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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 8, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it is only a matter of time before a gunman walked into that facility. >> new tonight. reports of serious gaps in security at federal buildings. undercover agents were even able to smuggle in bomb making materials. good evening. i'm lesli foster. a disturbing new warning for anyone. investigators from the government accountability office have been able to repeatedly slip bomb components right past security, assemble bombs in bathrooms and wonder the halls. bruce leshan has more on this investigation and allegations of a security officer in silver spring. tell us more. >> reporter: they declined to
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name the buildings where they found big security holes. but in silver spring they say there are major problems there. eight years after the terrorist attacks, troubling new allegations of security holes at our federal buildings. >> these federal workers are not safe. >> reporter: a private security guard at the campus in silver spring. she says she has repeatedly had to wake up members of her team sleeping on the job with their guns strapped on. >> most of the officers seem to think it is funny. they bring pillows and blankets to work. >> you're kidding me? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the report out from the government accountability office suggests there may be a whole lot of problems with the federal service and security contractors. they released the video of its investigators skipping bomb
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components through metal detectors in a facility. they put detonators together in a bathroom then walked fathroug the buildings with an improvised explosive. they were only challenged once in four different cities. even then the secret investigators were able to talk their way in. >> in all ten cases goa investigators were able to get through to the metal detectors. get through the x-ray machines and go and assemble their bombs. >> it is simply unacceptable that we had such a poor level of security at busy federal buildings that are obvious targets. >> reporter: the whistle blower said since she complained about guards speaking on the job her bosses have harassed and threatened to fire her. we haven't heard back from the
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security company but two guards were caught sleeping on duty in silver spring and are no longer there. >> bruce, thank you for that. another youtube video surfacing of a metro working texting. this time it is a bus operator. the video was posted yesterday. metro says at the moment it has no way to tell who the driver is. >> we were able to tell it was one of our buses. we have a general idea of what the operator looks like but we don't see the operator's face. if the person who posted it can get in touch with us and let us know it was whatever route whatever time of day, i'm sure we can track down that people. >> a metro transit worker was suspended after a video of him texting was posted. metro says discussions about the punishment for texting are underway by top officials. we continue to follow marion barry's latest saga.
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newly released audiotapes are shedding new light on barry's relationship with a former girlfriend who is now accusing him of stalking her. she said the councilman kicked her out of a hotel room after she refused to perform a sex act on him. in a voice mail released by the dity paper barry says he is ctr. tad he r heots llcahe revealed hehi ntteinioretotehi he hitor tolp her out financially which he did to the tune of $20,000 taxpayer. but she refuses to call it a bailout. >> it got you out of a difficult situation? >> no. >> you weren't about to lose your house? >> no. >> police arrested marion barry after he was allegedly caught following the woman in a park. now, just minutes ago we received a statement from a barry spokesperson regarding those audiotapes and it read in part "the content of these
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tapes have nothing to do with the arrest of mr. barry on july 4th and under in circumstances incriminates mr. barry of any crime." you can read the entire statement on right now president obama is attending his first g8 economic summit in italy. over three days the group of eight world leaders will wrestle with north korea's nuclear issues, global warming. but stimulating the sluggish economy is the first priority. >> we discussed the importance of europe and the united states raising standards on financial institutions to ensure that a crisis like the one that has taken place will never happen again. >> the leaders have already stuck a new agreement on climate change announcing a goal to keep the world temperature from rising more than 3.5 degrees celsius. >> back in washington vice president biden announcing a
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new health care reform agreement with hospitals. hospitals will contribute 155 billion, with a b, dollars, in medicare and medicaid savings. that money will be dispersed over the next ten years to help cover medical costs for the millions of uninsured in our country. >> today's announcement, i believe, represents the essential role hospitals play in making reform a reality. and the reality will be we must enact this reform this year. we must and we will enact reform by the end of august. >> joe biden says lawmakers are the closest they have ever been to fixing a broken health care system. police have released the names of two people that were killed when they were rear ended on the beltway by a suspected drunk driver. 39-year-old woman and a 37-year- old man both from springfield, virginia. the crash took place last night on the outer loop on the maryland side of the american
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legion bridge. the driver is identified as kelly ruz of bethesda. court records show she was driving with a suspended license and without insurance. earlier this year court records show she was involved in an accident in bethesda. a witness who was subpoenaed in the case tells 9news now that she struck her car after dropping a child at a daycare and then left the scene. a community in manassas is on high alert after two potential abductions. in each case a 16-year-old girl was targeted. both girls got away and went to the community center pool for help. families are swimming there today and they are in shock. >> i let my daughter walk to the pool with her friends. that won't be happening any more. >> no one can wait outside for their parents to pick them up. no one can walk home. and they would like the parents to stay in here as well i i gue for protection.
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hi here is what the suspect's rke mavey look like. dablue or navy. minivan with virginia tags and three red pine tr air fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror. or i should say one of them. a tree. police identified a man shot to death in maryland. they say the victim was 23-year- old stephane robinson of fort washington. robinson was found along the 1500 block of akakee road. right now a huge brush fire burning out of control in los angeles. this is a live look from the scene. the world famous getty center art complex is evacuating staff and visitors. nearby mt. st. mary's college is also being evacuated as a caution. that fire has burned 4 to 10 acres of brush at sunset boulevard. about 150 firefighters are battling the blaze. we will keep you updated on
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their progress. new details in the steve mcnair death investigation. ahead, more on how the ex-nfl star died. and is your favorite bottled water really free of contamination? we will take a look coming up. but first, topper shutt. >> temperatures almost 10 degrees below average today, lesli. just spectacular. click on the weather tab and go down to weather data for the almanac. record high 100. we will come back and talk about cooler air for a little while longer and then summer is lurking. it will kemaom ck. aaceb stay tuned. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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when a tornado tore through holly, colorado, air life denver took to the air... their night-vision goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight... and powering those precision goggles--- is the only battery air life trusts: duracell. broad daylight or the darkest night... it just has to work. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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living the frugal life in tonight's living smart focus, it has become the new normal in this economy and now there are two new websites to help you do just that. you'll find free samples and products at and also enter contests to win gift cards, vacations, home makers and more by clicking on his better help, mrs. you can check them out on our website at just click on living smart. our favorite teen wizard coming back. harry potter making its debut in london last night. in japan today. already nintendo has a new video game out. game makessers makers believe they are second to jc rowling. >> we are quite excited about
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it. we basically used harry on his broom through the start. it is a challenging game. if you catch the snitch you win the game. >> just as the movie world looking to summer blockbusters to boost box offices the gaming world is hoping harry potter can cast a spell of brightness amid the hard times of economic recession. up next. human sperm created in a laboratory. you don't want to miss is this story. but first, a preview of the "cbs evening newest." coming up. federal regulators saying they will crackdown on investors who jack up the e icprof l. willhag t inbrrelief at the pump? only tonight on the cbs evening news. yo> 9news now is brought to u io by the rim story. put it all together .
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abrasive on dentures? look, scratches collect and grow cause bad breath instead clean without scratching causing bacteria every day
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when i get my period it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom controversy today around claims over what you see taking place in this laboratory.
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these are british scientists who say they have made medical history by creating human sperm. >> if the system is safe, it could help infertile men. >> experts point out the cells did not constitute authentic perm with of course all the necessary biological characteristics. the state of massachusetts is suing the federal government over a law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. the suit contends the federal defense of marriage act interferes with the right of massachusetts to define marriage as it sees fit. the 1996 law denies federal recognition of gay marriage. massachusetts was the first state to allow the practice. what's in your bottled water? it is a question you probably can't answer because the companies are not required to tell you. but now some members of congress want to change that policy to bring bottled on par
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with tap. >> you don't know what is in tap water. you've got all those different restaurants and don't know what is in their water. >> this is why she drinks bottled water instead of tap. but members at a subcommittee hearing argued the opposite. >> consumers spend more for bottled water but they can't learn essential facts about what's in the bottle. only two of 188 bottled waters make public three basic facts routinely disclosed by local tap water utilities. >> the three basic facts are the source of the water, how the water is treated. >> i drink bottled water mainly because of the taste. i don't like the taste of tap water. >> some seems purer, harder. >> tap water facilities are required by law to inform the public about any contaminants within 24 water hours. bottled watered companies do not have this requirement. >> i cook with the tap water
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and drink bottled water. >> others believe this was a bust over a minor labeling thing. >> i would prefer that we look at other issues that are important to our constituents. >> i use a brita filter. i think bottled water is silly. >> now, a bottled water industry representative said bottled water is held to a different standard to tap water because bottled water is considered a food product so it is actually tested at different stages unlike tap water. today maryland state comptroller was boozing it up in a manner of speaking. peter sanchez surrounded himself with boot legged alcohol and cigarettes. he praised law enforcement officers who helped to bust underground operations and tax cheats. >> the alcohol enforcement area we had a record year making more than 90 arrests and confiscated 137-gallons of
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wine. more than 1100 gallons of distilled spirits. over 44,000 containers of beer. >> over the past 12 months officers also confiscated nearly 173,000 packs of cigarettes that were either brought into the state or sold in the state illegally. prince george's county has a new program to help first time home buyers purchase foreclosed homes. it is called the down payment on your dream initiative. count executive jack johnson said it will help eligible homeowners come down with a down payment and closing costs. >> it really is part of the american dream and we still believe that even in these times we can share the american dream with so many new people. >> qualified buyers will be eligible for a 0% interest deferred payment loan with no repayment if the buyer stays in the home for at least ten years. the program targets
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neighborhoods where foreclosures are hurting property values. >> we could get used to this temperature. >> we were 81 tomorrow. probably 81 tomorrow. few more clouds. not as picturesque but still a nice day. temperature wise by july standards. low 80s on friday. now on saturday almost hot. high temps near 90. slight chance of a thunderstorm. but that's actually what we expect this time of year. for tonight partly cloudy and cool. mid-50s to mid-60s downtown. winds north easterly at 10. we don't talk about temps at 50s too often. look at these lows. 59 in tyson. 56 in great falls. low 60s for bethesda inside the beltway. temperatures right now also a good deal. upper 70s in brookville.
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79 in chantilly. dumpfries 80. 60s and 70s tomorrow. winds north easterly at 10. by afternoon increasing clouds but still pleasant. high temperatures low 80s. winds easterly at 10. i'll take a few clouds if we can keep temperatures in the low 80s this time of year. couple of showers possible on the delmar. all six zones still on our website at 80 in front royal. clouds coming in. downtown probably low 80s again. about where we are today. maybe not quite 80 in annapolis. good day to be on the water. no small craft advisory and no thunderstorms. here is a satellite that is a visible picture. looking down. very few clouds as you can see. we were in good shape today and will be in good shape tonight. next seven days. 81 tomorrow. clouds come in with that easterly flow. then 83 on friday. near 90 on saturday. maybe a storm. maybe a shower on sunday. we are back in the mid to upper
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80s. a chance of summer. can't avoid the 90s forever. inevitable. 90 on tuesday. quite possibly mid-90s on wednesday which would be the hottest day of the year so far. still in denver. we thought we would have an offensive explosion in the rocky mountains but no. for everyone else the ball flies at coors field but not the nats. for them the mile high air has no effect. rockies get out their brooms this afternoon. plus, shocking new details in the death of steve mcnair. you will hear them in9ss rt po right after this.
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an now, 9sports with brett haber. emmy winner for outstanding sports anchor three years standing. steve mcnair caught in a murder suicide by his companion. details paint the picture of a troubled young women on the other end of the gun and an attack steve mcnair may not have seen coming because he was asleep. nashville police tonight confirming the murder-suicide scenario and clearing up details surrounding the shooting. they say steve mcnair was seated on a sofa at the time lightly asleep when the woman shot him in the head and then twice in the chest and then again in the head before turning the gun on herself.
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police also learned tonight about her state of mind leading up to the shooting. >> she had become very distraught and on two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and that she was going to end it all. we also have reason to believe that the woman recently learned before this day that she believed steve mcnair was involved with another woman and that too participated in her state of mind we think. >> meanwhile, a nervous time in a chicago white sox organization tonight as they cannot locate their star pitcher. the former si young winner who was scheduled to make a rehab start tomorrow in charlotte has gone missing from the team and attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful. you can talk about baseball in colorado and you just can't without talking about how the ball flies out of the park and how a million runs get scored at coors field. only the nats could play three games. average two runs per game. get away game at coors today. ross detwiler got into trouble
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right out of the gate. dexter fowler. morgan trying but cannot. one hop over the wall. rockies up 2-0. 5-0 in the -- 5th. math nay as well for the orioles today in seattle. matinee as well for the orioles today in seattle. david hernandez. os venus williams last week taking on the castle. tonight the designated star is somebody with no title. the st. louis aces on court at castle stadium. anna the most famous athlete in history who never won anything. granted that's a little unfair.
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she did win a couple of big doubles titles but nothing in singles and she does own the record for the most internet downloads in history which i guess is something. stage 5 tour de france. another wind swept ride. less than one second behind the leader is lance armstrong. tomorrow goes into spain ending in barcelona. dc soccer fans. team u.s.a. hosting honduras at jfk stadium. as you probably know for the last two weeks honduras has been in the midst of massive political unrest with the military having to place the president in exile and escalating violence occurring in the streets. hardly the ideal backdrop for a friendly soccer game and team u.s.a. is aware of that. >> you have to feel for them. obviously we all see pictures
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and read accounts and i'm sure it is on their minds. so i think it is terrible what's going on there and i'm sure it is a factor for all them. >> finally tonight on a minor note. this is a ball player. watch what he does very closely with his bat. he appears -- watch it again -- to make it flow in mid-air. we slowed it down for you. he spins it and then grabs it while in the motion of the swing. he hasn't made it past triple-a but maybe he could make it to center stage in vegas as a musician. grabs it while he swings. i don't know that that is good for anything but i thought it was cool so i'm showing it to you. >> all right. we have a bit of breaking news. sky 9 over the scene. reports that some kids are trapped in a sewer in westland. this is the 9214 block of alcona street. fire department is out there now trying to get in and start looking for those kids.


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