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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 13, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> it is dead think year, there is no doubt about that. this year's flu virus killed four children in new york. as a matter of fact the centers for disease control, talk about it being epidemic hitting that level earlier, now the fourth child has died from this awful flu season. we'll talk about the dangers of this season's flu on the show tonight. and no money for you. that is the trump administration rolling out the $1.5 trillion
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track ture plan and happening off with another $200 billion of federal funding but the question is how much is going to help us get back and forth across the hudson. the minimum wage, one of one hefing about things that governor murphy in new jersey is trying to push through t. $15 could it be coming our state noon we have to go the country. it is disproportionately. >> i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." front page of "the new york post" today a fourth child dies in new york from the flu. this is arguably one of the worst flu seasons that we have seen certainly in recent memory and the question is, how many parents are now looking that saying maybe it time to get the flu shot. nate has the full story. nate? >> well, bill,ing now. the city's public health department says this you're flu virus has killed four children in new york. and another child died over this weekend and the story is believed
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her death is flu related as well. no one is coughing, sneeze, more than ever. news of the record number of you froms has new yorkers on high alert. >> hand santizing, washing hands, my hans are extremely dry and cracked. every door handle that i turn, i wash my hands. >> the same complex where they found 5-year-old murray on saturday. prus say the child was found by her mom in their apartment bathroom. neighbors reportedly tried to resuscitate her. hours later, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> her baby, it is real sad. it is real sad. it is sad. anyone die from the flu, it is sad. i said is. >> so according to the city's public health department, some 8300 children from new york have been diagnosed with the flu this winter
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season and more than 30 have been sent to the hospital. >> careful. devastated. >> jack and julius one-year-old and received the flu shot. their nanly has an11-year-old daughter. >> my daughter is very, very ill. she had the flu. they were careful. >> reallyier today, governor cuomo announced amendment to executive order that would provide flu shots to kids 12 through 18 years old. people in the heat department is urging all parents to ensure your children get flu shots and in brooklyn, aim nate rogers for "chasing news." bill: some big announces coming out of washington, d.c. the trump administration rolling not 1.5 trillion in are a k ture plan capping it off with 200 billion in new federal spending. john has the story. john, what do you got for us.
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>> bill, if you don't have a seat at the table you? in the menu. the guest list today the white house did not include anybody from new york, new jersey or connecticut and sure enough the new is not so great. here is what president trump and infrak ture spending over the next ten years so this is money to am prove roads, brings, tunnel, waterway and the look. the president says the proposal will also create jobs and it is long overdue. 1:00 take a listen. >> we are going to mcour infrastructure modernized. we are way behind schedule. we are way bee behind other countries. >> here is why its know that best news. of that $200 billion. only 20 billion would go toward projects that are considered of national significance. things like the gateway project. so new york and new
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jersey would have to fight for the $20 billion and we want our transit ops fixed but at what costs? who is going to pay for it? the planners in the area are concerned about that. >> well, our instructor is old, crumbling we dodon't get more invest president and more federal support it is i lot harder to fix that and a lot harder to bring it up to the state of good repair into the bill is important to note this is the starting point. is a proposal. take jersey tran anohealth is needed and the delas this morning ain'ts with basically every leinart east what would tomorrow bring. the more of the same here in our area. they ton blame everybody about themselves. thank you. appreciate. thank. >> all right. which want to bring someone who knows anal of lot about transportation issues in your. he is a former new jersey state assemblyman and the former head of the transportation committee. john joins me. welcome back, john. >> good to be with
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you, thanks. bill: let me ask you. number one, how bad is it when coatments to funding and management and two, do you think we made a step in the right direction with this $200 billion knowing that some of it is going to come our way? >> wilt is better than zero and better than $100 billion but nowhere bertha the region needs. think about the gateway tunnel. a $20-plus project. $200 billion that is 10% of that. >> let me ask you. you know, there are some things that you hear. i hear the white house spokesman say 90% of the people would benefit from there thun tell inlocals. they are not going to jump through hoops much they should come through the hoops. mean when it guess down. it affects the national economy so this is about investing in the future of america. >> well, i tend to agree
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with that. let me ask you, though. on that, former governor of new jersey governor. talked about private eyeing thed talking now you got a president of the united states saying look we want to bring in 1.5 trillion he is effectively in private invest president. is it time to start talking about serious privatization of some of the transportation projects to get that capital coming in because it is going to happen now. >> le, look. i have no problem with private investp in our public structure as long as it stays public but think ut is no i eve to think that private industry is howe going to be become a charitable project where they are going to start investing in owl our structure with actually no skn in the game and going to want to own. i that is a problem. we receive private ownership of pub pick build it has not worked well in the past. >> ok. thank you, job. always goo good he talk to you. governor murphy wants to you make more money. that is right. he is pushing for a $15
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minimum wage nu and says it is gradual when he came pained on this this time frame was very short and a lot of small businesses very concerned about the rising cost of labor in the area that is already a challenge to start and prit a business. will new jersey get a $15 minimum wage. ashley johnson has the story. ashley? ashley. bill, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and requiring em he years to offer paid sick leave have been two of the biggest issues in the phil murphy has been strong going since taking office. murphy spoke on the issues monday at a round table at the pay sake city hall. he took a backseat to me and women who shared emotional store brs being able to make end's meet on $8.60. i went from $14 an hour now in the same job. again i have to choose there is sometimes that i have to go to countries. and you know, to get my
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kids what they need. i should no be put in that predicament that i have to choose again. for my children. >> the of go nor continues to did debunk what he says. murphy continues to trillion the point if you are wondering whats the magic of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. he says well what is the magic of $8.60. >> it is just pro, ately a women's issue. disproportionate and folks impacted and potentially benefited. reality and the state would be women. no i, the notion of a sticker shock from.60 on a machine dy to $15 tomorrow on as day. we accept not realistic. >> murphy says raising the mun numb wage is the phased in approach. he also said that would earn sick leave many believe it would hurt a company's moral and people taking off when they are not actually sick. he says when people talk off sick and they are confident they won't lose their job they are
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even more engaged the work. in passaic ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." yonk that you you, ashley. let's bring back the a plus panel. it oh doors me the governor has two streaks and one left. he is listening to the dollars 15 minimum wage. but you see this play out in other states where it has not been so favorable. what do you? i well, i don't think you had two strikes. >> i am talking about legalizing pot in the millionaire's tax. well, i don't think it is two strikes? we head to the some more time for him to fall out in our difference. but with the $15 wage people are tired of being poor. is about time that we start being very aggressive off one minimum wage. >> it not even a signed bite because i represent individuals wo r tired of being poor. >> $15 wage. you said you can barley survive in the state at
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at $65,000 that is the machine mum. $31 the a year job. can not afford. >> well, stepped in that digger. the cost of living. >> $136 and well i mean. because have to go get there. we well you cannot agree on $15 an ho. we have to get there. min any minimum you would reject. they said $30 in new jersey will phase in over ten years. i wouldn't object to anyone receiving funds that they worked for. trying to provide for their families. at the of the day like i told you, bill. people are tired of being poor. it is about time we provide them. the government's responsibility? >> well, yes. we can help the cost of living is going up. you are paying to $5. well, do you think you might pay 9:00 or $10. where does it en? where does it spend there is always a cap. i think we are at point now the minimum wage has not kept up with inflation so at some point we need have the grass line reach equilibrium.
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thousands say it going to hurt. a no, if you do it, if you do it did in one. >> clearly inflation has gone through the roof income we're still. >> bill, if you do it unone, as opposed to dog the grass. it would be consistent. bill: look. i apurchase at the consistency so small bus the owners need to know this legislature is likely to go along with this proposal. so $15 here go. thanks, guy. don't go anywhere. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming up four after the break. consider reason think is a cocontroversy raging in men dem where the deputy mayor rick flood reposted something on facebook and has got him in hot water. dan zarrow is going to have your freezing for cast. dan: bill, it feels like february again. cold air, clear skies have returned to the tristate area. temperatures for the rest of he week, a little temperamental. a cooldown, a warm-up. another cooldown. sort out you what head to know in the local
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." am bill spadea. we got a lot more coming up four including this forecast. how cold is it going to get? how fast is it going to get there? dan star in row will have details. but first, politician and social media don't always mix. currently there is a controversy raging in men dem township new jersey where the deputy mayor reposted something on facebook and it was a
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long post about raccoons and exterminators mentioning donald trump as immigration and got. in hot water from the lone democrat on the city council. her name is ail amail ya and joins me now. amail ya, welcome. how are you. >> i am doing well. than for having me. bill: shore i read the post then the apology. have you taken it a out of context. the post talks about are raccoons coming home to find them but it doesn't just talk immigration but takes about bankruptcy political corruption and actually it is a big hit on president trump wouldn't you a zi well, i don't know i with agree that. hon list, a representative and the last thing i thought i would be talking about are these issues. this came out of the blue. when we saw this post yesterday. i was very surprised. and you know, i just what shocks me was. >> let me ask you, though. are you taking advantage of something here to
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people are correct. they are hypersensitive about words. the guy apologized. do you think the deputy mayor should resign over the post? if he didn't right. >> i am not. i will leave that up to the deputy mayor to make that decision for himself. i do think he should step down from deputy mayor. i had not. >> you think he should resign. >> let me finish. bass he was not elected. he was appointed to the position. so he was appointed as deputy mayor over myself and republicans. bill: are you in sen waiting that deputy mayor is a racist and are you doing this because this is a position you covet if. >> absolutely in the not. absolutley not. absolutley not. there is a fine republican who i had dominated through deputy may area and that is where i felt the position to go. can i ask you maybe it a stupid question. around you the one that drew the attention to it? no. absolutely not. he posted this and then
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asked people to share it. so people did. people commented on it. then, as things go on facebook. it sort of went viral. thank you, appreciate your time today. >> all right. let's bring in the man who is at the center of the controversial. deputy mayor himself. the guy who reposted this controversial post deputy mayor. rick welcome to "chasing news." how if you have. >> deputy mayor, i am doing all right. >> how about yourself all right. let me ask you seriously now. what were you thinking comparing immigrants to raccoons s. what was going through your mind? >> when i read the original post that came my way. i did not make association to cach raccoons. considered raccoons to be all of the country's problems. that trump could somehow undo the logjam so we had taxes issues am we had foreign policy issues. yes we have immigration issue. but no, i did not make the connection that others did that this was immigration and ex term na nation issue. dy not. that was not in my head. until i started to read some of the comments that i received after
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posting it. >> what kind of heat run another now. people calling for your resignation. then, or worse. i have heard from some reports that called me that's the word throughout. i have not heard it directly. although some of them some of the responses to the postings yesterday we are talking about resignation and far worst. >> do you are great posting it? do you understand why people got upset. >> the answer to both questions is yes. i regret posting it. it was probably one of the dumbest things i have done in my life certainly with within the last decade or so there is no room for this type of speech. let m ask this you though. are you going to stan your ground i will see what happens over the next 24 hor. at this point i am still trying toking if gur ow how pad he bad the diction. do in know. probably after the news school gets done and we'll figure out from there. ok. i can tell this you. it is good he see somebody step up to may make apology to stan the ground and stand where you are.
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don't let them fool you. >> thank you. i a purchase it a that very. joos le chechen with dan zarrow the freezing forecast. dan? dan: with near record rainfall and near record high temperatures this weekend and then almost felt like mother mature lost track of the call end der and felt like april than february we have take and step back so things are cooler much more typical of february as we get into untoast day high pressure sitting right on top of us that is a cool dry air mass and so we'll see plenty of sunshine and a seasonably cool tuesday morning then a seasonably chilly afternoon high temperatures will be around 40 degrees. beyond that we'll find ourselves right on the edge of cold and warm air. not a terrible place to be. but it does mean temperatures are going to to be a bit temper amal. we see a warming trend for wednesday and thursday. then, early friday then cold air will return with a vengeance by the time we get to the weekend so there will be train drops along the way as well. tonight, just plain cold.
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lows in the lower to mid 20's and have to watch out for the refreeze if there is anything look quid it is going to become solid ice. mostly clear skies anily little bit of a breeze will push that to the biting teens. during the day tuesday, lots of sunshine. highs around 40 degrees brighter winds not a terrible day. wednesday closer to 50 with increasing clouds during the day then or next chance for rain well arrive wednesday night and thursday i think thursday's highs will be back to the 60's and temporally before another cooldown tacks us to the weekend. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> here is a look at the headlines we're chasing for tonight including this huge pig in alley p. what if you found this as were you taking out the trash. >> vanessa trump wife of donald trump jr. was rushed to the hospital after opening envelope addressed the husband. nypd said it does not seem harmful but continuing to run test. vanessa and two other
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taken to the hospital to the hospital. committees test are being run. before unmates who tacked the officer left him with a fractured spine and swelling the brain. footage shows one inmate punching the officer in the head whole the others rush in. the suspects were arraigned on sunday and on monday, pleaded nothinging if to it. check thought viral video of a wild boar rummaging through a dumpster in hong kong. he upload the video digging there the trash as two smaller pigs stand by. wild boar are considered common in hong kong and they usually stay away from you are been areas those are headlines we are chasing for you tonight. >> we have a lot more show coming up four tonight. stay with me through the break. want to see george's sports report. pictures and catchers back at it today. and, former yankee in a
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bill: welcome back to
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"chasing news." i am bill spadea let's check win george with the report on the first day back. and a former yankee. he is in trowel. thank you, bill. that is rye. the second week in fen ally that means it ties foim this those three little words that make the heart go flutter. pitcher and catches the mets starting with the spring training on in day. the yankees pitchers a in catchers report ons day. then, bad news for a fommer yankee pitcher and showing here as a member of the oakland athlet ins arrested in san diego three felony drug charges according to on-line court records and had 20-kilograms of heroin, co can you in the possession and being held on $200,000 bail. then olympics the usa starting to make dent in the medal board. jamie anderson winning gold for the second consecutive time then slope styles know board the u.s. wins bronzend the state and their tet sool far two golds, one silver, one bronze that will pk up. in hockey, if he three
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teams in the metro area al all within three point in the standing and wild done the stretch and then we start with the action on sunday the devils lead the islanders and rangers and they lose to boston 5-3 in newark then the eye learns the chance to move up 2 point bees hoon and lost to calgary at home 3-2 but the rangers got a last minute gel at the top winnipeg so three points separating the islander and ranger and going to be crazy done the stretch. one last hockey note. saturday night, tampa bay gel willing within the save of this he year against the l.a. kings andre and out of position and throws the back handed grief out there in it goes and the golly so i love seeing it. that is your day in sports. billets' get it back to you. >> one of the big movie hits over the weekend and peter rabbit the second highest grogs fill 78 of the weekend full of controversy. what you say, well, you are almost not going to believe it. one of the rabbits takes
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a slingshot and shoots mr. mcgregor on the mouth with a plaque berry and mr. mcgregor arailroadic to blackberries and needs to use his epipen and some mothers stood up crying foul saying that the picture company should apologize for oh fending people with food allergies. are you kidding me? and shame on stony sonny pk pures and the director force shoring apology them they should. they should have stood up like a adult and said get over yourself. this isance looly outrageous. man, if you are pope fedded by blackberry with a slingshot and epipen you are going to be phoned by anything. quite in hostly if you are offended by that, stay home and save the rest of us because we really don't want to hear from you. i call it offended. shame on sony pictures. will not watch the movie now because of that. all right. i am bill spadea. thans for watching the show tonight. see you tomorrow night.
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. well this year's flu season could be summed up in one word, nasty. it's actually turning out though to be doublingly nass teach thanks for joining us at 11 coliseum iain page. staggering stats about this year's flew in delaware, for example, a thousand cases have been confirmed in just a single week it turns out some people are getting the virus more than once. our brad sat tip talked with some doctors and he joins us live in center city tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain


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