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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he was outside and inside at varying times. certainly was inside. thank you. >> in terms of those dead have their families been notified scott israel speaking live there. little bit of new information. he says it's a former student who knew the lay of the land there. that the student, n this former student the gunman was both inside and outside of school. now, we don't know whether that means he shot at people inside and outside.
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but we know there are multiple fatalities. the sheriff repeat wagon we had been told earlier by the school superintendent and by senator bill nelson, and just a horrible and tragic day in south florida. he was found off campus the suspect and we saw that happen live here on fox news through the facilities of wsv7 in south florida. there are news stations joining us across america. we're live on fox news channel and on fox televisions stations my network television stations from coast to coast. another tragic school shooting has happened this time in south florida in broward county. happened about 2:30 this afternoon. we now know that the suspect is now in custody. taken into custody not far from that school less than mile. the sheriff says he was -- he is 18-year-old who's now at a local hospital being treated for we don't know and will then be taken for processing.
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we know multiple people have died. we do not know how many but we're beginning to get a count from teachers inside the school. one of them a man named jim guard who was a math teacher. it's about 2:30 in the afterno afternoon. they've had drill in the morning, and now they're hearing those same noises again and he tells -- tells miami herald six kids ran back into my room and i locked the door and turn out the lights. had the kids go into the back of the room, he said, and win a minute of this code red being announced, something for which they had drill earlier in the day we're told, i told the kids to hang in there. this may be a drill. the miami herald reports the students remained calm. one high school senior elsewhere at the school told the herald there were swat teams everywhere with big guns, cops everywhere and helicopters and that's quote. she said the parents trying to reach their children had been unable to make it to the school because the streets were all blocked off. that was at 2:40 this this afternoon. it's now just couple of minutes
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after 5:00 and a life witness is with us. let's listen. >> -- classrooms on the third floor he ran to the staircase, but then everyone like kind of paused and we all started running back. i was being like being pushed and pulled through the hallway. ran into the classroom. i heard gunshots like multiple rounds from i'm not sure what gun. we stayed in there for, i don't remember how long. really long time and the police came to the hallway to get us, and the hallway i saw big pile of blood like kind of smeared as if there were dragged away and i saw two girls probably dead in the hallway and coming down the stairs there's some more blood and outside of the building there's another guy i think he was it was teacher who was pretty sure was dead outside. >> want did you you said you were inside -- >> i was inside. >> not just one gunshots. >> multiple. how did it sound. >> really loud. because it was right outside my door and like my teacher didn't let us out even when the fire
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alarms did go off. which is lucky because then we can have really gotten hurt one our classmates. but i saw basically the same thing as her and there was just a lot of blood everywhere and there was bodies kind of just everywhere. it was gross. >> you saw lot of bodies. >> there was -- i think there was four of them. >> your thoughts when you were getting out thereof? >> i remember my friend crying behind me and i kept trying to tell her it's going to be okay. we'll get out. luckily we did get out. but, it was kind of scary and i didn't want to look at anything. so, yeah, that was my thoughts. >> your parents are here now? >> yes. >> okay. >> you'll give them a big hug. >> yes. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> two students the first telling us of pile of blood in the hallway. and the police coming to get us. on a wednesday afternoon valentine's day in south flori florida. we know very little about what was happening in this kid's mind
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at 18-year-old described by the sheriff as former student who is now in custody and at a hospital. in fact we have live pictures in front of that hospital where the authorities are outside guarding the doors and there it is. it says parkland but this is actually in broward county. broward health north, and you can see the parkland police there. pompano beach police and on wsvn still continuing to cover this across south florida as we wait to learn she said i thought i saw four bodies in there. one teacher who appeared to be a victim and now wsvn with a witness. let's listen. >> closest to the highway they pulled the fire alarm and they went on the intercom and they told everybody to evacuate. and we,, when we were down by the, um, the portables, we finally got word from, um, the students as rumors and we walked all the way across from the canal, and, um, we ended up right over there. >> i heard a lot of gunshots and
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right after when the police like let us out, there was dead bodies everywhere. like there was two there and then when i kept walking down there was more. it was just scary. >> we were just in class waiting doing notes and talking about a a project and the fire alarm goes for the second time in the same day which is weird. we all just go out to the field like we're supposed to and then i hear like gunshots. you could tell. >> sounded like fireworks. >> definitely gunshots. >> usually when fire alarm goes off usually culinary. it was really hard to have two fire alarms in one day. >> reporter: so you heard those students talk about it was kind of a weird situation that they, you know, had had a fire drill today, and then heard that second fire alarm go off and caught a lot of them thinking must be some mistake here. there's no way we're doing this twice in one day. quickly, realizing it was a run for your live situation and all call evacuation went out and students started leaving the school at any skit they could
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find. still seeing some parents here at one of the major intersections. coral ridge drive and want to make sure hole burg and hearing from various officials from you heard from the sheriff they're asking parents who may be haven't made contact with their students yet and most parents that i've spoken with at least touched base thank god with their children who were inside the high school even the ones that didn't get out until most recently, but thanks to cell phones and friends who may have had cell phones in the classro classroom, most were able to make contact with students. if they haven't been able to do there's a marriott coral springs here in bay. and so they're asking parents to respond there if they're still some questions or if you've yet to be able to make contact with loved ones. hugely active scene at this point. again this all taking place moments before school was officially set to dismiss on this wednesday afternoon.
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so it would have put it around the 2:00 o'clock, 2:00 o'clock hour. shortly after 2:00 o'clock i think the school let's out about 2:40. kids were winding down their day. obviously it's valentine's day. there was a lot of balloons on campus. i heard more than one student say initially they thought the pops they heard could have been balloons popping, um, more quickly spread on social media which of course is a game changer as far as information spreading especially among the younger generations and talking about high schoolers here. so information spreads extremely quickly. but it's been chaotic. it's been a day these families will certainly never forget you just hope they're all having reunions now. craig? >> brandon buyer. thanks so much for that. we'll get back it as you get more. >> it has been astounding to see these young people come to the microphones, the previous camera was one of our producers and then that one was brandon the
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reporter there for wsvn as student after student recounts seeing their fellow students dead in the hall. it's just -- we're left just to wonder how many kids and administrators and teachers are unaccounted for and what it was that this we're now told 18-year-old former student was doing in that school. how did he get a weapon in there, and, um, how long this went on. one of the darkest days in broward county history, of course, and all of south florida as the president has said. thoughts and prayers with all of those involved. this is that vehicle, 94097 i believe these are pictures from earlier. that's the bringing of the suspect into custody, there he is described earlier immediately went out through the students and others there that he was wearing a maroon shirt he had black pants at one point he had a black cap on and they figured
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out very quickly where he lived in the broward -- the local police i'm not sure which jurisdiction but they'll let us know that eventually. was able to get him and get him into custody. we don't know what other sort of designs he had. we know that he had been talking about bombs. whether that was just talk -- we'll know eventually but the question is, how many people did not make it out of that school alive today? wsvn discussing this situation that led to him going to the hospital. let's listen to the local coverage now from craig stevens and lynn martinez on the anchor desk. >> -- at the school campus itself the sheriff was explaining to us that the best of their knowledge the kids who had been barricaded inside had been evacuated. moved to another location where they could reunite with their parents. but they still are canvassing the building in the event there are any students or faculty or staffs who might have been hiding taken coverage or perhaps those wounded and unable to leave.
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so that process is continuing as we speak. on the one end you have those who have evacuated and they're waiting to meet with their parents their loved ones and leave the area. but authorities are still going room by room every nook, every creep, every closet, every space, in that fairly large campus facility to see if there is anybody who might still be in there. wounded or perhaps just unaware of the out come and they're still in hiding that. take a little while. we'll certainly wait to hear back from the sheriff or other authorities as that process continues and by golly hope there are others inside because they're injured and unable to move. >> yes. that would be a big hope. suprintendent robert run see used the words numerous fatali fatalities. numerous fatalities and he said i believe a teacher or administrator may be involved in those fatalities. we do have sound from a teacher who was in the school at the time who managed to get out. somebody interviewed this teacher via cell phone. list listen.
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>> end of the school day and the fire alarm went off, and we went to evacuate, you know, as if it was a fire drill, and then we got 15, 20 steps out of the classroom and told we were on code red and we ran back inside to the classroom and got crouched down on the floor and we moved into the closet. a friend of my teaches in the freshman building and she said that as she was leaving that there were bodies on the floor. so i don't know -- this is local coverage. wsvn is a fox station an phil yates of multiple -- multiple outlets just as we have two other affiliates down there. we also cross pollinate these days and this happens to be material from the competition not that it's a day to think about that sort of thing and none of us is. i know none of our friends at cnn and certainly none of mine here at fox are focused on anything but what a horrific, horrific thing has taken place.
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we have seen it again and again. i will never ever forget as long as i live being outside columbine high school in the early evening as those two men had gone on the rampage there in the cafeteria and over the week that followed, speaking to children and parents about all the that they had just experienced, and trying to deal with what was and is to this day i am 100% confident their new normal. young people do not witness what they have witnessed today in broward county, florida, without -- without being chang changed. it was craig who said just a moment ago, craig stevens, the local anchor there in miami, had said, we will get through this as a community. we'll do so with the love and comfort of our friends and neighbors and our family, and we'll do so together, but it will not be easy. and it won't for the young face
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who's are telling you about what they just experienced a few minutes ago with adrenaline still running now close to three hours after this all happened when the television cameras and the sirens and the police all go away and they're at home with their families for the next few days, those who have seen their friends and classmates and potentially teachers and administrators die in front of them at school are forever in a new place and they will all take comfort in each other and pray that this does not happen again. wsvn continues. it's 14 minutes past 5:00 o'clock in south florida. this happened just short of three hours ago and certainly all of south florida aware by now. >> -- children inside west glades middle watching this unfold. middle school students they could see from their windo winds they could see swat team running
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inside of the high school running outside and there were just so terrified while just the most horrick event was happening right next door to them. so now parents walking, this is about less than half a mile towards west glades middle school walking to get to their loved one, hug their child so tight as they grab them knowing that their child is okay, but there are many parents out there who are not going to be able to say that tonight. >> we just don't know how many just yet. we know that since columbine in 1999 there have been 25 fatal active school shooting incidents at elementary and high schools in america. columbine was april the 20th, 1999. 13 fatalities in more than 20 wounded. also in '99 deming high school in new mexico, buehl elementary school in michigan and the year 2,000 lake worth community middle school where one were you
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killed in florida. in 2,001, santana high school in california. in 2,001 red lion junior high school in 2,003, row corey high school in minnesota, in 2,005, red lake high school in minnesota. in 2,005, campbell county comprehensive high school in tennessee. in two to us six he is says elementary school in vermont. in 2006 weston high school in wisconsin. in 2,006 west nick mines school in pennsylvania. in 2011, milliard high school -- milliard south high school in nebraska. in 2012, char tan high school in ohio. in 2012 sandy creek elementary school in connecticut where 26 elementary school students and others were killed. in 2013, sparks middle school in nevada.
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in 2013, a rap pa hoe high school in a rap pa hoe, colora colorado. in 2014, reynolds high school in oregon. in 2014, merriesville high school in washington. in 2016, independent high school in arizona. in 2016, townville elementary school in north carolina. in 2017, north park elementary school in california. in 2017, free man high school in washington. in 2018, marshall county high school. just three weeks ago in kentuc kentucky. just and today marjorie stoneman douglas high school in broward county, florida in the town of park lapped where many students and teachers and administrators have died today. we do not yet know how many. >> the 25th fatal school shoo
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shooting since columbine high school in america. and coverage continues on wsvn now. >> that school again it's less than half a mile they have this area all closed off as soon as the shooting happened they closed this road. they closed the other road leading to the other side of this complex not allowing anyone inside but you know there are many parents out there who still have not heard from their child and those parents are trying to figure out if their child is on that list, and many people calling and texting and asking have you heard if my daughter is okay? have you heard if my son is okay? we're getting many of those phone calls out here. we just don't know. it's too soon. we don't have any victims names as of yet. we do know many people were transported but again these are just parents trying to pick up
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their west glades middle students on this road holme burg road. they were stuck across the street and they were not allowed to combo not they opened up the street and, you know, parents frantic out here. you can see them on the phones. there were so many people out here using their cell phones that there were -- there was no service. so many parents could not get in touch with their child for several hours. they were not allowing -- they couldn't get through. so these parents now finally in touch with their child and they're now being allowed to go grab their child but again just as this scene unfolded from 2:30 when that bell rank at that school and then shortly after gunshots rang out this is now the very sad aftermath. chaos is now turning into very raw reality for these people as they start to understand the gravity of the situation, what is actually happened here in
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parkland. we do know several people, multiple fatalities according to superintendent robert r. uncie. horrific scene fourths ppedz satisfy parents and family members people trying to figure out where their loved ones are and were and still many people who have not spoken to their child are still in the middle of this hell trying to find their daughter or son who may still inside that school, and at this point may not be coming out alive. so very sad scene out here. back to you guys on the desk. >> well, yes, our hearts go out to those parents who may not have heard from their children, it's worth repeating on the left hand side is a life picture of the parents being allowed to actually walk to west glades middle school which was also put on immediate lock down when the shooting broke out. and of course to the right is an aerial picture of the situation still going on at marjorie
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stoneman douglas high school in parkland where parents are being reunited with their children. this is a story that's made headlines since it happened 2:35 all around the country. sheriff scott israel said he's spoken to governor scott and governor scott is on his way to south florida. he also has spoken to president trump. >> we're also get something reaction to this from congress shaat lawmakers and others. let's bring? jeff lenox into the conversation. he's at the satellite center for us. jeff. >> like you mentioned from our national leaders on down to state and local, we have a lot of reaction coming in ross our leaders assess this on-going situation this school shooting in park land. like you mentioned donald trump, president donald trump tweeting out his sympathies to the victims and they're families. governor rick scott is on his way to south florida. has been briefed on the situation. senator marco rubio treat tweeting out he's been briefed by broward counsel city sheriff scott israel. we're getting on com rah sound
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from senator bill nelson in washington. he has also been briefed on the latest developments coming out of parkland. here's what he has had to say. >> this is a bad day for florida and for the country and you can imagine the grief of parents right now not knowing as well as the students not knowing. >> reporter: that was senator bill nelson just -- >> tweet here from the president we shared. my prayers and condolences to the famil familiars familiars of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone should ever feel unsafe in an american school. the fbi is working with the local authorities, the coral springs police. these are some of the first pictures -- actually this is the suspect being taken into custo custody. just about an hour and a half or so after all of this began. i'm sure many of you if you're following this on social media
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or beyond are seeing the name of this suspect. but it's our policy not to release that sort of thing until the authorities release it to us. the reason for that is, sometimes a person of interest, a suspect turns out to be something else entirely. it happens. and so we'll wait for authorities while wsvn has a reporter on scene at the hospital with an update there. let's listen in. >> -- with more on where the suspect was apprehended a short time ago. franklin. >> reporter: this right here is wyndham aches area and the suspect was captured beyond these houses on the back sized those houses down there. people who saw it all as you can imagine shaken up. now, the suspect was taken and arrest to do north broward. let me show you video of cell phone video from a viewer who saw the arrest first hand and now he, of course, pulled up to it as it was happening. he caught the video of the suspect being arrested and taken to the ground. the suspect in that maroon
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shirt. telling me the person who shot that video, of course, you can imagine can't believe this happened in place he lived and the question they're wondering is why was that person, that suspect here in this community. does he live here? does he know somebody here why was he here that's the big question they're wondering they're now -- it's a sigh of relief he's arrested. of course people here happy he's gone. if you live near the wyndham lakes area you cannot access this community. you cannot come in at all. you can leave but you can't come back in. there's no traffic surrounding this entire area and again that suspect arrested hours ago. he left apparently when he left the school he came here. he was tackled by police. residents who live in this wyndham lakes area saw it first hasn't. caught that cell phone video. let's take you to the person who caught that video and get his reaction. take a listen. >> it was scary. scary. definitely -- the fact having a shooting in a community like this one it is just shocking.
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now, when it comes to just being so close to your house, it's like you never really know where and what's going to happen. >> went around ten holding them down and more coming over. they were jumping out of the vehicles. the guy was down and of course congratulations everywhere they -- they were shaking hands but there was no -- hitting to the guy on the ground. nothing like that happened. the guy was just scoffed. the video shows. >> report roar you're hearing him say that police need to be congratulating each other happy they caught that suspect.& he says it didn't appear the suspect was hurt and it didn't appear he tried to resist poli police. again, that suspect arrested here in the wyndham lakes area in coral springs. again, didn't seem to be hurt but he was ain't taken to broward north in an ambulance. residents who of course as you can imagine not believing that this is where that person was arrested. we'll try to get you more sound and more reaction from folks who
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live here. for now that's it live in coral springs. franklin white, fox seven. >> craig stevens and lynn martinez, ralph rayburn up in the chopper and all the rest we'll get back to them. i want to get to our phil keating who is based in south florida season now live with us on scene in park land. phil, to you. >> reporter: shepard, we're just half mile south of the high school right now. as you have mentioned throughout the coverage of the past three hours, the law enforcement community led by t broward county sheriff's department really responded rapidly, and had this person of interest suspect matching the description of the black hat, the burgundy shirt and the black pants in custody roughly a mile, mile and a half away from the school which we're -- we believe is where he had been living. according to the school superintendent broward county and the sheriff, this was not a current student but an 18-year-old and the governor rick scott on his way from
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tallahassee down here. he has spoken and remained in contact with law enforcement down here. he has already expressed his grieve for the families those affect the. we still don't note exactly the full number of injured and fatalities however the broward county superintendent robert runcie did say there are numerous fatalities on a horrible, horrible day. and just moments ago, the broward county sheriff scott israel said that this is an absolutely quote catastrophic day "not anything reelly can be worse than this. where we are right now, this is the saw grass expressway above us. this is a major expressway that wraps around the western side of the broward county metro area. just behind me, roughly half a mile is the high school prop. this is as far north as anybody can go here on coral springs way. so right now, all around the school in all of these areas and of course it is rush hour which
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is on a daily basis horrendous in miami dade in broward counties. people are stuck. parents were at a nearby elementary school as well as a hotel trying to rendezvous with their students. their kids, their boys and girls, you saw the scenes of the kids running from the school as law enforcement released groups of eight, groups of 20, all of them running with their backpacks on, hands up, sprinting really in terror and with the aim of getting to safety. all of which was totally reminiscent from the columbine high school massacre back in the '90's which shepard both you and i were there and covered that as well. one of the worst parts of the school shootings is for the parents responding panicked looking for their loved ones they're sons and daughters trying to find them and those minutes those long minutes sometimes hours of not being able to find their son or daughter. it is truly pan's absolute worst nightmare. so law enforcement is all over
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the area. traffic at a standstill. and the governor is on his way down here. we are expecting at some point the sheriff of broward county to soon get in front of the cameras but this has been a very rapid investigation. according to the sheriff look i mentioned 18-year-old not a student currently certainly could have been a former student there had been some students who mentioned that they knew who they thought he was. but he match the description and the investigation continues here on horrible day in broward county school history. schep. >> phil keating our south in order based correspondent live for us on scene this afternoon. live pictures coming from first above the school and now certainly from the -- from the centers all around as parents work to find their kids. for those of you watching on local fox stations my network television stations across america we'll return to you your local program and in in cases your local news. our coverage will continue on fox news channel on satellite
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and cable. for the better part of the next 30 minutes before special report with bret baier. i'm shepard smith, fox news in new york. ♪ >> -- kids were evacuating. i heard five pops. that's not a drill. >> breaking right now, a terrifying afternoon yet another deadly school shooting. early word from the superintendent numerous killed and dozens injured at this high school in parkland, florida. just north of miami. the scenes all too familiar. single file students let out some even running to safety. law enforcement trying to secure the scene they still are right now. i'm lucy noland as incredibly tense in broward county. scared teenagers have been calling and texting parents. parents have been rushing to the school praying their children stayed out of danger. here's what we know right now. students are talking about seeing people dead in the hallways and pools of blood.
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we also know the suspected shooter is in custody at a local hospital getting check out as is protocol. fox 29's chris o'connell is on top of the breaking news live in our operations center. chris? >> reporter: lucy, an absolute tragic and terrifying valentine's day in south florida. 18-year-old man now being described as a former student is now in custody for what is described now as the worst mass shooting in broward county, florida,'s history. sheriff's deputies saying there are multiple fatalities at least 14 others injured. a horrific seen as students were escaping that school throughout the afternoon. the gunshots started about 2:30 this afternoon at marjorie stoneman douglas high school that is just outside of coral springs, florida. school of about 3200 students. immediately put on lock down as deputies and ambulances converged on that school.
5:32 pm
deputies searching for that shooter for more than an hour. swat teams arriving on scene. obviously the school terrified teachers and administrators, students, coming out with their hands raised others were locked in their classrooms for more than an hour. hearing those gunshots right outside of their classroom, of course, frantic parents scrambling to that school. some of these students say they saw bloody bodies on the hallw hallways. some of those students describing that chaos this afternoon. >> kids were freaking out. some kids froze. some kids were on their phones. a lot were on their phones just trying to snap chat everything because they thought it was a joke and it wasn't. >> he's been a trouble kid end always had like a certain amount of, you know, issues going on. he shot guns because he felt it gave him i guess -- what's the word i'm looking for exhilarat exhilarating feeling. >> how did you know about his
5:33 pm
guns. >> he showed mow personally that was his phone and stuff like that. i stayed clear of him most of the time. >> now other students in that school reporting a fire drill earlier on in the day. so many of these students didn't know if this shooting was real or possibly a drill. one student others actually tweeting from inside a classroom huddled under their desk one guy tweeting, one of those students, still locked in. i check the local news and there is 20 victims. long live marjorie stoneman douglas high. we also want to show you the latest video now coming in of the suspect in the school shooting. he was taken into custody about a mile and a half off campus. he was strapped to a journey placed in an ambulance and taken to local hospital unknown yet exactly what for. of course, this is still a developing story. we're still waiting on exact numbers of dead and wounded. law enforcement not publicly identifying this gunman.
5:34 pm
only saying he is 18-year-old former student. a tragic valentine's day in south florida. of course, we'll have much more on this coming up as we get it. lucy? >> it surely is tragic. chris, thank you. president trump tweeted just minutes ago, my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school. our coverage of this breaking story continues throughout our newscast. more comes in. we will bring it right to you. it has been extremely rough flu season. the virus is everywhere and now one local school is taking extreme measures to keep children safe. our dawn timmeney is at northampton county high school the school is turning now to technology. >> reporter: you could call the maintenance crews in the northampton county school district germ busters these days. they're now using fog machines with hospital grade disinfectant to stay ahead of the flu out broke. the worse in the nearly a decade. >> the first applicator is using
5:35 pm
is more aggressive surface type cleaner used more to treat the tables, door handles, any areas -- any touchable surfaces. >> reporter: while the district is doing its usual classroom cleanings as well as extra wipe downs, the fog machines kick the cleaning and disinfecting up a knowledge. >> it is an electro static sprayer. it makes the particles that come out of that stick to any surfa surface. >> nothing is everyone hundred%. it's 99-point 9% effective in condition the bacteria. >> reporter: the lehigh valley medical school has been so inundated with flu cases it set up tents to handlely surge with 5500 students in its six schools the district is not taking any chances. it has two portable fog machines and a plug in version which has a broader finer spray to cover the entire room. >> second and third shift crews are going to go through nightly and hit each building after the kids are done. making sure we cover all the classroom, offices especially like the nurse's areas we'll hit
5:36 pm
them extra hard. >> reporter: superintendent joseph, says they've only been using the fog machines for several week now, and they seem to be making a difference. >> our attendance rate has been pretty instead deem we haven't seen in excess in students being absent sent or staff. we're trying to stay ahead of the curve. >> reporter: so far so good. officials stress the spray is not harmful and the fog machines are used before students and staff come in for the day and after they go home. in northampton, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> happening right now, potholes are taking over streets across our area. skyfox catching penndot crews hard at work trying to fix and fill all those holes. some of those hot poles are so bad they are ripping cars apart. this we know. joyce evans has been all over delaware county checking out. >> reporter: the said strewn all over. look at the husband caps here at the corner of route 291 and scott scott way. if one these giant potholes doesn't get you at the
5:37 pm
intersection, right at the airport parking, another one just might. >> they got nasty potholes out there. >> reporter: yeah, they do. they're everywhere. consider yourself lucky says body shop owner john doe jill low if you make it that was one of these giant holes with only a jolt or blown out tire. he and his crews see much worse. >> that's pothole damage, and that's a wheel, fender, a bumper, um, don't know what they slid into but i do know they hit a pot hold. >> reporter: suspension is ripped on all of these. >> still drivable, but there was severe damage to it. >> wheel went up, tore off the fender and it ripped the bumper, and it actually damaged the hood right here. >> reporter: thousands in damage. stuck in a rental car for weeks. maybe you're even responsible for repairing a car a pothole caused to you hit. think somebody else should be responsible? >> a lot of people stay away from the insurance if they don't have to use them. they just feel the rates will go
5:38 pm
up. so why report it? >> reporter: penndot says you should report it to them. and even summit a claim for damages. you might get some financial relief even though penndot says it is shielded by state law from making payments if a hole is caused by nature and fixed in a reasonable amount of time. out of 1900 calls to penndot, customer care service says, 1300 of them are pothole row lated. >> if you just see a bad potho pothole, call 1800 fix road or go online and submit or report a claim. call penndot county maintenance in your car. >> it certainly worth a try. it's also worth it to try to find out if the road hazard was caused by a construction company. penndot says it definitely won't be paying for it and it's not going to fix it. but you could go after that
5:39 pm
construction company responsible for tearing up the road. check your local permits. in south philadelphia, joyce evans, fox 29 news. we are following the breaking news out of south florida. a deadly shooting at a high school. broward county sheriff scott israel calling this day a terrible day for parkland, broward county, in orde somethin' i've noticed
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
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you're welcome. >> in camden state and local authorities have busted up a weapons trafficking ring. seven people now face charges revolving around guns coming into new jersey from ohio. our jeff cole reports on the attorney general's announcement joins us live in studio. jeff. >> reporter: lucy, camden new jersey is seeing a major drop in crime as a county wide police force finds success linking cops witness community. today new jersey's attorney general argued the city will never find peace until the flow of illegal guns into camden is actually stopped. >> we have the assistant -- attorney general says the gun running stretch from ohio to west virginia ended in where the
5:43 pm
weapons including assault rivals were put in the hands of criminals. >> unfortunately, the residents of this city are all too familiar with the misery that these deadly weapons can infrequent were put in the hands of gang members, drug dealers and other violent criminals. >> reporter: the probe started in mid 2016 when investigators learned 40-year-old eduardo cabon of camden was allegedly dealing in heroin and guns on city streets. the attorney general says caban sold ten gun guns some with large capacity magazine. investigators traced the guns back to ohio where they had been purchased in columbus area gun stores and online. >> these dangers will remain as long as criminals have easy access to the type of lethal firearms trafficked by these seven defendants. >> reporter: investor gatzs say the alleged ringleader is 25-year-old chuck scott of columbus who work wig 26-year-old anthony hammond also
5:44 pm
of ohio would buy the guns and text pictures of them to camden, new jersey, middle men who would find buyers. seven men have been indicted and charged with trafficking and weapons. 17 weapons linked to the gun ring have now been taken off the streets. >> simply put, each gun that we seize or take off the street is a life or multiple lives that we safe in the'. >> reporter: member of law enforcement gathered in camden today said new jersey's gun laws are tough. some of the tough pest in the country but the guns often flow from states where it's simply easier to by weapons much jeff cole fox 29 news. lucy. >> thank you much, jeff. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at doylestown bucks county. weather definitely not feeling like february, and now rain is on the way. the question is how much we'll get, how long will it last? scott' forecast in veep seconds.
5:45 pm
above average temperatures on this wednesday valentine's day. we made it into the low 50s across the philadelphia area. but the clouds they're rolling in and, yes, we have some rainfall eye arriving late this evening don't cancel any plans. we'll go hour boy hour. upper 40s by 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at temperatures in the upper 40s. so where is the rainfall off to the west around pittsburgh, moving toward places like charleston, west virginia. it will connell moving from west to east once again late this evening. temperature wise right now, 51 degrees in trenton. still 50 in atlantic city upper 40s for millville. 51 degrees in pottstown. upper 40s toward the lehigh valley. buckle up because roller coaster temperatures are ahead. look at the numbers for tomorr
5:46 pm
tomorrow. 65 degrees. so well above 20 degrees above average. 60 on friday and then look at saturday. we're talking numbers in the 30s recent bound by sunday into the upper 40s. so as we watch the clock, we're talking between 9:00 and 11:00 o'clock tonight that rainfall moves in overnight tonight it's out of here early thursday. we get a break for of of the day then watch the clock for thursday night. nine, 10:00 o'clock more rainfall moving right back toward the delaware valley. so temperatures for tonight, bottom out in the 40s. those are our average high temperatures for this time of year. then temperatures for tomorrow look at this. we're talking mid 60s so feeling like spring as we move toward your thursday. now what about this buzz of a weekend snowstorm? it look like the timing late saturday night into early sunday morning. temperatures they'll be marginal but it does look like rain changing over to wet snow right now the early call will be for
5:47 pm
several inches of snow sticking mainly to grassy untreated surfaces and then temperatures they will be critical low to mid 30s but because most of that precipitation will be falling at night, it does look like it will accumulate. the weather authority seven day forecast mid 60s tomorrow. 60 degrees on friday. so we stay warm but a cold front moves through and then there's that wintry mix temperatures mid to upper 30s for your saturday. upper 40s for sunday. president's day a little unsettled, 53 degrees and then look at next tuesday, high temperatures topping out near 7e temperatures above average. so, yeah we're talking 60s nearing 70 and the seven day forecast but, yes, we have that threat of the wintry mix. the main timing once again, late saturday afternoon especially toward the evening continuing into your sunday morning time frame. before things clear out. we'll talk much more in the next
5:48 pm
half hour. back over to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. people heading to church for ash wednesday cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul is holding service throughout the day. catholics and the 217 parishes across the archdiocese reached the ashes on theirs foreheads. they are a reminder to repent and believe in the gospel ash wednesday marks the beginning of lent. fox 29 following breaking news out of south florida. a deadly school shooting, the deadliest in broward county history. new details continue to come in. we'll have more when we come back. ♪ [narrator] look around.
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>> developing right now a university of delaware student robbed at gun point. police say two men stopped the 21-year-old as he was walking home. one of them pointed gun at him while the other tackled him and stole his wallet and phone. just past 2:30 this morning. this happened near the thomas mckeon residence hall on the campus much he's not hurt. police say the two men took off in an older model gold tan chrysler sedan. in we have philadelphia, 78-year-old woman wasn't about to let a thief steal her purse. she actually jumped on to his car as he tried to take off with it. police say the guy in his late 20s grabbed her purse in the parking lot of a shop right on the 1500 block of north 52nd street it happened last month. but they've just released all of these images hoping you can help catch the guy. the woman did fall off his car much she's not hurt though and he however got away. also in west philadelphia, police are on the hunt for the
5:53 pm
shooter who opened fire on a group of teenagers. you can see the moment it happened on the 5200 block of webster street. 218 and 19 along with 20-year-old man are hurt they all survived that shooting from february 1st. police again have just released this video hoping once again you can help find the person they're after here the shooter. all their saying is that he or she took off in a dark colored sedan. investigation underway into what started this fire in bucks county. smoke billowing from a garage on buck sheer drive in north happen ton township. fire crews got it under control by about 1:30 this afternoon. no reports of anyone hurt. we will b
5:54 pm
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>> quiet milestone in high school sports happened the star player is from south jersey she reach the milestone in south philly. the high school basketball star from burlington county scored her 1,000th point in varsity competition as bruce gordon reports playing hoops is not her first passion. >> reporter: in this age of sports specialization, where young stars are encouraged to drop all but their very best sport, to concentrate all their efforts on the one that might lead to a scholarship, it's refreshing to see a three sport star get the attention she deserves. wells fargo center seemed the appropriate venue for this girls high school basketball game between the riverside rams and the jaguars of the medford tech. that's because riverside junior haley russell entered the game needing just nine points to tally a thousand for her career.
5:58 pm
like many great athletes haley gave the credit to family and a teammates. >> with all the hard work and then pushing me to be better, that's the reason why i'm here. >> scoring a think every thousand points in high school career is quite accomplishment hitting the milestone well before your senior year even more impressive but haley's coach says her offensive skills are only part of the package. >> i've never had a player in my 30 plus years of coaching able to take a ball away from good ball handlers at the drop of a hat. >> it's her defense. >> unbelievably talented one-on-one defender. >> reporter: by the way haley also plays softball and soccer. boy does she play soccer. scored 60 goals in 19 games last fall. to lead oleine new jersey high school players. her favorite part of her favorite sport -- >> i moan obviously i like scoring goals but, um -- >> i gathered that. >> reporter: back to basketball. haley's mom terry was in the crowd she's a member of riverside sports hall of fame. her older sister ashley played for the rams and her twin hannah
5:59 pm
well that's her on the receiving end of a haley assist. let's just say the blood lines were there. >> i've been hearing about her since she was six, seven years old and she came to high school and she hasn't disappointed us. >> despite a rough shooting performance haley was getting her points in this contest. then midway through the third quarter, a free throw on technical foul put her at a thousand points even. [ applause ] >> the game was briefly stopped, haley was applauded for her accomplishments. [ applause ] >> what was she thinking about? >> her beloved pop pop. practiced with her encouraged her endlessly until his passing last april. >> i did it for him and for my mom and sister, too. so i want to make him proud and also make my family and teammates proud. >> reporter: mission accomplish. russell led the rams with 15 points this afternoon in a losing effort. she'll be honored by riverside high before tomorrow afternoon's home game against moorestown friends. and she'll be a guest tomorrow lucy on "good day philadelphia" around 8:30 or so. remember that name, haley
6:00 pm
russell. >> absolutely. that is fantastic. thank you much, bruce. >> you got it straight ahead, iain page continues our coverage of the deadly high school shooting at 6:00. ♪ kids were freaking out. >> breaking news a deadly school shooting in south florida. >> the shooter shot through the door, poke in, scott shot a couple people next to me. >> students taken out on stretchers, parents, teachers and students scared for their lives. we've got new information for you at 6:00. >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. look at this video from and side a florida high school auditorium. showing terror as it unfolded armed officers evacuating students with an active shooter on the loose. teenagers running from the school with their hands over their heads early word from the superintendent several killed, dozens injured at this high school in parkland, florida. just north miami. thanks for joining us at


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