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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 13, 2018 9:00am-9:58am EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> take it out a littl bit now. wow. >> yes, thank you. >> cristina, good to haveood to. >> well, they will be playing tonight i will tell you where in a bit, wow. haven't you guys been flying
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around the world legend. >> yes. >> no audio. >> i love that restaurant. so, south, oddly is on north broad street. it is 600 block of north broad >> the irony. >> yes, it is fat tuesday, february the 13th, 2018. >> hi there karen. >> hi, how are you. >> love that dress by the way. people have been talking bit on twitter. >> yes, they like it very festive. >> we have mardi gras here we have king cake, we have the bead, we have bowas. >> and our director fridays new orleans. >> yes, pj. >> you should see what he is wearing. >> it looks like somebody threw up a king cake on his shirt. >> when i saw him you must be
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excited. >> yes. >> he can walk over to where megan is. >> all of the colors have meaning. >> i just remember green is faith. >> it is a silhouette. >> it is your green, gold and purple. >> yes. >> difficult put it on my instagram. >> he was dancing, moving, he has got some moves. >> this is a big day for him. >> too bad, yeah. >> yeah. that is right, play against minnesota, never mind. >> what. >> minnesota vikings, he is a big saints fan. >> that is right. >> can you put up the picture of former president obama, and the first lady. >> my feathers are stuck. >> that is what she said. >> through go. we will show you some memes including a memes that includes the former governor of new jersey. >> they are neat because they are different.
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it is in the like your staged old man sitting in a weather chair, different, interesting and it has people talking. >> all you valentines day procrastinators out there, shame on you, i got you covered. we will do a special valentines addition of alex around town and i will tell but cool places that are around town, and maybe do romantic fun things even if you are single i have got some things for you to pass your time. >> now will you prom toys bring kids around the tv. so here it is, we are coming through for you, that is, those are brand new, penguins yeah. >> over at the quarter number, that is carson and nick. hey lauren are they speaking? no, neither are you. >> in a way he is done talking >> what did he have some breakfast. >> he had a harring, that is
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what he had for breakfast. >> listen, i heard talon swallow hole so you put a fish in front and it goes right down in his belly. >> he is like, no, no, do you have something else to say. >> that is exactly how we feel about the super bowl win, we're extremely proud of you. >> call them fish face. >> so cutie love them. >> adorable. >> all right. >> we will have more of that. >> i will teach you more things coming up, we're in the done. >> no, we're not done yet hang around the tv there. >> so, let's talk about this thing. there is a controversial dance policy at a school, generate ago lot of buzz. kids are not allowed to say no if they are asked to dance by a fellow student, at a dance, now this is elementary school, right. >> um-hmm, it is in utah. >> rule designed to teach students how to be inclusive, but the mother of the sixth
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grader is disagreeing. her name is natalie richard. she said rejection is part of the life and at the own of the day policy is sending children the wrong message. here's what she has to say. >> we want to promote kindness so, you know, we want to you say yes when somebody asked to you dance. >> sends a bad message that girls hoff say yes. bad message to boys that girls will, they cannot say no. >> i was talking to jen fredrick about this. she has heard about this in other school district, that is there a policy like that. i never heard of it. >> no, i haven't either but what comes to mind, today because i have to be going valentines shopping today you have to give valentines to the entire class so my second grader was talking about why don't you like doing it, if i have to give it to the entire class because then it is not special, which is also good thing that everybody gets one so nobody feels left out.& i'm on board for elementary school, it is different by
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junior, high school by junior, high school by sixth grade as that mom says you can say no. no means no. i have different feelings. but at letter elementary school levels i think everybody should learn to be nice to everybody. so i feel like yes might be okay. >> you don't do dances in elementary school. what school does dances in elementary school. they are father/daughter dance s. you have dances for little kid s in elementary school. >> is that milky way, she said that she did. >> we never had anything before sixth grade. >> you should tell your boys too when it comes to the card they have two big won when you buy the whole pack. you have two big won. >> one of the special won. >> we can't give candy anymore >> no. >> you cannot give candy. >> no more food as a reward for a treat. >> that is my second grader it is not like i'm getting candy, then it would have meant something. >> just card. >> yes. >> this is an important day too because i remember back when i was a little boy in
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grade school. i remember i hated valentines day you didn't like making the shoe box and all that. >> in. >> because there was a stress of not getting a valentines from the girls in the class. >> see. >> i could still feel, remembering, you know there, were certain guys that had a whole stack of them and i had three or four. >> for me it wasn't that. we also had to give to everybody. we didn't just give a few but a valentines grams that is what got me in middle school and high school where there is one student organization where if you pay a dollar they will deliver a sweethearts, or flowers, or owe donation and flower,. >> you never got one. >> my parents got me one though. >> you never got a valentines day gram when were you in high school. >> well, the guy i was date nothing high school didn't get to my school. >> that makes him no difference. >> my parents got me something >> that is just sad.
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>> how is that sad. >> it is nice your parents stepped up. >> was your cup overflowing. >> i'm telling you i hated valentines day, and it goes back to grade school, i didn't get many valentines as a little boy. not like the other guys. i got one from christine. >> say her last name. >> ribbon-spies and i wanted one from carrie organ, she was so beautiful. >> really. >> we had a split class. i was in sixth grade. she was in seventh grade. i used to watch her. when she would say the pledge of allegiance she would cover her heart. anyway, and then i had to set next to barbara smell, would smoke cigarettes in seventh grade. >> the candy ones. >> no, she had cigarettes in her purse, or her bag. >> how could she do that didn't go toe catholic school.
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>> yes. >> catholic school girls are -- just kidding. >> just kidding i went to catholic school. >> but i bet you hat a lot. >> no, i think everybody feels the pain of rejection. >> car even. >> i hated it. you know, you always remember the pain. >> that is now. >> but you remember the pain and rejections maybe that is why policy makes sense. >> but you make a point you learn from the rejection. rejection i received a lot of it, i learn from. it makes you who you are. you never get reject, then, it gets worse as you get older. you don't get reject when you are little and as an adult, it will hurt who says it goodies for character building who said failure, right out of the super bowl. >> nick foles. >> nick foles. >> fame another. >> you can work on building your character and i took so much for for that. >> if i'm a sixth grader and i asked little alex holley to dance, she has to say yes, or what is it, just send pended
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for school. that is absurd. >> they don't want anybody crying in the corner. >> it is how it goes. the boys on one side, girls are on the other. >> no, because, you know why i never asked a girl to dance because i'm afraid she will say no. >> now is there no fear. >> well, i wish i was back there going to that school. i remember kathy verjilleo she was standing there i was a junior in high school. i never got enough courage to ask cathy to dancy don't remember having all these names, when i was young are. >> i remember all of the rejection. all of those women. >> look where you are today. >> look at me, yeah. >> so lets do this now. >> lets unveil these portraits again of the obama's, okay, president obama and his wife michelle appeared at smithsonian national portrait gallery at that ceremony
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yesterday. you have seen these over and over now. so everybody has an opinion. let's listen to this comment right here. >> they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on a wall of this great american institution. >> i tried to negotiate less gray hair. his artistic integrity would not how him to do what i ask. i tried to negotiate smaller ears? struck out on that as well. >> well, everybody has an opinion of them. i like them. i like them a lot. >> it is art. >> it is art. >> not a photograph. >> artist in the eye of the beholder you found some meme goes of people that began almost immediately. >> they had so much fun, one of the won, insert characters that are iconic, homer simpson coming from behind the bushes,
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i know. >> fading in the bushes. >> yes. >> and this one, when you think bushes you will think of the former white house press secretary sean spicer hiding in the bushes, sneaking out. >> yes, from the beach, former governor christie. >> yes. >> do you see at first, this one with the beyonce one. >> that is close. >> at first i will admit i was like i don't understand why all of the leaves and flowers. they wanted to pay tribute from the fact he was from hawaii. yeah, when you put it that way >> everybody is in the a painting for a reason. they thought out everything. i love that. it is big hands for carrying the world. focusing on the size. i feel like his face is very introspective. internal narrative that is happening. it is not just portrait of i'm stoic, powerful. >> hold on. >> really you drew the hands bigger because he has the world in his hands. >> that is my interpretation. >> it is art. >> nothing happening, in art by accident. they have thought about every little bit. the days and washing are work that the arms has done.
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and strong and powerful, but he was focused on the hands. >> well, put it up again. >> yeah. >> if the hand where is 10 times the size of his rest of his body. >> but his face you can see him thinking and that whole. >> i think it is beautifully done. >> yes. >> do we have a still. >> first lady's arm, her armies really long, her left armies really long, maybe because she's leaning. >> i like it. >> they are capable. they were relaxed confidently. just looking at his eyes, looking straight at you. in a portrait where they are looking you dead on. it is are they looking at you, the viewer or looking off. he is looking dead on. >> it is true. >> as you are sitting some presidents are standing. >> they are so formal, the other portraits and all that. >> yeah. >> so lets look the a the former first lady's comment there. she said michelle obama elegant lady and portrait nice
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but clearly the artist drew someone else. >> tim says michelle obama's portrait was unveiled at portrait gallery and it looks nothing like her. ben says love the new portrait of michelle obama and put that painting next to it. i don't know fit was that off. and then parker points out saying it does look like her, if you zoom in and look up close. >> that is what i did, i looked really closely and it does, i see her there. >> and some people on my instagram are saying why did she come off to be grayish. >> well, that is artist if you look at her other work. >> yes. >> everyone has that kind of, muted tone. >> yes. >> all right. >> all right. >> somebody kept saying she looks like sarah jessica parker. >> i think it is interesting. i can't stop looking at them enough. when you walk in the gallery you just look at one and other this makes me look for many different reasons it is special it is done by african-american artists to pick to do this so they can
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get in the smithsonian and that is cool too. >> you ever go the two union league. >> yes. >> all of those portraits, everyone looks exactly the same. >> i om a women's board, and we have our meetings at a hospital wherever person in the roomies a white man. sitting around sitting around the white men thing and it is interesting discussion because we are all women having this discussion about with men's issues, so it goodies to have representation in the room. >> it feels good to be surrounded by a bunch of white guys, right. >> i love you mike. i love it oh, lord. >> lets look at our piece of art by bobby clarke, a guy by the name of robert clark. he change his name to robert indiana. he came up with this love sculpture in philadelphia and they took it down refurbished the park and refurbished the sculpture itself. they have sanded it down to white, gray tones and repainted it, and it is now in
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north philadelphia about to start on a parade of its own, to the ben franklin parkway. if you want to see it gets over to love park they will install it by 11:00 this morning. there there is steve, are you ready. >> we're ready to see it, steve. >> reporter: as fascinating as this is nothing beats grudge that mike jerrick has held against those poor schools girls for how many decade now. >> i know. >> reporter: karen, alex, did you note hoist back then he liked old wore men, fifth grade had a crush in the seventh grade. somewhere along the line it has switched. >> wow. >> reporter: to mike not liking, the older females, of course, just something i noticed mike. >> probably based on that rejection from years ago. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: no one answers door bell do not leave package s, we are here at materials conservation so we don't want to leave the package here but we have quite
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a bit of deliver that i we will deliver to you, the viewers now, boom, into the stop sign and then chris will now unveil the new look which is original look of the love sculpture. you will notice now not up on the pedestal robert indiana's engraving, his signature in the steel, robert indiana, 75, one of six, and margot bird the public art director of philadelphia with the office of arts, culture and creative economy, boy, impressed i remember that, i talk to mar got last february 15th. the first graders from robert mofit school, how cool, 100 years. here's a older woman for you. what is going on at your school, 100 years. >> yes. >> reporter: that is why you are dressed like this and you have gray hair already as a first grader. >> look at her, this is more adorable, margot is this not cool. >> yes. >> they came out to say hi to
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us. >> look at this guy here. these kids are cool. i'm sorry, i'm supposed to show love sculpture. look at how cool with his kaine. >> yes, 100 day, very good. >> thanks for coming out with us. >> margot explain 1/6, i just saw that so he was planning to make six of these. >> in 1975 robert indiana had this fabricated and he was planning to make a series of six, it turns out he only made this one and during the process of the restoration we found out, from the artist representative that the colors that we had come to associate with the love, here in philadelphia, which is led, green, blue was actually inn chris. it was red, green, purple, and it is only one that robert indiana painted in that purple color. it is truly unique to philadelphia we are really thrilled that we brought it back completely restored, to the original condition and we're here today to parade it through philadelphia, back to
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its site at love park, and we're hoping that everyone will use the #love on the move , because love is on the move from here to kensington, down to love park at 15th and jfk today. >> it is stunning, really shiny too and very impressive, job that they did there. >> yes. >> went away about a year ago. it involved stripping all the old paint off of it making a series of repairs to some of th metal, it is made out of aluminum and there was some cracks, pin holes allowing what the tore get in and some rusted areas, all that had to be repaired. it was a painstaking process. then completely repainted in these new, in the new purple with the red and green colors. >> margot, thank you again. >> quite a cool cucumber. last time i saw her she was walking around the rim of the william penn hat. >> lets go stand in front of this and went this cool picture with these cool kid by love statue and there is philadelphia brotherly love
9:20 am
right there. >> it is 100 day of school that is why they look like they are 100 years old it is their 100 years old, take that picture. >> this he were celebrate ago this at bakery where we started our day as well. these are first graders at robert mofit how school is that with the love statue right there to bring some love from here in kensington. >> love on the move. >> yes. >> i did not know that he had planned to make six but he only made one, yes. >> the won in different cities there is one in minnesota too. >> yes, that is right. >> they are replicas. >> fake, fake, fake. >> lets look at these penguins because kids on twitter are going where are the penguins. >> there they are. >> if you love the eagles and you love, our quarterback, you will love these guys, check them out, carson and nick, they are the new addition here to the adventure aquarium.
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we will talk about them coming up after the
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so, we're going to go right back to the penguins, would that
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♪ >> ♪ >> okay, >> , play tonight at south, strs
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>> yes, 600 broad street. >> that is all i heard. >> let's get back to the penguins. >> yes. love, >> oh, no. >> we don't need to hear we >> i cannot hear you very well but i got into the pen, carson s had nothing to do with me since i got in guys all the time, i asked you about the fact that they are, it looko hawk but you have an expl here this is what is left over of their baby fuzz, w little they are covered with this fuzz and as they get better they are waterproof feathers are underneath it, and they are here for a little while. >> so they have feathers, and wings but they cannot fly. >> they cannot fly. >> penguins are built
9:26 am
different, so, his body ties big and wings are too small. >> bones are too heavy. >> and a nice, phone verse hallow phones. >> he is fascinated with my coat, maybe because it is patriots colors. he wants no parts of, i know, i know, are you really mad at me. aim so sorry, we love you guys , so,sn peak peak at 11:00, allt >> we are having our what is new event, introducing these guys as well as two other chicks that hatched out and two girls. >> this is super cool born back in december and you named carsonckas right behind them. >> in a couple days their birthdays are and 13th. >> yes, one egg is first and en they hatched too. >> so, look at you, you are such a show off camera carson, giving some love.,
9:27 am
>> watch.s, how good is this? >> i learned this you are not allowed to pet them, >> no, it is people that work here obviously can handle themot they are touching you. >> if you are wondering why aim touching them it is not because i'm afraid because i have a little wing on my leg. on the wings of love. >> oh, carefulyo careful. >> boy, they are >> yes. >> yes, they will climb on you , lauren. >> i love know, they are so cut. >> so cute. >> all right, i away from that because the kid s love that. it. know. >> yes. >> i'm in trouble. i have in plans for have got yoo now it is time for me to break down things you c for valentiney , and mike i want to know
9:28 am
your opinion, okay.e me a sports illustrated swimsuit
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, i'm invited him to do this alex around town, even though i'm instantly regretting it. this is special edition of alex around town, as you can tell by the lovely hearts. >> so we have some suggestions for the procrastinators, i do, you'll react, you know, people haven't made plans. oh, we have the music. yes. >> yes, slow jazz. >> you guys can't hear this, but slow jazz. >> there is some slow jazz going on, i told them something kenny g style. people laughed. people still play kenny g, right? we're playing it, they're laughing, the bands laughing at me. what's wrong with kenny g? the hair, man, it is the hair. okay, so if you're still looking for love, why don't you sign up for speed dating bash. what are you doing? speed dating bash, it will be at stratus lounge.
9:32 am
>> what's this. >> rooftop lounge. >> oh, i know stratus lounge, the speed dating like 20 women lined up. >> singles between 24 to 39. >> well, i'm out. >> so tickets $36. and the fun starts very nice, thank you, at 8:00 p.m. so mike, ya, you can't do that. >> i'm out. >> what about there? you can do mini golf. i've had some great dates doing mini golf. for $30 you can per couple play two rounds of golf. again, still laughing at me, i don't see what's wrong with mini golf. up the err active dates are keep then we can interact with your person in your life, you'll have fun and memories. >> now, i have played mini golf or put put on dates. >> this is a special, $30, two glasses of wine plus two mini ice cream sandwiches, candy hearts and a rose. ya, keystone mini golf and arcade. >> i would do that. >> yes. >> i like. >> okay, what about something to get the aroma going? head to scent and zip in lansdale montgomery county where you can create your own signature scent and snack on appetizers, remember, when
9:33 am
everybody was doing the whole paint thing? >> yes, yes. >> how about create your own perfume and drink? ya, byob, prices range 15 to $45 depending on the perfume and do you have make reservations so do this now. >> i think it stinks. >> okay, yes. logan inn. >> no? did you it before. >> all right. >> still doesn't want to do it. >> you really don't want to do it? thank you. there you go. logan inn new hope bucks county offering three course meals on valentine day for six a per person. if you want to spends the night some get away packages starting $230. and you can get chocolate and champagne in the room. >> champagne. >> you can't get a room on valentine day without the champagne and chocolate. okay? >> champagne in the room. >> mr. let's go to delaware you can stay for two nights at the inn at canal square. packages start $380 including dining certificate, cheese, wine, one of the deals even includes a massage.
9:34 am
>> really, in lewes. >> yes. >> so do you love wine? oh, pens wood winery in chads forwards will have special chocolate and wine drinking sessions for $25 per person. >> i like. >> reservations available between one p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> meet me in the barn, yes. >> beautiful. this is for you and me. if you are heart broken, not heart broken but if you are, and looking to event, just let it all out. head to punch line philly for the eighth annual x file story slam. hear first person accounts of love gong won, two shows, 7:00 . hear all of the horrible ex stories. >> oh, i like that. >> punch line philly. >> so ticket $14. >> then i really love. >> this i love hooters, you know, hooters, my favorite, right? so literally if you go to hooters you can shred your exxon valentine's, oh, now you want to do it. >> what do i do. >> you can shred your exxon valentine day, hooters restaurants, all do you have do buy ten wings, and you put a photo in the shredder or if you tear it up in the waitress n
9:35 am
tear it up for you you get >> you're kidding, i take a picture of my next. >> yes. >> nice head tp in half? i get wings. >> get wings out of it. >> i can't take a woman day for. >> no, for the single people. said that already. >> single people. yes. this is what you bring your girls out, your guys, mad about chicken breast sandwich over at hooters, have you her>>room sho. all right. so, that's my alex arounerd t creative ideas tweet me, instagram me, i would love to hear about it, but let us know what you're doing, so if you decide what you're doing >> out of all of those i like the mini golf. but it is think that particulare is inside. >> even yes, arcade. >> give you something to talk becomes little competition.
9:36 am
okay, let's go to bob kelly's classroom. >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody, sunday, was thomas edison's birthday. so this morning, we're learning all about electricity with the entire school, hear at blessed trinity in nort,heas we're ready to go. when we come right back. so
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>> for kelly's classroom things really are electric at the trinity regional school. >> hey, bob kelly. >> hey, gang. yes, sunday was thomas edison's birthday. and say hello to the gang in northeast philadelphia. look at them all. >> we we're here live this morning at the blessed trend at this regional school. up in northeast philadelphia. the gang from back in the day would probably remember it as the saint tim school. and again, with all of the mergers here in the northeast,
9:40 am
it is blessed trinity. pre k through eight, 535 kids, so here's the deal. the schools are learning about stem. it is science, technology, engineering, and math. here with me, your first name, hon? >> hail. >> i tell me what you guys are doing here, the eighth grade and the thirds grade here. you have the batteries and the testers here. currently using multi meters, batteries resistors to determine the relationship between voltage, current, resistance, how hi, mike and alex. >> third graders learning this estimate i can't even find a battery at home and they're learning about electricity, come on over here, because each student in the school for the project had to pick a career that interested them within the stem program, learn about that career and then dress up today.
9:41 am
we will go down the line. what's your name? >> emily. >> high, emily. what career did you pick? >> i chose preschool teacher. >> great. your name? >> charles. >> and what career? >> robotic technician. >> look at this, and built his own robot here. what's your name? >> logan. >> what career? >> science teacher. >> okay? your name? >> catherine. >> what career. >> a veterinarian. >> oh, look at you got your space suit on. what did you pick? >> i picked as is tree mount. >> oh, an astronaut. come on, we will show you little matthewment come here. look at this guy. little matthew, he's got his microphone and everything, he's ready to go. so guys, i'm going to take tomorrow off. matthew will be doing the traffic for you tomorrow. we will live from northeast philadelphia. the blessed trinity regional school, good job. another kelly's classroom. back to you guys. >> oh, they were so cute! the astronaut, i loved it. >> i love whether you can go to school like that andres up,
9:42 am
those kids looked amazing, makes it so much more fun. >> true, does make it fun. okay, speaking of fun, jen is continuing her mardi gras tour at best case cafe. >> i have to tell you beck's going little extra, jam by lie a, oh, this looks yummy. new knorr one skillet meals discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover.
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>> here comes sue with the weather. 9:45. finally get a chance to dry out after such a wet weekend. colder air, your trade off, moved in. at least not getting the freezing rain that they are down in southern virginia,& that's where our cold front went after it left us yesterday. so, it is finally up to the 30's for an actual temperature in philadelphia. it is 31 degrees here and in wildwood. and it is 21? mount pocono. as is we've been telling you all morning, got to factor in the breezes out of the north northeast. this is what it feels like outside. we haven't bundled up quite this much in a few days,
9:46 am
23 degrees, is the windchill here in philadelphia. few windchills are still in the teens this morning. forty-two today. fifty-two for valentine's day tomorrow. look at thursday, high of 64 degrees, but then more rain with a cold front cooling things off on saturday. but getting a little better on sunday, and monday, by monday, mike and alex and karen, back into the upper 50's, so, yes, getting little closer to spring time temperatures. >> that looks lovely. >> i saw somewhere this spring what five weeks away? >> that's oh, she keeps texting me. >> who? >> who is me? >> this danielle harrington, do you know? >> in your dreams. >> and she want me to show her around philadelphia. >> uh-huh. >> she's never been here, danielle harrington. >> you mean the cover girl? >> you know, i don't know what she's to up lately. >> yes, everyone else knows what she is up to, the cover of sports illustrated the swimsuit education. >> oh, did she get that this year? i'll be darn. >> she didn't mention it? she didn't mention this.
9:47 am
>> she didn't. i'll be darn. i'll have to look that up. that was just announced, daniel harrington? >> just announce the. maybe she had to keep it quiet? element of surprise. >> okay, i'll give you little quiz here. >> okay. >> she is the third african-american woman to appear as the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit education. >> yes. >> who are the other two? >> beyonce. >> okay. >> that was good. beyonce. >> tyra banks? >> gosh you two are good, tyra banks. >> so beyonce was cents in 2007, tyra banks was cents in 96 and 97. >> wow. >> i their back-to-back. >> back-to-back. >> congratulations, that's amazing. >> hole your horses. keep your shirt on. wait, she doesn't have a shirt. okay, jen is at a mardi gras party. >> okay. >> hey, jen? >> reporter: how are you guys? okay, we're at reading terminal market. good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> and i said to you, i've seen beck's here but you're also located at 30th street.
9:48 am
>> correct, amtrak 30th street station. >> love it. what are you making in this giant dish? >> jambalaya, one of my favorite dishes, shrimp, sausage, great seasoning and rice. >> and i said to you what's the secret to making sure it is ledge it? >> great seasoning, something very aggressive that makes you say wow when you bite into it. >> you don't want mild jambalaya. >> what casino every crazy situation do we have going on here? po boy. >> po boy black ends catfish, shrimp and eggs, alligator, fried oysters, all of your favorites. po boy pretty much is a sandwich on french baguette, traditionally, it happens lettuce, tomato, pickles, creole mayo, and then taking it it one step further with the famous train wreck anal gator sausage. >> now, i have to say to you, we'll talk about the gator in just a second, came here for the king cake. but you like exceeded our every expectation, so if people haven't seen a king cake, i know mike and alex and karen have one in the studio,
9:49 am
what's that? >> king cake is the cake that signifies the last day of mardi gras, tomorrow begins ash wednesday where you give up something. >> yes. >> so fat tuesday is the english version of mardi gras. >> okay. >> translated it means mardi gras. >> it means go crazy because you'll be on lockdown for 40 days? >> you got t so it is great pastry, with raisins, cinnamon, icing, and then your three colors of purple, green, and gold, and of course you have the baby. >> yes. >> it is on the outside in this case, it is no longer porcelain, because you'll chip a tooth if you don't see it, but if you get the babe at this means you're king for a day or queen but you also get to throw the next party. >> i love it. >> yes. >> not stopping. what's this right here? >> this is to new orleans what a hockey is to philadelphia. it has got salami, mort adel a, sharp provalone, cap cola and the famous olive salad. >> got to have that.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> another big bowl over here? >> gator gumbo. >> yes. >> our most popular gumbo. >> you fetch a gator couple of times. is it ledge it gator or chick then you're calling gator. >> it is ledge it gator. >> where do you get it? >> crescent city meets in louisianna. >> how does it come? >> comes in sausage links, and we go to the airport and pick it up. >> do they get if from golf courses in i hate, but where are they getting gators? >> i hope not, no, it is farm raised gator. >> okay, and i love that you also have all of the traditional new orleans, all of that. >> chips, root beer, the who's who and what's what of cage on creole. >> who's who and what's what of the cage on creole, we have it here. and happy everything. because this is like party wait to go start here. >> that's great. you just don't like gators because you went to florida state. >> oh. >> true. >> that's what it is. >> all of that food looks so good. >> oh, man. >> i want some jambalaya. >> me too. >> all right, many parent help
9:51 am
their daughters sell girl scout cookies. and celebrities do, too. did you see the celebrity mom selling cookies at a mall? we'll show it to you.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> okay, jennifer garner, >> really cute. out, there i mean, mom, just like us.w you. weren't in you, wait, alias, what was it? >> does all of those commercials, what is it, some credit cards? >> anyway. >> that's pretty cool. >> i don't know, what do you think about that? do you ever see people come with a big box of girl scout cookies kelling them for their kid you know at work? >> i'm assuming her kid is standing next to her. >> the kid is standing right there, too. >> didid you see the one in california where they were selling the girl scout kookiness front of like dispensary, for cannibis? >> oh,. >> i did see, that yes. >> exactly. >> smart thinking. >> we're get that, aren't we? i think some medical marijuana places cents open? >> this week. >> this week, out in philly. >> if you have a prescription. >> i forgot to mention this, too, school in philly, they're not doing daughter daddy
9:55 am
dances any more. not? >> because it is not inclusive enough. guardians and things, i can understanded that. grandmom, things, exactly, who ever. >> explain the eags. it. >> thank you. >> so gee gee, tweet after tweet after tweet. >> she is clapping back at all of the body shame ers out says,r body no matter what people say about it, apparently people have a lot to s old. slam them on twitter for calling her too skinny, in a seri o for those of so determined to why my body changedven i started at 17, i was not yet with hashimoto disease, those of you who called me too big for the industry were seeing inflammation a retention due to that. >> wow. >> then she said last few yearshelp those symptoms, inclug
9:56 am
those as well as extreme fatigue, metabolism issues, body's ability to retain heat, et cetera. i was also part of a holisitic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out. she continues saying please, social media users and human beings in general, learn to have more empathy for other and know that you never really know the whole story. use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those you don't. >> well go. >> ya. >> what a way to clap back. >> she didn't have to. it is sad she had to talk about her medical history and all of that in order to get back at pete. >> chris stevens see you tonight north broad at kimmel, right? >> kimmel center. >> i'll be there. >> i'll be at south piano player will be at the kimmel center okay. >> good for you. >> perfect. >> play us out, will you? have a good fat tuesday, everybody. >> this is for the eagles. >> go eagles! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yes! okay. yes. thank you for loving us and watching. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] how you doin?


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