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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 28, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and.s south in virginia. norfolk got hammered this morning high clouds iet qua quio the icsih utit utside with the humidity levels that e ar humidity levels 73 an hudi lmiels 73 ty ingtshon. 72 cambridge and southern maryland and quantico this morning and culpeper at 64. partly to mostly sunny day. it will be hot. only a stray thunderstorm. high temperatures in the lower 90s. heat index could be in the mid- 90s. it is almost 6:00. here's kenny with traffic. thank you very much. we are starting with an accident on the wilson bridge, blocking the right lane. you have emergency crew on the scene right now with it. also look for the delay as you can see beginning at 295. we also have an accident on the other bridge the american legion bridge on the outer loop. emergency crews are on the scene. there's going to be a brief delay in the area. over to maryland now. traffic is starting to pick up between the prince georges and montgomery counties. as you can see here at new
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hampshire avenue, it will continue over to -- for the meantime. northbound 95 in virginia a clear ride woodbridge though capital beltway. and we'll end it in the district of columbia where we have volume picking up o inbound new york avenue. that will be a delay from the times building to that light at bladensburg road. here's andrea. at this time we want to bring you a story happening right now. crews are on the scene of this huge fire. take a look at this video. this is the knights ovulums but on southern avenue in maryland. a huge fire tore through it overnight. no one was hurt. the damage is stimed at a half million dollars. investigators are trying to find out what started the fire. this is the upper of roadwork. work to build new hot lanes on the beltway could be slowing down your drive day and night. armando trull is live with what you need to know.
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armando? >> reporter: no could about it. it is definitely going to slow down people who are traveling along the inner and outer loops in northern virginia. those big cranes behind me 0 are taking a break. but as soon as the rush hour is over, they along with dozens of pieces of heavy equipment will be getting busy on hot lane construction. hot lanes construction is hot and heavy this week as crews begin to replace bridges, overpasses and interchanges along 14 miles of 495 between the springfield interchange and the dulles toll road. all of this week there will be construction and construction- related activities between 9:30 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon at a half dozen points along the inner and outer loop. >> we will be here for a few weeks putting steel up on this side and then we will go and do the other side and then at the same time, throughout the summer we are at 50, 123 so a lot of work to do before the construction season ends around the november time frame. >> reporter: that means you
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to be prepared for shoulder closures and lane closures. >> those closures, at the on the southbound outer loop, leesburg pike exit, 47, the oak street overpass and the i-66 exit, exit 49 on the westbound inner loop at franconia road, westbound ramp to 395 north and the 395 north exit. andrea, it is not just during the daytime. there will also be overnight lane closure and shoulder closure on 495 north and southbound. around here little river turnpike exit. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and there's a lot to know about these delays and the entire beltway hot lanes project. to learn more go to visit the 9 news links page to get more information. a little relief for your evening commute across chain
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bridge. while you slept crews created a turn lane for people making the right on to route 123 on the virginia side. the bridge has been down to one lane for nearly two months and it has caused huge backups in morning and evening rush. a man beaten within an inch of his life on christmas eve is talking able what happened. here's wayne williams talking an his attacker. >> apologized in the courtroom today and said how sorry he was and i sincerely hope that he means it and can overcome what i think heexpressed are the demons that affechi >> reporter: the attacker, 29- year-old shannon washington was sentenced to 20 years in prison. he beat williams outside of a prince georges county church. williams has recovered from most of his injuries. police are searching for answers after two men are shot in southeast washington. it happened yesterday afternoon in the 700 block of atlantic street. one victim was shot in the
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chest. the other in the stomach. both were take on the med star. no word on their condition. montgomery county police are identified the woman found dead inside of a burning van. shwas 45 years old and from takoma park. we told you about this yesterday morning. officers found her body near bradley boulevard and arlington road in bethesda. police are still investigating. new this morning, a sec round coming in the fight over a planned new wal-mart. the super center is planned for orange county, virginia, one mile from the wilderness battlefield. a meeting was scheduled for last night but it was discovered it was improperly a vertised means the plans go back to the planning commission for another hearing and another chance for opponents to squash it. no date for the second hearing yet. jessica doyle is back with another "living $mart" report and you have a look at day one
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of cash for clunkers. >> so far it's been a pretty active turnout. what we have seen so far is nearly 16,000 auto dealers signing up for the cash for clunkers trade in program. that's 80% of the nation's new car dealers. the government is trying to help to jump start slumping sales and help the environment, too. drivers can get $3,500 or $4,500 credits for turning in older gas guzzlers. 69 people purchased cars through the program so far and some are offering extra incentives like chrysler which is doubling the government's cash. remember those high gas prices we were pay last year? highway can we forget. the commodities futures trading plans to issue a report suggesting that speculators played a significant role in driving the wild swings in oil prices that pushed up the price at the pump, as well. the "wall street journal" reports this marks a reversal for a position and could bring more scrutiny on investors.
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avon is calling, looking to hire new sales people and th e as"wtonghin e.t onal the "washington " port st" post that mary pkay,poampered chef and other sellers are actively recruiting right now. kae aroffering the pros peckth of a extrincome during ex uncertain times. pampered chef increased the sales force meby 10% year over year. and it is not unusual for people to make 40 to $50,000 a year selling these products. >> and convenience is a great part of that. >> thank you. most people think of the cleveland park neighborhood in northwest as an affluent area. attractive for businesses. but the area is having a hard time keeping retailers there. a grocery pulled out in the last few months. super cuts and a grocery are planning on leaving. there are plans to make it more attractive. >> there's money in the bug for
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a street scape program which means to improve the appearance of that segment of cleveland park. we'll fix up the street scape. >> reporter: some residents 9 news spoke with blame an ongoing fight against factions this citizens association, in particular, a debate over the direction the neighborhood should go. it is past the hour. in three minutes kristin fisher has an update on the rear row central project and new information on the arrest of a harvard professor. police release the 911 tapes listen for yourself. right now focus on maryland traffic and weather. beginning with howard. >> maryland is quiet this morning. some high clouds out there giving us a little cloud cover and hazy cloud cover if you will. temperatures this morning are running in the 60s and 70s. the coolest stuff western maryland. cumberland 63. 72 annapolis and southern maryland as well and 66 this morning in frederick. i will be hot today. slim chance of a thunderstorm.
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less than 20%. highs from 87 on the bay in shady side to 90 in gaithersburg and hagerstown. kenny burns is watching the maryland roads for you. >> wish i could say the same for traffic. an accident on the wilson bridge is blocking the right lane. it was blocking the right lane in the local set. it has cleared and traffic is moving through the area. moving to montgomery county. as you can see on the american legion bridge, we have three left lanes blocked because of an accident. crews are on the scene. look for the delay coming from river road. checking in the southern maryland routes no problems or incidents to report along route 4, 5, 301 and indian head highway. you are watching 9 news now.
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a hero central update. montgomery county public schools is giving away 15,000- pounds of school supplies. they are going to children in need. they are giving away began yesterday in rockville. this is the tenth year of the school supply drive and continues today from 10:00 a.m. until noon. >> kristin fisher has an update here on hero central. good morning to you. >> good morning, andrea. as you know we are a few weeks away from the start of a new school year and that means the tuition deadlines are coming up quick. a nightmare for so many family and especially in this economy. families are having a hard mefuu dsto
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rom omfrfort washington, maryland. last week she send me an e-mail saying she needs a hero. r accepted toaccepted to enstunsoevsiivn in er orbaimlte and in a falci idimin some financial aid but fl he a running out idi' qum quoting fomeisr innng out meoualt iout of ideas of what to do. meanwhile my son is looking at me each day with an eck presentation on his face like what am i going to do? if you have any advice or suggestions, let me know. that is from chery fort washington, maryland. that's what we will do. hi tougris morning i with a meg called the called the school counseling group incorporated. reth aseeybare he d d inc enbe esfalimi since 1979. get this, cheryl's question is, towaway to secure byy by thursday? th at'sthaysd that's her deadline. i know. iitpossible is ow
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but if it is we will find out and bring you the answer right here on now if you have an idea for an upcoming hero central segment or perhaps you know someone who needs a hero or someone who is hero in our commune we want to hear about it. e-mail here's what is in the news now. the lawyer for michael jackson's doctor says no comment to report he gave the pop star a powerful drug before his death. the associated press reports that drug was an anesthetic used to help michael jackson sleep. a mclean, virginia man has been found dead in the grand canyon. bryce gillies was alone in a backpacking trip. his father believes he died of dehydration. a move to improve relations, the ticker displayed human rights messages to passers by. good morning, again. >> a couple of pieces of business to get out of the way.
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this the chat room it is always open at go to the blog and get there. we have folks talking weather and a lot of stuff. on the website, interactive radar, getting feedback on that. and even though the sunrise was 6:06, seven minutes ago, take you to the sunset. it was a beautiful evening out at national harbor in prince georges county on the potomac. and this is pretty skies. high thin clouds and the best sunset there. really pretty evening to be out there. if you haven't been to that development they have done a great job. >> i was there on friday night. >> so you know what i'm talking about. pretty place to be. a decent day ahead. although like july. however, it will not be stormy today. slim chance of a thunderstorm. rain chances 20%. temperatures in the low 90s. better chances of storms tomorrow. rain chances 40% in the afternoon. upper 80s and a few more clouds and on thursday back with fewer storms and hotter temperatures
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in the lower 90s. this morning, partly cloudy a bit humid. 60s but most of us in the 70s with light south win. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. stray thunderstorms. that means just about everybody will be dry. low 90s southwest winds five to ten. a chance of a shower tonight and 66 to 74 degrees. another muggy night we could use the rain. areas down south, northern neck a couple of inches in the last few days but reagan national is two inches below average with less than an inch for the month. and an inch and a quarter in dulles. baltimore almost two inches below average and martinsburg an inch and half where we should be. this morning it is quiet. some high and mid level clouds out there but generally partly cloudy out there to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the low 70s at national with the south wind at six and a sticky 68-degree dew point this morning. other readings from the low 70s across southern maryland and cambridge to 68 in easton and
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64 in culpeper and winchester. cumberland, the cool spot with martinsburg at 63. talking about rain we will take you to the arkansas region that had three inches of rain the last 36 hours. they have a great chance of thunderstorms. where us, we have a front in the neighborhood. it is washing out but not much of a kick today. yesterday set up east of us across the delmarva and southeastern virginia. the next front, this one up here will help to trigger storms for tomorrow. that will increase our rain chances. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures on the toasty side. 91 today with a slim chance of a thunderstorm. upper 80s storm and scattered storms. 91 on thursday. 90 on friday. isolated afternoon storms. if we are lucky saturday stays dry. highs in the upper 80s. let's get itraffic update from
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kenny burns. >> thank you very much. starting in afmontgomery county. you can see the american legion bridge, an accident is blocking three left lanes. the emergency crews are on the scene and delays from river road. be careful as you travel through the area. moving further in to montgomery county. 270, picking up volume in montgomery village but other than that a smooth ride to the capital beltway. to virginia, 95 northbound volume picking up woodbridge to newington and north of that a smooth trip up to springfield. we will go to the graphic and inner loop between springfield and 66 no problems to report i at this time. and in the city, inbound new york avenue volume is picking up as you make your way to bladensburg road and it is 6:18. back to you. we're getting a chance today to listen to the 911 calls which led to the arrest of harvard pro-evidencer dr. henry lewis gates, junior. the arrest has sparked a nationwide controversy. manuel gallegus has the story.
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>> reporter: the arrest that triggered a national debate about race began with the 911 call that made little mention of it. >> i don't know what is happening. i had an older woman standing here and she noticed two gentlemen trying to get in to a house. >> reporter: police released a 911 call that brought the police sergeant to the home of black harvard scholar henry lewis gates junior. >> i don't know if they lived there and had a hard time with the key but i noticed they used their shoulder to try to barge in. >> only when prompted by the dispatcher did the caller consider race. >> white, black or hispanic. >> there were motwo larger men. one looks kind of hispanic but i'm not sure. >> police released the radio communications with dispatch after he arrived at gate's house? the gentleman said he resides here, little uncooperative but keep the cars coming. >> crowley supporters say the arrest had nothing to do with race and gates supporters
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called it racial profiling. the city will look at the understand den an develop recommendations for how police can handle similar situations. >> i hope that this exercise truly becomes a learning exercise, not just for the cambridge police department but for police departments throughout the nation. >> reporter: president obama, who fanned the controversy with his initial comments is expecting sergeant crowley and professor gates together for beers at the white house soon. manuel gallegus, cbs news. >> neither sergeant crowley or the police union representing him could be reached for comment on the tapes. at least five police officers responded to the 911 calls. harvard university police also responded. coming up next in sports, see what one washington national did last night. it had only been done 12 times before in bubble history. but first it is the signs of now. today is a sweet day. july 28th is a national holiday
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celebrating chocolate. not just any kind but a specific chocolate, which one, is it milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate? think you know the answer? find out if you are correct when we come back. fab@b@fab@
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back with the signs of now. the answer is milk chocolate. it was invented in the 1870s in switzerland. in sports after a rough first half off and on the field, josh willingham is looking like a star for the nationals. tied at two last night and bases loaded and willingham blasts a grand slam to left. washington takes the 6-2 lead. but then more excitement in the sixth. >> willingham goes to left center again. this is two grand slams in one game. >> reporter: yes, that's only the 13th time in major league
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history a player has hit two grand slams in one game the nats win 14-6. willingham spoke after the game. >> we don't get the opportunity to do that many times much let come through in both situations so it was again something i will never forget. >> he missed the first slider. >> two grand slams in one game by one guy hasn't been done since 2003. the nats and brewers play again tonight. up in baltimore the orioles hosted the royals. tied at three in the seventh, butler hits a slow roller. melvin mora can't make the play in time. a run scores and kansas city wins it 5-3. it is 6:24. ahead the latest on michael vick and his potential return to the nfl. plus, new apps for the iphone. in ten minutes you won believe what's out there. angie is off today but kenny burns has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning.
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i'm looking at this accident on the american legion bridge on the outer loop. down to one left lane. the details coming up. outside on the weather terrace sticky this morning. we will het you know what the temperatures will do and whether we will have storms this afternoon when 9 news now this morning returns.
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side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. & i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ where least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ >> a patriotic wakeup call for the crew of "endeavor." the astronauts alarm went off just after 3:00. today the crew will say good- bye to the international space station. that's about nine hours away. "endeavor" should be home by friday. thank you for starting your tuesday morning with us. i'm andrea roan. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> it is a little sticky out here. humidity levels are up and as i look upstairs asee a few clouds. a good deal of sunshine today an optimistic in in spite of the heatmindhu dity i'm
6:30 am
expecting it tire vela relatively asyou as you ep step out. 60s to the west in culpeper ande to oakland at 61. in town 72. and easton at 68. we will be the mid-80s at noon. low 90s for the high. hot with only a stray thunderstorm possible. rain chances less than 20%. 60 degrees and time for the traffic update. here's kenny. >> thank you very much. >> we will start on the outer loop of the capital beltway at the american legion bridge. emergency crews are blocking the one left lane as you can see at the center of the screen. they are jammed up from river road. take caution as you travel through the area. other maryland routes leaving baltimore through laurel to the capital beltway. no problems or incidents to report. the outer loop, we are seeing volume between college park and ill very spring. however, you are moving at speed. over to virginia, northbound 395, we are seeing volume
6:31 am
building around duke street. and once you continue up from duke street you will break away at seminary to the 14th street bridge. back to the graphics as we fly over 66 from centreville and continuing in to arlington and in to the city we have no problems or incidents to report at this time. time now is 6:31. here's andrea. on the rundown at 6:31, a story happening right now. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused this massive blaze. it caused a half million dollars in damage to a knights of columbus hall. this son southern after avenue in oxon hill, maryland. no one was hurt but you can see the damage is extensive. it took firefighters an hour to get it under control. the senate judiciary meet and will vote on sonia sotomayor. the committee will vote whether to recommend the entire senate approve the judge's nomination to the high court. three republicans on the committee say they will vote
6:32 am
against her. while south carolina republican lindsey graham said he will vote for her. she is expected to pick up support from all of the democrats. also in the senate, secret talk on health care reform are now public. a bipartisan group admits it's been working behind closed doors trying to come up with a compromised bill. the associated press reports the deal would not require large employers to offer insurance and there would not be a government insurance option but however, a tax on health benefits. it would stop insurance companies from denies you coverage. former atlanta falcon quarterback michael vick is finally able to return to theful inform. he's been granted a conditional reinstatement by the league. under the ruling made by commissioner roger goodell, vick will be able to participate in training camp immediately and play in the final two preseason games. however will not be eligible play a regular season game until week six at the earliest.
6:33 am
his return to the field is at the sole discretion of the commissioner. >> i fully recognize some people won't agree wit. >> right now we are asking if you agree with the decision. vote in our poll when you visit also on our site hear what the redskins have to say about vic's reinstatement and whether you think they want him in the burgundy and gold. the report is on the front page. we are learning more about the drunk driving arrest of alexandria's police chief. david baker was arrested on saturday night in arlington. he ran a city-owned vehicle in to another car. arlington county police say that baker failed several field sobriety tests. court documents say that he had a blood alcohol content of .19.
6:34 am
that is twice the limit. some alexandria residents are appalled. >> he said he only had two beers. >> if he weighs 38-pounds. >> don't buy two beers? >> not at .19. >> no. >> reporter: the city of alexandria has placed baker on leave pending an investigation. he will be in court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing. work on those beltway hot lanes is heating up and it could slow you down in the morning and at night. digital correspondent armando trull is live at annandale, virginia with the story. >> reporter: well, those two huge construction cranes behind me are taking a break right now but as soon as the rush hour is over they will get down and dirty along with dozens of pieces of heavy equipment. it is part of the hot lanes construction project. if you travel on 495 between the springfield interchange and the dulles toll road you should be prepared for lane and shoulder closures all this week. >> as people go up and down the beltway every day they will
6:35 am
notice more and more bridge steel going up throughout here from braddock road all the way up to tysons corner. >> a lot of that work is happening in between the morning and afternoon rush hours. so things will get busy from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon at several locations on the inner and outer loops. now here on the northbound inner loop, this is where you will see lane closures and delays. the oak street overpass. the lee highway overpass and the little river turnpike on on the eastbound exit. on the westbound inner loop the franconia road and ramp and 395 north exit. back to the southbound outer loop and there will be lane closure and shoulder closures on the leesburg pike exit. that is exit 47. the oak street overpass and the i-66 exit. that's exit 49. andrea, it is not just happening during the daytime. overnight between 9:30 and 5:00 a.m. there will be lane and shoulder
6:36 am
closures, especially on 495 north and southbound around the little river turnpike area. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and route 29 in silver spring is back open this morning. it was shut down for several hours yesterday. a gas line ruptured there. the road was closed while crews fixed it but as we said it is back open this morning. jessica doyle is here with the story of an accused scam artist who's now a confirmed whiner. >> now if you read a lot of articles in the comments section you will find varying public opinions here. we are talking about people, talking about allen stanford and his problems with prison. now he says it is too hot many his cell in texas. stanford claims he's been without air conditioning and shares a cell with ten other inmates. he wants to be moved from a private prison to a federal
6:37 am
detention center. he is facing charges of operating a $7 billion ponzi scheme. that bank of america branch around the corner could be shouting down. the company is planning to shrink the network of branches by 10%. that's 610 locations. on-line and mobile banking is taking customers away from traditional bank branches. well, sin is in when it comes to the latest down loads of applications if for the iphone. the top three most popular appps are focused on sex, drugs and alcohol. the top is the sports illustrated swimsuit app which includes the same photos in the issue. the cost is $3. and then a medical marijuana locater application and an application to help you mix your drinks. that's this third place. my favorite is the i nap at work application that mimics typing on the keyboard or
6:38 am
rustling papers to disguise the fact you are sleeping at work. >> i thought you were busy over there and now we know. these days you can only get free parking wein a monopoly game. bwi marshall has done away with 30 mutes of free park and now it wit llos30 cyou $2 to park, the airport says times are tight and it needs the money. there is a cell phone lot where you can wait until someone calls you. that's free. george washington university is named after the first president and it's in the nation's capital. so it only makes sense gw is ranked as the most politically active school. in five minutes where other colleges rank in a new survey. right now howard has the focus on virginia's weather. >> it is a quiet morning. we are noticing fog toward warrenton and culpeper. quarter mile visible and otherwise fairly quiet morning out there with temperatures in the 60s ll u'icyoote nthe 60s cl 60os
6:39 am
ers closer to town, 72 four forburg. 71 quantico and 60s a as we saidover to culpeper and warrenton especially where the fog is showing up. a hot sticky day and isolated thunderstorm highs in the low 90s. kenny burns, how are the roads looking. >> if you are entering in to virginia not so good. blocking the left lane as you can see emergency crews are on the scene and if you are coming an from the outer loop the delay begins past river road. over to northbound 95 we are notice voluming between woodbridge and newington. however everything is at speed there. along the dulles toll road no incidents or problems to report. as you move from the airport to the beltway, it is 6:39, you are watching 9 news now. back in a moment. there are moments in time
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time for the living green tip of the day. you know, new clothes can make anyone feel good about themselves but sometimes new isn't always the answer. vintage clothing stores have unique finds that can really make you look stylish. they are not just cheap alternatives, they are a green one. buying used clothes prevents clothing from taking up space in land fills. for more go to and click on living green. >> 6:43. princeton review is out with the list of the top colleges and this list isn't just about academics. for instance the university of maryland ranked number one for the best facilities with bird stadium come cast center and more. which other local schools topped the list. kristin has the answer. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. this is so many great categories. i had a tough time picking out which to share with you this morning. let's get the list people are a biggest pa surprise er
6:44 am
rpri there. coming in at mbernue onand wisthas nua bit of a rpseasri me. number one is penn state. number two is of ivsity of miersi eesserivis ty of mississippi. good news for parents, no hahools in our areas ma tt . ppstli are egea our d egin our st , ontoe e inofth ook at olhotop look at the town life, the egllo pr college towns. princeton review says numb one is cobut take a rkokloyot number at our very own george washington university. right here in . coming in number two at great college town. quality of best liferice university in houston, tes li iscoming in at number one. look down here umatbe nr , vefie vi ia virginia tech. our next list dorms dungeons i tohan at my freshman mp mpunton hauniversity is sted as the colleg dorm
6:45 am
like dungeons. and look at academics a little bit. coming in with the professors with the highest mark is davidson college. number three on the list, sweet t swiaeeswbrbriar, iarg . foas e ofprrs soes with the lowest markssoyou are looking a neneridecamy in new york. and our final list to take a look . fit ncial aid. you have got a fillege in pennsylvania ande atth is the list. alstthallie i lihave time to show you right now. if you want to see them all i have a link on my blog at beyond? >> thank you, kristin. here's howard. >> we have a sticky morning out there and one of those hot humid afternoons. real july like with the exception of thunderstorms. i don't think we will see much and yesterday we kind of lucked out. i thought we'd see them and ended up on the delmarva and the northern neck and southeastern virginia. all in all turned out to be a decent day with a high of 89.
6:46 am
today warmer than that. readings in the low 90s with 867 tomorrow and 91ing on thursday. also expect more thunderstorms on wednesday than today and thursday. this morning partly cloudy with a bit humid. temperatures in the 60s and 70s right now. south winds at five miles an hour. they will pick up a little bit five to ten this afternoon and a hot e, w lo90s and stray isolated thunderstorm talking 20% rain chances and the sunset is 8:23. mostly cloudy tonight. slim chance of a shower again. 66 to 74 and the south winds at five miles an hour, pretty light. here's the storms we had yesterday, really last night. delmarva to the beaches in southern virginia isolated around us. and this morning high thin ones out there. 72 in town and 72 forburg. a little bit of fog at culpeper and warrenton. and the soccer lex covered in fog right now in germantown.
6:47 am
it is 66 frederick and 63 from martinsburg this morning on the cooler side. 72 right now. dew point 68 don't have much of a spread in those areas with the fog. it is obvious the spread has come together. the humidity 100%. the humidity in our area, 88%. and that is helping to keep the thick feel to the air. a lot of rain across the -- arqitex. a little slow. you see the spin across arkansas in to mississippi and tennessee. that low combined with the front out here. they are going to come together a little bit tomorrow. that will increase our rain chances as we head in to wednesday. today, this front will wash out. no real trigger there's not much to kick up the thunderstorms an here anthers why we are keeping a stray chance in the forecast.
6:48 am
detroit, chicago, lane, new orleans and orlando chances of thunderstorms there. out west the big problem will be the heat from the southwest in phoenix to the northwest. seattle 95. locally parts of warrenton and washington 100 degrees and denver and minneapolis looking nice with temperatures in the 70s. an here today, next seven looks like this. 91 with a thunderstorm. outside chance today. better chance tomorrow, 87 and then isolated afternoon storms. much of the remainder of the seven-day seven day perhaps a dry saturday. highs in the low 90s high 80s. big doings on the american legion bridge. as you can see they are blocking the left lane because of an accident. heavy delays going through the area. outer loop delay begins a old georgetown road to the incident. 270 in montgomery county fill feeling the affects. you are jammed from route 28 to the spur. staying in maryland, we are
6:49 am
looking at outer loop delays between 95 and college park and over to georgia avenue. also notice we have no problems or incidents along the baltimore route of i-95 and the baltimore washington parkway. to virginia, eastbound 66 delay from 50 fair oaks over to 123 and 395 you are having a heavy delay between duke street and seminary road. back to you. while you are driving this morning, think twice before you tech behind the wheel. a new study says the practice is even more dangerous than previously thought. researchers at the virginia tech transportation institute found truck drivers who text were 23 times more likely to get in to a crash or near crash. right before an accident drivers took their eyes off the road for nearly five seconds. at 55 miles an hour that is plenty of time to cover more than the length of a football field. >> people like -- not paying attention 0 the highway and they can hit something or you
6:50 am
or i could be hit. >> reporter: researchers say the findings should be applied to all drivers. the district and 14 states currently ban teching while driving. a senator is expected to make a full recovery after surgery on her rank. she fell down steps while leaving church. doctors performed surgery on her yesterday in baltimore. in sports the nationals josh willingham's grand slam in the 6thinning last night in milwaukee but he one done yet. willingham goes to left center again. this is two grand slams in one game. >> reporter: willingham is the 13th player ever to hit two grand slams in one game. nats trounce the brewers 14-6. the time is 6:50. 72 degrees here in northwest washington. an alleged terror plot uncovered in north carolina. in three minutes, who police
6:51 am
arrested and exactly what they are accused of. i'm harry smith. coming up on the "early show," buying only black. meet a couple whose local experience is helping african- american businesses across the nation. plus, this year's top colleges and universities. an inside look at schools with the best education with the lowest cost. that's coming up on the "early show." b@b@fa
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6:54 am
seven men are under arrest accused of trillioning overseas to train to become terrorists. prosecutors say the group went to israel in iled b@t failed in their training. there's going to be hot lane construction on the inner and outer loop during the day and evening and that means lane and shoulder closures during most of the the week. a live look at the knights of columbus hall in oxon hill, maryland. an early-morning fire caused a half million dollars in damage. fortunately no one was hurt a patch or of fog but a decent day. mid 80ed by noon and low 90s for the highs. right now at 6:54 it is 72 degrees. you are watching 9 news now. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah!
6:55 am
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back with the story of a dog who finally made it home ten months after she went missing. that was daisy. her owners put her in a kennel during hurricane ike last year but the kennel was destroyed encase daisy ran off. for ten months they looked and looked area never gave up an last week the call they were waiting for. >> i was in the middle of the week. 11:45 at night, crying and thanking the lord and it was a wonderful, wonderful reunion. >> reporter: doesn't hurt that daisy is a blue lacy breed. they are part coyote than and that helped to keep her alive after all of these months. >> wow. >> we are looking at this accident on the outer loop of the beltway, blocking the left
6:59 am
lane. the delay from old georgetown road to the incident. i-270 is feeling the affects southbound. you are jammed from 28 to the spur and on to the spur. in virginia, 395, we are looking at a heavy and slow delay from duke to seminary road. howard, how's the weather looking. >> fine this morning. a touch 2004 of fog the next hour but then hot and humid, slim chance of a storm today and 91. scattered storms and isolated afternoon thunderstorms. the highs in the low 90s to upper 80s by the week. the "early show" -- >> jess? >> as we wall street we are looking at slightly lower earnings. and the "early show" will have accusations against michael jackson's doctor. and we will check out a hybrid. >> and get the latest news, weather and traffic by going to have a gr


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