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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 17, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. almost two years after legalizing medical marijuana in pennsylvania, dispensary doors are finally opening up. >> today is a new day. it really sanu day for pennsylvanians. >> this morning reaction to the news and the rules of how it all works for those who need it mo most. friends and family shaken and heart broken as they begin to say their final goodbyes to the 17 victims killed during a mass school shooting on wednesday. >> supposed to be closure but at this age it really isn't. it was senseless. >> we're live in florida. what confessed gunman nikolas cruz is asking for in exchange for a guilty plea. plus a glimmer of hope in the fight against the flu. why officials believe the epidemic may be coming to an end finally. it was the action and the
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actor. >> i liked the action and the way they looked. >> the most anticipated movie of the years. it's brought both excitement and tears. black panther making major waves at the box office. here at home a group every local kids able to see the movie free thanks to parks and recreation. >> it's saturday, february 17th, 2018. how are you? >> doing well. how are you? >> good. i mean this sweater crazy but a lot of exciting things taking place this weekend. big movie, black panther. a lost folks excited about that but we have snow. >> ut-oh. ssnow. >> ultimate doppler showing that you system off to the south and west of us around arkansas, missouri, it's going to make a bee line right toward the delaware valley in fact you can see winter weather advisories posted for interior south jersey all of southeastern pennsylvania. we're watching out for a wet snow. temperatures will be marginal. so some of that snow will accumulate.
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then wash away. but here's the bottom line. main timing 5:00 p.m. to about shortly after midnight on sunday morning. rain to wet snow several inches possible. it's going to stick to grassy surfaces, the untreated surfaces first. but the temperatures, they will be in the low to mid 30s. so some melting will take place with this system. so we'll go hour by hour and show you temperatures cold to start. it's dry, it's quiet. so get those saturday morning errands done early. the first part of the day. because rain changing to wet snow once again by four, 5:00 o'clock but look at the temperatures. we're above freezing. so it will be that kind of wet snow clinging to everything across the area. so as we go hour by hour, you can see the cloud cover increases by 5:00 o'clock. we're looking at rain, cape may, atlantic city, so mainly rain along the jersey shore head farther inland look at that wintry mix from dover to wilmington along the i-95
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corridor by about 6:00 o'clock we're looking at some of that wet snow in philadelphia, north and west and you can already see that rain changing over here into parts of south jersey. so any initial accumulating snowfall will simply just wash away for most of us. the exception, parts of the lehigh valley and also the poconos. so how much snow to expect a brief coating as you move into places like kent county, cumberland county also northern atlantic county, southern burlington and ocean county one to three slushy inches i-95 before most of it washes away. three to 6-inches as you move toward sections of the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. but lauren, 70-degree temperatures are ahead in the seven day. >> that's what we like. scott, thank you very much it's. >> it's a first for southeast pennsylvania. today the doors will open several medical marijuana dispensaries. sabina is live in keystone shop in devon. good morning. >> good morning lauren.
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keystone here will open to the public about 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. they had bit of a soft opening yesterday with some private appointments. we actually spoke witness owner and chief medical officer and they told us they're not even sure exactly what to expect today. they say that there could be a few people or there could be a line out the door. now, we were allowed inside yesterday. let's go to video. we were also allowed inside a different dispensary as well that one in sellersville called terra vida. two out of ten now in the state. about 4,000 of the 17,000 people who have registered with the state department of health have been approved for the state marijuana id card. that is what you need in order to enter the secure part of the facilities. in order to purchase medical marijuana and patients must have one of 17 qualifying illnesses including autism, cancer or hiv. now we spoke with dr. louis van der beek of keystone about this new uncharted medical marijuana movement. here's what he told us.
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>> not proposing that this is a pansy ya for all problems for all people. however, it's very clear we've been more than willing to give people medication which can hurt them in the case of opioids which can kill them. we know that this product is a safe product. it cannot cause death and we know that this product can mean a tremendous benefit for many, many people. >> reporter: and back out here live now, dr. van der beek does acknowledge some critics say there's not enough research in the effects and benefits of medical marijuana but he says that this new law will allow that research to take effect. now, again, here keystone chops opens at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to the public no appointments necessary and& lauren no insurance either because federal law still prohibits the use of marijuana and that super seeds state law. so everything will be out of pocket. back to you. >> all right, sabina, new day for our state. thank you very much. and last night, president
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trump and the first lady made a visit to broward health north to pay respects to three survivors still being treated from a valentine's day school vat shooting they think the medical teams who worked hard to say the shooting victims lives. only one vick sim still in critical condition but doctors say they are improving. back on campus, students returned for the first time since wednesday's tragic shooting deputies escorted staff members and students so they can retrieve their belongings like their cars and backpacks left behind in the midst of all the chaos. it's a moment frozen in time for one student. >> cops came in, told us we had to leave our bags and just grab everything that can fit in your pock, put it in your pocket and then just put your hands up and empty had to walk single file. >> when we were leaving the building we saw a lost blood and bodies. nothing that someone under -- like in high school or even any age should experience like absolutely just terrible. >> as the community mourns, funeral services have started yesterday one of the youngest victims was laid to rest.
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14-year-old alyssa alhadeff. and 18-year-old meadow pollock. hundreds to pay their respects and mourn with the families of both girls. families begin burying loved ones authorities are questioning whether they can have prevented that attack that killed 17 people. fox's steve harrigan live with the latest from broward county, florida. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. president trump spent about 45 minutes inside the hospital last night. he visited some of the woun woud students and their families. he also visited law enforcement officials here and met with the officer who made the arrest. president had i words of praise for those first responders. the funeral also here have begun the first of 17 beginning on friday. there were two yesterday. one today. two more coming up as this community really continues to mourn and among that mourning there are many who are outraged that what they say are a number of missed signals by law
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enforcement officials about this shooter. the biggest missed signal is a january 5th call the fbi admits a call to their tip hotline that warned from someone close to the suspected shooter nikolas cruz that the 19-year-old was erratic, that he had a gun and that he wanted to kill people. this call was ignored. that has outraged many here inn including florida's governor scott who called fort fbi director to resign. suspected shooter made his first appearance in court his public defender says he he intends to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty that is something florida officials will most certainly seek. as for the school itself still not open. and the three-story building whee that shooting took place is expected to be torn down and rebuilt. a number of students and their families saying they can simply never go in that building again. lauren, back to you. >> all right, steve, tough, tough time for the families down there. thank you very much for the update. this story has accept shock waves across the country. bucks county people are
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protesting gun laws demanding action from lawmakers. from universal background checks to limits on ammunition purchases, banning assault rifles and longer waiting periods before gun purchases. congressman brian fitzpatrick the republican in this bucks county district tweeted, it is incumbent upon all of us to identify the root causes of this senseless violence and move to address it immediately. his staff says he's working on bills to do just that. but there's little desire among republican leadership to toughen gun laws. federal or state. 29 bills pending in the house of representatives. none of which has been put up for a vote. none of us are taking money from the nra on the democratic side and we are going to pass common sense gun safety alleges laying. >> the rally continued with protesters sharing their hope for action. they're fears and their overall sadness. switching gears to other news this morning. special counsel robert mueller indicting 13 russian nationals. three russian entities accused of meddling in the 2016 electi
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election. they're now charged with conspiracy to defraud the us. conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and theft. documents say they used fake online identities to enter fear in that election. their operations are said to have included support for then candidate donald trump and attacks against hillary clinton. the cdc reporting 22 more child deaths from the flu bringing the total number to 84 this season. they also say there is a chance the outbreak could be leveling out. >> it's the first week that we have not had any increases in the amount of influenza activities, so that may indicate that the season is peaking. >> the cdc warns its too early to tell for sure if the outbreak has leveled off either way they anticipate several more week of flu activity and doctors are still encouraging the public to get that important flu shot. meanwhile, the fight to end the opioid crisis continues. philadelphia district attorney larry krasner has filed a second lawsuit against opioid makers.
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he claims ten different pharmaceutical companies have fueled the city's crisis through deceptive marking. the drug companies have said they don't believe litigation is the answer but have pledged to help. you remember the movie harry and the hendersons. well, could we finally put to rest the age old question is big foot real? before you say no, you're going to want to see amazing new video shot by one family. a little girl battling leukemia gets a special gift an extreme home makeove home make r family thanks the flyers. we shared this with you on random act of kindsness day. are you planning to pay it forward to someone. let us know how. using the fox 29 hash tag. >> i'm sue serio along with weekend wendy. the point is for the entire president's day weekend the museum of the american revolution newest museum here in philadelphia on third street third and chestnut has lots of
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activities planned, themed activities, give aways, last chance to see very water color called "among his troops" george washington at valley forge. don't miss your chance to see washington's actual tent he was in. yes, george washington did sleep ther
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check out this video. it has gone viral. a canadian family says the video shows the legendary big foot in a forest. so is it the illusive big foot or maybe just a bear? someone wearing a furry suit? we'll let you be the judge of this. but i think this is quite bizarre. >> look at this, scott. what do you think. >> that's crazy. hey, if it's in canada, big foot can stay in canada. >> right. >> stay up there. >> but i mean it does make you wonder like is this a costume? is it a bear? what is that? >> i don't know. >> look at you. down there with big foot. all right. in canada it doesn't look like -- maybe a little snow dusting, right? >> yeah. it could look like that across parts of our area. we're talking 70-degree temperatures though next week. so lauren if you don't like the weather, stay tuned. >> wait few days. yeah. we are looking at a reinforcing shot of that cold air across the delaware valley for your saturday morning. but look at the temperatures today upper 30s. upper 40s on sunday.
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50s on monday. 70 degrees record breaking warmth as we move toward tuesday of next week. so here's the timeline for the snow later on today. 5:00 o'clock looking at precipitation moving in. rain to wet snow several inches a possibility. it's going to stick mainly to grassy surfaces untreated surfaces a lot of it will be a washed away as some of that mixing temperatures will be marginal. low to mid 30s. so we'll watch that rain/snow line but right now you can see we're dry and quiet. but as we go hour by hour, by four, 5:00 o'clock, we're looking at some of that snow moving in especially north and west. mainly a rain event along the jersey shore as we watch that rain/snow line kind of move a little farther to the north. so once again we could see an accumulatsee anaccumulation of d philadelphia but it washes away. lehigh valley and poconos will likely see the heaviest of the snowfall totals maybe a brief
7:17 am
coating parts of interior south jersey. maybe a slushy one to 3-inches mainly the grassy surfaces untreated surfaces the i-95 corridor and then heftier amounts once you move into berks county, lehigh valley north of the pennsylvania turnpike. upper 20s right now in philadelphia. so cold conditions out there area wide. we're in the 20s to low 30s. so cold enough for that wintry precipitation later on today. so as we go hour by hour, we're watching that moisture move in and that rain changes over to that wet snow. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you look at the 70s as we head toward tuesday. 70 degrees, 72 for your wednesday. crazy weather whiplash, lauren. >> pull out your summer clothes, right? why not. scott, thanks very much. 7:17 this morning. a holiday party inside a local museum turns into an art heist. stolen a priceless piece of history. part of it. as bruce gordon explains only in
7:18 am
philly. ♪ hi, i'm bruce gordon. when i was kid, back in the stone age, we had lots of cool toys designed specific toll provide hours of fun and to put your eye out at the same time. one of my favorites was a creepy little spy device called six finger. i found the old tv commercial on youtube it brought back wonderful memories. >> surprise x it's six finger it looks like your finger but watch them flip it's a secret weapon at your finger tip. just point and fire, six finger a missile to your friends. >> the google eyed reaction of those kids to the utility of an extra digit came to mind when i thought about the federal case now underway against a 24-year-old bear, delaware, man by the name of michael rohan in a. according to mr. rohan in a was attending after hours ugly sweater party at philadelphia's franklin institute back in december when he decided naturally enough that he needed an extra thumb so he
7:19 am
broke one off of the the calvary men one of ten priceless 2200-year-old artifacts on loan to the institute from china. mission impossible this was not. security at the institute was pretty obviously lacking. as for mr. owe hannah apparently he spoke openly of the theft to friends afterward. even posted photos of him with the thumb to snap chat using security camera footage the fbi's art crime team fingered rohan in a in a heartbeat. they say he confessed to the crime and led them to the thumb which was hidden in a drawer. now rohan in a faces federal art theft charges and china which was already a bit under the circumstances see about loaning out these delicate artifacts cannot be happy about receiving one of them back with a damaged digit. this kid social security why we can't have nice things. as for his criminal case, i actually like his chances. after all it seems to me he's
7:20 am
got an extra thumb placed on the scales of justice. only in philly. ♪ today in case you don't know is national ax acts of kindsness day. so that means people who take it seriously decide to find a way to do a good deed or may it forward before the end of the day. that's exactly what the philadelphia flyers did when they stepped up to help a little girl who has spent the last two years battling leukemia. her name is maddie o'malley. she's five years old. her family has put everything on hold to support her. but in december the flyers in addition to several other charities in our area heard about the family's struggle and earlier this week check out that video. they presented a major surprise to the o'malley's, a renovated home. players, flyers players were there in the neighborhood for the block party along with a lot of other people as they returned to their house. >> what did you think when you saw your room? >> i loved it. >> we play hockey for a living,
7:21 am
and this really puts things in perspective and once a year really gives us something to really feel good about. >> how sweet is that? maddie has been cancer free for nip months now. so that was another major reason to celebrate. so that brings us to this morning's instant reaction poll. how will you celebrate ran dollar act of kindness day? >> i was thinking about it at my deck, scott. i said today is the day i are have to fill up and go to the grocery store. groceries and gas today. >> you'll pay for someone' groceries. >> maybe not the whole tab. maybe i'll drop a little bit on the grocery bill. >> i'm going to get behind in you line. [ laughter ] >> i could give like 20 or $25 to the cashier fort next person's gas. something nice like that. >> nice. >> complete stranger make their day. >> maybe pay for someone's coffee or pay it forward. you never know what people are going through. just be kind and smile. >> i agree. you could also cook for some people because you know what i mean? hint, hint, scott. [ laughter ] >> next, how the power of music is inspiring confidence and
7:22 am
leadership skills for young women in our area. stay with us. ♪ ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail tastes real good
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and it's packed with powerful cranberry nutrients that can help your body defend against certain infections. i'll be your body on cranberry juice! bring it on, bad stuff! still healthy.
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♪ >> gorgeous shot of the airport. junior reporter cali mon from lasalle joining us this morning. callie your name is not short
7:25 am
for california. >> it's not. people think the all the time. we got that clear. >> we got it cleared. tell us what you have for us this morning. >> through the power of music youth in philadelphia are gaining confidence and leadership skills and it's all due to girls rock philly. meet melanie sue the community organizing director and base instructor for girls rock phil philly. >> a lot of our work uses music as a force that offers space for, um, community building and growth. >> the organization formed in 2,006 and hoped to empower young adults prone vied them with tools to enhance their critical thinking and creativity skills. >> inspires them to carry that confidence and that like sense of strong excel and curious is the with them for many years in their lives. >> girls rock philly has grown tremendously over the years and now is over 80 volunteers and 140 participants. >> we strive to be inter generational. a lot of our campers are star
7:26 am
starting to grow into leadership positions in the organization so a lot of our campers, um, grow to become volunteers. girls rock philly continues to expand and has started to offer camp programs for adults. this allows them to express themselves and boost their confidence. >> and cali tells me it comes full circle. >> a lot of the older participants will mentor the younger ones. they learn it from the adults and following through. i love that. >> cali girls rock. did you well, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> marriage of activism and exercise and it's making waves on social media, progressing is what it's being called. we teach you about the bizarre earth conscious fitness trend later in our
7:27 am
♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer.
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canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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>> welcome back you're watching good day weekend. i'm lauren johnson. scott says there's snow in the forecast. but then 70s next week. i love it. >> pick your poison. we're talking about dry, cold
7:30 am
and quiet to start on this saturday. winter weather advisories in effect later on this afternoon. the moisture still off to the south and west around st. louis. you can see that snowfall. rain in memphis this is the moisture that will move toward the delaware valley to give us that slushy wet kind of sloppy snow before most of it washes away especially i-95 into sections of south jersey but nonetheless you can see those purple highlighted counties new castle county as you move toward salem, gloucester, camden, northern sections of burlington county all of southeastern pennsylvania. we're looking at that wintry mix. the timing after about four, 5:00 o'clock shortly after midnight. we're looking at several inches a possibility now temperatures the past couple of days topped out around 60 degrees so the snow initially will main the stick to grassy surfaces untreated elevated surfaces. marginal temperatures low to mid 30s later on this evening. high temperatures later on today
7:31 am
upper 30s. so initially likely starting out as little bit of rain before it changes over to wet snow. that intensity will help to kind of bring down some colder air to support that slushy accumulati accumulation. so sunshine to start out there. the clouds rapidly move in later on this afternoon. and look at the wintery mix especially north and west. rain a likelihood out of this system down the jersey shore. so not anticipating much in the way of accumulating snow maybe a brief coating interior parts of south jersey before that rain line kind of moves a little farther to the north. even toward philadelphia washing anything that up a accumulates away and you can see north and west cold enough for that snow to linger the lehigh valley and poconos so that's where those snowfall totals will be a little higher. so a brief coating interior parts of south jersey. the rain is going to wash most of it away. a slushy 1 inch or so around philadelphia before the rain washes things away. three to 6-inches as you move
7:32 am
toward the far north and west suburbs north of that pennsylvania turnpike so cold and dry get those errands done early. the snow arriving about four, 5:00 o'clock and then we'll talk about 70-degree temperatures in that seven day forecast coming up. >> scott, thank you so much. happening today, it's a first for southeast pennsylvan pennsylvania. doors will open at several medical marijuana dispensaries across the state. sabina kuriakose live at keystone shops in devon. they're scheduled for, what, 1:00 p.m. opening, sabina? >> that's right. they'll be open to the public at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. and they tell me they're not quite sure what to expect, lauren. they might have line out the door or they might just get a few patients. but again you don't have to have an appointment to get in. now as you mentioned some as yesterday.ough open as early we'll hear from some patients who are already fulfilling their prescriptions in a moment. but right now let's go to video taking you inside some of these facilities. where you can see the product
7:33 am
neatly and carefully lined up. there's ten dispensaries now in the state, 4,000 patients who qualify for the state medical marijuana id card. the patients must have one of 17 conditions including autism or cancer. now, our big anderson spoke with patients outside dispensary in bethlehem yesterday that opened and they spoke of the difficulty of obtaining marijuana for their medical needs in the past understandably now those patients relieved that this new law makes it legal. >> i was a church leader, i really really cared for my church and my church family and i was ex communicated from that church for my use of marijuana. >> better than getting it illegally on the streets we we all have to do. >> reporter: and back out here live, now, again, you do have to register with the state and you get an id card. i'm told it looks like a driver's license with a photo id and that card is actually what's going to get you into the secure part of the facilities to purchase the medical marijuana.
7:34 am
now, critics say that there hasn't been enough research done into the effects and the use of medical marijuana. but advocates say this new law will actually make that research possible. lauren? >> we know people are on both sides of this argument. sabina, thank you so much. powerful earthquake sends people flooding the streets of mexico city. it registered as a magnitude 7.2. surveillance video here shows the rocking back and forth. the epicenter was marked in a rural area along the pa sick coast but the shock waves spread out for miles. so far at least in mexico city no major damage or injuries reported. harsh words from fans after lindsay vaughn failed to medal in the super g. she slipped and tied for sixth place. von visibly upset after crossing the finish line. took to twitter afterwards to share her thoughts on the race she wrote frustrating to be so close to the podium and to have made such a big mistake but that ski racing. i'm proud of the way i exceed and how i attacked the course.
7:35 am
i gave it my all and came up short. that's live. now it's on to the downhill. one person responded with, you lost because you bad mouthed our president. happy to see a trait tower of the usa defeated. now retire, please. another wrote, maybe you should have focused on your sport more instead of foolishing bashing our american president right before the olympics. but one woman came to her defense writing, i just spent the last 20 minutes reading through tweets directed at lindsey von sickened and disgusted once again by the lack of human that the that engulfs our country. she just raced her heart out and trump supporters gloat, cheer, celebrate her inability to med medal. is this what we've become? >> ouch. >> some snow -- i know. to cold and talk about commitment. dozens in montgomery county are about to run through some freezing water, scott. and students held a rally to sort of get them all pysched up yesterday the pep rally at modern day catholic school in lansdale featured the pep squad, skits by students, polar bear
7:36 am
mascots many of those plungers look at these cute little kids. today for the tenth year in a row over 50 students and staff and even some parents will head into the frigid atlantic ocean. the plungers believe strong until catholic education and are raising money for the tuition assistance program for the families. i've been to that before. the pep rally. >> and they do get hyped up but you have to to want to run into freezing cold water. >> getting hyped up and then looking at the cold ocean about to jump in. two different things. >> right. >> it's cold out there this morning. >> it is. but it's all for good cause much that's good news. speaking of moms, parents, what about our super mom jenn fred much what's up girlfriend? >> reporter: you know plain maureen from skirt one of the move sleekest people we know. in the past we've said no to yoga pants. >> i have. i've been vocal about this. >> we have changed our minds and i'll tell you exactly why tomorrow on good day. >> taking it back, ladies, taking it back. ♪
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7:40 am
um, you know, i'll learn from what i did, you know, not so good and take that into this year and hopefully turn it into a positive. to the flyers the blue jackets tied at one in overtime. travis coy with the steal that leads to two on one break. sean right here. takes it himself. that's a goal. the game winner the flyers get the w2-one. couple sixers getting it done in the rising star challenge. check this out for the world team ben simmons coast to coast takes the contact, those it down joel embiid doing what he does, pump fake, spin move, slams it with two hands. the world team gets the win. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. row loll tv and skateboarding star turns his decades long struggle into a mission of hope. how one local celeb kicked his addiction and is now helping others to get clean. you don't want to miss that one. ♪
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♪ you can try this on the boardwalk in you want. check this out it's a new fitness trend and it's improving our earth one run at a time. it's called ploggin plogging. it combines jogging with p laca swedish phrase meaning pick up. it encourages people to stop jogging by pick up trash by
7:44 am
lunching and squatting. according to fitness apps a half an hour of plog asking burn 280 calories. video we're seeing, scott, it's pretty clean. we've seen parts of philadelphia where it can get a little dirty. so apparently as you're walking or jogging along if you sort of do some lunches pick up trash that means you have to bring a trash bag with you and you're carrying the trash so you're burning even more calories. >> then you need some i guess sanitary gloves. >> right. >> hand sanitizer. find some trash cans along the way to put that trash in too. so, hey, you're burning more calories. there you go. >> they say it works in sweden. maybe we should try it here in philadelphia. [ laughter ] >> run and squat. pick up, find trash can. interesting. ♪ all right. as we focus in on this weather on this saturday morning. it's dry and cold and the snow will be moving in later on this afternoon and this evening. yesterday's high chem cher was 60 degrees. today will be in the upper 30s. upper 40s by sunday.
7:45 am
low 50s monday. 70 degrees as we move toward tuesday so, yeah, weather whiplash we're all over the place over the next several da days. the main timing of that snow, four to 5:00 p.m. to shortly after midnight. several inches a possibility but with marginal temperatures lots of melting, anything that accumulates could quickly be washed away so it looks like main the grassy surfaces untreated surfaces with that accumulation. the purple those are the winter weather advisories posted for interior south jersey new castle county in delaware, all of southeastern pennsylvania. the moisture is still off to the south and west. so sunshine out there now. cloud cover rapidly arrives and then you can see by four, 5:00 o'clock, we're looking at snow north and west a little mix interior parts of south jersey, but it's just a rain event along the jersey shore and then that rain/snow line kind of moves a little farther to the north look at this. toward philadelphia so anything that accumulates will likely just wash away by, say,
7:46 am
10:00 o'clock tonight as temperatures once again will be marginal. north and west cold enough for all snow the lehigh valley and the poconos. hey, it's a big weekend in the poconos for skiing this holiday weekend. we're looking at three to 6-inches far north and west. a slushy one to three around i-95. a coating once again this area we're looking at the accumulation and then likelihood of it being washed away. upper 20s now in philadelphia. 30 degrees in millville. that planner showing temperatures marginal above freezing. rain to start. changing over to that wet snow and the seven day forecast shows 70 on tuesday. 72 degrees by wednesday. >> i like what i see, scott. thank you very much. the red cross says it is urgent need of donations partly because the flu epidemic causing a shortage of blood supply. officials say donations are down partly because so many people have the new and can't donate. combine that with winter weather that has kept people from being
7:47 am
able to get out to donate and supplies are just low nationwi nationwide. the red cross says it hopes people who can donate will. it's easy, it's painless, you can save a life. we see so many accidents in our job that, um, we know the need to have blood available for everybody, and if it's down emergency rooms are going to have problems. that's an absolute fact. if you like to give blood go to >> a brush with death for a local skateboard prodigy and film and tv star. he's giving out his actual phone number to anyone battlinged diction because he does not want to see any person die from drug use. our hank flynn has his story. >> if you're in that position and you see no way out, personally call me and i will do whatever i humanly can in my powers to help you. my phone number is
7:48 am
(610)546-2608. >> people call brandon novak for help a lot. at the skate park he's busy on the phone. >> have you ever tried to get help. what i mean when i say help eileen like treatment. >> does novak look familiar. he's one of the stars of bam margera shows on mtv and elsewhere. >> it says where is my needle? >> through all those years, those projects, he was a hard core addict. >> there it is. >> for 21 years i shot heroin and shot cocaine for 25 years i smoked we'd, sniffed coke ate pills you name it i've done it. my mother had bought me a plot. people had taken life insurance policies out on me. i was on life support for seven days. it's like me high strung out. >> odds were never in his favor to get clean. doing it for his own sake wasn't enough of a reason he says and consequences please people who loved him were scared but the world was enjoying the show. why would he quit? >> you tell me my life is unmatchable. i believe my life is unmatchable but my bank account states
7:49 am
otherwise it's my job to get high for lack of better words. >> it's not his job any more. after bottoming out homeless in a baltimore garage brandon got straight 13th try. he now works for treatment centers when people struggling with a dick call him he answers giving time even when he has none. >> oddly enough drugs and alcohol are now my solution to life again. on the flip side. because i've used my defects to become my biggest assets and what i mean by that, is i give my number out and i say if anyone needs help, call me. and how 99% of these conversations go is they say my novak if you can get clean there's no reason why i can't. can you help me? >> brandon says he can because he does. >> are you drinking like a lot? >> he's helped something like 16 people in recovery just this month and he works with a non-profit to get people who are broke or without insurance get the help they need treatments expensive but vo novak is on fire. >> disease of addiction is not a
7:50 am
death sentence it's as long as you're breathing it's never too late and your history does not have to dictate your future and i' living evidence of that. >> brandon went to the bottom and back. a loft on film and tv not always pretty if you catch him he'll tell you some stories. look him dead in the eye you'll see the wisdom of one who is knocked on the grim reaper' doors and weren't told to come back later. guy like that he's a dangerous man in the fight. ridiculous. >> i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ black panther expected to take a huge bite out of box office sales but does the film live up to the hype? hear what a group of local kids able to see the movie free think. ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
our shawnette wilson has all the action packed fun. the movie was awesome. the movie was beautiful. >> reporter: hope mcdowell brought children from the ace afternoon program at mill creek
7:54 am
rec center to see the black panther movie. they left feeling empowered. >> i hope they take away from it being united and also, um, working to help their community which at the ace after school program that's kind of what we work on with our project. >> one of several groups from rec centers around philadelphia given the opportunity to attend a screening of the marvel film at studio movie grill in upper darby staffers spent the week creating events for the children to promote going to see it and the fact it's the first marvel movie featuring a black super hero with a predominantly black cast. >> have you ever seen a black super hero in a movie. >> no. >> the kids say they liked what they saw. >> it was the action and the actors. >> i liked the action and the way they look and how they use, um, magnetic things. >> report roar myers rec advisory council made it possible for the groups of children to see the movie for free on opening weekend. and as a way to celebrate black
7:55 am
history month. >> i did like it. it was very climatic. not a lot of black super heroes. having one black super hero is good. >> get this. the next hour of good day you'll meet some of those kids lucky enough to tend last night's screening they're candid reaction about the film what it means to them and they will be all dressed up in the costumes they wore. i can't wait to meet them. as we head to break we want to take moment to honor the 17 innocent lives lost during wednesday's school shooting in south florida. stay with us for another hour of good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> precious faces of young people like 14-year-old al lane today petty. her neighbor road rip kara and fly witness angels you'll be greatly missed and we'll always love you and celebrate your beautiful love. jay me gout ten berg her father writing on facebook my heart is broken yesterday jennifer bloom
7:56 am
gut ten berg and i lost our baby girl to violent shooting at her school. we lost our daughter and my son jesse lost his sister. i'm broken as i write this. trying to figure out how my family gets through this. martin duke was a 14-year-old freshman his older brother graduated from douglas high last year. alyssa was a 15-year-old freshman. 14-year-old gina mon tal tow was a freshman on the school's winter guard team. nicholas was a senior who just received a swimming scholarship to the universit university of indianapolis. luke hoyer, carmen was a 2017 national merit scholar semi-finalist. meadow pollock was a senior who planned to attend lynn university. joaquin oliver 17 born in venezuela and moved to the u.s. when he was three. he became a u.s. citizen a year
7:57 am
ago. alex shacter was a marching band student. peter wang was 15. his cousin says he was wearing his rotc uniform and holding a door open so other people could escape. helena ramsay remembered by her family as a smart, kinds heart hearted, thoughtful person who was deeply loved. scott was a 35-year-old geography teacher at the school who unlocked his classroom so students could take shelter inside during the shooting. he was hit and killed by a bullet while closing the door behind them. chris hixon who was the athletic director at the high school was originally from easton, pennsylvania. aaron face was an assistant football coach shot and killed after jumping in front of the shooter to protect students. the school football team announced the news on it's twitter account saying he selflessly shielded students from the shooter when he was
7:58 am
shot. he died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> in the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. almost two years after legalizing medical marijuana in pennsylvania, dispensary doors are finally opening up. this morning reaction to the news and how the rules of how it all works for those who need it most. plus, family and friends shaken and heart broken as they begin to say their final goodbyes to the 17 victims killed during a mass school shooting on wednesday. in a time of see something say something the question remains, how dodge we share with our children? a local doctor weighs in. and this. >> like some real loving basketball. >> ut-oh. okay. don't you know not to mess with jamie foxx.
8:01 am
the comment that made the comedian walk off during a live interview. it's a question he does not want to be asked and clearly does not want to discuss. >> i didn't hear it. >> oh, i know. >> good day everyone it's saturday, february 17th 2018. >> i'm sure you can guess. when people start to get too much in your business. >> personal life, maybe. >> don't want to talk about. that's off limits. headed right back to the court. >> so, um, it's cold outside today. >> um-hmm. >> it's going to snow in certain parts of our area. >> yeah. >> and then we'll pull out our summer sandals and shorts later this week. >> yeah. just pick your poison out there. >> what a week. >> it's sunny out there right now, lauren, but the cloud cover will roll in and yes, we're still looking at that wintry mix. you can see ultimate doppler a lost moisture off to the south and west. in the purple those are those winter weather advisories that we're keeping tabs on for slushy accumulations temperatures will be marginal enough for some those to kind of wash away late this evening. so the main timing of that precipitation after about four, 5:00 p.m. through 1:00 a.m. on
8:02 am
sunday. rain to wet snow, several inches possible especially north and west suburbs. it's going to be that clingy wet snow grassy surfaces untreated surfaces temperatures will be marginal. we'll go hour by hour. by 11am35 degrees. the clouds rolling in. still dry by 2:00 p.m. but by four, five, that rain changing over to wet snow and you can see as we go hour by hour, that most of that moisture will be arriving around the dinnertime frame. but that rain/snow line will kind of teeter totter right along that i-95 corridor. we'll talk much more coming up. lauren. >> scott, thank you so much. happening today, it's a first for southeast pennsylvania. today the doors will open at several medical marijuana dispensaries. sabina kuriakose is live at keystone shops in devon in our area. that one scheduled to open this afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, lauren, it will open at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon we actually moved up here to give you guys a better look inside of the facility and right now here i'll move this
8:03 am
way. you can see this looks like your typical doctor's office lobby but on the side here through a door there's a secure area where the product is under lock and key. and i did speak with the opener of keystone shops yesterday and he told me that this is all brand knew for everyone. all new. so they're not quite sure what to expect. so there will be security guards here along with the security infrastructure that's already in place. now, some facilities already opened yesterday. there's about ten dispensaries right now in the state. thousands of patients who qualify through the state for the medical marijuana id card. they have to have at least one of a list of serious medical conditions to be approved. now our bill anderson spoke with some patients filling their legal prescriptions in bethlehem yesterday. they talked the severe illnesses which drove them to seek the drug. as well as what they went through to get it before this new law now makes it legal.
8:04 am
>> ptsd through afghanistan. a lot of buddies i've lost. i'm sorry. >> it's all right. >> i've been evicted from apartments and i've been fired from jobs. i was a church leader and i really, really cared for my church and i cared for my church family and i was ex communicated from that church for my use of marijuana. >> reporter: those patients there you can hear very very relieved this law is now taking effect. now, again, as i said, the owner and the chief medical officer here say that they are expecting maybe a line, maybe just a few people. they haven't appointments today so it's really walk in. now do you need to have id to get inside. like i mentioned you have to have that state medical marijuana id card to actually buy the marijuana. but you can come in for a consultation and they can walk you through the process of registering with the state. lauren, back to you. >> sabina, thank you very much. last night, president trump and the first lady made a visit to
8:05 am
broward health north to pay respects to three survivors still being treated from valentine's day school shooting. om one victim is is still in critical condition but doctors say they are improving. back on campus, students returned for the first time since wednesday's tragic shooting. deputies he is cored staff members and students so they can get their belongings like their cars and backpacks left behind. right in the midst of all that chaos. it's a moment frozen in time for one student. >> cops came in. they toll us we to leave our bags and just grab everything that can fit in your pock. put it in your pocket and then just put your hands up and everybody had to walk single file. when we were like leaving the building we just saw a lot of blood and bodies and it was just like nothing that someone under -- like in high school or even any age should experience like absolutely just terrible. >> as the community mourns, funeral services have started. yesterday one of the youngest victims laid to rest. 14 year a alyssa alhadeff. services were paid for
8:06 am
18-year-old meadow pollock. they mourn at star of david memorial gardens in north lauderdale. authorities are questioning whether they would have prevent at tack that killed 17 people. steve harrigan live with the very latest from broward county, florida. hi, steve. >> reporter: lauren, the president spent about 45 minutes in the hospital meeting with wounded students and their families. he and the first lady also visited local law enforcement, the president met with the officer who apprehended the suspected shooter. he had high praise for the first responders. meantime here the funerals the first of 17 have begun. two yesterday, one today. at least two more tomorrow as well. and with the sadness here a growing sense of anger. more could have been done. people here angry especially after learning that the fbi received a tip call on january 5th. a tip from someone close to the suspected shooter 19-year-old nikolas cruz which warned that cruz was unstable, that he had a
8:07 am
gun that he wanted to kill people and the fear that he could shoot up a school. that of course is exactly what happened six weeks later. florida's governor rick scott has called for the fbi director to resign. meantime here the shooter has made his first appearance in court. his public defender said he is likely to plead guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder in an effort to try to avoid the death penalty. finally, here the thee story building where those ninth graders were, where the people were killed on wednesday, that building is likely according to florida lawmakers to be torn down and rebuilt. many parents and students saying they simply will not be able to go into that building again. lauren, back to you. >> totally understandable, steve, thank you very much. switching gears in other news this morning. special counsel robert mueller indicting 13 russian nationals and thee russian entities accused of meddling in the 2016 election. they are now charged with conspiracy to defraud the us. conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and theft.
8:08 am
documents say they used fake online entities to enter fear in the election. they're operations are said to have included support for then candidate donald trump and attacks against hillary clinton. the cdc reporting 22 more child deaths from the flu bringing the total must be to 84 this season. they also say there is a chance the outbreak could be leveling out. >> it's the first week that we have not had any increases in the amount of influenza activities. so that may indicate that the season is peaking. >> the cdc warns its way too early to tell for sure if the outbreak has leveled off. either way they anticipate several more weeks of flu activity and doctors are still encouraging the public to get that flu shot. meanwhile the fight to end the opioid crisis continues. philadelphia district attorney larry krasner has filed a second lawsuit against opioid makers. he claims the ten different pharmaceutical companies have fueled the city's crisis through deceptive marking. the drug companies have said they don't believe litigation is the answer but have pledged to
8:09 am
help. panicked parents, police rush to a local middle school yesterday after a student reports seeing a gun. does your child know what to do in a dangerous situation? our psychologist weighs in on the conversation you need to have with your kids, and later, they're ready to take the polar plunge. fox 29 with students and teachers in montgomery county as they get ready to hit the cold water later today. ♪ >> i'm sue is he yo along with colonial dressed weekend wendy. kind of sort. the point is for the entire president' days weekend the museum of the american revolution our newest museum here in third on third street, third and chestnut, has lots of activities planned, themed activities, give aways and the last chance to see a very special water color called "among his troops" george washington at valley forge and don't miss your chance to see washington's actual tent that he actually was in, yes, george washington did sleep there. whatever do you this weekend
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8:15 am
accumulation. so temperatures will be margin marginal. grassy surfaces untreated surfaces that's where that snow will stick first. winter weather advisories posted in interior sections of south jersey. southeastern pennsylvania. the moisture still well off to the south and west of us. around missouri, also arkansas. you can see that snow moving toward st. louis, kentucky and that moisture will continue to head in our direct. so sunshine to start. the clouds thicken around lunch time looking at the moisture moving in rapidly 4:00, 5:00 p.m. mainly rain along the jersey shore. wet snow the i-95 corridor north and west suburbs but then we're watching that rain/snow line move a little farther to the north. by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock, washing anything that accumulates away for moat of us the exception the lehigh valley and the poconos. that's where we could see the jackpot. north of the pennsylvania turnpike, three to 6-inches. not out of the question. a slushy one to three around philadelphia probably the lower end of that and just a brief coating for parts of south
8:16 am
jersey. the seven day forecast showing you the roller coaster ride. so buckle up. near records tuesday, 70 degrees. low 70s by the middle of next week. so weather whiplash. back over to you. >> roller coaster ride for sure, scott, thank you very much. scary situation ends with hugs and smiles in yesterday afternoon wagner middle school was on lock down for four hours after reports avenue gun was at the school. it came after a 13-year-old girl saw another student showing off a gun outside the school she ran inside told school officials which led to the lock down. after two intense searches police found a plastic toy gun that shoots plastic pellets stashed by a radiator. it was a tense moment fort entire community. >> you never know what it's a false alarm or if it's for real. i'm happy it's a false alarm. >> we'd rather be out here all day if we have to be make sure these kids get out here safely. >> sources say three, 13-year-old boys admitted to
8:17 am
hiding the toy gun. no word on if they'll face any charges. this is the 81 is the school lock down in philadelphia this year. and it comes shortly after, you know, what happened down in florida. speaking of schools and guns. nikolas cruz has confessed to killing 14 students and three educators at marjory stoneman douglas high school this happened on wednesday. students who knew the 19-year-old say they weren't surprised. cruz's social media showed off his obsession with guns and knives. comments posted about killing animals and talks of doing target practice in his backyard. in a time of seeing is say something the question remains, how much do we share with our kids? dr. jenna, is here to explain. so let me start with that. with the see something say something. we were talking about this story throughout the newscast, a woman tweeted us and she was saying when you hear see something, say something and you actually do you hear the fbi drops the ball d that discourage children from
8:18 am
wanting to come forward and actually say something? >> yeah. you know it may. um, what i want kids to know and i think parents to tell their kids is to not let that be what stops you. they did the right thing. as kids as civilians we can only control what we can control. they did the right thing. i think maybe that's something for the fbi to work on -- wok out on their end of what we have to do to better, um torque better that process. but kids may feel like there's no point but i guess my -- what i want to you were parents to encourage their kids no matter what, if you see someone posted about violence, if you see somebody posting about killing animals, definitely let -- anything that has homicidal or suicidal content to their post definitely let an adult know. >> here's a question for you. how do we know how much to share without creating and causing some fear and worrying in our kids? when you see something like what happened in florida and we've seen it time and time again unfortunately, kids start to become worried about going to school. >> right. i mean i think a lot of -- i
8:19 am
think our conversations should be had about mass shooting that we have about substances about sexual assault with our kids. i mean we shouldn't shy away from intense conversations, and we really want to do a balance of giving them some tools to look out for for safety. so for example in this like when you go into a school or go into movie theater, just be mindful of where the exits are. not telling them to not go because then that's fueling unnecessary anxiety, um, but some tips to just kind of keep -- be able to keep themselves safe maximize their chance of safety just like we sell our kids put a seat belt on at the end of the day we all kind of have to live and tolerate with the uncertainty that every day we leave our house we're risking our safety tech nick chi. >> technically. you're absolutely right about that. what signs should children be looking out for in their friends, in their peer, in their classmates or teammates that something might be wrong or there might be trouble brewing? >> um, so what the research shows as far as the top three things that are related to mass
8:20 am
shooters the things they have in common is this cluster history of bullying, social isolation and a history of violence particularly violence against women. so not to say that anyone of those variables, millions of kids are bullied and never harm anybody. >> right. >> looking out for this cluster of personality traits of -- history of the bullying, um, history of violence and social isolation, that recipe has been linked to mass shooters. >> do you notice in your practice when something like this happens or even the situation in west oak lane that ended peacefully but that frightens and panics parents and students alike. do you start to see more kids sort of want to come to you and talk about these things? >> that's a great question. i mean because it's so fresh, yeah, i think we live in world where anxiety our culture some very unfortunately promoting of anxiety. we're always worried and there's always things to worry about. so with any kind of big tragedy or big big change that happens that provokes some uncertainty, um, yeah i absolutely think
8:21 am
we'll probably see more kids feeling anxious and nervous to go to school. >> it's good for parents to actually, yorks want to say buy into that but you have to pay attention to it. >> absolutely. >> it could really be troubling your child. >> right. like i said you wanted to find the sweet spot between making them feel prepared that they have some tools to look out for their safety. >> right. >> while at the same time letting them know that -- it's important to still tolerate the uncertainty of you can only control what you can control but we have to live our lives still. >> okay. perfect. jenna, thank you. >> you're welcome. all right. it is 8:21. while it's important to have the tough talks about safety as jenna just mention, do you or your child know what to do to escape danger? a local self-defense teacher shows us potential life-saving techniques later in our show. ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> everybody it's a special weekend edition of kelly's classroom i'm here at the bles blessed trinity regional school in northeast philadelphia where they're celebrating thomas edison's birthday, and the stem program. come on take look at all the kids we'll go down the line and give a big wave. here's what stem stands for. science, technology engineering
8:25 am
and math. they have ajayi began tick state of the art science lab here at blessed trinity. look at all the kids all dressed up. kindergarten, i should say pre k through eight. 535 students here and here is the object. they had to pick a career within the stem program, learn about that career and then dress up here today. we'll go down the line. they'll tell me their name and the career they learned about. your name. >> keegan. >> what career did you pick. >> brain scientist. >> i love it. >> turn around let's see what you got on there. whoo, he's already together. >> what's your name. taj. >> what career. science teacher you. >> look like a science teacher. >> your name. >> amber. >> what career. >> teacher. very good. look at you. what's your name? >> charles. >> what did you pick? >> paleontologist. >> you're looking pretty cool. is that a dinosaur. >> yes.
8:26 am
>> this guy what's your name. >> blaze. >> you pick what? >> vsi agent. >> look he's got his numbers and his gloves on what's your name. >> cole. in cole. what did you pick. >> for rhett ranger. >> forest ranger. >> your name joseph. >> what did you pick? >> dental surgeon. >> looking good. your name. >> ethan. >> what did you pick? >> meteorologist. >> oh, he wants to be a meteorologist. all right. we'll good we'll talk to you before i leave, okay? >> what's your name. >> addison. what did you pick. >> a science teacher. >> science teacher. your name? >> novelly. >> what did you pick. >> veterinarian. >> look she's got a picture of all of the animals that she's going to be able to help. >> so every student in the school picked a career, studied it, and then dressed up today here at the blessed trinity regional school. so the kids up here in northeast philadelphia, looking good. come on we'll give them one more time. tommy spin around. having some fun on a special edition of kelly's classroom here in northeast philadelphia! >> how cute are those kids?
8:27 am
black panther expected to take a huge bite out of box office sales. but we asked the question does the film live up to the hype. coming up in a few minutes we'll meet a local group of kids who were able to see the movie and give
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ it's a first for southeast pennsylvania today the doors will open at several medical marijuana dispensaries one of
8:30 am
those locations is in bucks county. terra vida holistic center in sellersville offers cannabis lotions to tablets hoping to ease pain for its patients. >> to understand it once you give eight try understand the dosing. this is an ultimate tool, and it is a tool. it has to be treated with respect. >> patients must suffer from one of 17 qualifying medical conditions and provide their state medical marijuana card. dozens in montgomery county are about to run into some freezing water today and students held a rally to psych them up yesterday for the tenth year in a row over 50 students, staff and parents will head into the frigid atlantic ocean the plungers believe very strongly in catholic education and are raising money for the tuition assistance program for families at that school. that's a quick look at your top headlines this morning. you're watching good day weekend i'm lauren john. stop, scratch, screen, pinch and poke these are behaviors parents teach their kids that are off
8:31 am
limits. a local combat trainer will show us potential life-saving self-defense techniques. but first, scott williams with a look at our snowy forecast. >> that's right, snow will move in later on today, lauren. we have winter weather advisories posted for parts of the area. the moisture still well off to the south and west. sunshine giving way to cloud color later on today and watch the clock. four, 5:00 p.m. we're looking at rain down the shore. that wintry mix along the i-95 corridor. wet snow north and west suburbs. that rain/snow line lifts a little farther to the late this evening. s anything that accumulates around philadelphia wilmington will likely get washed away. i think the major roadways will be just wet but once you move north of that pennsylvania turnpike, that's where things will be a little different as far as the snowfall totals expected. it's out of here shortly after midnight. so brief coating. kent county interior parts of south jersey maybe a slushy one to 3-inches along the i-95
8:32 am
corridor immediate north and west suburbs. but once you get into upper montgomery, upper bucks county the lehigh have ally the poconos three to 6-inches. temperatures at or below freezing for most this morning. so run those errands. the first part of the day as we move toward this afternoon that's when that rain and wet snow will be moving in. sleep in for sunday morning and you'll miss most of it. it will melt upper 40s and then look at the 70-degree temperatures as we move toward tuesday and also wednesday so weather roller coaster, lauren. >> scott, sadly by now you've likely seen ads like this before training videos simulating what to do during an active shooter situation. official stress in the event of a mass shooting you should run, hide and fight but when exactly should you during those attack and specifically what should you do? combat trainer paul -- what's your name name. >> is here to answer those questions with the help of my friend jared. how are you. >> good. how are you are you. >> good. let's first talk about this.
8:33 am
it depends on where you are when something like this happens. you're going to walk us through those scenarios. >> correct, yes. >> tell me first off let's start with run. is that ever a good idea in an active shooter situation. >> it depends on the distance where the active shooter is. if someone is shooting from a far you hear shots going off, absolutely you're going to run get out of the area. protect yourself. hide, gain cover. >> okay. >> don't think about defending unless you're in that scenario it's where your life depends on. >> let's talk about that situation when you're face to face with the shooter exactly what happens? i know for a lot of people it's an adrenaline rush you're not really thinking appropriately but if you've had training like this you can think a little bit quicker. >> yes. so if we have a situation where someone is coming at you and attacking the human response is to more or less freeze. you go into this scenario to where do i do? so many things are racing through your head and the fact is you have a split second to react. more or less save your life. >> and jared walk us through that. if jared is the active shooter
8:34 am
end has the gun what would you do, paul. >> jared -- if we're in a situation there's an active shooter and he's coming forward with an tack, i have two choices. i can either run and think i'm turning my back so in this case i'm more or less guaranteed to be shot. right. >> or i could see the shooter and you got to think, that shot is going line of site that bullet will fly forward. so you got to think we'll do two active defense the one hand defense i'm actively grabbing the weapon and two i'm moving my body out of the line of attack. >> okay. >> at the same time i'm proceeding with an attack forward and i'm going to rip the weapon from that attacker. >> wow. >> you got to think that's from a shooter's line of sight so now if you have a scenario to where you're a group. >> yes. >> the shooter objective is to inflict as much harm as possible. so if we have a situation where that shooter -- let's actual dollar it from this end. >> okay. >> sure. >> where that shooter is now facing a group of people. what do we do? i can again either run but in this case all
8:35 am
the people in front of that shooter are in danger. >> absolutelily. >> so for me i can attack to where i can walk in, boom, quickly attack that weapon. >> okay. >> and try to take away. you got to think, if more than one person has this mindset of attacking the active shooter, we can all work and get that person down. >> unfortunately, in so many situations we hear about so many people trying to protect. so you're opening doors and you're inviting people in to try to protect them. does it ever held help for someone to think maybe to drop down because then you're not in that active line of sight as you mentioned? >> you got to think. a shooter is going to focus on more or less the torso up. >> okay. >> if we're laying on the ground, you know, we're out of the line of fire. but now we're in situation where if that attacker is in the room, if i'm down, i have to figure out how to get up. >> okay. so we do want to you get down and if that attacker is in an area, we want to be able to move quickly and protect. >> okay. >> okay. >> i don't think a lot of people would thinking to after the
8:36 am
attacker. to me it requires a lot of bravery. >> it's scary. it really does. the thing is your life is on the line. >> right. >> off choice. it's either attack or be attacked. >> yeah. >> when you hear about the situation that happened down in in order, that's a mass shooting because they said it was 3,000 kids at the school. but in that building specifically they're running that was hallways and trying to get out. does that cause more of a situation of chaos and not knowing what to do? >> it is. i mean it's completely chaotic and that's what the attacker wants. you got to think everyone is running around. no one is thinking how to react to that scenario. >> right. >> so i mean we're all moving targets. >> your skills are for specifically if you're in face to face situation with the attacker. >> correct. >> you know where the shots are coming from. >> correct. >> it's not like you're hearing things around you. in if you hear and you don't see the attacker, get out. hide, cover. protect. >> gotcha. thank you both. jared, paul. we appreciate you guys coming in. >> absolutely. >> all right. 86 break and we'll be right back
8:37 am
8:38 am
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights.
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if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. ♪ it was a special moment for local high school senior her name is kate she's the manager for the camden catholic girls varsity basketball team. at the team's final home game she had a chance to suit up and isophote tote journalist bill rohrer tells us it's a memory that's sure to last a lifetime. yeah, let's go! >> reporter: the last home
8:40 am
game of the regular season for the camden catholic girls varsity basketball team. irish have their hands full. holding off their conference rival the lenape indians. throughout the game each had some memorable moments. but none greater than one that happened during the first two minutes. each year it's tradition to honor the seniors graduating by calling them up to center court before the last home game. for the team's head manager kate spadaro this moment is bittersweet. >> i just feel like that these four years went too fast. i just wish i can go back in time. >> reporter: if one could go back in time it would be hard not to notice kate sitting on the bench cheering on her team at every game. >> job are ladies. defense! yes! yes! let's go! >> reporter: you see kate has down syndrome but it never held her back. she was recently named homecoming queen and all season
8:41 am
camden catholic's cheerleading captain. >> i love sharing my voice what better way than sharing my voice than being a cheerleader. go ladies. >> reporter: before this game the coach told kate to suit up. >> why not? you know kate is an integral part of our team and it's special. it's a special night for all of us. >> reporter: just after tip off, and with her dad cheering her on -- >> curt had all right kate rot. >> reporter: kate got the biggest moment of the game even if it didn't go as smoothly as hemmed. one finally went through. yes! i just went crazy. crazy and cried a little bit because it's like my last home game and i really wanted to make it. i wish i scored that first basket but i had to keep trying. i mean she's like blossomed like you would not believe shins she's been here. it's just been incredible. incredible four years. >> on nights like this points on
8:42 am
the scoreboard don't add up to all the points that fill a garaging seniors heart. >> i love you, dog. >> what about me. >> i love you dog. >> in cherry hill,
8:43 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm anthony mongeluzo.
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8:47 am
looking at a wintry mix salem over to new castle county, delaware. but watch that rain/snow line lift farther to the north. by nine, 10:00 o'clock so anything that accumulates could just be washed away and that is likely what will play out so the major roads will likely just be wet. but once you move north of that turnpike, that's where it will stay cold enough to support mainly snow. so we're looking at a brief coating parts of south jersey move a little farther inland places like camden, cherry hill as you move toward deptford maybe an inch or so a slushy inch mainly on the grassy surfaces before it's washed away and then as you move into berks county the lehigh valley and the poconos, thee to 6-inches. it's cold out there. upper 20s north and west. 30 degrees in philadelphia. freezing down the shore. so the cloud cover will roll in overtake the area and then we're watching that moisture likely starting out as some rain as we go hour boy hour upper 30s and then you can see that weather authority seven day forecast showing you the temperatures. upper 30s on saturday.
8:48 am
upper 40s by sunday and then look at the 70-degree temperatures as we move toward tuesday and also wednesday. lauren? >> all right, scott. it's finally out. the highly anticipated film black panther now playing in theaters and queen of the tennis court serena williams surprises a group of young girls with a screening of the royal film. [ cheers and applause ] >> the tennis pro and her tech executive husband alexa surprised members of the black girls code a non-profit organization dedicated to getting more women of color in the digital space. back here at home local kids got a sneak peek at the ground-bre ground-breaking film and they did not have to pay. it was free. thanks so philadelphia parks and rec. some of those students join us and they see themselves on the screen and they are all about it. ladies! >> good morning with all the giggles. i love it. >> okay. i'm going to pass the microphone down and we've already talked
8:49 am
about this. i want to you introduce yourself by telling me your name and then you'll tell me your favorite part of the movie and what you're going to remember most about the movie but i'll start over here with my friend she's an older student but helps with the young girls. did you enjoy the movie. >> yes, i did. >> you don't need the stick. you have microphone. what was the part that stood out for you the most in when he came out the coma. they gave a juice he came out the coma and went and told his father it wasn't right for him to kill his own brother because of -- spoiler alert. sorry. >> you're okay. that's okay. i wanted to you talk about it. what will you remember most when you were in that theater you all wore costumes and that was sort of fun and different for a movie, right? >> we helped them put their costume, make them, make up their own super heroes. own super powers and stuff like that. >> i love it. they're here this morning. tell me your name. >> my name jania with a pretty smile. what did you like most about the movie? >> the most part i liked was
8:50 am
when elephant was coming after him and then the girl, she stopped it. >> with her super power? >> no. >> oh. >> and then it licked her. >> it licked her. well, my goodness. >> what's your name? >> dnai. >> what's your favorite part of the movie. >> my favorite part the girls were kick the boys bit butt. >> girl power. look at her face. >> what's your name? >> hannah. >> hannah. what did you like about the movie? >> um, when, um, they was fighting. >> you like the fighting? >> kind of cool to see. >> over at the end what's your name? >> danesha. what did you love about the movie? >> when,, when, um, the sister -- when the girl got mad and then they started fighting. >> so the fighting seems to be big part of this. i like this. now, ladies, this is what i want you guys to do because i want everybody at home to see your costume. i know you have your mask. will you stand up and just turn around so they can see how cute
8:51 am
your capes are. that's what i got to show off. my girls wearing capes because girls can be super heroes, too. ladies, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> all right. don't you know not to -- you guys know jamie foxx. >> yes. >> okay. >> you can't mess with jamie foxx. >> why? >> there's certain questions that he does not want to be asked during an interview. look at this video right here. you see that. he takes the headphones off. takes the microphone off and he walks off. he's offended. you want me to tell you why? i'll tell you during the special break. ♪ new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies.
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♪ ♪ ♪ she's finally here. adam lavigne and his wife have welcomed their second child another baby girl the couple has not released much at this point including when she was born but we do know her name is geo grace and they're also parents to 16 month old daughter dusty rose. this is the video that lot of people are saying what actually happened? right. james mow fox was asked about his relationship with katie holmes that never goes well, right? he does not want to talk about it. >> ut-oh. >> here's exactly the response you'll get if you ask him about his love life.
8:55 am
>> as soon as you pull water on me it's crazy. >> i know you prepared because i saw pictures. you and katie holmes play basketball for valentine's day, real loving basketball game? >> ut-oh. we lose him? [ laughter ] >> did you more than lose him. >> that's a little extra. a little extra. jamie and katie have been together for five years never really confirmed their relationship despite being seen pictured together. the posts are all over the place and people are saying we know they're a couple. but he just simply does not want to talk about it. so that's what happens when anyone asks him about katie he either ignores it, averts it or walks off from an interview. >> get out of the his private life. there you go. >> i know. i understand that to a point. but you have to know your role in society and people are sort of fascinated by your life. >> yeah. >> so they'll ask some questions just say you don't want to talk about it. >> maybe they're already married. who knows? >> look at you.
8:56 am
fueling the rumor moreville even more. >> all right. speaking of love tinder taking a page from its competitor bumble and giving power to women. so the dating app will be adding a new setting and with the new setting here's what's going to happen. it will make it possible for women to only interact with the men they message first which is how bumble is set up right now either person can send the first message when a match is made it's unclear when that new feature will be rolled out. did i tell that you over the weekend i happening to home to see my mother who fell down a hill and broke her ankle while i was there i got a chance to meet up with my girlfriends. >> yeah. >> one of them is in new relationship with man she met on bumble. >> so she's charting new territory you were saying, right. >> she is. normally it's like, we don't do this online dating thing but she tried it. she said she just was like why not? let's do something i've never done before. and here we are. since october they're, you know, it's working. >> works for some. not so much for others. a lot of people are traditional old-fashioned so hey. got to do what you got to do. >> do you, ma.
8:57 am
do what works for you. >> 2018 is going on right now. thon is trending on twitter. they are busy. they stay up like -- see 46 ho hour. like you can't sit down. you stay up. you're dancing. you sleepy and all raising lots of money for kids in our area. i think one of the hash tags was cure for kids. >> um-hmm. >> so it's good work. i know we always talk about it because on monday we get the final total and they raise so much money. >> it's like a right of passage if you go to penn state. >> if you go to penn state, yeah. good for them. good work for them. look rocking out there's music, there's performances. so a lot of things going on for them and that's excellent since they're doing it all for kids in pennsylvania. scott says there will be some snow today but not any fun snow. >> we're looking at that wet sloppy snow temperatures this morning are cold. winter weather advisories are posted. the moisture it's still off to the south and west of us but it will overtake the area. we have sunshine now but watch the clock. you can see it moves in later on this afternoon. >> all right. so have fun in the snow and 70s
8:58 am
we love it.week.- we'll see you later. have a
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