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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. one of the stories of this storm is power outages. they continue to be a problem for people in our area tonight. right now more than 100 nip 9,000 people have no power. peco alone reporting 119,000 customers have been affected. more than 89,000 of those customers are in bucks county. pse&g says more than 56,000 customers are without power. ac electric has over 23,000 people still in the dark. we have live team coverage tonight. let's again with your fox 29 weather authority. mike masco outside our studios let's start with kathy orr. kathy, what a storm. >> what storm indeed. it came in on the light side. got heavy this afternoon with thundersnow and now it's out of here. you can see in the mountains they are appreciating it mew mountain with snowboarders skiers out there. new totals into the weather se sent. we talked about the heaviest snow north and west of the city. look at this. bryn mawr, pa on the mainline 1.
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flemington, new jersey, dawn timmeney is near there and she said near a foot they're reporting 10-inches. langhorne pennsylvania, 10-inches. media, pa9. valley forge pa8. and in bordentown, new jersey, 7.4-inches of snow. now, we're watching our storm pull away toward the northeast. it's off the coast of new jersey. and the storm is winding up pulling down some colder air. so you may notice that it is getting colder with northwesterly winds. some of the heavy snow falling right now along 95. you can see east windsor and the eastern part of mercer county and that's heading down toward the shore. lbi seeing some heavy snow from barnegat fork river in towards seaside heights that's the last of the real heavy snow. we've dried out in atlantic city and elsewhere. ultimate doppler this is our triple sweep. this is all we have left of the snow as it moves toward new england trying out with some clearing skies overnight. temperatures right now mainly in the 30s and guess what? overnight we are going down into the 20s.
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it's going to be really cold out there we'll stay in the 30s for this evening. our mike masco has been with us for 14, 15 hours. he's seen it from the beginning to now the end mike. what's going on outside? >> that's right. i'm following this storm straight through, kathy. all right. here's what's going on. good morning -- good morning. oh boy. good evening, everybody. this is, you know, a wild storm and now it has come to completion thankfully. kathy was showing us a 35-degree temperature but it's all about the winds right now. winds are picking up so it's feeling like it's more into the upper 20's let's take a look at storm view hd i'll show you again it's cranking away this will make a run up towards the bench mark just to the south and east of boston and once that does so, we are going to start to seat winds pick up. some of our future wind gusts map this is isn't going to be crazy wind deal like the last storm. but we could see wind gusts on the order of 30 or 40 miles an hour along the coastal points it will stay breezy as we get into tomorrow afternoon.
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coastal flood alerts are in effect once again tonight. looks like they just trimmed away atlantic city and cape may county but ocean county keep in you play still one high tide that could come in above average and that will run between ten to 12:00 o'clock in the morning. again the winds northwest tomorrow that will kick all the you know coastal flooding. minor event but all the coastal flood tides out to seam it is going stay pretty chilly unfortunately there could be another storm in the seven day forecast. kathy will talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. back inside to you. >> too soon, mike. thanks. all right. let's get out to bucks county we find our bruce gordon live in perkasie for us. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, got a nice picturesque view here give you a little sense on pedestrian bridge near this beautiful covered bridge here in perkasie just about 3-inches or so of snow here. probably in the neighborhood of four and a half in this particular neck of the woods. parts of buck county though gotten plus. langhorne, doylestown, lower makefield. so quite a range but in these
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rural areas of the county most folks made it through the day without too much of a headache. in the borough of tromm bower bowersville the snow started early and never let up. for spores general store on the main drag, that was okay. business on these kinds of snowy days -- >> usually it's decent we have a lot of local people in the area that like to stop in. >> reporter: they can walk here and that's the best way to go on a day like this. >> yup. >> reporter: by midday homeowners were out with their shovels clearing sidewalks of a snow that was not easy to remo remove. >> it's a little rough now because it's so damp. and wet. >> reporter: heavy. >> wet snow, yeah. very heavy. the snow 34 won't 34 it. >> reporter: brought road conditions throughout the county got treacherous as the day progressed less travel roads seemed worse as fast moving snow began to accumulate. bob was set to begin plowing as soon as the flakes stopped falling. >> not so bad.
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>> yeah. >> if you take it easy. exactly. >> perkasie pa look like a picture postcard. it's turning of the century homes coated in white. snowman out front to complete the scene. >> if you don't have to drive or get to work or whatever it's kind of pretty outside. >> absolutely is. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: at the park nearby a 19th century covered bridge served as beautiful back drop for keith haas and cross country skiing session. a perfect day to get outside says keith. >> it's great exercise. you use your entire body but the snow conditions are just about perfect only about three or 4-inches on the ground right now. so it's not too much snow to trek through. >> keith prevailed on the neighborhood kids to put down their video games and head outside to recreate the eagles snow bowl. the frozen ground was padded by a day's worth of frozen precipitation. >> it's great because you can tackle you don't get hurt. plus we got off school so it's best thing to do really. >> reporter: win/win. >> yup. >> reporter: even better than video games indoors. >> yeah, i'd say.
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>> reporter: bottom line out here in bucks county as long as you stayed off those treacherous roads and as long as your power stayed on, not a bad way to spend the day. iain? >> all right, bruce, indeed. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us now plymouth meeting. dave what are the conditions there like now? >> reporter: well, iain, that guy keith with the shovel forget that. look at this machine we have over here. working the sidewalks here. that's melissa behind the wheel that's got a brush on it goes along the sidewalks cleans it off in hurry. six to 8-inches here in plymouth meeting in the norristown area. earlier today we were actually stuck on germantown pike with a lot of other folks in chestnut hill. we'll show you some video. lots of cars stuck there. snow came down quickly. packed down it was an icy surface. all up and down the hills there. cars stopped, once they stopped, it was all over. couldn't move, couldn't go forward. couldn't go backward. people were pushing cars. digging cars out even our live truck got stuck for about 90 minutes till we have a buddy of
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ours bob breck pus of pulled us out and we got free and got our way up here to plymouth meeting. lots of snow removal going on tonight. a lot of crews coming in here to this wawa we're at right now. fueling up, getting nothing eat and going right back out and working. earlier day we talked to joe hard at work in the parking lot right here. >> been out since about 3:00 a.m. we kind of thought it was going to be a dud but it did hit us hard and we're glad it stopped when it did. so we're out getting everything cleaned up. make everything safe for everybody. >> reporter: what's it like pushing this kind of snow. >> got to take it easy it's a little heavy, yeah. >> reporter: now that's the word from all the guys with the snowplows. it's heavy, it's wet. the roadways as you can see here real quick look at ridge pike near conshohocken road here. you can see clear. wet, cars moving pretty well but if that freezes up tonight, could have a problem overnight with driving in those situations carefully in you you will if the morning. by the way i asked joe shulz of thumbs or thumbs down for the forecasters on this one he said
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they were right op the money thumbs up. iain. >> yeah they were, dave, you're right. came in just when they said. bob kelly watching those roads. dave is talking about pre freeze bob what's going on. >> that's what we'll have worry about tonight. we're still cleaning up accidents whom life look at northbound 95 at academy road an example of not respecting what mother nature has out. this guy coming northbound roads wet and slushy head on kissing the met daal barrier here i think we're okay the guy is walking around waiting for the tow truck here but again that's north 95 right near academy road. so we're dealing with that one. we just had a plow truck go off the roadway here. this isism 95 down in delco right at high land avenue. you can see some of the skid marks from the cars that got around to avoid it otherwise roads are wet. anything that's wet on the overnight will have that potential to be black ice for us first thing tomorrow morning. here's the deal at the airport. they are plowing the runways and getting ready to try to get things back to normal.
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but for first thing tomorrow morning do you want to check with your airline. iain, back over to you. >> bob g advice. thank you. now let's get you out to joyce evans who's been talking to people having a tough time navigating the roads. she's live in chester county for us tonight. joyce? >> reporter: wow it is smooth sailing right now iain u just wet roads behind me as bob was saying, it's going to refreeze, and that is going to be pretty slippery but you know what, all day long, folks were having kind of rough out here. >> hit my brakes but lost control on the truck and i can't stop. >> reporter: oh my. you weren't even going fast. you don't have -- no, no, no. very slippery. then when the trucks with the wait pulls you off. >> reporter: humberto's deliver row day ends as he came inches from flipping his truck into a drainage ditch near uni unionville. >> wow. this guy is really lucky. isn't he? >> yeah, he is. he almost, you know, went into that ditch a little farther would have been worse.
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the right front too was completely off the ground. >> reporter: it took a little while for rivera's towing to carefully pull um beryl tow out of the mud and back on to the pavement. >> pretty lucky because you see it's a big rig and lucky that truck is fine. everything fine. nobody got hurt or anything. >> reporter: it's not accumulation at all. it's that it's icy underneath. people think it's just slushy. we've had warm weather. don't be fooled. it is indeed dangerous out here. >> reporter: it got really bad really quickly. >> we were only going about 30 miles an hour so really wasn't that fast at all. >> reporter: bill lange to the rescue of his friend who spun out of control ending up in the ditch and the sticks south of kennett square. she was stuck inside that car while the state police secured the area stopping traffic before something worse could happen. >> everybody is good. we got one tow truck here. we got another tow truck on the way. so everybody is good. >> reporter: finally a tow out
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of there several other drivers were just as lucky. >> lesson learned. stay off the roads when it's not -- when it's not good weather. >> reporter: you know what, we hope that other people will have that lesson to see these guys. they all made it out okay luckily. but tonight, they're going to have to heed the warnings and go slowly. or just stay off the road, iain. >> that's the best advice, joyce. going to be out, don't -- don't have to be out, don't. joyce evans live from kennett square. >> as we head to the break here's a beautiful look at the poconos sunset up there where they got lot of
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live look at allentown right now. the sun is setting there. look kind of pretty there. things have cleared up in allentown not the case earlier today. but that's how things look there roads are fine. cars are moving along just fine. that storm moved out of that area. keep on eye on the roads we have chelsea on the phone from penndot.
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chelsea you still working? how is it going out there on the roads? >> um, conditions seem to be imposing. >> um-hmm. >> we're still dealing with some trouble spots it seems in bucks and philadelphia, um, but the rest of the area, um, the roads are just wet right now. but again in bucks and philly we're still dealing with some slush covered roads. >> did you find that the most people in those areas heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads. >> i think for the most part they did. which is helpful because the plows for the most part were able to get out there and clear the roadways, um, and that's always the best when you give plows plenty of room to do their job. >> good advice. which see, thanks for stopping in and thanks for giving us that insight this afternoon. we appreciate it. meantime hamilton township, team work to help some drivers stuck on those snowy roads. our dawn timmeney talked with drivers having a hard tile and joins us live in hamilton.
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dawn, looks like the snow somewhat stopped there. >> reporter: yeah, believe it or not i'm not blowing around and covered in snow at the moment, iain. a light snowfall i think it's going to stop shortly. but not before dumping probably a good foot of snow here. look at these trees. they actually are really beautiful. but heavy wet snow covering the branches and the power lines. a lot of people anticipating that they might lose their power just because of the weight of this snow. and you can see it really is a deep deep snow and a lot of people got stuck it in. we talk to one driver trying to get pushed out of the wawa here. just got off work. i'm trying to get home. >> the roads are terrible. i heard they were terrible. i just need to get home. i just want to go home. >> reporter: where do you wor work. >> aldi's. >> okay. right there. >> right there. >> reporter: did you anticipate this would be would be this bad. >> no.
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>> reporter: well the good news is she eventually got pushed out. so she was happy about that. i talk to worker here at the wawa. he said he walked to work took him 45 minutes and now he has to walk home but he figure that was the one way not to get stuck in this. but again, iain, the snow finally starting to subside here in hamilton township. we were very hard hit it came late and it was fast and furio furious. >> yeah. all right, dawn thanks for your coverage this afternoon. we appreciate it much get home safe. all right. thank you. >> let's get back to fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a look at doylestown in bucks county the north and western suburb getting hit by this nor east. kathy has the latest for in you just 15 seconds.
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the storm is moving out temperatures will be falling tonight and all of that pretty snow clinging to the trees is going to freeze and put more pressure on those tree limbs and power lines. look at this beautiful picture of center city philadelphia and the circle. heading down toward the art museum. you can see the roads they're just wet. but anything that is untreated any sidewalks, roads or even parking lots will refreeze overnight. look at these impressive snow totals. yesterday we talked about the heaviest snow north and west of the city. eight to as much as 15-inches of snow and we got it in broomall. 12-inches look at that. garnet valley nearly a foot. doylestown 10.3. brandywine, delaware, 10-inches moorestown, new jersey, 8-inches lots of trees down there. bryn mawr 11-inches. flemington, new jersey, ten. langhorne pa10. media, 9.2. ridley park eight and in bordentown, new jersey, along route 137.4-inches of snow. ultimate doppler showing what's going on here. you can see our storm off the
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coast of new jersey moving toward the north and east and on the back side of this pulling down some real cold air with northwesterly winds. only place we're seeing the snow right now is through ocean county and monmouth county. we're drying out into more of a northeasterly whipped. north wind that will be turning toward the northwest as the storm moves off the coast of long island much visibility significantly improved. look at this. 10 miles in most locations. we know if you have a night out tonight or you're waiting for somebody to get home, check the airlines but visibility is good just half to clear everything out the airport. wrightstown you can see one and a half mile visibility where we still have some heavy snow there. right now 29 in the poconos. 36 in allentown. 35 in philadelphia. and 35 degrees in millville. we will dry it out over the next 30 minutes. even in our shore points and then we'll just be seeing some cold temperatures with breezy conditions. wind chills will be in the 20s and the teens overnight. overnight low temperatures ranging from 23 in the poconos to 30 in philadelphia.
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to 33 in wildwood but witness wind it's going to make it feel much colder. during the day tomorrow, you will see a good deal of sunshine. it will be windy. the temperature around 41 which is about 10 degrees below normal. seven day forecast shows improving conditions saturday and sunday. sunday we have our philadelphia saint patrick's day parade and daylight saving time begins. you got to love that an hour of daylight but late sunday into monday we could see more snow. we'll focus on that tonight. increasing sunshine for tuesday. wednesday sunny and dry the temperature 41 degrees.
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here's beautiful look at old city tonight up market street where things are clear but the arch diocesan schools in philadelphia have just announced that will be open tomorrow. >> yes! >> things are clearing up bob kelly gave i was little clap right there. but things are clearing up for that storm is moving out of the area. we have seen scenes like this all over our area. this happens to be in the graduate hospital area 19th and south. no one will get across the block right now. you can see this huge tree has fallen right in the middle of the road because that snow out there is wet and it's heavy. bob, what's going on. >> one more time. what was that about school. >> arch diocesan schools open. >> open tomorrow! >> i can hear the applause com coming from the all the parents. good evening everybody. live look i-95 right here near academy road. but we are jammed up. that quickly we cleared. when he a quick accident. look at this fellow ride without his headlights on. be careful make sure your headlights are oh on. wipers are on. nick wet will refreeze on the
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overnight. updating septa. newark and trenton regional lanes lines are suspended. best work horse market frankford and broad street subway the trains will run 24/7 overnight and no night owl bus service that's good news. the trains will be running on the overnight so that's the best means of transportation for everybody that's going to be heading out and first thing tomorrow morning we will of course be here starting at 4:00 a.m. if i'm wearing the same shirt and tie -- >> what are you doing. >> are you stake at mike's tonight. >> mike did invite me to stay at his house. >> i heard him. >> i don't know. we want to thank you bob kelly and mike have been here in the 4:00 in the morning. to get our viewers through the storm. >> thanks for watching. when he good time. >> great to work with you. >> good time. >> let's not do it again any time real soon. >> monday? >> don't say that. [ laughter ] >> monday? >> i won't scare you. we'll talk about that tonight. >> mike masco he was here for 15, 16 hours. >> thank you guys. you'll be here in the morning
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got our viewers that was all of this. now the storm has blown out of here we got to worry about tonight and refreeze. i won't want to talk about sun and day monday. >> i'll be in florida. i won't have to worry about it. >> we got the parade on sunday. >> philadelphia saint patrick's day parade fine for that. sunny temperatures in the 40s. no worries for that. >> i got my kilt ready to go. >> you guys will be fine. >> i have my mummers outfit to go. >> you do. >> i do. >> going to give a speech like jason kelce. >> he may there be. >> motivational speech. >> okay, okay. mid 40s will be all good. guys thanks so much for watchi watching. we've enjoyed getting you through this. up next page six followed by dish nation at 7:00 then of course stay tuned for tmz at 7:30. we of course will be back at this nor'easter and get youn through it. we appreciate it much thanks for watching v a great night. ♪
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