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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 28, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> happy birthday to their lead singer, patrick, perfectly named for our word of the day. patrick moynihan is 49 today. happy birthday. >> you know who else has cents a birthday today? >> your mama. >> my mother. >> oh, happy birthday, mom. >> i hope you have a lovely day. there she is, looking lovely. she is here in philadelphia, with my dad. so we will be celebrating you today and having a lot of fun, went for nice walk yesterday, today more fun. also doing the no meet journey for me for lent. >> she is not going to eat meat until easter? >> right. we're both sharing in that. >> oh, wow. >> okay. >> also pretty sure megan's birthday. >> happy birthdy megan. >> punch yourself up, woman. happy birthday. >> high! >> brought the sparkles. >> yes, oh, baby. what a year she's going to have. are you getting married this year, megan? this calendar year? >> i am. >> didn't get the i am have i
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takes? >> i don't think i will ' be going to that one, no. good day, it is wednesday, february the 28th, 2018. and happy birthday too to everybody born on the 29th of february. oh, i met a woman yesterday her son is 21. and i'll try to find her name. amy schumer recently tied the knot. learning more about her wedding vows, what she promise in the front of friends and family that's getting a lot of attention this morning, i think we should have little mock wedding ourselves here in this hour. >> have you heard of vero? all of you stain gram lovers, watch out. this is being called the overnight instagram killer. we will take a look, how the news social media app is beating all of the others. should you make the switch from instagram? >> i think it will be a killer, yes. and thomas is at the adventure aquarium, one of our favorite places cents for the words of the day reveal. hi, thomas. >> hello there. oh, the answer, my friends, not blowing in the winds, it is floating in the water. what do you say we make a major splash for the word of the day.
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that's coming up in a moment. >> oh, that's great. >> okay, coming up on 9:02. >> should ex's be invited to weddings? maybe we'll get megan's opinion on there is because her wed something coming up this year. so this is going to happen at the royal wedding in may. who is invited now? >> apparently two of his ex's, reportedly have been invited to his wed to go megan markets. >> there they are. >> chelsey davey on the left and kressida bone as, both prince harry's ex's but apparently still good friends with him. >> they're different type than they are. both the blondes. then he went for the dark blauwet, the one he'll march it. >> brunet. >> so according to the daily mail over there, big time newspaper and website, now, tv show, megan has no bad blood with the ex's. she says fine, bring it on, i don't care, i got my man. a french harry's says he does not think megan will minds them coming at all.
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they've talk about it, everybody's fine. so megan's ex-husband, however, will not be invited to the wedding. he's currently making a television show about a divorce who marissa member of the royal family. is that true? is that art? mimicking reality? wow. why would he -- how do you think he will's feeling? >> pretty angry if he's make that casino every a thing. >> i guess. >> or maybe he just wants to make some monday. >> i when they come to him with this project, do you want to do something about somebody leaves you, goes off, marry a royal? i'm in. you have no problem with ex's being at wedding? >> i don't, you don't have to always disclose it. >> why, but i didn't tell my husband. >> do you lie to him about everything? >> these are called like not really lies, they're more like white lies, or lyings of omission. you don't need to tell everything that could be hurtful. >> i hate the lie of omission, that bothers me than flat outlying.
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>> why? >> i don't know it, has always bothered me. >> it seems like if you know, if you told it might cause some problems, why invite him? did he really have to be there? does it really add anything to the is her moany? >> really that close? are these two really that close to harry? >> i can't speak for him, the people in my life were good friends, for decade later, went to later wedding for them, wish them well with their life, you want good things to happen. if a friend is a friend, so. >> can you think of any ex's that you would invite to your wedding, mike? all of them? >> ya? not all of them? >> one. >> she would be happy to be there, yes. >> you would have people come. >> not because i don't get along, i get along with all of them, i wouldn't want it to bother my wife to be. and if it bothered her at all, i wouldn't want her to go through that. >> wouldn't it be nice to have a wife who just didn't care? because she knows i think with meghan markle she knows she is all that. it doesn't matter. she is totally different than those other women.
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she doesn't care. she sealed the deal. >> if you find me that woman who doesn't care, sign me up. hey, amy schumer got married. did you see that? but we're learning more about the vows that she said to her husband, so let's just say this, she promised to keep things hot in the bedroom. how about that? at the is her moany? >> it was pretty sauce i. >> she doesn't like air-conditioning? >> oh, good one, alex. >> now, alex. that's why -- >> that's why what? >> nothing. >> aim zip not the only one who has ever put unique spin on the vows. remember, what gabrielle union said. >> i vow not to watch scandal or nashville without you. and she talked about it in her book, too, we need more wine. and they are serious, they like to watch their shows together. >> that's right. >> so famous couples aren't the only ones hopping on board whether it comes to nontraditional vows. other couples twos to personalize. >> you want to make it
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personal, right? something between you and your loved one. >> okay. >> the person you're going to marry. like this. i promise to buy taller shoes so you can wear heals. >> oh,. >> real vows that we found. >> the guy said that to her? >> uh-huh. i promise to love and cherish you as much as dow our dog spot. i promise to love you for eternity and to credit card even when it means passing out when i get the credit card bill. i promise to remember to put down the toilet seat and to replace toilet roll when it finishes. >> amen on that one, can all men put that in a vow. >> how long will that last, right? >> six months. >> all right, let's play a little game. this is going to be a little creepy on some levels. al next. >> well, some people consider us what tv husband and wife? >> we are tv husband and wife. so we've set up little thing here. what do you call these things? >> an alter, or it is like a hoopa if you're jewish. >> mozeltoff.
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>> we're on the beach now. pretending to be on the beach. karen would you do the honors, as i marry alex holley here on television. >> tv march. >> i tv marry. >> yes. >> tomorrow we will have the honeymoon. tune in for that. >> creepy. stop it. >> so come over here. >> you're the off i shall anti guess, stand right here. turn slightly this way. so we can talk about the voice. >> all right, thank you for coming here today, we would like to welcome you all for the ceremony between one lovely alex holley. >> oh, mosquitos out here, i told you we should have been in a church. >> and michael eugene. >> so let's say our vows, are you guys ready for this? any objections from the crowd? and i hear none. >> okay. >> well the tv audience is screaming. don't do it, alex. >> i was holding my breath. >> okay, alex are you going to begin? >> should i start or does the man start. >> the man starts? >> i think so. >> no, the woman. >> oh,. >> the man start? i haven't been to a wedding in a long time. i will never be -- >> do you michael take this
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woman alex, those are your vows, go ahead. >> alex, i promise to pick up your reads on the teleprompter when you start coughing which you do repeatedly throughout the morning, and i promise, hey, crystal, could you get my neti pot? but when you start coughing and hacking, and flu i had start flying out of your face. >> fluids do not fly. >> i promise you to use, could you hold this, i promise to use this neti pot to suck the snot out of your face. >> that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. >> thank you. >> i'm so emotional i had to write these down. >> me too. >> oh, do you all of them? sore. >> i i vow to let you catch me off guard with your stupid instagram stories whether i'm doing something embarrassing and that it goes up out to the world. >> yes. >> like yesterday when you got the rap. >> yes. >> wrap on that. >> so sweet. >> that turned out well.
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>> and got to love my stain gram stories. >> what's the last one say? i forgot. >> oh, that's right. alex, when the show is over, i promise to go anywhere with you when you don't have anybody to take you to things, like never. and always. every day. >> i appreciate that do you that, mike. >> when you have a doctors appointment i'll watch them scope your throat. when you have a fundraiser to go to and can't finds a date, i promise to be there. >> awe. >> ya that's so real life. okay, my turn, right? >> alex it is your turn, yes, very heart felt. get out of there. alex, your turn. >> mike, i vow to make sure your coffee is always hot. because you're always so concerned and you have a leaving the studio to get it warmed up so i make sure it is cents always hot. >> so like amy you'll always keep it hot. >> no that the way but scorch hot, yes. >> i vow to not look at your text messages while we are sitting at the anchor desk. >> you know that drives me nuts. >> just a quick lean over side eye. >> do not make that vow.
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that's too much fun. >> what have you ever learned from my texans. >> i learn a lot of things, ya. okay. and then lastly, i vow to tell when you you have stains on your suit and in various places and to help you remove them. >> that's every day. well, the two of can you join hands for a second there is looks like a successful anchor marriage. >> i promise never to remind you that my hands are softer than yours. >> oh. my mother says i need more lotion. >> here's to you. >> oh! >> that's how much i love you. >> well there is will be a continuing long and lasting anchor marriage. of epic proportions. >> i love you. >> i lover you mike. let's do more tv magic together, forever. >> to the honeymoon. >> honeymoon? on the desk is where the honeymoon is, back toutiesting. >> oh, who hasn't done it on the desk. >> oh, lord. >> i mean the show. you know what i mean. >> i love it. >> karen, have you ever officiate add wedding?
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>> no, you have though. >> i've done two, three now. >> yes. >> in my life. >> that's right. you're popular choice. >> all three divorced. >> stop it. >> no, they're altogether actually, they've had kids. well it, started with the movie three billboards outside missouri, now only five days to see this movie because the oscars are what sunday. >> and everyone is saying this is the move toy watch this year. >> a mother in the film personally challenges the local authorities with billboards to solve the daughter's murder three billboards outside of this small town in missouri. >> so then, here is a story that was big yesterday, and the day before, when a guy from our area or company they pt three billboards up in cleveland, because they were trying to get labron james to come to philly. so, asher ray field, he was one of the men who paid for it responded last night saying he hasn't seen them in person but
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flattered by the billboards. >> what's the deal with people buying billboards? because they cost so much? like yesterday i saw serena's showing his love big time, alexis is his name, just may be husband of the year, look at the pictures of the baby oh,. >> greatest mom of all time. >> look at that, serena, because you want to go big or go home. go big and go bold. >> also like a millionaire, million times over. >> well, true, yes. >> see, karen, you're like a gmother, one of the greatest mothers every all time, bouncing this job and your three bows boys. >> right. >> everyone knows the real truth when you see me out there screaming at my kids, stop eating the candy in the supermarket. sure you paid for t no, it is cents for mother of the year. >> yes. >> but she is great mom. >> now i have a bone to pick with people here at the
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station. >> they've issued now, a little postcard size pictures of us, to promote, like i have a fundraiser tonight, and tomorrow night, and i'll pass out some pictures and maybe sign some autographs on the little photo. >> right. >> way to promote the tv station, and the program, we like it call -- >> good day philadelphia. >> so you see it, picture taken years ago it, has been airbrushed heavily. other stations cents promoting other ways, instead of the little postcard, well, oh, well, look at that this is over in university citiment look at the size of this thing. >> i was driving by the other day in a uber, oh, my god, ukee congratulations, that's the biggest promotional billboard i've ever seen. >> it is big. it feels like you can like run right into it, because it is right next to the highway. >> i almost ran into it trying to call my tv station, like ukee over there in university
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city? >> he has a co-anchor, too, doesn't he? >> what? >> you wouldn't know? >> all right. >> oh, ya, i know her, i love her. >> they heard you because you've been griping about this for little bit. and you have your own billboard, you know? >> shall we see it? >> oh, on the lit building, i'm lit. >> look at that. >> i snow. >> and it is live. >> it is digital, yes. >> hey. >> look at. that will the greatest anchors of all time. >> so gaoat. >> i'm gaoat? thank you for that, fox, i appreciate it. >> that's a nice location, too. >> don't drive by and try to see that. >> i'm looking at it live down the street. okay, not really up there. thanks guys in the control room. let's talk about emojis, new push for emojis to include inter racial couples. oh, this is tinder, right? the dating website? >> continue err really pushing for this. they may be responsible for
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more inter-racial marriages. that's why they're getting involved with the push to make this happen, right now emojis representing different races, but there are no mix and match women seans, so change the color of the emojis like everyone is the same color. >> tonight want to make it where it is different colors. nowadays family families, just beautiful blending. >> rainbow. >> it has been for some time. when doing simple thumbs-up or high five or i'm stronger, depending on your skin tone, put whatever it is. i have a picture the most pace i white, white he is white, you're middle, and everything inbetween when your friends sends you stuff, all different colors t makes perfect sense. how many couples do we know here in our own lives that have inter-racial couples. it is about darn time. >> and we've had to do this push when it comes to emojis, i remember they only had men in certain like work force emojis, then even for the sentence, for awhile only one skin top. people had to push for hey, not everyone is the same skin color. so yes, perfect.
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how come me, yes, i was cents just yellow guy. >> you know you can change. >> be peach? >> oh, scroll over, then i get my thumbs. >> now they need different hairstyles, not everyone has straight hair. >> true. >> the one i get all the time, the one where go like this. >> hear the bag pipes, you know what that means. >> okay. >> time to get over to our own thomas drayton. >> at the aquarium. >> sharks, stingrays, oh, my. i love the stingray, always seem like they're smiling. adventure aquarium in camden, can you imagine 170,000-gallon tank, in your house, just chilling? by the way if you have been here you have to come back, always an adventure, what do you say we bring in deanna, friend to the program, good morning. >> good morning, how are you?
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>> so excited. doing well. about to reveal the word of the day. it is cents perfect timing because it is the luck of the irish here at the aquarium, right? some big events? >> it is, we excited march's literally tomorrow, it starts, and excited we have some event coming up saint patrick's day weekends celebrating our buttons birthday. >> i remember buttons just that big? >> yes. she is little bigger, about over 3,000 pounds, so her and her gal pal jenny will be celebrating all weekend long, going to be saint patrick's day theme enrichment for them, and it will be family friendly, definitely excited march 16 through the 18th. >> what does a hippo celebration look like? >> we definitely want what's a birthday without cake right? so we offer them hippo friendly cakes, it is fruits and veggies, and i like to say that they're vegan because they realism so they're really, you know, fun enrichment for them and will offer that in the morning, and guests can wish them a happy birthday, have giant hippo birthday card for guests to
9:18 am
sign, crafter, all of these different activities. >> the word of the day, 452nd away, but i want to talk about the penguins park, under construction, so excited for this. >> yes. >> our outdoor area, all new experience for guests originally there, renovated over the last year, excited march 24, just in time for spring break, our african penguin colony all 38 birds the largest will be coming back on exhibit, including our four newest checks, nick, carson, taco and chilly. >> ready for the word of the day. >> excited to reveal it, yes. >> just happen to be swimming in the 170,000-gallon tank watch do we see here? there you go, the words of the day. patrick. and get this, dianna, thank you so much. mike, alex, karen. on our divers name. >> i'm guessing, patrick.
9:19 am
>> come-on. >> patrick. >> our name, yes, our divers name is patrick. how fitting is that? word of the day, patrick with our diver patrick celebrating saint patrick's day. >> that's great. >> super excited. now we have to give all of the contests, details, fine print, all of that good stuff. >> thanks, thomas, great job. >> and that's just quality& television producing, have the divers name at patrick. >> exactly. >> what just happened? so what are the rules? >> you want me to read them? >> go to enter by 10:00 a.m. each day for for a chance to which hotel stay in ireland from our sponsor the travel and adventure show, we announce the winner live during our saint patrick's day parade. be sure to watch for the new word each day so you can enter for chance to win, and go to ireland, look at the beautiful place it is. so for complete rules go to
9:20 am >> can we get new pictures of ireland? looks like there are no people. >> lovely, the cliffs. >> but peaceful. >> well, this is not peaceful. bob what do we have? >> well, a truck kind of wedged underneath the railroad overpass. this is a live look from skyfox. king of prussia road. two men in a truck, maybe we need two men and a tape measure. because this happens quite often. this is stretch right near the radnor train station. notice this yellow beam. that's a steel beam that the folks put in there, so that when these trucks snack into it, q the amtrak train, it doesn't damage the railroad tracks above it, so this is in wayne, delaware county, right at the radnor train station nobody's hurt, that's good news, but un fourthly major detour in play, i see them trying to hook up chains, trying to pull this guy out of here, hopefully your china set
9:21 am
mike is not included in the back of the cargo there. so nobody's hurt so we'll stay over it, big detour for the rest of the >> so did you here barbara streisand, she clone her dog and got two more dogs
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>> surprise girls might be performing at prince harry and mening zero meghan markle's wedding. >> and i want to get with your friends. and he is going to have his former friends there. >> well, they were all getting together for lunch, remember we all thought they were getting together for reunion tour, maybe this is what it is all about, because that would bring posh back, she won't do it just for anything. >> but for the wedding. >> she completely would. >> who was mel b talking about? scary spice? >> so we'll see what happens. looks like they'll be there, why not? real quickly here, i met woman outside, yesterday, as i left
9:25 am
the station. domeniquea. she is an uber driver. lovely woman. her son, david green, is 22 today. he was born on leap year. so they have to celebrate it today. >> that is one of those struggles i feel for everybody. >> one of the ex-boyfriends that came to my wedding. >> a the love people acknowledging shout out to all of the leap year babies? yes. >> here we go. do you have a beloved pet from your childhood? >> yes, i had two cats. >> two cats. >> i had a bunch of dogs we loved. >> love dogs. >> how about cloning your pets? barbara streisand announce that she has cloned her dog. in a interview with variety, the newspaper out there in hollywood, barbara admitted two of her dogs are cloned. from her 14 year old dog, samantha, who died last year. so they took a piece of the
9:26 am
dog's stomach, and a piece of the dog's mouth, and they cloned two more dogs out of it. >> so there is a picture for variety magazine, the two cloned dogs, and a cousin. so that's miss scarlet and miss violet. she dressed the cloned dogs in red and lavender to tell them apart. >> ended up being their names, the color of the little collars. >> well, we, let's work on this tomorrow. if you're vet flare yan in the delaware valley, have you ever cloned a pet for somebody? how do you do it? how, i mean? >> it is like a sheep. remember like dolly the sheep. so probably being done for 20 years. but you have to be like barbara streisand rich to go out and spend that kind of money. yes, so many dogs in shelters. peta actually against this, they've got enough dogs on the planet that need homes. >> i can see that, yes. >> but not ready to let go when you love your little creature so much. so i understanded. >> yes, would the personality be the same if you clone them?
9:27 am
>> these are questions i need answers dollars. well, however a are we? i'll be dead. but do we clone humans? you snow. >> i hope not. i was about to say that's right out of steven king. you don't need to go there. always a problem. >> and the ethical debate about it. >> wouldn't you like about ten of these, right here, little bit more of this. i think one is a enough. >> all right. stain gram, folks. are you going to switch to vero? >> so if you love instagram, you want to hear about vero. calling vero the instagram killer. it has been around for awhile, but really gaining popularity overnight. overnight downloaded app right now in the app store. >> get it while it is free. >> let's take a look at what this is. should we all be
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9:29 am
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we have been following the show for a while you know i'm very big on instagram, i have always kept you up dated showing you behind the scenes of instagram stories. i was shock when i started to
9:31 am
get text and it has been coming up in conversation about a new app better than instagram called the instagram killer and right now it is number one apple's list of the top free apps. this app is called vero, vero app and social networking sites like facebook, instagram a run for its money some one text me and said are you on vero i know you are big on instagram. i started to did research. i posted this survey question on twitter and asked people what do you think after learning about vero alternative to instagram, what do you think. 75 percent have the people said what the heck is that? they have no idea what it was. 15 percent no way it compares. 10 percent say it is better than instagram. people say it still has some bugs and things that need to be work out but it has potential. i wanted to bring in a tech expert, this is tiffany, hello tiffany. >> good morning. >> she was named one of the 15 women, changing the face of technology by the philadelphia
9:32 am
business journal. she knows what she's talking about. >> thank you you are big on instagram. >> yes. >> it is fun. >> yes. >> so you started to do research on vero. you will tell us pros and conn s of this app it has been around. >> three years, lawn inched 2015. it has been three years. just this past week it started to get popularity, yes. >> why do you think that is algorithms have been changing on instagram. >> exciting thing you have when you started instagram, facebook, no ads no algorithms , they are bringing this back with vero. >> this is vero you will demonstrate live. >> this is what you see when you first come to app, you don't see feed you just see your feed. >> this is your profile. >> this is my profile, fox 29, talking black pant ergo see it a couple times. what i like bit, it has a tumbler like facebook you see your picture, whatever your post and you can put different things on top of the picture instead of under.
9:33 am
>> almost like an instagram story where you can put word on top of the story. >> a little blog post and you can go, search. >> this is different because you put watch now, you can post links. on instagram you say no, click linc in my bio you can post that as a post. >> click here, and actually go tour web site which is kind of cool, i said i can show you different links to read about. that is cool. some things similar to instagram. get to the search, you are able to actually look at different things, your bio stuff like that and if you go to search you are able to see what vero's talking about right now, #. >> see is what trending which you cannot do on instagram you can search for a particular #y hear there is a age range. >> yeah, 21 to 40. most social media start with tweens. >> right. >> now they are starting with millennials young adults you want the founder talk about when did he his interview he wanted to focus on adults, a
9:34 am
little bit of facebook, instagram flash. >> a lot of times you follow people and they are in your feed. you may in the want t know anything about your lives. you can rang people. >> right. >> you can rang people this is my close friend i want to see it. this is an acquaintance. >> your friend are broken down in four categories. not a lot of my friends on vero yet. le teave a, if i want to go to her i can make her an acquaintance or close friend or a friend or something like that where you can break it down compared to instagram private or public. >> i like that, you can choose what you are seeing. >> yes. >> we talk about good thing what are the cons real quickly >> some of the cons would be when you go tour dash board you definitely have to have your first name are last name, you cannot have a user name, you have to make up something but they want to treat it like a, professional network. >> use the name your momma gave you.
9:35 am
>> second name would be only less than five years old so still new, social media apps go away very quickly. we don't know if you should be too excited bit. >> you don't know how long it will stay. >> and third thing would be they will start charging a fee >> what? >> i have to draw a line. >> instagram is free. >> free. >> but for now it is free, eventually they will. >> after a million users. they are getting close to that i don't know what that fee will be. >> how much. >> they say small. and because of their new popularity they have been having tech issues. so you know millennials fit is not working i'm going back to instagram. getting, on and off last couple days has been difficult if they dent fix that they will lose a lot of users. >> thanks for walking through this. if you want to down load it just in case you'll have it for free, until they start charging and then, as it gains
9:36 am
popularity. >> we will see. >> linc to it facebook and twitter. >> that is only way you can share that you have a account, you have to say hey i'm on vero on facebook on instagram. >> some people post on instagram check out my vero i just got it. it is slowly getting there. it is new. >> we like new stuff. >> speaking of new. >> i like instagram. >> i don't know are you switching. >> do you have an account i have done it because it is free. >> well, let me get on it. >> okay. >> so mcdonald's reintroduced the dipping sauce, yes. >> people love it. >> they have been waiting for this come back. >> yeah, so we appreciate them bringing by some of this. well, fries, yeah, you dip yourberg inner there too but what about other foods. >> like a, slim job. >> let's do a tasting after
9:37 am
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9:39 am
9:40 am
about an hour ago we had super bowl champion on, and, wonderful art painted a picture, a painting of him and it is up for auction, and so people have been asking where can i bid? well, i will tell you. by the way, the money that this raises goes to children's hospital because jaylen's very much into that. did he autograph it for us. by the way, artist name is said bristow. >> go to bidding, or if you can simply go to fox 29 .com and we will lick you over to bidding >> raise money for come. >> bidding i don't understand this but i will get whitney way, we are having a szechuan dipping
9:41 am
tasting here one of our sponsors mcdonald's said they will introduce the szechuan dipping sauce and they are even selling it on e bay. >> yes. >> szechuan sauce. >> they don't always have it, it is limited addition like shamrock shakes. they miss it when they go way. >> go by szechuan dipping sauce you want mcdonald's szechuan sauce. they have been saying it has been coming back ever since october. we have lots of fans, hoff been wanting it, why is it not around. >> well, i guess you can eat your chicken nuggets and dip that in there. >> i can't have chicken nuggets. >> that is right. >> lent. >> fries. >> could you move some of this stuff. >> um-hmm. >> i got to thinking what else could you dip in there. could you open some of those chips. >> it is so good. >> yes. >> i can see why the fuss. >> teriyaki. >> they are only making
9:42 am
20 million once it is gone, it is gone. >> they brought it back to take ate way again. >> it was around all the time you know what i used to like is that mcrib. >> oh, yeah. >> when that goes away and come back every now and then but i have been eating szechuan chinese sauce, szechuan is a section of china yes, very nice i'm grateful we have mcdonald's as a sponsor to bring this to us. >> that is so good. >> so we asked the interns to find other things we can dip in it. pop tart, no thank you. >> i could not, no thank you. >> salty and the food. >> oh, lord. >> do you think they will let you get as many as possible when you go through the drive through. >> people are trying to horde. >> i'm telling you, this sauce is good on anything. how about just your fink.
9:43 am
>> look at you, just drink it. >> that is pretty good. man, that is g i would bat he in that. >> so, jen what are you doing now you are with a fantastic, basketball team. >> unlike some schools both the girls, hi, guys and the guys, won, so show us what we have here. let's see it. we are at imhotep this morning , come on it is up, it is in, we will tell you where they are headed and we will talk about who is
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
so, sue satisfies saying it is a nine on a 10 scale and cape may light house glistening all day, right, sue in 15? enjoy the sunshine while you can high pressure still a weather make tore day but see cloud sneaking closer to our area and here's a big old mess coming our way tomorrow. couple storms combining moving off shore and becoming one of
9:47 am
our favorites? a coastal storm. so, that is in our schedule for tomorrow and for friday and between the two days when we get chillier air moving in we will get one to 2 inches of rain around philadelphia, south and east and to the north of us forecast a little tricky but possibility there for two to 3 inches of snow, right now it is 46 degrees in philadelphia we are about our average high for the day, 50 degrees in atlantic city. thirty-eight in mount pocono. go down to rehoboth with 50 degrees and it is 48 in brigantine, doyletown 46, perkasie 45. that is where we are right now heading up to 60 later on. fifty-five tomorrow with the rain rolling in around lunchtime, very windy and rainy on friday, and then some folks, north and west will finish off with snow before everything is out of here by saturday afternoon at the latest, we will dry out between saturday afternoon and sunday, back to seasonable
9:48 am
temperatures for first weekend of march, guys, back to you. in like a lamb. people in collegeville bakery they watch us every day. they are such good people. hi everybody. they were watching the show and they saw the word of the day was patrick and lets make a tomato style. >> they made it all irish style, how about them with different font. >> different font for their cheese to be squirted out. >> thank you for that. >> imhotep charter does it again, boys and girls varsity basketball teams won their seventh and fourth public league championship over the weekend. >> jen's there now because they are celebrating this morning. >> first of all, good morning, gentlemen, good morning ladies >> good morning. >> you guys are excited about friday night, right. >> yeah. >> but you are already in the state championship. so this will decide where you are -- this is where you will be seeded in the state champion ships, right.
9:49 am
you will play conwell egan. >> yes. >> are you going to beat them. >> yes. >> what is the key to you guys winning. >> defense. >> defense wins games. >> you got the ball in your hand are you going to give us a treat. >> no. >> the answer is no. >> let's give to it mr. three. hold on to the ball. ladies, you guys have newman gerty ahead of you. >> yeah. >> should they be scared. >> yes. >> yes. >> look at us. >> yes. >> what is the key to you guys and your winning. >> we are just going to play together and do what we do best. >> now, i said who is better team here boys or girls. >> girls. >> who rule the world. >> who run the world, baby, who run the world. >> lets split up, move your little trophy or whatever.
9:50 am
we will do some three's, all right. i like you to dot three, ready , okay, how but for your three. ladies, get ready to cheer when they get their three, yes >> so we will let him get first because he is mr. big shot. no, no, no, lets see what you have. >> okay. >> all right. lets see wharf mr. big shot three. >> oh, what i shame. >> that that is embarrassing. >> come on. all right, here we go. >> that is on me. >> lets try one more, the tallest guy maybe can make. no, on kay. >> she's warming it up, give it to her. >> give it to her again within
9:51 am
more time. >> mike, one last one. >> okay, one more. >> all right. >> every single one, everyone went on, and in before we went on tv, right. >> yes. >> you are putting them to the test. >> one more, here we go. >> yeah, we did it. >> who runs the world. >> stars just like us did you know oprah goes to get coffee every morning. you would think she would have a machine in her house. >> did you hear what happened to her star bucks. >> what happened. >> oh, no. >> hard to believe.
9:52 am
9:53 am
how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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we cannot forget about the 170,000 people, puerto rican dissent who live in the delaware valley and watch this show. tomorrow night join us for a charity bowl trying to raise
9:55 am
funds, the woman who organized this who her dad in the hurricane. so many people without power, seventh and chestnut beautiful venue union trust, semi formal we will have salsa dancer, music, food, proceed go to all of those people still affect by hurricane marie a tonight, over at punch line philadelphia i will be a judge at wmgk food fest. >> comfort food fest. >> there will be so much food it will be great. it starts 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock . >> he is your,. >> moment. >> oprah winfrey. but she's just like the rest of us. she needs her coffee in the morning. she goes to star bucks. she's doing media rounds for her new movie which opens this friday. one of the e news interviews she explained what happened at a recent charity. you go to star bucks, take your order, give your name and they call it out when it is
9:56 am
ready. this is what happened when she went to oprah to get her coffee. >> coffee runs, star bucks,. >> you do. >> yeah. >> okay. >> yes. >> wait, i just went and two days ago she said how do you spell that. >> yeah. >> how do you spell that. >> that is great, how do you spell oprah. >> she didn't know who oprah was. >> yes. >> now this has been, i have had this happen over last couple of weeks, twice, i go in the star bucks, one at airport and one here in philadelphia this is star bucks right here, they asked me what my name was. i'm the only one there. >> same protocol for everybody >> i think you are right. >> you know, it is just habit. >> i'm the only one here, why do you need my name. >> can i say something. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> milky way wilkie.
9:57 am
>> can we zoom that camera out or do you control that camera. >> that cake. >> fancy. >> thank you, guys. >> it is a big one. >> big two-one. >> she
9:58 am
(phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. it was my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show" ." ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> wendy: and away we go! welcome to fall! [cheers and applause] my only wish is that i don't fall down. thank you for watching the show.


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