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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  March 1, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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into tomorrow, and some coastal concerns, as well, as there always s we get at least one of these every winter, and then have to deal with the aftermath when the summer comes on the beaches. but anyway, 55 degrees by lunchtime. few showers around, and heavy downpours as we get later and later in the day. so, yes, future cast will break all of it down for you have, that coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, on a thursday, kind of quiet right now, roads are dry. and a lot of overnight construction still in the process of picking up. here is a live look, at the schuylkill expressway. right near south street, the peco power building, swishing around with their signs here this morning, so the crews are working both directions, near south street. lincoln drive closed both today and tomorrow. they're finally going to repave, at least the southbound side. what a hot mess this is. i went out here the other day to what was it the kelly classroom, the breakfast spot, i don't know how people do it
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every day but thank goodness they'll pair the southbound what they're doing through tomorrow. anyone who typically comes south on the lincoln drive, pushed off at wissahickon avenue, take it over to the roosevelt boulevard, and that will get you south back to either the kelly drive offer the schuylkill expressway. that's going to put a lot of extra volume on wissahickon on the neighborhoods over the next couple of days, kind of quiet, all by myself out here on 95, headed southbound, between cottman avenue and girard, and with the travel mess, i should say, with the weather, sue just mentioned, comes the travel mess. do check with your airlines starting this afternoon and all day tomorrow. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, we will have messy couple of days, march is roaring in like a lion. we've got powerful nor'easter coming our way. let's go down, take live picture down the shore, wildwood, new jersey, looks calm but certainly the cam before the storm. many towns putting in different project to protect their beaches. down to ocean city where steve
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keeley is with some of the things we may be expecting. steve? >> well, we didn't do the cliche shot and go on the boardwalk, we gave you a new look, this is the route 52 causeway, it will forever be known for locals as the ninth street bridge, and ocean city pier for local fishermen. we can be here unlike during the storms where we really can't be here, because it is like being out on a both in the middle of the back bay, this is wide spot of the bay, and there is ocean city which doesn't have much after skyline. but because it is so clear right now, underneath the route 52 bridge, you can see, the atlantic city skyline, half hour drive away, shows you how clear it is right now, we won't be able to show you this from this point tomorrow. and guess what? we come here, and we see todd one of the local fishermen, working today, but up early fishing for stripe bass. he just put his rod in the front every his jeep here. because what you did i hadn't it was a good spot? what's the deal?
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>> the way the tide is running, you know, casino every flat out here right now, there is no action really. time to move on to the next spot. >> now, look, you got your storm err, you like the name, how they spell that jacket, llb tackle stuff. i notice he had his pants tucked in his boots, you almost like you're dressed tomorrow for today. >> full wade ers, bouncing around, i stay dressed go from spot to spot. you know, i like to stay dry and stay warm. >> you got that light on your head, you look look you'll be a coalminer. not tired fishing for work before work? >> no coffee keeps me going, stay with wawa. >> you don't toss back? you eat the striped bass? >> i usually catch and release. occasionally i'll keep the bass, mostly i just catch and re lows. >> just for fun? >> yes, it is a sport. >> we'll let you get on with your sport, good talking to you at 4:00 a.m. i can hear seagulls in the distance, unlike the seagulls i see in camden where i grew up, if i was a seagull i would be down the shore eat willing
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fresh seafood. you see the see shells here, how do shells get here? far from the beach for those every how didn't watch this as a kid what i notice as a kid, the seagulls will get a clam, fly up high enough, drop it on the nearest concrete, wait for it to open and then fight the other seagulls off who are lazy waiting for the seagulls to do all of the work and eat the clam. that's how they open the clam. that's why we have shells all over this fishing pier here. great new walkway, great new place to visit, 2.7 miles one direction, so if you park on one side it is a good 5-mile run, and there is the rest of the bridge, all lit up, that's the old bridge what we call the ninth street bridge, used to epp up and always get stuck, usually on the memorial day traffic specially in the heat. now they don't have to worry about that any more because it is super hi, super cool. great location if you never visited. plenty of parking as you can see, visitor center straight ahead. so different location for us here in ocean city as we begin
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our trek preview on the storm, see you from wildwood later on. >> thank you, steve inning stone living stone seagull, we appreciate it. 4:05. burlington county, crews are battling a fire at a home on the six unblock of hickory lane in delanco started about 3:00 this morning, we do no a person has been taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries. we have a crew on their way, we'll bring you more information shortly. >> new accusations this morning of assault against delaware county state representative. the philadelphia inquire is her reporting, two women have filed a confidential complaint against republican state representative nick, the women reportedly claimed he threatened, stalked, intimidated or sexually assaulted them. both accusers dated miccareii between 2012 and 2014. our jeff cole went out to ask him about the accusations. >> regarding other issues, regarding some issues in terms of allegations of behavior that's not proper.
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can you tell me about it? >> yes, all i can tell you is i've done nothing wrong you. >> can't talk to me about? >> i'm at home on my personal property, jeff. i understanded -- >> nick, i've known you for a long time. >> and again -- >> trying to do a fair job here. >> if you want to sit down and have a conversation at my offers when i'm not in the back of my house doing yard work. >> once again our jeff cole& last night governor tom wolf released this statement saying in part this report and the conduct detailed are disturbing. representative must resign in these allegations must be fully investigated by all appropriate authorities. >> lehigh county deliberations have gun in the corruption case against allentown mayor ed pulaski, jury had decide if he's guilty or innocent based what they learned in the five and a half weeks they've been sitting therefore trial. yesterday they deliberated did not get averred yesterday. prosecutors say he traded city contract for money, he denies it. >> two weeks after one of the deadliest mass shootings in
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american history, marjorie stillman douglas student went back to class. under heavy police guard, student returned yesterday morning for half day. the day began with fourth period. so that the nearly 3300 students could be with the people they were with during the shooting. with more than 100 grief counselors on hand, most of the day was spent talking about the tragedy and how to cope with it. >> i still think i'm in a nightmare. so i'm going to wake up one day and be like everything will be normal. >> very empty, very hollow, you know, but throughout the day i felt better. >> coming back it, feels amazing, a lot better. >> school officials say the heavy police presence will continue for the remainder of the school year. >> and in the wake of the shooting, two major retailers are changing things when it comes to gun sales. dick's sporting goods says it will no longer sell high-powered rifles like the ar15's will no longer sell any firearm to anyone younger than 21, walmart following that announcement saying it, too, will not sell firearms or
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ammunition to anyone under the age of 21. walmart stopped selling high-powered rifles like the ar15 in 2015. >> in new jersey, lawmakers responding to the school shooting with a whole push to tighten gun laws there, assembly committee approved legislation yesterday to authorize judges to issue gun violence restraining orders for people who have red flags. the committee also approved five other gun reform bills, now they all go to the full assembly, governor said he approvals of those measures. >> south jersey town hiring some armed security guards for it schools. the high school system already has police protection in evesham, but now the township police there are looking for officers to patrol the elementary and middle schools with guns, as well. ideally they would like to hire retired law enforcement under the age of 65. evesham officials plan on training about eight officers at a time and they say they have plenty of applications. >> over in bucks county bensalem police need your help this morning finds too long men accused of putting
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skimmers on atm's. >> investigators say these want your personal information and access to your money. the duo allegedly put skimmer at the bb&t bank on bristol road back in january. the bank was notified of unusual activity, at that atm, and they told police people in the area say they try to look out for them. but it is hard because the skimmers are getting smaller and smaller. >> i'm trying not to use any atm's like whether at the gas stations or like wawa, whatever. >> definitely makes you want to pay attention, but i believe drugs has a lot to do with it, and, you know, i think that's causing a lot of the crime and whatnot. >> police say the same two men also put skimmers in other locations in bensalem, lower merion, and possibly other locations. >> how did a man's body end up in a lake in mercer county? that's the question right now police are trying to get answers. skyfox over the scene, roebling park in hamilton
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township two, people were out at the park and they found that man's body floating just around 5:00 last night. investigators don't suspect foul play, but they're waiting for the medical examiner to determine how he died. >> and an update on some breaking news we told but out of burlington county yesterday. we now know that a man is dead after police say he shot his wife and then took his own life. >> this all happened at edgewater park, their home in new jersey. yesterday morning, police found 46 year old michelle moses outside of her home, shot in the chest on roosevelt t avenue. she did survive. she in the hospital. police say her husband, 57 year old gregory martin, who was employed by the township, as a school crossing guard, came out quickly then went back inside and that's when they think he did take his own life. no word on the motive. >> time 41:00. mystery in chester county uke lands township. police are investigating the death after woman found at a lab that manages club clinical trials before drugs hit the market. when police arrived at the lance they found the woman with a hazardous substance
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near her. the chester county hazmat responded and the medical examiner looking into the exact cause of her death. >> i find that fascinating like a a mystery there. home is where your heart is. and the heart is feeling good. >> still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia. actor and comedian kevin smith, he's back home and he's speaking out after that massive heart attack. also: >> let's take a walk on the wild side. really high up. oh, my gosh. those flying wallenda's back at it again, there is nick on the tightrope. we'll show you where and explain what the fea. it is happening before your eyeballs. >> let's head back to the grounds, and get a check on the roads this morning, bob. >> i remember when carl wallenda walked across the stadium back in the day. live look, driving across the ben which in problems or delays at all, we've got the skyline al lit up. watch the tram car, please. live look, wildwood, new jersey, we are getting ready. steve keeley on the way to wildwood to tell us what they're doing to prep for the
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big storm this weekend. and sue has got your forecast when we come right back.
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>> welcome back, break news coming in at 4:00; we have a fire, we're on the scene zooming in. a lot of action out there. >> very active scene here at 4:14, firefighters trying to get some of the spots still out. see the roof there. if you look at the top of your screen. the ladder is up. the fire is pouring. and they're trying to get that
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fire out, smoke obviously still pouring from the scene. so we'll have a live report. our jenny joyce is on the scene, in just a moment. >> and that scene is the 600 block of hickory lane in delanco, burlington county. we know it started just about an hour ago, and one person has been taken to the hospital. >> 4:15. let's take a look at some pretty amazing video, this will end, you never know what they'll do. another death defying stunt. this time over the national harbor on objection end hill in maryland. no tether, no ropes at all, just got the balancing pole right there, one of the wallenda's walking 75 feet in the air across a 230-foot span. oh, stop waving. put that hand down, hold on, all right? two buildings at the harbor, the wire there, about the size after nickel in case you're curious, he was the first person to walk across the grand canyon on a wire. >> you know what your mama always sales, sue serio, when you start showing off. that's when things go wrong. >> could come back to bite ya.
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>> stay focused. at least he got across and everything is okay. will everything be okay? of course eventually. a lot of weather coming our way. coastal storm hasn't formed yet. you see the rain down here to the southwest. the energy is going to be transferred off shore. a little later on today. and we will eventually get some rain little later arrival time than we originally told you yesterday. but here is the deal, coastal flood watch in effect tonight through saturday night for coastal counties. and that includes southern delaware. here is the flood watch in effect tonight through tomorrow night. because one that rain arrives we could get heavy downpours, that's philadelphia, north and east. then everybody is under high wind watch friday morning, through saturday morning, and we could see wind gusts everywhere of 50 miles an hour, tomorrow, your trash cans, if tomorrow is your trash day, they might be everywhere. and the shore, wind gusts will be even higher. potentially. so here is the future cast. we have the clouds increasing throughout the day today.
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later arrival time for this rain, than we told you yesterday. probably 4:00, 5:00. then starts to rain heavy on and off throughout the night into tomorrow morning. here we are, at 4:00 when we start good day philadelphia, again, for you tomorrow. looks like it is still just rain. then what happens is with the circulation around this low pressure system it, draws in some colder air. so you see, a change-over to snow in the north and east, up toward the mountains, about 8:00 in the morning. still, raining throughout the day on friday. with this coastal storm, but look what happens. potentially friday night. cold air could come further south. while there is still some precipitation around, could yet quick shot of snow before all is said and done, little bit of what's going to happen tomorrow. 58 degrees as the rain arrives later in the day, rain and wind, and maybe some snow by the end of the day, on friday. it looks like it will eventually clear up. but we keep the wind around on saturday. mostly sunny, high close to 50 on sunday. seasonable temperatures stay with us, through the middle of
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isn't it going to be fun, bob kelly? >> yes, yucky. you have everything going on there in the next 24, 48 hours, morning, everybody, nothing going on right now though. that's good. here is a live look, 4:18, the schuylkill expressway, no problems coming into or out of the city, roads are dry there. they are working on the schuylkill, both directions, in the tunnels there, under 30th street station. but traffic getting through. so there is nothing to worry about there. coming in new jersey new jersey, heading in through bellmawr, hello to delco. live look at i95 through delaware county, quiet there. now, over in bellmawr, new jersey, an accident, kings highway, just off of 13 avenue. just off of 295. the lincoln drive, closed, all the way through tomorrow, repaving project, so southbound lanes blocked at wissahickon, pushing everybody over, over to the boulevard. and then the boulevard south, will get you connected back to either the schuylkill expressway or the kelly drive
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down here in roxborough. and expect travel delays, down at the airport, later on this afternoon, all the day tomorrow, probably lingering into the weekend, and with this storm that's headed our way. best bet, check with the airline, mass transit looking good. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. let's get right back to the breaking news, we had fire started about an hour ago. our jenny joyce is there at the scene. let's get the latest information just coming in right now. >> jenny? >> good morning, karen, so we only pulled up here about five minutes ago, liver on the 600 block of hickory street, as you can see, flames just shooting out of the roof of the home. also in the lower level, uncle see, breitbart orange peaking through that front window. we heard a short time ago, that the firefighters were retreating. they were all getting out of the house. you can see that host operation from above. just shooting water, down onto these flames. that aren't stopping. so it has been going on for about an hour, and when we got here, i was able to talk to a man who said this is actually
4:20 am
his sister's home. it is the home that he and his sister grew up in. and his mom was living there until she passed away about 18 months ago, they were getting ready to sell the house. his sister was living there with her boyfriends, and i believe boyfriends' son. she was taken to the hospital. just for precautionary reasons, just because obviously this is an overwhelming situation. it is a twin home. and it appears that the twin, the other side, is also damaged. the man that i spoke with said he hasn't seen the owner of that home. it was unclear whether or not she was even here overnight when this fire started. so again, a live look, just all of that smoke billowing from the rooftop of this home for the moment. it seems like the flames have decreased and hopefully that's a good sign. hopefully making some headway on the flames again over an hour, this has been going for now. back to you guys. >> all right, jenny, thank
4:21 am
you. keep us updated. 4:20. surprise announcement for the white house communications direct or. says she's out, one every president trump's longest serving aids, the fourth person to occupy that position since the president was sworn in. hicks resignation comes a day after she was interviewed for nine hours by the house panel investigating russia interferance in the election, the president has issued a statement saying he'll miss having hicks by his side. president trump makes surprising comments about gun reform and leaves many of his political opponent agreeing with him. in a tell advised meeting with senators, president trump seemed to veer away from his nra supporting record saying he supported more backgrounds checks, raising the age to buy assault rifle from 18 to 21. even at one point saying sometimes the police need to take people's guns, even before worrying about due process. he chastised some of the lawmakers saying they were afraid of the nra. in fact, in one exchange, president trump took a shot at pennsylvania senator and gun bill sponsor, pat toomey.
4:22 am
>> we didn't address it mr. president. >> you know why, because you are afraid of the nra. they have great power over you people. less power over me. >> pat toomey said after the meeting he didn't think trumps comments were aimed at him personally, jennifer baker says while the meeting made for great tv the idea discussed would make for bad policy. >> so many right now are coming taught pay their respects cents to the late reverend billy graham lying in honor at the national rotunda making him only the fourth private citizen to ever do so. so many thousands of people from all across this country coming to view his plane pine casket. they have it right there. take a look at the platform it was sitting on right there, that's the same platform that once held the casket of former president abraham lincoln. >> all right, it is 4:22. a lot of people, we know we enjoy our football out there, when you are watching football, like to have abreuski maybe nice slides of pizza big change has got the slice from the nfl.
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>> talking about the name associated with it, so who is sliding in as the new nfl pizza sponsor? we want to hear this one straight
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lockerroom, amazing chemistry within the team. >> villanova-seat on hall. >> this went to over time. wildcats getting it over to mikhail bridges in the corner. knocks down the three, villanova, escapes in a wild one on the road. sixty-nine-68. >> temple-uconn owls down one but tyler pauley knocks down the three, for the huskies. owls just couldn't get over the hump last night. temple falls 72-66. >> lasalle-dayton. first half, johnny schuller gets the steel. takes it up the court. going it get it down low bj johnson for the slam. explorers take down the flyers, 71-53. that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers. >> still ahead this morning, the search is on for thieves in bucks county. >> this one could be in fact the people even outside of bucks county all around. those are the people that police say are trying to steel your personal information. they're putting skimmers all
4:27 am
over our area. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> let's tack you back outside, live look this morning, right out in burlington count i you see a house fire, at least one person has been rushed to the hospital. crews still on scene trying to get this one under control. jenny joyce, also on the scene, we'll have a live report in just a moment. >> we have a pretty big storm brewing right now with heavy rain, and wind, it is a nor'easter, going to hit the shore, bearing of the brunt of all of the action. and this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, she is red hot. are you excited to see her in concert. well, guess what, big announcement this morning. cardib will not be appearing, or headlining at the biggest hip hop concert the lehigh valley has ever seen. tell you what's going on here. >> oh, i'm intreagued. thank you for that one, that's interestingment good morning to all of you, thank you for joining us on this very busy day, we have breaking news all over the place today. >> a lot to talk b looking at the roadways this morning, looking up in the skies, bob kelly, good morning to you. >> kind of quiet, dry right
4:31 am
now, but that's the exact opposite, what it will be like this time tomorrow. >> you know things are about to change, sue. >> yes, actually be able to say in like a lamb for march. because it hasn't happened yet. the storm is still forming. so, it is okay. for now. and in the meantime, right, by the end of the day, it is going to be a little mess which some rain. a five out of ten. we've got rain on the way, bus stop buddy, wouldn't be bad idea to have the rain gear with you, although it, should stay dry for at least through lunchtime. there is the rain that's headed our way. and the further south you go, the earlier you'll probably see some rain, but it is dry in old city right now with 45 degrees. sunrise time, 6:34. but here's what we have on the way. heavy rain, some folks will get some snow out of this, damaging winds, we already have high wind watch in effect, and some coastal concerns, as we always do, when we predict a nor'easter. so for today, we get to high of 58 degrees. afternoon rain, as it gets
4:32 am
toward evening, i think that rain will pick up in intensity, we will break it all down for you coming up in just a few minutes. bob kelly, how is it going right now? >> hey, sue, good morning, 4:32, not bad at the moment. so let's enjoy it wheel we can, you say the calm before the storm. blue route here, 476, casino every dry, no problems or delays at all. hopefully penndot will get out there and clean out any of the drains, that will be clogged, at least open them up so ready to go for later tonight, into tomorrow. live look at the freeway, no problems coming in toward philadelphia. fire location, we've been telling but, more on this in a moment over here in delanco, hickory and walnut st. kind of just inland, of the delaware river. right across the way from, say, woodhaven road and 95. over in oakland, new jersey, an accident, kings highway, and 13th avenue. and they've been repaving the lincoln drive. so that's closed, today, and tomorrow, all vehicle traffic, 24/7, pushed off southbound, at wissahickon avenue. and from there you go over to the boulevard.
4:33 am
take the boulevard south, that will connect you back with the kelly, roxborough, or access to the schuylkill. but that's going to leave a lot of extra volume pushing through wissahickon avenue in the neighborhoods. mass transit, no reported delays, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> that's good for now. thank you there, bob. to burlington county we have a situation we're dealing with there, fire broke out about an hour and a half ago. jenny joyce is at the scene, right now, with what we're learning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, so the fire at this point still not under control, you can see, all of that smoke, and we still have that hose going from above in the last 15, 20 minute, we saw more flames, but right now just heavy on the smoke. and so all of the firefighters have taken a step back. it is too dangerous, to be close to that building right now. i talked to a man who says that this is actually the home that he grew up in. this is a twin style home. so there is another owner on the other side. it is believed that both sides of this twin are damaged.
4:34 am
that man told me that his sister was living here in this house, she, another adult, and a child, were able to make it out of that home safely. she was taken to the hospital. pretty much as a precaution, just because this is a scary situation. causing a lot of anxiety and of course a lot of emotions. so she was just taken for watch. but apparently they were trying to sell this home in the next month or so. have no idea how this fire started. and obviously, that's going to be a long investigation to come. and again, fire crews out here still working. there you go. you can see some flames peaking through the upper floor window right now. still could be a while before this fire is placed under control. karen, thomas? >> another busy morning, jenny, thank you. we'll get another update in just a moment. another developing story, we're tracking out of frankford this morning, where a man is in extremely critical condition after being shot in the head. police say just before 10:00 last night, someone walk up to the victim, at the 1500
4:35 am
block of row hand street and shot him in the head. there are surveillance cameras in the area, working with local business toss view those images. also, keeping a very close watch on what could develop into a dangerous storm. some people across our area, they're being urged to prepare an emergency plan, talking about power outages, and flooding, as well. let's get to steve keeley who is joining us from sea isle city this morning, steve, good morning. >> twenty-four hour before the worse of it, it is just a beautiful morning here. and the big concern, always, not on the ocean front, as much as the back bays. and the record tide for tomorrow, 9 feet, and the predictions are, 8.8 feet tomorrow. and if you do the math, that makes it just couple of inches shy of the record, and a record high tide is bad news for the people who don't like their property flooded. so smart people will get their cars out of the way specially if they live on the back bays.
4:36 am
look the reflection of the beachfront condo. now it is clear on the ground, clear along the beaches. but look at the moon kind of fuzzy and hazy. but when you have a full type moon, that also means tides are higher than normal. so enjoy this day, and enjoy this weather while you have it. and i'm telling you, we won't be able to stand here tomorrow, this pier i'm on, some of these piers float, this will likely be covered by water tomorrow. see even sea isle fire and police boat raised out of the water for the season, gave you a look at some of the signs here, where we are, this is a popular fishing spot, a popular crabbing spot. they've got the sing here, jared forgot to brush his teeth today so he just brushed his teeth where would you normally clean fish in the sing t made it convenient for him. also the signs here, they ' shark-friendly. and you will point out this, jared, we are at hooker sport fishing here in sea isle,
4:37 am
which is legitimate hooker sport fishing, unlike the hooker's support fishing enough kensington in philadelphia, guys. >> fish face. all right, steve, a lot to digest. glad they're shark friendly there, thank you, 4:37. >> ten days since devastating fire old city, a restaurant just doors away, now back in business. pizzeria just steps away from where the four alarm fire broke out on february 18th, has reopened. owner stephanie posted on social media, quote, we have risen from the ashes, cleaned up the smoke and health department gave us a go. other nearby businesses, like gina's, 45, and the little lion, do remain closed. >> come-on, you got this. ten, 11, breathe. >> in ocean county right there, those are life saving moment, from a new jersey state trooper's dash cam, sergeant karen fahey and trooper christopher herman driving by, there they are, when all the sudden they saw a car had crashed on the garden state parkway in south toms
4:38 am
river. inside a man unconscious. they broke open his window, got him out, perform cpr, saved his life. medics took him to the hospital. six days ago, and he has recovered thanks to those heroes. all right, it is 4:38. time running out for that statue, that little girl with the fearless girl. >> widely popular statue in new york city, some people want it to stay, other do want it to go. as we said, time running out t may need to find a new home. sue serio? >> don't be afraid. we've got all of the information you need to get through the next couple of days. all of this rain once it moves off shore and becomes a coastal storm, all things get a little complicated. but we will sort it all out for you coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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your crops might your ovebe in 1st grade.a pants. but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think. >> you know how your parents say wash real good, get that bacteria off. >> ya, i'm fighting cancer right here, because there is a bacteria that lives on your skin that may protect from cancer, seriously, what they are saying. researchers out of the university of california san diego says particular strain of bacteria, commonly found on our skin, which appears to help ward off skin cancer. now, we only do this study so far, but they found that the skin bacteria in question appears to produce an anti-cancer compound called 6hap. more research needed because animal studies don't always
4:42 am
reflect human ones. >> weight watchers, helping people in gaining subscribers, in the past year the diet company says nearly 600,000 people have signed up, that's an increase of 23%. and weight watcher stock up 60% now, of course oprah winfrey, famously lost weight using the point system, owns shares in the company, worth $440 million. weight watchers says it plans to offer more natural products this year, and they hope to get more people signed up. >> good news. if you're working toward retirement. your job may be helping to you save a lot more than you know. there is recent survey that found sponsors of the 401k's and other retirement accounts, are increasingly making their plans better. so, nearly 75% of employers are now auto enrolling new participants, making you enroll automatically, you have to opt out if you don't want to be in, 24% of businesses increasing contributions, through employer matches. >> tired of the long lines at the airport? miami international airport has a way to make the customs process go a little quicker
4:43 am
here. it is the first airport in the country to use facial recognition technology. it works by comparing a passenger area face to passport photos and their data base, of course helping authorities authenticate their identity whole lot quicker. pretty much leaves agents to ask other questions and, you know, help with security overall. so far only airports in spain, portugal, and the united kingdom use the software right now, but other airports are looking to expand. just when you thought everything was all good. >> kfc, oh, i like their last campaign they had, did you see how funny it was? they're running out of something else. not the chicken, but almost something equally important.
4:44 am
4:45 am
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>> weaver a change in the nor cast, we'll get a check on the weather in just a movement wilmington, good morning to you. so good to have you with us this thursday. all right, checking the roads this morning, traffic and transit, bob kelly, good morning. >> boom. right now today you want to go find that umbrella where ever it is in the house. grab it. hide it. so that you have it for tomorrow. >> good one, right, the good up? >> the good one, not the one with the spokes all sticking out. >> that pokes you? >> first one out of the house get the best umbrella you know it is coming, so grab it today, put it in a good hiding spot. hello ft. washington, live look at route 309. no problems or delays at all, kind of dry, the turnpike looking good. no problems on the 42 freeway.
4:47 am
if you are coming in from new jersey, hey, it is march 1st, so come on, the month of the irish. we will kick it off in style. our breakfast segment today, coming to you from the green parrot up in newtown. i'll be up there live between 9:00 and 10:00. great spot for breakfast. i'm going have few friends with me, as well, to kick off irish month later today. we do it live. join me if you can between 9:00 and 10:00. fire location over here in delanco, in new jersey, we showed that you just few moments ago, jenny joyce on the scene, hickory and walnut. so just watch for some local detours. accident, along kings highway, that out of the way, just off of i-295. and they're paving the lincoln drive. so this morning, all southbound lanes are blocked, from wissahickon, all the way down to the kelly. so you're going to use wissahickon avenue over to the boulevard. that will get you back down it the kelly drive. and access to that schuylkill expressway. dry now. but we got a mess on the way. sue has got the details in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
>> here is your preview of coming attractions with the coming coastal storm. expect soaking rain, of one to 2 inches, the heaviest rain will fall tomorrow. a high wind watch is in effect, we could see wind gusts, 50 miles an hour in the city, 60 miles an hour possible at the shore, and sustained winds, between 25 to 35 miles an hour, that's for tomorrow. a change-over to snow is possible for a lot of us on friday night. stay tuned for this one. because it will be really tricky, predicting that with but we've got cloudy skies, right now, we've got all of this rain down to the south and west, the coastal storm has yet to form. but you can see, it is starting to happen with that energy transferring off shore. here's some of the watches and warnings that we have in effect, coastal flood watch tonight through saturday night for major flooding possible at
4:49 am
times of high tide. plus we have full moon tonight. which makes that situation worse. a flood watch in effect, philadelphia north and east. for the possibility of heavy rain there. everybody under a high win watch for friday morning through saturday morning, with those possible wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour, and check this out, a winter storm watch in effect, for all day tomorrow, for the pocono mountains, we will see if that gets extended a little further south with this, future cast, so we've got clouds on the increase today, the rain arrives, say, after lunchtime. then it start to get heavy in the overnight hours, when we're together tomorrow morning about 4:00. it will probably be raining. then we see change-over to snow in the mountains. and you see snowing throughout the day up there, probably, accumulating several inches. and here's the tricky part. 7:00, 8:00 at night, that colder air gets drawn into the exiting storm. we could get a little bit of snow, as finish off of this major coastal storm, along
4:50 am
with the winds, and along with the heavy rain. just depend on where you are. and it depends on where the temperature is, where you are. so that's a the trickiest part of the forecast, the end of it, 45 degrees in philadelphia right now. we're in the four's just about everywhere else. we head up to 58 later on, very windy with rain, little snow tomorrow. 46 degrees on saturday, 49 degrees on sunday, sunday probably your better wet i day of the weekends, winds will still be hanging around saturday. seasonable temperatures as we head into the middle of next week. guys? >> thank you so much there, sue. some dynasty, what will happen with the statue, love this little girl, fearless girl, she was called, they're going to decide what to do by next week, that bronze statue, which appeared in front of the iconic charging bull down there at wall street. about a year ago. they guaranteed a spot really just through next week, march 8th. then the permit for it runs out. so officials, best decide does she stay or does she go? a spokeswoman for the mayor up there says city officials are discussing obviously different
4:51 am
options about where they can maybe move that statue. hut hut pizza hut is the new pizza partner for the nfl. >> this one happened fast, nfl announcing the change yesterday, just 14 hours after cutting ties with pappa john's, so the deal runs through the 2021 season and it seems like a lot of players are on board here. >> let's get to carson, he says, there is as new nfl pizza partner, i can get down with some pizza hut. the chain themselves replied from fcs to nfl2. avenue got your back. >> lane johnson got in on the pizza fun here, he tweeted out you know texas boys have always loved the hut. pizza hut the largest pizza chain in america with more than 7500 stores, that's more than double compared to pappa john's. sounds like a commercial to me. >> i know, they've already stat dollars making them. >> two stars right there. >> hut hut. >> so, there has been mix-up in the line up for what's being build the biggest hip hop concert the lehigh valley has ever seen. >> rapper card-ib is not
4:52 am
headlining the show at allentown ppl center. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we know where she be. well, main not be at the spring break which is what they call this concert series there, there was a booking mistake apparently, rice now the promoter looking it replace her with a performer he says of equal stature. he promises cents the booker will go on with fabulous rapper pnb bank rock, boogie with the hoodie, and new jersey hip hop artist al b. ticket vale r for the march 10 show. >> what's on your play list in time 4:52, new use for the septa key cards. >> oh, this is exciting. why they soon may be key in helping you park. and also want to go to ireland? >> course. >> we got a trip for you. all do you have do is watch and win. we will gave you a word of the day. once you get the word, you can enter on our website.
4:53 am
here is the only thing, gout to do it by 10:00 a.m. there is a new word each day, we got new word coming up probably in about changes? i've had a few. most impactful? my hair color. garnier nutrisse. nourishes while you color. plus avocado, olive and shea oils. changing my hair color changed everything. nutrisse. nourished hair. better color. you need our most gentle recipe.
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new oat delicacy, by whole blends. a caring formula. blended with oat milk and rice cream extracts. intensive moisture for hair. without the weigh down. only from whole blends. garnier.
4:55 am
>> we first told but this story, overseas in glands, was running out of chicken. now, it is out of grave. >> i may in the slim become g on the menu here, some restaurant are serving a limited menu with many not serving gravy at all. what? hundreds of kfc closed last
4:56 am
month, of course, we mention shortage of chicken, now, kfc trying to sort out all of the problems with the company's new delivery system. suppliers are being told to bypass the new system, and deliver ingredient straight to the restaurant, i know some restaurant actually go into super markets. kfc spokesperson says the chain they hope to resolve the problem, very soon. >> let's get right out to our reporters covering breaking news right now, jenny? >> good morning, karen, fire crews working to attack smoke and flames, consume ago twin home here in delanco, burlington county. neighbors tell us the fire escalated quickly this morning, more coming up
4:57 am
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judge right now on good day philadelphia. >> a lot of wins. >> looking at soaker. expect fierce winds, beach errosion, heavy rains and even some snow and nasty nor'easter moves in to the delaware valley. >> alert at the atm. these guys are after your money and your information, police are trying to track them down. >> maker room for some emmies next to that lombardi trophy. popular citcom showing some throw-back love to our super bowl champs. good day philadelphia, at 5:00 . >> ♪ >> ♪
5:00 am
>> little throw back love, we have a lot to talk b the weather changing of course will impact the roads here shortly, good morning, thomas, karen, bob and sue! >> good morning. kind of dry right now. >> weed need to ex february, right, 30, 31 days. >> sure, work on that. >> prolong the inevitable. >> february for me is such a. >> month, i mean, you got your valentine day in the middle that far, bye but big whoop. >> transition to spring. >> glad it is over, little lamb start in like a lion out like a lamb, or advice verse a so this one, i think, we are off to tranquil start to our day, really not until after lunchtime that the rain starts to roll in, it will be ready for that if you're out all day, bus stop buddy is


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