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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 6, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: railroad areas are still recovering. tens of thousands of people still without power as crews work hard to refor the power and bad news, another storm coming on wednesday just how bad is it going to be? we'll check win dan zarrow but this one could be huge, so wind, storm surge, ice, who knows what we are going to expect. and mysterious threat closes all the schools in bayonne.
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just what happened to keep the kids out of school on monday. >> lasting into i received information about threats of a shooting to our school system. bill: and courage on the football gridiron. how about this? a one armed linebacker at the nfl combine. >> wait until you see ap hear this story. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." >> our area still recovering from the huge nor'easter that smacked us on friday and tens of thousands of people still without power on monday and for some, no end in sight. we gol got team chairs coverage. i well check win nate rogers on the aftermath and the recovery and meteorologist dan zarrow as to what to bect the storm that is coming and could dumb ap ton of snow on wednesday and talk to a guy has long-term solution to keep the lights on during even
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the worst of storms. but first, let's start with nate rogers. nate, what happened? how are people doing? nate: well, bill, it was hectic weekend for the area for many residents after pri dy's nor'easter storm. take ac willing at. this is what roads look like in morris county three days later. uprooted trees talking over the front lawns and roads blocked after trees toppled power lines, also, power lines now grounded right in front of homes. >> the winds were over 60 miles per hour. we were worried about the pipes freezing and trees coming down around us. >> two have a lot of trees in the area. also, the crews working to restore power. here many families are now arelying on generators. relying on generator. 221,000 power outages in new jersey alone. >> we have a lot of wires on the
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ground so they are working with us to prioritize the issues. the wires are down. they could get covered so we try to lob. >> families are also on guard for another potential storm tomorrow evening into wednesday. and once this stuff starts, staying home, staying off the roads and a lot easier to get to get things done. >> go stay with a friend or have a generator or be grateful this can happen very often. >> some 2,000 crews working around the clock to restore service. i am nate rogers for "chasing news" now here is dan zarrow the latest weather for us. dan. thank you, nate. storm tracks are like railroad tracks. you get one locomotive nor'easter blog through. is not that surprising when there is one behind it. that is what we have in the
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forecast. for wednesday of this week. going to get messy and within try once again. here is what we know so far. snow seems to be more and more lockley as time guess on from new york city down to new jersey turnpike four to eight inches even more than that. double-digit snowfall on the tables to the northwest and along the coast, is going to be tricky because we go from rain to snow at some point then the exact crack in temperatures will dictate how much snow we seek. now i know what else you are thinking. the wind and the coastal flooding threat. the good news is less than what we saw from fry did's nor'easter but still wind gusts of maybe 4 miles per hour inland and 50 miles per hour listening the coast and the worst-case scenario. bill? bill: thank you, dan. a guest bo knows a little bit about how to help us keep the light on during the next storm. he has some ideas the name is adam and with green irbe design.
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welcome to "chasing news." adam, are pushing this idea called microgrid and i understand there is an example of this a ath princeton university. the question is. how do the rest of us pay for this? >> how do we pay for the things. i think it begins with a question of business as up, right? what are we paying for today? when we talk about the continued exposure of wires and lines and the continued rebuilding of the things, you know, we are talking about billions of dollars and expenses. all right. let me ask you. why not have this house by house. i know a lot of people with whole house generators myself included operating off of natural gas. we got the structure in blase more than 7% of homes in a place like new jersey already connected to the natural gas bridge. well, it is expensive, right it? begins and think of it like cop-cation. right? the beginning very expensive cell phones were for limited subset of people or communication and emergencies over time and this will grow just like telecommunication
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cable has green over times and the house, the choices are limited to thual till utility allow that to be much more competitive and a much more rekrillient system. thank you, adam. let's bring in the a plus panel to talk about it to see what they think. immigration attorney is back with us and good see you. >> bill caruso, democratic range is here. ged sue. and pert brown. phil, want to start with you on this. it seems to me, two df ren things. you got lines down. as of monday morning. 73,000 people in new jersey were still out of power from the storm on friday. so clearly, something needs to be done. this is separate from the power lines. this is about their own communities like princeton university that has not run on gas them how ract call is that how expensive it would be to convert what you have. forget new projects. >> i think converting is a program. microgrids are interesting ideas but they are focused redevelop the idea of hardening power
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delivery system makes a lot of sense t. that he is something that could be retrofitted and a new development is going getting down. the poll poles down. why are we petting up new poles they should be bar rid along the side of this road. that's something that town and counties can be doing. that cost money. well, prac call not ract call. microgrid. i have a gas generator that runs my house. so the power went onfully day. it just switches to a different box. you don't notice it. why is not every howhouse on it? individual housing grid? >> a great idea. the question is: who is going to pay for it. blit is grant money you are getting. municipality fays for a part of it. is going to cost money. where are we going get that money from? >> well, you spend so much time talking about the what if and these fantasies throughout and a nice idea that the rest of the world can catch up with princeton university with hundreds of approximatelies of extra dollars not ract call though. >> yeah. it does seem like utopian
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society that is pritting on the own grid system. some don't into the city's grid p. we should focus on barring the power lines and peoplee in danger on friday that needs to be focus. did anyone lose power in the storm that none of you? >> i am the only one if pew the only one. >> you the one the generator. how about that all right. >> it usually doesn't work that way. thanks, guys. >> seems like the at thes to schools have been coming in increasing numbers lately especially in our area. on monday. officials made the decision to close bayonne schools because of a threat on twitter i will read this to you. watch it. we will shootup all bay jone public schools starting with henry harris to john m.d. to mid town community school then you dhs bayonne high school, monday morning and. i will bring in the mayor of bayonne, mayor joins you me now. mayor dave race, how you? welcome to "chasing news."
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>> good. how are you? bill: so let me ask, you mayor. when did you become aware of the social media threat. how credible is it? what prompted the decision to close all the schools. >> well, i got a text last night from the board of ed who his wife had the threat on another parent. the superintendent schools and all the emergency personnel were notified. the superintendent schools was notified and we started the whole day on the investigation. what is law enforcement saying about the account? well, right now. ongoing investigation that we already have and very active investigation which is there.
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>> clearly you are taking this as legitimate threat inwhat do you do tomorrow? why are bayonne's schools in terms tef rush to secure the soft targets? you have armed guards. what preparations are you taking into well, yes. we instituted into the school district. right now what we are going to do is retired police officers who retire within the last five years and have to have armed resources and police officers in every single school, the high school. >> so what do you to do home? let's say the investigation continues into tomorrow. do you coop the schools closed? do you have enough confidence you got to be secure enough for the kids to attend schools safe. >> i am of dent and i am not just confident because i am the
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mayor but i also have dozens of sixth-graders in the grammar school. bill: all right. appreciate it, mayorment we hope everything works out and they find the bad giant the kids are safe. thans for joining. >> no problem. thank you for having me. take care. don't go anywhere. alo more "chasing news" coming up after the break. >> mayor de blasio wants to ban plastic bags. what am i going to but the groceries sin? the u.s. curling team bringing home the cold. will talk to one of the medalist after the break. dan zarrow will have details about another storm headed or way. >> bill, if you thought winter was over. would you be wrong. for the second time in a week, a in easter is knocking on our door this once date is going to get messy once again. snow, w, coastal flooding threat. i will break done the timeline of the nasty winter storm for you coming up.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." maybe do you, too system of stay toon noord. and the u.s. olympic team wins the cold in curling. the last time friday was devastating for many people. thens of thousands without power and another now another storm headed or way on wednesday.
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one could bring a ton of snow. dungaree row has dials. what is gitting to look like this week? dan. here we go again for the second time in a week. a masty nor'easter knocking on this door. wednesday is going to be the day. it will be missy and wintry and double-digit snowfall total on the table once again to the north and the west of the city. well, the good news is with you got time before the messy stuff arrives during the day tuesday things will stay quiet and we'll see increasing clouds the first snow flakes or raindrops will not arrive until tuesday night at the earliest. let's look to numbers on the short term forecast. overnight tonight, chilly. we will probably see prez. upper 2's to lower 30's for the area. then clouds in crease on tuesday. it will be a pretty seasonable early march day with highs reach though mid's or so. wednesday we go down hill in a hurry starting with a mix of snow and rain. then, things really get ramped up wednesday afternoon and evening that will be the peak of the storm. here is what it look like it is that wide swath of blue where
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the with see the biggest within try impact again double-digit know fall totals possible he is shallly from northwestern new jersey to the catskills but even along the coast, we. >> see snow acould aye cumulation making travel difficult. wind gusts 90 to 50 miles per hour pos be. not or 70 miles per hour like last friday. but still fierce. coastal flooding possible. i put it in the minor category something we'll be watch offering the coming days. am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> your movement will surely make some folks that may end up vogue the democratic primary in 2020 very happy about mayor bill de blasio. he can is going after plastic bags trying to make them a thing of the past. john shoe know has the story. yon, what do you got for us? reporter: we know for sure, mayor deblass where i sy yo went though new york time over the weekend base commented on article that renewed the debate on what to do over plastic bags in new york.
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the blow around in trees and get stuck and cost tax ayers almost $13 million every year to transport them to landfills. grab ally they are polluting ocean and waterways and at times anest nate one trillion bags each everaround the world. 23 billion across new york state t. he took to twitter on sunday and ban plastic bags in time over and for the end tirnment, bad for the economy and bad for new york. the state is behind the curve her and time put our planet first. the key word in this opening sentence is ban. blass sy yo supported legislation to discourage the use of plastic bags buy opposing a five-cent fee. it passed the city council but the legislation died in he state. of course, they like that, right? in new york city, some people get the bags from stores and use them as bar gaming bags and live on the 12th floor of the department building the garbage
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is going down a chute and going down the chute in something so it is discussion that perhaps be need to have or does not aper to be in new york a satisfactory solution. bill? bill: you know why so many of them in the world? they are awesome. i use them all the time. as a matter of fact i prefer frosh ryes to be double bagged because i use them to pick after the dog in the backyard, i loon the bathrooms with them. they are great, efficient and cheap. can throw them away. thank you,yon, appreciate. >> all right. let's bring in the a plus panel to break this down. am joined by immigration attorney. about two goad sue. bill caruso also with us. ged sue, bill. and linden city councilman. all right. i will start with you. know you love this subject. when they asked me paper or plastic at the grocery store. sometimes even ask for both. what if you would wonderful. was in suffolk county in, no and they have a five-cent fee for
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plastic bags. it was bit of a nuisance. i felt like we have a communal responsibility to be account for where these plastic bags are going. i am not against it. >> i can note it mam gin a black market. >> i am hording them now. >> aim double bag. love plastic bag. i think, i do agree them. at least it the other thing is going to encourage me to redouse the use of plastic bags. bill: why is that democrats, yeah, sem dem cra tend to go right for all out bans not based on anything other than people misuse things t. the idea they are clogging the sewers because people are lit are and throwing them in the street and not using properly. i cannot speak for all democrats here. this is a prillian strategy by this mayor in new york. cannot carry. you cannot throw away the trash. we'll divert attention to all the main problems going on in new york city and ban bag. this is amazing job. bill: let me ask you this, though.
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as democratic strategists. good or bad for the potential run for president? some indication he may be a national candidate. therele focs leaning on this left that are going to subscribe to this. so this is a problem we talked about right? plastic bags but this is not the solution. if hes running for president that is where is running. plast ig bags. >> over under on how long it takes murphy to ban them in new jersey. >> oh, wan year. >> wan year. >> yeah. needs another distraction. ok t. than, guys. see you folks. >> all right. the olympics may be over. but the u.s. olympic curling team took home the gold. i am joined now by joe from the curling team. yo, welcome to "chasing news." how are you? >> thanks for having me. i am doing great. >> first of all. got to believe you got the gold with you now. >> there you go. aim proud of guys.
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ite looked a little rough and the first half the week went rough this time around. >> well, we got it. >> well, the first question, how do you guys prepare nor? raw eggs, protein bars or beer and pretzels? >> quite a bit of training that guess on with this just to have a good balance and we do a lot of training because going out and 20 to 30 seconds and get a one minute break and you are back out there doing it again. >> so let me ask you. you know, this olympics. i mean, every once in awhile. i see this more and more lately that olympic sport and other sports and he everybody else gets political. tell me athletes speaking out making it political. you guys didn't seem to do that was it hard to stay foes caned if. >> well, you know, we stayed away from it. we kept the questions and answers to curling and so, yeah, think we stayed away from it for
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the most part. >> you have been invited to the white house? if so, are you going to go? >> yes, reare going to go where it is he asked ud for i think, it is late april. >> what it was like coming them to a hr re's welcome. well, it was great. fun to see al the friends and family at the airport and when we got there. then, basically all the support. >> yo, thanks for joining us tonight. congrats again. and i bt towel. real proud of. you what you a coming up accomplished love the falk are proud american and sad. have if you at the white house. >> all right. we'll do it, thanks. >> let's take a look at headlines we're chasing four tonight. >> two young children were killed and a pregnant mother of one them was injured crossing the street monday afternoon. one of the victims was in the stroller that was dragged by a car police said. the driver said she believed she had a medical response. [gunfire] >> after watching demonstration of ar-15 assault rifle in action
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at the police academy. bob menendez renewed the call for gun reform. i mam gin being a student in that school or any school in america and someone with ar-15 and post series of clips is walking done the hallway shooting away. the absolute terror must exist. >> keith conducted the demonstration firing off 50 rounds in 65 seconds reloading twice and the shooter who killed 16 people at majory stoneman sprayed the school with 150 bullets. the assembly committee heard testimony from peg,s monday about legal marijuana as governor phil murphy pushes to make good on the campaign promise to make new jersey the tenth state. lawmakers are divide on the issue with some supporting legalization and othersed a rekaying decriminalization. throws some headlines we are chasing tonight. >> don't go anywhere. you are going to want to see the story we have coming up after the break. how about this? you may be familiar the nfl combine but did you know?
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there was one-handed linebacker. will make it? george kozlowski will have details. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. let's check win george kozlowski
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has the story of the nfl combine. not a typical year this time a lynn bang we're one hand trying to make it in the nfl. george? what do you got for us? >> thanks, bill. one of the best stories to come out of the come bin over the weekend the story of university of central florida linebacker griffin born wut a left hand but look at him when he did 20 before he presses with the left hand. unbelievable story. will he get drafted? not sure. i would say absolutely. what a story for him. well, as ner giants tune in creeping up the interests levels for giant fans and maybe themselves one is quarterback and josh allen of wyoming and the young man was a big arm and how to a ballmer than 70-yard during the workout this past weekend and everybody saw it and they have the second pick of the draft. the other name we're hearing of course, barkley the running back out of penn state and they say is a generational talent.
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will be there at number two on the draft? we'll physician out next month. as for the jets who drafted six and take it and it may depend on whether they sign free agent quarterback kirk cousin to a megamillion dollar deal and the jets reportedly of four team in the running for for his service. colleges a ket billion back at the garden this back weekend and the big ten conference. here comes the big east. two local teams st. john's plays on wednesday against georgetown and seton hall. what a year they are heying they get a biand host butler at the garden thursday night. there is your day in sports. am george kozlowski for "chasing news." back to you. >> all right thanks for "chasing news" tonight. appreciate you lep lings into the living room. am bill spadea. will see you on "chasing news" tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin at 11:00 with look at cape may. ready for another round of winter weather? get ready. the on the way. from the shore to the city and the suburbs, even in the mountains the line of early march continues to rear its ugly head. it's a second punch for our area as we get walloped last week and now another system threatening to wreak havoc on us. i'm iain page. there are still people without power from the last storm we had and now we're talking about another one. we've got team coverage our winter weather authority. let's begin tonight with kathy. what should we expect? >> well, we're expecting at this time tomorrow night, iain, some snow already moving into our suburbs. here's the storm right over the northern plains and it doesn't look like a huge storm but guess what? blizzard conditions in the northern plains in the g


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