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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out of time here another potentially big storm on the way, sue's here. bill cosby due in court today for a pretrial hearing, what his lawyers are trying to keep out of his second sexual assault trial. >> we will remember this year as the year member screwed up so badly women started to date fish. >> hollywoods best honored at 90th academy awards last night hosted by jimmy kimmel. that guy right there biggest moments from hollywood's, here it comes, hollywod's biggest night. it is monday march 5th, we need a set like they had last night. >> isn't this amazing,. >> good day will never lot same. >> another thing they did last night to shorten acceptance speeches jimmy suggested this. >> i forgot to mention this year fur speech goes too long we will not play you off stage , if your speech runs over this year instead of muse being, you will sianni hear
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this. >> jordan peele to keep things moving on this monday morning we are going to keep that to ourselves as well, we will have to get out when it is time to get out. >> okay. >> so up first is sue serio with the weather, because. >> here we go. >> oscar clap. >> ladies and gentlemen, sue serio. >> wow, what an intro for a monday morning, pretty impressive. i love your new set too. >> thank you why not look like we are oscar worthy but we are not. >> oscar meyer. >> out of 10, seven, it is colder then it has been. make sure you wear a warm enough coat because wind chills are only in the 20's, some are in the teens, so warm hat, coat, gloves the whole bit for this march morning. we have got just a few clouds around but no precipitation just yet, yet being operative
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word here. 30 degrees, feels like 18, it feels like it is colder then it is thanks to the winds, not as windy as it was on friday but check it out 19 degrees, 19 degrees wind chills of 19 in lancaster, wilmington and dover and feels like 20 in trenton to start your day. by end of the day we will be in the upper 40's not a bad one, still breezy, wins gusting to 20 miles an hour. >> get out, get out i'm out. >> bob kelly, you are next. >> good morning, everybody. 6:02. live look in philadelphia up and over bennie vine street expressway in the bad off i-95 live look at northeast philadelphia working your way through construction zone a live look here at the schuylkill expressway. >> majors are opened but getting to them where we may have closures, delco got hit, homes and schools without power we have had closing as cross the bottom of the screen
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, traffic lights are out in hundreds of intersections, i was down in delco yesterday it is a four way stop no matter what intersection you are coming to and then again there will be school buses out there this morning. septa has restored services on all lines running with delays though on the doyletown line and amtrak restored full service between boston and washington and then norristown high speed line running with 15 minute delay. >> get out, get out. >> now back over to you. >> get out. >> so, get out. >> so just like sue was mentioning and bobby don't know if anybody is watching because be in has pur to their televisions. >> but they may be at a friend s house because it is coal. if you don't have power you may need to go somewhere to get warm. >> can you believe last friday my goodness. this is the result. >> every where you walk there are branches, tree, sidewalk, roadway they are still trying to get them together and still trying to get power back on for people. >> jenny decided to get to
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delco, havertown, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. 22,000 people in delaware count a loan without power. we are on ellis road and something interesting we found out in the last half an hour, this side of the street is still in the dark, however, other side did get power back on yesterday because they are on a different power grid, talked to one of the residents here in the last 30 minutes. we have seen crews out and about, delaware county is a priority as hardest hit area following friday's storm. no power means no schools for thousands of area children dozens made that decision to either close or operate on a two hour delay, schools are considered an emergency repair delaware county council chairman john mclane said he asked state in supplying additional generators and offering tree removal services county has asked national guard, state police to help them organized traffic during
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morning rush traffic signals at several busy intersections are not working, people we have talk to despite all this are still maintaining a positive outlook. >> i have a simple phone. it has been charged. i just stopped using it. we will get through this. it is in the 3 feet of snow out here and bitter wins. i mean it ace above freezing otherwise you worry about frozen pipes but it is march, it will be over soon, i already have bulbs coming up. >> reporter: listen to that positivity. we also have video of the transformer blowing, which is, the beginning of a long three days for people here in delaware county. chris, if we swing the camera this way now that the sunnies starting to come up look at this massive tree. >> yikes. >> yesterday when i was here this tree was still spread across the entire roadway. since then hate been chopped up and cleaned up. cruits came out here last
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night. >> one of my favorite trees in rittenhouse square it is down too. >> even one i'm in the sure if it is in front offer behind independent mall i think it is back of it. >> yes. >> came down and they had to cut that up. >> okay, now we have another storm coming in tomorrow night 6:06. how about this fire fighters injury battling a fire in feasterville. it started just before 3:00 this morning on henry avenue we are told fire fighter was injured when he fell through the floor. he was, awake, conscious, talking when he was taken to the hospital, in word yet on what caused the fire they are investigating that. southwest philadelphia a seven two-year old woman is struck by stray bullet overnight at an apartment home for seniors. the bullet threw window on the 7100 block of grant avenue around 12:30 this morning. she's in stable condition at penn presbyterian after being
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struck in the leg. no arrests were made. >> shots fired in the retirement home. come on people. eighteen year-old and 23 year-old are seriously injured after they are shot around 11:00 o'clock last night in the juniata section of the city. it happened inside of a beer take out store in the 5200 block of whittaker avenue. police say a fight broke out between victims and gunman and quickly escalated, officers are searching for shooter as well as two guys who fled the scene. bill cosby is set to appear in court this morning. >> how many times have you said that over the last three years. >> we have been saying it a lot. >> maybe 10, 15 times. >> get ready to say it more and more. >> this will be a big decision this morning, bill cosby's hoping to stop some of his accusers from testifying during this retrial as many as 19, 20 women, lauren johnson. >> reporter: that is correct,
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mike and alex. trial is not scheduled until april 2nd but his lawyers new defense team will be in court this morning just as you mentioned trying to keep those accusers from taking the stand so prosecutors will try to convince the same judge scott o'neill who oversaw first trial that he should allow 19 women to testify in the re trial but in a me too world cosby's defense lawyers might not get their way. might be tougher this time around. first trial judge only allowed one other woman to take the stand, andrea constand was focus of that trial and she ledge cosby sexually assaulted her in 2004 at his home. jurors never her from the 60 or so woman who came forward alleged looking inappropriate behavior by the comedian. the only case they did get was from a deposition when cosby admitted to drug would go man he had hoped to have sex w cosby's lawyer say those allegation date back to the 1960's and they are virtually impossible to defend against they would ask for a delay if any of those women are allowed
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to testify in the trial. we will see what happens today and tomorrow this hearing is expect to take two days, mike and alex. >> two days. >> all right. >> thanks, lauren. a restaurant you have been to many times turn into a crime scene. what led to this heavy police presence at a chuck e kid. -- cheese. sixers let another huge lead sleep slip away this was ridiculous, they were so up in the first
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kids restaurant turns into a crime scene in gloucester county after a fight broke out and somebody got stabbed. >> this happened at chuck e cheese. >> my gosh. >> it was around 6:00 in deptford, group of more than a dozen people got in the fightin side of the restaurant , one woman was stab in the hip, two women are under arrest, police there are of course still investigating that was inside a chuck e cheese. >> i have had some bad times at chuck e cheese over the years just because it is so loud. >> music just played over and over. >> constantly. >> chucky. >> yes, kids love chuck e cheese. >> they do. >> i hope you are not having any kids birthday parties. >> listen, i wanted to to be
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taken out of there never mind. jen fred, she's in gloucester township. >> she's on your block. >> she's taking over the town, hi. >> yes. you are a big smiling guy. we are here we are waiting, good morning. come on back we will tell you exactly what we are doing at lamp post diner and we have exactly what we are doing at lamp post diner and we have great stuff to share all - honey, look what we got! exactly what we are doing at lamp post diner and we have - [narrator] going big... (yelling) - [narrator] isn't always best. - who's our little puppy? - sweetheart, daddy got you a new. sweetheart? elizabeth, where are you? she's under the bears! - [narrator] unless it's a aaa plus membership.
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let's talk about it, possibility of, excuse me, there we go, the most unexpected thing that with happen. sorry about that. yeah, we have another coastal storm on the way. words nobody wants to hear but with tuesday late in the day through the day on wednesday. it is all about timing, track, and temperature. the 3t's that go into trying to predict a storm like this but it looks like once again it will go up mid-atlantic coast with temperatures in the 30's and 40's, rain, wet snow, back and forth between the two types of precipitation, we can see this storm forming mid western storm right new but energy again gets transferred to the coast just like what happened on friday moves up
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the coast late in the day tuesday into wednesday, throughout the day on wednesday we will get this variety of precipitation we have a chance of more accumulating snow up in the mountains and it should be cleared by late in the day on wednesday but we still could get precipitation on the back end of this storm. we have a coastal flood advisory for another hour but we have a winter storm watch to the north and west of us for possible accumulations of four to 8 inches of snow through wednesday night, so today's fine, 48 degrees. just breezy. 46 degrees on tuesday. so the clean up efforts that are continuing should be fine through then but late in the day tuesday into wednesday we will get our mess, out of here by thursday and friday and then we're talking about forecast for sunday's st. patrick's day parade right now showers in the forecast, we will see what we can do about it, between now and then. >> i have my idea, paint my hair green.
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6:16. septa has restored services to all of the lines, however we are running with delays on both doyletown and chestnut hill west regional rail lines. amtrak full service all aboard between boston and washington but all around this morning it will be a slow go. be ready for delays on mass transit with the overhead power lines. local services every 30 minutes on the norristown high speed line this morning because of, signal problems related to the storm and we are taking off and landing at philly international but everybody still recovering so do check with the airline this morning, in wilmington, live look at route 202 we have got down trees at car road and marsh road off i-95 from marsh road, schuylkill expressway westbound delays from city to belmont coming in this morning you'll see on the eastbound side i saw you'll see clumps of the down trees and debris off to the shoulder, and that was all again left over from the storm on friday into saturday morning, delco got hit the hardest with power outage, hundreds of the traffic lights out, and busy
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intersections will be rough this morning where it is a four way stop and a lot of the schools are closed because of lack of power and we are scrolling them at bottom of the screen. look out everybody jenny's on your block. >> yes, she's hitting the road and here in camden count that i means she's on your block. >> hey there, jenny. >> hey there guys first of all i have fallen in love with gloucester township. good morning, guys. you have a game truck packed with amazing police officers is what the story. >> part of the community policing here, police are part of our community and they are integrated with our children and this is a very positive environment for them to learn and to be associated with our police department. >> we cannot rent this out for parties. >> no, in the for parties to share special time with the community different way for officers to interact with young people and really everyone because we visit, speak with children, children have time to play games and
6:19 am
then we speak to the adults to find out what is going on in the neighborhood. >> we have talk about in my neighborhood over in pennsylvania there is thousands of people without power. you guys address that had in a unique way as well. >> we have learn three years ago from a storm that we had that our cell phones go out without power. we have roaming charging stations, that we break and bring into our neighborhood with generators with our police department. we have solar powered charging stationness our park. it is another opportunity to communicate and make sure that their cell phones are charge. >> is what the score here. >> still nothing, nothing. >> go eagles. >> ahh. >> we will be here all morning long at lamp post diner, is the game truck going to be here or just a little bit. >> a little bit. >> well, bring the kids, bring everyone because i will play and we have lego game too. >> what is the address of the lamp post. >> at dress of the lamp post
6:20 am
is. >> or just tell me where you are. >> gloucester township. literally gloucester road. 1738 says mike gy like it. >> he used his gps to get there our photographer. 6:20. listen to this. >> oscar is most beloved, respected man in hollywood. there is a very good reason why. just look at him. he keeps his hands where you can see them. never said a rude word. he is literally a statue of limitations. >> what did he say, doesn't have a penis too, that was the funny line why did we cut that out. politics and activism were at center stage at 90th academy awards. >> we just played a clip of the jimmy kim em's mono log. 's dressed things he needed to address and had some fun. >> that is exactly what happened. he talk about that a little
6:21 am
bit, he certainly spent sometime there lets talk about the winners. frances mcdormand took home best actress for three billboards. there is the host as he talk about those things, kept it funny, i necessity you love that stage which we talked about with the fashion, there is frances mcdorman, next up gary old man some controversy there backlash on him. we saw jordan peele, the first african-american to win original screen play for get out. that led up to the moment everybody was waiting for would they screw up doing the announcement for best picture. >> the oscar goes to... the shape of water. >> yeah, shape of water there is director, taking a look at envelope saying yes, it was, checking to make sure. also kobe bryant how about letter merion's own he won for dear basketball which was the
6:22 am
best animated short film. he was interesting. we will tell but that what he had to say when he was accepting that award as well, guys. >> his sound bite from kobe's very good right on point. >> 6:22. >> from red hot to ice cold what happened to our teams. flyers struggling during their trip to florida and where it is warm they should not even play in hockey down there. anyway, did in the go well. sixers were beaten last night. come on. ♪ mom, mom, mom, we've got cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love, now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
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i'm tom sredenschek flyers six game winning streak came toia halt thursday night, loss saturday and then sunday flyers looking vulnerable heading in to miami sunday to face the panthers. guess what they looked even more vulnerable only down three to nothing, fumble all over the ice and jonathan hoop er, takes advantage and goes right there, flyers lose four-one. 76ers had a 20-point, 20-point first quarter lead at milwaukee sunday night and gave it up. greek freak part of the 21 to nothing run to end the third quarter, 76ers lose by eight.
6:26 am
temple and tulsa final game of the regular season in the american athletic conference and guess what temple built up 24 to nothing to start, and wound up losing, to tulsa. his friday from kevin harvick, and, kevin harvick gets the win his 100 win, covering all three in the sport. in las vegas. kyle bush was second. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. i never want to experience last friday ever again, okay. >> what about tomorrow night because we will be right back there. >> you will experience last friday ever again, well, you know, it is not the same no two storms are ever the same but it looks like a similar scenario as we get in the next couple days starts tomorrow into wednesday we will break down for you weather coming up that is good news for people in delaware county still dealing with the last
6:27 am
storm with wires down trees down and leaves tens of thousands of people without power we are live, coming up
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6:30 am
of this trial. and where were you a month ago this morning? were you still on broad street be honest. well, it has been one month since eagles won their first super bowl title, we will take a look back at memorable moments. only a month. >> can we run philly special, hi everybody it is monday, blue monday as you can tell, march the fifth 2018. well, at lee, well, we all wear blue. >> everybody has blue on, bob kelly has blue on. >> i got the monday blues, yeah. >> but this will cheer you up. gorgeous sunrise another ocean city, new jersey, new jersey this morning. sunrise is getting earlier and earlier, anymore even though we have wintry weather in the forecast, we are closer to spring, as she said trying to be optimistic. seven out of 10. buddy's very bundle up with the sunshine, we have wind chills in the 20's a few in the teens this morning nothing object radar just yet, 30
6:31 am
degrees feels like 18, thanks to those 17 miles an hour winds and is there your official sunrise time already happened at 6:27. wind chills as we mentioned teens and 20's as we walk outside the door this morning but we should recover nicely by even of the day even though it will be breezy we will get to a daytime high of 48 degrees and we will talk about what is coming, coming up, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue 6:31. got latest update from septa paoli thorndale line and chestnut hill west lines running with delays all lines are opened and running but expect some delays because of the left over, trees and wires , they are cleaning up from the weekend. amtrak full service between washington and boston, and then expect local delays, local service on the norristown high speed line. they are running with service every 30 minutes because of the signal problems. here's a live look at northeast philadelphia, southbound i the five, to minutes from wood have men center city and live look at
6:32 am
bennie. we will go to this one down tree on germantown avenue right at waterman avenue. all traffic diverted to stenton avenue. so many left over closures from the weekend respect them, they are there for a reason. could be a debris, could be wires still energized and peco trying to get to them. live look at bennie sun glare off to the upper left there but all four lanes are opened this morning coming into philadelphia. big hit came to delco hundreds of traffic lights out, a lot of the intersections, i was at springfield country club yesterday and i don't know how folks will get through these intersections this morning like route one, sprawl road with the traffic lights out so just be careful four way stop when lights are out, mike and alex, back to you you are saying delco. >> they got hit hard. >> lets go there now then. >> that is where jenny joyce is in havertown, jenny. >> good morning, guys, you can see this mess behind me so peco's still reminding people because there are so many
6:33 am
wires down throughout the area to stay away from them because they are working around the clock to restore power to the 10s of thousands of people, who are without it at the current time. utility crew where is brought from other states to assist and hope to have majority of the power restored by later today but for some it could be mid week. one issue there are some schools without power and for that reason there are delays, cancellations which we have posted on fox, we have talk to a man who says that his house, caught fire after power was restored and his home just went up in flames and still he is counting his blessings. >> the fire came out of the roof, and there it went. >> i have not really felt it yesterday, the good thing is that me, my kids and wife are safe. worst parties the kids love their pets. they are just like family. that has been rough. >> reporter: that is mr. mccollough of alden
6:34 am
thankfully home owner's insurance and red cross will help him and his family. back out here live people tell me that the temperatures of their homes is dropping, and people here on the right side of the street still without power, yesterday temperatures dipped down to the 50's but overnight outside temperatures dipped below freezing so just unclear how chilly, it is inside. >> talked to a friend last night in king of prussia sixth floor of a six story building and no power. >> at lee it is a work out. >> that is true she looks great. >> storm leaving its mark on history it took out a 227 year-old tree that was believed to have been planted by george washington himself. >> oh, no. >> in virginia. mount vernon's official facebook page. >> that is not a cherry tree. >> certainly not. >> i cannot tell a lie. they say that the tree stood
6:35 am
watched over washington's tomb all these years. >> hopefully they can do something with the wood. >> they will make a bunch of teeth. that was a old wife's tail too >> that is not even true. >> teeth of the storm. >> 6:35. >> well, in montgomery county abington police they shoot a man after they say he stabbed several people inside have a home that happened yesterday on the 800 block of jenkintown road. police say one of the victims a woman went to get help running from the fire station across the street. when police arrived they had to break through the door to get to the suspect. >> the suspect refused to comply with officer demands and the officer, the officer had to discharge his weapon. and shoot the suspect. >> neighbors say woman lives in the duplex with her two children her boyfriend recently moved in. police won't say exactly who was injured or how serious
6:36 am
those injuries are. bill cosby set to be in court again this morning we have a cam why there and he is hoping it stops his accusers from testifying during his re trial, remember last trial, the one that ended with him being a quilted or, becoming a mistrial. >> mistrial. >> well, they ruled that out, the question is will they do that again for this trial, lauren. >> well, here's the deal, we are in a me too era and that wasn't happening back when cosby had his last trial. there will be a clash in the courtroom today with his defense attorneys and big question will be will those victims be silenced, prosecutors want to call about 19 women to the stand to prove their point that cosby engaged in an almost life long pattern of drugging and harming women but it is important to note he is only charged in one case and that case involves a former temple employee andrea constand who accused cosby of making in a prep eighth advances on her at his home in august of 2004. that trial ended in a hung
6:37 am
jury as you mentioned during that trial only one other accuser was allowed to testify cosby's new defense team wants same rules to apply this time around and they have said if any of the other women are allowed to testified or take the stand they will ask for a delay of trial slated to begin april 2nd. jury selection scheduled to begin march 29th but we have not heard if there will be any delays, of course, all that will come after today's hearing. >> we will be there, thanks for that. lawyers for families of the three of the victims murdered by cosmo dinardo and his cousin, sean kratz are announcing a major development at a press conference this morning. we will have a camera there. so the three of them, four victims in all, found buried in a bucks county farm last summer. this news conference will start at 10:30 this morning.
6:38 am
very interesting. we will have a camera there. president trump will host israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu for an official meeting at the white house. netanyahu's facing a political fire storm back at home after israeli police say they had evidence to charge him with bribery fraud and breach of trust, prime minister has denied those allegations. >> won't that be an interesting meeting. big oscar night last night , yeah, what does that do with the eagles? mccauley caulkin boycotted going to the oscars but tweet ed through the whole thing. best original score of the year was new england 33, philadelphia four is. >> yes, mccauley caulkin, i agree. >> i bet eagles fans are like what is his connection, is he in philadelphia right now. >> he grew up in new york city , so he probably hates patriots and routeing for eagles. >> it was a month ago yesterday, big super bowl win, what were you doing a month ago right now? were you still out and about?
6:39 am
oh, man i'm still not rested since this. super bowl lii hours people flooded the streets but plenty of big moments to remember from a month ago yesterday. this is my favorite, probably yours too the decision to run philly special. it is fourth down. >> philly philly. >> yeah, let's do it. >> philly special, ready. here it goes. >> kill, kill, kill. >> let's go. >> something i noticed yesterday. >> because you watched this over and over again. >> nick foles makes a pretty darn good catch, you know how easily that can slip through your hands and into your
6:40 am
helmet. >> nice soft hands on that play. >> yes. >> well, that is a term in football, soft hands. >> but look on doug pederson's face is classic,. >> did he just say, did he just suggest we run this thing >> at the practice it only three times. >> now watch. >> and look at how loose, look at this toss, to tray burl on see how easily he could have dropped that pass. if you take your eye off it for a second and not letting it come to his body, it is all hands. >> very impressed with his hand is eagles are having foresees on ticket holders a special complex at novacare complex. >> they will watch the game again at novacare complex tonight but who are these special season ticket holders. >> people who have season ticket. >> there are thousands of season ticket holders what auditorium hold that is many
6:41 am
people. >> it must be special, special , special people. >> you mean the people, the special people. >> the special people. >> what were you doing a month ago this morning. hey, listen to this. >> wow, what is up. >> yeah. >> we dit. >> yeah. >> this is how it will be for the next week at least. >> weep did it. >> that is how we started a show. >> a month ago today. >> we said would it only last a week we are still, fresh off broad street let's be honest.
6:42 am
>> zero sleep, seriously. >> so worth it. >> so jen has taken over, a block, actually a whole town. it could be your block. >> not my block today but your block, hey jenny. >> hey, guys so we have a real dog and then real crime fighter, so come on back we will see how, are you doing okay? i see other carriers touting their unlimited plans, but not all unlimited is created equal. sprint unlimited gives you more. it's the ultimate unlimited plan. get more of the tv you love with hulu, more music with the tidal hi-fi trial.
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6:45. good morning everybody, live look at blue route 476 northbound an accident at exit number five just north of exit number five causing a delay again coming up from delco and this is a big interchange the exit where you jump off blue route and go into delaware county hundreds of traffic signals are out at busy intersections, homes still without power, schools closed, school closings scrolling at bottom of the screen. parents, adjusting their schedule today septa's paoli thorndale, running with delays amtrak from boston to washington but expect delays throughout the morning. local services every 30 minutes on the norristown high speed line. because of signals problem. we have a down tree germantown avenue at waterman road and respect closures.
6:46 am
zoo of them are new. it depends on the scenario but take the extra couple minutes and go around the block and play it safe. philly international they are coming in, taking off but still recovering from the storm over weekend so check with your airline we had a fun night at springfield country club as we get ready to practice the irish gig for new st. patrick's day parade, the gang from all of the irish communities, family irish day there kathy orr joined me at springfield country club they had power because of the generator. i was attempting to do irish gig there that lead up to the big parade this coming sunday, right here, in philadelphia, of course, we'd love to have you join us here on market street, the new parade route, or from the comfort of your home we will broadcast it live right here at fox starting at noon and sueby has that good looking forecast i hope in 15 seconds. >> i'm in trouble if i don't.
6:47 am
our tour continues this morning, here's sunrise over the soon to be, reopened, ride ness wildwood, new jersey. it is looking good there this morning but it is a cold start to the day and as you undoubted know we are anticipating a coatsal storm another one, we barely recovered from this one and we haven't in some places. we will see this storm possibility of the moving up the coast. deal is fit is a closer to the coast track we get more rain then snow, if it moves a little off shore we will get more cold air drawn in and see higher snow accumulations. so we are trying to nail this one down but just a tricky a forecast as last one was, that is what we can promise you another coastal storm, coastal flood advisory continues until 7:00 this morning and winter
6:48 am
storm watch already in effect for tuesday evening through wednesday night, but possibility in these places from berks county all the way up through poconos, lehigh valley, montgomery bucks four to 8 inches possible accumulations from the wednesday snowstorm. for them it will be a snowstorm anyway. 30 degrees in philadelphia but it feels colder then that thanks to these winds of 17 miles an hour and wind gusts as high as 23 miles an hour. so as you walk out the door it is wind chills in the teens and 20's, 48 today. forty-six tomorrow. most on of the day light hours will be okay on tuesday, it is tuesday night into wednesday and that our, coastal storm arrives, dries out, for thursday, friday, saturday, and still chilly we have a chance of a shower, in parade day but hopefully, and kick it out by sunday. >> kick it away.
6:49 am
gloucester township you know what the mayor's name is. >> i was going to say that. >> go ahead. >> maryland. >> his name is david my er. >> hey, mayor mier is here, hey there, jen. >> yes, we have mayor meyer in the truck but i wanted to introduce to you my new friend , hudson, hi buddy. yeah. smiles right on coup in the camera coming on. he is so, hi, buddy, hi, how are you doing, happy to be ot v too are you having a good time. >> how old. >> three months. >> so cute. >> thank you. >> he is sleeping. >> mostly. >> you guys are up. >> it myself pleasure to meet you, yes, there is a game truck outside get you started early on video games. >> yeah. >> so we have some crime fighters here, hello, and
6:50 am
hello. we were a little bit nerve thaws mcgruff might inn intimidate. >> no, they are friends. >> they are budd is. >> housedog. >> good, very good. >> hes is fine with the mc gruff thing. >> yes. >> what do you tell families, children, good looking dog and they want to pet him. >> not every doggies the same. he is a different dog so if anybody wants to pet him, very social dog and very friendly. >> what does he help you do in terms of your actual job does he stick up for you guys, what is his main mission. >> he can do anything, patrol/ narcotic related any patrol search, building searches for suspects, track people running for us, search for things that somebody might have thrown in the wood or something but he can do any kind of narcotic work. vehicle searches for drugs, inside cars or anything that is hidden inside houses that he can locate. >> how long have you had him. >> we graduated july of last
6:51 am
year from the academy. >> he is gorgeous, i don't to have tell you that. hi guys, how are you doing. so we told people they can come visit us at lamp post diner, this is a relatively new diner but it is a beautiful restaurant. >> it is great, this was an abandoned facility and breathe new life in this facility, great food here with people come, visit us here in gloucester township. >> you could have run for my political office but with the last name meyer. >> i was born to be a may or i was a meyer my whole life. >> i cannot retire right now. >> we love it. thank you, guys, thank you, we coming to visit us, in gloucester township, and, and, we're here. >> thanks, jenny, 6:51.
6:52 am
and, question, we have to play this video, doing this interview with ryan seacrest. and we will play it for you. >> there was a
6:53 am
♪ gus, you are crushing it! just trying to shed those extra pounds. (giggles) me too. gettin' the beach body back... (sighs) is gonna take a lot of work. this will help you power through. one million dollar power payday, new from the pennsylvania lottery. yup, with top prizes of a million bucks. so, how do i look? like a winner. (they both laugh) keep on scratchin'!
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
6:55 am
first of all, you are live on the oscars right now. do you see that, audience. is there meryl streep. >> yes. >> jimmy kimmel crashed a movie theater pack with people watching in disney's while hosting last night academy award this was done live. he had all that company there. they rolled out what margot robbie there. >> throwing out t-shirts. >> it looks like. >> hot dogs. >> i saw bunch of people. this theater is right across, from where the academy award are, in holy, holy, hollywood. i don't like this. >> you don't like what. >> never have. >> popping up. >> it just says oh, look, you common, look some big stars are grazing with you their presence. shut up. >> you mean, alexandria the
6:56 am
super mod fell she walk in through wouldn't be like that, if you saw her. >> i suppose so. >> it is right kind of celebrity. >> it is so special because look, the special, special people, are willing to come washed, they actually touched us, took pictures with us, we're so special. >> they gave us food. >> and they gave us food. >> we ate from their glistening hands and their bee jeweled, anyway congratulations to you over the weekend, you won an award. >> i don't want to come after that. >> nope, um-hmm. >> aren't you special too. >> let's throw up a picture of alex who won a swag award that is successful women achieving goals, congratulations you are a shero. >> thank you, nice of them to think of me, so yes, successful women achieving
6:57 am
goals mentorship group and they have mommy and me gallon, we came together, got to celebrate, dance, have fun. >> why did your mother leave town before this happened. >> because she had a better event, not better. >> a commitment. >> she add a prior commitment that was a gala in texas, diamond speakers gala. >> she wanted to go to yours. >> she called me and said you didn't tell me were you getting an award. if you told me i would have come. >> it was mommy and me event, people have their mothers there. >> i probably should have mention that had. >> oh, geese. thank you. congrats to the other woman acknowledged and honored as well. >> you got swag. >> we have two jenny's reporting this morning i'm guessing this is jenny joyce with the storm damage. >> general i. >> good morning, mike and alex we have sound of the generator in our live shot behind us here as tens of thousands of in our live shot behind us here as tens of thousands of people without remain
6:58 am
if you'd have told me three years ago that we'd be downloading in seconds what used to take minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference and do it like that (snaps). if you'd have told me that i could afford a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at thousands are without power and schools are closed in wake of friday's nor'easter damage is extensive and throughout their county. >> we're tracking yet another major storm, that could impact us,


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