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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 8, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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." bill: major winter storm hit ours area. how did it impact your commute indiana we'll have chasing team coverage at the airport on the roads and talking about power maybe some of you the power has been out. either way we got you covered of course the full forecast with meteorologist dan zarrow. how much snowe did we get? when is it going to be out of our area? if. >> bill, you forgot the most exciting part of this storm. the thunder snow. bill: and troubling story about two kids who were killed at a dangerous intersection in park slope? now it is coming out, that the driver had a history of bad decisions behind the wheel. ticketed four times for running
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a red light. a lot of questions. we'll get to the bottom of why was this woman still driving. i am bill spadea. this is "chasing news." bill: we have a weather alert for you tonight. a major winter storm come through the area. snow, wind, sleet, storm surge. waits a mess today. some areas got more than a foot of snow. we got chasing team coming for you. will start with mark who was at newark airport. mark, what is the scene like at the airport? reporter: here at newark airport, in terminal ball, we have varying degrees of frust rigs and confusion. some people have come here very early homing there won't be delays, yet only to find out they are held up afterall. the storm is now rolling in, people have come in to newark airport from all around the region and country and waiting expectingly to where the storm will bring and not knowing if they are going to be able to
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stay. bill: did you talk to anyone who anticipates they could be there for the long haul? >> absolutley. i talked to income can i kushner. >> my main worry about travel today that is i will not get out of newark and a place to stay. i don't know the area, and so it is just gives me little bit of xine. i. >> ironically, on the way to iceland, somewhere even colder than this but may not get there. >> maybe not today. all right. thanks, mark. all right. let's check win tom who is in north jersey where the snow is coming down hard all afternoon. tom? what is it like? reporter: well, driving is not good at all. i just drove back here to chatham and the weather, as you can see behind me, it is starting to get pretty thick. not a complete biteout yet because is is not blowing but it is coming down hard i would say two inches in close to an hour. how are the road conditions? reporter: not good. i put the brakes on. i slid down the hill about
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50-yards before i stopped. that was in morris township where there are a lot of power lines still down and actually laird a chance to speak to family that has been without power pry dy and i caught them moving out. >> a day without power. >> wow. >> well, actually, i think, out or two weeks. >> hi, buddy. how are you? >> how are you? bill: even as of tuesday morning, whats the level of frustration? >> well, you know, well, a lot of people are trying to pitch in now. lending generators and but the problem is, some of the gem generators are breaking down. they are losing patience, so this one lady spoke to who is lass minister in town was moving out of her house about w her family then moving to the church, so it is a frustrating time because you drive around
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this area, so a lot of trees down, a lot of power lines down. also, a lot of crews coming from all over this controy help pitch in. >> fridayly to saturday. >> everybody in new jersey, around the state, i want to thank you very much for your hard work and everything you are doing for us. i hope done the road, if something hits where you live. we can return the favor. >> greet see people coming together. let me ask you one last question, tom, do you regret your decision not wear a hat? >> well,ing fou. am greating the fact i have the glasses on. i can barely see you. >> i got it. all right. clean your glasses. get the snow off yore head. get inside. get warm. thank you. report thank you, bill. jort all right. let's see how we're doing in new
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york. john is out in the snow. what is it like? reporter: well, bill, after quiet morning, we now have significant snowfall coming down here in northern part of westchester. i started my day in bedford, new york. a quick drive around. you can see the remnants of the nor'easter on friday afternoon. downed trees all over bedford, fork, one that i saw fell directly between a house and power lines, so bad luck and good luck. that was the scene that played out throughout new york, also, in mt. kisco. well, several miles south of westchester county and new york city. the mayor says things are doing ok. crews are out. school is hope this morning. mayor de blasio says it is as usual. we're track it closely. the national weather service does have a winter weather warning in effect that will be uneffect until 4:00 a.m. >> now people like to complain
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about having no power and having messy pickups and pickups of school, but all in all, this is what march does, right, bill? in like a lion, out like lamb. bill: all right. you lost power. >> i did only temporally today. i am assuming, everything is going to be fine. my block one of the lucky ones. just how bad was it? when is it going to be finished? we are talking about coastal flooding. snow, accumulation, some places are higher than foot, are and 40 miles per hour wind gusts is it all done? dan zarrow, what do you got? >> well, bill, you forgot about the most exciting part of this storm. the thunder snow. nor'easter so intent. the snow flakes crashing around on the clouds so violently we did have many rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning. is require and quit a storm.
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note it is time clean up and that is a difficult task givep how much snow we saw and the fact it is so heavy and wet. mother nature will help a little bit as we go overnight tonight. low temperatures only dip to around the 30-degree mark. not a real hard freeze so you won't be dealing with a solid sheet of ice if you have not shoveled yet. in a digs, temperatures on thursday should reach top the 46 way some sunshine during the day. that will ad absolutley kick-start the process. quiet couple of days but we have another storm system. yes, another potential nor easter to talk about for early next week. i will tell you what we know in the complete forecast coming up. bill? bill: two small kids are dead. the one-year-old and four-year-old killed padrer who ran a red light at intersection in park slope. nate rogers has the full story. nate? what do you got for us? reporter: well, the driver in the case reportedly told police she suffers from a variety of health issues including ms, serb shores, and heart problems but brk listen's district he were to's office says it believes the
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driver, 44-year-old dorothy such are suffered a seizure when the crash occurred t. the question now. has she been behind the wheel in the first flies a lot of people were in that position and in denial as to what their obvious illness is and their limitations are. when they are toll they cannot drive, then, they feel it tacks something away from who they are? it is almost like they are fighting row al ry ty that they are incaseic passtated enough they should not be driving. >> one year old four-year-old was killed in the crash monday afternoon and brooklyn's park slope neighborhood. police say he lost coal this vehicle then hit five people. abigail's mother is tony award-winning actress ruthie ann miles who is also injured. miles is flen and remains the hospital. >> this does not need to happen. these are not accident inwe know the solutions. >> the son sammy was killed bay speeding driver in the same
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neighborhood four years ago. her mission now holding officials account for safer streets. we should have safety cameras at every school to protect our children. we should redesign our streets so they are safe for people walking indocile ling and driving. >> still most charms in this case and then are inlated press conference earlier today. the mayor said he wished the drivers with arrested after the crash also was reported the driver's license was suspended yesterday. the brooklyn district attorney will continue to investigate this crash. in brooklyn, nate rommers, "chasing news." >> thank you, nate. all right. bring in the a plus panel. bill caruso, democratic stragst again. thank you for being here. >> hi, bill. >> lawyer ap columnist for law and crime. we'll start with you. from a legal perspective. you are tagging about somebody
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that has run four red light antiqueketed already and has medical condition from the legal perspective. why was this woman still driving with the drove ear license? >> probably because she had existing valid license and her doctor didn't pacifically know that she was doing anything to violate the conditions of the driving. so basically, there was no one to report her and was not time for her to check win the department of motor vehicles but this goes alarming issue which is we need to stop shooting driver's licenses as if we like driving. we all rely on drive sog we have a throughout drive puss we don't have a throughout drive. >> no constitutional amendment. >> no right to drive. >> i should stop asking would you have that are we too soft on people? young people who are v terrible driving records reflected in the insurance rites and elderly folks there is a huge backlash the minute mention retesting. >> herehere is the-issue. we go away the laws. are looking at voting blocks and when you talk about senior citizens and generally are
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fearful and listen, these are difficult conversations they had as family. when gu to take ma or grand's keys away them. but this comes down to personal responsibility. our own, our family's. bill: the medical condition, though. shouldn't we be able to rely on the expert? >> yeah. >> how did this state get alerted much into how did the state. there is a valid driveer's license. the doctor has a first responsibility to cancel the patient to think twice. >> well, not everyone has the same system toms. should there be regular retesting. >> yeah. agree. all right. we'll pay are it though. >> we'll leave it there. thanks. gotten anywhere. coming up for you tonight. a new report uncovers at new jersey transit. connected folk froms the crest ty administration. getting raises of up to 70,000. wait until you hear the full story, and remember the kidd from jersey, got drunk, passed out in ub, he then 1600 later.
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well, he found somebody to pay the bill. and dan zarrow is going to have a full report on the big snowstorm that hit our area today. meteorologist: well, bill, another in tense march snowstorm in the books. we had big snow totals. we gat few days of quiet weather ahead before things turn ac of again by early next week. i will break down what you you d know in the loc
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." am bill spadea. waitle nu hear about this report. when you thought things were bad at new jersey transit. they are worse this time it is about political patriots people getting raises who are all connected to governor christie. and, remember the kid who went from west virginia to new jersey in be aer car because he was passed out drunk? well stuck with $1600 bill and found a way to get it paid. wait nuller that. first let's let's check win danw row how bad was the storm in your zr what can we expect going for hard? dan, what do you got? dan: well, a nor'easter is now ek pitting the region which means our weather well be quieting down overnight a few snow show worse go. we did see double-digit snow totals in jersey up to the catskills flows the top totals and left close toker to the
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coast and close to what we forecast. as we move to thursday. some pretty good snow melt ahead, high temperatures in the 40's be extra careful when are shove ling that snow. heavy and wet. overnight? tonight. we fell to around 30 degrees. yeah. there could be slippery spot on the roads by thursday then as cruise ton clean up but overall not dealing with the sheet of ice her to block of ice due a hard freeze overnight. during the day on thursday, highs in the's. mix of sun and clouds then see partly sunny skies for friday as well. again in the's a few spotty snow shower around on friday as well. the weekend looks quiet. early next week, we're watching another potentially stormy setup. remember active weather leads to more active weather then another potential nor asker in the parts for early next week. we are talking about monday into tuesday and then there is still many question marks floor. two potential tracks. one takes the system right out to sea. no concern whatsoever, then, the other one skirts the at lap tick seaboard and we'll have to watch that closely as early next week
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approaches. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> after some extensive research of government documents and court documents, two new jersey outlets uncovered in new jersey transit there were ten people high level salary people who got significant raises and the common thread they were all connected to former governor chris christie. some of the raises were as high as 70,000 i want to bring in a former candidate for november and john, welcome back to "chasing news" how are you. >> good with you. you had governor crest ty as he left office about singing the praises of new jersey tran. i have yet to find a commuter meanwhile is this axe like what we expect in hol politics connected insiders taking the money and we still don't have
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positive control that could save lives well, that is the problem. mean, we. >> own up the christie administration, the administration that was too talk about attitude but the real action really not in keeping with those so you can see so many people being brought into new jersey. granted, for exam pe, well, brought to work on the projects when in fact he was press spokesperson for the goff and received salary. in new jersey, transit or trying to mack it to work with little machine inand the past eight years with no leadership. i am hopeful now under the governor that we have two executive director we have a new commissioner of transportation and start to right those problems but it starts with cleaping house and making sure those political that the governor put there to so he
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could spire well in thes storm. ok. can you sit there with a straight face and tell me that you think the days of corruption are over with governor murphy do you half expect it will be a replacement. murphy's guy ins. i think that this governor has talked the right talk all along the campaign about workmen and women which make it work. we have to be vinyl lent. the public. the press have to be vigilant to make sure it is operated properly. you ran for governor last time maybe candidate again would you fire all ten them? i would. absolutley. i cannot see how they serve the mission of new jersey transit
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and how they are making sure positive strengths gets done and making sure they run on time. >> thank you. appreciate. we brought you the story of the guy from new jersey attending school in west virginia had a couple of drinks, got in a uber, ended up five hours later back in jersey. $100, so what did doe? of course, he started a gofundme page. well, that didn't work out so well. but good news, luckiest drinking college student stint america, somebody paid the bill. kenny bachman joins me. you are still smiling. $1600. how did that happen? >> basically, the company reached out to me and called eat clean bro. you can look them up at eat clean eat clean they contacted me and they are a meal prep company and said you know, it is stupid you took uber ride across country.
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but at least you didn't get be hind a wheel of a car and do something worse so they decided to have me. on thursday, i am going to their company and taste test their food and they are going to record me eating. >> wait. let me get this straight not only did they pail bawl out and pay the $16 hup. you may have a job. >> i wouldn't call it a job. i am going to test taste their food and see how good it really is. bill: now plet ask you. how are you doing doing on the gofundme page. i got to believe people say come on, man. >> i made today today on char char thatgod's rodradio show. i made $600 off the gofundme page. everybody was saying, now, the company sponsored him. now, he is getting extra $600 in the pocket. the company came towing. we're donating any of this machine nay goes the go fund me. we're donating it to mom's against drunk driving. bill: all right. there you go. there you go. the go fund me is still up. eat clean bro is working with
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you. did they, a did they do? they paid off the credit card used for ub ner how did they do it? they sent you a nek they isn't you a sneak ok. all right. good. all right. man, so you are not back in college now. where are you? >> aim in jersey at the house, man. bill: all right. thanks. congratulations, man. >> thank you, buddy. have a good one. bill: all right. let's bring in the a plus panel. the threshold for what constitutes good behavior today really, really low. let's bring in bill caruso. democratic strategists and an attorney and columnist. you know, of all the dumb things kids do in college. this is not the worst. >> no, first of all. i learned as young lad. the lord protects drunken fools. so the lord intervened here in this place on two occasion. i was like, welllogical well listen, listen t. this young man-made smart choice on the front end of this flon not get behind the wheel. it took a weird turn and you
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foe, it is where with it us now. he did make the right choice. >> can he get cred credit. he woke up four hours late we're a strange person 3:00 in a car. hea nod idea how he got there. i would like to think he was awake. i like this story because the kids started and all ended up ok. is a good story. what i like about this is sometimes they get a bad wrap. this gy owned up a said i was dummy. good for him. way to go. >> good for the earn drive. >> all right. >> all right. thanks, guys. good he sue. stay right there. we'll have a lot more "chasing news" coming up after the break. we are chasing all the headlines including this one wait until you see this video. a guy driving drunk gets pulled over by the cops and gets hit with his o
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>> welcome back. let's take look at headlines we're chasing for you tonight including this one that is like brain teaser. how does a guy get pulled over by the cops drunk end up getting hit with his own car. >> reporter: a shooter in the florida school on val listen ton's day was form arely charged wednesday with 17 counts of first did he grow murder. broward county grand jury indicted 19-year-old look chris yuz 17 counts of attempted murder if convicted cruz could face execution. electronics obtained by freedom of information act lawsuit showed the fbi joined the forces with the geek squad to help find child pornography. the company admits that four employees may have received frame the fbi but employees done specifically search for the child por. however best buy says the employees discovered nearly 100 times a year. check out the dashcam video of police trying to stop a drunk man. isaac tried to evade the police buy run through residential
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neighborhood. buy evidently forgot to put the car in park before he fled and he got hit buy his own car. he was taken into custody unharmed and charged with driving while intoxicated, felony hit-and-run and possession of marijuana throws headlines we're chasing tonight. >> follow the show at chasing news. >> i will see you tomorrow. >> bad choice. you made choice. >> when it comes to covering today's controversial sy topics. you got to hit it from all sides. this is back and forth. >> it is your opinion. we got your point of view covered. it is a big deal for some. "chasing news" with bill spaed je
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live in center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. lears a look at the ben franklin parkway. our area getting blanketed in snow but that nor'easter has moved out of here. now it could freeze over while you're sleeping. that could make the morning commute kind of tricky and slippery but effects of this storm will be felt for little while. thanks for joining us tonight at 11 cooling. i'm iain page. we have plenty of school closings and delays you can see them scrolling at the bottom of your screen. among them philadelphia public and arch diocesan schools on two hour delay. meantime philly snow emergency is now over. all city offices will be open tomorrow. but septa is warning that a number of bus routes will likely be delayed because of all that snow. you want team coverage yeah, we got it team coverage for you let's begin tonight with kathy orr. kathy, this thing shaped up kind of like you said it would. >> we were looking


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