sacramento, california parents there are very upset because a school project questioned if race is connected to intelligence. a student enrolled in it legal magnet program put together the project called race and iq. it questions whether certain raises lack the intelligence for the program's academically choice work. the student tested the beau
5:26 pm
hypothesis on teens from various backgrounds and displayed the results at a science fair. the school took it down after getting whole bunch of complaints. the district is investigating. >> i want to make one point very clear. the use the racially offensive language in our schools by anyone does not reflect our values as a school district license not be tolerated. >> some parents say the project points to a larger problem. the lack of diversity in the elite program. stolen bike, alone and a promise to put them together and you get an incredible story. more and more things are going digital, right? could your license be next a step in the right direction or another invasion of privacy. we're all going to be micro chipped soon enough, kathy. >> i think so. in weather we're talking about a weather warmup. it's going to be an unusual week in the weather world and we'll have the forecast
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[narrator] look around. if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say, if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities,
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including a premiere medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make, and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's, because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to be crossed. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be.
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>> not a democrat nor republican but you still and want to run for oars. you're in luck. third party independent candidates will easier time of it in pennsylvania. a judge has approved a settlement that allows those candidates on to ballot with a lot mew petition signatures. the court agreement caps a signature requirement at 5,000 for third party candidate and also no longer have to pay for legal challenges which can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. well tonight we're introducing to you a high school
5:30 pm
student named spencer who happens to be on spectrum when he was younger someone stole his bicycle because he didn't lock it up. so his parents made him deal. they'd buy him a new bike but he had to pay them back. and as fox's deena centofanti explains that deal is what transformed his life. ♪ >> reporter: this is bike changed 16-year-old spencer kelly's life. taking him in a direction far beyond the reach of these pedal. >> this is one of our -- now he's separate beside rainbow colors, sweet smells and whole lot of soap. he's proving every day you can't predict someone's potential. >> i hope it gets bigger and better. i want it to be place. >> going places that's what spencer was trying to do when his original bike got stolen he didn't use the lock so dad made deal. >> i'll lend you $300 for replacement bicycle. but by the end of summer, you have to have figured out a way to pay me back. >> spencer didn't look for job.
5:31 pm
instead he started a soap business. >> you use soap, i got soap. the guy down the street. the president use soap. >> expedition soap was born year later spencer is a successful entrepreneur celebrating creative suds online. >> i set out to sell hand mode soap at residential prices and so far i've done that. >> remarkable because spencer has never had it eas ease he wan verbal. we found ways to communicate that work for him. he was helpful. >> at two he had incredible reading skills but when the pages stopped turning, spencer stopped talking. >> he was a kid who developed early reading skills when he couldn't speak. so he was able to read from a book. but he couldn't hold conversation. >> sleepless nights filled with worry turned into countless
5:32 pm
doctor eventually they're told their four-year-old son is on the autism spectrum. the specific diagnosis asberger's syndrome them start doing everything possible to help spencer including alignments from a chiropractor in. after the first one at the age of four the kelly's believed spencer had a new ability to speak. these treatments continue to this day. >> we're the cleanest familiar until town. >> now, 12 years after that diagnosis, thanks to influential teachers, many therapies, vitamins, and a special diet, spencer is a thriving dean teenager learning to drive, preparing for college and running expedition soaps. he's learning about soap sense, dollars and cents, and salesmanship. but the biggest lesson is a simple one. >> one got their own little querks and you have to figure them out. >> that's health works. i'm dean at a centofanti. >> fox 29 weather authority
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right now. live look over the ben franklin parkway. what a difference in a day. rain is gone. and it's looking good for valentine's day. meteorologist kathy orr has your full forecast in 15 seconds. what day. high temperatures in the 60s. now we're in the 40s. it's going to be like that this week. up and down with the temperatures. outside, looking good. it is still light out. rehoboth beach, delaware, looking very pretty this afternoon. the temperature is 47. the high today 61. winds out of the north and that obviously is a cold wind for us. in the poconos, only 31. 41 in allentown. 43 in pottstown and 45 in millville. 45 in atlantic city. as we widen out you can see more cold air to the north and west minneapolis 11. chicago 24. detroit 29. we will be in the 20s overnight but the cold air is not going to
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stick. so today the early high in the 60s. tomorrow we go below average. the normal being 43 for this time of year. wednesday we go at least 10 degrees above normal. and about 20 degrees above& normal again on thursday. so it's just going to be one of those weeks. feeling much more like march than february for sure. let's go hour by hour. dry conditions tonight. lots of sunshine for your tuesday. some clouds roll in by wednesday. valentine's day you'll see a good deal of sunshine and then we'll see a warm front approaching. so after 8:00 o'clock, a few out late night and then by thursday morning mostly cloudy perhaps few showers but much warmer with highs at least in the mid 60s. so overnight tonight, 25 in philadelphia. 13 in the poconos. 20 in pottstown. 24 in wilmington and only 26 degrees in dover. during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be ride rising little bit below average just a few degrees. mostly sunny and pleasant. with a light wind out of the northeast becoming easterly but a really decent day. nice day to be outside.
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take look at your seven day forecast. we jump up to 52 for your valentine. looks great for wednesday. gave that a nine. thursday a chance of a shower. otherwise warming up. more clouds than anything else with a high 65. we'll go 55 on friday. 41 saturday. the sun returns sunday looks great the high around 50 for sunday without rain in while. look at monday more clouds a chance of shower for president's day the high temperature 55 degrees and that is a look at your seven day forecast. >> actually exercise we brushed our teeth, washed our faces and put on our clothes. >> what a day at elementary school. that right there is lauren berks she's nine. nine years old. and she read her book my 100 hands got to hand to celebrate the philadelphia school district's 100th day of schoo school. lauren read to pre k and kindergarten students. students district focused on so they can grow up to be strong
5:36 pm
readers or prolific authors like lauren who already has published a series of children's books. i did mention she's nine, right man, that is great stuff right there. flu season hitting the up s especially hard. can you imagine one pill curing the thirty two flew in one day? japanese researchers can. they may have just the thing for you. first today moment in black history. in 2008, barack obama became the first african-american elected president of the united states first african-american elected president of the united states of this winter first african-american elected presiin the state with moretes of ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak.
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so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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keeping an eye on your health. flu season is one of the worst in nearly a decade but japanese lawmaker says it has developed a cure it is a pill that can kill the virus in day. that's it gone. but the experimental drug won't be available till next year. it's i in late stage trials rigt now. it would only require you take that one pill compared to the two pill a day dose you need for other flu medications such as tamiflu. scientists around the world are looking to make a super vaccine that would prevent all types of the flu and by the way, folks at
5:40 pm
u penn they're kind of leading the way with a lot of this stuff. however that is at least ten years away. several states are now experimentals with the concept of putting your license oh on your tone. it's a two year pilot program. it works out without wi-fi. it segregated from other information on your phone. requires added -- like your tipping prep. shopping at a liquor store it will show your photo and whether you can legally buy alcohol. it doesn't show all the other stuff on there. critics warn this could clear the way for invasive national database, however. >> what keeps the government from over reaching? what keeps them from going the next step and really is only another step or two to a national id where they know everything about you? >> some would argue they are already do. the app designer assures the information is safe and consumer appetite for increased convenience could trump privacy
5:41 pm
concerns. especially with the prospect of fewer dmv lines and driver's license that you can update remotely. the technology is not getting tested in our area, however. so nothing wrong with sharing pictures of your children online. but could you be doing it too much? it's called -- they got word for it now. shanting. you may being your children's futures at risk. just in time for valentine's day hot chocolate which is definitely made for two. once you
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♪ when you go to city hall this week you'll notice another flag raised. it is the cradle of liberty council flag which is the flag of the local boy scouts group.
5:45 pm
city officials raised it on the 108th anniversary of the boy scouts of america. >> the boy scouts for 108 years have done great things. cradle of liberty council is the group in philadelphia who carried that banner not only in philadelphia but also in the region of southeast pennsylvania. but when we look at the history there are many former presidents very famous people who are eagle scouts. >> the cradle of liberty council serves more 16,000 scouts in our area. it takes a special dog to be a service dog for the blind and it takes whole lot of work and whole lot of training. fox's ali shows us what these animals have to go that was to be spot on. >> reporter: excited attentive and ready to start their lesson. 30 guide dogs in training checked at the alaska airlines counter at oakland airport this morning. trainers had ten boarding passes in hand for flight that would never leave the gate. the group was training and their journey today was meant to take
5:46 pm
these pups to the next level of guide dog expertise by teaching them how to navigate an airport. >> everything from going through security boarding a train -- boarding a plane getting settled in a seat. hearing the noises that happen online. >> gate dogs for the blind paired up with alaska airlines strolling through the terminal and in the boarding area these canines caught the eye amused and approving passengers. >> i'm just really pleased to see something like this actually happen. i think it's very worthy progr program. >> and had a calming effect on even the youngest travelers. >> i'm sure it really helps he here. relieves everyone's anxiety. >> they help handlers get to their seats, how to stay in the space direct until front of them and how to remain calm for the duration of a flight. >> like groundhogs day. >> maya scott is visual many impaired she's traveled with her guide dog fidler across the country on five hour slight of flight. training like this made him a pro. >> so he's pretty comfortable with it.
5:47 pm
esprit tie low key. the hardest part is actually navigating the various airports because there's such an intere interesting choreography of people and things go on, and my dog has a big responsibility to making decisions how to get around these things. >> airport sixty four says is university one part of a month'ing long formal training program. once the pups graduate. guide dogs for the blind will pair them with visual many impaired handlers if any round us and canada one of the first things they'll do get on a fly to fly back to the guide dog's new home. >> it's big trust issue. for the dogs to have this type of experience beforehand just makes it much morey looking for the dawling. >> when that day comes, the hope is these future guide dogs will pass the airport travel test with flying colors. >> we although hope they do. tech experts are issuing a warning against something some parents probably do all the time called sharenting it's a term that describes the i don't have crews of social media by parents who share so many pictures and
5:48 pm
so much information about their kiddos. for the entire world to see, of course. so according to a new report, into% of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint. imagine that. more than 140,000 children are victims of identity theft every single year. so tech experts are saying, hey, don't post in real time. don't post your location or your baby's full name or your baby's birthday. makes sense. a water leak is behind a big sink hole that opened up in texas this week and when neighbors got to go to look inside man they made a startling discovery. so inside the 22-foot tall 45-foot wide and 170-foot long cave county officials say there are more than 700 caves in the area believe this one may have been disturbed when utility poles were put in few years ba back. initial finding don't indicate the home known should really worry all that much. but they won't know for sure
5:49 pm
until their structural engineers take look at the whole thing. >> our again the environmental folks that came out did not have a concern but certainly that's everybody's individual choice and we are going to be meeting with the homeowners individually to make sure that we keep them, of course, the most updated on the information that we have. >> for now the home openers are checking out their new natural wonder and collecting is it a lag tights which is cool as long as they're houses don't implode. engineers handed out trinkets from all the neighbors. >> how much do you like hot chocolate. mike jerrick and alex holley headed down to place in south philly for a special concoction that will leave you saying ya gotta try this. >> we're at rim cafe. >> so good. >> now, renee' says he has a surprise for us. >> um-hmm. >> we should just go up to him and say surprise me. >> that scares me. >> ♪ >> let's do it. >> mike, this one looks like it's going to be big.
5:50 pm
look at that. >> what is this called? the surprise? >> yes, this is surprise me. >> that is renee''s wife. i can't even imagine what her life is like. >> yeah. she make happy. in you're a celebrity in south phil, aren't you. >> sometimes. you don't forget you have frank and geno they are big deal in south philly chris is a good block. >> oh my god. >> salted caramel. >> i toasted my marshmallows i don't want to burn it. salted caramel make it softer and give it better flavor. >> chocolate good thank you very much. >> yes. >> ♪ >> i'm going to put chocolate ganache and sauled caramel. >> that's not fair. >> go. >> ooh. ♪ >> look at that. oh, look, look, look at this. yes. [ laughter ]
5:51 pm
>> do it renee'. >> making white chocolate raspberries. >> this is kind of romantic. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> there's more. >> look at this. >> look at this. >> shake it. >> homemade pistachio and sugar that's it. go for it. it's yours. in come on. go, man. >> go, baby, go! ♪ >> i never tasted anything like that. >> it's so good. >> look at this. if i had baby, look at this. ♪ >> look at this. >> baby, baby, baby. i love you, my baby. ♪
5:52 pm
>> it's done. >> look at this. >> and bingo. >> and bingo. [ laughter ] >> it's like an adventure walking into that place. so the godfather heavy metal just announced his final tour. rock legend isn't completely calling it quits. and a puppy is the newest member of high school staff. why some of his co-workers say his job to friends, colleagues, gathered here are the world's finest insurance experts. rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists?
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prince harry and meghan markle release nude details about upcoming wedding. it's at noon london time on may 19th at saint georges chapel 7am our time. after the couple ties the knot they will ride in cash ratch through the streets before returning tore september at sane george's hall. prince charles will hold private reception later that evening foreclose friends and family members at an undisclosed location. so a year after taking his final bow with black sabbath a solo owes see ows born decid ded his coming world tour will be this last. ozzy and his wife and manager sharon announced the rock icon no mortars two. the title reference to a 1992 outinouting original plan as hit after doctors misdiagnosed him with ms. the tour kicks off late this
5:57 pm
summer. the 69-year-old says he's still -- he'll still book an occasional concert or festival gig after the tour wraps up in 2020. >> we set the tour. i've got grandchildren now. i want to see more of them. whereas the kids we had i didn't see them grow up. >> can you imagine ozzy as your grandpa? [ laughter ] >> tickets no mortars two go on sale friday. ozzy says he's in the early stages of a new album his first since 2010. so i want to introduce to mike the newest staff member at a high school in missoui and fo fox's shows us he may have the most important job of all. >> this is not just a dog walking down the hall. at saint michael the archangel high school in lee summit mike the puppy is an administrator. >> he's the director of love and hospitality he sure lives up to it. >> mike my be new to school and this world but everyone agrees,
5:58 pm
he's an expert at his job. >> if you're walking through the hallway and you just see a pup puppy, there's nothing you can do but smile or laugh and it's kind of boosted the whole moral of the school. >> mike's focus on the school's smile program for teens with exceptional needs. >> i get a lot of stress some days. it's like goes to the ceiling sometimes. when i go see mike, peace by mess by piece it melts away and i all of a sudden i don't have the stress no more i feel happy. >> it may seem like he's just a dog and the people just like to pet him but he helps people get through some of the most stressful times of their teenage years. if that was they have any hard ships going on at home, mike is an escape route for them. >> even though his perspective is a little different of one at saint michael's says he puts things in to focus. >> mike doesn't care if you're popular, if you're not popular. he loves everybody. >> but he's just brought the whole school together as family. that's what this school is about. >> at the end of the day mike
5:59 pm
can rest easy knowing he got the job done. >> that's awesome. the power of a pup. fox 29 news at 6:00 with iain page starts right now. ♪ a man left for dead in the streets of philadelphia. he was robbed, had his hands tied up and set on fire. so who did it? ♪ and someone keeps lighting fires at a university bathroom. students don't feel safe and parents are concerned the school isn't doing enough. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. well some students are feeling uneasy after fires keep breaking out their dorm on the campus of cabrini. it's now gotten the local police involved. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. fox 29's jeff cole has that story from radnor. >> reporter: radnor township police say they are concerned about the early morning fires
6:00 pm
that have center students into the cold and rattled emotions here. cabrini says it has taken precautions but questions are being raised about how the university first reactioned. the radnor township university of 2200 students says it's posted a security guard on the third floor of its east residence hall 24/7. they're on the alert for a fire bug. >> it's a relativly safe community but i'm very uncomfortable now. >> reporter: it's understandable because since mid december, there have been three fires set in the trash of the bathrooms of the second of the third floor known as 3s. >> it just keeps happening non one really is saying like much about what's happening. so we kind of want to make it stop basically because it's been happening torn once. >> reporter: there were two on the overnight of december 14th say police. cabrini says it first posted the security guard back then until the holiday break. but in the early morning of february 6th,


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