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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 6, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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morning with zero visibility. because of that a dense fog advisory to the west. west pleasant in the 50s in winchester. 60s here. 67 patuxent river. rain to the south out of the picture. today we are working on temperatures going from the 50s and 60s to the middle 80s and we will do it with mostly sunny skies. angie, hook us up with a nice drive in. >> you want it, you got it. >> welcome back from a spectacular 4th of july weekend. glad to have you join us this morning. we are kicking things off with a smooth ride on 66 eastbound. right now a good amount of volume is building between 5 -- 50 and 123. to the maps we go, the inner loop in virginia. obviously not so bad. on average drivers clocking in at 55 -- 65 miles an hour. and taking it to maryland. we don't for tote exhibit about you. 270 southbound. that trip is slow from 109 to 121. you are okay down to the split. moving along here's the outer
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loop where we have a little volume building from new hampshire to georgia avenue. and to round it out, i will give you a live camera. this is south capital and m street. right now incident free throughout the district. jessica, over to you. >> thank you. on the rundown at one after the hour we will hear from dc councilman barry about his latest arrest. this time an accusation of stalking. kristin fisher is live from the wilson building. >> reporter: hi, jessica. good morning. well, in just four hours at 10:00 a.m. marion barry will be here speaking to reporters over what went down the past 4th of july weekend. a park police officer patrolling anacostia park on the 4th of july was flagged down by a woman in a car. >> the woman stated somebody in another car was harassing and stalking her. >> reporter: the woman was political consul stant donna watts a friend of marion barry.
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barry was arrested 45 saturday night. >> the only charge is a charge of misdemeanor which is -- is stalking which is a misdemeanor. >> the best word to describe mr. barry at this hour is betrayed. he adamantly denied the charges. >> reporter: he paid $800 to buy her an opera jacket at the same time he was trying to repay tacks. >> mr. barry has over a period of time lended his friendship and his support to the accuser, miss donna watts through her many stages of instable. >> reporter: this barry's third run in with park police since his i misdemeanor drug charges in ' 92. >> i have had several calls today and the biggest thing they are saying right off the bat. here we go again. he's been arrested again. so embarrassing. >> if convicted of this stalking charge, barry could face a year in prison and a
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fine up to $500. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. today the district will begin to recognize same-sex marriages. the city council approved the idea this year by a 12-1 vote. congress has final approval on the issue and let it pass. same-sex marriages are performed in three states right now. opponents are trying to get the new law overturned. a woman accused in the death of her 13-year-old daughter is expected to make a plea in court today. glover is facing felony murder and child abuse charges. she was due in court today for the start of her trial. police say she claimed her daughter alexis was missing in january. alexis was later found dead near a park in woodbridge, virginia. right now, president obama is in russia. hear why 30 minute -- he arrived 30 minutes ago. we are learning what should come out of the summit. and president obama is trying to cut the number of
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warhead and missiles. this is the first summit between a u.s. and russia president in seven years. the ousted president of honduras tried to go home overnight but the military, which took him out of office blocked him. troops sat on the runways in the airport in the capital city and refused to let a plane carrying him to land. he promises to try again today or tomorrow. he was removed from office one week ago and replaced by a military-backed leader. president obama has condemned the move along with the united nations. it is a tense start to the week in graphny, south carolina. thecy is on edge. police believe a serial killer is on the loose there. the killer has already taken five lives. >> reporter: the streets of gaffeny, south carolina, are deserted as the town says good- bye to two victims of a possible serial killer. >> everybody usually always comes together and always find
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that when somebody passes like that. are you surprised how many people loved them. >> reporter: in the past week, police believe this man shot and killed five people. abby tyler was the fifth victim on the 4th of july. she and her father were shot on thursday night in his furniture store. the other victims are a peach farmer and 83-year-old woman and her daughter who have been laid to rest. >> reporter: the sheriffs office here in gaffeny is getting plenty of help. 100 other law enforcement officers from surrounding areas are involved and together they are can vasting the county hoping for a break in the case. >> reporter: patrol cars are scouring the streets and businesses are having to make their own adjustments. >> i'm staying away from cherokee county and scheduling appointments because i don't want to knock on doors and approach people who are in fear and don't want to open the doors to people. >> reporter: the pastor is telling the community to rely on faith. >> this is our victory.
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we have to put fear in its place. >> reporter: and watts says she isn't afraid but she is armed. >> this morning when you drove to church you thought to yourself, i better take my pistol. >> i put it in the car just in case. >> residents are being told not to answer the door and remain alert until the killer is caught. >> reporter: susan roberts, cbs news, gaffeny, south carolina. the woman found dead next to steve mcnair had hoped to marry the nfl star one day. our partners at in nashville report that mcnair and the woman had a six-month relationship which ended in tragedy. the two were found dead this weekend in mcnair's condo in nashville. he was shot several times and she was shot once. they ruled out mcnair's wife as a suspect. mcnair spent most of his career playing for tennessee but also spent time with the ravens.
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"living $mart" headlines. general motors emerge gens from bankruptcy on the fast track. the judge said they could sell most of their assets to another company. people with lawsuits can still fight the decision. a hybrid battle is brewing with the prius as a winner so far. it was the best selling car in japan last month. the insigh ranked fourth. sales jumped 258% last month. here's a check on where gas prices are this morning. according to aaa fuel gauge report, regular grade gas averages $2.57 a gallon in our region. that's down 3 cents from a week ago. nationwide it is down 3 cents to 2.61 a gallon. tiger admits he was a greedy host at the at&t national golf tournament. he went home with the hardware.
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tiger defended off a challenge from several players and finished at 13 under, winning by a single stroke. woods says despite being the host he played with the same intensity he does ever sunday. >> whether it is my tournament, jack's arnolds, byrons, it really doesn't matter. you go out with the same intensity to win. >> tiger's biggest competition came from haman who shot a record tying 62 but finished one stroke back to put him in second place. in ten minutes why you are paying more in taxes every time you travel out of town. in three minutes an old view is new again. we will take you inside the newly reopened crown at the statue of liberty. but first the focus on traffic and weather. here's kim. we do this every morning at 6:08. virginia your weather is coming up within the next ha lfhour. the focus on maryland, let's look and show you the spotlight
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as we zoom in. temperatures are looking nice and comfortable this morning. problems up to frederick and west of cumberland where there's some fog. but this time of the year, 50s in the morning fantastic. after the fog leaves us a wake of sunny skies today. we will take you to 83 in bethesda and budd's creek looking good, mostly sunny and 83. >> things are looking great as we take a live shot of an unpopulated boiling brook parkway. no incidents or accidents to report. where are the cars. >> old georgetown road at democracy boulevard, drivers are stop at a light. delay free and westbound 50 from the bay bridge all the way to the capital beltway. our lanes are wide open for business. that's a look at traffic. 6:09 is the time and 9 news now will be right back.
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check out the fireworks over the national mall. isn't that amazing. hundreds of thousands packed the mall for an amazing show. now another patriotic symbol the statue of liberty. you can go back to the crown for the first time in years. we see the view and what it took to get the crown back open. >> reporter: they are once again offering freedom to climb to they are crown. it has beening ayears since the stairway to the top was closed because of fears it would be a terrorist target following the 9/11 attacks. >> like we opened the capital
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and the washington monument it should have been opened years ago. >> reporter: the statue opened in 1886. for decades was the first symbol of american freedom imgrants saw. each year 2 million visitors come here. >> we have taken some steps to make it safer. >> reporter: national park ranger dave denham gave us a tour of the island and the features, none brighter than the gold leaf torch. >> that torch, that beacon, that light is a light that shines not just for america but for the whole world and it is the idea of freedom itself. >> reporter: no visitors have gone to the torch since 1916. since 2004 they have been allowed as high as the statue size 879 sandals. >> up 150 feet. >> now people can go how far. >> another 125 feet. >> reporter: the stairways have been renovated with more handrails and ventilation but it is still 354 steps to the top. >> honestly the stairs are
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narrow, they are steep and there are a lot of them. >> reporter: visits to the crown are by reservation only, limited to 30 people an hour. everyone who gets inside the statue must pass through airport-style security twice. this morning, this was the first group up. >> i was feeling really claustrophobic. >> reporter: love was in the air for one couple. she said yes. >> lady liberty's promise of a new beginning was honored with a special swearing in of seven servicemen from seven countries. >> part of what made america great is diversity of this country and bringing people together. >> reporter: newly minted citizens seeing america as truly their own for the first time. priya david, cbs news, new york. >> well, kim, we have lawn mowing weather the next couple of days. >> car washes weather, yes. what else do we do outside.
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>> hopscotch weather. biking weather, nice. so yeah, lay it on me. we're ready, everybody. great to see you. a little fog this morning. that's the one fly in the ointment as we send you out the door. maybe you are taking an extra long holiday weekend. for that you can keep one eye open and rest the other one. get up and get moving and talk about the forecast for today. not bad. the average high is 88. yesterday we had a cool 73. today we will be around 95. not bad and notice the rainfall total for the year we still have money in the bank as far as that is concerned. 3 1/2 inches. so that's good news. the forecast for the next three days we don't want you to wait for your weather. we give it to you off the top. today middle 80s. that's the case tomorrow and wednesday with mostly sunny skies. here's the fog i talked about in frederick n my neck of the woods the visibility is zero. dense fog advisory for frederick, points west and down to culpeper where the visibility is zero.
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visibility is a quarter mile in winchester but the temperature is 55. feels good. good morning, dc. you are waking up to 63 as are the folks in fredericksburg. it is 67 for patuxent river. here's where the nearest rain is across southern virginia at the moment. last night a few rain drops skirted by the northern neck of virginia. that was nice. other than that a nice weather forecast ahead for us. around 69 at 9:00. 80 at noon and at 5:00, 84 and mostly sunny. let's take a trip to the deep south. these rain showers are going to stay out of reach for us. we're not looking at this moisture to move north. that's good because most of the time this time of the year we get that humidity from the gulf of mexico we have highs in the middle 90s and it feels oppressive. we have been so lucky so far this summer. we have been avoiding the heat and humidity. one fly in the ointment, again, the fog. we it this morning. this afternoon we get the sunshine back and rain showers will stay to the south. a couple of thunderstorms moving through new england
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today. temperatures return to the middle 80s. buffalo 75. boston 79. norfolk a high of 80 and showers and thunderstorms. look ahead at the next seven, hall we? boy, is it nice to be a meteorologist when you have one of these to show. yeah, just look, everybody. brush away, brush those teeth and take it in. i know the weekend is coming up and we have isolated storms on saturday and sunday but for five days of gorgeous weather i will take it. how's the fog affecting the trip. >> obviously fog is a good reason to use extra caution, factor in extra minutes but overall not affecting the trips because we have not many incidents or accidents to tell you about. in fact this just in marc train alert for you. 402, departing 6:45 a.m. has been cancelled because of mechanical issues. use train 506. that is departing at 7:12.
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moving to 95 northbound. slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. looking at a 10 to 15 minute commute. tracking the trip on 395 northbound. we are clear from duke street to the 14th street bridge. on the gw parkway to the maps showing you traffic here and how that drive is incident and accident free. we will skip that and show you the outer loop. a good amount of drivers between new hampshire and georgia avenue and finally if we get back to the map, actually not going to go to the map and let you know that the bw parkway and 95 southbound is smooth sailing. that's a look at traffic. over to you. it is 6:17. while you are trying to save on vacations this summer the places you are trying to visit are nickeling and diming you. the headline in "usa today," tourists pay price as states jack up taxes. managing editor lauren ashburn has a look at the numbers. we hate extra fees. >> the states are trying to
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balance their budgets. july 1st was the beginning of the fiscal year and they are looking for a lot more money. so they are going to room taxes, car taxes and in the case of new york city internet reservation taxes. we have been taxed all along. look at the more notable ones. if you start we will start in hawaii. room tax 8.25%. in nevada the room tax maxed out and in new hampshire doing room and meal tax. massachusetts restaurant tax is 6.25% but also they are going to tax rv lots. >> oh, whoa. >> and in new york as i mentioned the internet preservation. so if you make reservations via the internet you are in for some trouble. this is not without opposition, especially from the national business travelers association. they say there can't be a worse time to do this. that occupancy rates are down by 55 1/2%.
6:19 am
and because of that, you know, these room taxes they used to be at 14 billion. now they won't even make that number this year. so normally what i like to say to people is, okay, here's what you can do to help, well, there's nothing you can do right now. these taxes are just going to be the way it is. >> and be sure not to check a second bag when you take the plane. >> that 25 or $50. i know. it is crazy. >> thank you, lauren ashburn, "usa today." the time is 6:19. ahead the all star rosters are out. find out which national made the team. plus, an epic finale at wimbledon. first the signs of now. need to fight city hall? there is an app for that. the iphone will have an application to allow people living in which city to file complaints with their. >> find out if you are correct
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. back with the signs of now.
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the answer is boston. the app is called citizen kick. you'll be able to give notice about potholes, graffiti and blown out street lights. in sports the nationals head out west an begin a series with the rockies tonight in denver. first pitch 8:40. ryan zimmerman is an all star. he was picked by fellow players to the national league roster. his first selection. he will be a backup to fellow virginian david wright at. guzman is among the five players you can help to vote in. we have a lifng at to cast your vote. another strong outing for nationals hitch pitcher on sunday. olson went eight and two-thirds and gave up three runs and
6:24 am
struck out five atlanta batters and had an rbi. nationals beat the braves 5-3. it is already hailed as one of the best wimbledon finales of all time. federer versus rod roddick. >> and fedder stands alone. >> federer wins and he has the grand slam title. the most of any player in history. in four minutes some amazing lost footage of celebrities and where it was found. plus, michael jackson fans excited after getting tickets for his memorial service. more on those plans coming up. we have live from canal and fox hall a problem-free drive is what we are looking at. we like it, we love it.
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we want more of it. it is the weather forecast. bottle it up. july and low humidity. don't change that dial. the forecast is next. you are watching 9 news now. good morning. ( chirping, music )
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diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. we are back with some lost footage recently uncovered. it is deemed to be a treasure trove of lost video. it features the beatles in ' 66. john wayne at the oscars in ' 70. muhammad ali in a birthday party in ' 72 and princess grace in the same year. it was was found in london. the stash has 20,000 reels of film. good morning. andrea and howard are off today. kim mar more is live on the weather terrace with the monday forecast and it is looking good, kim. >> so nice outside. it is cool enough where you might toy with the idea of a jacket but you won't need it this afternoon. you will allow extra time for
6:30 am
the fog to the west. there is a dense fogged a ververy toward culpeper and to the shenandoah valley. visibilities are flirting between zero and a quarter fa mile. all right. looks like we drop down close to zero in gaithersburg. temperatures inside the beltway 63. 55 garrett county. 57 culpeper and winchester. 67 southern maryland. the rain drops on the screen are not coming here. instead we get the sunshine. a trip up from the temperatures where we are in the 60s up to 85 with a north wind. it is looking great. angie goff has the drive in this morning. >> half way through the 6:00 hour. take a couple of looks at the roads and the trains. 270 southbound volume from 118 to 370. no major delays to report at this time. in virginia 66 eastbound slow in two spots. the first one from 50 to 123 and again approaching the capital beltway. speaking of 495, here's the outer and inner loop in
6:31 am
virginia at van doren. finding lanes wide open. and finally round it out with the train. i want you to know on the metro we are experiencing minor delays on the red line and marc trains, number 402 has been cancelled because of mechanical issues. that's departing 6 listen 45. the next is 506 and leaves 7:12 a.m. jessica, over to you. dc councilman marion barry is on probation for tax evasion and now arrested over the weekend and accused of stalking a woman. digital correspondent kristin fisher is live with the story. >> reporter: it is important to keep in mind this is only a misdemeanor stalking charge, but still marion barry could face up to a year in prison and a fine up to $500. a park police officer patrolling anacostia park on the 4th of july was flagged down by a woman in a car. >> the woman stated that somebody in another car was
6:32 am
harassing and stalking her. >> reporter: the woman was political consultant donna watts. a friend of dc council member marion barry. barry was interviewed and arrested 8:45 on saturday night. >> the only issue will be the charge of stalking, which is a misdemeanor. >> reporter: barry's spokeswoman says the former mayor feels betrayed and describes the accuser as his close friend. >> mr. barry has, over a period of time, lended his friendship and his support to the accuser, miss donna watts, through her many stages of instable. >> reporter: mrs. this is barry's third run in with park police since his drug charges in ' 92. ward 8 and commissioner sandra volunteered in barry's campaigns and run against him. >> does mr. barry have a reputation for stalking women. >> i'm laughing but it is not funny. i don't think he actually stalks women but he goes after women. he is very attracted to women and he will make it known if he
6:33 am
is interested. >> reporter: and we are now waiting to hear from marion barry himself. he is set to speak to reporters here at the wilson building at 10:00 a.m. we will have the latest on 9 news now. back to you. >> unemployment is now at 9.5%. the obama administration is on the defensive as opponents say the massive stimulus package is not working. vice president joe biden defended the move on sunday, but admitted to somis takes. >> we believe it is the right package, given the circumstances we're in. we misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only 120 days in to the recovery package. >> reporter: the vice president stressed the stimulus package was aimed to cover 18 months and it's only been six months so far. right now president obama is in russia. the first family arrived less than an hour ago. this is video just coming in to our information center.
6:34 am
this receive this first u.s.- russian summit in seven years. they will focus on international relations and we have learned this morning they expect a nuclear arms treaty to be reached. it will cut the number of warheads between the u.s. and russia. did you hear about the political bombshell over the weekend? it still has people talking and guessing. sarah palin will step down from office by the end of the month. the former vice presidential nominee decided not to run for re-election next year and she said she didn't want to be a lame duck. some political observers think she is setting up a presidential bid for 201 a 2 and wants to focus her energy on the lower 48. police are investigating a shooting which injured a 10- year-old girl. it happened on sunday morning in the 600 block of 46th place in the benning are rowe ridge neighborhood. one man suffered life- threatening injuries. three others including the girl are expected to recover. an autopsy will be done today to determine how a two
6:35 am
people died. they were pulled from a burning home on sunday in upper marlboro. heavy smoke and flames kept crews from getting to the victims in the home on wheeling avenue. one was burned beyond recognition and the other is identified as a man. one victim was found on the first floor and the other in the home's basement. now the latest on the death of michael jackson. thousands of his fans now know they will be able to attend tomorrow's memorial ceremony. sandra endo reports from california. >> final preparations are underway for a farewell expected to attract massive crowds. >> it's an honor. >> reporter: but the public memorial for michael jackson is for ticketed participants only. out of 1.6 million people who entered an on-line lootry for a pair of tickets to the even, 8750 were notified by e-mail they were selected. to get to the memorial they need to first pick up their
6:36 am
tickets and wristbands at dodgers stadium. >> we never thought we would be picked. >> reporter: detail of the farewell program have not been released but supporters of the pop icon say it should be a tribute to the singer's accomplishments, not his troubles or mysterious cause of death. >> we want people to know what is already known and that is that michael jackson was a historic figure and we don't want that to clouded. do we want to cover it? absolutely not. >> reporter: whether they have a ticket to the even or plan to watch it on a worldwide video feed fans look forward to the farewell. >> i want to be with people who feel that michael jackson was a great influence and i want to mourn with them. >> i hope to see a good tribute. >> reporter: the jackson family is working with officials from this forest lawn cemetery in los angeles for a private memorial set to take place before the public farewell. in encino, california, i'm sandra endo. the "washington post" is
6:37 am
backpedaling amid an ethically questionable move. last week it became public the post was trying to sell off the record dinners between journalists, white house officials and business leaders. the starting price $25,000 and the location, publisher way mouth's home. he says rushed planning led for the inaccuracy. she wrote in the "washington post" last week -- the time is 6:37. tiger shows up his guest and wins the at&t national. in ten minutes a look at the tournament's future and why it is leaving our area for two years. right now a focus on virginia's weather and traffic and we will start with kim. >> that's right. we do this every morning at this time. you maryland viewers we do you a half hour earlier. zoom in on virginia's weather.
6:38 am
first the temperatures. it is pretty comfortable outside. have to let you know in winchester, culpeper we have patchy dense fog that will show you down. 61 to the south in quantico. highs today 80s. plenty of sunshine after the morning fog and if you want to think of doing something good for your skin, wear the spf. it will serve you well. we want nice driving in weather. >> if you want nice traffic i'm here to give it to you. 123 in mclean in virginia, no issues to report at this time. little traffic. switching over to north glebe and washington boulevard. all is a go here through arlington. finally fly the dulles toll road past the airport. that's where we are taking you to the toll plaza before the beltway. finding drivers moving at speed. good morning. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. when it is time to get rid of old shoes in the closet think twice before throwing them the trash. you can donate them to charity. that would be a good thing or you can get them recycled. did you know the rubber on the bottom of the shoes can be turned in to other products like gym floors. something to think about. for more tips go to and click on living green. well, it is 6:42. we will check in with dave price. he's live in los angeles with a preview of the "early show." hey there, dave. >> good morning, jessica. busy day on the east and west coast. tell you what is coming up when we join you on the "early show." we are live at staples center here in los angeles. that's what you see behind us as thousands of families and fans flock to the city for michael jackson's memorial
6:43 am
service. we will talk to some of those who have been giving tickets in the ticket lottery and why the battle over never land maybe put on hold temporarily. and the investigation in to an alleged serial killer is continuing this morning, and we have now learned he has claimed the fifth victim. we will talk to the sheriff about any possible leads. also, was sarah palin's resignation a strategic political move? we will speak to the former white house communications director and get insight on that. that and more on the "early show" from both los angeles and new york. back to you in dc. >> thank you so much. a tie at the box office this weekend. it was a competition between transformers an the animals of ice age. >> push, push. >> i can't do it. >> just one more big push. >> you have no idea what i'm going through. >> reporter: s the that's an animal voice by dennis leery. he is not giving birth but
6:44 am
pushing logs. dawn of the dinosaurs hauled in $42.5 million. that puts it in to a tie with the fallen. public enemies followed by the proposal and hangover. the weather has been so beautiful. >> pretty nice. did you have a good weekend? >> it was pretty good. it was. >> the weather was nice. >> yeah. good morning. 6:44. i'm ready to get going. got to tell you about fog across the area. to the west especially is where you will have problems. the weather today, show you the forecast, nice to show you the next three days off the bat. 84 today. 85 tomorrow and wednesday. notice plenty of sunshine. ahh. there is the fog. up to hagerstown and toward winchester. the visibility is only a quarter mile. be advised of that. allow extra driving time. culpeper zero in your neck of
6:45 am
woods. it is 63 inside the beltway where we are also cloud free. some showers skirting by to our south. if you are heading to north carolina and points south running in to rain today. up to the north should be good across the commonwealth of pennsylvania on 81 and 95 to philly. show you the weather forecast. sunny and warmer today. a high of 84 after reaching 80 by noon. air quality is yellow which is moderate. here's the storms, yep, rumbling through dixie, south georgia about to get hit across north florida. we're in between this batch of rain and a little front across the great lakes bringing showers and storms through central new york in to new england. in between the wet weather lies the sinking dry weather from high pressure. we is that today and tomorrow and the next couple of days really. the only fly in the ointment this batch of fog to the west. we'll replace that with sunshine.
6:46 am
highs in the middle 80s. keep an eye on the screen. the forecast just off to the right. always on the screen. so if you miss my weather forecast you can find it here at channel 9, always on your side. take a look at the forecast for today, middle 80s. to the south thunderstorms for raleigh, 87. 81 dry in pittsburgh and in buffalo 75. and not a bad one. they will have some rain east to syracuse and albany. put up the next seven. the chimes say to look up. we found great weather for you today through tomorrow and wednesday. mostly sunny and dry. we'll have some clouds around on thursday night. it will be cooler and 82. as we plan ahead for the weekend, isolated storm on wednesday. some scattered storms on sunday don't forget you can get the forecast at 4:00 a.m. follow me on twitter. my i.d. name is weather kim. angie has your back with the traffic. how are things looking. >> 14 minutes from the 7 hour. here's the scoop on the roads.
6:47 am
95 northbound from dale boulevard to lorton. rite now we are tracking a 15- minute commute. moving along, here's 395 a little slow and slowing down much more, faster than usual if from duke to seminary. this is volume. we are tracking district drivers for you. a shot of inbound new york avenue. one delay stretching from the washington times building to bladensburg road. okay past this point from florida avenue to the third street tunnel. checking out the capital beltway. the outer loop, bridge the shades you are going to need them. an accident off to the left shoulder. drivers are getting by. and ending with our maps here's route 4 and 5 at branch avenue and 301. just typical volume. overall looks like a clear commute. now over to jessica. at least two people are dead following a plane crash in southwestern virginia. the private jet went down sunday in rockbridge county
6:48 am
near salem. i want was heading from new jersey to florida. the pilot reported losing an exterior panel was going to try to land in lynchburg but it crashed in a farm owned by virginia tech. six juveniles are back in custody this morning they broke out from the new beginnings youth center in laurel, maryland and found near 198 two hours after breaking out. this is the second big break from the $46 million facility. a teen broke out a day after the center opened in may. the at&t national is known as tiger's tournament. so it makes sense the man in red would win on sunday. hunter mahan gave tiger a chase at congressional country club. he shot a record high of 62. that tied a record on thursday. mahan finished 12 under but tiger was too good. he sank a short putt to seal the win. tiger's win wraps up the tournament at 13 under.
6:49 am
this will be the last at&t national at congressional for two years. it's moving to philadelphia because of the upcoming u.s. open. as dave owens reports our region was just getting good at this golf thing. >> reporter: with the man back in the field, perfect weather, and a course in pristine condition, a successful at&t national seemed pretty much a slam dunk. it was. >> first time coming out here and it's been a blast. >> a special tournament. i enjoy being here and a wonderful course. >> wonderful weather and we're in the nation's capital. >> reporter: tiger proved his ability to draw crowds is unparalleled. attendance figures nearly doubled last year and overall 194,000 walked congressionals grounds. >> the 4th of july and everything is coming together. the screaming eagles and the wound warriors hitting the tee shots. it was off to the -- it was off
6:50 am
to a good start and then cruised from there. >> last year woods one here and numbers dipped. this year he's back and they have exploded. >> yesterday was crazy. one of the best days we have had. today with him in the lead just an unbelievable day. >> reporter: the cheers and well, tiger roars will be in philly the next couple of years for the u.s. open. woods vowed to return to the nation's capital in 2012. >> i will be here in a couple of years for the u.s. open and be back in three years time. >> the time 6:50. we have 63 degrees here in northwest washington. metro's red line is getting back up to speed this morning. the story is three minutes away
6:51 am
6:52 am
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. on this monday morning here's what's in the news news now. metro's red line gets the first rush hour test this morning. last week the ntsb said the red line could resume normal speed. trains will still slow in the crash zone near tacoma and they are operating in main july mode. i'm kristin fisher at the wilson building where marion barry is set to speak to
6:54 am
reporters about his arrest this past weekend. he was charged with misdemeanor stalking. natural gas leak is believed to be the cause of this house explosion. it leveled the million dollar home in northwest washington on saturday night. amazingly no one was hurt. patchy dense fog to the west this morning. culpeper to manassas, frederick and just west of leesburg are dealing with that. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. 84. the time is 6:54. it is monday morning. my seven-day forecast is two minutes away. you are watching 9 news now. travel, stress, eating on the run.
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diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. back with a great story. the doughnut shop cop. a group of police officers in michigan was so mad a local
6:58 am
doughnut shop was closing so the officers bought it. a lot will volunteer to keep it open. >> it's a great idea. cops and doughnuts. everybody talks about cops and doughnuts. >> truthfully i thought, oh, jeez, the simpsons here we come come. chief will come and there's a big doughnut. >> the same old jokes like you guys will eat the profits. >> a group of nine policemen in this community said they are going to ban together as a group and save this bakery. >> this will allow police to see them in a dump light. we are part of the community and we live here and raise our families here and yeah, we eat doughnuts here. >> reporter: the new owners will be staffing the place with college and high school students. >> i can't wait to see what they name the doughnuts like fat free 50. >> let's talk about the traffic on the outer loop. an accident on the off ramp at 95 by just off the left
6:59 am
shoulder. the traffic is slow from new hampshire to georgia. 270 southbound from montgomery village avenue on down a little volume. the slow goes from 129 to 121 and 66 eastbound from 50 to the vienna metro we are using the brakes. same from nutley to the beltway. >> i don't see a lot of fog the traffic cameras but folks to the west are dealing with dense fog to the shenandoah valley and up to martinsburg and hagerstown. otherwise mostly sunny. 84. we'll keep the nice weather here through most of the week. next weekend an isolated storm on saturday and scattered on sunday. >> looking good. the "early show" is next. they are going to have more on the upcoming michael jackson memorial and the resignation of alaska governor sarah palin. >> the taste of france. >> and remember when we are not on tv we are always on-line, read our blogs and get the news, weather and traffic at have a great day. >> bye-bye.


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