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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 14, 2018 10:00pm-10:48pm EST

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clues still identifying those killed when a gunman tacked. new information about that former student now accused of killer in 30 ♪ >> terror at a u.s. high school. >> i just saw blood everywhere. >> the shooteror, poked in, shoe people next to me. >> a gunman on a shooting day ty
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every day i get up thatl never have to see. >> students running f lives. >> i was coming from lunch and i was in the classroom i heard po, pop. >> suspected gunman in polic >> we've already began to dissect his websites and the things that social media he wase come to mind are very very disturbing. >> america saying this has got to stop. ♪ now fox 29 news at active crime scene. a suspected gunman in custody. as policel where the bodies of victims remain.d after yet another mass shooting at another school. tonight are lost. this time at a florida high school. details have been pouring into
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theoom since early this afternoon and less than an hour ago investigatorsha we kno. of the 17 people kill, authorities say they tonight. police are still going through the school right now outside of the suspected shooter nikolaus cruz is out of the hospital and in police custody. investigator a gas mask armed with an ar-15 rival other weapons whe afterno. fox 29's chris o'connell is on top of this breaking news live no chris? >> reporter: lucy, simply put, this was a valmatissacre. the death toll as you said tonight standsmo than a dozen others still injured tonight in the hospital know 19-year-old former student with a troubled past is now acc worsl shootings in u.s. history. >> no parentr have to
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send their kids to school and have them return. >> second floor he may have a gas mask on now. >> repor the gunshots started outside of marjorie school in bd county, florida. >> there's lost blood. people were said in the halls. >> reporter: students first thought it was valentine's day . >> saddened to say 17 people lost their lives. >> reporter: chaos lasting for two hours. students and running from their school. others locked down in classroo e halls. after a fire drill earlier in the day, that alarmai as studene hallways wondering if it was just started. >> shooter shot through the door, poked in and shot couple a cabinet and the bullet passed my ear. >> reporter: alleged gunman caught off campus aidentified ad former student nikolaus cruz. police say h
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school wearing a gas mask. armed with an ar-15ltle magazi ammunition. >> we were in pe and we were on so we her the gunshots. we hid in the tenennit to the l. we were in there for about 2.5 to frantic familiar members rushing to the scene not >> as soon as my mother told me, i got very very worried a. because he's my brother and it's valentine's day thior ster: tong with state and local police will work through the night inveig say cruz had warning signs described as a troubled kid with a f guns and . >> we've already began to -- began to dissect his tngs that a he was on and some of the things have come to mind are very very >> reporter: and just less than an hour ago, the state attorney general of florida wily
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for the funeral expenses of those victims. chris, new detais are coming out about the suspected shooter. 19-year-oldy sheriff scott israel says he's a former student at theecently for disciplinary -- disciplinary that. though he has not social media shows he was fixated op guns and weapons and resistance groups in his unfolds inside the school took to social media posting instagram and twitter and snap chat and real time. what they were seeing. what they were fearing. it gave epp sight into what was going on. newsroom with more. iain? >> lucy, of course social media and today some students hiding in classrooms during the d the scary moments. posted to twitter showing students in class when
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armed o >> police, police. >> the students hands go up. you can s visibly shaking cease show scared. quite a scene from inside as un. another video shows a student in thewe see armed officers escortg .tudents out of the auditorium >> everybody down. >> some students were tweeting s student with a twitter handle aj. who as you can see from the a d. we see from the tweet the in trying tohecking the news as stay safe while the shooter was still on theg to find out what was going on while they were under sie to let their families know they were safe and that they others tweeting, thanks for the support and love but asks of the victims. today many people t to express n and offer condolences for those
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involved incy. >> all right, thank you iain. a mid the chaos heroes emerged. students of those killed was a teacher who died protec protecting them from shooter. >> we all got upstairs and into our classrooms, and door me and couple other people ran in and as he door, he was actually shot and killed was trying to lock the door to keep the students safe and before he had a chance to close and lock the door that's . >> looking live again tonight at the activ some parents have just reunited with their children who are inside the darrell neal is now in parkland, florida. >> reporter: there was a lot ofhi es marriott here in parkland where students and parents were still being mae shooting. a lot. was, um a lot. yeah. thank you for letting me know. s
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reunite width her haven't-year-old daughter lea, she didn't >> i'm thinking about home schooling. i'm thinking about becoming re letting her leave my sight, and how much i loveer. and -- okay. >> i'm going to take her home and hold her her. >> emotions were running high as students and par marriott in pa. a make shift meet up point. they recalled what happened colleen coleman was textingringe shooting. >> she heard a b of gunshots. s. but -- she heard them banking she said mom, mom, i'm scared, i'm scared listen to what they're telling you. >> lot of hugs and holding hands as children struggled to make sense of the violence they saw. like you dont expect this. someone like could come in and spring a gun and
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school. until you realize it. just like, you teching your fami love uh-uh never know if you ged there. >> reporter: that young man just 17 years night, parents and students have been meeting here but it's also served a as place for support we've seen police chap lance and the red cross here to help parkx news. in the united states just this year. it's 14th. president trump tweeted this afternoon my prayers and condolences to the families thea shooting nom child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe i school. and so here at home, pole work o make sure they're as ready as they can be if tragedy we strike. and staff safe. goal to keep dave schratwiser live at theoli.
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dave report roar lucy, there are 15,000 students in public and private schls in upper darby. they go through active shooters lock down drills each and tonight police superintendent mike chitwood tells us today's sh guns every once again you can never be too prepared. >> that is as the deadly school shooting unfolded in florida parents o area like kaya moore a deep breath. >> it's just very sad and you just never know. >> reporter: few hours after the school police superintendent michael chitwood told fox 29 activedrlst every public and private school in the township each y. >> school lock down, active shooter. th school has an alarm. each school is trained bysecurit the teacher should do. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood say
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constantly train for in school shooting situations like the cars are equipped with high powered weapons and blueprints to every school we go in to evey school unannounced and we do dr. >> very serious when it comes to drills for that. >> kayla moore's goes to local private school where they do drills to prepare. she's glad students, teachers and police practice foros. >> we always have to be pro paired for situations like this. you never know when it's going , my child. >> you must get the shooter. you mustust get the person who'n the schools attempting to hurt children. hool shootings go up each year, training intensifies but he is always the same for his officers. >> we just go the threat. these idiots should go in and godill these children. they deserve to be killed.
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pure and simple reporter: now te superintendent says after each and every drill, there is a review. if made, they make them. lucy? >> thank you, will stay closed r the rest of the week and florida's attorney general s par counseling for the survivors. our coverage of theti deanues tt our next 90 minutes and around the clock at fox29.comley and quite a weather swing. so we've got a chance for snow >> lucy, roller coaster ride. overnight, yes, snow as early as this weekend. coming the timing and also how many inches some delaware valley. >> we know the flu is hitting hard. it's hittin hitting blood dodo . thsituation critical. picture this. you're driving down the
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crashing through your windshield and you are hurt what do you do? well it all happened to one local of shock right now. it has happened again. 17 people killed in a a school. it is heartbreaki
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-- just trying to run into a door. there's kids in my class runnint behind the teacher's des. and like it was a mess. she said everyone did make the out of her classroom safely and her teach was a substitute. live look at theg. it's an active crime scene. they're going to be there all night long t fox 29 news app to get alerts whenever news breaks. tragedies like what hased in florida highlight the need for blood donations. right now the is dealing with cl shortage. the reason is the flu.lready low and because people keep getting sick donations are even lower sy
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south jersey blood drive live now in haddon. >> reporter: lucy, spokesperson for arin red cross says that they need about 800 pints of beet demand but donations are down nationwide. so they're rollinges in an effoo build up the blood supply partly flu flu. >> maryann is donating cross blood drive at westmont fire department in haddon townshi. >> it's easy. it's painless. you can save a life. >> she's one came out this eveng for the drive from two to 7:00se down partly because of the flu. so many people donate so the bld supply is running low. >> if you contagious and don't want to pass germs on to somebody else roar report i talked to a person from the penn jersey american cross which encompasses all of
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new jersey and southeast pennsylvania. they've seen 1600 donation over the last month in the area. she says while winter weather has affected people's ability to get out and donate, too, the flu epidemic is also a significant factor. >> just been a lot of people very sick over the last two months. >> reporter: donald richards is a ten-year firefighter and emt with the westmont fire department. >> we see so many accidents in our job that we know the need to have blood available for everybody, and if it's down, emergency rooms are going to have has on its website donations urgently needed and a link on how to flu. with cards hopes people who can donate will. >> a lot of because of they take medications, but people that are able. >> reporter: and ifood go to oue fox we put a a blood drive near you. lucy. >> thank you much, shawnette.
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flu virus is everywhere sick. one local school is taking extreme measures to keepoing toe spread in just few minutes. you know a drive -- for south jersey woman turned into a hollywood script. the seventy three 76-year-old was drivi t township in northbound lanes she spot add truck that did not look safe. tried to get by late. something flew off of it right through her windshield. our dave kinchenic from here lin hamilton township. dave? >> reporter: l imagine the fear that this woman was going through when of debrit truck, go up and into the air. she did not think it would land right in her windshield. >> that's frightening. >> reporter: kennedy's reaction when looking at th crashing through a south jersey woman'singer and crushing other
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fingers. >> thank god she is alive ao the hospital. >> reporter: the 76-year-old victim did not want tollowed toe metal debris believed to weighgd last thursday. red hot at the said she feared r her life while driving northbound on i-295 hamilton township when the peace of metad came smashing down. she drove up abefore getting hey treated at a hospitalng happen o people, then techniques kick in and i know you've heard this story many timesing things when their life is in danger. >> reporter: victim says severas changing lanes trying to get away from the dump truck when the accident happened. still in serious pain, she's
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just thankful. >> thank got she kept her exposure the through. that's day. dangerous, too. she could and god all knows where that could have lead. >> reporter: the new pice says p truck was a white vehicle but ar markings on it. according to witnesses, if touse give new jersey state police a call. lucy? >> mnoit he went from the third floor to the second floor. third to the have a gas mask on. >> ahead, police searching for the shootern rampage inside a florida high school. the audio as track him down. >> they had him exiting the
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♪ potholes are a huge problem some of them are so bad they're ripping apart cars. our joyce evans has b checking out these craters and figuring out what you can do if you're a >> reporter: the evidence, it's strewn all over. look at at corner of root 291 and scott way. if oneholes doesn't get you at the intersection, right at the airport parkther one just might.
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they got there. >> reporter: yeah they do. they're everywhere says bob shop owner john, if you make that was one of these giant holes with only a jolt or blown out tire. he crew see much worse. >> that's pothole damage and that's a whe bumper, um, don't know what they slid into but i do know they hit aot suspension is ripped on all of these. >> still drivable, but severe damage to it. wheel went up, tore off the fender and it rip the bumper and it actually damaged the hood right here. >> reporter: thousands in damage. stuck in a rental car for weeks. maybe your even responsible for repairing a car a pothole caused hit. think somebody else should be responsible? >> a lot of people stay away from these them. they just feel the rates will go up. so why report penndot says you should report it to them.
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and even submit a claim foryou l relief even though penndot by sm making payments if a hole is naa reasonable amount of time. out of customer care service says, 1300 of them ared. if you just see pothole call 1800 fix road or go online claim. best way, though, call penndot co your area. it certainly worth a tryry to find out if the road hazard was caused by a construction company. it definitely won't be paying for it, and it's not going to fix it. but after that construction company responsible for tearing up the check your local permits.
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in south philadelphia, joyce evans, fox 29. a gunman on the loose inside a florida 17 killed and police working as fast as they can to find next, the gut wrenching audio as officers work together. this winter
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new york state. it's all here. it's only here. ♪ new information continues to come in from today's tragedy in florida. one of the dea o nation. a live look at the scene right now. 17 peopleen more injured. this happened shortly before school let out marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida about 40 milew right knowledge this is the edtion's deadliest school shoo an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. police say the gunman alarm spew as many students out of shortly before the day ended. he shot most of the victims inside outside the
10:30 pm
broward county sheriff says the gunman is 14 former student thal recently expelled over discip reasons. i was our chris o'connell has been top of this story since it broke in our operations center.y chaotic scehis shooting came just after first fire drill happened at the school and students heard that second fire alarm they thought the shooting may have been a hoax. they it was val types day balloons popping for more than an hour police did shooter. in the meantime, students were seen fleeing into the streets out of the school. others were trapped inside thos. they were only hearing the semig through those hallways. now here is some radio traffic as they were first searching for the alleged
10:31 pm
nikolaus cruz. >> subject was last seen in the 12in 12 to 1300 building the last place a witness saw. they areont from the third flooo the second floor. third to thehe may have a gas m. stand by for furth they're monitoring him on came camera. he dropped a bag near the record >> they're following him on video on the camera. they him exiting the building. >> male last seen wearing a burgundy shirt nikolaus cruz, black pants or shortsas sn leaving west lake. >> nikolaus talkedh him he was last seen at mcdonald's by the school
10:32 pm
>> now you may be hearing a lot about that alleged gunman tonight. we are nowo hear stories of heroism. one story now being reportet ott school and also a part-time security while trying to use his body as a humang those students. lucy? >> god bless them all. all right. thank y. back here at home developing in millville, new dash cam video of shooting in january. the police department released the video after request for that rye lease. it shows the officers pulling up to 4 edward ghandi as he stood at the corner of high and mc neal he justd a gun you saw t just happen. the video shows ghandi walking towards thethey yelled at him t. did he not break stride. then pointed something at them. they yelleagked like he put something in his waistband but continued to walk fatally shot
10:33 pm
him. the flu isof the worst seasn decades, and some are taking healthy. our dawn timmeney hung out northampton county high school da technology to fight the flu youe manet negligence crews in the northampton county school district germ busters these days. they're now using fog machines with hospital grade disinfectant to stay ahead of flu outbreak. the worst in nearly a decade. >> the first applicator he's using is more aggressive surface type cleaner. it's used more to treat the tables, door handles, any areas -- any touchable surfaces. >> reporter: while the district is doing its usual classroom cleanings as well as extra wipe downs, the fog machines kick the cleaning and disinfecting up a knowledge. >> it is an electro static sprayer. it makes the particles that come out of that stick to any surface. >> nothing is ever a hundred%
10:34 pm
but we're toll it's 99-point 9% effective in killing bacteria. >> reporter: lehigh valley medical center in allentown has been so inundated with flu cases it set up tents to handle the surge. with 5500 students in its six schools the taking any chances. it has two portable fog macne wa broader finer spray to cover the entire. >> second and third shift crews are going to go through nightly and hit are done. making sure we cover all theeciy like the nurse's areas we'll hit them extra hard. >> reporteph, says they've onlyn using the fog machines for several weeks now sm to be making a difference. >> our attendance rate has been pretty steady we students beingt our staff but we're trying to stay ahead of the curve. . officials stress the spray is not harmful and the fog machined staff come in for the day and after they gothpton, dawn timme,
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fox 29 new has come together to help a little girl battling leukemia and her famil home makl possible because of the flyers. ♪ [narrator] look around.
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♪ a little girl has spent theo years battling leukemia and as you migilhty has pretty much put everything on unexpected support but tod from the physical flyers for here's bill anderson. >> go ahead honey. doesn't really understand what's happening to themiless like tha. >> reporter: to see maddie o'mang five-year-old enjoying her day who may or may not fully grasp the impac battled for last two years. >> constant doctorsostal stays. >> reporter: anyone whose gone through som nose it's all encompassing. of course, their only faux cause
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and their family. >> it was two years of chemotherapy and, yeah, it is very just time consume on top ol distress. >> reporter: in michael's way ar charities found out about the family's story and today ghat we their lives. >> wow about sums up the flyerss and newly renovated home all chs michael's way and others. >> we play hockey for livg, thin perspective, and once a year really gives good about. >> ♪r: the neighborhood he home and cheeringayers their on the home of the familiar who'll have been out home for two months. >> i love it! >> reporter: the to me could bee faces of the flyers wives and
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girlfriends as they saw room thy decorated for her. >> twenty two did you think when you saw your room >> i loved it. >> the day was huge success and maddie is currently can for nine months so there were lots of reasons to celebrate. >> whether you just volunteerin, whatever it may if everyone comes together to do a project is, it's amazing. >> reporter: little girl and her family who have her live wio battle with leukemia got an mazing sports teams and family showed that once again we know wait communir goodness sake. was a great home. makeover. now if we coulde bit scott. >> lucy there's little bit of something for everyone. days. we have 60s. we have rainfall tonight but what about snow by the upcomings
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talk about how many inches next.
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breaking new out ourned into a came scene. live look at the school right ah the night. the bodies of victims remain. they still haven't identified everyone. 17 people died. foxhil coating is in broward county. >> reporter: a catastr in browa, times., one of the worst school the worst absolutely in broward co. the sixth largest school diss rick in the country and early rf numerous fatalities high school confirmed by the. >> we have 17 confirmed victims. 12 building.
10:45 pm
two victims are the building. one victim is on the street at the of pine island, and people r lives at the hospital. >> reporter: the shooting started the afternoon just as school was about to end at stoneman douglas high school on the west side of broward county northwest forward lauderdale many students report add fire a hmm being pulled and then the fa current student identified asarz started opening fire as students and started fleeing. win about an hour and 15 minut minutes,mer student nikolaus cruz was arre arrested nearbyeve that was whes living. the sheriffo s indication yet that he can share as for a motive but he
10:46 pm
as this investigation unravels we will g gs about signs that cd have been seen about this suspectheriff would in the specy of all of the fatalities hownt s and their ages or whether it was mixture students and teachers however, he would not say whether he had a motive at caus, whether the suspect woke up this destruction, but certainly many lives have absolutely crushed here today on this valentine's day in broward. words mass shootings and schools should never be in the same sentence. butappening. as fox's shepard smith drove home today. >> reporter: columbine in 1999 there haveee active school shooting incidents
10:47 pm
at elementary and high schools . columbine was april the 20th, 1999. 13 and more than 20 wounded. also in '99 deming high school mexico. r 2000 lakentary school in worth community middle school where one was killed in 2001, sn california. 2001 red line junioh school. in 2003,icori high school in minnesota. in 2005 redminnesota. in 2005 campbell county economy comprehensiveig in 2006, essex elementary school 2012 sandy creek elementary school in connecticut. where 26 elementary school students and others werele in 2013, sparks middle school in
10:48 pm
nevada.013 a rap pa hoe high scl in colorado.014, reynolds high n oregon. in high school. just three weeks ago in kentucky. and todayuglas high school in bd county, florida of parkland where many students ane died today. back he a live look at what looks like i that t somewhere? there is love park ther talk here but wouldn't it be nice if we could eradicate hat wld and embrace a little bit of love or a lot of bit o. spring like temperatures out there. chance of snow..
10:49 pm
on this valentine's nig shos moving in from west to east about a tenth to quarter of an inch befor done tomorrow morning. we'll take tour across the area and you can see most of the is d west lancaster county, berks county, moving into county, alsf montgomery, bucks county approaching philadelphi then crossing over into south jersey. the temperatures pretty comfortable. mid 40s in pottstown. 45 degrees in millville. 46 atlantic city. 46 degrees through wilmington and also dover. so temperatures are pretty uniform. but look at the temperature swings over the next several days. mid 60s for high temperatures
10:50 pm
tomorrow. it's going to feel like spring. over 20 degrees above average. 60 degrees ear early on friday d front comes through and look at saturday high temperatures in the 30s. we're looking at a wintry mix of rain down the shore. wet accumulating snowfall north and west. so for tonight, we're looking at the showers once again getting out of here by early tomorrow morning. much of the day tomorrow is dry but by tomorrow night this time we're looking at another round of rainfall thursday night into friday morning. so temperatures for tonight not that bad. these are average high temperaturyear in the mid 40s. 65 degrees well above temperatue tomorrow and what about this snow for the upcoming wwell it t dry on your saturday. but look watching that snow movn especially southeastera mix inth jersey and then rain
10:51 pm
down the shore. but we could see grassy accumulations also untreated cal several inches possible because of the timing temperatures wille marginal. we'll watch those. the forecast showing the roller coaster ride. clearing skies on sunday after that day into early next week temperatures back into the low 50s but look at. tuesday we could flirt lucy with 70 degrees. >> oh, i lerees. that's a fabulous thing. i also love flirting with wind streaks. don't you kristen. >> that's always good thing,amee all star break. so were they able to keep thatte weekend? plus spring training officially underway for the ph
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the sixers heat things up f mia. they look to go into the all star break wh streak. remember there's still undie feeted in south philly in as ma. tied game in the fourth ben is why you stay witness he gets the steel back. finishes with the dunk. simmons had his six triple double of the seconds to go. sixers up two. dwayne wade takes the shot to win it for around doesn't go in.
10:55 pm
sixers escape 104- won 11 straie the wells fargo center. mpaign to get on top back on top at number one afterts slippe in the ap poll this week. nova has top five matchup on fid providence earlier tonight. we'll start this in the first half tied at 19. freshman colin gillespie gets the steal. gets it to mychalhe last time nova had the lead they were down four at the break so second half now pall movement h. jackson hits the wide open thr three. friars go up. nova loses on the road 76-71. of spring training for pitchers and catchers at least phillies new s instituting new policies like later pract sesep and rest up. that the players are liking but what they saythe most his optim.
10:56 pm
>> just a great example, you know, gabe bringing that change that big vibe to the clubhouse and just to just talking to hima regular basis just kind of gives you that good very optimistic ad having optimism all the way around. um, you kind of want to encounter and hold on to as long as t daye nascar season on sunday. last year's cup martin truex, jr. s looking for win at the great american race. k of how he can repeat this year, truex says he doesn't feel any. >> it definitely feels different much it's kind of sunk in moronn and now we're back here at daytona getting ready to kick off. different to be honest and i have so much confidence right now. i feel like there's pressure on us to go out and do anything. y. and we have daytona 500 right coverage starts at 1:00. race gets underway atig eagles.
10:57 pm
he was at super bowl lii cheering theme that. that does it for us here at 10:00. iain page has you got the break at fox 29 news at 11:00. >> did you buy your powerbat. >> no. i forget every time. >> no. >>op
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