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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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dog. >> started hopping around? >> nicely done. >> (laughing). >> and iaian is in gloss borough, new jersey thomas. >> we are celebrating celebrating black history month. good morning to you, iaian. >> hey, good morning, guys, how are you doing? yes, here at the thomas bo school. i got some fourth graders here, my new best friends, have done some project. are you guys ready for this? >> yes. >> don't be shy. i have another fourth grader over here. ready? does anybody here sing? >> i think there is a choir. >> okay, we've got some singers coming in, some reading, back in just a minute, stay with us, guys, back to you. >> thank you. before we go any further here, the hole country talking about this is the world, 17 lives lost yesterday afternoon. now, a 19 year old is charged with 17 count every premeditated murder. >> so that was the scene here it is, marjorie stoneman high school yesterday afternoon when nicholas cruz approached his storm err school with a loaded ar15 rifle.
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he killed 17, hospitalized 14 other. police ultimately arrested him, but not without heart break for plenty of families. one mother and brother spoke out about how relieved they were that their loved one came back to them. >> i'm so relieved that he's with me right now. been trying to keep in contact with him afternoon. it is really great to be able to hug him tighter. >> as soon as my mother told me, i got very, very worried about him. because he is my brother. and it is valentine day, so shouldn't even be happening. >> and i'm sure everybody can relate. >> and they were the fortunate ones, you have to think about the 17 other, and their family members and their friends and even the 15 other who were injured right now trying to recover from this. >> you know the community will never be the same. instantly i went back to 199. that was the first school shooting i covered was columbine, just being there
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that day, being there in the following weeks month, how much those people not only the lives lost and the families impacted but just being inside the school and having to witness what these student witnessed. their lives they say my life has never been the same. >> never, no, probably think about it every day. what i thought of yesterday was i thought about columbine, what was that 19 years ago now? >> 199 april. so i flip on one of the news channels, i think fox news channel, i saw the police cars. i didn't even look at the lower third graphic. i knew what it was. >> instantly. and remember how shock we were in 1999? oh, my god, we talk about it for month. >> sparked the conversation. so much has changed since the response, you remember back in 1999 paramedics for hours being held back before they can actually get inside the school and muff different scene today, first responders go right in and police go
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right in. these were loners, student earn bullied, isolated and nothing has really changed over the years. learning about this 19 year old this morning. >> right. >> and his troubled up bringing what he went through. but i mean how far have we come to honestly change? >> i remember how shocked i was at columbine, but wasn't shocked. >> even response from you guys this morning, some of the tweets, here we are again, sending thoughts and prayers, talking about something needs to be done. but the same conversation that keeps happening. and this is the 18th shooting. >> you mentioned the number, 18. >> and say wait, is this right? eighteen in 2018 alone. >> six weeks, six weeks in, not mass shooting but 18 different times. >> shooting incidents happened. >> on school grounds. >> and it struck me what jenn fred said this morning i stopped and listened to her
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words. you don't have to be to have children to be impacted by this, this is your wife, your husband, your brother, your sister, who simply went to work. >> but if you do have kids, you instantly think of them. wouldn't you say that, quincey? >> definitely. >> my wife is a school counselor, in eighth grade school counselor, in a local school here. every time i hear about a the shoeing i think about her, i think about her safety. kinds are young, and weaver to start speak to go our kids and weaver to start talking and pouring into our kinds friends as well, a lot of parent out there they have multiple jokes, so some of these kids and some of they're motions are being undetected. so we have to, and you don't have to have a child to impact the child's life in a positive way. so we have to start, you know, being more after community, and talking to our kids, because this kid was clearly
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screaming out for help, and weaver to talk to our kids about their friends and their classmate behavior. seeing anything different, seeing anything a little strange so we can kind of ac community and help the children that are really screaming out for help without actually saying i need help. >> yes, jen? >> mom and son just walked out of the school and the mom just in pure honesty, how am i ever going to get my kid to go back to school? i mean think about that for a second. you know, when sandy hook happened, they leveled the school. those children never had to go back to that school. right? and these children, we have heard about this, the campus is massive. 3,000 plus student there. you know, school is canceled today and tomorrow. but those kids, some of them going back to that campus. now in terms of like my life
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my children, brody age 12. eight years old, scare at his elementary school about 230 in the afternoon, going to like drop off, you know, cupcakes or something i pull up at the school in lower merion, where people by all accounts say it is so safe, just like the parent yesterday thought their school was safe when they sent their kids to school. there were members of the lower merion police department. with rivals, walking into my kids school. i called our news desk, the news test look no information about it because it was unfolding, no one new anything about it, it turned out, a person of interest, his cell phone, pink dollars in the region where my school is. well, brody was in music class. and him and some buddies, they had to sit in that music class for over an hour. we heard later that the school in their wisdom told the kids that it was a drill. so no one was scared. but the teachers new. and the ad minute straight ores new. and again, keeping those kids quiet, brody said then that
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one of the little guys in his class pediatric his pant, he couldn't leave. than was just -- they were just looking for that, so you think about the reality that like every school, every child, every teacher, every parent, is being exposed to. >> this it has cents to have these conversations. i think of laundry, my eight year old back home, when i left philadelphia yesterday, this was not unfolding. it happened after i arrived here in d.c. she is afraid when she hears of kids dying from the flu, balled her eyes out when iain page was talking about it the other night on the fox 6:00 news. was devestated because children are dying of the flu. think about when these children hear about what happened today? >> well like brody, at 12, does he know what happened? >> yes. so we were -- just this morning we were in the car with mike grenitch, he was being cavalier about something, and me i was flip and thement and i said there was horrible thing that happened to a lot of kids yesterday, brody, you need to be aware that everyone is
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going to be in a different state today. and brody immediately, you know, recoiled, on face time, i wasn't there, but with him it is a little bit different because he is a little older right? and look, they're on social media. brody has an inch stomach gram k even though he doesn't really check in so much. you know, he immediately was sad that children were hurt. i certainly didn't explain all of the details to him, face time, in a different location, but certainly he's going to find out today. and he's going to be talking about it at school. >> also checking the emotions cents of your children, wouldn't youy? every single day, that routine, to say how was school in what are you going through are you going through any bullying? what are the emotions cents, we live in a society where we push that off. >> check in with them. >> we need to you have end -- tough end up, everyone gets a trophy. i remember at bok high school back in the day, it was cents a teacher getting hugs every morning. she said the reason why i do this is because these children don't have it. >> that's true. >> and bring that emotion back to the school and the conversation back, and i think that's where we need to go. >> thanks. >> yes. >> do you have do it. >> one of my friends her son toll her about the shooting.
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because he found out about it first on social media because they're son on it. >> yes. >> all right. real quickly here, i also think about how bad your life has cents to be that the only solution is to pick up a gun and go kill a bunch of people? what's going through this kid's head? >> and that mugshot came out this morning, i looked at him. just what happened? >> what happened? >> nineteen years that led to you that? that's your only solution? all right. it is 9:09. so what we will do right now, is wipe that clean, okay? we are going to change the mood. but with something weird. i think this is kind of weird. you know elizabeth hurly? >> of course. >> actress? >> she has been around a while. >> elizabeth arden the spokes mod snell. >> that's right. >> oh, i forgot about that. >> and she does the royals. >> oh, that's right. >> that show what is it on e i think? >> married to hugh grant back in the day.
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>> yes! anyway, she's now in her 50's, 52 years old. she has pose in the bikinis throughout her life. >> looking good. >> that particular, these photos, were taken by her son. which is fine. he's into photography a little bit. but he's 15. >> oh, so also cents an inspiring actor. >> yes, he isment some of elizabeth's nearly 900,000 followers on the gram were unsure about this mother-son relationship. one person commented: i can't help but feel cringed about this. i don't think any son should be taking sexy pictures of their mother. >> well, one person posted, i mean, imagine if that was a daughter taking a picture of the dad. >> of the dad? >> creepy, right? >> very creep. >> i looked at the photos. and okay, i can understand
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maybe on the beach, hey sonny want you to take a quick picture every me, but series of this over several months. some of them without a top. >> wow, i didn't know that. >> what do you mean? >> it was she's prefers doing photography. couple we showed there, just didn't have -- i mean not topless but without the bikini and just kind of covered with a clot. if you will. it is a bit odd. i do have to say that the european culture, we know elizabeth is from the uk. >> true. >> little different. >> true. >> oh, let's rack it to up that. rack, i didn't mean to say rack. >> maybe he's trying to be a photographer. >> pictures of my mother's social media, dating stuff, that's odd. >> does she do sexy photos. >> she tries. >> your mom is fabulous. >> you know my mother never asked me to take any topless photo of her, no. >> you haven't lived, mike. >> i know, i know. >> you haven't lived. >> i don't think she like me as much as the other kids. new york city parent going
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through in vetro fertilization, are timing their embryo transfers to increase their unborn child's odds of getting into top private schools. you know how competitive is. >> oh, yes. >> so children typically need to be five years old by september the first, to register for kindergarten. if they miss that deadline, they get held back until the following year. so one fertility center in manhattan, finding many parent don't with a to have a child that is on that cusp, see? so i don't know. the transfers are around november and december, will produce august and september babies, so patient are timing it so their child's birthday misses this deadline, allowing them to start to school when they need to start to school. so you just go and pick up the embryo. >> then you fill out the application. >> yes. >> takes years for some of these private schools. >> oh, yes, yes. >> and the questioning is so weird, it is like list your
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child's accomplishments, what do you list at four years old, or even at birth. >> well, i drool real well. >> master the pacifier? >> tests and things? >> diaper patrol. >> it can be intense. >> i think it is fine. i mean, you time out everything else. you time out summer babies, time out trying to avoid the football season. here trying to get a leg up. the only problem this, though, is you play so much emphasis on trying to get your child in the best school, are you placing unfair expectations cents once they actually do get into school to succeed and to go onto an ivy league college? >> pressure on an embryo. man, that's intense. >> too much. >> wow. >> my embryo needs some medication. >> for anxiety. >> oh, my gosh. >> does money buy happiness? you're darn right it does. well, according to new research, yes indeed. it does. well, let me explain exactly what this is. you looked at this research -- didn't you, al next. >> sure. analyze gallop world pole, survey of more than a million
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people, they found operate mal point of income to make an individual happy. so there is cents a number out there. anywhere from 60,000 to $75,000. the researchers found that that is the ideal income for emotional well-being. and that was the amount calculated for individual not a family. sixty to $75,000. >> now, here is the odd part about it. if you, megan, pop yourself up there. see if i'm right on this. i think the research said if you made more than $75,000 you wouldn't be as happy who made somebody who made right at the 75,000. >> ninety i think is the evening, if you make over zero nine it is all downhill after that. so that's the peak number, 90. >> what are we doing to ourselves? >> they say 95,000 for life evaluation, 60,000 for bell being. >> that means every single celebrity and movie start, are just not happy, right? they're miserable. >> i think it contributes to certain amount of happiness, one of the top three things we think about every single day,
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right? about our health. we think about wealth. we think about sex. >> and you open the mailbox thinking about bills. >> more bills. >> i think you're more inclined to take chances at work when you have a little more income, no? >> you're less stressed? >> but it is weirds that the more you make the less happy you are. according to purdue university. >> probably trying to keep up with the jones'. >> i think so over to glassboro, new jersey, by the way, corey clement out last night. and an elementary school in glassboro new jersey celebrating black history month with its annual read in event. it features stories of african-americans, zoe and went over thereto celebrate with them. >> ♪ >> yes, good morning, guys, see behind me here, listen to the choir here. they're singing i believe i can fly. >> ♪ i believe i can touch the sky ♪ i think about it every night and day ♪ my wings and fly away ♪ i believe i can soar ♪ i see
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you running through that open door ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ spreads my wings i can fly ♪ i can fly if i just spread my wings ♪ i can fly ♪ >> reporter: great job. great job. congratulations, guys. all right, now, some of these student have made project for this day. what project did you make here? >> i made venus williams. >> really, why did you choose screen us? >> because she can do a lot of stuff and she was the first african-american to be the first tennis player. >> that's great watch grade are you? >> fourth. >> congratulations, more project here. we got the choir. as you mentioned, and in case you get hungry here we got
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food. we got eggs. we got grits. we got bacon, sausage, biscuits. mike, you got to try. >> this i'll try it later. here are other student. what did you guys do for black history month? >> i did wilt chamberlain. >> why did you do wilt? >> i'm a basketball fan. so he was one of the greats. so i decided to pick him. >> and did you labron james. >> yes. >> why did you do labron? >> he's one of my favorite basketball players and i look to up him and he grew up in ohio. >> okay, very good. >> you don't like the sixers? >> no all right, now. that's okay. and what but guys? what did you guys make? >> i did ha harriet tub began why? >> because she is really like she is big to people out there because she made a difference in the world to help slaves reach freedom. >> very good. we have a lot of project, freeholders here, chief of police out here. anybody going to be a guest reader later today?
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anybody? okay. you're a freeholder smear. >> yes, sir. >> why did you come to this event. >> nothing better than pouring positivity into young people, they have role models of every creed and color, just being here celebrating african-american history, people here in our community. >> terrific. sounds good. some of these books back here will be a reared. this is terrific event, guys, in glasses borough, and i sent it back to you. >> thank you much. >> nice event. >> yes, it is great that they're doing that. >> way to go. i know that you don't like to talk about your personal life too much. but yesterday was valentine's day. >> andy post a pick. >> i saw a picture on instagram, got dressed up, too, tuxedo? >> he can dress. >> well, ya. >> don't. >> oh. >> who is this headless dude? >> the perfect man. >> he doesn't speak. >> no. >> that's literally an air kiss. >> oh,. >> it is, it is cents. >> so you put that on instagram. then the guy started posting pictures with their heads on it. >> inch net undefeated once
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again, decided to insert themselves instantly. shout out to these guys. >> this guy i i think he was one of the once that started it off. if i just photo shop on this it would be perfect. i saw it oh, ya, funny. and people started doing it. >> oh, no. >> oh, hey, alex. then there is another one. this guy, he wrote a whole evening, planned it out. he said don't be fooled. she is forever my top crush. then there is another one. i'm your man. >> oh, my god. >> and i just thought it was so funny. i thought it was good. and i was like okay, bravo, great job, guys, photo shopped, undefeated. then i saw this last one and i got really disturbed, little scared. little frightened. >> oh! >> that's what nightmares are made of! >> good lord. >> i think that's the best one. >> yes. >> hands down. >> the best photo shop job. >> yes. >> so how did your date go? >> it went well. what did i do? >> not going anywhere? >> oh, we had singles
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gathering, with my girlfriends. >> new thing this year? >> gallen tyne. >> oh, i've been doing that since college. yes, single girls got to stick together. >> i witloof have a microphone in there. >> do guys do that? come together and hang out? >> ya, but i don't think on valentine day specifically. >> you just don't acknowledge it? >> i went to basketball game. >> what did you do, thomas? >> i actually -- so sad. i took my mom out for lunch. >> that's not sad. that's lovely. >> little weird. >> i took pictures. >> good kisser. >> oh. >> horrible thing to say. >> let's go to breakfasts. >> those are your appearance, do things little different. >> okay. here's breakfasts with bob. >> favorite day of the week, we sample different spot this morning, i'm with vin vince and czar, a they took the day off to fix up the house. but take a look at the 12-inch challenge. bamm. look at the size that far pancake. we are live at the metro diner here in warminster, and wait until you see the rest of the go
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>> something about being the only girl at the desk, special break talks. i can hang. listen. >> all right. >> well, we're fascinating by the 12-inch challenge. we're feeling inadequate because we've never had the pancake this big, the food network, once declared, diners across the world have to take a lesson on this one thing. >> if anyone could hand it will. >> handle the 12-inch challenge? it is bob. >> that's right. >> at the metro diner. >> going to take two hands. >> i'm here. good morning, everybody, yes, warminster, it is a brand new spot. so what's your name, hon? >> fontain. >> fontain. you got it. isn't that one of the names, vince fontain. >> franky fontain. >> joan fontain. >> and fontain me. >> isn't fontain the dj in what was that the grease movie? >> yes. >> so what are you ordering off the men knew. >> i'm getting the charleston
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shrimp and grits. >> boom. >> what are you going to get? >> i'll getting belgium waffles with bananas and a side of bacon you. >> got t look at this couple here, your names? >> jared. >> and? >> nicole. >> you put the kids on the bus and you got the rest of the day off. >> we took off and went to enjoy our quiet time. >> you got t have some fun. we are here at the warminster location, the brand new metro diner. this fellow celebrating his birthday. my man. what's your name? >> rich. >> let's have a hand for rich celebrating his birthday. >> thank you. >> come on, he has the chicken and waffles here. >> nothing like chicken answer waffles for breakfast. >> happy birthday, pal. >> thank you very much. >> grand new spot in warminster, metro diner, famous for everything is made from scratch. and take a look at this, evan the manager here, first tell me about the 12-inch challenge? >> well, that's exactly what it is, 12-inch challenge. i chose to put chocolate chips and bananas in it because that's my favorite. >> here is the other one i saw.
9:26 am
>> this one is definitely fan favorite. a special. we doesn't run it all the time. we are running it right now and through the weaken, cinnamon roll pancakes. >> i was feeling, my voice kind of grabbing link here on the edge of getting sick and somebody told steve keeley this morning that i should have the crab benedict. to casino every get me back in action. >> that's my fate's favorite. that one is right here. traditional benedict. also have it with hash browns, then we put two crab cakes, one underneath each poached egg on top of the english muff inch. >> good for lent because you can't have meat during lent. >> perfect for lent. >> to all of the catholics out there. what's this one here? >> another we take traditional benedict and then this is called the san francisco benedict. >> oh, ya. >> we add tomato and avacado. >> that's good. now what's this little sampler smear. >> so this is what we call the wavos rancheros we take black beans, grilled peppers, grilled onions, mix it with treso sausage, egg and different cheeses, excuse me,
9:27 am
and yes, and then jalapino. >> check out the design though. i love it. only been open since december. they pride themselves on the large portions, most dishes are under $15 and again we're right here on street road in warminster. we even have our service man right over here. come on, george, i know he came over to see us. your name? >> chris with 111th attack wing out of horsham. >> thank you so much for your service. >> you're quite welcome. >> i know george asked to you come on over here, service man, as well. >> he must have known it was my birthday, as well. >> hey, happy birthday. >> all right. common. how about a coffee orr how about the 12-inch challenge? >> got my cup of coffee. i'm good for the day. >> there you go. you got t metro diner near warminster, guys, back to you in the studio. >> everybody's everybody's birthday. >> ah. thanks, bob. let's all celebrate. >> have you in the noticed has your dog developed an allergy, food allergy, you know a lot of kids have? dogs are doing it, too, right?
9:28 am
i see all of these dog foods. you don't let your dog eat grain any more. hey, doctor sheila, you know what i saw the other day? >> what's that, sneak. >> dog feed that -- dog food made with kangaroo meat? is that okay. >> there are all kind out there today, mike. >> don't i kno
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93:00 is. if you own a talk perhaps you noticed a growing number of no grain pet food options on store shelves. well some people say no grain, is better than for your dog and others say those brands work especially well if your dog has a food allergy. what is up with all this here with some answers for us our friend doctor sheila mayor, veterinarian owner of somerdale animal hospital, doctor sheila, you will straight then out for us. >> absolutely, sue. >> but first we will take a look at a picture from 10 years ago, april of 2008, when you were here, with this little dog, and my almost 10 year-old daughter, is there
9:32 am
our friend sheneille, doing a segment on pet food. >> how about that. >> that dog. >> that is roofus. >> he was from the camden county animal shelter. you brought him in. we went home with him. >> that was it it is all over. >> he is here to day. >> mommy will celebrate. >> good job, roofus, did you your job. >> say thank you doctor sheila , i owe it all to you. >> now, after seeing all these commercials, grain, no grain, was this a big thing now, what is going on. >> it is a fad, maybe that other pet food companies are catching on to but it comes down to, allergies, allergies commonly present as skin problems, ear problems, itchy pet, licky pet, chewing paw ness dogs and human do but humans get sniffling, dogs, cats, get ears, eyes, skin, hair loss, itching. >> sit necessarily because of their food. >> allergies and patient was allergies have an overreact i
9:33 am
have immune system. so commonly they are allergic to things they ingest, inhale, things they come in contact with, so this diet, idea is related to the concept that if we controlled the food energy, the ingestion energy of the allergies our patients will do better. and sure it is an absolute reality but you must know what your petties allergic to or i consider these diets trial you could do an allergy test at the vet. >> allergy test will tell u.s. it beef, liver, chicken, raise rise, corn, wheat, filler. >> or no food at all. >> no food at all. >> sometimes it is dust allergy and that is very difficult to control. >> we have some food here that , all different prices, all different kinds. we have the basic,. >> eight dollars bag. >> yes, lamb and rice, you know, that is okay. >> this ace i low combination. looking at every day food they are ledded with every meat and every filler, chicken, beef, liver, rice, corn, grains.
9:34 am
>> these le combination diet, lamb and rice limits the ingredients of your diet you are feeding your pet. i call them trial. feed it for four to six weeks your pet gets nothing but lamb and rice and if your petties not allergic it should do well on that diet. >> and it is fine. >> eight-dollar bag. >> if not try a different trial. look for a chicken and potato diet. >> okay. >> moving up to the next little more expensive. this is all kangaroo diet or limited ingredient kangaroo diet, new fad too. these patients come back allergic to beef, chicken. these combinations are developing different meats, salmon, low ingredient, kangaroo, no rice in, grains. if your pet has a grain energy , feed him kangaroo fine pet has a meat allergy may in the work for your pet. >> we are almost out of time. >> next up we have a salmon and rice formula. this is more different type of , ingredient, little more expensive. lastly my vet prescription, if
9:35 am
we do these trials, this is a diet produced by hills, it is zd diet and formulates ingredients so your pet doesn't recognize them as things they are allergic to. no matter what your petties allergic to it respond toss this diet. good option to try if it works , you know it is commonly a food allergy. if not, other things, and there is allergy testing to be done to identify those things. so that is definitive way to determine what your petties allergic too. >> that is most expensive out of out these. >> forty dollars a pack but you have your answer. >> and look what roofus is eating. >> you may go find nothing or something finally works. >> so out of the all of the things here 7.99 on the end. >> yes. >> roofus went for $40 veterinarian prescription food >> the man has a good life. >> i don't mind trying trials if they work, wonderful but keep in mind other options for you and just because someone says, great diet. >> mike do you have allergies. >> i don't know if i would eat
9:36 am
that,. >> don't try to fight roof us for this food. >> hey, roofus. >> fit works for your pet, great works, it works for you, but doesn't mean it will work for you because your dog may not be allergic to grains. >> your dog can have grains. >> all right. >> matter of trial or doing testing to necessity for sure what your petties allergic too >> thanks for straightening that out. thanks for the food for roofus >> we will need that back, yes , you will be stuck on that now too. >> lets see what jen fred's up not nation's capitol this morning, jen. >> okay, am i in the nation's capitol or am i in fill? check this out with the franklin square, love, federal locust, race, inn ritner, really cool place, here in washington d.c
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
so jen went down to d.c. to interview jennifer lawrence >> jennifer lawrence. >> hudson. what sit, lawrence.
9:40 am
>> lawrence. >> but look what she found? philly food. >> make them together, it is philly, all right. >> here's the situation i was calling my friendness d.c. good morning, jacob. >> hi, how are you. >> i said is there any kind of philly thing i can do in d.c. they said heck, yah. >> yes. >> so, dude from philly went to penn state was like there is no good hoagies in the district. >> it is a wasteland for hoagies. >> now. >> i don't think it is waste land of hoagies anymore. we're in d.c., virginia, we in chicago. >> the names are philly names, sandwiches are philly things. but before we get to building the pretty, we will do, the president of the united states , used to pop in here, every once in a while barack obama we have pictures of him and joe biden, popping in here >> they would just walk over, secret service, come get a turkey, our locust, deliver it to them at the white house, it
9:41 am
was awesome. >> cooking for the president is no small thing, right. >> no small thing. >> you don't see people behind the scenes, secret service, watching, they are doing stuff , and it is also exciting at the same time. >> what is one of your favorite hoagies you make here >> we have the ninth street classic italian hoagie something that i love. >> real quick there is no broccoli robb on the menu why is that. >> d.c. is not broccoli robb. >> they are not down with the robb. >> bring it back in some form. >> we are making ninth street italian hoeingy so we have. >> where is bread from. >> we get it from a local bakery here but it is our recipe that we built. >> you started it. >> because i'm bread police. >> we used to drive up every day with our first, and then, every day we drive in the morning for bread, and drive back, every day. we just got too big and could not take a chance if something happened to the bread so we developed our own recipe based on that and now we get it delivered fresh. >> we have a cedar roll, we
9:42 am
will have it with some brushu to, capricola. >> you could be a chef anywhere in this fancy town why do you stick here, what is so much fun. >> it is fun because we are switching up menu, and again we have classics, our ninth street. >> is what next. >> next we will come down here >> yes. >> we have sharp provolone is classic philly thing, right. >> it is thank you for making it sharp provolone because some people just want cheese. >> no, sharp provolone, nice nutty flavor to it. then we will hit it with some tomatoes. >> hit its with tomatoes. >> yes. >> tomatoes. >> a lot of red onion, right, debate is always the ingredient, or the bread. >> they go hand and hand. >> right. >> really comes down to you get to eat bread by itself it is so good. >> you need shredded lettuce, best thing, lettuce, tomato, onion. >> we call it ultimate
9:43 am
vinaigrette, red wine heavy, red wine vinegar, herbs, finish it with some salt. >> so pretty. >> we make philly proud. >> you are making philly proud >> good philly. >> yes, yes, thank you. >> oh, yeah. >> i could use your help. >> come see us. >> and that is amazing, this is amazing. the whole place is amazing. mike, alex, thomas, by the way i'm interviewing jennifer lawrence later today what should i ask her? keep it clean, it is a family show. >> bring her a sandwich. >> take her a philly special. >> teach her how to properly do fly eagles fly. >> so don't eat onions. >> thanks, jen. time to clear this up, folks are the spice girls doing a reunion tour or not? so, we will go to hollywood and figure this out. >> i thought they weren't. >> tmz say they have the definitive answer like i
9:44 am
-hey, did i mention i can save you $620
9:45 am
for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
9:46 am
you cannot hear me at all, ♪ >> hey sue do you want to put in that kangaroo food and do the weather in 15. >> oh, right. >> hop to it.
9:47 am
all right. we're looking at ultimate doppler radar new we had a lot of rain on it earlier and new we don't and it is satellite picture on here as well, just some cloud cover, still got some fog though mostly north of philadelphia, pottstown, up in trenton, in reading, so, that could slow you down a little bit today, a lot of moisture in the air but it is mild, it is already 47 degrees , it is 50 in millville new jersey, 53 in dover delaware and look where we are going from there 65 degrees today, you may see a peak of sunshine here or there but also rain before the end of the day. now tomorrow it is, first day of the year of the dog, lunar new year is tomorrow so that is why there is a talk. we have 60 early. temperatures plunge after that look at difference 38 for saturday. saturday night, could get a little slippery traveling around with the wintry mix possible, 48 degrees on sunday , 54 on monday, back to the 60's by tuesday and wednesday.
9:48 am
what a roller coaster ride of temperatures, guys. >> yes, it is, strap in. >> i know. lets get out of hollywood and it is van, are you there? can you tell us are spice girls getting together or not if anybody knows it would be you. >> this is a go. the contracts have been signed for the reunion tour. mel-b signed last friday, others did as well, we have it that this was on. then victoria told vogue there would be no tour but we have now known there is a tour. it will be throughout the uk, and the u.s., series of concerts, the deal spells out all of the specifics including the locations, and the compensation, it will be limited amounts, concert in both countries so if you want it, get on it quick but they will make a lot of money from the tour and from the merchandise so if you want to see spice girls, this is your chance, go get it victoria beckham is part of it or she
9:49 am
is. >> everybody is here. >> so she lied what took so long, victoria. >> it was a big back then. >> was she involve. >> she was at first. actually when we learn, what we knew is that behind the scenes she was one of the people that wanted this tour to go because at this point in her life we're told that she wants a little bit of her own identity back doesn't want to be men for the whole david beckham relationship. she wants to get back out there with the girls. >> all right. >> girl power. >> so, the next thing that everyone is talking about card ib is she pregnant or just speculating. >> ten seconds. >> her team is saying yes, she's saying no but if she is pregnant it will cost her money. she has a lot of stuff coming up but from what we're hearing she's pregnant but we will see in the next couple months. >> she got proposed to right here in philly. perfect team is saying yes but she's saying no. her team is around her.
9:50 am
>> i feel like there is a little something going on. >> ring was very specific. they will get public any day now, trust me. >> we will be on pregnancy watch. >> who do you think gets the ring now. >> we will be watching at three. >> i thought we had 30 seconds in the show. >> oh that was it. >> which one sit. >> one more block. >> there is another block to the show, i thought we were done. >> wish full thinking. >> what do you say we talk about beyonce. >> lets keep this thing going. >> we should give up on making beyonce wax figures just give it because we don't know how to do it there has been another fiasco. this latest, version of her. >> it is just plane
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
alex. >> yes. >> 9:53. >> yes, mike. >> okay. >> well, jennifer lewis she was in the studio not too long ago in the area and she is a wonderful actress but big presence on social media normally she post she is songs i don't want anybody messing with me and they are usually funny. after what happened yesterday with the mass shooting and everything that went down she were a different song, one that was very serious and a lot of people are reacting to in the wake of that mass
9:54 am
shooting in florida so we wanted to play it for you. >> ♪ our children should not have to run from bullets. they should never, ever see a gun ♪ >> wow, wow. >> ♪ our children should not have to run from bull et cetera, our children should never from bullets ♪ >> she says it over and over again. a lot of you guys sent this to me as well and i saw it on social media and i thought. >> you get to see emotion she's socially active she has said in the past enough is enough. >> things have got to change.
9:55 am
>> so we wanted to play that for you. >> wow. >> just off the top of her head, she probably watching the coverage and was compelled to do that, wow. all right. one of my favorite actresses. >> julia lewis dry fuss. >> looking good. >> yes, congratulations there is one of the first photos after under going chemotherapy , it looks like she has wrapped up this treatment, um. >> yeah. >> she posted this with the caption great doctors, great results, feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery because remember in september it was reshield she was diagnosis with breast cancer. she just finished chemo last month and will return to work in august to continue filming veep. >> last season, very funny. remember couple months ago her sons posted a video too. >> great family. >> was that funny. >> was that a photo of her. >> wow, she looks good. >> looking strong. >> she's still married to brad >> yes. >> we have another beyonce
9:56 am
latest wax figures. >> look at this. >> there is a name tag that says beyonce. >> yeah. >> because you need to know who it is because you wouldn't know if you looked at her. >> i bet they made it, presented it, and then came up with the name tag. >> this was the wax figure from the niagara falls museum and caption was according to the curators of the wax museum in niagara falls, this was beyonce. >> what about that outfit, is it her hair, her face and perfect arms, her hands look big. >> they said a lot of people have been asking when will you get a beyonce wax figure. they simply could not afford it, so they pulled within out of the back. >> you know who that looks like, would the man who used to be on saved by the bell who went on to do that horrible movie. >> elizabeth berkley, that is elizabeth berkley and they put a beyonce tag on her. >> probably what it is. >> remember back in july she was put in, madam tosue's, and
9:57 am
people didn't think that one looked like her but this is better. she looks like julia childs. >> it looks like dorothy krysiuk. >> it does a sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day.
9:58 am
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