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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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will bee. >> south jersey school in an uproar teacher suspended for his comments about school safety and how his students are rallying behind him. >> weaving his way in couturier, scores. the flyers win in a shoot-out. >> yeah, flares win it in a shoot-out are you ready for another playoff run? flyers continue to be one of the hottest teams in all of sports right new and last night's shoot-out win makes them a first place team, okay. so when i got up this morning, i felt flyered up. >> apparently you did too. >> look at this. >> is what happening. >> orange is the new greeny like that. >> thank you. >> okay. >> it looks like we're wanted by law here. actually market street is shut down. you will see red and blue lights both at third and fourth street. they are fixing that hole that i asked penndot to come and fix, few weeks ago right. >> they are finally doing it.
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>> no, they maybe did a rush job and i think it is my fault that the street is closed down again so a pol guys. good day it is tuesday, february 27th, 2018. it is almost time for your first word of the day because war giving away a trip to ireland. >> is it? this is what we will do this time we will give you a series of clues this hour, and then show so video and we will read something over to you. >> i felt poetic today. >> how nice. >> i wrote this for you: there is a show called good day and we love to give things away. this contest was a prize you will want to win, it will lead to a very big grin. you can stay in a castle, in ire land. >> spread it out.
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>> yes. >> okay. >> do you want another one. >> do you want to do it. >> yes. >> go. >> no, you go. >> please. >> you are the one being poeti c, go ahead. >> you are looking at video of ridge pike it is a road thaw can drive or bike but what does it have to do with the contest? this is just one clue you will need, you will see the rest. all right. you are taking next within. >> i should do that one. >> i'm leaving. >> sue, please just take it. >> not a lot of rehearsal time this morning, yeah. we are looking at absecon the atlantic city this morning, presunrise, not too prebecause it is coming up in about a half an hour. doesn't that look gorgeous. i think you'll like the number of the day. it is a 10 out of 10.
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bus stop buddy, of course, wearing his flares hat so excited about that victory last night but be prepared temperatures in the 20's and 30's this morning. because of the clear skies, radiational cooling we have chillier temperatures out there with frost on your strawberry on this national strawberry day, 36 degrees in philadelphia right new with calm winds and we will head into the upper 50's by the end of the day today, nothing but sunshine all day licensing, little milder then yesterday's high of 51. we will tell you about developing coastal storm for friday, a lot of wind and rain in store bob kelly for the end of the week. >> we have a problem now on route 202 in west chester. here's a live look at 202 southbound right at matlock street. this as you will remember about a month or so ago is where we had that nasty fatal tanker accident where tractor trailer ran the traffic light and then burst into flames.
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right now it looks like a tractor trailer accident southbound matlock street right at traffic light we have kelly sports right on the corner, in relation by the way and all of this is one of the main drags to get you in the town of west chester and west chester university. so southbound 202 coming to a crawl at intersection here. i talk to one of my police budd his said they did get word there is somebody trapped in one of the vehicles there coming from say malvern trying get into west chester watch out for delays south on 202. right out front as mike mentioned market street closed between third and fourth street, and close to vehicle traffic. they are letting the septa buses pass through so hopefully that is good news and we will see when we will get that opened backup and chestnut street also still closed for the fire, from about a week and a half ago, mike and alex, back to you. >> i went by that whole 20 minutes ago, they are deep. >> yes. philadelphia police officer and a man, found dead
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inside of a port richmond home >> now, her fellow officers are trying to figure out what exactly happened, their bodies , autopsies on the bodies to day. steve keeley's at the scene, steve. >> reporter: she lived in the mid of this port richmond neighborhood thaw can tell very supportive of the police department you can tell that because a lot of the house is here have blue lights on in every direction that you look including herr street mercer street where she lived across the street from a public park and a library here. boy, the neighbors just absolutely loved her as a person and neighbor in addition to having a safety feeling of having a police officer nearby. they were as stun as officers who broke down the door, learning that this 36 year-old female officer was dead inside with her 42 year-old long time boyfriend. no indication of foul play, no obvious cause of death. >> she was nice. friendly. relatively outing.
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she would talk to you. that is pretty much all i know i didn't spend a lot of time outside but when difficult see her, would i say hi, how are you she was concern about my wife when my wife was sick. >> police did tow a way a nissan versea with the insuring license plate, likely owned, rented by the 42 year-old boyfriend. alex and mike we could learn some answers to day with the autopsy results but then again we might in the because toxicology test as we know take a whole lot more than just 20 hours or so. so, everybody is wondering what happened here and we may have a long wait to find out that answer. >> toxicology sometimes takes weeks, you are right. steve, thank you. twenty-seven year-old man is in critical condition this morning after being stabbed in the neck, in south philadelphia. police say someone stab him several times on the 2700 block of south hutchinson street, just before 11:30 last night. victim now at jefferson hospital, no arrests just yet.
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three people including an innocent bystander were shot, when a masked man opened fire at the intersection of sheridan and west clear field streets in fair hill last night. two men were shot, one of them left in extremely critical condition, police say that a 24 year-old would man who was half block away was also hit she's in stable condition. so far no arrests but police say the entire shooting was captured on surveillance video so they have got a lead for sure. students at cherry hill east they want their teacher back to class. >> yeah, they are planning maybe another protest this morning, or this afternoon, after their teacher was suspended over comments about the florida school shooting from two weeks ago tomorrow. so lauren this is a history teacher, what did he say. >> reporter: here's the deal, mike, what he said bothered
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one student. that student went to administrators here and then led to him getting suspended. his studented about hoy supports him whole heartly said this is not fair. they started a petition here in school and on line, 500 signatures to date and they say they want many more of those to happen trying to get a thousand. they are trying to defend their teacher. yesterday they gather in the halls at cherry hill high east and chanting free mr. will bee it is an ap history teacher. some of the students here call him one of the most liked teachers at this school. the decision to suspend him came after he made some comments about the recent deadly school shooting in florida questioning whether or not his school and the students here were safe. students believed he has a right to have his own opinion in the matter. >> we were just trying to get our message across and be heard as a student body. we were all doing this for mr. . >> they want to show that mr. locke has his own voice
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and he could share his opinions, i'm in the saying wrong or right but he was just trying to share his opinion about the shootings. >> reporter: yesterday students were asked to leave hallways don't gather in protest they were told to go to the auditorium to voice their concerns and they were going to provide answers for students. some students say this morning they are planning a walk out but they are told if that happens, they are going to experience punishment for that including suspension, maybe enemiesing out on prom or missing a trip to disney. so, they are kind of questioning whether or not they should do it. a spokesperson for district won't comment saying it is a personnel matter. but here's what i just learn, mike and alex, someone on my twitter feed said there is a facebook post going around, school board is having a meeting tonight at 7:00. we did know that. there is a small group of students planning some type of presentation at the school board meeting. they say they will in the protest here at school because they don't want that suspension but they will go to the school board tonight at
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7:00. >> maybe the issue was, and i don't know exactly what he said but maybe that wasn't the proper venue to say in front of the students, say to it administrators and certainly sounded like something that needs to be voiced but maybe that was not the appropriate time. >> reporter: some say his history class is an open forum and known for speaking out and saying things on his mind. they said maybe that one student who did get concerned went to administrators and teacher administration said teachers shouldn't discuss these kind of things in the classroom. >> might have been the delivery,. >> yeah, yeah. >> so true. >> we will continue to follow that. 6:10. front page of the daily news. we got creative last night. the rushin president. tough guy trump said he had rushed in the florida school unarmed. so in a related story i'm not
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a coward, sheriff deputy who did go inside who did not go inside during the shooting the president was talking about in florida high school, he is now speaking out through his attorney how he is deeven if
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6:12. terror on a southwest plane after one of the engines caught fire. >> imagine sitting at this
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seat, at this engine, flames could be seen, from the ground , there, do you see that , boom, boom, but also, from inside the plane. >> the plane was heading from salt lake sitty los angeles yesterday, pilots return to the airport airline says a performance issue with the engine is to blame, in one was thankfully hurt. here's footage from the passengers, we can look for that because it is even more dramatic, somebody video taping right on the phone, flames in his face. >> i would be worried. >> oh, yeah. >> turn this around. >> well, recording the king new is that what philly has come to. >> apparently did you see what a local company did? they took the message right to lebron james in cleveland come to philadelphia and complete the process, meet one of the men behind the idea, later on "good day philadelphia". what did you think of it. >> oh our guest paid for these billboard. >> spending money. >> all (steel-drum ringtone sounds)
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oh, good, it is 6:16. well, that is a sign that you may know, that ace a little bit of a hint of the word of the day. >> my turn to be poetic. >> read poems today. >> the word of the day is
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coming up so start filling up your coffee cup, why is waltz 's golf farm a clue to our irish roots we have to stay true, keep watching for the word of the day, turf say. >> you've establish roots. >> well... >> that is exactly right. >> and on march 11th. >> yes, broadcast live right here on fox 29. >> we will be there? are you going to go or at least watch at home. >> let me tell you about this too, it is a 10. it is still a 10. >> yes. it is still a 10. >> i haven't changed my mind. your favorite term for meteorology, radiational cooling,. >> love that. >> it is clear. twenty-seven in quakertown. twenty-five in doyletown. we are in the 30's in plymouth meeting. thirty-three in media and in philadelphia we have 36 degrees, it is 32 atlantic city. thirty-five in wildwood. these temperatures are
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chillier then they were yesterday at this time but the fog is gone, the cloud are gone, it is going to be a beautiful day, that is the upside of a radiational cooling kind of night, you expect plenty of sunshine. we will talk about what will happen at the end of the week, by wednesday night we will see increasing clouds by thursday afternoon we have rain rolling in and it looks like, we have got a coastal storm, developing. the forecast still evolving on it but it looks like lieutenant of rain, wind for friday, and then maybe a little bit of snow up in the mountains, stay tuned, for more on that. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. for yesterday. that was yesterday's high temperature, atlantic city 53. allentown was 53. that was yesterday. this is today. high of 57. upper 50's nor wednesday. then we have rain arriving on wednesday, that nasty coastal storm on friday, and then bob kelly, it should be clearing up, just in time for the weekend, so unlike last week even, when it was dreary, rainy throughout the weekend, of the first weekend in march
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looks a lot better. >> that is great, 6:19. here's a picture of the work crew, i have been talking to that he is guys, send alex out , send alex out. >> well, mike did make a good point. >> i'm like a cone, i can go out there and be like this. >> i'm sure they with love to see you. >> traffic cone. >> i will give you dancing cone. >> walk like an egyptian over there. >> market street closed from third and fourth. these guys are subcontractors they said for water department lets go to the rooftop our live camera here they started last night at 10:00 o'clock. this is video of our camera guy shot. they started last night at 10. they were only going to be here a couple hours. it turns out that the new waterline need to be put in what is the place across the street. >> commonwealth. >> they need a new waterline. if they just drank beer they
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wouldn't worry about water. >> well, you have to flush. >> the hole is probably about 8 feet deep, they have been dunn there alternate long, they will fill it backup because police say they have to have the roadway opened by 7:00 a.m. so look at this. >> where is dump truck or back ho. >> i really believe this is my fault because three weeks ago i ran outside and asked them to a rush job. >> we have video here. >> they were watching the show they ran out here before we got off the air at 10. maybe they just rush it. it is my fault. they had to repair their job. >> i did tell them to send the bill to you. >> excuse me. >> yes. >> here's the deal. you have penndot involved because it is route three market street. you have water department involved. now they subcontracted the job out to the gays out front. we have peco power line underneath there. so you have all these
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different city, departments all involved in this mess. we will keep an eye on it. an accident here southbound lanes of route 202 right here at matlock right in front of the kelly's sports, involving this tractor trailer. so only one lane squeezing by so we are jammo, heading south , in through west chester , mike and alex back to youy will collect bunch of stuff real fast, not kidding, super bowl t-shirt. put it into a box and bury it. >> time capsule. >> all right, i'm on it. >> lets get it together. >> we can do this. >> orange is the new green is what people are tweeting me it looks like i'm wearing red. it is speaksed to be orange. while were you celebrating an eagles super bowl win the flyers have become one of the best teams in hoc continued last night.
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yes. >> it is year of the dog. >> good day mug. >> i like that. >> there is some money in it. >> well, it is stuck. >> okay. >> what? >> i will see if they will let me put it in the hole.
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>> good luck, tell them this is for the future, we need this to happen so they can remember us. >> well, mike's working on that lets see sports in a minute. good morning, i'm kristin rodgers. nhl trade deadline came and went on monday and flyers pick up veteran defensive johnny o doya from the senators. flyers and montreal taking on the canadiens in the shoot-out , mrazek with the save here he had, shut out on the night. it comes down to sean couturier egg weaving his way top shelf they take the win and flyers now first place in the metro pol tan division. aaron nola will be phillies starting pitcher on opening day. he is youngest starting pitcher for phillies on opening day since 1964. manager gabe kapler says it is a well deserved honor. >> he has earn it. he is unequivocally the right choice and absolute gamer, grinder, stuck and more proud to have him on the roster.
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phillies/yankees first inning in score, ben lively on the mound for phillies. he gets jean carlos stanton swinging, one of his three strike outness two innings pitched, yankees get the win they score late four-three. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. >> well, thank you, kristin. hundreds pack the palestra at university of pennsylvania last night, and not to watch college basketball, they were supporting high school hoops, always a big night in philadelphia, catholic leak game between bonner prendie and roman catholic. thrill down the two last second. it was reman boys taking champion ship, a classic finish to a classic tradition. wait until you hear final score 51-49. wow, close. that wasn't the only big game last night. another rivalry took the court girls champion ship game newman goretti verse cardinal owe hard a it was o'hara that captured the girls catholic league title for second year in a row.
6:27 am
final score 54-39. congrats to all of the winners >> mike, how is it going. can i throw a "good day philadelphia" mug in there. >> if you want. >> here wow go, the mug's going in. >> and then i have a dog for the super bowl, right, a good day logo. and an eagles pennant. good to see you guys,. >> it is a time capsule. >> thanks for your hard work. >> will it be filled by seven. >> cool. >> thank you. >> now question is, how, when we should open it 30 years, 20 years, bringing it back what he
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is saying. we will set you up for a suspended tea local high schoole rallying behind one of their sur comments he made about the school shooting in florida. bute hope they like our beer a local brewery is inspired by jayson kelce's super bowl parade speech they dem it. where you can get your hands on the can no one likes us, we do tastes like jason's
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sweat apparently what that is likey got close to him. >> okay. >> it is tuesday,y the 27th, 2018. >> sit time to say ward of did . >> maybe there another poem. >> yes. >> i believe there is another poem. >> okay. >> you can shop, eat, or play, when you come to this town, you will only grin, you will never frown, this is just another hint for the word of the day, keep watching, closely don't hit that hey. don't go back to bed. we know you want to win this trip to ireland. >> lets see if anyone is guessing it. >> yeah, somebody did on line. >> outlet mall. >> okay. >> someone said with their time capsule you forgot to put what year it is. >> it is a super bowl dog and
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it is a super bowl logo on it. >> yeah. >> plus i didn't wrap it in plastic plus it will disintegrate in a matter of days. >> it has been pulverized. >> i would like to have one of those things, it looks like fun. >> can you imagine, sue when they get home at night when they must feel. >> honey, i'm home. >> pass the mashed potatoes. >> hi, honey, i'm up. >> look at ocean city, new jersey starting the day in a gorgeous way and that is what a clear sky will do we have clear skies right now. we have a 10 out of 10 and looking forward to sunshine. there is a chillier start then yesterday. bus stop buddy says make sure your coat is warm enough, happy about the flyers win last night and celebrating
6:33 am
national strawberry day with temperatures in the 20's and 30's out there we have 36 degrees in philadelphia right now, by 9:00 o'clock we will be around 41, 42. by lunchtime 54. our high temperature today a balmy, for february 57 degrees. not as warm as 70's we had last week bob kelly but still gorgeous day ahead. >> gorgeous. 6:33. not gorgeous south on 202, a tractor trailer accident, police had to rescue somebody out of the vehicles here so southbound 202 right here at matlock street where kelly sports comes into play within of the exits to head toward west chester. so right new we are 15 minute parking lots from west chester pike down to matlock street as they clean up that accident. expected delays rolling down south out of malvern into west chester, rolling across town in center city westbound on the vine expressway an accident here right before you get to the schuylkill expressway here's a picture of
6:34 am
the work crew out front market street still closed between third and fourth. they are letting septa buses pass through however vehicle traffic will be detoured until about 7:00. an accident south on i-95 south of the bridge street interchange, mike and alex, back to you. still a lot of unantsed questions, this morning after an off-duty police officer is found dead along with a man inside their port richmond home. >> yeah, how did they die? steve's at the scene right now , steve. >> reporter: well this time yesterday she didn't show up to work and then hours later she didn't answer phones or text and she didn't even answer knocks at her door by fellow officers sent all the way over here from south philadelphia when her collogue s wondered where she was. once they got here you can see no obvious signs of trauma, nothing apparent right away indicating a murder/suicide or an accident or anything else. it will take autopsies to answer how the 36 year-old off-duty female office are and
6:35 am
their 42 year-old long time companion described as their boyfriend, died, when, and how , alex and mike? >> when and how, indeed. all right. students at cherry hille are planning another rally this morning in support of their teacher who was suspended. >> that teacher made comments about school security and safety in the wake of the florida shootings, two weeks ago, so lauren, he is a history teacher, is that right >> reporter: he is, mike. i want to see if you can hear this i'm on the phone with edward, edward can you hear us still. >> mike can you hear edward talking. >> yeah, give him a second. >> he is on a bus. look behind me edward is in a class, they are going to the fbi. he will ab way for school for that planned walk out. we were chatting. he was giving information about what happened yesterday in the school, can you chat
6:36 am
with us quickly. >> he still have us on held so far. >> we were chatting on the phone because his mother came over after dropping him off to school. i said were you in class the day mr. locke made comments. he was in class. i said what did he say exactly he sort of paraphrased. he said mr. locke said it vice possible that the school could ab tacked and his concern is that there was in security that is armed on campus and he thought that was putting students at risk. he took those concerns to the administration but he also wanted to discuss that with the students in the class but he did say this if the school was attack he would be willing to take a bullet for his students. the reason this is important i think in light of what has happened here because edward shared with me that mr. locke nearly died in the gulf war when he was serving in the air force. in this ap history class they
6:37 am
often discussed current events in the encloses and they talk about different things that could happen and, of course, florida school shooting happened just two weeks ago made it a relevant topic for the class. so because of his time in the air force he had that military background that made him concerned about what could happen at this school. edward says busies pulling off so are ward's leaving us, so he did tell us that he had not been back, he wasn't back in class last week that happened wednesday and thursday. friday he heard from other classmates that mr. locke was basically forced out for at least six months without pay. we cannot confirm that with the district because they are saying it is a personnel issue they do not want to discuss at all but students are rallying to this defense. edward's mother came over's shed meehan e-mail she sent to the superintendent of the school district and she spoke very highly of mr. locke. this will not than a story
6:38 am
that ends anytime soon. students are planning a walk out today, in the a protest but they will walk out and speaking up raising their voice about what is happening. >> didn't the administration say you know, we may take prom away, may not graduate. >> suspend you if do you this. >> reporter: that is a threat that the students told thaws were made to us that no prom, no trip to disney but they are saying, they are still going to do it. other students are saying they are scared of those threats. they will take their vice to the school board meeting tonight at 7:00 and run their concerns therey dent necessity fit is best way to handle this but not have been be quiet maybe we certainly offer this desk if you want to come in, principal of the school maybe one of the students hash it out, talk about what he said, why they don't think it was a good idea to talk about in front of the students. everybody just talk it out,
6:39 am
figure this out before it turns into some big mess. >> it sounds like it already turn into a mess. >> they could stop this mess if people start talking. >> it sounds like students just want to have a converse says. new details emerging about the sheriff's deputy who did not go inside to confront gunman at stoneman douglas high school two week ago. >> his name is scott peterson. his lawyer has released a statement on to why he didn't go inside the building and thomas has more. >> scott peterson his name and says his client has been unfairly described as a coward and he was following protocol when he didn't go inside that school last week the broward county sheriff's office say security footage shows peterson standing outside that school building while shooting was going on. he was asked to resign after report came out and now he is sharing his story through his lawyer who said peterson thought gunshots were actually
6:40 am
coming from outside and that is yes was standing there statement read allegation that is mr. peterson was a coward and his performance under the circumstances failed to meet standard of the police officer are patently untree. peterson's attorney say inform deputy had presence of mind to have school an mid straightors go to the video room to help locate shooter and give a description to the police. so once again peterson says he is very confident that surveillance video testimony will show he did everything mike and alex, by the book, so we will have more to come. >> oh, my gosh. >> there is always two sides to every story, of course. >> president trump looking at congress to move on school safety, he says he would have charged the stoneman douglas high school during shooting even if he wasn't armed. president made a comment during a meeting with the nation's governors while pushing for tougher laws and arming educators. >> you don't know unless you are tested but do i believe
6:41 am
would i run in even if i didn't have a weapon. >> president trump is continuing his push to beef up background checks, arm some teachers and increase access to mental health resources and ban bump stocks. >> unscripted sometimes. good morning, everybody, updating our breaking news out of west chester sky fox over the scene now of this nasty accident involving this box truck we had to pry someone out on one of the vehicles, southbound 202 at matlock street causing a major jam for folks trying to get in and out of west chester. we will
6:42 am
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good morning everybody updating breaking news this is west goshen township right outside west chester an accident involving at least two trucks here this is one of the those dump trucks and other box truck it looks like it plowed in the back right here in the intersection of 202 and matlock right there in the main drag in west chester the university campus right at corner of kelly sports is a big intersection there. they have big condo units for west chester university. so right new there is no traffic permitted on matlock. it looks like they are allowing traffic to roll role here south on 202 but getting ready to leave the house right now lets get to the maps.
6:45 am
coming town 202 extra we have any to that intersection here use route three into west chester and new street will get you around backup there. again, another live look from our penndot camera rolling south on 202. across town on the vine street expressway heavy from i-95 over to approaching the schuylkill this accident here off to the right shoulder, market street right out front closed from third over to fourth i talked to septa they are allowing septa buses to roll through however, city says they will have that roadway opened up by 7:00 for vehicle traffic. we have chestnut street blocked from around the corner on the fire location a week and a half ago. flourtown stenton avenue block at flourtown road, sueby has your forecast in 152nd
6:46 am
almost at the end of february, we have another day left or two, and 21 days left until the start of spring vern al equinox is on march 20th at 12:15. just so you know. it is 33 degrees in newark, delaware, 31 seaford as we go around the neighborhood this is morning. newtown square 32. new london chester county is below freezing this morning because skies cleared up overnight so we had radiation al cooling. voorhees, new jersey it is only 28 degrees. clear skies also mean sunshine we have had our official sunrise time of the day and when we look at future cast though we will start to see bye wednesday night a few scattered showers around. by thursday morning quite cloudy by thursday evening it is raining and it looks like that rain will last on and off on friday and we will get heavier rain because we are
6:47 am
predicting a coastal storm for friday so that means not only rain but wind and possible coastal flooding, this forecast for friday's storm is still evolving so stay tuned for. that we could see snow in the mountains as well but today is a 10, tomorrow nine and rain rolls in on thursday and friday, should be gone by the weekend, mike and alex. billboards keeping popping up in the city of cleveland, ohio. that is where lebron james plays basketball. some folks from our area, up in chester, trying to lure lebron james to philadelphia. >> that is right, they decided to do that by putting up a big sign a billboard in fact in cleveland and it is on its way to the arena about 7 miles. >> is that the philly special basketball style. >> look at that, number 23 in red with the crown on top showing where he will fit in like that. then there is another billboard that says complete the process, of course, playing off embiid's motto
6:48 am
trust the process and then finally philly wants lebron. billboard will be up for three months. it might be coincidence but sixers will be in cleveland to play cavilers on thursday. >> i will watch that game then >> all right. >> so, the guy, one of the guys that paid the money that is pretty hefty i would think to leave those billboard up in cleveland in three months. they own some home improvement company or something. >> right. >> all right. >> so listen to this is this a good eye dough for lebron to come here. the odd are astronomical. i was listening to kristin rodgers. she has her take on whether it is a good fit or not. >> lebron james doesn't feel like a good it this they will to have over pay for a guy that will be here for a few years before going back to cleveland to finish his career , exactly what he will do, yes, wow bring immediate success but would it be sustainable? i don't know. sixers already have talent
6:49 am
they just need to trust that process, continue to develop, and they will find that success on their own. >> so is there kristin's take and she says in, to lebron do you want lebron james to come to philly. >> we decided to put a pole up , on twitter, fox and 72 percent of people say yes, they want lebron to come, 28 percent say no. instagram yesterday i put up this billboards and man, people were in the comment they had a lot to say. >> good or bad. >> it was kind of split, some people like no, in the worth trouble, the money. >> did kristin effect your vote there, can you vote again >> no. >> anyway lets see fit changes a little bit. >> we will show the guy who paid for the billboard. i want to know how much he spent and how much he believes in it. >> very rude, to ask that. >> he will be here at what 8:00. >> he is putting his money where his mouth is.
6:50 am
>> i don't like the idea of wowing somebody with billboard is it looks like you been are desperate with a date with the girl. will you go to the prom with me. >> maybe they think he needs convincing. >> here's how you convince him pay him a lot of money and that is up to the sixth tours do it. look at that sign, take me to the air port. >> it is worth a try, right. >> there is a chan, man. >> okay. >> okay. >> here's another call and by the way kitkat kline wrote these i cannot take the heat. >> people are guessing. >> you know where it is, now, check it out, it is a power plant. >> yes. >> are we done with these poem s yet, really just can'ty really just can't. >> let me do this. >> it is one of the last clues before the word of the day, i promise we will do this before
6:51 am
may. although i hear ireland is beautiful in the springtime. >> what is that tag line there it doesn't rhyme with anything >> just keep talking until i make you mine and now we have run out of time. only thing i could find. >> look at these guys frantic ally trying to get this done they have nine minutes to fill the hole between third and fourth. >> they butter - [narrator] look around.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
obviously, a lot of people have guessed it. >> well, yeah, a big power plant, check it out, it is limerick, pennsylvania, what a great place to visit and stay. >> this is last limerick we have to read, please don't say there is another one you'll need. limerick is the word of the day, so now we can all say, yeah. >> what the hay. >> good last line. good tag. >> too bad we're in the done for the day. >> oh, please go away. so you will stay. >> we're going to stay because that is really the only way.
6:55 am
>> so what is the contest rules. >> contest rules go to fox 29 .com/contest and enter by 10:00 a.m. each day for chance to win airfare, aboard aer lingus and hotel stay in ireland from our sponsor the travel and adventure show. we will announce the winner live during the st. patrick's day parade, we will i have new word and finalist every day this week so be sure to watch good day, to enter to win for complete rules go to www dot fox >> now here comes the hard part now the word of the day is limerick we have to make it interesting for next three hours how to reveal it. so, i got an idea. >> okay. >> it involves the harlem globetrotters. >> will you play some basketball. >> we're playing basketball. >> yes. >> all around the world. >> we love that. >> basketball. >> yes.
6:56 am
>> real quickly here, they have got four and a half minute to fill rolls, they promised this would be filled by 7:00. >> they better they have four minutes.
6:57 am
when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white.
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6:59 am
disturbing find in port richmond. >> an off-duty police officer, found dead inside of her home, a man's body also found. what we are now, learning about these mysterious deaths. fighting for the teacher. a south jersey history teacher suspended for his comment made in class about school safety and how his students are rallying behind him. three billboarding outside cleveland, ohio, it is not a movie but a direct message to lebron james, come to philadelphia and complete the process how a local business is courting the king.
7:00 am
and what is the word? >> ♪ >> harlem globetrotters help us put a spin on the word of the day how you can win a free trip to ireland we have a lot to get to we have a lot to do in this hour. >> um-hmm, let's listen. >> don't stop. >> it is like good day the musical right now. >> do you think that looks nice and smooth. >> good enough. >> oh, yeah. >> this is philly. >> yes. >> we have a 10 on a 10 scale today, how about that. >> it is beautiful, already, hon. lets look at the number of the day to prove it. we have a double digit one today and national strawberry day and first time in a long ti


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