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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. cheating on your spouse. governors do it. nfl stars do it. two recent cases in the national spotlight have couples talking tonight infidel tee and the consequences. this is 9news now. >> the governor of south carolina admitted to his affair with a woman in argentina, and we are also just learning the details of steve mcnair's relationship outside his marriage that ended tragically over the weekends. now reporters are writing about infidel tee. you interviewed a relationship columnist with a very interesting and personal take on this. >> that's right. interesting because this writer has experienced cheating. she wrote about this is a recent
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piece about the governor and the responses she got, well, let's just say are very telling. >> i just don't get it how these men who have everything are willing to throw it all away. >> reporter: an opinion about two high profile figures caught cheating. >> one of the things i wrote in the article is that i had had relationships with men who were married. and that even for myself, it's in defensible. >> reporter: an indefensible action she knows from all sides. her first marriage ended when her husband cheated on her. it's all about love, marriage, couple's quarrel, anything relationship related. >> i think it makes the writing stronger and people think i really tapped into something that people want to hear about. >> reporter: and this week tapping into a big issue. >> it has broken down the taboo
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nature of speaking about it and we're more direct about it. >> i think it can happen. >> the feedback that i got from men and women on this piece in general is that it was almost like a fact of life. that we were all going to go through it. that we were all going to have this experience at some time in our marital life. and as i'm engaged and getting married for the second time, i'm thinking, gosh, i hope not. >> her and her fiancee discussed this topic at length. when it comes to the opinion on the governor, they differ strongly. stay tune to her next column. the topic is mcnair. >> thank you. we also want to know what you think. is it on the rise in our society or are these recent high profile examples just bringing it into the limelight? log on to to take our web opinion poll. we are learning more about steve mcnair's brief affair that
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ended in tragedy. the ex star quarterback who was married met this waitress only six months ago. she was a 20-year-old. tmz got this shots of them on a beach vacation. she bought a gun two days before the two were shot to death saturday in nashville. the family of both victims simply didn't see this coming. >> she started dating the famous guy. i was like, well, i don't watch football so i have no clue what was going on. i was like are you sure that's what you want to do. i didn't know he was married or anything. >> i couldn't believe it. right now i'm still in disbelief a little bit. but it's just the idea knowing he was gone. >> their body was found in a condo leased by mcnair. he leaves behind a wife and four children. a rocky relationship and charges of stalking. that's the latest controversy connected to dc council man
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marian barry. the former mayor is no stranger to drama. this is another bump in the road for the politician. here is gary nurenberg for an update from our information center. >> reporter: it's complicated, anita. the lawyer says that barry and the woman were on their way to a beach when they -- the day ended with barry under arrest for stalking. barry's lawyer says barry then went to the woman's home in southeast at her invitation and says barry was on his way to his home when he, again, encountered her in the park saturday night leading to his arrest. >> the councilman denies stalking anyone. we believe that the charge stems from a personal relationship that has gone horribly wrong. >> reporter: barry laughed whether a reporter quoted old girlfriends as saying he was unfaithful to them.
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>> interesting question. i don't know. >> reporter: originally scheduled an interview from her home here at noon. she said she was talking to federal prosecutors and pushed it back to 2:00. an appointment she didn't keep. in a statement earlier in the day, she said it is senseless to publicly and officially. no decision has been made on whether to pursue the charge of stalking against barry. >> barry wants the charge drop because it could endanger the probation he's serving on an unrelated tax case. we should learn more. >> gary nurenberg, thank you. new at 11:00, a local woman caught up in the chaos of deadly riots in china. more than 150 people have died
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in fighting. between turkish speaking muslim protestors in china. they blame exiled separatists for the fighting. among them an actress who lived in fairfax. she works for human rights on behalf of the minority people. >> the government see me as a threat and see me as part of the solution to the existing and future problems. >> she says the communist government sees it as hostile. also new tonight, a south carolina town terrorized a been expected sial killer. people are breathing earlier tonight. the suspect w killed in a shootout with police just 30 miles away in north carolina. police identified the man as 41-year-old patrick tracey burress. he was paroled in april after
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seven years in prison. >> at some point the criminal justice system is going to need to explain why this individual is out on the street, and we owe that to the victims in that case. we owe that to the citizens who lived in terror for days. >> police say bullets in the gun found on burress matched the weapons that were used in the killings in gaffney. here at home, dc police have also been very busy after a very violent p 4th of july weekend. the -- violent 4th of july weekend. it ended in six murders in shooting around the city. even a child was caught in the crossfire. >> any time a 10-year-old kid is shot, it's a harrowing thing to happen. >> dc officials say despite the recent spike in violence, the murder rate in the district is 15-25% lower than the same time last year. virginia state police also had a tough 4th of july weekend.
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they responded to 562 highway crashes that left ten people dead. they say alcohol was a factor in four deadly crashes. and seven of the dead were not wearing seat belts. police say they also arrested 129 suspected drunk drivers. less than two weeks after the deadliest metro collision in history, ridership hit a record this 4th of july. riders took more than 631,000 trips on independence day, and that sets a new record for the 4th. on to a 9news now follow-up, mono rail is back up and running at disney. authorities are still investigating a deadly accident that killed a monroe rail driver early sunday. we are now just hours away for the memorial for the king of pop michael jackson. a judge ruled today that jackson's long time attorney and family friend should take over
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the pop singer's estate for now. he rejected a request from jackson's mother to be put in charge. a public memorial will be held tomorrow at la staple center. his private burial center will take place at fort lawn cemetery in the halle wood hills. a woman from virginia will be one in attendance. she registered it with the lottery that was set up to distribute tickets. she got one and we caught up with her at dulles airport before she left. >> i never thought i would actually get this opportunity. it didn't even cross my mind. but, you know, you just do it because you think what if. and so i'm just excite thad it actually happened. i -- excited that it actually happened. i can hardly believe that it happened. >> cbs news will have live coverage of michael jackson the farewell. you can watch it now. it begins tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. as the world turns will be preempted and the price is right
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will be bumped back to 3:00 p.m.. moving on to topper and your nine forecast first, a perfect summer day. a nice evening as well, top. >> it really was. i mean, 85 today was the high. we had low humidity. it was like new england. it really was. so far the summer has been pretty kind tos. u here is the forecast first. a few clouds. up the lows a little bit. we're back in the 60s because of those few clouds. ho th.ugry comfortab, bs. lomp iatesheurw tn tur b stemp rightte now are comfortab. ow74n.74 ntowt 64 already in manassas and 66 inul cr.bupepe rg.d7pen er iedfric satellite picture has a few clouds coming through and that may keep temperatures up a little bit, but still a very pleasant night. we'll come back and talk about the prospect of some showers. and summer is lurking around the corner all coming up. >> thank you, top. coming up, a build a bear bust. the coverup that ended up with dozens of arrests. plus a dc institution, a
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your chur pase around major shopping holidays. consumer reports just found that sthur ieestialenncsveve oher t f thomjy huloleray we so wood sate buysldou g c setew a n ror f s es lanth theri pce of a oed c one enoowhrk ar lk at aeal on a new honda, it f tndwiout hath ntce sineserivpphoppou cldav s $3 ve40r o five years. do your homework around the holidays and you could save money. for more money saving tips, go to and click on living smart. >> thanks, lesli. police have busted a ring of drug smugglers who hid heroin inside stuffed animals. investigators say it was a multimillion dollar operation that used teddy bears to smuggle heroin from the bronx into new jersey. they shut down the operation on friday. neighbors were blown away that it was happening right next door. >> i have been living here nine years and this was something that shocked everybody. it's a quiet neighborhood. >> i can't believe it happened
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in this building. >> police arrested 12 people and seized 33 pounds of heroin. do you love home-grown tomatoes? you need to pay attention to this next story. the same blight that was responsible is hitting tomatoes now on the east coast very hard. once your plants have the blight, they have to be disposed of to avoid spreading the disease. but all is not lost, you can take steps to discourage the killer blight by spraying your plants with an approved function sidepproved fungicide. one final note, the blight does not hurt people. a washington landmark is about to close its door for good. last call at nathan's and
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georgetown is this sunday night. the 40-year-old restaurant and bar sits on prime real estate at the corner of wisconsin and m. our andrew stack stopped by. >> reporter: since 1969, nathan's as been at this corner. >> this place is a dc institution. we love coming over here. if you want to come over here with your friends and hang out. >> reporter: some who pass through the doors are relative newcomers. >> we have been coming about five years. >> reporter: others long time locals with loyalty to their favorite bar. >> i was very upset. really always enjoyed this as a starting point and an ending point. >> reporter: the bartender admits the bar is older than he is and knows he's upholding a tradition using it only for a few more nights. >> what do you recommend? >> how about a coke. >> you got me.
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>> this is our 40-year anniversary back in april. >> reporter: ann madigan has been managing it for several years. >> it's slow. we're having problems keeping it together. >> reporter: and although nathan's sits on prime real estate, don't expect anyone new to be opening the door any time soon. >> what's going to happen to the building now? >> i'm not sure. i'm really not sure. >> reporter: on the corner of wisconsin and m, andrew stack, 9news now and >> lots of memories over the years. nathan's has been well known for sponsoring regular lunch ons featuring local -- luncheons featuring local celebs. do you want to pick that up, top? >> i've been there a couple times. >> all right. it was like connecticut here. it was like new england. >> it was pretty. gorgeous. >> it was gorgeous. and the heat has been pretty kind to us and it's going to
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continue. >> it has. >> for the most part we stay dry the next three days. we got a couple of drops in there but they're going to be few and far between. maybe a shower on wednesday, 83. only 81 degrees on thursday. are you kidding me? that is nice. the weekend left and right of me, tonight overnight in detail we're looking at temperatures in the 60s. i think the clouds will keep the suburbs out of the 50s. originally we thought upper 50s tonight. a few clouds coming in keeping temperatures up a little bit. still comfortable. lows in the 50s with light winds. temperatures already 69 in albany. temperatures pretty low. 69 in the plains and 69 also in culpeper. tomorrow morning partly cloudy and pleasant. winds northwesterly at ten. a couple of clouds north of town. kim will be here for howard at
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4:55 in the morning. by afternoon just a shower possible. i took the thunderstorm out. it's not going to be that unstable. just maybe a shower. it's still not going to be humid, even though temps will be a little bit warmer tomorrow than they were today. zone forecast, pretty similar. mid 80s pretty much across the board. a couple of sprinkles possible. chantilly 84. springfield 86. and statford also 86. not a small craft advisory. 85 in laurel. 84 up in damascus and 86 down in hughesville. so all in all spectacular day. 85 tomorrow. partly cloudy. 83 on wednesday. also partly cloudy. and then low 80s to around 80 on thursday and friday. winds turn northeasterly late in the week and that will cool us
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off a little bit and increase the cloud cover. then we pop back into the warm to hot sector of air. we're back in the low 90s on saturday. maybe a thunderstorm. better chance for storms on sunday. still in the upper 80s. and then next monday is kind of, well, like today. sunny and 84. but low humidity. >> we will take it. >> pretty nice. >> yes. >> very good, topper. brett, you're here to talk about the nats offense flat lined. >> and in denver where the ball is supposed to fly. the nationals even defy physics. in the stadium where runs normally come by the dozens, nothing. the nats don't give up nothing, but they don't score any. the low down from denver. plus why the nats aren't the only ones who need their spell checker. 9 sports coming up.
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continuing to produce 70% fewer smog-forming emissions while delivering greater power. a fact not lost on the world around us. the all-new 2010 lexus rx hybrid. it's i'm for 9 sports -- time for 9 sports with brett haber. >> all right. apparently somebody lowered the city of denver because the nats and rockies went in there and the ball barely got out of the field all night. the rocky stamen pitching for the nats. seven innings one run. 1-0 rocks. now, their pitcher was jason marquis. already leading the league with
11:24 pm
ten wins. and that number has gone up. eight innings, no runs, struck out just three. but they had the nats all night. still dc bases loaded and a chance to win until ronnie belliard hits. too much of that this year from the nats. they fall 1-0. meanwhile, anita, your phillies had about a weeks worth of offense in one inning tonight. they all went yard as the phillies scored ten in the first against the reds. if it were little league, they would have invoked the skunk rule right there. instead it continued. no mercy. phillies won 22-1. most runs ever. 48 hours have passed now since steve mcnair's death. and while some have chosen to dwell on his personal shortcomings which came to light this week, those in nashville and baltimore who knew him best believe his life of substance
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and kindness out weighs those. he was a caring member of his community, particularly in nashville where he spent 11 years and where his commitment to charity was unmatched. today his former teammates mourn the loss of their former brothers. >> we all make mistakes we wish we could go back on. i'm not here to dwell on that. i'm here to celebrate the life of a dear friend. >> my hope is we can get past the circumstances and stay focused on the type of player and person that he was. >> a memorial for mcnair will be held this thursday in nashville. it's open to the public. he will be buried in his home town in mississippi. we move on to tennis. and on saturday venice williams was in london after a beat down from her little sister. tomorrow she'll be here in washington. venice's philadelphia freedom will be here to meet the
11:26 pm
washington castle. serena is actually on the castle. but she doesn't join the team until next tuesday. so no sister against sister showdown tomorrow. french open double will be holding until then and preaching the tn is gospel. >> i -- tennis gospel. >> i think if they go throughout america and actually create a great awareness of teem structure in an individual -- team structure in an individual we'll see lots of fans come. >> if you have never seen him play doubles, he is one of the greatest. >> apparently anthony roddick tweaked his hip. he has withdrawn from this week's davis cup tie. marty fish will take his place. remember how pristine congressional club was yesterday. it's not anymore. bulldozers started tearing up the greens today for the 2011 u.s. open. the course will be closed for
11:27 pm
the next two years. not that any of us are members around here. lance armstrong on the move today up from 10th place to third today. just 40 seconds now out of the overall lead. switzerland still holds the yellow jersey. finally tonight since the national spelling bee is on espn, i think it's safe to say spelling is a sport. but the nats got outdone today in dade county florida where they painted the word school in a school crossing and spelled is s c o h o l. careful. it's a skohol crossing. you don't want to get hit by an an oe a can -- car. whatever. >> they need positive reinforcement. >> the kids or the people who paint the roads?
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okay. if you missed it this holiday weekend, this is the most viewed video on youtube. madonna paying tribute to michael jackson at her 4th of july concert in london. [ music playing ]
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] >> all right, people. let's give it up to one of the greatest artists the world has ever known. michael jackson. long live the king. [ cheers and applause ] >> and we'll end our show on that note. don't forget live the jackson memorial coverage that starts tomorrow at 1:00 on thanks for staying up with us. we're always on at and letterman is up next. goodnight. # (bell ringing)
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