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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  March 4, 2018 7:00am-8:55am EST

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nearly 48 hours since the super storm hammered our area >> i heard a crash and by the time i turn around, it was on power lines, everybody can't turn the light on >> battering winds and huge trees across the region as electric companies work double time to get customers back in the light. a young woman killed after crashing into a tree on along roosevelt boulevard, live at the scene with latest on that breaking news. and u penn's basketball team the first time in decade they've won an ivy league championship. >> this is about the kids.
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>> what coach steve donahue is saying put down that phone while i'm talking to you. we've known year, smart phones don't mix. the new that helps you turn off the phone and into your life. it's sunday, march 4. good morning, scott williams, i hope everyone is doing well, i'm bill anderson, lauren johnson has the morning off. i might forget that. if it wasn't there. i'm a fill in. hopefully your power is up. we'll get everybody caught up with the weather. while here here dealing with storms, somebody is out there chilling in florida. come on, kristen, that's not even fair. >> reporter: good morning, bill, and scott. we're in clearwater, sun came
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up. it's a behavioral day for phillies spring training baseball and get this, when we pulled in, sun still had in the rose, there was anywhere a contingency of fans waiting for autographs from players. these guys are die, hard, but that's just the fans we saw inside the spectrum field yesterday. the energy is great. the weather is amazing, i'm not going to complain too much about this one. >> we'll check back in, kristen is living dream, you come to philadelphia, get to cover the eagles winning the super bowl, now chilling in florida, i love my job but i kind of want yours rain shower. >> reporter: it's not too bad. it's not too bad. of i'd just like to think i bring a little luck wherever i go. >> for any reason, we'll talk to you in a bit. scott, weather is great where kristen is how about here >> we are dealing with the aftermath of the major coastal storm, we'll have the sunshine, it will be breezy out there. but the winds not as fierce as they were yesterday and
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especially on friday. so high temperatures in at the 40's for today, but another headline and i went path of totality coastal storm as we move toward next week, but here's that monster well out into open waters, winds generally out of the north. right now, sustained winds anywhere from ten to about 15 miles per hour across the area. so once again, still a bit of a breeze. temperatures made to upper 30's but it factor in the wind and we have windchills our upper 20's to low 30's. you definitely need a jacket and a southwest out the door first thing sunday morning. temperatures in the 30's this morning with the afternoon. temperatures climb into the mid 40's, stays breezy with gusts. 25 to 35 miles an hour, coming up much more on that potential coastal storm as we move toward next week. bill? >> thank you. unfortunately we start with sad breaking news this morning,
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out of mayfair, 26-year-old woman has died in car crash. we're taking a live look at the scene at east roosevelt boulevard and friendship street. police say around 5:00 this morning, the woman crashed into a tree. authorities are looking for the driver of a yellow humvfor questioning. the clean-up continues after a powerful storm hit the region. surging seas look at that, strong winds, all hit on friday. causing serious flooding and widespread power outages. now, crews are working to clear downed trees and power lines creating a nightmare for homeowner, jenny joyce has been out and about getting up up to speed. she's isn't delaware county, are they getting thing back up and running. >> reporter: i think it will be a fairly slow process and i think peco would appreciate patience you might have but take
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a look behind me. this tree is stretched from one front yard to another front yard across the entire street. we're live here in havertown, one of the reasons people in delaware county are still without power after friday's storm and because of so much damage, officials have declared a disaster emergency here in delaware county. friday is rain, snow, and high winded led to tens of thousands of power outages, meanwhile are again, still without power and peco is hoping to get electricity running by monday, but says it could be mid week before all of the outages are restored. while many streets remain dark, some lucky homeowners with generators have been able to heat home and charge their phone, those without power tell us it's getting a little bit at chilly at home. people in delaware county say the storm was worse than expected. >> kind of took everybody by surprise, they didn't realize as many trees would come down,
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because they were expecting rain with a mixture of the snow later at the tail end interfere and i think it mixed quicker than i thought >> we're down to about 60 degrees, i have a lot of insulation in the addict since the tree came down a few years ago on us, so we have extra insulation in there. we'll stay, we have nothing to do, my wife and i except talk. >> reporter: talking is good, peco is working 24/7 to get every block of every neighborhood in every town affected by the storm up and run, try to remain patient, they want to stress that if your family sees down power lines like these here, do not touch them or go near them but call peco's emergency number that should be at the bottom of your screen, 800841-4141. >> it's amazing both you and i try to be glass half full people
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and no one is excited when tree falls in their yard, they're lucky it fell across the street. >> reporter: absolutely. it is -- it's on that vehicle here behind me, it's kind of hard to tell what damage could be left behind. but really, i mean, none of the homes in this area affected. at least by damage from the storm, which is pretty amazing. >> we'll check in with you in a a little bit. and the storm strong gusts causing major power outages across our area. right now, peco has over 128,000 customers alone still with no power with montgomery county being hit the hardest, delmarva has fewer than 100 affected, ac electric said 2800 people are still in the dark, pseandg a little over 3,000 so it's a slow process but they're getting it up and running.
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. the storm claiming a life in montgomery county. a 57-year-old man was killed after a tree fell on top of his car. it happened on friday around 7:00 along south gulf road in upper merion. when police arrived, they found victim trapped in his car, unfortunately he did die at the scene. the man's name has not been released. in tioga a driver killed, a 48-year-old man driving along wissahickon avenue when somehow he lost control and crashed his suv through a gate. it happened around 12:30 early this morning, and police continue the investigation. now, with all the storms, the snow, the damage, super storm, may not feel like it but spring around the corner and that means philly baseball. the team didn't have a great start but that's the beginning let's get out and find out what the atmosphere and the energy is
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like. christian rogers taking the luck with her. >> reporter: exactly months ago the eagles won the super bowl and fans at spectrum filed flocked down but they're still making sure that everyone remembers that philadelphia is a city of champs. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: there's lot more green mixed in with the crowd in clearwater, in phillies sports fan will soon forget the win and they're making sure the phillies are feeling the same love and energy >> the flyers, sixer we're on a roll. touch the process. >> we're still riding the wave and it's all about philly, the phillies, the eagles, we're riding the wave. >> reporter: no doubt all of those bird fans flocked down here to florida to watch the spring training, but two minute upon arriving we go up to watch
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baseball against the oriole and we hear an e-a-g-l-e-s eagles chant just ring out throughout the stadium. i mean, it's the number one chant we've been hearing the players say they love to theory that same kind of energy. it's helping them be bold and carry the momentum forward. >> yeah, you know, we're still embracing it. holding up the flags, the eagles super bowl, what are we? a city of champions. right. >> reporter: city of champions in 2008. actually the ten-year anniversary, we're celebrating some alumni later today. which is crazy, but months ago, super bowl champions. how about that >> thank you so much. i just love saying it. and more champions, a first in more than a decade, u penn's basketball team won an ivy league championship. the quakers defeated brown scoring 99-93. they haven't gotten this far since the 2006, 2007 season.
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the team now tied with harvard at the top of the conference standing. here are the champs coming back home to philly from providence rhode island after getting off the bus they went to the court at the the palestra and here's what steve donahue had to say >> a group of guys that got here, put an incredible amount of effort as a team, and won a champion and i couldn't be happier. >> penn will now face yale saturday at the palestra and harvard will take on cornell. the final is sunday. sometimes it seems first dates can cost as much as a first anniversary gift? we'll tell you why men in philly
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. a 26-year-old woman died in a car crash, at east roosevelt boulevard and friendship street. the police say this happen early this morning, crash i do not a tree 10 authorities are still looking for the driver of a yellow hummer for questioning.
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they do not believe he's involved in the crash. crazy storm hit us, scott, but looks like we're moving along. >> for now, bill but looks like another storm could be brewing by tuesday night, and into wednesday. so no rest really for the weary across the delaware valley. we're dry, quiet rain shower. we still have a few scattered high clouds out there. but mostly sunny skies for today, and winds generally out of the north anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour, you can see we're dry, quiet on the eastern sea board but look at the massive coastal storm still churching. it will continue to move out to sea but we still have coastal flood advisories through early afternoon down the shore. the coastal flood warning has been discounted and replaced by the advisory, we're still anticipating rough surf, beach erosion, eight to 14 feet waves.
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we're looking at a surge of about one to one and a half feet. so minor flooding expected. watching out for gusty winds over 30 miles per hour, but that wind direction out of the north, that is definitely helping us out a bit down the shore. temperature-wise, right now, it's 39 degrees atlantic city, 38 for trenton, we have 36 degrees in pottstown and 36 in lancaster, you factor in these winds right now, anywhere from about ten to 15 miles per hour sustained, so that breeze making it feel like it's even colder, feels like 28 degrees rain shower in philadelphia, feels like 29 in millville, feels like the teens currently in mount pocono. the average high this time of year is 48 degrees. we'll top out around 46 in philadelphia, 47 for millville, upper 40's in dover, low 40's once you move north and west. then cold 30 degrees will be the high temperature for the poconos, so dry, quiet for sunday as we move towards monday looking ok, tuesday look at this. we're watching clouds, on the
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increase and then take a look off to the west, snow as you move towards central sections of pennsylvania, late tuesday night, and rain moving across the chesapeake toward the delaware bay then as we move at rain, changing over likely to more wet snow. but this system doesn't look as potent as the one that just passed through on friday, computer models still kind of in a disagreement but looks like we'll watch that area of low pressure track to the south and we'll have month monitor the amount of cold air with that system. the seven-day forecast, showing temperatures will be in the upper 40's next several days and then the middle of the week, watching for that potential storm. bill? >> thank you so much. i believe i told you earlier when i filled in i'm not going to complain about weather anymore. so we'll take it. we'll embrace it. what we won't take is more taxes. what's now a decades long tradition of trimming the wage packs may be over. but as bruce gordon explains,
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you probably won't even notice, only here in philly. i'm bruce gordon, all, at least most owe a debt of gratitude to jim kenney for helping us stick to our diet. you're probably asking yourself, gee, bruce how did the kenny administration help me lose weight? well, the answer is a little complicated and this being television, we don't want bore you way lot of charts and graphs. so how about i show you some eagles highlights in the big super bowl parade? well, i explain. >> bleed green. >> sound like a deal? good. now this, more than 20 years ago, then mayor ed rendell began chipping away at philadelphia's infamous onerous city wage tax, lots of folks believe the tax was driving businesses and residents out of philadelphia. well, rendell's successor john street kept up the reductions as did his successor michael nutter, here's nutter addressing the city council with the 2015
7:19 am
working address >> we've lowered wage business taxes bringing the wage tax rate below 4% fors first time since the 1970 as much as >> i heard a variation of that line over and over and over past 20 years. philly mayors bragging about cutting taxes. here's the thing. reductions enacted by those mayors and city council were almost without exception comically pathetically tiny. from fiscal 2014 to 2015, for example, the resident wage tax rate dropped from 3.924% all the way to 3.920%. on an income of $50,000 per year, the tax savings would have been, $2. the next year, the tax saving on that 50 grand would have been $4.90. the year after that, another 4.90 and in fiscal 2018, the tax savings on the latest wage tax cut was $4.85.
7:20 am
during this period of time, hungry taxpayers could have and likely did collect all of that wage tax savings, gather up their families, and gone out to buy a medium size chocolate milk shake with four straws, that would have pretty much gobbled up their savings. that's a tax holiday. but no more, in his fiscal 2019 budget address, mayor kenney looking to raise money for the city's public schools, had this to say about wage taxes. >> i propose readjusts schedule reductions in the wage tax to bring in nearly $340 million over five years >> that's political speak for reducing the rate of reductions. cutting back on the cuts. in short, the new wage tax reductions will barely cover the cost of a small milk shake, for those trying to lose weight, that's good news. but for those who have grown
7:21 am
weary while trying to confuse constituent, it's business as usual >> but this is they didn't see >> hope you enjoyed your eagles highlights but in more milk shake money for you, try a diet soda instead. >> no soda tax >> wait, never mind be only in philly. >> only bruce. the city of brotherly love is apparently also the city of generous love. that's what they say, according one study. what the your said that philadelphia is the second most generous american city when it comes to men spending on a first date. coming in at number five, date in chicago could cost you on average 200 -- what kind of dates? new york city takes the fourth spot with $207. people of dallas prepare to throw around $236.
7:22 am
philadelphians spend $396 on the first date. >> $400 on first date >> san francisco takes the top at $422. that's insane. >> that brings us to this morning instant reaction poll what's the most lavish thing you've ever done or someone has done for you on a first date. first of all, that's insane to spend that much on first date. you don't even know if you like the person. the most lavish thing you've done >> maybe tickets to circus sole on a first date. >> fair enough, if you take somebody there on your first date, you have set the bar so ridiculously high, you can't go to circus solea on the first date and out for pizza on the
7:23 am
second one. i think you should spend coffee shots a diner >> everybody like you say if you're spending huge amounts of money, when you come back to reality, no. >> i'd be interested to hear candace in the control room. how she feels about this. i'd like ladies tweet us at fox 29 philly at scott fox 29 at bill a.m. fox 29, it's $400 is reasonable first date? >> that's a lot. >> that's insane's. tweet us we want to know, use #fox29goodday. sushi she a whole new level, one japanese restaurant's uniquely philly theme. we'll tell you why mike
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♪ . ♪ . a man was rescued after an avalanche. left him buried. the amazing video at skiers and snow borders rushed to save his life. we'll tell you about that. jenny joyce, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning, clean-up from friday's storm could take a few more days. peco says it's working 24/7. we're live here in
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. take a live look from philadelphia philadelphia international airport where we got good news to share this morning only a few flights remain cancelled, following friday's storm. but for the most part, flights are arriving and departing on time. the airport did release a statement yesterday following the massive storm, saying, and i quote, recovery day for the inhalers the wake of the storm. cancelations and delays reported
7:30 am
at phl. sure to check flights with the airline before coming to the airport wherever you're flying. they got the information out there, communicated and now they're getting the flights back up and running. public transportation is starting to get back to normal. which is good news for those hooking to use the regional rail line, officials say that service today to west trenton and chestnut hill east are still suspended, but all other lines will operate with possible delays, but again, we're recovering good morning, everyone. a little nderson, lauren bit. she has this knack. you wouldn't damage but more yo saying is coming >> looks like a little bit of break for now, but by into wednesday, we could be dealing with another coastal system. for today, it's snyh temperatur topping out in the 40's.
7:31 am
feels will be a little colder when you factor in the wind be but live look at ultimate doppler. drying out, buta of low pressure continues to churn up the waters, we have rough surf, at the shore, ight to 14 feet offshore. morning's high tide circle. 37 winds outrthwest about 16 mi hour, as we look at the temperatures, upper 30's, ok, it's chilly, then take a look at the winds, sustained anywhere from ten to 15, 16 miles per hour, so feels rain shower like the upper 20's in philadelphia, feels like 28 degrees, feels like 28 in allentown, feels like the teens currently in the poconos. so this morning, temperatures chilly in the 30's, by this afternoon, in the 40's, still gusty conditions over 25 miles per hour. high temperatures topping out low 40's north and west, mid to upper 40's in philadelphia and points south and east.
7:32 am
as we dry out today, dry for tomorrow, but look at tuesday, into your wednesday, we're watching moisture, off to the west, and area of low pressure, we could have rain changing over to more wet snow. we'll talk much more about that. coming up. >> thank you so much. scott williams and let's take a live look at allentown. where officials say that friday's storm left 110,000 people without power. crews with ppl electric utilities have been working throughout the weekend to help restore that power. now, the storm with rain snow and high winds has prompted the need for 1500 repair jobs as well. and as of this morning, 11,000 customers still without power the clean-up continues after the powerful storm hit the region leaving damage and instruction, and now crews are working to clear downed trees and power lines. and it's creating a nightmare for homeowner whose just want to get electricity up, get trees cut down. our jenny joyce is live in delaware county this morning, to
7:33 am
give us a look at the damage there. good morning again, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, this scene is one that makes you say, wow. a massive tree toppled away from the home. thank goodness, then on to a street nailing an suv that's now trapped in the middle of the roadway, bringing down power lines, scenes are replicated there was the philadelphia area, which is why so many people remain without power this morning. here in delaware county, officials have declared a disaster emergency friday's rain snow and high winds led to downed trees, downed power lines and left tens of thousands without power. some has been restored. much of it has not been fixed. peco is hoping to get electric up and running by monday but it could be mid week before all of the outages are restored. those with generators have been putting them to use. those without power say it's
7:34 am
been getting chilly with temperatures in the 50's. it is working 24-seven to get every block up and running, but peco is requesting your patience >> we can't do anything else. thankful that it wasn't worse and let them do their thing. thank you so much. now, checking in breaking news unfortunate and tragic deadly shooting in spring garden. police say two men were just eating in their car, when all of a sudden, bullets started flying. a 34-year-old man was killed, a 30-year-old man is currently fighting for his life. police say it happened just after 2:30 this morning on the 500 block of north 6th street, right down the street from a local night club. >> related to the club, about half block away from the club. the two gentlemen were sitting inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting, and hook likes they're eating food >> minding their business. the only description police have of the shooter he may have been
7:35 am
driving a silver car. 7:34. lawmakers in florida vote against a proposal that would have banned the sale of ar15 assault rifles, they briefly accepted the measure then the body reconsidered the amendment 15 minutes later. and overturned it. lawmakers instead are moving forward with a plan to arm teachers in schools. president trump mixing humor and policy, we will get that video up in just a moment. let you know about president trump, who was there, and speaking, there's the white house. with first lady milania, the president joked about topics like the recent string of white house departures, he made light offin if i dell tea rumors joking he want know who would leave the white house first, advisor steve miller or his wife. the longstanding brings the president together with journalists and other elected officials. to california a powerful
7:36 am
avalanche. closed a popular ski destination after five people partially buried. it happened near lake tahoe friday a day after a snow border died during a blizzard. a winter storm dumped more than three feet of snow this weekend. sad news in the entertainment industry, david ogden steers died. best known for his role as charles winchester on the tv show mash. he received emmy nominations for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series in 1981 and '82. outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series in 1981 and '82. he had been battling bladd (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean brace with sports in a minute. the flyers have been road warrior, seven straight on the road, as they took on tampa bay lightening, flyers were up 5-3 in the third. nice pass from claude giroux. and he completes the come back, flyers get a point but let that one slip away snapping the seven-game road streak. nova hosting georgetown, head coach patrick ewing, no paranoia, nova finding their groove, knocking down the wide
7:40 am
open three, nova wins 97-73, career win number 413 for jay wright, tied for the most in nova history. the boys in blue, the union open up the season with a victory taking on the new england revolution at 18-year-old anthony nontan na two to nothing. nhl fans took matters into their own hands literally during a match between the trenton toe maple leafs and washington capitols, rink went dark due to a quote lighting situation, they illuminated the stadium with their cell phones and eventually the lights came back on and washington went on to beat toronto 5-2
7:41 am
>> maybe we can do it >> we need a blackout. >> we'll do it, i want to see if we can get dark and >> what's going on >> it's almost like a concert, you sit there, go with it. you get a chant -- this is pretty cool. >> put your lighters up. >> modern day, lighters people would get out the cigarette lights for lighters >> that was just fans trying to help out. usually lights are used to enhance a performance, you remember in 2017 cold play had their fans ware these wrist bands that light up to the beat he have every song, they're sitting there playing the music. and they start boom, boom, boom. >> we should get those >> i don't know if we can make that happen. in the spirit of christmas last year, the flyers hosted a holiday light spectacular during
7:42 am
a home game at the wells fargo center. they were giving matching bracelets to match the colors of video projected on the ice and around the building. >> i just love all of the technology that we're using then during like the olympics they had amazing light shows too. >> we can do it here too. put that phone down while i'm talking to you. we've known for years that smart phones and socializing simply don't mix. some things you have to hear it from the expert. plus. the new holiday helping you to turn off the phone, and tune into your life. we'll tell you about
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hi, ladies, we have two mom, dina, and, good morning, are you still nick the web chick >> yes,/nicole. >> reporter: the kids have all kinds of words, i know your kids are little but the kids are talking, we don't have any idea what they're saying and we feel like idiots.
7:46 am
we begin with shade or throwing shade. can you use that in a sentence. >> like if you said don't throw shade over here, jen. >> that's good. >> and just, and pure shade like you know, like, man, why are you throwing me that shade about my mac and cheese? >> i agree. >> this is good but not everybody can be my grandmother >> i could be like brody quit throwing that shade. >> next clap back. this is a good one >> if a clap back, i'd be like, oh and i say something better to you, that's a clap backing right back at you >> that is -- that's >> it's like o, another new boyfriend, well at least i have one because when was the last time you had one? >> clap back >> the other day i was in the kitchen, wait, were you in the kitchen for cooking or getting wine. >> i was getting wine, jen, to
7:47 am
be specific and my husband said something and i gave him like a smart answer, whatever i said to him, all of a sudden from the back room you hear my daughter go you want some potatoes with your roast? i was like what >> she said you got roasted. you want carots and she named five dishes. and i was dying. it was so funny. >> reporter: on a scale to from one to embarrassing, how bad are we >> about a seven, but you guys are hot moms so that helps. >> thank you for saying that. >> you're good. >>reporter: this is jen, this is mom-o-log, and you're welcome, moms, go use these words and don't be a weirdo >> that segment was lit. that segment was lit. >> ha ha. >> come get your girl. >> let's make in hard transition and talk about weather. we have that powerful monster coastal storm. it's just churning out to sea,
7:48 am
the weather will start to improve next several days, still minor flooding at the shore, a surge of about one to one and a half feet this morning, beach erosion, there could be flooded roadway, temperature-wise, upper 30's rain shower. it's chilly. you need the jacket. windy conditions, the sustained winds anywhere from ten to about 15 miles per hour. making it feel like the upper 20's out there. so temperatures today, topping out 46 in philadelphia, low 40's north and west, upper 40's atlantic city. dry for today, quiet, no problems, dry for monday. then looks like late tuesday into wednesday, another coastal storm. the timing, the temperatures, how much cold air will have in place, still, up in the air, but just i want to give you a heads up that we could have another coastal system by the middle of the week. temperatures by wednesday, 40, we're looking at low 40's for thursday into friday and mid
7:49 am
40's by saturday. bilk back over to you. >> thank you so much. sitting here reading tweets still talking about how much they spend on dates. now, when you're out, having fun, leave your phone in your pocket. they did two separate experiments confirmed that smart phones and socializing did not mix. but in one study, people were asked to have a restaurant meal with family and friends. those who used their phones during dinner enjoyed themselves less. saying they felt more distracted. and the second, authors surveyed people multiple times a day over one week, finding participants got less pleasure from face-to-face socializing if they were texting or e-mailing or using phones in some other way, i often feel like some of these studies are exercises in the obvious. shouldn't we know that if you're sitting there with somebody,
7:50 am
it's rude to be having dinner going, >> i always try and keep mine like in my pocket or put it away, because i mean, a lot of times be people. that's what they do. >> we don't talk to each other anymore, when we're at dinner or coffee, because everybody is just -- their head is buried in the phone. >> it's crazy, i'm not complaining. i do it sometimes. but it's wrong >> it's come on, guys, you can't stop for an hour >> and you can't go anywhere without your phone. might as well just like be inserted in your hand or something. >> that's crazy. i'm wrong, i know, i feel bad. are you looking for an excuse to break you and your family free from your smart devices? so we have one. this upcoming friday is national day of unplugging people from across the world. they're pledging to power down and connect with the people around them. there we go. the 24-hour initiative begins the night of the 9th and goes into following day. participants can put a whole new meaning to the term sleep mode,
7:51 am
by using their free cell phone sleeping bag, there it is, they will give you the bag, take your phone, put it away for 24 hours. can you do it >> i like that idea. >> there's no way in the world you can work here and do that. >> maybe. >> there's no way in the world you can work here and do that. if there's anything going on, if you got to do live weather updates, >> on a quiet day, maybe. high pressure, full control. >> somebody call management. if they're ok with this, i'm on birthday. but then you won't get the, hey, bill, lauren can't get in, can you come and do the morning show, on a vacation day, i can do it, there you go. >> fair enough. >> we'll do it as a united effort? we got sushi on a whole new level. one japanese restaurant's uniquely philly theme mike jerrick went there he said
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7:55 am
♪ . ♪ . >> reporter: i'm under the bridge. look at the big blue beautiful ben franklin bridge. and i'm in put a building called bridge. in a fairly new place called tuna bar i'm so excited to be here because i've been wanting to come since you opened. good to see you. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: of course, it's sushi. but you like unusual fish. don't you >> i do. >> reporter: you can get the regular stuff >> of course, i have the regular, tuna, the salmon but i do go to the fish market quite often. >> reporter: by the stadiums >> by the stadiums, and i just like to see what's like fresh that day. pick it up, and just serve it. >> reporter: isn't that the key to good sushi? it's got to be absolutely fresh >> hundred %. >> reporter: because of the eagles and the super bowl and all of that, we have a carson
7:56 am
wentz roll. so what is in that that >> this is like a favorite for a lot of my customers, it's completely cooked. people who don't want to eat sushi like the raw fish, they can have this, it's shrimp, spice crab salad on top. >> reporter: this is an art. isn't it? certainly more artistic than me eating. man. ? is it good? >> reporter: ok. now, this is the orange line. get it? i don't see any rice there. >> it's ariseless roll. people who don't want to eat rice loves this, but you have to love salmon, the spice salmon inside and on top. it's salmon. >> reporter: so it's salmon on
7:57 am
salmon >> you like raw fish. >> reporter: yes, i like scallop but i never eaten, what do mean? is it still wiggling >> sometimes, one person had one as soon as you shuck it, it could be pulsing a little bit, that means it's alive. >> reporter: put it in the soy. that's good. >> it's like sweeter. >> reporter: thanks for having me in. this is fantastic. it's tuna bar. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: this i
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
hundreds of thousands people still left in the dark, nearly 48 hours since a super storm hammered our area, battling wind knocking out power and trees across the region as electric companies work double time trying to get customers back in the light. >> reporter: i'm christian rogers here in clear water. how the phillies are remembering the 2008 championship team next. snl hollywood's sexual harassment with the grab bee's awards. we'll check it out coming up. >> it's sunday march 4th, i'm bill anderson, lauren johnson,f, staying away from the drama but lauren will be back tomorrow much improved there today, bill, believe it or not, the coastal storm brewing in the seven-day forecast. so get a little bit of a about o
8:01 am
be brewing later in the week coming up. but the weathernes, sunny and breezy for your sunday, chilly, high temperatures will p. and yes, that headline there, another coastal storm wi possib take a look at the open waters to have the atlantic showing you churning, well out to sea. winds still a little gusty across the and we still have a minor coastal flood concern with the high tide early this morning. down the shore, watching out for a surge of about one to one and a half feet later on this morning with that high tide. more beach erosion, flooded roadways, too, temperature-wise, upper 30's, philadelphia, 40 atlantic city, upper 30's once move north and west towards lehigh valley, 37 degrees. current winds you can see sustained, out of the north anywhere from about ten to 20 miles per hour, you factor in that wind, feels like 29 degrees
8:02 am
in philadelphia. feels like 30 degrees in trenton and 31 is what it feels like rain shower in wilmington, take a look at the temperatures, for today, low 40's for allentown, 46 the high in philadelphia, 49 in atlantic city, and 47 degrees for wilmington, coming up, we'll go hour by hour and talk about tuesday night into wednesday, that potential for more wind, rain and possibly even snow. bill? >> thank you so much, scott. >> we continue to cover breaking news this morning out of mayfair. where a 26-year-old woman has tragically died in a car crash. police say around 5:00 this morning, the woman crashed into tree at east roosevelt ed into boulevard, and friendship street, authorities are looking for the driver of a yellow hummer for questioning but they do not believe he's involved in the crash. clean-up continues after a powerful storm hit the region, leaving damage and destruction in its wake. surging seas and strong winds. hit friday causing serious
8:03 am
flooding and widespread power outages. now, crews are working to clear down trees and power lines, creating a nightmare for homeowners, jenny joyce live in delaware county to give us a look at the damage there, i'm seeing, jenny, that huge tree, but sounds like there may be people out there getting back in better spirits? >> reporter: they are, they actually are in very good spirits considering, couple of the neighbors out here gathering just talking about the damage again, and they tell me they have not yet seen any peco crews out here, and it's going to be pretty sizeable clean-up here on this block of havertown. you can see that massive tree, it toppled across from one yard through the street on to a car, and into another yard pulling down these power lines, for this reason, there are had a lot of people still in delaware county without power, from friday's storm, because of damage, officials have declared a disaster emergency here in the
8:04 am
county, friday's rain, snow and high winds led to tens of thousands of power outages, peco is hoping to get electricity back up and running by monday. but says it could be mid week before all of the outages are restored while many streets remain dark, some lucky homeowner with generators have been able to heat their homes and chan their phones, those without power tell us it's getting chilly, people say >> kind of took everybody bay surprise, because they didn't realize as many trees were going to come down, it was going to be as heavy because they were expecting rain with a mixture of the snow later at the tail end i think it mixed quicker than >> we're down to about 60, a lot of other people in their 50's but i have a lot of insulation in the attic since the tree came down few years ago on us, you know, so we have extra insulation in there. we'll stay here. we have nothing to do, my wife and i except talk. >> reporter: so that man tells me that yesterday they were at 60 degrees but this morning,
8:05 am
their home is now down into the 50's. it's getting a little chilly inside unclear how much colder it might soon get. but he's out here talking with one of his other neighbors now, and these children on the block came to join us this morning, how are you guys doing without power? >> cold. >> but you've a place to go. tell us where you've been hanging out >> my grandmother's house. >> reporter: because she has? a >> generator. >> reporter: you've been comfortable, had enough heat in the home >> yes. >> reporter: why did you guys want to come outside >> well, we're waiting for duncan donuts. >> duncan donuts to the rescue on a day without power in the home. thank you guys so much, stay safe and we want to remind everyone if you see power lines down stay away. back to you. >> out of the mouths of babes. at 8:05. moving to breaking news. a did they shooting in spring garden.
8:06 am
two men were eating in their car when all of a sudden bullets started flying. 34-year-old man was killed, a 30-year-old currently fighting for his life and police say it happened just after 2:30 this morning on the 500 block of north 6th right down the street from a night club. >> it does not appear it's related to the club, it's about a half block away. but the two gentlemen were sitting inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting. and looks like they were eating some food >> police still investigating because right now, the only description they have of the shooter is that he may have been driving a silver car. an tioga a driver killed in a car crash, police say that a 48-year-old man was driving along wissahickon avenue when he somehow lost control and crashed through a gate around 12:30 this morning and the investigation continues. as officials continue to investigate the fire in old city philadelphia, people are
8:07 am
rallying around the employees of the restaurant damaged by the flame. the four alarm fire overpresident's day weekend also gutted apartment building above the restaurant. luckily in one was hurt. fire officials are determined to find a cause project building is demolished. several restaurants are joining forces to help get employees of the little lion back on their feet. fund-raiser will be held at mad rec's restaurant today at 1:00 p.m. food, two drinks and access to mad rex virtual reality lounge, there will be a silent auction. a philadelphia hot spot is hosting a block party as well. to benefit a long time bartender who was seriously injured after she was hit with a car. sheila seen here, suffered head trauma and broken bones after she was hit the night of the eagles parade. she had just gotten off work and because of her injury, sheila was put in a medically induced
8:08 am
coma. beer trucks, newsstands and live band will fill 12th and 13th street for a fund-raiser, sheila does not currently have medical insurance, the money will go towards her medical bills. who's ready for baseball? the city of win win ners. that's what spring training is for, just the beginning, our own kristen rodjers in clearwater. >> reporter: exactly months ago the eagles won the super bowl and we're hearing a lot of e-a-g-l-e-s eagles chants through the spectrum field here in clearwater. florida, today, it's all about remembering the 2008 world series championship team for the phillies as local alumni and coaches from that team are going to be recognized on the field before their game toronto.
8:09 am
later on sports sunday, a lot more about how gabe capler is having the team be bold how they can carry that, coming up later on sports sunday. christian rodgers, fox 29. if you want to be the to get, the greatest of all time, being smart and talented apparently isn't enough, we'll reveal the true secret to success later on good day. furs, the interviewer and interviewee rolls may be reversing when ryan secret hits the oscar's red carpet. we'll tell you why he may be facing harsh questions from the hottest stars in hollywood. >> and sue serio and weekend wendy is so excited because it means that spring is not that far away. what? the philadelphia flower show, of course. starting this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's theme is wonders of
8:10 am
water. junk else and forests and woodlands and all kinds of landscapes and a 25 foot water fall, plus so much more to see, you need a will the time to enjoy the fuller shown
8:11 am
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you save just an extra 10 buc6%. 30 years you'll have about 40 g. trust me on that one. the half of it. splurge a little. it's ok, enjoy it. it'sot extra money in your paycheck each week. but before you go out and on ex toast. people stuff? before you do that, use some tips you will thank me grandkid thank me. tell them i said you're welcome. time 8:14 on this sunday morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine out there. but we'll keep the breeze, not as gusty as yesterday, we'll see gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour as that monster coastal storm it's well out to sea, but you can see it as still turning up the waters, still dealing with rough
8:15 am
surf down the shore, we have a coastal flood advisory in effect through early afternoon and we're watching this high tide in particular this morning, from 8:30 until 10:00 a.m. a surge of about one to one and a half feet. so minor flooding is expected. winds more out of the north north and west kind of helping us out a bit. but still anticipate some beach erosion and also some minor flooded roadways in those areas that typically flood. temperatures rain shower across the area, 37 degrees, newtown square, collegeville 37, doylestown, waking up to 36 in new holland as we move into south jersey, we have 40 degrees in brigantine, glassboro 38, voorhees, moorestown waking up to 39, 39 in west deptford. winds sustained out of the north northwest about ten 20 miles per hour, still pretty breezy. and take a look at what it feels like when you factor in those
8:16 am
winds, feels like 32 in millville, feel like the upper 20's philadelphia. points north and west. temperatures this morning, in the 30's, jacket, sweaters, by the afternoon, temperatures in the 40's, those gusts over 25 miles per hour across the area for today. 41 degrees in allentown, the high, 46 in philadelphia. we'll go mid to upper 40's for atlantic city. temperatures for tonight, dip into the upper 20's, so there could be some patchy icy spots across parts of the area, just keep that in mind be we're dry for today, dry for monday and watch what happens tuesday night into wednesday moisture, and yes, looks like another coastal storm rain could change over to more wet snow. bill? >> all good. because after that, we transition into spring, deal with it for another week or so. it's time to get those final oscars predictions in, who do the experts think will go home with the gold? earlier mike, alex and karen spoke to kevin mccarthy to
8:17 am
feigned out his topics >> you're going to tell us who you think and who you want, first category is, best supporting actress. >> supporting actor or actress >> actress. >> actress, allison janne for i tonya. it does great job what she went through in the movie. and i think that allison janey will definitely win the award for best supporting actress sunday >> and that's who you an well. what's up next >> >> actor. >> this is sam rockwell, i'm hoping this win will bring more people to watch his earlier films like moon or confessions of a dangerous mind in match stick man. this is three billboard outside
8:18 am
missouri and that was nominated for seven academy rooms sam rockwell he's my will win and should win, he won the golden globe the sag as well as the lor of other awards he definitely will win >> best actress? >> actress, this is to me, the lock of the night. francis mcdoorman is just incredible in three belichick bill boards. she won leading actress in 1997 which is a phenomenonal movie. this role is soin predictable, so fun to watch. it's a devastating story line but she makes it so entertaining, she's won every award essentially leading up to the oscars, she will definitely win sunday, that's my will and should win, francis mcdoorman three bill boards. best actor? >> and gary oldman is my favorite of all time but i don't
8:19 am
think this is the year that he should be win, even though he's going to win sunday, to me going back to all the films he's done from dracula to true romance, the professional, mortal beloved, those are the films he should have been nominated or won, this seems like a win for his career, i think the person who should win is daniel k aluya forget out. >> there's more, sexual harassment accusations may make for a difficult night. he's a red carpet staple. he'll be occupying his usual posts, despite rumors some publishers will keep their clients away from them. e announced it was standing by after the network said it did not find any evidence or investigation into the claims. last night's saturday night live put a spin on the oscars with the subject of assessment in hollywood.
8:20 am
the spoof called the grab bees gives awards for the worst behavior >> this is such a huge moment for you. you must be so ashamed >> you'd think so but nope >> can you give us a preview of your speech tonight if you win. >> of course. well, first i'd like to thank guns for pivoting the national conversation away from harassment. i'd also like to thank my uncle for saying boys will be boys. >> the awards categories mocked allegations of disturbing behavior, such as most open robe, and best nonapology. my got to go backwards. we have been twitter has blown up ever since we had the discussion about $400 for the average first date. >> the average that men spend in philadelphia on first dates. that's what they say. people are saying i need more information on this particular study. jessica said where are you all
8:21 am
going? i eat a lot and this is way too high. someone else. fro said i'd love to see where this data came from, i've been married a long time and we eat at the finest restaurants for two with mixed description appetizers, meals desserts and a tip and that just gets to $400. mixed in a couple of things we can't see on tv. this is even spread to our sister station in dc. fox 5 dc, anthony yu and ronica cleary are talking about this >> when i think about things a little bit. dinner for two, ads up, if you're having like a couple of drinks, that ads up as well. bill, >> what's a couple and what are you drinking >> well, wine, a glass of wine, it's not, it's what? 8, $10 >> how do you get to 400 >> depending on where you go >> a whole bunch of glasses
8:22 am
lined up >> i can see how it can add up >> am i just cheap? maybe they're factoring in stuff like uber rides these days too. >> that does add up. but >> we have not found a single person >> i did not spend $400 on a date. the first date. >> a single person, not one on twitter has agreed with this so far >> how much do you spend? >> i don't think how much is taco bell >> jokes, moving on. creepy or crafty, amazon's newest delivery program hoping to eliminate stolen packages. we'll tell you about it. ♪ (crunching)
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successful people are threatened smart and have some money but those who become the most wealthy are almost always the luckiest people >> i don't know because i'm not one of them and i don't know any of them but it seems like the luckiest label is how we justify us not works as hard >> i don't like to use the word luck, i like to use the word blessed >> fair enough, i'll go blessed but my most in quotes financially successful friends also put in had the longest hours or really bright people. they do things that other people don't want to do. and it paid off for them. i'm looking forward to getting lucky. as spring begins to bloom, so will pollen, we'll tell you what's causing the itching, squeezing, the sneezing. of the watery eyes, one doctor explains if it's a
8:27 am
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8:29 am
. check this out. the cape may lewis ferry rocking in rough watersings there's no way i would be on that. the video shows the ferry the high seas, it was spunned service and. drivers trying to cross a bridge in hudson river in new
8:30 am
york. a tractor-trailer dangerously close to tipping over. it decided to ban bus and trucks on the bridge due to conditions. montgomery county slammed by the storm, trees up rooted causing quite a mess, dave kinchen were you out there spotting the damage and found a family who had quite a scare. >> reporter: a big boom in old eagles in the fort washington area with a large tree resting pit was joined by another one o the driveway. both knocked down during the wild winds and pounding snow and rains of friday night's nor'easter. the same storm yanking this tree out of the ground on malitia hill forcing white marsh township to shutdown access at joshua road with barricades and in glad win, the scene, pa 23 in waverly much the same. a tree level to do the roots taking down a section of fence, crews will be busy this weekend removing damage and debris like this especially where it
8:31 am
contributed to power outages, utility teams have their work cut out there. in glad win, dave kinchen, fox 29 news scott else us not too bad right now, we may have another storm coming later this week but i'll stay positive. >> stay positive, bill, a little bit of a break, we're looking at sunshine returning and we still have a bit of a breeze but not as gusty as yesterday. wind more out of the north as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet. well out to sea. look at that beast of a coastal storm that blew through the region, dumping the rain, the wet heavy snow, and also folks still without power across the area. so clean-up continues with the debris and the down wire, so for today, down the shore, rough surf, waves, eight to 14 feet, out to sea. the high tide we're watching this morning right now, expect the surge of one to one and a half feet with minor flooding,
8:32 am
temperatures north and west upper 30's rain shower balance will kin wood, doylestoppwn,er right around 40. winds out of the northo feels r like it's in the low 30's to upper 20's and also those sweat, so temperatures this morning, in the 30's,afrnoon, high temperatures in the mid to upper 40's, philadelphia. low 40's north and west. and then temperature tonight dip into theight be icy patches, so dry today, then as we move toward but tueso wednesday, we're watching mostl of low pressure, brewing coastal storm, we could have rain changing over to wet snow. of course, the track still a littl marginal again, and also the intensity not as strongst am, b watch it for tuesday night into
8:33 am
storm. bill? >> thank you so much. scott. appreciate it. may not seem the weather th scott been telling you about but spring only weeks away, comes a parents how do you know if your child has a cold? seasonal allerges are maybe even asthma, breaking down the differences and what to look for, nurse practitioner, stephanie, thanks for being here >> good morning thanks for having me. >> seems like this time of year, no matter their first go to is allergies are acting up >> there are ways that you can tell. a little difficult because some of the symptoms can be similar and i think that's why a lot ofconfused. but basically, what -- what we look at few things are of sympt typically going to last a few days, maybe ten at the most.akg. generally, if yld, that's what's going to go away
8:34 am
quicker if you have longer lasting symptoms, that a sign you're having get the m mucousy stuff coming out of your nose but with tends to be like a clearer thinner nasal discharge.chy watery eyes, if you're experiencing any of that your throat that can be related to seasonal allergiesal professional we're glad that you are. asthma seems like the one that would be much more serious and diagnosed >> absolutely >> you can distinguish that one pretty clearly easily >> typically it's pretty quick for us to pick up on sometimes we like to see an occurrence happening multiple times, but whereas ma and allergies are trieding to, it can be a
8:35 am
trigger. ones the allergens start to come out the trees start to bloom and flowers. we start to see them wheezing having difficulty breathing and havi attacks >> you're talking about young children, two, three years old, you can star looking into this? is this something need to be looking for >> typically, allergies and asthma are not sre under age two. it's something we have to see a sustained illness. and so yes, typically we're looking, it can be diagnosed as young as two or three, and notie having symptoms of these kinds of things >> we got stuff. and things here, we're talking about how we can diagnose it but ultimately, parents who are wato you do >> if you're concerned, for one thin certainly if you think something is off, give a call to yourrician go in and see your primary care provider, they can help you sort out what's have
8:36 am
know you have asthma, there's some things we definitely want you to have ona, an nebulizer. and so this is a breathing treatment that if you t type we would use on a child. you haver the mouth and nose there. >> ok. >> that expenses the medication, you put the medicine in there, and that you know, allows the airways to open up >> this is the smaller version of that >> this is spacer that you would use with an inhaler, you would connect the inhaler which we would see puffers, this is what we would give to help had the medication get to the lung as little bit better. this again is what we would use fo this has a mask. obviously not going to fit me but itd nose and you would put inhaler there so that the child friends who immedi at diagnosed themselves and their
8:37 am
kids, dot.absolutely. talk to a medical professional, you're primary care would be the best place i appreciate you com. it's a little chilly in here. consciously uncoupling to too close for you what paltrow t
8:38 am
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oscars. good morning, everybody. it's dr. ks so much for invitin let's show the crowd. you had something differentek. >> every day this week, ware green on monday. yesterda was ware green, today is crazy hat. tomorrow is wednesday, thursday, we have ware school,
8:41 am
the cat in the hat >> i mentioned it earlier, mine was go dog go. all because, you know, had something to do with cars. stay there, georgia, where is that fellow? where is the guy with the hat, the car hat? where is he? my man with the car hat? was he right in here? where is the guy with the car hat? here he is back here, you got to see this, gang. come here, my man with car hat. come on up here. come here. check out this. put your head down. ready? jammo. what's your name? >> chase >> i love it. i love it. so we're having fun, it's dr. suess week, learning all about it and reading all the books, from lower gwyned elementary school. ok. so it's called kids at play but adults can clearly play too, we're live at
8:42 am
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spca fir friend you provided a forever home to we'd love to see your pi them on facebook, instagram or twitter twitter. 8:46, take a look what we're watching as we move in the month. we spring forward in just seven st. patrick's day 13 days away and 16 days. so hang in there, folks, as we look at u dry, quiet but still kind of breezy. look at that coastal storm to s. but we could have coastal storm vembral days. we'll talk about that coming up. but you can see rough there watching the high tide, a minor morning, one to one and a half feet, but watching f erosion and possible closed roadways where they typically flood at the in
8:47 am
atlantic city. 39trenton, 37 for allentown, a stiff steady to 20 miles per hour, still breezy across the high, 47 in wilmington, 49 mid trenton, chilly for tonight, temperatures below , so what wee watching a brewing coastal tim keep to be tuesday evening into that in mind, the track, the midatlantic sections of the northeast and new england, temperatures will monitor the to 40's rain possibly changing over to moreet also more wind potent. so we're dry for now, but you can see the clock, tuesday, watching that moisture,emperatu be critical, rain at the shore, snow a goonorth and west of phi.
8:48 am
so that is what we're going to be watching over the next several days weather authority heads-up. of course, we'll have much more tonight on our broadcast, back over to you. >> thank you so much. everyone i've been reading everyone's twitter comments. between all of the trees that are down all over the area, the weather being so out of whack, parents if you're having a tough time keeping the little ones entertained we got you covered. jenny joyce has you covered. she's live where kids are hard at play. jenny you look like you're having a good time, i guess the kids are loving it. >> reporter: yeah. i think i'm having just about as much fun here, we're live at kids at play in east falls. just saw me go across the zip line here, adults are welcome to do it. something we want to tell you. so this is an area, this is a playground that is adaptable for children of all abilities, julia book binder, you're the director >> director. >> talk a little bit, what is
8:49 am
this device, how does it work and talk a little bit about who's welcome >> this is our ada seat we can put on our zip line, kids with disability or wheelchair-bound that immediate need support can develop them as well. everything designed you can sometimes find in a regular playground, but then we have sensory equipment, we have a whole sensory room dedicated to kids that need to be calming down and of fun toys for everyone to go on. >> reporter: wow, look at that roller coaster, go. how fun, you don't find this i annual memberships, discounts, if you hef the house, if school is closed on a holiday you come here, talk a little bit about the all works >> we're open for anybody to come six days a week, open f da first child is $10 and adults
8:50 am
admission is good for the wholek in the same day, you can bring outside food. yo a problem, we try to be open as much as we can on school days and holidays >> any child is in addition to playground on the first of all, talk a rooms upstairs >> we have indoor archery,s and which has gel floor pads and a heat censor wall that you can touch. >> reporter: you guys just celebrated your second birthday, congratulations to you >> thank you. . you had a little p the phi came out and helped us celebrate in the two yrs 12,000 individual children come through the door. >> reporter: looking at all of involved in n, they're
8:51 am
everything, clearly you have a great playground that is they come, and there's no time limits so they can stay as long as they want until they're allo. >> exactly sometimes they cry when they leave but they can always come back. >> this would be a parent's best fiend on a snow day or holiday >> yes. >> more birthday parties, if you have ts questions call us. >> repor,ter: let's watch him go down again, this littler car ride. look at him. >> genius. >> soft crash landing >> that place is that. $25 for two kids? you pay more they wouldn't have nearly as much fun. >> reporter:
8:52 am
free. >> i mean, high five. i'm on my way. that place is genius. >> from uncoupling two too close for comfort. whatust posted about her ex-husband chris martin that got social media buzzing.
8:53 am
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rememb close to the tv and your parents would say you better back might hurt you. nowadays we're surrounded by electronics, phone, portable electronic devices everything i. what can we do? >> this littleck of my phone in now a licensed what it actually. it stops theion when it's comin your head or other parts of your body. now, it will help your blood profile because your blood will not be impacted by additionally, it's supposed to help you think better, and have a l the stuff going through your brain. so for only a couple
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a piece if you buy a two-pack, protect your mobile devices put the bio zee and you. high tech, reach out to us, #techtank, and we'll continue the conversation online. ♪ . are you close to any ex-s >> no >> would you go as far to call them your sister or brother? obviously. no. gwyneth paltrow did just that. and some people are kind of grossed out by it. so on friday, the actress wished chris martin a happy birthday by posing on instagram. pbrother, thank you for giving e these two. some saying ex-is weird. wh thing the ability to co parent is most important thing.s cool because i'm
8:57 am
friend with virtual ever x i he have had. some rain shower. love them. close friends, family, what hav you on monday. >> how doeout that >> she's good. cool. she knows who i'mre people who part of my life py.i believe that brother i mean, that's the, you know, father referring to him as a >> she love with him now just a brother. thank you everyone, scott, how will we hold off for weather the rest of the weekend >> a little bit of a dry break, take a look at this headline, this is what we are watching another potential brewing coastalhy orr will have the latest tonight on the fox 29 news about that, and we're looking a across the regi. folks still without power. yeah? stay safe.
8:58 am
enjoy yourself, thank you for
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> chris: i'm chris wallace. a wild week in washington as president trump splits with conservatives on two fronts. ♪ on trade. >> it will be 25% steel, 10% for aluminum. >> i hope the president doesn't really do this because if he does it's going to be a huge tax on american citizens. >> chris: and gun control. >> take the firearms first and then go to court. >> that's not how america works. >> chris: we will discuss the president's policies and disarray in the west wing with white house trade advisor peter navarro live on "fox news sunday" ." plus, the president's embrace of a global trade war sends the markets reeling.


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