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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 27, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and rsuns.tode thrstormde it will shower itwest lltiinanyo lly ti to faulkier. down south we have avhey hestuf y weather computer and show you to ngsostt estoeaeast an d a ea br . foinisthk morni a br k for a while we start in the 60s and low 70s. it is muggy and a humid afternoon with highs in the upper 80s. right now 72 with a couple of sprinkles in washington. angie is off but coming up on 6:00. we get a traffic update from kenny burns. >> thank you, howard. montgomery county boulevard. might want to consider fairfax road or wisconsin avenue. dulles toll road, eastbound an accident at reston parkway. be careful in the area. 395 northbound is going to be clear between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. 14th street will be closed
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between constitution and pennsylvania avenues until 6:00 this evening. one look at 66a heading from centreville to arlington no problems to report at this time. back to you. thank you, kenny. right now we're following breaking news out of bethesda, marylandas askenny just mentioned lindcebo fa oudy inside of a burned out cathat was found about 90 minutes ago at bradley boulevard and arlington road. right now no inrmation on the victim. police have not labeled it foul play. we will bring you any updates as we get them. it is one after the hour. the government vows today is the day for cash for clunkers program gets off the ground. it's been a series of stops and starts so far. digit -- digital correspondent, armando trull is live in bethesda with the story. >> reporter: the bram is designed to accomplish several goals. first of all, improve the fuel efficiency on cars on american highway and second help the environment but most importantly help struggling automakers who are selling
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imported and domestic vehicles. for everyone wanting to scrap their old battle wagon, today you may be able to do so buy a new car and get $4,500 taken off of the car's sticker price. >> i could get a better car. that's better on the environment and get money to put down on it. who wouldn't go for that. >> reporter: the cash for clunkers program begins today and dealers are hoping a lot of buyers will go for it. >> the last two weeks 60 to 80% of people on the phone are asking for the program. >> reporter: in order to qualify it must get 18-miles a gallon or less. be less than 25 years old, be drivable and insured and registered for the past year. and the car must get at least 22 miles a gallen. >> i think it is a great thing they are doing. >> the government expects to spend a billion dollars on the incentive program. >> you have until november 1st
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to pick up that cream puff and if you go tell them honest andrea and armando sent you. >> bring me in to your car dealing. thank you. right now at we have answers to the cash for clunkers questions. it has all the basics you need to know. check it out on the living smart page. alexandria's police chief is on paid administrative leave. he was arrested on drunk driving charges. police say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he struck a vehicle in arlington. he was driving a city vehicle at the time of the crash. in convicted he could be fired. marion barry is once again the target of a federal investigation. the washington examiner reports the feds are now looking in to that 5 thundershower dollars a month contract with then girlfriend. the investigation will target money directed to nonprofit groups in ward 8. barry said he
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did nothing wrong. montgomery county police are investigating a shooting outside of a restaurant on sunday. it left o twiopeople injured. the shooting happened outside of the chuck. cheese in silver spring. police say two people got in to an argument in the parking lot. it led to gun fire. a woman nearby was hit in the leg. one of the two men was also shot. one area resident we spoke with said police are usually visible because of a spike of crime in the area. >> police are distantly visible around here. one thing you can say about police in montgomery county, they are con stanley visible. they are trying to stop whatever is going on. >> reporter: both victims should recover. police aring looing for witnesses to help in the investigation. it will be a heated night in orange county, virginia. a hearing on the proposed wal- mart super center there. it attracted national attention.
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the propose posed site is from the battlefield in locust grov and that has preservationists angry. president obama will visit bristol, virginia lair this week as part of his lobbying for his health care reform plan. lawmakers on the hill say a plan is closer but there's a ways to go. democrats say they will need cooperation from republicans to get anything passed. the house speaker vows to get a reform bill through the house despite opposition from moderate blue dog democrats. jessica doyle is here with another "living $mart" report. you have another take on the health care story. >> it is interesting. we are getting a cautionary tale out of hawaii about health care reform. the president's home state has a law that requires companies torovi deinsurance to workers. since the pae ssea35aggors y ath rcpae ssage 35 years ago the percentage of inped reunin
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hawaii is lower th any other state but the system left coverage gaps and cost conscious business owners town an easy way to avoid the law. congress is considering a similar law that businesses provide health insurance to employees. how does a $49 iphone sound? there is a catch. that's the list for refurbished iphone g-3. that means it was repurchased and then tweaked by apple staffers. it has a 90 day warranty. starwood hotels and resorts are slasngs pceri in a move that cod ultouch off a rate war. starwood which earns sheraton and work hotels is cutting up s te to 50% at more th s he nearly 1,000 properties. for example, the cost of a night at the w san francisco 89uld be as low as $1 . pthtiroiss mo$189. this promotion is good for a
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stay through october 12th. every day we hear new deals breaking out all over. >> wish we had the time to take advantage of them. two traffic alerts for you thin rnmog. chain bridge has been a mess with ongoing roadwork and will be a big rnmess tonight. the district wi shift lanes overnight to make a turn lane for drivers heading in to virginia. the work will start tonight at 8:00 and should be done by the morning. you want to avoid it if you can overnight. >>starting on the, crews will be doing major work on the beltway at little river turnpike in annandale, virginia. they will be lifting steel beams as par of the hot lane construction. it should take three weeks. that means expect pnty of lane closures and detours from 9:30 at night until 5:00 in the morning. in ten minutes how on-line retailers are helping you follow your purchase every step of the way. and in three minutes the white house says no to twitter. learn what's behind the
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decision. right now it is our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> if we could only say no to the humidity, the muggies are back and a sticky week. a few showers in maryland, especially eastern and southern washington. let's talk about temperatures as you step out this morning. it is to ctthe day. a lot of low 70s out. there s 73 annapolis. some 60s to the pennsylvania border. 64 in hagerstown. look at a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 80s. let's look at maryland roads. with that, here's kenny burns. >> thank you, howard. live to montgomery county and chevy chase. bradley closed due to a police investigation. use fairfax or wisconsin avenue. to the graphics and show you the map out of southern maryland no problems reporting leaving southern maryland.
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and then we're looking at baltimore, the trip from baltimore to the beltway we have no problems or incidents to report at this time. back to you. medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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today montgomery county will celebrate heros like you. people who donated to the school supply drive. it brought in 7.5-tons of supply and there's people who volunteer their time to pack it up. all of those pencils notebooks and more. montgomery county families who need supplies can pick them up today at richard montgomery
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county in rockville. this begins at 10:00 a.m. i'm here with kristin fisher with more hero central news. good morning. >> that's right. good morning. we have a new feature on the hero central home page to let people who want to be a hero connect wi co y. in unmm their community. ed you oine starrellte have tosam 9.wuco goto wusa9.c button 0 our main page. this is what will hero e hero see zoom in llwizoom in you n testteziara r p codeto a e p of the itnear you. 01ad20, 6. type it in and that is atwh20 will pop up the do good channel and it is wusacom partnering opartner "usa today" and what it does is it connects people with causes and the various ways they cakemamake a difference in their community.
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when i apopped in that zip lis came up and it shows you the charities closest to you and the ways you can most easily get lvvoededin your community. if you are interested in to doing that, a new feature on and you have you have an idea for an upcoming hero central story, e-mail me at u.s. wusa. i want to share one more site with you th moisrning. here it is right here. you can find this on our technologyse ctn. io it says the white house blocks twitter. what happened is that c-span asked the white house press secretary in an interview if cr was personally using twitter. here's how he responded. >> for some reason twitter is blocked on white house computers so i have to say i'm on camera enough that i think people have a decent sense of
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nus i'm dog twittering. >> why is this a big deal? if the e itwhhouse press secretary is not using twitter it has many people wondering whiso isbehind the two twitter e.counts run by the white usho there is is ofuse tcieralwi house official ter thand e president's coac inrd toow unt. according to our very own lidiy ndsema rrespondent lindsey mastis it is the liwhite e usho staffers who are in the new teme a diam. they have been a granted twitte access and blocked for everyone else because every single tweet from the white house has to be archived. that's what is happening there. i will have a link on my blog at it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now. police in new york don't know what led up to a wrong-way crash on the state parkway. eight people died when a minivan and suv collided. a local fire chief called it
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the worst crash he's ever seen. in the last hour sarkozy left the hospital. the collapsed while jogging yesterday. doctors blame extreme heat and exhaustion. they are cleaning up in maryland this morning after strong storms moved through last night. at the storm's peak 38,000 people were without power. we say good morning to howard. are we going to see more of that action today. >> we could get strong thunderstorms again. i live in montgomery county and hit extreme northern part of the county and moved through baltimore county. there was green in the sky and winds 40 to 50 at my place briefly. one neighbor has the base for the basketball hoop. that thing went flying. i it it was going to come in the window. glad it stopped ten feet short. the next three days hot and sticky with thunderstorms.
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today upper 80s. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. hotter less activity and wednesday more thunderstorms in the 90s. a few showers this morning especially south and east but actually almost out of the picture. 60s and 70s and temperatures riding in to the upper 80s today with south southwest winds ur atfive to ten miles an hour. sunset is 8:24. and then mainly evening thunderstorms a chance for lingering evening thunderstorm and another muggy night. in the 60s and 70s the showers and thunderstorms which are now really hitting the eastern shore of the delmarva. tougher around here. go to live doppler hd and i was talking to babs in mechanicsville and she said a lot of lightning and thunder. but as we zoom in much of the activity is across portions of annapolis and the bay. this stuff is falling apart quickly. another half hour it will be out of the picture here. here's 50 from arnold across to
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chester. as we go south a couple of sprinkles across anne arundel and calvert county. from the northern neck crossing st. marys to the eastern shore. that's it and it will be gone rather quickly. look at the time lapse. we had cloudiness. lower clouds moved in and start to move out as well as we get the daylight hours coming up here. low 70s and light southwest winds ten miles an hour and the dew point near 70 degrees. a real sticky morning and a front on the way that will give us thunderstorm chances. again this afternoon. as we look at the seven day, upper 80s today. tomorrow 91. we will have scattered storms today and fewer storms tomorrow. scattered storms on wednesday. fewer storms on thursday. days like this less activity in the low 90s. upper 80s by friday. by saturday mainly dry. temperatures in the upper 80s and sunday 90 degrees and it is family day at leg mason for the tennis tournament and we could
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have some thunderstorms. let's get a traffic update with more. we want to take a live look at the george washington parkway. the ramp to the inner loop is closed due to an overturned vehicle. as you can see in the center 0 the screen. emergency crews are on the scene and delay begins at is turkey run. to 395, no problems from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. keep in mind once you are in town 14th is closed between constitution and pennsylvania avenues until 6:00. over to the graphics right now. the beltway is clear between prince georges and montgomery counties. in other problems or incidents to report at this time and a live look at chevy chase. they are having a police investigation at bradley boulevard and arlington road. the alternates are fairfax and wisconsin avenue. back to you. on-line retailers want to make their services as consumer friendly as possible. that includes catering to
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people who want to know e erwh their order is every step ofer the way. the headline in "usa today" product tracking is on everyone's radar. lauren ashburn is here and you say pizza delivery companies are eating it up. >> on a monday morning., you can track your pizza from the time it leaves the oven until it hits the door. there are a lot of them. the typical ones are u.p.s. and fedex. fedex does 6 million a day that people track. u.p.s. 23 million a day but they only ship 15 million packages so that is 1.5 times people are checking on their package every day. >> do we want to do this or doing it because we can. >> i guess because we can. we talked to someone who says when you have uncertainty, am i or am i not going to have a job you want to know where your
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package is. i can control that. so even governments are get involved. in chicago the chicago transit authority has a bus tracker and their slogan is called the wait is over so you can see where your bus is and it does it based on realtime. >> metro has that as well. >> right. >> so you can check where your bus. >> one is called tricksy tracker.come. tricksy is the name of the little girl of someone who founded this site. so you can input when they go the bathroom, when they eat. >> so that you have a spread sheet of your child's every physical function. >> that's right. >> okay. so he is actually managed to attract 7,000 people, $8 a month paying for the system. >> really? >> for a software system. and the person says who does it
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said, you know what it is good because it keeps me off of facebook. >> okay. a new kind of facebook. marketers must love this. absolutely. thank you, lauren. we will keep track of her. she will be back tomorrow. ahead, washington sports title drought ends and see the unlikely hero for the nationals. and looking for a space to spend your golden years? aarp is out with the best places to live a simple life. which city ranks number one on the list, tucson, arizona, montpelier, vat vat or walla walla, washington. all three are in the top ten but which is number one find out when we come back. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa...
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ back with the signs of now. the answer is a, tucson, arizona. it says the desert town has plenty to do inside and out and
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is affordable. no local towns made the top ten. in sports, are you ready for football? the baltimore ravens open their training camp for rookies today in westminster, maryland. asker the redskins, rookies and veterans are due to report on wednesday. the washington capitals have brought a title to dc in their second season. they won in front of the home crowd. washington led start to finish and the kastles hosted the treuty at the end of the day. the nationals play in milwaukee tonight the start of a four game series with the brewers on sunday they wrapped up a series with the padres and austin came up big in the tenth inning. >> right center. austin kerns, wins the game for the nationals. >> his two out rbi single drive in morgan. nats win 3-2 and have won four
6:25 am
of the last six. over to nascar and the all- state 400 at the brick yard. on lap 138. johnson and the 48 car takes the lead from martin. stewart leads the chase for the cup. our time is 6:25. ahead, sarah palin resigns from office. a look at what is next for the former governor. and plus the "endeavor" astronauts are awake already this morning. a look ahead to their busy day. and kenny burns has the traffic. here's a look at downtown silver spring. no problems if you take 29 or the beltway. traffic details coming up. this is 9 news now. howard bernstein on the weather terrace. a sticky morning and the showers have left. we have some blue overhead. we will let you know how long it will b@
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shuttle "endeavor" is waking on the sunny side of space. they will conduct the fifth and final space walk of the mission. it is due home on friday
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morning. thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we had some showers earlier push through. heaviest soh and east. if we look at doppler i want to show you the majority is gone. one lone shower is tr tyi th erinlo n ouudyiinto montgomery county but just about everybody is clearing out. we will talk about the bigger picture showing the showers that came ctaffeaffecting thuts n.eaoc ocean. 73 in washington. 72 in easton id e thnavaval ai station patuxent river. culpeper and winchester at 64. so today we are looking at partly sunny conditions. by this afternoon a threat for more potentially strong thunderstorms and highs in the upper 80s. angie is off but we say good morning to kenny burns. >> good morning back at you, howard. starting in virginia.
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the ramp george washington l parkway is closed because of an accident. it was overturned. you can see they just uprighted it. in the meantime emergency crews are on the scene and delay begins at turkey run to the beltway. over to 270 clear germantown though beltway, no incidents to report. an accident though toll road. it will be the eastbound toll road at reston parkway. be careful. crews are trying to clear that up. and we will end in 395. no delays from if beltway to the 14th street bridge. keep in mind once you enter dc there is a street closure, 14th and pennsylvania avenues is closed until 6:00 this evening. that's due to an even at the reagan building. back to you. we're following breaking news out of bethesda, maryland. police are investigating a body found inside of a burning car. it is an active scene right now. lucille explains what happened. >> reporter: the call came in
6:32 am
at 356 this morning for an auto fire when our officers arrived they found a gray minivan fully engulfed in flames. fire rescue was called, responded and as they extinguished a flames a deceased body was in the driver's seat. police major crimes detectives are working with the fire marshals office to determine the nature of the fire and the reason for the death. >> reporter: they expect traffic in the area to increase as police investigate what happened. if your morning commute takes you in this way you should find an alternate route. the police chief of alexandria could lose his job all because he was arrested over the weekend and accused of drunk driving. police say chief baker got in to a crash along fairfax drive and 66 in arlington on saturday night. no one was hurt, but the chief was arrested. he was in a city vehicle at the time, which is a fireable offense in alexandria. city leaders are investigating.
6:33 am
earl cook as been tapped as interim head of the department and is he is focusing on chief baker. >> this have behavior i have never seen. it is something that certainly has not been part of his career or even his ethics and i have worked with him now 19 years. so the surprising thing is this even came up at all. >> reporter: if convicted the chief would face five days in jail. that's because his blood alcohol level was above .15. there will be an h1n1 flu summit in annapolis today. health and education initials will discuss emergency preparedness, surveillance and reporting of h1n1 as well as seasonal flu immunization. health officials expect the number of cases to rise once school is in session. a two-day u.s. china summit begins in washington today. the global recession and foreign policy will dominate the talks. secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary timothy geithner will lead the
6:34 am
u.s. delegation. they hope resolve tensions over the huge trade gap with china and the chinese's unease with our soaring budget. climate control will also be on the agenda. this morning sarah palin wakes up as a private citizen she officially resigned yesterday as governor of alaska and gave a slight hint about her future. >> i will be able to fight even harder for you for what is right and for truth. >> reporter: sarah palin said she wanted to spend more time with her family. she is also fighting several ethics investigations. sarah palin did not say whether she plans to run for president in three years. this morning on our website we are asking what do you think the future holds for sarah palin? a run for the white house or fading to obscurity? cast your vote today at cash for clunkers is supposed to help you and the auto industry but it has been mired in problems for weeks.
6:35 am
digital correspondent armando trull is live in bethesda, maryland, where the program should take off today. >> it is also supposed to help the viral and it is also supposed to help to fuel mileage on american roads but most of all help car dealers like this one selling imported and domestic cars. the cash for clunkers program begins today and many car dealers are hoping the billion dollar ibsentive from washington will keep them alive. >> i'm thinking if i can sell another 70 to ten cars a monday we would be happy about that. >> anyone with a clunker they want to scrap maybe happy with the rebate. as much as $4,500 off the sticker price. >> we have happy to have the fuel efficiency and a cool new car. >> reporter: in order to get cold hard cash for your cool car it must get 22 miles a
6:36 am
gallon. nothing lasts forever and this program ends november 1st. in rockville, armando trull for 9 news now and jessica doyle is back and she has another "living $mart" report. good morning. the white house pay czar is starting to take aim at inflated pay packages. the "wall street journal" reports that kenny feinberg is ready to report those received extreme federal aid. the pay czar will go over salaries and other compensation for seven bank and industrial companies such as citigroup, bank of america, aig, gm and chrysler ever the bethesda chevy chase versasn of restaurant week vecks off this week through august puck get a two course lunch
6:37 am
deal 12 deal 12 toto $15 and three cour dinner 25 to $30 and a lot of restaurants have been signing up. baskin robbins is bringing the 31 flavors to more parts of the washington region. they expect to open 35 new franchises here on top of the over 100 locations. and it is looking to expand the br express brands and those are the kiosks you see at airports and the mall. i like the lime sorbet. >> sounds good. >> do lunch there. a silver lining in the decision to close some rest stops in virginia. some businesses are seeing a boost in sales. they say business is up 10% since it closed last week. virginia closed the rest stop to save $9 million a year. it is turning in to one of the biggest entertainment festivals of the year. we are talking about comic khan
6:38 am
in san diego. it is not just comic books. a closer look at what is going on. right now a closer look at virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> earlier shower and storms to the northern neck have pulled away. quiet across virginia right now. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. pl acplaces out like culpeper shd doananen ah valley in winchester but closer to town a few spots in the low 70s. this afternoon. a warm day. near 90 from orange at 89. same with fredericksburg. 87 manassas but a few thunderstorms to deal with, as well. look at the virginia roads. with that here's kenny. a live look at the george washington parkway. the ramp from the parkway to the inner loop is closed due ton overturned vehicle. looks like they are in the clearing stages right now. the delay begins a turkey run. eastbound 66 a disabled vehicle is blocking this right lane at the beltway. the delay is jammed up
6:39 am
beginning at 123 and it will end at the dulles toll road an accident just cleared. still be careful on the area. they might be picking up some items. we'll be right back. this is 9 news now. mom vo: i can't start the first grade with her.
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i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. back with the living green tip of the dave. going green can make your life easier. a new fabric that uses nano technology that makes them wrinkle free so you don't have to iron them. heating up an iron is the same as using four 250-watt light bulbs. and small appliances like irons have not gotten more fuel -- energy efficient over the years. back to andrea. we go to new york and say good morning to harry smith. he has a preview of the cbs "early show."
6:43 am
good morning, harry. >> how are you doing this morning. >> i am well. we haven't spoken in a long time. good to hear your voice. >> yeah. how about you. >> i can hear that in your voice. i am feeling good and well rested and a lot to talk about this morning. we will talk to former white house insider david fromm and anne holter. all things about sarah palin. what happens next to her? that is such an interesting question and so we will talk about that for a while. we have snakes on the show and i don't know if you heard about this in florida. these burmese pythons are taking the everglades by storm and so now there is a bounty out on these things. we will tell you why there's such a problem and we have a couple of them live in the studio which we'll decide whether or not we should pick up. and that, plus a lot of other good stuff, too. stay tuned and we will have it
6:44 am
here for you. the boa constrictors aren't bad. just don't make them nervous. >> we have been warned they can only take so much time on the air before they are agitated like certain oar cons we know. >> no one we will mention here harry. we'll be watching. thank you. comic khan is a huge entertainment convention going on in san diego but it is more than comic books. kristin fisher has a look. >> i will be honest i never heard of comic khan until producer dan told me about it this morning in case you too are clueless it is a comic book stand convention held in san diego every year since ' 70. now, i may have never heard about it until isthmorning, but veisigry bl very big deal o the web. the minute i th o r it on-line it waits really inerywhere fact it is one of the ics this morning on twitter and in ha btcwa n ngeshithe
6:45 am
tweets come in and they ha been coming in at a raofte a r tsa nu tweets a nuisis a isis a conv closed yesterday evening and they are still coming veinn e at 446: in morning morning east time. here is the home entico's home . y page. nsfa teat ed cic omankh0920 and the ticonvenon nvdeend yesterda evening. so why should we care? why is this hot enthe web? a lot of comic books have a close relationship with hollywood, spiderman, batman and this convention is known for breaking big news about the blockbusters. what did we learn thisar ye r nepasar rtda "uy"to nehas the scoop. you can check it out. festival goers areweble to atch a blpreview 3-d of thd l avenue tar. that is a big headline out of comic khan this weekend and here's a w femore.
6:46 am
3-d previews in avenue ta r, ic alr, in wonderndand the christmas carol anthd d ane g ristmas carol and the d g bi headline and even seeing this p president could be comic of him a comic of him as a ripped chain saw wielding executive whose administration faces zombies. you want to learn more about that i will have more on that at my blog at >> i thought that was the governor in california who did that. >> i know. it is time to say good morning to howard. >> good morning. we are in for a sticky morn hong kong. showers are down that we saw early morning and overnight. like how it has been. >> no. >> i will once again because that's we will be seeing. much of the week we are in a pattern that has set up. the next three days. today upper 80s with a chance of thunderstorm an some could be strong to severe. 91 tomorrow with isolated
6:47 am
storms and then more storms on wednesday afternoon. temperatures in e upper 80s. in writing this morning the scattered showers especially soh, they are pretty much doh,. 60s and 70s. call it partly sunny out there and humid. south southwesterly winds phi to ten. this afternoon sun and clouds and scared thunderstorms. upper 80s. again a southwest wind at 24. had a cluster of shower with us earlier. a lot of thunder in southern maryland and northern neck got hit hard. as we look at live doppler hd this morning it is all quiet except the eastern shore. shower leaving southern maryland, northwest of easton and a sprinkle out of montgomery county in to howard county and that's it. otherwise a quiet morning but a
6:48 am
muggy morning. got the humidity around. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. as cool as 61 in garrett county, and lower 70s easton, southern maryland, washington we have 73. 73 in annapolis. it is 68 in culpeper and manassas also at 70 degrees to start your day. reagan national, our winds are south at 9 miles an hour. and the dew point at 69. had a cold front to the west and as this front gets to us it will initiate more thunderstorms for this afternoon. we will watch that carefully. your seven-day forecast looking like this. not much difference from one day to the next. temperatures 88 with some thunderstorms. fewer storms tomorrow 91. more tomorrows on wednesday afternoon, 88. thursday 91 with isolated storms and upper 80s to around 90 with a dry day completely on saturday. let's get a traffic update at 6:48. what's happening. >> right now in the commonwealth of virginia.
6:49 am
the ramp to the inner loop of op the capital beltwais closed because the earlier overturned vehicle, the accident in the final clearing stages. they just pulled the car away. begins at turkey run if you are heading out of arlington. no delays to the 14th street bridge. when you enter town they have an event at the reagan building. that means 14th and pennsylvania avenue is closed from now until 6:00 this evening. over to toe graphics, eastbound 66 at the capital beltway. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the lane. as you can see they are jamming at the fairfax county parkway. over to maryland make it over to 270. seeing some delays on southbound 270 from germantown to the 270 split. now down to the baltimore ride. we have no delays coming down from baltimore through laurel and to the capital beltway. the beltway itself is starting to see delays from college park to silver spring. back to you.
6:50 am
fuel industry expert thinks the drop in gas prices may be leveling off or slowing down. the numbers back it up. according to aaa's fuel gauge report the gas prices average $2.44 a gallon. that's a drop of a penny in the last week. nationwide the average is $2.50 a up 3 cents in the last week. a hate crime and burglary at a hair salon in anne arundel county leaves owner and others stunned. police say a witness called 911 after seeing someone break in the heavenly hands salon on sunday. they found symbols on the floors, walls and counters. a combustible liquid was poured throughout the shop in what authorities say may have been an arson attempt. >> they pretty much saturated everything with gas, the chairs, the dryers the stations. >> could have started there and then so, the whole shopping center could be on fire.
6:51 am
>> police say some things were also stolen from the salon. the shops owners plan to clean up and reopen as soon as possible. in sports the nationals will ride a two-game winning streak to walk. they begin a series with the brewers tonight. sunday, austin had a rbi single in the bottom of the tenth that won the game for the nats. they beat the padres 3-2. an ugly day for team usa in soccer. the americans were trounced by mexico 5-10. the first win for mexico in the u.s. in over a decade. our time is 6:51, 73 degrees here at the information center. a body is found this morning in a burned out car in bethesda, maryland. in three minutes, what police are saying about it.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
here's what is in in the news now. police have not identified a person found in a burning car this morning. the victim was found at bradley boulevard and bethesda. crews are on the scene. sentencing in alexandria today for ahmed ali. he was convicted of plotting to assassinate president bush in 2005 and originally sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crime but that was overturned.
6:55 am
howard? we will have a muggy humid day today and a chance of storms later this afternoon. some could be strong to severe. highs in the upper 80s. you are watching 9 news now.
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6:58 am
you want to abort, no it is okay i have been trained to do this. >> apparently guinea pigs are harry potter's weakness. g-force about secret government agents earned $32 million. harry potter earn just $30 million. the ugly truth came in third. kenny.
6:59 am
andrea, we have just cleared the accident the the gw parkway ramp to the inner loop. you may encounter a delay at turkey run. northbound 395 no delays to the 14th street bridge. 1 9 and constitution and pennsylvania avenue delay. and disabled vehicle on 66 blocking the right lane toward the beltway. it begins at 7100. >> looking at a warm, muggy day today. some thunderstorms this afternoon could be strong to severe. 88. tomorrow 91 with isolated storm and more storms on wednesday and unsettled with afternoon storms if the rest of the week. wall street focuses on earnings and more earnings but looking at as much as a 40 point rally for the dow this morning. coming up at 9:00, we are firing up the grill on the weather terrace and for the latest news,


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