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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 5, 2018 7:00am-8:53am EST

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treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at thousands are without power and schools are closed in wake of friday's nor'easter damage is extensive and throughout their county. >> we're tracking yet another major storm, that could impact us, tomorrow night.
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and here we get again, again, bill cosby will appear in front of the judge in montgomery county later this morning what he is trying to stop ahead of his sexual assault retrial. of course, the academy award were last night. >> i'm hyperventilating a little bit, if i fall over pick me up because i have got some things to say. from the award we have the fashion and biggest moments from last nights oscars. and we are thinking spring , training, phillies continuing to get ready for their first season under new manager gabe kapler. why was jimmy rollins, charlie manual and brett myers at spring training. we will have to sing this
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ourselves. blue moon... . >> that was harmony, man. >> it was. >> it was harm. >> this was in the planned. >> no. >> just a blue monday. >> one at a time. >> yes. >> how cute this right here. >> i was given to this by our friend caitlin patrick from the fourth grade, she dressed each of us as lego, is there alex, mike with his sweater for a snow day, i got my tie, sue ready to go. >> we are wearing green. >> she does artwork and she wrote us a note she watches us every day because she knows exactly what to do, she likes how i get to get out in the neighborhood instead of just staying in the studio. she likes when i say jammo. >> she dog watches too. >> isn't that cute. >> so nice. >> thanks caitlin fourth grader. >> very sweet. >> love that.
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>> good day it is a blue monday march 5th 2018, it is blue because we have a sit ways, big storm last friday still there all talking about it. >> yes. >> reminder maybe tomorrow. >> tomorrow night into wednesday another coastal storm is shaping up. word no, sir one is hearing but it is happening. seven out of 10 today. it is bright. but it is cold. wind chills in the 20's. few are in the teens. we will show thaw 30 degrees, feels like 18 degrees outside right now with sunrise happening at 6:28 already. there is your wind chill 18 in philadelphia. twenty-two in millville, new jersey and it feels like 17 in pottstown. we're expecting a high of 48 degrees with all that sunshine still on the breezy side still left over from friday's storm but winds hung around for a while, we will talk about wind and rain and snow, coming up before our
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next storm for middle of the week bob kelly. >> you got it. 7:04. already an accident on the blue route 476 northbound at exit number five off to the shoulder here half an hour delay but right off exit into delco is where we have most power and schools without power watch it all of the traffic lights are out as well in delco so four way stop in those big, intersection this is morning. we have high water and flooding and icy conditions closing bristol road right up here at second street pike in bucks county all traffic diverted on to street road this morning. septa, trains are rolling every line operating but expect delays on the paoli thorndale and chestnut hill west. other lines could have scattered delays as well and amtrak did restore service between washington and boston but again, expect delays this morning. norristown high speed line local services operating every 30 minutes to signal problems, back to you. front page we are still
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talking bitten though the storm was friday. what? what a mess. look at that scene. that has been played out all over the delaware valley and the watts part aloud of people without power. >> cars have been crush by a tree or poles that are down. >> if you have a tree down, big tree, maybe jenny can come to your home that won't stump her. >> nice. hey, jenny. >> reporter: i'm not sure that would be much consolation to them but i will come if there is a reason to be there to report. we have a massive tree behind us. this side of the street does have a power back. the other side of the street still without power and that is why we hear that loud generator just started pumping here. according to peco's web site there are 22,000 people, without power but peco hopes to have majority of it restored by today, out of state crews are helping to
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make that happen. delaware county council chairman john mclane has asked the state for help too in supplying additional generators and offering tree removal services. county has asked national guard and state police to help them organized traffic during this morning's rush, traffic signals at busy intersections are not working despite three days without power, chilly homes, no way to charge their phones, people we talked for managing well. >> i have a simple phone. it has been charged. i just stopped using it. we will get through this. i mean it is no the 3 feet of snow out here. bitter winds. it is above freezing. otherwise you would worry about frozen pipes but it is march. it will be over soon. we will have spring. i already have little bulbs coming up. >> reporter: transformers blew and that was the beginning of the three days without power at this point in time and
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these people here without power and then they have to brace forstrom number two, mike and alex. >> oh, boy 7:07. >> lets get to bucks county because a fire fighter is injured overnight battling a fire in feasterville, trevose, it started just before 3:00 on henry avenue where we are told a fire fighter was injured when he fell through a door. he was awake, conscious taken to st. mary's trauma center in word, yet. in southwest philadelphia a seven two-year old woman is struck by a stray bullet overnight and listen to this where it happened an apartment home for seniors threw through window of the home in the 7100 block of grant avenue. it is around 12:30 this morning. she's in stable condition, at penn presbyterian after being struck in the leg by a bullet. 7:07. bill cosby's set to appear,
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and, in this court this morning. >> and he is hoping to stop his accusers from testifying. well, a judge could make that decision, um, lauren. >> reporter: that is right, mike, remember this this trial , this hearing comes 10 days after bill cosby's 44 year-old daughter ensa died of kidney failure. his lawyers haven't indicated whether they would ask for i delay or hearing. here's what we know there will be fire works today inside this court room because prosecutors and defense attorneys have two very different things they want to see happen. prosecutors are teaming 19 women will be able to come to the stand, defense attorneys hoping to be able to silence them but prosecutors are hoping to help paint the pictures of the dark side to bill cosby's public persona as america's favorite dad in the first trial. prosecutors wanted 13 women to testify. judge scott o'neill allowed one woman to tell her story, that supplemented facts andrea constand shared with the jury that she was secretaries you'llly assaulted and drugged
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at his home in 2004. that trial ended in a hung injury which prosecutors, vowing to try the 80 year-old again, and since then cosby has nailed down a new defense team, back in january we saw him at a jazz club in germantown. he was having dinner and performing a comedy show in front of the small audience there legal experts say that was a deliberate act and he wanted to do that to sort of regain his good guy image. we will see what comes out of the hearing. if there are no delays, we do know that jury selection scheduled for march 29th and that trial slated to begin april 2nd. >> okay, all right. well, lets give you an update what happened at cherry hill high school east. >> to recap first student led protest and large walk out and heated school board meeting where they voiced their opinions. security changes are coming to cherry hill schools starting to day. >> lets get through some, police officers will patrol all of the district buildings and visitors will be required
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to show a photo id, and either have, you know, point. set up, they need to necessity the numbers of your student id number of their particular child. she is changes come after a popular teacher suspension after he made comments regarding security at cherry hill high schoole following deadly shoot initial south florida. some changes there. well, president trump this will be very interesting meet to go day with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, at the white house, this morning amid real questions about u.s. mid east policy. >> and kind of complicating things role the administration 's chief architect of that effort presidential son in law jared kushner and what happened with him because he got pulled back security clearance. >> what is jared's role today will we even see him. >> reporter: maybe not. at very least he may not be as
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prominent as he otherwise might have been if he had security clearance but when when ivanka trump and jared kushner came to washington with a big splash, members of the president's immediate family close advisors now that may be changing. president trump's inner circle seems to grow tighter by the day and what once seemed to be unbreakable bonding between president and ivanka and son in law jared kushner may be weakening. questions about jared kushner and how long they remain on the job have unsettled. that dynamic of family, trust so important for any president to have. >> reporter: kushner whose portfolio includes finding a new way forward for middle east peace should be front and center day with israeli prime minister netanyahu visiting the white house. instead he is facing new questions about his family's business interests and his security clearance was recently downgraded. some hoff been close to trump saw the potential for these kinds of problems. >> not because they were not
7:12 am
competent or qualified but because when circumstances come up and president could not have been aware of and in the normal situation you might terminate a staff member for that reason it becomes more difficult. you might be sitting at thanksgiving dinner with that person. >> reporter: we are talking about family and for a president who said to value loyalty above all else that could be a big factor and typical revolving white house door may not necessarily apply here. >> i think initially it was more complicated because everybody kind of had access, and there was a little bit less of a lines of authority in place but overtime they have found a much better place >> reporter: to be clear trump is not first president to rely on family members for advice while in the white house. on the other hand he is also not the first president no doubt to learn that sometimes that can make things get very complicated when things go wrong, mike and alex. >> the president was pretty funny over weekend, he had an event and people asked where
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jared, he said he could get through security. next person to leave the administration will probably be his wife. we will see you tomorrow. from glitz, glam to politics and activism, the 90th academy award turned into a historic night. >> it did, thomas lets go through this. >> powerful moments during speeches and performances as well including mary j. blige who sang mighty river, take a look. >> ♪ >> looked and sounded grade very strong performance, mary j. blige first person to be nominated for best song and best supporting actress in the same year and for the same them. history was also made when jordan peele became first african-american to win
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original screen play forget out. >> i stopped writing this movie about 20 times because i thought it was impossible or not going to work. i thought no one would ever make this movie but i kept coming back because i knew if someone let me make this movie that people would hear it, and see it. i want to dedicate this to all of the people who raised my voice and let me make this movie it work. brought home oscar gold, other big winner frances mcdormand for best actress. best actor going to gary old man. they were back at it fey dunn away and warren beatty, and, much better result. >> i want to know who the accountant where is this time and how many people they had to make sure that was the right way. >> it was same firm but different people in charge. >> i didn't see any of the movies, not that i'm prosecuted have that but what is this water movie. >> shape of water. >> she fell in love with the
7:15 am
fish. >> that one. >> ill he avenue -- i'll be. >> she fell in love with the bird. >> no. >> never mind. >> i need to go to the movies you didn't see get out either. >> that is one i wanted to see >> you have seen none of them. >> no. i'm a failure. aim just tired all the time and i never get a chance you can get it on demand and not leave your couch. >> on the red carpet, because some people are having questions about ryan seacrest, allegations re-surfaced after he denied them, after what, they had an independent firm look into the accusations. >> e network investigated the sexual misconduct allegations, and they thought it was okay for ryan to do his job yesterday. some actress essayed they would avoid his little stand
7:16 am
there at the academy awards. >> it came to the point where people actually counted because it was so few. >> taraji did. >> she did. >> but then did she do it and then throw some shade. people can see this both ways and when they started talking and she said this one phrase, this one line and we want to know what you think. do you think she's coming for ryan seacrest or saying something in general. >> watch her fingers. >> you know what the universe has a way of taking care of the good people, you know what i mean. >> i a gree. >> universe takes care of good people. >> you know what i mean. >> does she mean the good people like the woman. >> she later said she was trying to have ryan keep her chin up. >> she did say that. >> yeah. >> i didn't think she spoke with this because everybody seems to be guessing from it. >> maybe i'm totally wrong. i heard --
7:17 am
>> she did tell people magazine. >> she told people magazine. >> she was supporting him. >> keep your chin up. >> who knows what she meant in that particular moment i'm not in her mind. >> but it was trending topic yesterday. 7:17. here's sue. >> maybe she just meant what she said. >> how weird that. >> it is so ambiguous. >> karma kind of a thing. all right. here's is what happening with the weather. we have a system out to the west. this is very similar to what happened, the energy gets transferred a coastal storm forms and we will get a mess tuesday night, through the day , on wednesday, all right, so we have two possible tracks with this storm. fit taste close to the coast we will get more rain mixed with the snow. if it stays off shore we will get more cold air and then more snow and rain. stay tunas we watch possibility of one of those things happening but it looks like a mixture of
7:18 am
precipitation on wednesday for sure. windy but not as windinessly as it was for the last storm on friday. 48 degrees today. forty-six tomorrow. those temperatures staying in the 30's on wednesday, that is what makes it very tricky as far as type of precipitation and then thursday and friday and it dries out, another chance of another possible showers on sunday and that is also parade day and i know we have to mention possibility and then would be so happen which that chance as way, we're hoping anyway. >> pot of gold over there to adjust that. >> 7:18. good morning. notice something new here 422, coming around heading west toward trooper they have pushed everybody on the newly built bridge here that takes you over to the schuylkill river, they come straight on around and through construction zone so that is something brand new that you'll see this morning plus sun glare eastbound delays from collegeville in toward
7:19 am
king of prussia, traffic lights are out, hundreds of intersections here so you need to treat every intersection as if there was a stop sign nobody has right away when lights are out especially here in delco a accident northbound on the blue route near exit number five, accident delaware route one southbond at route 272, septa running with some delays on the regional rails. amtrak full service restored between washington and boston. >> jenny's on your black in new jersey this morning. >> she has been having a great time this morning at the lamp post diner. >> hi there jenny. >> we have a problem here, guys we have a giants guy. what do you mean. >> will never leave he is welcomed but just take off your coat. it is an unattractive coat. what do you think of the giants guy. >> i'm the eagles person. >> you would like to say hi to mike jerrick and hi sue serio and hi to alex holley and hi
7:20 am
to bob. >> bob. >> you have a weather report ready. >> i have a weather report ready it is going to be nice today in precipitation, tomorrow will be snowy, late in the day and rain and hopefully we can have a parade to make the rain come. >> i don't know is what going on there. >> this is for you freedom pancakes for jenny on the block. >> love it thinks our best to you waffle. >> amazing this is our mile high. >> and i have a heart healthy omelette coming out because we do healthy things too. >> giants guy you are still here what are you doing here? so you guys you have a cheer you'll do for us in a little bit. >> yes. >> how do you feel about the giants? exactly. how do you feel about the eagles. >> wow. >> you guys are all here as well. there is still time. we have plenty of space.
7:21 am
we will be nice to giants guy. we are a friendly foulke but >> no word whether fox 29 will cover that parade, right, that the woman will be talking about. >> i don't know if we can. >> we will do st. patrick's day parade. >> yes. >> are you going. >> i'll there been. >> i will there been too. >> we know you will be there. when you are in labor, did you suck on the ice chips or did you actually, drink and eat real stuff ice chips verse water, there is new research. you may not have to do chips any more. opening day is just over three weeks away so does gabe kapler have his team ready. >> he is ready to go himself. he said be bold.
7:22 am
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so usually let's face it sometimes we always make sure to hell elderly or senior
7:25 am
citizens because they are targeted the most in scams. >> especially than line scaming. but this new study shows that more millennials are losing machine toy on line scams. let's just say grandparents, and, they are getting, ripped off, right tracie. >> yes, that is right, accord together federal trade commission 40 percent of millennials between age of 20 to 29 recorded in 2017 fraud that they lost mob any schemes that is compared to 18 percent , of those ages 70 or older. but, on the flip side, data also showed that more money amount of money, was lost to those ages 70 or older, compared to the millennials. so, older people who more money, rather than millennials but overall looking at scams,
7:26 am
schemes, fraud in general they say number is down in 2017 from 2016. so i guess it shows we are all pray to these scammers and fraud stores out there. >> older folks may have more money to lose. >> through go. >> millennials, with many, many more on line the older people that can factor in too. >> more people get ripped off, stuff like that. >> good to know everyone should be paying attention. >> you know why it is down offer all because reports like you and reporters like yourself, keeping as you leather every morning. >> well, thank you. >> i appreciate that. >> reporter: doing my part. >> saving america. see you again tomorrow. bill cosby due back in court this morning, what his lawyers are trying to keep out of the court room who are they trying to bar from the courtroom.
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could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it. residents around the delaware veil are still cleaning up and still without power following friday's nor'easter as we get ready for next one. >> why was jimmy rollins, charlie manual and brett myers at spring training? i know it has been 10 years but what is the deal?
7:30 am
we will hear from them. >> good day everyone it is monday, march 5th of 2018. >> yes, we all have blue on, happenstance here, sue, with blue. >> all right, mr. cheerful, lets talk about sunshine. maybe it is a good thing we're all in step. it is bright and sunny. we put sunglasses on bus stop buddy. he is bundled up. wind chills in the teens and 20's this morning. that is what we call deceiving sunshine. this is also a deceiving radar map because it is not showing us what to come, but 30 degrees in olde city with 18 miles an hour wins, that makes it feel like 18. dress for 18 degrees, right now. here's other wind chills 17 in pottstown and reading. eighteen in dover delaware. we will get to 41 by lunchtime plenty of sunshine. still breezy out there. seasonably chilly by end of the day with a high of 48. we will talk about yep, here we go again another coastal
7:31 am
storm. >> et ready. we are still cleaning up from the one from the other day live look at the benny folks coming into philadelphia via ben franklin bridge extra heavy on the down side of the center city we have wick sun glare this morning, southbound i-95, 43 minutes from wood have men to downtown. we have an accident here, a ramp from 476 south to go north on 95, little fender-bender here right under overpass in delaware county and speaking of delaware county traffic lights are out and hundreds of intersection ness delco you need to treat every intersection this morning with no lights as if it has a stop sign, in one has right of way, dangerous situation in any of those intersection this is morning. an accident in delaware route one southbound at route 72 right there at new castle county, delaware, septa running all of the regional rails but they have delays, amtrak full service restored on the northeast corridor between boston and washington.
7:32 am
we have a camera up there in montgomery county waiting to see bill cosby get out of that suv again. nine months already has passed since bill cosby's first trial ended in a hung jury. a lot has happened including the movement we know as me too women women speaking up. >> you know when the trial happen nine months ago we will keep this camera on the courthouse. you will see him walk back in the montgomery county courthouse for this pretrial hearing. big question is just like last time will judge allow some of the more than 50 women accused cosby of sexual assault to testify and if so how many because last time he only allowed one other. >> same judge. >> same judge. >> same decision to be made this morning i'm sure he has already made it, stephen o'neill. >> stephen o'neill, correct. >> this is the biggest ruling of the case, biggest ruling last time and biggest last
7:33 am
time. last time they wanted 13 accusers. the judge allowed one this time they want 19. so we will see what the judge will do. what you just said is true, there is two things that have change here. one the whole me too movement. there wasn't a harvey this case was tried. now there is. it is not a legal consideration but it is certainly something that the judge will look at. >> i thought blind justice, i thought everything is fair, but why would that way way on your decision as a judge. >> i don't think it is primary thing but secondary thing. here's the primary thing though since this ruling last time the supreme court has come down in the case, new case law called doctrine of chances. let me tell what you it says, it says that the more similar the uncharged acts are to the charged acts and the more numerous the uncharged arts, the greater the likelihood
7:34 am
that the defendant is guilty of the the charged crime. >> break that down. >> read that a couple different times but what that basically means is more people that come in and accuse him the more likely that the jury will find did he in fact do it , same type of thing. >> then like you said this judge's decision is incredibly weighty. >> it is the whole case. >> 's loud in 19 other accusers i think bill cosby's chances of being convicted are extremely great. >> just pick a number at his discretion. >> judges get to make decisions and get to pick the number. my guess is he will allow five to six accusers in. i think he will allow more than one. kelly johnson was only other one andrea johnson that testified last time. this time there been more. >> will they have to hear stories of the all of the people they want to testify and then based on that he will decide. >> i don't think he will hear beforehand he will let them testify. what he will do the defense
7:35 am
wants more time. if they allow more people to come in defense wouldn't more time to do some research on these people. i think the case will not -- take laos more people to testify he will in the go off on april 2nd it will continue. >> judge already knows, what they will say. >> he kind of knows. >> i think they know. they will make argument both sides and then judge will decide his two choices make do is what called taking it under advise. i don't think he will. i think owe makes the decision he knows the consideration is that will come today. >> it could come today or tomorrow. this is a judge, judges can do whatever he want. he can do it today honor thursdayy think i should be a j do whatever i want. >> go to law school and all that. >> i got time. >> if you were a judge how many people would you allow. >> all of them. >> all 19. >> they allowed all 19. >> i think i will go three.
7:36 am
>> you say three. >> i say five. >> i think we will just wait and see. >> yes. >> this is why she's smart. >> the judge knows more about everything. >> we may have to have you back tomorrow. >> i'll get up early again no problem. >> thank you. >> gloucester township wouldn't you think that would be in gloucester county. >> no. >> camden county. >> camden county. >> no matter where it is, that is where jen's right now. >> all right we are ready. >> hello, we're having so much fun. come on back, how do they look happy with their performance. >> yes. >> we are at lamp post diner, you guys look great, cheer for yourself,
7:37 am
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jen fred has been on the road this morning, she made a stop at your block she's jenny on the block at the lamp post diner. hi jenny. >> we are having a good time hoist having fun.
7:40 am
>> applause. >> they said you are allowed to yell in here so who is having fun. >> yeah. >> much better. >> this is saint john paul, ii school, right. these girls are kind garden to eighth grade. >> yes this do competitions, parade, they cheered at temple they do it all. >> they sometimes get confuse because of this guy. >> the hawk. >> yes. they happen to have a hawk.t >> yes. >> do they have a cheer. >> they do. >> let's see it, ladies. >> cheering. >> yeah. >> i love it. >> now there is a big rumor on the street that you guys have
7:41 am
to go back to school now. >> yes. >> what is that? >> did you study for iowas. >> standardized testing is that what it is. >> yesy like the glitter eye shadow. >> thank you did anyone trick their brother in to wearing the hawk outfit. >> no, no. >> dude, keep your hat on. >> no, he wanted to wear it. >> yes. >> i asked if he could wear it to school and he said no. >> taking iwas. >> show your happeneds, hawks. >> it will not work out. >> you guys are amazing. he is good too. >> hawks don't usually go to school. >> i know. >> so there is a lot of little brothers that supported big brothers. most of them out in the game truck because where else do you want your brother. how do you think she did.
7:42 am
>> good. >> good. >> do you like watching the girls do their moves. >> yeah. >> all right. >> i love it. >> it is pretty cool and again there are no brothers here because i sent them to the game truck do you think that was a good idea for me. >> yes. >> you don't need boys. >> no. >> we have all moms, dads say hello to everyone. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock this morning. if you had are watching at home and seeing how much fun we are having we have been having fun all morning you and i have been having fun since 6:00 this morning. >> yes. >> come on out we will have fun some people said they watched us on tv and then came out. >> yes. >> do you want to cheer and say good bye. >> bye. >> boy what a bun have of personality there, love it. >> all right. >> it is cold. wouldn't you like to be in clearwater, florida that is where kristin rodgers is. >> it is so close, right
7:43 am
kristin. >> good morning, i'm live here in clearwater, florida. we know gabe kapler talks about being bold but what does that mean to him. former phillies pitcher has a
7:44 am
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live look at the schuylkill expressway. when i came in this morning there were down trees and debris all along the shoulder.
7:46 am
you will note that is coming eastbound again, the trees that came down on friday, here on the schuylkill they just chopped up pushed off to the side. just be careful of. that we are dealing with wicked sun glare but coming from new jersey slow go on the freeway, ac expressway and towards walt whitman bridge, bennie backed up in to downtown. all major roadways are opened southbound on the lincoln drive another accident at johnson street that is second one there this morning. traffic lights are out at a ton of intersections through delaware county, treat everyone as if it is a stop sign along that busy stretch of the baltimore pike and route one. south of the blue route a half an hour delay on the ramp from the blue route to go north on i-95. septa lines are operating, but they are running with delays, paoli chestnut hill witt, thorndale, doyletown line, amtrak full services restored, between washington and boston.
7:47 am
slow go though all around the board on mass transit because of the trees, wires, and wind that is still winning up out there local services every 30 minutes on the norristown high speed line because of the signal problems. another storm on the way. sue has details in 15 seconds ... >> 7:47. here's what we know about what will happen tuesday night into wednesday. messy weather for both morning and evening commutes, it looks like that is what is shaping up and potential for accumulating snow especially north and west but i think we will get accumulation in the city, as well. winds will be gusting as high as 30 to 40 miles an hour and that could take down, hate to say it even more power lines.
7:48 am
two different tracks, more west ward track along the coast, closer to the coast would have rain mixing with snow and more snow then rain if we go further off shore but track of this storm is more cold air drawn in the storm as it goes along. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect, and we have a winter storm watch, already for berks county, east and north for possibility of four to 8 inches of snow but we're sure of accumulation here but more uncertain south and east for that tuesday into wednesday storm right now it is deceivingly cold. bright and sunny. 30 degrees. we factor in the wind of 18 miles an hour and it feels colder then. that we have a wind gust of 29 n philadelphia we have not gotten rid of the breeze just yet from the last storm and we are anticipating the next one, precipitation will start tuesday night, last on and off through wednesday, and then we
7:49 am
will dry out thursday and friday, 46 on sat take, by sunday a little chance of showers during our par rag. >> don't rain on my parade. >> rain or shine. >> rain or shine. >> so should i get a sweater ready for wednesday morning. >> i would indeed. >> it is both commutes being affected. >> tuesday night wednesday morning. >> that would be tomorrow night. >> i don't know if i can promise this or not but when we talk about our manager of the phillies brand new. >> gabe kapler. >> i think of this. he is fites manager in the history of major league baseball. >> is he fit to lead this team y think so, his slogan kristin is be bold, he seemed bold. >> he does. good morning mike and alex. we had a chance to talk with gabe kapler and his message has been be bold but what exactly does that mean.
7:50 am
he says it is all about being fearless and playing in the moment without the fear of making a mistake. i had a chance to talk to former phillies pitcher brett myers yesterday. he was here for 2008 celebration, tenth anniversary of the world series which is crazy it has gone by so fast and he has a special story about gabe kapler and how he has been bold way back in his playing career in jacksonville >> this story i was told from my father. he was telling my dad this when he struck out, and got in his car, and it is fine, we all have ways to deal with over three's and getting knocked out in the second and third inning. >> he is a gold guy. >> i like it. i think it brings energy to the team and he did when he played. he wouldn't have played as long as did he if he didn't have an join and love for the game. there is passion. i hope he brings it to the young guys and tries to recreate what we had in zero
7:51 am
eight. >> reporter: myers is from florida. his dad had to help gabe kapler get a car he sold him a car. there are too many dents. you have to get your aggression out some way. it seems like it was a bold move wouldn't you say. >> he beats the heck out of his car with his ball bat. >> my goodness. >> we don't know how strong those are. >> yes. >> i heard jimmy rollins is back town there too and charlie. >> reporter: there was a whole contingency from local guys coaches and players. crazy to think this is tenth annivers series. it has gone by in a blink have the eye and having a chance to d charlie manual they say it feels like just yesterday they won the world series and now they are anxious to bring another to city of philadelphia charlie threw out >> so charlie, i put this than&
7:52 am
my instagram story, charlie threw out the first pitch. he didn't like it. he asked for the ball back so he could throw it again and that was a perfect strike. >> only charlie could get that >> yes. >> i'm a world series champ. if i want a number two i will do it. >> right. >> who is this scott kenry could he possibly be our starting second base man. >> reporter: scott kenry ace non-roster inn varietye but he has been the start of spring training. not a household name yet but remember it now. he has three home runs on spring training season. he is bathing .389, he had a pair of rbi's yesterday, consistently bringing in great numbers and great offensive performance for the phillies. talking with gabe kapler yesterday he said that the second best compliment thaw can give to a baseball player is that they are a baseball player on the field, but first
7:53 am
thaw are a great teammate and he said that scott conery i am bodies both of those qualities y have even heard the term chase utley's name was brought up, a second base man like that. we have a pretty good right not, caesar hernandez. >> yes. phillies solve great guys up there right new but there is a lot of young talent working their way up here talking to charlie manual. he is very exited to see what that competition will bring. >> kristin you always do a great job so glad you are with us. >> thanks, guys. this myself solution to frustration about doing the show just get a ball bat like beyonce is doing it now. >> look at that. >> kaboom. >> carrie underwood she took a two by for. >> four-wheel drive, carved my name in the leather seats. >> yes. >> i don't have a bat.
7:54 am
>> thank you. >> clear, clear. >> can this table break. >> probably. >> we have some good news. >> have you had a child? did you suck on ice chips in the delivery room. >> even though were you hungry >> you cannot drink water, new research out there put down the chips, doctor mike's
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
hi, doctor mike. >> hi. >> well, sometimes do i this. >> so we can bring him in. >> hi doctor mike. >> give him a nice big introduction. >> when my wife, mother of my children, were in the delivery room, we were sucking on ice chips because that is what they said suck on ice don't eat solid food. >> right. >> why is that. >> because if you go under
7:58 am
anesthesia or need a c-section the problem is thaw can, what we call as approximate where food gets in your lungs and makes everybody nervous and makes people go crazy. new my wife, elizabeth, was pregnant with our first son nicholas. she had just had a big meal and then went into labor and the problem was the baby, nicholas was in a little bit of stress and they had to do a c-section. anesthesiologist who happens to be my patient was going crazy because she was worried that there was this risk, anesthesia can lower that little the sphincter an kaine make food go up. >> did that happen. >> no. >> so nicholas was born. >> nicholas was born. >> i had a nervous break down. >> yes. >> so, i don't know. >> the guidelines say in solid food when you are, in labor
7:59 am
because there is a chance you might need anesthesia and need a c-section and all of that. i think if you go, in labor, clear liquids might be an option but very individual decision because it is based on your risk. >> i remember they said don't take a hot bat or get in the sauna just before labor. >> there was another small study showing that might be okay as long as you don't get into a hot tub that raises your body temperatures like 102 degrees which is ridiculous. >> what did you do over weekend. >> i hosted, look at this, we have video i hope, for the lymphoma and leukemia society, student of the year, they had me up there talking and we had students that raised over $200,000, that is a group that raised $38,000. they all deserve a big round of applause, they are taking it, making it count. i made one mistake. they gave me envelope, i said
8:00 am
la la land. >> oh, doctor mike. >> oscar jokes. >> i love you. >> it is monday, march 5th, 2018. still with the power thousands waking up, once again with no power after that major nor'easter slammed into our area last friday and that means no school for some students. here comes another storm. >> cosby in court, bill cosby will walk back in the montgomery county courthouse this morning for a pretrial hearing, what his lawyers are trying to stop before the trial even starts. >> local teen with down syndrome is not letting anything hold her back, but first kate spadaro suited up for her own basketball team, final home game and then harlem globetrotters showed her love and now sixers are getting in on the action.
8:01 am
me too milestones and making history. >> if i may be so honored to have all of the female nominee ness every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> ninetieth academy awards went off without a hitch. >> when you hear your name called, don't get up right away. give us a minute. >> reporter: look at the big winner, heartfelt speeches and the stars shining on the red carpet. >> yeah. >> here are our stars shining on the red carpet, blue carpet whatever they call to it day. >> blue carpet. >> so sue we have a seven out of 10 but then it will go down >> by tomorrow night it will be a mess again, wednesday just forget bit. well, we will refine that forecast a little more, of course, but that is overview. today in the bad at all, little breezy still left over from the last storm, wind and 2, so buddy's back to being
8:02 am
not able to go to school today their schools do so we don't have any precipitation just yetetnd to ft wins sustain at 20 miles an that makes 32 feel like 20, offd start, seasonably chilly with a high sunset time 5:57 that is monday, blue monday, bob kelly >> we have the blue coincidence. 8:02. westbound on the schuylkill heavy at approachinghe conshohon coming inbound we will see sed bighat fell down through delays friday, saturday, everything off to the shoulderas both directions and wicked sun glare right now north on the freeway coming from new jersey and delays heading in to the bridge, accident on the lincoln drive, again southbound at johnson second
8:03 am
one we have had to tiehl with this morning. not only are your lights out because of the power and homes and schools but traffic sill nationals out. you need to treat every intersection as a stop sign. there is over a hundred intersections without traffic lights. south on the blue route a 45 minute jam from broomall down to 95 from an earlier extent. septa regional rail lines are not operating but there are scattered delays like paoli line, chest in your hill west, amtrak full service restored between boston and washington. norristown high speed line service every 30 minutes due to signal problems. mike and alex, back over to you. let's check on damage around the area what do you say. >> so we have been getting picture from you guys, telling bus people without power, and, trees, that have been down, still in the roadways so we see it off to the side still trying to clean up as we get ready for anotherue says comes in tomorrow night in, to wednesday, and,n checking out damage all
8:04 am
morning long, hi, jenny.ys. i just check peak a's web site it says it was updated but there are still 22,000 people without power loan. we know there are roughly 19,000 people without power in why? because of all of these down trees and lines. they are working on this they ou crew from his several states. i know florida, mississippi, onehere are schools without power. for that reason there are delays and cancellation is delay incrediblyirman john mclane no one has died despite falling, sparks flying and flyers that occurs. one man said his home was caught power flames and he is sl counting his >> that door flew open, fire
8:05 am
up the roof and there it went. >> i haven't yet. the good news is my kids, my wife are safe. s love their pets so they were just like family and been rough. >> reporter: they lost two pets but mr. mccollough's just glad his family was not hurt. people are blessings, take another look at this massive tree that was ripped out of the ground right e tree did not fall the other way and topple on to their alex. >> thank god. >> let's punch up a camera in c. thinks normally when bill cosby starts walking between:25s pretrial hearing. >> big hearing because with this hearing he and hg to stop his accusers from testifying during his retrial. so lauren johnson's in front of the montgomery county courthouse. i see the people now starting to mill around because he could becoming real soon.
8:06 am
>> reporter: that is right. here's the deal, mike and alex there is some talk that cosby may not appear in court and might be just his lawyers but as you mentioned media circus, and ensued, and, and, in the courthouse and in the, and and testify, the defense attorneys wa ty were in the last trial. as for cosby the last time that we saw him, and, and, in friends and fans before cracking a few jokes in front of the small audience t back in august with his new defense team. those lawyersconvince the same t o'neill who presided over his es the same this time around as it relates to the victims in thatandrea constand t she was sexually assaulted at ae was drugged, one more woman was allowed to testify not
8:07 am
get their way in asking for a dozen more to take a stan. so this to add six to that original list and make that number 19 to hearing will determine what happens in the retrial and you are right, you might remember, 10 days ago the his 44 year-old daughter enza who passed away from kidney disease. lawyers have not said whether that will have an effect on the hearing or the trial, if everything goes as planned, mike and alex, it seems jury selection begins march 29th and the trial slated to start april 2nd. >> let us know when you see him, if you do see him. >> all right. i have reports that he had to show up we will see what happened. big security changes coming to cherry hill public schools starting today. police officers will be patrolling the district buildings. visitors to the schools will be required to show photo id and have a appointment or know their child's student idea number. it comes comes amid protests
8:08 am
and aftermath of the popular teacher suspension after a allegedly making comments regarding security at cherry hill high school east. last time we did this store soy one tweeted me asking it is the teacher still employed there, will he come back, we have not heard a update. >> i believe he is still employed but still not back in the school but we will check on that. so after sexual harassment allegations surfaced last week there were quite a few people watching e network's coverage of the academy award, because ryan seacrest was there doing his normal job of interviewing the celebrities. >> there is some reports that not as many celebrities stopped wye to talk to him trying to avoid him on the red carpet. >> yes. >> one celebrity certainly stopped by and did a interview with him but there was a moment, one praise that she said that a lot of people are talking about and debating, and that is, taraji p hanson from empire, proud mary, everything else and she throwing shade here. we want to tell you. >> we will play, yeah, is what
8:09 am
your decision. >> you know what the universe has a way of taking care of the good people you know what i mean. >> i a gree. >> so taraji responded saying her word where is misconstrued she did that said that to people magazine and she said to keep his chin up. >> if you lower that lower third she touches his chin, tickles him under his chin there. >> she add that had she absolutely supports ryan sea crest despite allegations. she was saying anything on her instagram. she hasn't posted anything bit , i can, he said nothing but love foraraji p hanson and thanks for hanging out with us. he took support me. >> she told people magazine difficult that thing, as a message to keep your chin up. >> it is way she said it, people still feel, it sounded like like she was throwing some shade. >> maybe a little bit but get her point across. >> there were reports he
8:10 am
didn't talk to a lot of celebrities. he made it a point to say you can swipe and see more pictures. he posted a lot of the celebrities that he spoke to, you know, were, yes. >> kelly ripa, tiffany haddish , common, whoopi goldberg. >> i saw that he grabbed kristin plumber, an icon in hollywood and pulled him in the fray. >> through your lens, frances mcdormand one big last night, our movie critic, kevin mc ts. interesting speech, too. we will play that for fst a loc, wasn't letting anything hold her d but first kate spadaro suited up for final home game and then share some love, and now the sixers got in on thect key to te is sitting in our studio right
8:11 am
now hi there kate what is up is sitting in our studio right now hi there kate what is up we will talk to kate her dad - honey, look what we got! is sitting in our studio right now hi there kate what is up we wi- [narrator] going bigd (yelling) isn't always best. unless it's a aaa plus membership. get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. aaa. go ahead.
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8:14 am
bristol road, at second street pike, some high water, icy conditions, everybody is push on to the street road, this morning, philly international, they are arriving, departing, but still recovering, so check with your airline, before you head down to the airport, live look at sun glare here on route 100 as you rolling through chester county, delays coming through new jersey on the freeway heading up toward whitman and accident south on the whitman drive at johnson street and all traffic lights are out, especially in delaware county, you need to tree, and blue route southbound in 40 minute delayed. leprechaun alert yesterday, we had a good time, at springfield country club raising funds for this sunday 's st. patrick's day parade, i was there with irish
8:15 am
dancer, kathy orr came out, we all had our green, a tempt to go do irish dancing, good time was had by all yesterday and, of course, st. patrick's day parade thinks coming sunday. we will march up market street here in center city philadelphia and also catch the parade live, right here, on fox starting at 12. let watch this. we're riding a bikes. doing a little bike race. it didn't end well. i'm glad we didn't show ending sue has the forecast in 15 seconds... we're all still dodging branches and cleaning up from the last storm here's what we are anticipating about the next storm, throughout the day on wednesday, tracking up the
8:16 am
mid-atlantic coast again, temperatures will be in the 30 's and 40's which means real tricky, rain, wet snow, a combination of the two, if we have a more inland track we will have more rain mixing with the snow and that is why it moves further off shore we can see more snow then rain, and significant accumulations in some places. our coastal flood advisory, has been extended until 2:00 for some minor flooding in times of high tide but we are anticipating four to 8 inches of snow in the area here under this winter storm watch, which goes from tuesday evening through wednesday night, and, yeah, here we go again, 32 degrees in philadelphia but factor in some wind here but 20 miles an hour sustained winds, and wind gusts of 26 miles an hour, mean it feels like 20 out there and 24 in wilmington and wind chill of 23, in allentown so make sure looking out window see that sunshine, wear warm enough coat but 48 today, 46 tomorrow, daytime hours
8:17 am
should be fine on tuesday, mess comes tuesday into wednesday, through the day on wednesday out of here by thursday and friday, by saturday we have mostly sunny skies, and we will talk more after our next storme of showerr parade on sunday. that is a look aast. >> nicely done, sueby. >> local team making a big l world we shared kate spadaro's story with you last month. you will remember her. she hit the court on senior night with the camden catholic girls varsity basketball team. she has never let that hold her back. she has been honored by harlem globetrotters and most recently the sixers. >> kate and her dad jerry are right here with us. what a night friday night. good to see you kate. >> you are there with your exclusive sixers gear. >> yes. >> sixers gear the rest of your life. >> yes. >> who did you meet friday night.
8:18 am
>> i met dario czarrish and robert covering to ro co, really cool. >> you get to hang out while they are picking up their game plan for the team. >> we got to get to center court and meet with the referees and a player from the sixers and player from the hornets. >> that is very nice. >> and then they won which is a good thing especially considering last night what happened. >> did we have footage of you hitting the shot for camden catholic? i think we do. what was it an eight footer. >> yes. >> did that feel good. >> definitely. >> it was sweet. >> yeah, it was. >> how long you have been playing. >> since i was little since kindergarten, and it was pretty awesome. >> there it is.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> so your inspired for your big sister. >> yes. >> she played basketball through college. >> you watched her and said i can do that. >> definitely. >> what does she say but now getting on the sixers court. >> probably like haha. >> so, how are the grades. >> pretty good. >> good. >> i love it. >> she's a 3.6. >> yes. >> how proud are you? is she better. >> it doesn't take much to do better than me in school. if you but i'm extremely proud of her. she has been a joy for the last almost 19 years now and inspiration to anybody around her just to show what the possibilities are in the right cdenonment and right people catholic what they provided for herry love it is in the just about what people are doing for her but you are
8:20 am
still doing things for others. >> yes. >> you give your time to others too. >> definitely. >> where are you volunteering. >> bucks county food bank and also camden catholic community >> where is your crown aren't you home coming queen. >> yeah, i didn't bring it. >> would i keep that thing with me at all times. >> really. >> so what is next? what is left to do. >> proudly graduation and then get to college. >> where do you want to go. >> i have two options i'm thinking studies program in new jersey and camden county college. >> what do you want to be. >> probably a teachers aid because i love kids, so hopefully maybe i can work at camden catholic one day. cysttent coach or something one day. >> good to see you. >> kate. >> thanks. >> pleasure, thank you. >> you must be so, so proud.
8:21 am
>> absolutely. >> nice to meet you. >> we will go back to camden county, because this time gloucester township though, hey, jen. >> we love camden county. people from camden county, college see that is the line, come on back we will tell you all bit, little girls are you so excited? of course you are. if your skin had a wash tag
8:22 am
what would it say? 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists.
8:23 am
8:24 am
jenny live, at the lamp post diner. >> hey there, jen. >> hey, we have to say happy birthday to mia you are seven. you feel good. >> so big guys, that came to say happy birthday, some of the baseball players, how are you doing. >> doing great. >> how are you. >> awesome. >> do you think phillies will be all right this year. >> a lot better. >> you guys get to go to myrtle beach, training, games. >> spring training, getting the gears loose, getting ready for the season. >> my man wants a chair with his name on it.
8:25 am
>> one day, one day. >> yes. >> he is a superstar. >> thank you. >> i'm the talent for the day. >> your talent here. >> just sit here look good, answer some questions and play baseball. >> your 50th year, you are really proud. >> yes, very proud of all of our students and all of the things camden county college has done for the community. celebrating 50 years. we have a lot of events that are going on all year but we have a gala that is happening on april 13th. >> are you going to that. >> i will be. >> so there is still tickets available and sponsorships, we want to thank community and support our students. >> we love going to school there. >> what is best part. >> it is just -- >> sports. >> will you cheer. you have a 5k coming up march. >> march 24th. >> yes, doing a little cheer. >> bye.
8:26 am
>> here we go, ready, and thank you, by the way. >> cheering. >> everybody yell. >> yeah. >> so cute. >> college guys went to spring training in myrtle beach. >> i didn't know this. >> i didn't either, i lived there for three years. >> the perks. how did he do in his predictions on friday? i did notice allison janne won last night, but how about the rest of the predictions. um-hmm. that best picture i dent think he had that one right. >> he knew he wasn't going to get that right. >> 99 percent true. >> he was right about not being right.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
lots of bright sunshine, some of us, he smiles through everything, but there is a lot of clean up still to go on our friday nor'easter, cold start and temperatures in the teens and 20's, really tough for folks that don't have power today, 32 degrees, feels like 20 thanks to these 20 miles an hour sustain winds and it will stay breezy with gusts as high as 25 miles an hour, 48 degrees, but it will probably feel chillier men that all afternoon and then we will get down, and, winds couple down for a little bit and, and, and tuesday morning, tuesday night through the day through wednesday. bob kelly, we will worry about that, next time, trying to time that out, for us, tell us is what going on. >> we have been taking a
8:31 am
couple of problems, we got multi vehicle accident on the kelly drive, and, and eight vehicles involved, combination of the water, melting, and temperatures below freezing, that kelly drive's a mess to begin w kelly drive is block both directions, martin luther king drive, as traffic lights defective, right at montgomery drive, so it is a mess coming in and out of the city on two of the drives at schuylkill expressway, normal delays, and sun glare, we had left over high water here bristol road closed at second street pike, again icy conditions so everybody using street road, this morning, mike and alex, back to you. last friday our movie critic kevin mccarthey gave predictionness five major categories,ev did. >> good morning to you. >> we're all wearing blue this u x for four daisy woret again
8:32 am
yesterday, last night and now wearing it again today. i thinky news room, they are probably smelling the suit at this point for sure. had ditch she's reusing the dress why not reuse the suit. >> that made mee she wore the dn snl, when she introduced and hosted the show same dress adst night. comfortable shoes on the stage , that was awesome. a good book. >> i love her. actress your pick wassal san janne. i, tanya. >> yes. >> analllison janne won. these acting categories were lock n the she one the sag, awards, she is's amazing i, ton, yeah she plays tanya harding in the movie. her first win. it was really cool to see her up there on the s speech.
8:33 am
she was very happy. >> wasn't she in west show. >> yes, she was. >> there was a lot of west win gight, bradley whiteford, in get out he was in west amazing actors, aaron rrkin was there he was there for molly's game. >> supporting october or rockwe. >> this made me happy. i love h he was on galaxy quest. he was on confessions of a dangerous movies, moon, match stick men with nicholas cage. he is deserves. he even if menial in three billboards. watch, at times, when you see the film, not familiar with it , mcdormand's character her daughter is killed and buys three to call out police f bit. so that is the story there. >> best actor, you win, three
8:34 am
billboards. >> exactly. that was a big lock. she won these actors, won essentially everything leading up to the oz corresnd not as exg we knew who would win these award. they didn't take any type that r were going to win last night. >> people said there weren't any actor. >> yeah, actor gary old man, amazing as winston churchill. i would have rather seen danielt out. problem with that performance in get out, not a lot of dialogue but to meer for interne external as an actor. the scenes that daniel h that cd those rolls down his face i can't imagine where he had to go to b performance off. to me that ways harder performance. gary old man was in a away his performance, amazing actor but i think other actors had other t like war for planet of the
8:35 am
apes but gary old man winning for his career last night. movi. lets move on to best picture. >> yes. >> mike, mike, mike i wanted him to go onta thank you, everybody. >> you know that line when he says that. hallway. >> every one. love thatne of the greatest moment. >> you thought kevin, there was an outside chance get out to win it picture. >> yeah, i thought, i thought i had good reasons here. front pictures were three billboards and shape of water. shape of water did end up get oy because the votes could split between the two vegas and you aa betting person the two to put money on were three the shape o. three billboards had a bigger chance because golden globe and sag but shape of water won last night. get out or dunkirk were the one that deserved award.
8:36 am
>> i did see a report that said several members had still never seen get out. >> yes, i frustrated me so much because get out, it requires, a second realize the masterpiece that it is, the fact that they didn't watch tim, pure ignorance. >> at least it got best play. >> yes. thanks, kevin bath, do some. >> queen b syndrome, explain this to beyonce, girls may run the world but how about the work place whyo eh other, on the job, and not that we was
8:37 am
8:38 am
(clucking noises) everyone wants to be delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, .
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:40. >> sound goods to me. >> women may have it harder at thence, that is because women are mean tore each other then they are to their malet is painh a broad brush but i will say a survey from the university of an and women, that they previous month of work. well, they found, women are less likelylong, and women with this assertive andnae more likely to be targeted. you know, the old right. they call it queen b syndrome,z. it makes some women target in an attempt to i don't know about that. >> you are not a woman. >> okay.e to be a
8:41 am
woman to understand what a woman is just between women, i guess you could observe. >> i don't want women weighing in on any other male topics, the restife here. 8:41. is this jen, or jennaphr. >> all of them. >> hey, look at water, looking , other guys have a sugar induced there, we're here with pine hill middle school they will tell us all about amazing thing. we will be right break.
8:42 am
gus, you are crushing it! just trying to she me too. gettin' the beach body back... this will help you power through. one mpennsylvania lottery.aydaye yup, with top prizes of a million bucks. so, how do i look? like a winner. (they both laugh)
8:43 am
8:44 am
gorgeous sunrise, music pier there, very cold, cold, its march and we have another coastal storm on the way, not fr for both morning and evening commutes on accumulating
8:45 am
snow, every where but especially north and west, thate we will have accumulations but rest of us, stay winds culled gust as high as 30 or 40 which means possibility of more power lines coming dunely. rain mix west snow with the closer track, or more snow a little bit off shore but it will be a coastal storm. so we cannot show you what it looks like now on radar, day tomorrow. coastal flood advisory, these are winter storm watch, already, for tomorrow evening through wednesday night, o to 8 inches of snow in those places, little too early wl hape furthere and south so 32 right new but feels colder then that thanks to these 20 miles an hours, still windy out, 26 miles an hour gusts but makes it ftead
8:46 am
of the 30's sewed make sure you are warmly dress today and tomorrow for aen get ready for y weather late in the day on thus, into wednesday and w thur, saturday, chance of a shower for the parade ont is one storma time, lets get through this one first andt. patrick's day parade on sunday. >> one thing before the one at . >> people have been showing up at jen's location longer she jenny's on your block in camden county, >> hey, guys, all right so i'm here with my favorite newle froe hill middle school. good morning. >> good morning. >> we will tell everyone how by telling them burr clubs. >> you will go what. >> lotus club which is yoga. >> how do the classroom with two yoga instructors, so
8:47 am
they teach us a bunch o relaxation, cool posts. >> i think that isot to do some cool things with right. >> yes. >> you are growing >> yes. >> yep, yes. >> we love visual aid when you are on had to do some kind of crazy project, right. i. >> what is is this thing we umbd what it does is protect anyone wa from school or work and from the rain and >> genius. >> have you sold it yet. >> we have yet to sellt.ou doing get out of the diner, get tank. i did get everyone here. >> you are my problem. >> this is the club. they have an instrument.
8:48 am
>> and it broke i said you put it out to i >> let's see it. positive. amazing so what is that. >> an instrument we made tubing. it i a we call it. >> all right. >> awesome. >> you made it work, thinking, e thinking, we have the national junior honorhi any of my kids will ever get into. what do you s do.rt you are. >> we do a lot of community cleane wor ups, we have made sandwiches forat camden. >> cool. >> on martin luther king day we collected bun distributed them to local churches and pine havill. great.
8:49 am
>> all of the kid here are awesome. >> did i get everyone so, yes is cool. we were talking about different sports, i didn't get you in? >> what is this. >> w do. >> we collect them every year we mak are year before we had 60, lastad 1s year we are trying to the connect them all and makes a bigger peer mid. >> thank you very much. we have to say hi le person becs came to visit, right. >> right. >> emmanuel. >> very cute, very handsome and very so yoga club, you can get a umbn it, yes, whatever you need. >> i like the bac you on shark k
8:50 am
and get that done, guys. >> line of t this diner and get to shark tank. >> that is great.& >> doesha cut. >> maybe so. >> mr. wonderful. >> so lastwards shows in hollywood, a lot of women wereoy think they missed the color, ofs came out with colorful more than any other year. do you have one of your oscar fashion shows day. >> we will be discussing the fashion, yes, panel get together and who is
8:51 am
sorry. i can't make it.
8:52 am
it's just my eczema again, yeah, it's fine. eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aeczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, beaused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? to learn more.
8:53 am
we're taking a look at montgomery countyos is expected to show up any minute now because he has aia hearing. it is going to be happening
8:54 am
there. we will see actually starts, in april so we will keep this on the look out and get back to see him arrt first lets get to bob. >> watch for around the courthoe with that whole court situation. kelly drive right directions, er pile up because of some icy conditions, right avenue, under pass there. kelly drive closed,in drive, trc lights, and,r r montgomery drive, grid lock coming in the city, two of our drives, the walt whitman bridge right now, coming into philadelphia, two lanes volume backing it up here on the 42 freeway coming to a folks bailing out where they can use a ben franklin bridge coming out of the so from pretty much south street into downtown. alex, back over to much, one. we know americans love
8:55 am
euroan the feeling mutual? american accents that european . and me too milestones and hh academy award, went off at the big winner, and heartfelt speeches and big surprise.
8:56 am
it's time, america. it's not going to be easy. but there's grit inside of you. the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day.on us. strayer university. let's get it. d
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8:58 am
everybody, it is march the fifth, 2018, karen's here >> yes. >> yes. >> working to break the blue streak. >> i thought about that,
8:59 am
and, this is the 90th academy award, of color on the red carpet for the guys, and, >> and we know americans love european accents, but is the feeling, >> the american accents that europeans find most alluring. >> this is i country do you find, the most sexy as far as the accent, is it the delaware valley. >> it is minnesota. >> minnesota. >> is it the midwest, is it a valley girl. and, jen, and here's the situation. the school jazz band, has a private room here at the diner. bit extra. >> a little bit extra. >> we're here to say the other overbrook, this is the overbrook.
9:00 am
>>ville road overbrook. >> yes. >> gotcha. r overbrook in philly but this is another one. >> w this.. >> i don't care about the other overbrook. >> yeser overbrook. >> politics and activism taking center stage, was the hod he started with, well, this. >> oscar beloved, and respected, man in hollywood and there is a very good lk at him. he keeps his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word. and most iortantly, no penis at all. he is literally a statue of limitations. and that is the kind of men we need more of in this town. we will always


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