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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  March 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> right now on good day philadelphia, get ready a day of rain, snow and wind, as the latest nor'easter tracks our way. we already have hundreds of school concellations, and delays. >> as much as i love not having school, i'm so tired of the snow. i don't like it. >> you can say that again. what about those people that are still dealing with the aftermath from friday's storm? >> i've been here 13 years, never saw anything like this before. we've had storm before and this is the worse. >> during the height of the storm, be prepared for snow falling, one to 2 inches per hour, in some places. and win gusts to up 45 piles per hour. buckle up, it is going to be a wild ride. good day philadelphia, at 5:00 .
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>> good morning, thank you for waking up at 5:00. a lot of you may have already have your kids off from school and may be sleeping n thanks you for joining us, down the shore, wind whipping in the flags. what's happening depends where you are. >> seems like it is about to change. it will change hour by hour this morning. look at the bottom of your screen for all of the latest closings and delays, your schools, businesses as well and maybe couple of pictures, be safer out there. fox 29 snow, want to see what you're seeing this morning, we of course will share them all morning long. >> i love it particularly when you send us your children and pets. always cracks me up. fun time on the snow day. let's get right over to sue with the track and timing of the storm. >> that cat looking out of the snow. do you have wonder what the cat was thinking. two out every ten, yes, we changed the number. may go down again. but for right now when we think of the balance of the day, and the fact that some people will only get rain, two is bad enough. but even if you get rain at times it will be very heavy
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rain. so, temperatures are in the 30 's right now, bus stop buddy ready for a snowstorm! we have wet roadways here in philadelphia right now. but, only 33 degrees. just a degree above freezing, factor in those 13-mile per hour winds, it feels like 24 out there. so, make sure you're bundle up like budd when you are walking out the door this morning, we expect to say in the mid 30's, throughout the day today. it looks like we may end up with more of a snow event, in philadelphia, than originally planned, but we will watch it with you all morning long, as we, the snow starts to pile up later on this afternoon, and as we've been saying, to folks just waking up, mike masco, who is outside in it, the worse is yet to come. >> the worse is yet to come. and if you're here in philadelphia, in center city, or old city, a morning where not much will happen. because you can see, it is just a very light snow coming down, conversational type snow , mike jerrick, right this way, as we wait for your turn, mike, 6:00 a.m. we have just again light snow
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out there. but, as we get through the afternoon hours, that is when the rates start to pick up. that's when this storm gets little more serious. now, going to radar. because we've been getting tweet, mike, sue, where is the storm? well, here it is, it is cents down along the south carolina coastline, it is not much just yet. but you see that low sitting over since that they? chicago? that's the energy to focus of energy that will drive the storm and allow it to deepen rapidly and intensify, then we really get into the heart of the storm. so 8:00, 9:00 in the morning, we are talking about heavy steady rains along the shore points. now there is going to be enough cold air for the lehigh valley to start to see the snow accumulate. talking one, two, 3 inches, and then look what happens as the storm really starts to wrap up deepen and intensify, dragging in more of a north wind component. will allow for all snow, right along 95, 295, the pa turnpike , the blue route. these will be areas that are going to get crushed with snow
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11:00 a.m., 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, that's when we are forecasting the heart of the storm to come in, and then everything is out of here, by the evening. what you need to know is that the worse of the storm comes in between 11:00 a.m. to 5:00. all right? now, look, the intense snow bands are going to bring your visibility down to zero. so, travel is ill-advised as we get through the afternoon hours, and we could be talking about thunder snow, because of the dynamics in the atmosphere we will talk more about the thunder snow, some new developments, and brand new forecast model running right now, we will share with you on air coming up in just a little bit. bob? >> sound good. get on back in here, got the coffee pot brewing, 5:04, live look at trooper road, norris hall, give you idea what we're dealing with the wet slushy kind of snow. and right here, at the intersection, when you kind of come to a stop, your tires will be trying to grip on some of that slush. so that's going to be a problem. county line road, got the snow
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coming at you sideways here. we talked to penndot. they couldn't put down the brine last night, because it started off as a rain event. and that would have just been waste of time and money. all of the salt crews, 450 trucks, all standing by ready to go. we've seen the plow trucks out there specially in the counties at least swipe or two to get us started. high tide causing flooding along the brooklawn circle. that's closed right now. high tide comes in in new jersey around 5:30, so all of the areas that typically flood when we have this type every situation, it will happen at around 5:30, already seeing flooding down in atlantic city along the base. state of emergency in effect in new jersey as we look live, the old, owe olga's diner in the background, the 70 and 73 circle, so there are speed restrictions in play up and down the entire stretch of the new jersey turnpike, if you are really must go, the way to do it is the market frankford, two big work horses cents,
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trains running all night long, 24/7, every 20 minute, that's the way to go, getting there, of course, will be a problem, patco running on snow schedule amtrak, they've made some service adjustments, so do check with their twitter and facebook pages. regional rail lines, operating on a saturday schedule. the tough part about the regional rails, is the overhead power lines. they're going to be watched carefully, that heavy wet snow already drooping some of the trees and the tree branches. no service on the cynwyd line, of course delays and concellations cents likely, just the start of this fun day ahead of us, karen, thomas, back to you. >> fun day, fun day, looking at the travel advisory for philadelphia international airport, as we look live, number of concellations cents, the board is changing quickly here, for flights all up and down the east coast, not only going out, but coming in, as well. so check with your airline, a lot of the airlines have waived the fee for this morning, so give them a call. also, philadelphia city officials, they're declaring snow emergency starting at 8:00 this morning, here in
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about three hours, that means, you must remove your vehicle, or else you'll get that ticket also, if you are looking for parking locations cents, ppa has six garages open for this morning for to you move your car. trash collection, has also cents been suspended for the day. over in new jersey, governor phil murphy has declared state of emergency for the entire state. that means, all non-essential state offices are closed. the governor warning everyone should stay off the roads. use good judgement this morning. throughout the day. >> and we still have a lot of people without power from the storm that we had on friday. it is a good number of people, take a look at that, delaware county, we have 4500, about 4,000 in montgomery county, and then also, we have about another thousand people out in montgomery coin. so there are the numbers, chester county, people out there, bucks as well, also, lehigh county where steve has been report to go allentown area, we've got some of our most outages up there, more than 7,000 there. >> we'll check in with steve here in about 15 seconds.
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as we continue our live team coverage, jenn fred, live in upper montgomery county, you see lauren johnson right there in the middle, in bucks county , and steve keeley in lehigh county this morning, steve? >> reporter: yes, you feel so sorry for those people without power now going on five days. and where sue always mentions higher elevations cents, so being without power is extra tough, because it is extra cold, extra windy. but the power is on here in hamilton street. i thought you guys would like there is we found appropriate ly named bar since we'll have our second storm, within five days. how about that? dejavu, or as yoga bear a said , feels like day day jay view all over again. right on cue is a train whistle you hear. we are across the street, from a classic historic train station, the trains don't run here any more out of this station here, but you can see, the allentown sign there, to the left of the tower, as we hear nearby freight trains running. and thank you for. that will because it makes a
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good sounds effect underneath what i am talking about. trains ran here all the way to jersey city, starting in 1890, until 1967. and trains may be the only smart way to travel today. but even the trains, i noticed amtrak yesterday, already cancelling a lot of the northeast corridor trains, not only what was coming. so you can see here, allentown , nothing yet. probably going to get wallopped the worse with double digit snowfall likely maybe a foot or even better, and it is the heavy wet snow. so i'll leave with you this, again, karen, thomas, two warnings: this snow causes double dangers. number one if you're shoveling , it is the heavy kind that causes cents heart attacks. i always say treat it like a hockey game. do your sidewalk in three different periods. take two long rest breaks inbetween, don't overdo it. secondly, if you've got bigger walk, and got snow blower, this is the kind that jams, and you don't want to unjam it , without shutting off with your hands. and all do you have do, i googled yesterday, looking for
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cartoon picture, to warn people about that, but i saw real life pictures, and some horendous us injuries from people unjam g their snow blower. do not do that today. this is that kind of snow, don't get tempted to do it. >> don't even do it with your foot if you have boots on, use the thing they give you. don't do anything like that. because it is just awful. i don't even want to suggest google those pictures because you just see some of the worse injuries. >> it happens every single storm. it is very, very good advice on all counts. thank you, there, steve, appreciate that. 5:10, let's get to ever a place where they're having a lot of snow. lauren johnson there in up err bucks county quakertown area, good morning. >> good morning, karen, we saw this utility truck. just informed, that was blinking yellow. now it appears to be repaired. but let's hope that this worked. man, you know what i am ' going to say, the storm is coming later, sue and mike have been talking about it, so hopefully the snow doesn't
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pound down here, knock this power out to this intersection again. right now actually it has tapered off little bit. when i checked in with you guys the first time around 4:00 it was coming down pretty hard. but they still have nice coating here, on the grassy areas. not really on the roads. the roads are kind of slushy. so we've been here for about 90 minutes. chris and i head out, see how the roads are doing. we've been at this wawa here, 663, i think we have video to show you, a lot of the plow trucks have come through here to fuel up this morning, in fact, i met up with a guy few minutes ago, tried to get him on camera. i said where are you leaded? he said to work. i said of course you are. i asked him have the radios been busy? he heard a lot. he said not yet. as sue and mike masco have mentioned, the worse is yet to come. so, it is still pretty quiet here. but again, we will go out, head out on the roads, see how that you is, then check back with you guys in about 30 minutes and let you know how the roads conditions are here in quakertown. >> sounds good. sounds like a good plan, lauren, thank you so much. 5:11, of course if you want to track exactly what the storm
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is doing any second come to our website but also our app. we will let you know the radar what's happening right over your head. >> as we said several times, it will be very long day here, just getting started with our coverage here of the nor'easter. jenn fred with mike behind the wheel, in upper month co, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you giles. okay, the roads are sort whatever lauren was talking about. they're clear, for now, wills good news for everyone that does want to get out just a little before the snow starts. bob kelly, we talked this morning, the snow here, not so bad. but we are wait to go see what mother nature is bringing this way. >> good morning, jen, everybody, 5:12, live look at county line road, example of exactly what we're dealing with, the roads are wet, snow coming at your sideways, slush in the intersection, let's check other cameras, good morning to allentown, as we look live, curbside, going to grab a cup of coffee. sue, mike, got the forecast, generals in the shopping van, as we are headed out toward
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limerick checking out all of the roads on a wednesday morning, and coming right back
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>> good morning, everybody, getting ready for a storm party. >> and calling it the disco ball. see one, two, three, waiting for it all to combine to make number six. >> exactly. some days i've done that.
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>> meteorologists back there going that's not how it works. we're tracking the nor'easter for this morning. just waking un, not heavy right now, but expected to change later on this morning, we will check in with your weather authority team. >> i just flashback to the club. i actually lived through the disco era. ya. all right, here's what we're dancing through today. winter storm warning. it has been expanded across the river, to part of burlington county, camden, gloucester, salem, new castle count any delaware, with the possibility of higher accumulations cents, than originally anticipated. temperatures are lower this morning than they were forecasted to be, still seeing the energy transferring from this mid western storm to our off-shore storm, so, even though you see a lot of precipitation, this is only the beginning, the actual storm hasn't gotten here yet. so that gives you a preview of what might be happening later on. now, seeing the snow starting to fill in a little bit more up in the poconos.
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lehigh valley, but look at easton, nothing right now. we go down to the philadelphia area, upper darby, getting some decent snow. here in philadelphia, it is very light, as we will see in a moment when we check in with mike masco there. there is the rain snow line. trip down the a.c. expressway could be really changeable, with snow, changing over to rain, and road conditions, changing all the time. and i think that is really what you have to watch out for , a you travel around this morning, just rain, in cape may, and in southern delaware. so, here are our estimates, and we do call them estimates, because these numbers are will change when all is said and done. five to 8 inches or more along i-95, much more to the north. less to the south. depending on how much rain mixing cents is in. mike masco out in it. can we say it enough, that the worse is yet to come? >> okay, you know what?
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would just lost the shot outside. >> i'm here. >> we always have bob kelly. >> 5:17. let me put my coffee and donut down, and get rocking and rolling. route 30 out in chester county , great example that we're dealing with right now, the start, this is the start of, as we mentioned, the worse will happen later this afternoon. so already, snow covered, wet roads, there is your slush. so little bit of everything in the variety pack here this morning. and penndot mentioned, they couldn't put down the salt brine solution because the storm started as a rain event. so, just be careful. i think everybody made the right call. the they closed the schools from the get go. bunker down. let's just have fun one last snow day of the year here. if we want to call it that. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. right near belmont avenue. all of the salt crews are in place, they put down some salt they're ready to plow. where we've gotten the heavy snow, they have maybe hit it once, twice, some of the turning lanes, flooding on on the brooklawn circle because of high tide that set to
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officially kick in at 5:30, already the circumstance sell underwater. so police are blocking it there, they say maybe until about 7:00. before we can get traffic rolling again over there in westville. new jersey, under state of emergency, as a live look here , route 70 and 73, but i don't know about you, mixed messages, state of emergency in new jersey, stay off the roads, but the mt. laurel school district is open. yes, they have half day because of what parent teacher conferences but i guess they want the parents to come out in the afternoon? so new jersey's got a lot going on over there, speed restrictions up and down the new jersey turnpike. if you got to go somewhere to -- the way to go today market frankford broad street subway big work horses cents running on '7 trains every 20 minute, karen, tomorrow, back over to you. >> i know the governor was asked about that, bob, he said we're keeping our eye on northern jersey where they'll get the brunt of the storm but want to certain encompass the entire state to give everyone a warning for later this morning and this afternoon, when it does pick up. 5:19. let's continue our coverage here. >> out to jenn fred, jen,
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waking up this morning and rolling out the driveway, what was it like in your neck of the woods and what's it like where you are? >> well, i live in a different part of montgomery county. and i have to say it was more snowy, more snow than we're seeing here in pottstown, and as we were talking about, bob kelly talked, talked in the hallway of fox 29, about how the branches were all the way in the roadway. some instances cents, karen, you know, in and around villanova, ardmore, gladwynn, you real had i to drive around branches, because they were down because of the weight of the snow, from last night. not even the weight of the snow from last storm. but, as you can see here, we're like in the middle of pottstown. and there is some snow on the roads, certainly, but not seeing what we saw in terms of the branches, the power lines, and the debris in the road. here just seeing a little bit of snow, mixed with a little bit of rain. and i have to say, sue serio, mike, kathy orr, scott, they
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all nailed it. they all said that this is what was going to happen. that it would be a rain-snow mix. that it would probably have a little built of tapering offer , you know there is time of the morning, and obviously we're all expecting a huge amount of snow between one a.m. and 4:00 p.m. later today but again, this is pottstown. so one of the things, you now -- i know that you and thomas, karen have, been just going to say begging people, begging, i think is the proper word, to show you their snow pictures. if i was home, 4:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning. >> you won't get out there. >> i would be chilling. i wouldn't get out in the snow to do it. >> so i've asked people on my twitter to show me their chill okay? >> oh, that's a good one. >> right now, because, because we have little bit of chill right now in the storm, i want people to show me like show me your feet on the couch. show me what it looks like to be in your hello kitty pj's. because my friends, keep texting, and e-mailing, how does it look?
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apparently my friends don't have windows. do not have windows. >> thanks a lot, it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed, walk out the to the window. >> if you're able to pick up your phone and text, do your snow thing, see how much pictures each of us gets. >> maybe when they get up to walk the dog, i'm sure we'll get the walk the dog pictures and the coffee mugs. >> oh, enough with the dogs. >> for the dogs. >> who let the dogs out. all right, 5:22, you knew was coming, be safe out there. >> so, let's take another live look outside, another neck of the woods, doylestown, we can see that flag whipping in the wind right there. basically kind of on a pause on the storm. do not be fooled. it has got another round coming little later. >> do we have to hit play? we'll get an update, weather and traffic in 90. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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>> we are calling this a nasty nor'easter. how are the roads looking? >> right now monitoring the situation, the snow seems to be slushy still. not really accumulating, yet on the roads.
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so, sounds quiet. >> sounds quiet. i i know your crews are out there. how many crews do you have? >> over 420 trucks ready to go . we have plow trucks, out on the route waiting to be deployed. they'll put the maids down. >> did you brine yesterday ahead of the storm coming? >> unfortunately weren't able to pre treat because it started out as rain, just as the lasts storm. but we will be salting throughout the day. >> a lot of salting. the news here, state above freezing at least for the roadways. >> yes. that is definitely in our favor. whether it does stay above freezing, the salt is specially effective. the only thing we'll have to monitor is throughout the week we'll have re-freezing
5:27 am
concerns. as the temperatures drop overnight, then it gets back up to above freezing during the day. >> thanks so much, we'll be checking back in with you, because we know roads will be changing. >> speed bridges, down to 25 miles per hour, so keep it slow. >> checking in right now, to allentown, steve keeley, see what's happening up there, steve? >> reporter: we are waiting for the change. right now the sidewalk and street are clear here in allentown, we could get hit the worse bye-bye mid-morning.
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(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all,
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can you? it is here. that nor'easter, as is we look live outside and on the radar, buckle up, looking for wild ride here. rain, may turn to snow in some parts, hundreds every schools have closed, with early dismissal, in other parts of the area, your morning come could be rough one. >> i know a lot of people won't even go in today at all. the storm will be hitting little later this afternoon, as well, good day everybody, thank you so much for waking up and checking in with us, we'll let you know the exact time willing, what a lot poof want to know, could they bother to go in or not. and also talk about the wind that will pick up, surge areas of power outages, concerns, this morning, looking at the bottom of your screen, there we have the closings, and
5:31 am
delays for you all morning long, also, philadelphia, has issued an emergency snow route so you have to move all of your vehicles at 8:00 this morning. >> yes, go find a place to put your car a lot of the garages open them, have reduced rates for those. so we have our team coverage there. all of the people out all over the greater delaware and lehigh valley. for example, up there, live shot of allentown, where steve keeley is. we've got lauren johnson in bucks county, and our jenn fred in montgomery county. >> all right, we begin with, who do we begin with? >> me! >> sue serio, good morning. >> sue, sue! >> yes, we start every day with the number every day. today's number very low, two out every ten it, would be even lower if some places cents weren't going to get only rain. but even if that's your case, probably get a lot of rain at times. temperatures are in the 30's out there. and we have a bundled up bus stop buddy with the boot, the gloves, and hat and the earmuffs, everything he needs for a winter storm, and it is coming, so many of our schools have closed assuaged just
5:32 am
heard, the numbers scrolling across the bottom of your screen right now, 33 degrees, only agree above freezing, cold enough for snow. feels like 24 out there. factoring in the 12-mile per hour winds. sunrise time, 6:25. and oh, we won't see sunshine today but see temperatures staying in the three's, mid 30 's, upper 30's, and that's going to determine the type of precipitation, how much rain mixing in will determine how much snow we actually get. we have our snowfall estimate coming up for in you just a little while. we will tell you where the storm is now, where it is headed. everything you need to know coming up, bob kelly. >> got it right here. you got it, 5:32, good morning , let's take little tour, jumping around town, swamp road example every just off 202 what we're doling with , the heavy wet snow. now the roads for the most part, everything is passable, we don't have that accumulate yet, they're wet, but the heavy wet snow sitting on the top of the power lines. maybe drooping down some of the tree branches, on some of the secondary roads and side
5:33 am
streets. and that heavy snow will eventually pull down trees, and power lines, and that's what we are we are all concerned about as we move through the rest of the day, here is a live look, at 495, down here, in wilmington, delaware, where there is speed restriction in place. for the gang in and out of delaware, i95, northeast philadelphia, crews are been out. put down the first layer of salt. all of the penndot crews just sitting waiting in the wings, until it becomes a plowing operation. right now it is just wet roadways. now, we had brooklawn circle, underwater because of high tide. which officially occurred at 5:30, they hope that maybe by 7:00 the tide will recede, we should be able to get traffic rolling again over there. any other area that typically has high tide situations you're going to be dealing with that this morning. new jersey, declared state of emergency. so, factor that in, if you are up and down the new jersey turnpike, speed restrictions? play, that's live look at route 70 and 73, the old marlton circle there. september at way to go. broad street subway, market frankford line, running the
5:34 am
trains every 20 minutes. 24/7, the two big work horses cents, the septa system, i think on the pennsylvania- philly side we did the right thing, schools closed, everybody will just hunker down, worse before it gets bert. don't look out the window and think there is nothing going on and get going. the worse is yet to come here, sue and mike mentioned. patco, running on snow schedule. amtrak, they made some service adjustments, as well, so far so good. hearing from dart, and new jersey transit, nothing out of the ordinary. the regional rail lines, running on saturday schedule. no service on the cynwyd line. delays and concellations cents likely throughout the day, the norristown high-speed line checking in running with trains every 20 minute. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank up, to recap some of the information here, 5:34, philadelphia public school and archdioces schools are closed today. along with hundreds of other schools all across the region, at the bottom of your screen see the latest closings and delays. also search on we should mention pennsylvania and new jersey under states of
5:35 am
emergency, all non-essential workers do not have to report to work. snow emergency goes into effect in philadelphia 8:00 this morning. you must remove your vehicle. also, there will be no trash collection in philadelphia this morning, as well. >> we've got a lot of people still without power, really about 10,000 people, take a look, delaware county, our area got about 4500 people, about 4,000 montgomery county, people out in chester county, about a thousand, and it certainly is in lehigh, we've got 75 run people that are without power there. let's get to bucks county, though. they also have some people still without power there. lauren, i saw you had utility crew earlier. >> yes, and they're still back there, karen, so keeping an eye on the intersection light that chris said was bling whg we first arrived here. but, it looks to be working properly now. let me show you this, because i told you this wawa here on 663 is where a lot of the plow trucks had been fueling up. and bob said it, they're not in plow mode yet.
5:36 am
sort every stand by wait and see. i actually just check my e-mail, and red mike masco's latest update. he calls this, karen, thomas, a appetizer, what we're dealing with right now is just an appetizer. so we've had the first course, and what we had here in bucks county, quakertown, was some pretty heavy, i would say, consistent snowfall foray for awhile. it has taped err off now. it feels to be kind of the mix between snow and rain when the flakes fall on my glove and i catch them, see they're wet and heavy just as sue and mike had been promising. so right now, it is sort after lull. things have sort of quieted down. it is not a lot happening. we have seen the plow trucks pass by us here at the wawa, few times, that means they're salting the roads and keeping them safe out here. so, i know last time we prom ills dollars we would hit the roads there is time i promise you we will. we will head over to city hall where they were scheduled to have their city council meeting tonight at 7:30, but i'm sure that's not going to happen. >> this is an appetizer you kind of want to send back, right? is cold, not fully cooked, i
5:37 am
don't know, see you in about a half hour, lauren. we take you back outside. looking live here, all across the delaware valley, this is what we will see down the shore for much of the day. see the flag blowing there? the winds will pick up even more right around 8:00 this morning. but we will see the light rain , little heavier rain, but that's about all you'll see in ocean city new jersey this morning. >> let's take live look at the airport right now, we already know there have been so many flights rescheduled. they already new in advance we would have the storm moving in there are waivers being offered. so it may not be too advisable to be flying out on this day. because sometimes when you can get up, you can't get back down. >> so on line you look at the boards right there, cancellation africans lakes, all up and down the east coast steve keeley, standing by in lehigh county, what are you seeing out there, steve? >> we're seeing even less precipitation than we saw earlier. we have absolutelyly nothing, maybe occasional drop. here even mcdonald's in the higher elevations you can see up on a hill here. it does feel little colder up
5:38 am
here, but the place supposed to get wallopped the worse for the second time in five days hasn't gotten touched with any frozen stuff, just rain earlier that has the road looking wet. but pretty safe driving now. but again, don't mean -- don't take this to mean that this is going to be smooth day. because they have a lot of power outages, problems still coming from the future storm. so, tough day ahead for sure up here. yes, the mayor of allentown was convicted, and yes supposed to quit, but no, he hasn't resigned just yet. so he's leading allentown snow removal effort yet once again. now lock at this flag here at the mcdonald's. it is not blowing even though it is kind of breezy. because what happened was when they had whatever wet precipitation that fell earlier tonight, it made that flag wet. now it is stuck to the pole there. like the kid in christmas
5:39 am
story put his tongue on the pole. that's why the american flag is not blowing. because it is snow stuck to the pole there. i am ready. i'm not taking this for granted. i see the plow trucks going by with no plows down just yet. real now need to put salt down just yet. so everything is being safe. karen, i have the neoprene stuff out today. i'm expect to go get wallopped later on. i have the wet gloves. i don't know, my way to get an edge in racing, i don't know if your husband has these, and i even have the neoprene socks for later on, because i'm expecting wet feet, which i don't want it get. but hopefully i won't get wallopped too bad. but we're waitingment we will head over to the wegmans here to see if people up here they're used to snow, but see if anybody is doing some last minute shopping to prepare for the snowstorm. >> i'm sure. oh, yes, my husband has the biker claw gloves, looks like they're from star trek. >> does he have the web socks, too, toast look all crazy? >> all right, so be sure to
5:40 am
keep it right here. we will stay on top of t right now this is a lull. it is. that's fact of the matter right now, but we will get real whallop, the basic, storm in ernest lit later. it is on our website and on our app. >> school district in new jersey will be letting out early, let the kids in and let out in a couple of hours. you're ending in your pictures , we appreciate it. >> this outside my window right now, thank you, love the show, thank you for watching. we appreciate you waking up earl which us, i love this picture. gia, my snow day. big cup of coffee. >> oh, the baby, hi, little buddy. our hashtag #fox29snow.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> this is fox 29 spots in one minute. >> good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, the sixers road trip continuing tuesday night. sixers in charlotte to take on the hornets. sixers were brutal on sunday, in milwaukee. they were not brutal last night. how about it, j mcconnell, simmons with left hand ally-oop right there. good night for simmons, good night for the sixers. robert covington, bang, sixers had 16, three-pointers on the night. flyers back on the ice tuesday getting ready for tonight's game with the penguins. flyers have lost three in a row but help may be on the way , win simmons right here, expected back tonight. >> boys played well. you know, but like i said, it
5:44 am
is nice to come back in, lend a helping hands. making a push right now. hopefully trying to finish first in the division. >> month removed from the super bowl title the eagles have new reminders hanging at lincoln financial field. super bowl banners, now proudly displayed. and that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> you're going to hear this several times this morning, all day long, the amount of snow you get certain depend on where you live. >> let's take a look right now in the city of philadelphia. it doesn't look like much of anything out here. we just have the wet roads. so we will check back in with sue and bob with what's happening out there.
5:45 am
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>> cue the snow plow. hello conshy, live look at fayette street right off the blue route ramps in conshohocken there. the salt crews, are out, and they're doing just that. just kind of putting down that layer of salt, it is not a plowing operation, as of yet. we talk to penndot. they're all waiting in the wings, ready to go, but as mike masco said, this is the appetizer portion of the snow meal that we're dealing with here today. let's jump around. live look, 495 in delaware, speed restrictions in play. everything is wet, passable, slushy, already had downed wires over here in maple shade , pennsauken new jersey, route 73, the ramps to and from route 130 in the background there, right by the old pennsauken mart.
5:48 am
used to sit. state of emergency across the board in new jersey, here is a live look at the route 42 freeway. speed restrictions in play. up and down the new jersey turnpike, live look at the benny, all of the bridges have speed restrictions in playwrite now. so light volume. so far not any major issues, but, this is just the start of the bigger things that are to come. the brooklawn circle underwater because of high tide. probably not open again until 7:00 this morning. saturday schedule, for all of the regional rail lines, no service on the cynwyd line. delays, concellations are likely throughout the day. the big problem is going to be the heavy wet snow bringing down some more of the tree branches and trees, especially like along the paoli thorndale line or the lansdale line. norristown high-speed line, trains running every 20 minute if you really must go, here is the way to go. the market frankford and the subway, running trains every 20 minutes, around the clock, the two big work horses cents here, for the septa system. how much are we going to get? when is it going to end? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
5:49 am
>> the warning new castle county delaware, and camden, burlington, mercer county also included so the possible therefore double digit snowfall accumulations where the coastal storm is forming now, seeing as we speak the transfer of the energy from this ohio storm, to the one along the coast. so what we have with us now, just the beginning, the storm has yet to move up the coast, and that's why we're saying the worse of it will be a little later on, but seeing snowfall and rain in a lot of places cents, plus, few dry
5:50 am
slots. so it is kind of easing up, up there in allentown, for now, seeing some heavier snow around runnemede, west depford , and along other parts of the new jersey turnpike. we've got some heavier snow down there in salem county, at the moment, but then you see the very tricky rain-snow line , bridgeton, new jersey, millville, and in those places , then there is rain to the south of that. so, as we look at the rest of the day, we see the possibility of that cold air winning out, over the warmer air, and the possibility of a lot of accumulation of snow, especially, north and west of philadelphia. so, as we move along through the rest of the day, expect the height of the storm to be from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. roughly. heavy wet snow falling at the rate after inch or two per hour, with 35 to 40-mile per hour winds. trees and power lines could come down. it will be very, very difficult travel, especially during that time, with the reduced visibility, get the snow falling heavily, and the winds, and it is almost impossible to see guys.
5:51 am
so again, this is when we expect the worse of it, and that's pretty long time period for the snow to pile up. >> but it will pile up. that we know, sue, thank you for the updates, heather redfern joining us from septa, bob went over information here , but once we hit the 11:00 hour see the snowfall one to 2 inches per hour, what can we expect? >> you know, we're telling people, just to pay attention to our website,, or at septa twitter feed. that has the up-to-the-minute service information, right now everything on or close to schedule. but, you know, as the weather deteriorates, as the storm runs through the system, there will be probably detours, there could be concellations, service suspensions, so we just want people to really pay attention to our website and our at septa twitter feed. >> and we are expecting i don't think it will be very much after commute this morning, because a lot of people just decided not to go n we have all kind of states of emergency, and they're telling people not to. but there is some concern of the afternoon commute will be a heck of a mess, people,
5:52 am
maybe did get go out, can't get home. >> and we really want people if you don't have to travel today, please, do not. or if you can get out and do everything that you need early , and be back home before it really picks up, that would be great. but as bob said, the market frankford line, the broad street line, are the work horses of our system, those would be your best bets through the day, if you have to travel. but if you don't have to travel, your best bet is to stay home. >> oh, always a good reminder. heather, ever a time when you say to your workers enough is enough here and sends them home as well? >> no, we are here around the clock. because we are here for our customers. we have fantastic crews. they were out all last weekend making sure we were ready for monday morning, and they're out there, again, and they've been out there all day yesterday, and they're therefore the duration. >> that you do, keep it running, heather redfern, certainly appreciate your time this morning. everyone be safer throughout. >> thanks, hitter. >> thank you, a 52:00, let's check in with jenn fred in montgomery county. let's see what community is she is it in right now.
5:53 am
>> morning. >> hey, we are still in pottstown. and the snow is like we keep saying as they predicted, not super heavy right now. here is the road. here is main street in pottstown. we're coming up to the corner of north charlotte street. it is exactly what they had said. you know, there is a little bit of snow on the roads, it is not crazy sticking right now. we've been talking all morning long about the trees. because the montgomery county, especially in areas where the trees are near the big hills, talking about gladwynn, villanova, bryn mawr. as we came in this morning, we saw trees in the road there already. but here in pottstown, that is simply not the case. we drove through limerick, douglas ville, pottstown, as you can see, the trees are straight up. no branches are coming into the road. because that wet heavy snow has not come to this area yet. or at least the branches are able to take it. as i wrap up, guys, i told you i was going to do this on
5:54 am
twitter, i asked people to show me their chill. they've been doing it. i've had about 20 tweets people showing us their socks in front of the tv, their puppies, so until the snow starts going craze any montgomery county that's what i want to see, people chillaxing, watching fox 29. ♪ mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love. now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
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>> jenn fred said show us your chill, your hot cup of joe, whatever you are doing on this snow day. kids are probably off school in almost all of the district, the crawl at the bottom of the screen, of course all kind of snow coverage right now. taking a look across the greater delaware, lehigh valley. hey there, the pocono mountains, so happy because they'll be getting whole ton of snow. maybe more than a foot up there. they will be very happy. the latest on all of the road conditions and all of our counties. "good day" continues in 90 seconds.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from center city with mike jerrick and alex holly. >> now, march madness, mother nature she shoots, she scores, the region getting, women it, will get slam with a second nor'easter, in less than a week. rain and snow around the region. what's on the menu for noon, lunchtime? big snow. which spots will get the most inches. good day everybody, it is wednesday, march the seventh, 2018. number of things to get to here this morning, as we start at 6:00. hi, sue. >> on twitter, every time this caller pops out of my -- this collar pops out of my


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