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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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have you been outside? it's so beautiful folks are out there enjoying it some rowing on the schuylkill just to short time ago as you can see from skyfox if you didn't get out to enjoy the weather today, don't worry, you got tomorrow as well. temperatures expected to keep climbing. meteorologist kathy orr outside tonight. what day. >> i dusted off this dress, ia iain. haven't worn this in about four months. what a day indeed. it is comfortable late this afternoon. at this hour everyone is outside enjoying themselves. finding excuses to be outside. why not? it was a record breaker. take look at the temperatures today across the delaware vall valley. it wasn't just philadelphia that broke a record. wilmington made it to 75. philadelphia topped off at 72. the old record 70. atlantic city at the airport 73. trenton 70. mount pocono 66. and reading 64 degrees. right now temperatures are still warm in the 60s and the 70s. and the sun is still pretty high in the sky for this time of year. overnight tonight, lows in the 50s everywhere. even the poconos and as iain
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mentioned tomorrow going for back to back records even warmer than today will be tomorrow. we're talking about at least mid 70s for philadelphia tomorrow with plenty of sun. but we will have fog again tomorrow morning. i'll be back with those numbers to beat plus we'll talk about unsettled pattern so make sure you get outside tomorrow if you couldn't today. i'll see in you few minutes. iain. >> kathy, good advice. you can track this warm spell in real time download our fox 29 weather authority app. it's free and easy. you can get it i tunes and google play stores and don't go any w kathy will be back with her seven day in just a little bit. happening right now, some drivers in new jersey caught in a sticky situation. tires caked in tar after a tanker truck leaked asphalt on i-295 in south jersey. now, crews are trying to clean up that sticky mess. our dawn timmeney joins us live from thorofare tonight with more on this. dawn? >> reporter: iain, the tanker
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belongs to tri-state transportation. apparently the driver had no idea that anything was wrong and made it all the way to baltimore. but for some 20 something drivers it was a pretty unsettling situation. it's a gooey mess and crews from tri-state transportation spending hours today scraping up globs of tar by hand from area roads. the sticky substance spewing out of one of the trucking company's tankers along i-295 south around 5:00 o'clock this morning wreaking havoc for unsuspecting drivers. >> i was like all over the road. so i pulled over and that's when i seen there was all this glue this tar all over my car. look at this. >> this woman was right behind the tanker as the driver pulled out of the refinery in paulsboro. at first, she thought something was wrong with her tires. turns out they were covered in liquid as fall. her car towed from the scene.
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>> it was horrible. it was horrible. >> same story for this driver. >> it made the wheels unbalanced i got off the nearest skit and that's where you guys found me waiting on tow truck. >> reporter: fox 29 steve keeley pulling gobs of tar caked on this man's tires. >> you can see why. people were pulling off because they couldn't drive any more. >> reporter: tri-state transportation says condensation leaked into the tanker causing the tar to boil over and spill out. >> when it starts moving it activates this so the splashing and moving back and forth and it started boiling over. it almost twice the size. so it had to go out somewhere. it went out the vent tube. >> reporter: gm dave mains apologizing to those affected. >> it was scary because then you ain't going to have control either. >> this gooey tar. >> yeah, about 20 so far. and we told them we'll do what we have to do. >> reporter: the company says it will pay for any and all
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repairs and cleanups to people's vehicles they can bring their cars or trucks right here to tri-state or the company says it will reimburse them. the company delve trying to make good on this. iain. >> sounds good, dawn, thank you. investigation underway after deadly accident in berlin. three vehicles including a tractor trailer together a backhoe crashed just before 11:00 this morning in the eastbound lanes of white horse pike at clementon road. two drivers were dead at the scene. a passenger from one of those cars was taken to a local hospital where they're now being treated. their condition is not yet kno known. any time there's, you know, a crash that involves any fatality is obviously not something that we, n we see every day. it's tragic that, you know, two people unfortunately lost their lives and we have another one that's at a hospital with unknown status right now. >> camden county prosecutors office is investigating the crash. the aftermath of an early morning crash between a septa bus and a tractor trailer.
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this happened around 5:30 at the intersection of frankford avenue and orthodox street in frankford. minor injuries were reported. several people had to be taken to two different hospitals. septa police are still investigating how that crash happened. so figuring out who represents you in congress just got more confusing if you live in pennsylvania. monday state supreme court ruling that redraws congressional boundaries it considered unconstitutional could have a big impact on your life. our bruce gordon joins us in studio now to break down what's changed and what it means much bruce? >> reporter: iain, this is the map the democrat controlled state supreme court knock out drawn up by republicans in 2011 and in the mind of the court done so to help the gop. take look at some of these bizarre shapes on this map especially down here in our area. in a state that usually see as roughly 50/50 split between republicans and democrats, in the aggregate or total congressional vote, this map produced 13 gop winners and just five democrats.
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well, change is on the way. this is the new map and it means big things especially here in montgomery county where registered democrats out numbered registered republicans. not far from the upper salford township park sits the point in montgomery county where three different congressional districts meet. we met michael and diane pines and their dog all from telford out for buck on this beautiful spring like day. >> so you live in montgomery county, and your current congressman is -- [ laughter ] >> they said these will be easy questions. for god possession. >> reporter: can you tell me who your congressman is? >> don't blame michael or mook key. the gop map sliced and diced montgomery county into five congressional districts. this in a county with enough population to have a congressman or woman all its own. >> i did think that was unfair, yeah. it should never look like like some kind of disney character. [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: not the funny cute ones. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: nearby linda traits was watch herring kids play. we informed her that none of the current five u.s. reps repping montco actually lives in montco. she didn't like that. >> if you're not from here i feel like it's more difficult to know the community. >> reporter: new map drawn by a stanford university professor and signed off on by the pa supreme court would more or less give montgomery county it's own member of congress. >> they call this the emaciated hammer head shark. >> reporter: i spent some time putting together the puzzle of pennsylvania's old congressional map with good government advocate david thornburgh. the bizarre shapes made it quite a chore but finally -- >> what was so hard about that. >> reporter: as for the new congressional map -- >> it addresses the problem the court found which was in their view the partisans went too far the last time around. got a new greedy. >> reporter: new map could
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result in three to six democrat victories in pennsylvania come november. gop is crying foul. boundaries they say are to be drawn bite legislature. >> this is an attempt by democrats highly partisan supreme court by the way to take over republican seats. >> reporter: republicans are already vowing to fight the redrawn map in court but it is worth noting that while montgomery county has far more registered democrats than republicans, the county's congressional delegation remember five of them is four republicans one democrat. iain expect a lot more fighting eye and chaos ahead. >> sounds like, bruce, thank you. now to continuing coverage of that florida school shooting. taking a live look at city hall in philadelphia now where a vigil is being held to honor those 17 lives lost at stoneman douglas high school. nationwide push for stronger gun control legislation in the wake of that shooting. it is starting a wave of walk outs and protests as shooting survivors now head to the florida state capitol calling for changes to the gun laws.
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fox's steve harrigan has more. >> reporter: the debate over gun control heating up in the wake of the massacre at a florida high school. i hope that lawmakers will change the law to make sure that this will never happen again. >> reporter: after three more victims funerals were held tuesday, about 100 stoneman douglas high school students boarded buses traveling more than 400 miles to the state capital to lobby lawmakers on state gun laws. during a massive rally to be held wednesday. >> everyone is paying attention now. and it's a huge call to action for anyone who has kids and anyone who's in school. >> reporter: hash tag never again movement pushing to change in order gun laws which are some of the least restrictive in the country. >> we are not introducing new bills but we can alter the ones that are currently in place. >> reporter: in the wake of the shooting, incoming state senate president republican bill gallon van know says he is creating a package to tighten the state's gun laws including expanding background checks. raising the age to purchase any
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firearm to 21 and banning bump stocks. president trump is set to host a listening session with students and teachers at the white house wednesday. and he's now signaling that he may be in favor of tightening gun laws. >> the president has expressed his support for efforts to improve the federal background check system and in the coming days we'll continue to explore ways to ensure the safety and security of our schools. >> reporter: the last time lawmakers attempted to expand background checks was after sandy hook and that effort went nowhere. >> the school is scheduled to reopen for teachers on friday. students are likely to come back on a limited schedule next tuesday. in parkland, florida, steve harrigan, fox news. breaking late this afterno afternoon, president trump is now directing the justice department to ban gun modifications like the bump stock used in the las vegas shooting. the white house says he will meet with students, teachers, state and local officials to address gun violence. meanwhile new jersey governor phil murphy and other
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state officials talking to the public today about how their working to keep students safe. some steps being taken thorough review of the attorney general's office directive on school safety to make sure that policies are being implemented consistently but governor murphy saying that more work still needs to be done at the federal level. >> let me be perfectly clear. nothing we are doing here can be a replacement for comprehensive gun safety reform at the federal level. including a ban on military style weapons, preventing those with mental illness from having access to guns, and instituting universal background checks on all begun sales. >> this afternoon president trump did sign a memo we just mentioned to take steps to ban bump stocks. coming up from philly schools to the grammys students learning from some pros who worked with the biggest names in that music. and -- >> more precautions being taken across the country as the flu outbreak drags on. i'm laura ingle in new york
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and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be. ♪ what a difference a few hours makes. can you even see the art museum through all that fog a dam many and gray start to the day but that of course has changed as we're getting early taste of spring. here's a look now down the shore. cape may, new jersey, according to your fox 29 weather authority, it's going keep getting better. kathy's full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we are following some breaking news for you right now take good look at this guy. police in upper darby say sherwood hargrove threatened to kill the congregation of his church in drexel hill.
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officers say he's wanted for terroristic threats. if you see him, call 911. in your health tonight the deadly nationwide flu outbreak dragging on now into yet another week with more deaths reported and more precautions taken from coast to coast. fox's laura ingle has got more from new york. >> reporter: the deadly nationwide flu outbreak now in its 13th week of high activity with no signs of ending any time soon. it's led to school closures throughout the country but in many areas it's school vacation week. and with so many families headed to indoor parks or museums, those venues are taking extra precautions to protect visitors. >> we've got about 250 kids that come through here in four days. plus siblings and the parents that come in so there's lot of, arc lot of germs coming in and out. >> we spray that down, top to bottom. >> reporter: hospitals, playgrounds, and museums now using special uv lights to zap
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th germs. the machines cost more but disinfect significantly better than scrubbing surfaces. and parents say they're taking precautions of their own to keep smiles from turning into sniffles. >> lots of hand sanitizer. lots of hasn't washing reminding them to keep their hands out of their mouths. >> reporter: health official are urging the public to get a flu shot saying it's never too late to protect yourself or your loved ones. the it centers for disease control just released a new study showing pregnant women can get the shot without fear of harming their babies. bolstering the cdc's claim that the vaccine is harmless. >> with an increasely number of flu cases if you still haven't gotten your shop now is a good time. >> cdc said they think the outbreak may have peak but they're expecting several more weeks of high flu activity. in new york, laura ingle, fox 29 news. caught on camera couple of men robbing a spring garden pizzeria at gun point. cameras brandywine pizza on the
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500 block of north 15th street caught the guys in action. they walked into the restaurant sunday night. pull out a gun den manned money. after getting $300 from the register they took off towards a chevy impala. police say third man then stole 120 bucks from a delivery driver before they all drove away. also caught on camera, an attempted shooting oh and a 3600 block of lawrence street in north philadelphia. this happened saturday morning around 3:30 you can see the victim was standing on the sidewalk when a guy pulls up in a truck. gets out, chases the victim, and then watch as he fires two shots. he missed but he gets back in his truck and takes off. if you know anything call police. in south jersey investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that destroyed an ambulance squad's building and all the ambulances inside. the estimated damage at the american legion ambulance association in woodstown, $2 million. the flames broke about 4:00 yesterday morning on maple court. oxygen tanks inside some of the ambulances exploded.
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it took about two hours to fight that fire. thankfully no one was hur. that fire leaves woodstown in a difficult situation. so our hank flynn went to salem county to see how such a crucial asset rebuilds and what happens in the meantime. >> we need a whole ew building and we're already looking this morning at ambulances online that are for sale. >> hang many. i'm in woodstown south jersey it's a strange thing when the headquarters of an ambulance company burns down like it did here last night. my take is, surrounding communities everybody has got to pitch in to help to get them back online. but some stuff remains up in the air. >> the charred fire marshal's pick through were ambulances a day ago but flames tour through woodstown's ambulance service early monday captain donna gardner says recovery will be tough but help is already inbound. >> this is going to be extremely difficult for us at this time until we work our way through insurance. elmer ambulance has offed their credit card for to us use. because ours were in the
5:19 pm
building. >> reporter: the building is a loss as well as six ambulances which can run upward of 150,000 new before you equip them according to some listings. company president joe valentine looks toward recovery. >> i mean you all have insuran insurance. >> we have insurance and the hope is that that covers everything one of the companies that we deal with vci is helping us right now to get some loner ambulances in. >> reporter: the insurance adjuster for ambulances and gear had been through sews valentine who is waiting on the one for the building to show up. >> elaine of dahmer adjusters of ben sale salem is not involved in the case but she says the adjuster's job here is to make sure woodstown gets all its owed from its insurance policies. >> there's a lot of things that are in a policy that people are unaware that they're entitled to. so that they don't have to endure those costs. fire department costs may be, cost to board up, you know, do the board up from the fire. that's above and beyond what your policy limits are in and a lot of people don't understand what those limits are. >> reporter: all that will
5:20 pm
good on this week as the company continues its job of helping people as best it can. >> our biggest challenge to make sure we have enough equipment up running tow to provide the services we're providing. >> reporter: they're doing a good job this afternoon with three crews on call one in the borrowed ambulance from elmer and two in salem city vehicles if you're in woodstown this week buy an ambulance crew a cup of coffee. they're doing their usual but recovering from near complete destruction. i'm just glad no one got hurt. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ the man accused of attacking a pregnant woman on a sidewalk in center city is in custody n now. police tell us his name is omar pal more last sunday he kick the woman who is five months pregnant in the stomach outside the dunkin' donuts on the 1100 block of arch street. this was reportedly after she didn't give him two dollars that he asked for. the woman was taken to a hospital but we're told both she and her unborn baby are doing okay tonight. fire crews continue to clean
5:21 pm
up after a massive fire tour through several buildings in old city. today they were out tearing down the fire escapes because of concerns it might collapse. some business owners were finally able to get back inside their shops today. fire displaced more than 100 people. many of them were guests at a hotel and the cause of that fire is still being determined. today philadelphia mayor jim kenney and public officials mentored high school students for the annual police athletic league day at city hall. pal center high school students shadowed in assign senior leveled official for the day. the students took part in honorary swearing in ceremony and they speed mentored meet and greet session with city officials. the honorary student public officials network at a luncheon and learned about the daily operations of government first hasn't. >> whether it be pal or any other program we have i mean we're ever so thankful of people who give up their time and their evident. i want to thank my fellow city colleagues as well for giving up
5:22 pm
your time to share what you do with these young people today. thank you so much for being a part of this program. >> the day of mentoring's theme is drive to succeed many. still ahead not a again. again. parents on edge after a gunshot inside a middle school. talk about road rage. a woman shoved to the ground and a traffic light it's all caught on camera. ♪
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crews rushing to put out a fire in philly row home. firefighters saying it broke out just before 2:00 this morning on the 700 block of south cecil street that's in the cobbs creek area. luckily no one was hurt and the flames were put out in just 20 minutes. investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire started. another shooting in a middle school. this time near cleveland, ohio. schools in jackson township on lock down after a seventh grader shot himself this morning inside the boys bathroom. it was about 8:00 o'clock in the morning. police have not said if this was an accident or intentional. after a brief lock down students were releas released to their p. >> kind of think it never would happen here but obviously it's not the case. >> no other injuries have been reported. the seventh grader was taken to a hospital. police and the school are trying to figure out how that gun got
5:26 pm
into the school. caught on camera. stopping at a traffic light takes a violent turn. take a look at this woman gets out of her car and another drive shoves her to the ground. it happened on sunday nash what new hampshire witnesses say it started when both stars stopped at a light one car bumped the other. but local media is reporting the drivers are blaming each other. the incident is under investigation and police are not releasing the driver's identit identities at this time. >> new developments in the russia investigation and more charges this time an attorney accused of making false statements. more information from d.c. coming up but first kathy, warm. >> oh, yeah. today 72 in philadelphia. tomorrow going for 75. more warm air before this cold front moves through and changes more warm air before this cold front moves through and changes everyt this is so exciting, dave! more warm air before this cold front moves through and changes hey gus, meet tucker... .
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your fox 29 winter weather authority more like your spring weather authority as we take live look outside of our studios in old city many temperatures are soaring breaking records. this is just the beginning. kathy's tracking a taste of spring her full forecast just a few minutes. happening now in the russia investigation. a lawyer linked to former campaign aid of president trump's has admitted to lying to the fbi. this is at the white house insists there's no evidence tying anyone already charged to the president or his election. fox news correspondent gillian turner has more from washington. >> reporter: the charge doesn't involve election meddling or relate to the trump cal pain's 2016 operations.
5:30 pm
instead it stems from robert mueller's investigation into the president's former campaign chairman paul man any fort. reporters mobbed u.s. district court in washington as alexander swan entered with his team. he plead guilty to lying to federal agents by his ties to rick gates. gates was inn died as part of the russia investigation last fall along with long-time associate paul man any fort. manafort headed up trauma's campaign in 2016. the white house already distances themselves from these latest developments in the russia investigation. >> this has to do with an attorney representing one of the individuals who's already been indicted has nothing to do with actions related to this president. >> reporter: today white house press secretary sarah sanders continued to insist that russi russia's nouns did not affect president trump's election. >> the president hasn't said that russia didn't meddle. it didn't have and i pack and it
5:31 pm
certainly was that with help from the trump campaign. >> reporter: the plea hearing comes on the heels of another round of indictments from the mueller team. last thursday 13 russian individuals and three russian companies were charged with meddling in the 2016 campaign. as for he work for prominent wall street law firm during the time period that's now in question. though he was fired from that firm last year. the company saying it's now fully cooperating with the investigation. in washington, gillian turner, fox 29 news. today a group of undocumented young folks stopped in philadelphia as part of their 15 days walk from new york to washington, d.c. it's called the walk to stay home. the our dream coalition launched the walk to call for an extension of the deferred action for childhood rivals or dak casm the program is set to expire next month. >> it's not rocket science. what we try to bring to light we
5:32 pm
starved ourselves in jail tour six days. senator schumer didn't come out. people came out across the company with vigil of sail solidarity were our communities. my community has my back. and this yet another testament of that. >> reporter: philadelphia is the halfway point on the group's 250-mile walk to washington, d.c. congress has until march 5th to reach a deal on a daca replace many. let good get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. we take look at the shore. wildwood, new jersey. what a warmup out there. temperatures are going even higher tomorrow but will it last through the weekend? kathy has got your forecast in just 15 seconds. what a difference a few miles can make. inland in atlantic city temperatures with records in the 70s but look at ocean city on the boards. foggy and cool.
5:33 pm
with that on shore flow. so some warm air trying to come in but that ocean air still quite cold down the shore. the temperature right now in philadelphia 71. wrightstown 72. in wildwood this is rio grand that is whichs a little bit inland 65. 69 degrees in dover and 65 degrees in allentown. temperatures across the delaware valley in the 60s and 70s but look at the country as whole. 77 in cincinnati after high temperature of 80 today. you can see where the cool air is. that blue contour we have a cold front coming and behind it, well, well below normal. huge difference between cincinnati at 77 and minneapolis at only 20 degrees. so winter is going to try to come back a little bit. it's not going to be quite that cold around here. but we will definitely see a big change over the next couple of days. but for now, we have warm air on the east side of this front. you can see that warm front well to the north with rain as far north as ottawa, canada, and here is the cold front that's going to be coming late tomorrow night. you can see all of that warm
5:34 pm
southerly air ahead of the front, and that cooler air on the back side with temperatures only in the 20s and 30s and snow but for us, feeling like spring. overnight tonight, clear skies, we'll see those light winds, fog forming again tomorrow morning. areas of dense fog just like this morning even a little light drizzle by the afternoon we clear it out we get into the mid 70s and then we'll watch this front get very close by the evening moving through the lehigh valley and our northern and western suburbs and sweeping through with cooler air coming in with spotty showers on thursday. that front will stall to the south and series of disturbances moving along it so that means thursday, friday, saturday, even into sunday periods of rain in and out of the delaware valley. so after we get this two day back to back spring like weather, it's back to the eh weather of the winter season. overnight tonight, 51 in the poconos. 57 in philadelphia. and 56 in millville. 58 in dover so jump is it a tort
5:35 pm
that mild air by the afternoon partly sunny to mostly sunny skies expected. southwesterly winds just like today but a little warmer. the high temperature 75. that's 30 degrees above normal. the record is 72 set back in 1930. so we'll break the record in philadelphia many records across the region. during the day, it will be mild. at night not so bad. thursday morning we'll wake up to 48. occasional showers the high 50. friday 49. mild over the weekend but still more rain. next monday we dry it out, 56. and by tuesday mostly sunny, 51. you're still talking about a nice end to february and marcuming in on a very pleasant note. so not so bad, iain. last february it was a record. this february we will end well above normal for the month. >> incredible stuff. all right, kathy, thanks. some sad news tonight about a beloved staple at the philadelphia zoo. goldie locks the polar bear had to be euthanized she had age related medical i. she was born at the seneca park
5:36 pm
zoo in rochester and got here in philly back in october of 1981. dee lock was 37. the average lifespan for a polar bear about 23. she had been oldest living polar bear in the u.s. how did millennials compare with your again x counterparts they're not equal when it comes to salary.
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5:39 pm
keeping an eye on your money tonight. grocery store chain alberts son expanding its drugstore business. the company is announced plans to buy most of rite aids businesses. alberts son pharmacies will be rebranded as rite aid some and rite aids will continue to operate as stand alone stores. the other rite aid stores are in the process of being sold to walgreens after a merger of the two companies was rejected on anti-trust concerns. albertsons is a private he can quit backed company and owns safe way. >> generation x millennials beat in one category.
5:40 pm
according to new study out of the uk millennials are making less money compared to the previous generation. researchers look at eight countries with high income including the united states and they found that over all when accounting for inflation millennials make 4% less than the people in again x did when they were the same age. we may have new information about upcoming iphone models. a leaked research note from the bank barclay says apple is targeting three new phones to be released later this year. one of them dubbed iphone ten plus. it would six and a half display compared to the 5.8 screen of the original iphone x. the knowledge that bothers some people at the top of the phone would also get significantly smaller these are just rumors but it could mean big changes for the phones and i pads later this year f philly schools to grammy winner some students are getting head start with thanks to unique program. gearing up for big road trip this summer. start saving for gas now.
5:41 pm
>> kristen. iain the eagles have their new offensive quarter nader hear who is taking overeat plus the title change for another sift tan coach ahead in sports. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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new arts and music program being offered to students in the philadelphia school district is turning heads already. it's a unique partnership with some extremely promising early results. our joyce evans shows us how it's creating more than the next beyonce' or drake. ♪ >> reporter: the beats. >> i don't want to stay no way
5:45 pm
with you. >> reporter: the vocals. >> what are you going to add to it?& >> reporter: all the latest technology. >> ♪ >> reporter: add in a double dose of grammy star power in the producer's booth. >> you serious right now? >> one, two, three. >> worked with everyone from diddy, kanye. >> chris brown much justin timberlake. music soul child. >> mary j. blige. enrique ink lay sis. >> mary j blige, tupac. >> justin timberlake. cheetah girls. >> reporter: now they're working with creative students in the philadelphia school district. >> when i first heard it honestly i thought it was too good to be true. >> too good to believe this could be the break clinton mills as and dreaming of. >> he's learning it all in a free after neil school program. he's not the only one. >> ♪ this will be the first song i've
5:46 pm
ever recorded. i was always very nervous about recording and being out there with my vocals. >> ♪ >> we're going tweak it and make sure it fits your vocals. >> for me to learn how to do everything and for them to take on all of our skills and teach us everything knew is amazing. ♪ >> reporter: you don't have to be a singer writer or producer to benefit from the skills learned here. says station manager shelly wo wolf. >> we allow them an innovative space where they can be themselves, tell their stories and really have hands on experience with new technology. >> to give kids the opportunity not only have creative outlet but get them prepared for jobs after they graduate. ♪ never expected the level of relationship building our kids would have with these folk. >> reporter: the experience is mutual for philly's own song writers crystal oliver and ivan
5:47 pm
berry. >> having these talented and amazing kids here who are willing to listen and want to learn makes it worthwhile. >> when i started to feel how much they were really opening up, it -- that was fulfilling right there. >> reporter: destined to achieve successful heights. the dash program is part of philadelphia's schools tv studios. funded movely by comcast and verizon franchise fees. opening all kinds of doors to city kids. >> now that i'm in it and it's like i can't take it for granted. >> even if some of them don't end up becoming the next artist you'll know know in the next ten or 15 years these skills that they're taking and learning may allow them to be the attorney for the artist down the line. ♪ >> reporter: it's all ready life altering for lay lonnie diaz.
5:48 pm
>> i say go 40. instead of being on the streets you can do something very productive in your life you might meet somebody whose just like you. ♪ >> reporter: voice evans fox 29 news. looks like future stars there. four color blind people can now see the world in entirely new light. thanks to what are called end chrome mow glasses. they cost between two and $400. designed to boost and roy moore color vision. one of the people seeing a whole new colorful world jake who found out he was red green color blind around age four. >> it hasn't really made my life too difficult because there's not really much red and green unless there's like christmas lights. >> jake is now looking forward to enjoying christmas lights. the glasses work for four out of five people but they're not a cure for color blindness. new poll shows more than 40%
5:49 pm
of americans in committed relationships lie to each other. but it's not about an affair. it's about money. you probably knew this but 75% of the people surveyed by the national endowment for national education say financial infidelity impacted their relationships. they say lying about the cost of something or racketing up dead one partner doesn't know is harming their relationship. the other big problem loaning money without telling the other person. therapists say that creates distrust. student engineers from the temple formula racing team showcasing their latest race car they showed off the car's performance on drive down 12th street. every spring they take the car and race teams locally and from around the world. the car is still in the works and today it hit around 30 miles an hour. but racing speeds can reach 100. >> the big one is handling so we design the suspension for high agility. a lot of courses that competition are built to test
5:50 pm
the car in its ability to turn fast and quickly. >> demo day included presentation from various student organizations and engineering disciplines. we're less than 100 days to help ya'll day if you'll be heading down the shore get ready to dig deep in your pockets for gas money. prices are about to head up. shawnette wilson explains. that will definitely be tight. >> reporter: melissa epstein fast forwards in her mind to how gas prices had soon hit her hard in the pocket. we told her about the increase predicted just in time for spring and summer travel. while she had her tank filled up at a wawa in woodbury, this evening. >> take my kids places. activities, um, it definitely add up. >> reporter: aaa is forecas forecasting a 25 to 35-cents a gallon increase in gas prices between now and the beginning of spring. extending through your summer travel season. that could mean increase about three dollars a gallon. >> it sounds super terrible right now it costs me like $60
5:51 pm
to fill up right now. now it sounds like 75, $80. >> lee haze says his summer plans look to be limbo hearing the news. >> 100% just right now i do go to school in philly and i drove over. now i might think about taking patco instead just with the gas and bridge toll it will be really expensive. >> jane in a with tidwell says the increase can be a tributed to hurricane harvey last august which shut down refineries in the gulf preventing them from doing routine maintenance. >> the local refineries stayed open, kept production up we wouldn't see as much pain at the pump here locally. those refineries now need to close to do spring maintenance that was postponed from fall. >> reporter: trish dobbins says there's not much she can do. going to work isn't an option it. >> sucks when it's that expensive it it's a no brainer. you have to felt begun doing away with the summer get away isn't an option either. >> i'm still going to take a vacation. maybe not as far. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news.
5:52 pm
news. shawnette tull us prices could level off as we moved move through the summer but the other wild card is hurricane season that starts in late june. we all remember how active this past hurricane season was. well, we may be getting a taste of spring here at home but some baseball fans from new jersey who headed west for spring training are little disappointed by the chilly temperatures. the menzel familiarly from bergen county pack their flip-flops and shorts and headed to arizona but the 85-degree weather they were hoping for turn out to be a bust. >> i am a little bumped because when i spoke to some people last week it was 85 and sunny. so we packed for 85 and sunny. we were going to hit pool. >> the mild scottsdale weather didn't put a hold on spring training. plus you can get out and play golf. put sweater sweater op. 11-year-old boy and his family getting a surprise in the mail. the child was called for jury duty.
5:53 pm
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♪ happening now, a local boy and his family got quite the surprise in the male at 11 years old you're too young to drive but apparently you're not too young for jury duty. that's according to one kid who actuallactually got a summons tr at a jury. chris o'connell has more from chester county. >> my dad came up the stairs and said, luke, you'll never believe what you got. >> reporter: what came in luke fox's mailbox wasn't a birthday card but he thought it was just as good. >> i was like, i can't believe this i was really excited. >> reporter: the envelope the
5:57 pm
11-year-old west chester boy got was a summons from the chester county court to appear for jury duty. >> luke came running into me and he said, mom, mom, i got jury duty. i got the summons. and i was like, what, i was completely flabbergast. >> the problem is in the state of pennsylvania you have to be 18 to serve on a jury. knowing their must have been a mistake, the family went online to answer the summons. but on the jury questionnaire, there was no space to say i'm only in fifth grade. >> it basically said you have to still show up march 28th. >> we just didn't want, you know, the sheriff showing up or anything like that. >> reporter: after a couple of phone calls, mom says the clerk of courts acknowledged the mistake and said luke was off the hook. >> have you ever served as a juror in chester county. >> no. >> reporter: will jury duty cause undue hardship no. >> reporter: it seems like age is the only hurdle.
5:58 pm
luke is a boy scout he organized a community food drives and serves as conflict manager at his elementary school. come to think of it he'd make a great juror. >> he was so excited we kind of that had to break the news to him it's probably not going to work out that you'll end up going. >> reporter: luke knows he may not be legal to be a juror, but that doesn't mean he's not >> problem solving and being unbiased. >> reporter: i think we need you on some juries. seriously. we got to wait seven years now? >> reporter: chris o'connell, fox 29 news. chester county official toll the family this is not the first time a minor has gotten a summons and the county is work wig a new juror vendor to fix the problem. that will do it for fox 29 news at 5:00. the fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ gooey sticky tar dripped on miles of a south jersey road. now caked on car after car. so what happened yes local
5:59 pm
company admits our bad and now they're stepping up to fix it. ♪ >> reporter: record-breaking warmth. the calendar may say february but temperatures aren't cooperatorring they're breaking records. people rowing on the schuylkill embracing the warmth. how long does it last. kathy has got your latest forecast. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. february usually tough cold month but it's more like spring out there right now. here's life look at rehoboth beach, delaware. the delaware valley basking in the warmth and those record-breaking temperatures thanks for joining us tonight at six coliseum iain page. that warmup is what we're all talking about and for good reason much it's about 70 degrees outside. let's get out to kathy orr who is outside our old city studios tonight. kathy? >> it's unbelievable, iain. everyone that walks by is happy and why not? you're right. it's still warm out here at this late hour. the sun has set. and i can spend the whole evening out here. cake take look at the records across the region it's not just
6:00 pm
philadelphia that made it into the 70s. it's many locations. first let's start off with wilmington. a high record high of 75. 72 in philadelphia. atlantic city 73. 70 in trenton. the poconos up to 66. new record there as well and reading 64 degrees. right now, 69 in philadelphia and wilmington those southerly winds are going to keep it mild tonight so if you're going out, shorts maybe a sweatshirt it's going to be pretty comfortable. overnight even 57 in philadelphia. 54 in pottstown. 58 in dover and 51 in the poconos. tomorrow we are going for another record. you see that rain to the west. that's associated with a cold front that will bust the heat. but before then, all that warmth that red is moving toward the delaware valley and that means even warmer tomorrow with widespread records it's going to be hard to get us inside tomorrow, iain. i'll be back with those numbers coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. kathy. incredible. see you out there with no jack. you can track this


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