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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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yeah it really hurts. >> terrell is her older brother he says her family is devastated boy the senseless murder. he has nothing but fond memories of his sister. >> she was such a loving person, she, um, just enjoyed live. she just always enjoyed helping take care of family and a niece. >> reporter: police say it was just after 8:00 wednesday night when tyesha and a van load of family members drove through a shooting scene at 60th and nedro where at least five shots were fired. they sped away to escape on to broad street. and dropped off one of the women. when they returned minutes later to pick her up, witnesses say they heard the deadly gunfire. >> we believe the van was struck up to five times. the victims appear to be innocent parties to the shook shooting. >> reporter: after she was shot the family van veered out of control. crossed the median and crash. police arrived within seconds as family members fled the van and the gunman escape. >> we don't believe they were
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targeted. we don't believe it was road rage. we don't believe the occupants had anything to do with anything. >> i just wish -- i just hope that fine the person and put the guns down. >> reporter: at as homicide detectives search for video of the gunman along broad street terrell timmons called for a the end to the gun violence. >> my little sister was minding her business schenn didn't deserve this. no that's all. >> no one else was seriously injured in the shooting. police are reviewing surveillance video. the family set up a go fun me page to help pay for her funer funeral. at police headquarters dave schratwieser fox 29 news. let's check in with your fox 29 winter weather thor as we take a look at damp wilmington tonight. temperatures taking a dramatic tumble. and that taste of june, yeah, it's nothing but memory now. kathy is here with the weather matching the calendar. >> it finally have. the past couple days in the 70 and 80s and now back to those colder realities of the season. but spring definitely right
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around corner. you can see some fog out there. pretty busy night with all those headlights, slow night with drizzle and fog. temperature only 40 degrees. that's about 37 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. it's unbelievable wind chill is 31. that persistent win out of the northeast at 16 miles an hour is definitely putting a chill in the air. take a look at this change. at 4:00 o'clock yesterday it was 77. by midnight it was 57. by 10:00 a.m. it was 47. and right now it's only 40 degrees. we have a few more spotty showers through south jersey and delaware on ultimate doppler. and then another round of rain far to the south that will take some time to get here. visibility reduced in the poconos down to half mile and will continue to see visibility being an issue tonight. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. we'll be going down overnight to the 30s and the 20s overnight low 26 in the poconos. 38 in philadelphia. 39 in millville and only 34 in allentown. more rape on tap. and more cool temperatures before it feels a little bit
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more like spring. we'll take a look at that plus your weekend weather iain coming up with the seven day forecast. >> all right. kathy thanks you can track the roller coaster of winter weather in real time. download our fox 29 weather authority app. the fast and free. you can get it in google play and apple i tunes stores. the cox on gun control school safety continues on the national stage. the president hosted another listening session at the white house with state and local officials. several miles away the largest gathering of conservatives talk about what can be done to end school violence. the head of the nra cautioned against taking away people's second amend. right to bear arms. democratic leader and senator chuck schumer called the nra's ideas quote pathetic and says they're blaming everything but guns. meantime, the president's focus at the me meeting today was the controversial idea of arming teachers with guns and hem health. >> if you hardened the sites you're not going to have this
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problem. because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools. we'll be talking about opening meant health institutions again. >> also today president trump says that he's endorsing raising the minimum age for buying certain guns as well as tighter background checks. here at home teachers have mixed feelings on the idea of being armed while in school. our jeff cole talk with some high school teachers in our area about the idea. >> reporter: the debate is raging to night over arming teachers to defend students. would it be a strong last line of defense? or simply invite chaos? in south jersey's collingswood high two unarmed guards prowl the corridors and outsiders are bubussed in. >> teachers should be rooting for students not shooting for students. >> it's a safe place believes kwame ivory who asked students if esche be carrying a gun.
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>> raise your hands if you you'd be comfortable if you knew i was strapped right now. om one student raised hi their hasn't. >> reporter: fellow fiss situation instructor chuck says a gun on his hip is a recipe for chaos. >> i just don't think in our profession that the training could ever be. if i was to it would be something like a cop or former cop. >> aping teachers is part of the heated national debate on school security after the park lapped florida attack. the president backs the idea. so does mike chitwood. he's the high profile top cop in upper darby, pa. who says teachers would volunteer. >> go through a psychological evaluation, training, when to use it and the weapons are conceal. you know, kind of like the us marshals. >> reporter: philadelphia's teachers union is strongly opposed. so is high school instructor steven fleming on leave earning his ph.d.
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>> anything could go wrong. the gun could get lost, stolen. accidents happen. just the burden of having and knowing that there's a weapon in the classroom. >> reporter: back at collingswood high, elizabeth will have her kids read about the combine school killings turning tragedy into learning. >> i don't think that adding guns to an educational environment is going to decrease the amount of violence. i think it would only increase especially the potential for accidents. >> reporter: some teachers do support it. one teacher telling me today he doesn't want the wild west just the ability to defend his students and get them home for dinner. in collingswood, new jersey, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. hundreds of university of pennsylvania students have been standing in the rain taking a stan against mass shootings. inside bite actions of the park lapped shooting survivors students lined locust walk standing in solidarity with those in florida each held a sign representing i was the mass
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shootings since january 1st of 2017. in the wake of the in order shooting a local da is calling for change. northampton county diss trek attorney john morganelli calling on local leaders to pass new resolutions to row dues gun deaths. he says the number one public safety issue facing all of our communities is death by gunfire. but state leaders have been ignore it. morganelli is advocating for the parents responsible gun ownership act. >> this legislature would require gun owners to secure their firearms in their home one they reside with individuals who are under the age of 18 or with individuals who have been convicted of a crime of violence or an individual who's mentally ill. he says passing the law would also ban bump stocks require background checks for all sales of guns and ban assault weapons to the public. skyfox over the scene of an industrial accident in claymont, delaware. it happened before 10:00 this morning at the cargo company
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ocean port llc on the 6200 block of philadelphia pike. a 62-year-old employee was working on a front end loader somehow drove off the peer and into the water. by the time rescuers found him, he had died. parts of market street in old city are still shut down after a manhole exploded. this hammed around 9:00 this morning near third and market. septa buses on route 17 and 33 are still running on detours. peco says it's still investigating what happened but it did not affect any customers. investigators are look nothing a big fire at a southwest philadelphia recycling plant. it started just before 10:00 this morning near island and pasquale avenues and it grew quickly heavy smoke pouring out of the building. it was so schmick thick nearby colwyn element will he school evacuated after the smoke seeped into their building. septa suspended service on its wilmington newark regional rail and it took about two and a half half hours but firefighters brought it under control. thankfully no injuries. >> a father charged in the death
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of his infant caught. officials say five month old was in her father's care at his home in coatesville. when she went into cardiac arrest on february 10th. the infant was taken to a hospital where she died. two days later. investigators say the girl was bleeding from her eyes and brain and her injuries were consistent with someone dropping and violently shaking her before she died. shockly has been arrested and charged with first degree murder and other related offenses. well folks in blades, delaware considering start using tap water again after following a few steps. local leaders say public water is now saving for drinking after health officials had found toxic chemicals in it last week. but officials say residents have to flush their home by turning outside faucets and for ten minutes also got to turn shower faucets on hot until the water cools. so for all the steps you'll ned to take head to our website fox in bucks county, police say this guy pretended to be an off
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duty leave. they say eric miller claimed to be u.s. marshall and stopped two women in warminster last night. he patted them down and stole their phones and some other stuff. he's now in jail and facing a long list of charges. skyfox over a house fire in burlington, new jersey. you can see smoke pouring through the roof on the unit block of ivy lane. the flames broke out around 6:30 this morning. it took less than an hour for firefighters to get them under control. thankfully of one got out safe safely. investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. the houses are tiny but impact is huge. one man raising money to help his fellow vets by giving them a home to call their own. kristen. >> iain, the phillies, sixers and flyers are all in action today. plus is another sports team trying to copy the eagles underdog motto. still ahead in sports. - [narrator] look around.
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♪ here's staggering statistic. 22 veterans take their lives every day. one local man a vet himself decided to do something to help. he raised money to buy a campground with the commitment of giving away housing to those who need it most. for goodness sake. here's bill anderson. >> we had 277 acres with a 65-acre lake. >> reporter: over year ag we told you about the plans of pastor donny davis to take a campground that he raised funds to buy and turn it into free tiny houses for veterans. >> as a vet as former police officer we have that say never leave anyone behind man or woman. >> reporter: all about raising funds getting donations and finding support but once seemed like maybe unreasonable or at least really lofty goals now it's becoming a role will the. >> ♪ >> with the support of the community, and just amazing
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people out throughout the country literally we've been able to build our first three houses. we have our first resident living in right now. >> reporter: it's been sometime slow process but we walk through the first house. two more are nearly finish and gets closer no not on the providing free houses but the support pastor donny who hymns seven deals with ptsd knows too many vets need. >> 22 veterans commit suicide of day that is reality. how can we help? how can we reach out to the community and not leave those people behind? >> reporter: lakes and hiking trails with plans for counseling and training centers. operation safe haven always had amazing potential but as word continues to spread, people from across the country want to help. >> i had a gofundme notification come across my e-mail and right in the top banner or on the subject line it said tiny homes for veterans and with what i'm doing, that caught my attention obviously. >> reporter: eric hadley is also a veteran and his got your
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six cough faux company donates that are profits to vets he was all the way in missouri but joined in because he knew first hasn't of the struggles. >> you've got individuals who put their live on the line and served the country, and then, you know, they get out of the service and they're just kind of left. >> reporter: he put together a raffle with thousand of dollars in prizes to help pastor donny complete operation safe haven and with any luck, do the same thing in missouri. here we are. plans for as many houses as they can build donated to needy veterans. how many? that's up to us. >> if you can do something dork it. and if not, support those that can. >> whether you can rake leaves, cut trees or build houses anybody can get involved. >> reporter: of course you can donate and make sure that right here in south jersey there always be hundreds of acres of thank yous to people who already proved that they'd serve us when given a chance for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪
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we introduced to kate spadaro last week she's got down sip drome made a big splash witness girls basketball team at camden cathedral election high school. she got a big honor from the harlem globetrotters. zeus gave kate her own jersey with the name swish on it he played with the girl and commended kate for her incredible attitude also invited the home team to the game at the wells fargo center next sunday. he threw in dunk like that. pretty good. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. just like that mother nature snaps us back to reality as we take look at doylestown in bucks county tonight. wet and chilly day across our area. but hay at least it's not snow. when can we see say goodbye to all this rain. kathy orr has got your forecast in 15 seconds.
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the past couple of days were just a tease. the appetizer before the main event of spring that gets under way in less than a month. it's coming pretty fast. take look outside we have areas of fog. we have rain, drizzle, very cool temperatures. in fact philadelphia it's only 40 degrees. the wind chill 31. winds out of the northeast at 1. that pre persistent northeasterly wind will keep it cool in the 30s and 40s through this evening but you have that wind and obviously it feels much cooler allentown it feels hike 31. 26 in the poconos it feels like 34 in dover. in wrightstown and atlantic city it feels like around freezing. as we look ahead, we're looking at more cool temperatures. the whole northeast under that blue contour in the 20s and 30s and few 40s five tease down through the mid land we'll stay in no cool pool of air for the next couple of days. cold front that is sagged to the south some showers associated with it. we get a little bit of a break this evening. and then another round of rain
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moves in late tonight through early tomorrow a zero receives disturbance and riding along a track. a stalled front that will give osirian right through the weekend. we do have winter weather advisory until 11:00 o'clock tonight for some freezing precipitation. some freezing rain in the poconos. that's until 11:00. please be aware of that. as we look ahead we're looking at some light rape tonight. and then friday another round of rain with another area of low pressure moving through. by saturday we're up to half an inch of rain and then sunday seeing most of the rain probably about an inch or so finally a front moves through sunday night and just sweeps this completely out. but between now and then, it's just periods of rain on and off. cool temperatures at least through friday. so overnight tonight 26 in the poconos. 35 in pottstown. 38 degrees in millville and 38 in wilmington so a cool start to the day tomorrow. it will be damly again with areas of fog. by the afternoon, cooler than it was today. cloudy unsettled still some showers. the high only 44. but at least there's less wind. winds out of the east at about 10 miles an hour. as we look ahead to the month of
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march, daylight saving time begins on the 11th. that's only 17 days away. it's also the saint patrick's day parade in philadelphia right here on fox 29. sainsaint patrick's day 23 daysy and spring begins on the 20th that's om 26 days away. so a lot to look forward to in the month of march. take a look at your seven day forecast from the weather auhority a few showers saturda saturday. much milder up to 57. 66 with rain on sunday. then we dry the out. monday near 60. tuesday 57. wednesday 58. and then a chance of showers on thursday. the high temperature 54 degrees. so we had two days of summer and now it's back to spring but kristen, you know, i don't think 59 by monday is so bad. >> that's not bad at all, kathy. i will gladly take that. thanks. no one will soon forget jason wells kelce's under dog song at the parade. no one like us we don't care. is another team trying to copy the birds good baseball is back. see how the phillie
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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we've got ourselves a baseball game or at least an exhibition at least the phillies kicked off their slate of spring training games today taking on the university of tampa. jar rad eikoff stand started on the mound for the phillies gets him looking for the strike out. he had 2ks. now to the fourth danny ortiz up to bat. this goes right down the right field line. to will score on his rbi single phillies get the win six to
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nothing. >> usa! usa! the u.s. women's national team won gold last night in shoot out thriller against canada. team usa last won gold back in 1998 much since again it's been all canada this is the third straight games the u.s. have been in the gold medal game and finally they get the win. the flyers are in action tonight. they're hosting the columbus blue jacks at the wells fargo center puck drops at 7:00. and we've got nba basketball back tonight sixers are in chicago for their first game out of the all star break. as they head into the last stretch of the season, brett brown says it's a fistfight and the sixers can't be conservative resting players now. >> in my old life when you felt like you were going to be in the finals or within a championship you definitely started managing stuff differently in this final third much that's not where we're at now. we are fight to go get in the playoffs. >> we all know how much the eagles embraced underdog role this season that mentality wouldn't them super bowl but now is another team trying to steep
6:26 pm
it? check out the back cover the new york daily news not only calling the yankees underdogs but the german shepherd mask really. >> yes. >> article poking fun at yankees saying they clearly aren't underdogs to the red sox but nowhere does it a tribute the eagles. lane johnson absolutely tweeted real original hash tag fake news. if you had just like the underdogs it's fine but the german shepherd. any dog mask. like we know -- we know what you're referencing. >> um-hmm. >> feels a little cheap. >> big red letter. >> exactly. >> they got stanton and the other guy. >> judge. >> judge. 100 homers between two guys. >> the article is poking gun like you went too far. >> yeah, did you. >> we should trademark that. the dog masks. >> they're trying to do the philly special whom knows. >> they shall do that. it was a philly special play. >> we're special. we'll see you back here at 10:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. thanks for
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drach right now on "page six tv," who says jim and justin broke up because he found post-it notes from brad. behind rapper's charity spree, where did designer show up carrying multiple magnums of champagne. why is lindsey vonn's dad throwing shade? all the answers on tv." [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. good to see you. here are today's top stories. drake is taking his kmadian nice guy extremes to million dollars charity spree. that's right, at this point the man can afford to buy a last name. he saved enough to put some money in his 7-figure yellow ferrari. that looks


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