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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  March 5, 2018 4:00am-4:52am EST

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because they still doet. we have a storm up to our north, that is close enough to give us s today, so we have got a 15-mile an hour wind out there. nothing extreme makes 31 degrees feel like 20 outside.ime 6:28. we will see sunshine. north westerly winds we have ann , 19 in dover and 19 in lancaster and same, just inching up in the 20's is what it feels like so bundle up enoughrning, and, we a seasonably chilly day, degrees will be our high temperature later on, sunset:57. we are close to that 6:00 p.m. sunrise with wintry kelly we can look forward to that because days are still longer. >> that is forward to not looking forward to that mess mid up from the mess for the weekend. we hthere especially in delaware
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county. live look at 95 looking good outlphia coming in on the schuylkill expressway. i passed a couple spots where de off to the shoulder. be ready especially in the overhead street lamps even downtown here on the vine street e night so there are no closures in effect this morning. that is good news looking live , in city. delc power outage where we got hit most or where the most repairs needed, is there homes, schools without power, i noticed yesterday the traffi l problem especially, long route one and sprawl road, an event yesterday and it was just, chaos, at all of thend thl repeat itself today, during a morning rush hour, as you delcoe and baltimore pike. that was going to septa says they will give it a shot everything will run, all of the
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been restored but a long the way don't be surprised he same deal with amtrak on the northeast corridor. they have restored start of the morning rush hour, karen and thomas, back over to you. >> this breaking news coming from bucks county where a fire fighter has been injured, just a house fire, atrophies terville trevose, it started 3:00 this morning. it is on kennedy avenue. ut we dot know the conditi know that person was rush to st. mary's s have since gotten that fire under control. so big day, bill cosby set to appear in court this morning and hopiis accusers from testifying, during his retrial. lets get right t johnson, lauren. >> reporter: hi there, good morning, karen. cosby ace moy ss sexual salt retrial and he is pi new defense team they can convince
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that judge not allow thoseide tt courtroom. prosecutors are hoping to, call about 19 of those women tohe their point that cosby engaged in an almost pattern of drugging and harming women. cosby ace only charge in one former temple employee andrea constand who accused cosby of making ina home in august of 2004. that initial trial, ended durinl only one other accuser was allowed to testi, defense team t same rule to apply this time around. is lawyers argued women claime virtually impossible to defend against so now wee what happens. jury selection in the retrial will begin this month. 4:03. another trial continuing this mn accused of murdering and dis memberrering a tra g forty-four year-old charles
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sergeant, is charged with the murder of diamond william up. victim's severed body wasnu in york street. suspect is representing himself in court. lets talk about that a lot have people still picking up ome pieces this morning.s delaware county. it is a mess out there, hi there,ng, thomas. we are live on ellis road in thk after friday's storm, but peco tells thaws they have crew is ay as florida, miss sip toy begin working to restore power to rous still without it. we have seen the about, delaware county it is a priority as the hardest hit area f no power, and no schools, for thousands of area dozens of schools made decision to close or operate on a two hourred an emergency repair for peco so they are
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working on it,ware county councl chairman john mclane said he asked s for help with supplying digs allergen raters and tree removal services and thetional guard and state police to help them, organize traffic, during rush, traffic ss at several busy intersections are still in the working. peop talk to remarkably maintaining a positive simple phone and it has been chargedus used it. we will get through this. it is not 3 feet of snow bitter. it is above freezing. oner wise you worry it is march, it will be over soon, we will have spring, i already have little bulbs coming up. >> reporter: we have video of the up friday, beginning of the long few days for many people in delaware county. i know
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be hard to see but i was on this block yesterday morning. a the that pointe which you cany see part of it was stretched all across thebo sun since clea, chopped up in several pieces so they are making, some are county. back to you guys. >> still a lot of work to be done. makesmperatures below freezing. jenny, thank you. time 4:06. thousands office people remain without power following that storm. delaware county has most outa under 24,000. montgomery county has more than 20,000 outages, and are ine dark in, bucks county, followed by which 4800 outages. over in montgomery county, abington police say he stabbed several people inside of a home. it happened yesterday on jenkin. police say one of the victims a woman running to the fire station, right across the street, when police h to break through the door to get right to the
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suspect. to comply, with officers, demands ,ic, the officer had to discharge his weaponndhoot the suspect. >> neighbors say woman lives in the duplex children, her boyfriend who recently moved in as well. say r how serious the injuries are. police need your man right e 57 year-old joseph squire who we cooper farms yesterday morning. police were called to squire's home on dartmouth road after fak buick regal. squire is 11, 240-pound s, he is 57, with black hair and gray beard. either a phillies or eagles jacket. friends andg today to remema fallen hero, hard to believe it has been three lost officer n killed in the shoot-out inside
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a game stop in north ge for his child. wilson, was buying his son presn those two men came in fired shots during an attempted robbery. there will beod at 1:00 outside 22nd police district over on 17the. also in lehigh county convicted married he had pawlowski launched a campaign te a judge to pose a lenient sentence. was found sentenced of rigging contracts in exchange fororng call that hundreds of supporters say they will write to the judge on his behalf. th pawlowski has to resign from office before the sentencing. that. pennsylvania's congressional races they are in full swing as republicans wage legal battle to block 18 new districts impose by are jammedme court. packed driven by rushed to fill six opened seats, electi implications as democrats believe redistricting gives
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them a bette those seats and chip away at g.o.p.'s house camden county changes in one south jersey school district we have been talkin hil public schools will now have increased security with police office all of the advertise trick buildings. visitors will be required to showither have an appointment or know their child's student id protests from students and parents after that shooting in one of the teachers was comments's ledgely made by security there at cherry hill pe tore opening day and we will tell you a lot of excitement building around some prospects, our kristin rodgers with the phillies in clearwater flo new manager gabe kapler said there was a lot of good for phillies on theo four-two. jared had a great mouthing and stockton henry is a non-roster,household name butd
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remember it now. he is batting .389 and has g training. hands down he has been one of the bright spots and, l phillien clearwater florida. phillies have moreer today, thee taking on the twins first pitch at clearwater florida, krn rodgers, fox 29 news. > with the academy award last night it was 90th academy aw ht jimmy kimmel got right into it as you would imagine with talk about me too, times up, when it came to the big winners lets get frances mcdormand took home best actress. we will get to jimmy kimmel some woman talking about me top, ashley ome winners and loserformances ers there but we also had best actor oldman. we can show you in the right
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order and show you is a mystery. listen to this... oscar goes te shape of water. >> yeah, shape of water really did the director, even double-checking the envelope to make sureal and one of our o, how about kobe bryant, winning , animated short film and what he had to l break down more of the moments and fashion coming up light, moon light you are the real winner. they did get it right. on "good day philadelphia". >> well, there was a man who helped so many childrenhool, and lunch. >> still ahead here on good day how a chaty name has multiplied his mission by theds
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and also, caught in an avalanche thereed by a french s. >> heart pounding moments, not >> here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway all majors are ope along the shouldn your way in. come on lights are out in the parkway as we look live in downtown philadelphia, wakin moy clarkson on the juke box, what you going on monday morning. put it on social media traffic jams and sue has your
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welcome back. live look at wilmito are clearly on there but there are communities where we look outside yourl dark. we have a hundred thousand people still without power as we 4:15. we will show you a close call, amazing, snow borderavalanche oe mound tapes right. that is thomas kray, wearing a go pro on his helme t video this
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happened over weekend capturing the scarycescape thano his air bag that basically pumps away snow an air pocket allowing him to escape and he had helmet o protect his head. he is hoping by sharing this video it will sero stay safe, af there is an avalanche the mount. >> over there in the french alps. lets it geweaher. we have that snow on friday. power outages. sue, you are again. >> we have another storm which we cannot show you yet because it h is how we did with coastal storms. there is some left over area wee some snow falling there, around cape cod and right in theouple of flurries, even down around new york city but that is all that is happening at t coastal flood advisory, we have astronomical high tides that a until 7:00 a..
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that is left over from the weekend, this is in anticipation, it is a effect foy place that is got accumulation , for the last storintry weather this is tuesday night, through the day on, wednesday. so, as we look at this is an eal , time -- dependent again with the coastal storm. we will see precipitation late tuesday n as rain because temperatures above freezing,uesday and then l see a change over wednesday morning and some snow to probabn around here, we could see wind sagain, it is a coastal storm but it is tricky just like the last one the precipitation and if and when we change over. you see a lot of even as we head into the early part of thursday morninguesday t into wednesday event, coastal storm which will bringin over tw
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during that time. 31 degrees in philadelphia wind chills are in about every . we will get to 48 for tomorrow. and, a high in the upper 30's on wednesday, rain changing it y with that temperature, close to freezing, partly out thursda, friday, saturday we have our st. patrick's day have to get tt leprechaun to kick those showers out of here. chance at s point bob kelly so we still have a chance to them hopefully for parade. >> he doesn't have a rain slicker so we have t there. good morning, everybody. i had a great time last night at swe will shoal you the big fundraiser we had for the sday which you can catch right here on fox. live look at the freeway coming from sout problems or delays at all, again, a lot of detour is respee
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closures, they are there for a reason, and maybe there is as se debris, a down wire that could be energosed closures as you rot this morning all left overs from the storm on friday. at thg from wilmington no problems on 202, delco has been hit hardest, power outages, homes, and school closings, you will see scrolling at bottom of the screen. the big problem for everybody driving will be the traffic lights. i went in the springfield country club yesterday, they have route one sprawl road those big intersections all of the lights were out on a sunday afternoon it was crazy. i can't imagine what it will be like this morning. just remember to play it safe with the traffic lights out it is a four way stop, no one has the right of way. septa, good news, services restored on all lines but expect some possible delays, today, amtrak they will give it a run today, resuming full
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services on the northeast corridor, the 101, 102 they are running but buses that will be used on a portion of the both of those lines this morning, karen and thomas, back to you. president trump will host israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today for a official meeting at the white house. netanyahu is facing a political fire storm back at home after israeli police say they had enough evidence to charge him with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. prime minister has denied those allegations. a teachers strike in west virginia entering another week a quarter million children there are affected by this eight day strike. it started when lawmakers reneged on a deal governor made with the teachers changing the terms lessening amount of the promised pay raise. teachers in that state air monk lowest paid in our country making $45,000 a year, they say, they will stay on strike, until they get that promised raised. >> i think we have surpassed point of conversations and i don't think that there is anything that the legislators provided us to give us any
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sort of hope they will take actual action this time. >> so now the pay dispute is going beyond west virginia, teachers in oklahoma are threatening to walk out after lawmakers there voted down a $5,000 pay raise for them. on line fundraiser honoring fill land owe castille has, far exceeded expectations. they are paying student lunch death at jj hill school in minnesota where castille work as a nutrition supervisor. so far it has raised $111,000, much higher then $5,000 goal. college students came up with the idea because castille would often pay for students who didn't have lunch money. castille was shot and killed by police officer during a traffic stop in july of 2016. more than 30 million-dollar has been raised for victims of the deadly las vegas concert shooting. starting to day las vegas victims fund plans to distribute money to victim's family, each family is expect
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to receive $275,000. the fund will make payments to people who are hospitalized in the shooting. 4:22. a lot of clicking over weekend we have something that will have you may be no longer crying. >> after working on it for 30 years guess what scientists may have developed a tear freon beyond. we will t
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek, flyers six game winning streak came to a crashing halt thursday night, lost saturday and some flyers looking vulnerable as they helpedded in to miami sun die face panthers. guess what they looked even more vulnerable only down three to nothing, fumbling all over the ice and jonathan hoop er takes advantage and goal right there, flyers lose, four-one. 76ers had a 20-point, a 20-point first quarter lead at the milwaukee sunday and gave it up. the greek freak part of the 21 to nothing run to end third quarter, sixers lose, by eight temple at tulsa final game of the regular season in the american athletic conference and guess what temple built 24 to nothing to start. wound up losing 76-58 to tulsa history for monster energy stop in vegas here on fox kevin harvick gets the win his 100 covering all three series in the sport.
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that is sports in a minute i'm tom sredenschek. thanks, tom. 4:25. happening here we have more than a hundred thousand people without power. >> clean up continues this morning, could be ail/2 tell yot the next storm system this one could bring some snow in just a couple of days, bob kelly. good morning, we have closures out traffic lights, out in many counties in delco the rough at the schuyl expressway looking good so far this morning. come on lets go to the shore, good morning ocean city, at that wind whipping flags of mack and manco, sue when we comt back but first your lottery ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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taking a look at power outages right now because we have a hundred you this people who do not have lights on right now. it can be cold, dark, we have school buildings right now that also are closed to day so you can see some of those schools that are running at bottom of the screen because that is a major problem we are dealing with. also ahead here at 4:29 have you seen this man right here he took off with over
4:30 am
175,000 items and took it from a memorial park in new jersey. also, lending a helping hand, oh, the community coming together you may know this woman. she's a bartender. so popular. people love her. boy did people come out in a big way. time to do what we do best , right. >> 4:30. great to have you with us we have a lot to talk about when it comes to transit, on the roads as well because of the weather system. i'm thomas, karen, bob, sue good morning to you. >> barely cleaning up from one and getting ready for another. >> how will septa be this morning. >> they will give everything a run, all of the lines are backup and running but expect delays. >> yeah. >> even amtrak i think it is going to be a rough start. >> update news 30 here, and talk about that 1/2 punch. we have a lot to clean up from the first storm, not today, ot until tomorrow night we are expecting another storm, so today it is a seven out of 10. it is very cold, little colder
4:31 am
then we have been used to in the morning so buddy for kids who are going to school it will be a chilly way to see at the bus stop because wind chills in the 20's, so no precipitation here there is snow in new england but nothing for us to be concerned about today. 31 degrees, feels like 20 thanks to those winds up to 15 e north, and wind chillies 18, in allentown, feels like 20 in atlantic city and 19 in wilmington delaware as you get started this morning. we will see decent sunshine still breezy, but not as windy but we could see gusts up to 20 miles an hour today and high temperature of 48 degrees we will talk about the timing of our next coastal storm, hate to say those word bob kelly but here we go again. >> rinse your mouth out with soap. 4:31. a lot of clean up underway this morning, as a result of the weekend storm. it is first day back after the
4:32 am
storm, first morning rush hour i should say so, be careful. schuylkill expressway looking good as you come in eastbound near conshohocken there is big clumps of down trees off to the shoulder of the roadway. an example what we had to deal were on friday. live look at the freeway, and, not bad here, looking good here up and down, 202 and wilmington, delaware and checking in with us this morning, big punch came to delco over weekend still homes , schools without power, traffic, lights, many big intersections are out. i went to the springfield, country club this morning, and all of the traffic lights, route one, sprawl road, and, and that will be rough for folks in the cars and school buses, even if there is even school in your area, this morning and school closings are at bottom of the screen. septa has he restored service on the lines but cut them some slack there could be possible delays, same deal with amtrak all aboard full services returning to the northeast
4:33 am
corridor, septa 101, 102 running with services but buses could survey portion of both of those lines to start off our morning rush hour, karen and thomas back over to you. right in my neighborhood there is a tree on top of the car still at this hour, and that is the scene all over the place. we have hundred thousand people without power, trees all over the roads, lets get to one of the hardest hit areas havertown, delaware county, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: so yesterday when i was here this massive tree was stretched all across the roadway. so that part of the tree trunk has been since chopped up, and moved aside so now traffic can get through this but this block ellis road still remains in the dark because power lines remain down. if you look to the other side of the street. we are checking peco's when site every 15 minutes for update and still 22,000 people in delaware county without power, crew where is brought in from other states to assist and they hoped to have majority of this power
4:34 am
restored by later today, one issue there are schools without power, for that reason there are delays, cancellations which we posted on our web site at fox we talk to delaware county council chairman john who says incredibly no one has died despite trees falling on moving cars, sparks flying and fires. we have talk to one man who said his house caught fire after power was restored his home went up in flames but still counting his blessings. >> fire came out of the roof and there it went. >> the good thing me and my kids, wife are safe. worst parties kids love their pets and they are just like family and that has been rough >> reporter: losing both of their pets homeowners and red cross are helping the mccollough family of alden. back here live people tell me temperatures in their homes
4:35 am
has been dropping, yesterday morning they reported it was in the 50's that was before another night of dipping below freezing. back to you guys. >> tough way for homeowners and long day for crews. 4:35. we're staying on top of the breaking news in bucks county where we understand a fire fighter was injured battling a house fire in feasterville trevose. it started just before 3:00 this morning on henry avenue. a fire fighter injured after falling through the floor and transported to st. mary's trauma center. the fire is under control. in gloucester county new jersey two with men are under arrest after a fight and stan ing at a chuck e cheese restaurant. it happened yesterday evening in the 1500 block of almond son road in deptford. police say a group of more than a dozen people got into a fight, one woman was stabbed in the hip, police are investigating. bill cosby set to appear in court this morning at issue whether several of his accusers will be allowed to
4:36 am
testify in the sexual assault, retrial, lauren johnson is in norristown this morning, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas to day's hearing comes 10 days after bill cosby 's 44 year-old daughter e nsa lost her life due to kidney complications and his lawyers have not given any indication that will delay the hearing or trial. what they have told us is they plan to be in court this morning tonight with prosecutors, hoping to make happen and that is to allow 19 women to come to the stand. they hope these women will paint picture of the dark side to cosby's public persona as america's dad, if the first trial prosecutors wanted 13 women to testify but judge scott o'neill only allowed one woman to tell her story, which supplemented facts andrea constand shared with the jury. cosby has pleaded not guilty to those charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted former temple employee at his home in 2004. that trial ended in a hung injury which prosecutors vowing to try the 80 year-old
4:37 am
again and since then cosby has nailed down a new defense team back in january he emerged at the jazz club in, germantown to perform in front of the small audience. legal experts say that was a deliberate attempt by cosby and his lawyers, to sort of the rebrand h good guy image we will see what happens in court today, thomas and karen. >> thank you. 4:37. ocean county man is wanted for theft of 500 bronze grave markers bases in white memorial park last month. police are searching for that guy right there john white they believe he stole almost 3,000-pounds of bronze to two local scrap yard. they are valued at $175,000. if you know where john whiteys , give police a call. community coming together to raise some money for beloved bartender in philadelphia sheila was a long time bartender at dirty frank 's before being hit by a car three weeks ago. she has severe head trauma look at the turnout right there, even this weekend with so much weather stuff, big
4:38 am
fundraiser to raise money for her. she was 56. she was hit on the night of the eagles victory parade. friends say she was always positive and welcoming. >> you see people who maybe haven't been to this bar in 20 years, have moved out, have come by to pay their respects and share memories. i think the fact that she has touched so many lives is absolutely incredible. >> well, the thing she's a bartender she doesn't have any health insurance, very costly, long recovery maybe take a year before she could go back to work again if you are able to donate we have put a linc to that go fund me on our web site at fox so many moments of the big awards show last night, here's one taraji p henson shade ryan seacrest. >> according to twitter, yes, what she said that has a lot of people talking.
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looking to have risk of vomiting during doctor to find t what is best for you. i ate during of my labors. days of crying while cutting onions could be new croe called the sunion a yellow onion and if you cut it opened in the field would you tear up but sitting in storage they are milder on the eyes because scientist scientists have eliminated severe acid. special crop growing in nevada and washington and you can pick them up all across the country in grocery stores. it was oscar gold last night and biggest statements were made on the red carpet. >> we will take a look at the best and worse looks, of the evening.
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for switching to progressive? you cannot hear me at all, good morning, g an update fm septa the latest on start, signal problems this morning. so they are starting out with 15 minute01 trolley using shuttle buses between wood land and media,thes from end to end of the line this morning. septa's everything back on track all lines expect to operate this morning however we cssible delay chestnut hill west trenton and trains are rolling time, again, first morning
4:46 am
rush hour since the storm here on friday deal they are resuming full service between washington and boston onhe corridor. lincoln drive they have reopened it from the storm but now i southbound because of an accident underneath henry avenue bridge so all southbound traffic closed your best bet wissohickon over to the boulevard and look out in delco that is where power outages are the greatest, homes, schools still without power, the school closings are scrolling on the bottom of the screen there traffic lights are the biggie this morning not in delco, but all of the counties without power, remember when the lights are out, it is a four way stop so no one has that right of way, no matter how big or small that intersection may be. i was in delco yesterday for a big fundraiser at springfield country club all to benefit this weekend's st. patrick's day parade. kathy orr was with me and weights green from end to end. all of the lidle kid dressed
4:47 am
up, i gave it a shot here with my little buddy. i'm not sure, i pulled a hamstring after that. we have u there lots of good food, lots of fun , family fun, yesterday in of cl leads up to the big parade this coming sunday right here in course, we invite to you join us downtown on the parade r tv, here on fox from noon sunda. we are hoping for a lucky forecast, sueby's got tonight 15ds. another tough forecast as we get ready storm, all about tt 's, the timing, it looks like tomorrow night our next storm. the track mid-atlantic coast
4:48 am
once again and ttemperatures. they will be critical as to what type of precipitation we will get and when we expecting,o change over to wet expecting accumulation, so,torm in the pls where the energy will be transferred to the the coast, hw close how far away still very trickyee both rain and snow showing up on the future cast as we storm t regardless it is going to be advisory in. effect until 7:00 for a lot of imes ofthat you see the high tide and possible minor flood there possible ac storm watch areas could be four to 8 inches on top of what happen,ountains, lehigh valley, upper portions of bucks, montgomery,nd advisore issued as we get closer to the time.
4:49 am
31 degrees inmostly 20's every . wind chills in the 20's as we get started to day. 48 degrees not bad today for the start of tomorrow, it is tomorrow will get that messy weather, it dries out thursday, friday, a ae of showers, on sunday, and time for the st. parade but we will get through this mess first and then we will work on talk to that green dancing monday there. >> thanks, sue. lets talk all about the glitz, glamour and while it was we are looking beyondutul gowns. >> here's adam sunday brought tinseltown best and b dressed to the nine, creating tomorrow's fashion oars is biggest most important platform when itwhen o s and jewelry everyner wants toe
4:50 am
a star wearing their items acced carpet. >> it is the cars. >> it is the ultimate dress. >> reporter: also on d remindern issues that continue to dominate the industry.he obviou. >> tonight we are herebrate thas beginning of the end of the struggle of women. >> times up movement is an incredibly important movement and one that has been really a honor to participate in this way throughout the awards season this year. >> reporter: awards show focused on celebration many stars feel they are in powerful platform to advocate for a cause. >> we're story tellers and we have a voice, opinion in the way that we shape and reach millions of people all around the world. >> not only in hollywood does discussion need to be had but i'm hoping it gets out into
4:51 am
areas where people are oppress ed by people whether or not famous enough to be taken down. >> it is a huge culture shift as far as i'm concern. it is one that i could not believe that we weren't having this conversation 25 years ago >> reporter: fashion was still front and center as parade of designer gowns, diamonds and tucks sued owes lit up the red carpet. >> we saw lots of diamonds, color, beautiful gownses, lu pita looked gorgeous in gold and black, nicole kidman looked like a statue, the guys all chose different shade of helmet. common was in velvet. also they had me too pins. >> in hollywood, adam housely "fox news". after sexual hard reaction allegations resurface there had were question about whether it the e network would keep ryan seacrest as a hoe.
4:52 am
, some say there were stars that didn't want to talk to him, possibly par joy p she e shade. >> you know what, the universe has a way of takingof the good people you know what i mean. >> i agree. about that. there were some celebrities, that did speak with him but as . even toe though t the red carpet it wasn't live it was on tape delay this year so tha control t was said in case someone said something like. >> here's the real deal with taraji p hansoner twitter. it was after the interview with ryan seaes she left the interview she went to the next person doing interviews and said i'm doing a lot better now that i'm with you. so, thatquestioning this morning whether she was throwing shade at the previous intervier seacr.
4:53 am
you decide. four or offering until time bringing magic to compton, california. >> how she surprised so many kidness her hometown way
4:54 am
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tthey rub against a plant witht unique repairing properties discover new revitalift cicacream from l'oreal paris. centella asiatica. it's proven to help repair the skin barrier to resist future signs of aging. dermatologist tested. gentle on sensitive skin. it's not a legend, it's a new way to fight wrinkles. new revitalift cicacream from l'oreal paris. disney making magic forcing children in compton, director a va wanted make sure her how town got to watch
4:56 am
her new movie, a wrinkle in time. >> i cannot tell what they are saying. >>ypeak color. oh, he did. really. >> hey. >> yeah, he was here, they saw hime continued to explore they say, somewhere in that let's go. >> so excited for this film, there aren't many movie angeles neighborhood so they got creative, disney created a a community center. they had a red carpet lot more. >> wow. >> ah, look at those happy
4:57 am
faces how exciting. so shared these sweet moments from the big night thanking the city of compton and the mayor for welcoming her so warmly. >> love it. 4:57 on this monday. we are playing clean up after this weekend storm, jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning thomas several blocks like this remain in the dark three days after the storm we are live in havertown coming up next, lauren. hey, good morning jenny 10 days after bill cosby's daughter died he is expect back inside a courtroom. what he and defense team are asking a judge for ahead of
4:58 am
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she's had a tiny cough. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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the clean up continues, people around the delaware valley still picking up pieces following the nor'easter, for some that means no school today, but for others it means waiting for power to come back on. >> the good thing me and my kids and wife are safe. we arm that may have you pulling out those shovels. it bill cosby what he wants to stop ahead of his sexual retria. poli tiat center stage sunday night. >> we have an opportunity, platform to remind millihionsngs like equal rights, equal treatment. >> a a historic night


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