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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  September 20, 2009 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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>> coming to you from the espn zone in downtown baltimore it's the fox 45 play book with bruce cunningham. >> good morning everybody and well tom to another edition of fox 45 play book to my right are my 2 co-hosts for this year going to be swapping out a little bit. first of recall nog 89 mark clayton. make him feel welcome, everybody. [applause] >> and then to mark's right the raven's leading rusher the full back number 33 laron[applause] great to see both of you.
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i'm excited about working with you guys. >> me too. >> let's talk about last week. i think a lot of people in town the expectations were so high. a lot of fans were looking like 100-0 win. you say it all the time. they get paid too. kansas city is an nfl team up t. you have to give them credit they played great. opening game we knew they would come out playing hard and everybody. a lot of people -- a did a radio show. we worked hard. it was a training cam. we played like we wanted to but we stuck together as a team. we had a defense. it was a team game. we came out on top. >> since you are both offensive players. he called it defensive kingdom
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when he was drafted. you think of defense. that 38 points had to look great to you guys. >> yeah, i think we are headed to the offensive kingdom. i mean as an offense that's what you want to do you want to score points. our goal first and for most is to win the game. you win the game. we were fortunate to do that. kansas city played tough. they played a good hard nose game i was glad they got to be in the game. it showed the character of the team how we do when it was a close game and being able to step up and not make plays. >> tell me about the growth of joe floxlaco . >> how he understands the game more take charge in the huddle.
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play call on me. he does everything. we know that he can make any pass on the fold any throw. the sky is the limit. do good. cope the defense up. >> i hear you. when flak owflaco was a rocky ut job you know what joe put down in pro football player. does that surprise you? he's not going to be running the roads at night. >> joe loves baltimore. >> that performance on opening day by him was very special and by the offense. you guys were both brought this here to help establish an offense. while it's not quite there yet i'm sure you would agree you have to feel great about the progress you guys are making. >> it was a long season, even longer for me with injury and everything.
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i mean in many things we worked hard. our goal was to be 10 times better than we were last year offensively. we knew it was going to take a lot of work, a lot of dedication and a lot of focus. we were able to do that in the off season and come no the training camp. i got to really watch them get in and grind the entire training camp and by through week by week. when we started hitting our goal in each game and put it on the field sunday, we were proud of. we are going to get better. without the work we have done that was about it. >> pretty good game for somebody that wasn't supposed to play. >> now it's time for our weekly feature the play of the game with just over 2 minutes to go. game tide at 24. the perfect default mark on the post pattern for the 31-yard touchdown giving the ravens
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31-24 lead that would prove to be your game winner. the ravens beat the chief in at the season opener. that is all behind us. this sunday, today, san diego chargers in san diego. it is tough to go all the way across the continent and play a football game. it will be a tough game they have a great defense. great coach. like the coach say we win the game thursday and friday preparing for the game. it's going to be a long flight for me. to go out and win a game. >> how do you big guys fly that far. don't you get close close closterphobic. no i don't like it.
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>> skinny dude that hurts. >> he's on the plane for hours. >> monday night football san diego i'm assuming you watched the game. what did you take out of the game. >> i got to watch the beginning an then i fell asleep. open teams. just a glimpse that i got defense was -- they were fast. oakland was doing some things. >> what did you see? >> like you said the first half oakland came out and started fast. how he starts is how they finish. it's the end of the woke and nfl. we have to cover every play.
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there will be fired up to play us. i'm looking forward to it. i'm ready to get to practice tomorrow and see what happens. >> is there gaterade plans for camp if you win the game? >> of course. you are pretty handy with the gaterade, i notice. >> at the end of the day it's about having fun. if anybody has a team we play in, when we win they are getting it. >> real quick you had to have felt the buzz last sunday. they are ready for football. >> the best fans. >> we have the best fans in the land. >> no questions about that. they were so pumped you were we were on offense. first drive joke on the play. >> still to come on fox 45 play book we will run down the afc
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standings. up next we will have fans step up to the mic and ask a question. the fox 45 play book is coming right back. c
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welcome back to the espn zone fox 45 play book. with us this week as they will be all throughout the season. we talked about joe flaco a minute ago one thing the way he was able to spread the wealth. a lot of guys got balls through to them. you want to see that don't you. >> as a team we know that we have a lot of play makers on the team. certainly offensively it's like man we just put the ball to their play makers an let them do what they do best make plays. sunday was a great display what we are capable of. well get better. having the start right there
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nobody that everybody is touching it is good. >> when are we going start throwing to 33 that's what i want to see. >> i caught a few passes. he's going to get his play maker the ball and do something -- he will run like 5 plays before we run it. he will call it. he calls the plays. the sky is the limit for this offense. i'm just excited to really get going. >> you had to change your role a little bit. now you move back to full back. i talked to you during training camp there was no hesitation you said let's go. >> it's about the tomorrow not about myself. i would like to get to that pro ball game i would rather get to the super bowl everior. so i mean, whatever my role is, blocking first and running second that's what i'm going to
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do. i'm looking forward to it. >> how do his tomorrow mates look at them in terms of stepping back into the full back. >> as a raven doing whatever it takes to get the job done. >> that's collectively. we are about winning. true enough we play hard and work hard because we want to win the championship. whatever it takes to get that done that's what we are going to do. >> you mentioned going to miami if you get to the super bowl you have to play. fly. you know that. >> now it's time for you the raven fans to step up to the mic. it is the fan forum we have a line of folks. no number on the jersey. >> what's your name and where are you from? >> rick from brooklyn. which one is going to score the most town downs?
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>> htouch downs? >> he is. >> we have the battering ram here. there's going to be some touch downs, right? >> oh, yeah, he's in there no matter what. if it's a pass that's him. if there's a run from outside the five that's him. what's your name and where are you from? >> i'm michael from richmond virginia. >> i went to college in richmond. >> a proud spider defending national champion. >> i want to ask a question about joe last woke's game helped to put your nerves at ease. i wanted to know if there was any worry about a soft more jinx with joe. >> no, come on. >> joe is so cool. even in his interviews. i don't believe it is.
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>> that coolness he's got he is like extra laid back. that's where the coolness comes from. >> can you be too laid back? >> possibly, one thing i did notice he had all kinds of time the o line did the job sunday. >> no doubt. >> you look like an o lineman yourself. from houston texas. i'm a baltimore raven recently located here. question for the defense. >> got a texan sitting right here. question for the defense, would you guy having ray louis signing that contact extension to come back and ed reed, how do you feel about the defense? they look outstanding. are you am ped for a am ped for? >> he is more than a player. he is the heart and soul and
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spiritual leered. there's a leader in general of the baltimore ravens if you will. for him resigning here was huge i'm sure that played a role in it. our guys on defense, they make it them. the defense is who -- that's what they live. that's what they breathe every time i step on the field you are going to see the raven d. they will fly around until they can't walk no more. they are foin. we are just trying to make sure that, you know, we bring our end of the bargain where we let them rest so when they good on the field they are flying around. they don't have to worry about it. >> when you guys were booth rookie -->> i got on the phone d my mom i just seen him.
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i went up to him and introduced myself and everything. something was going on that weekend. i got to know him that weekend. he took me under his wing. i've been cool with him ever since. >> that's a good thing to do be cool with ray. still to come on fox 45 play book we will look at the raven's injury report. first here is patricspace with e pig skin predictions brought to you by m&t bank. >> the ravens are going tore their second straight win this weekend and so am i. i won last wokes pig skin predictions i plan on coping my perfect record my which will enewhichwhich willwhich wilchal.
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>> baltimore ravens at san diego chargers? >> san diego did good monday. i am thinking the ravens. i will go with the ravens. >> i will go with the ravens. pittsburgh steelers at chicago bears. >> blow out pittsburgh. >> you are sad. you are going with pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh. >> that might very well be true but i don't want to ever go with the pittsburgh steelers. i will go with the bears. >> i will change my raven raven. wait a minute your guy is out. troy. >> he just happens to be the greatest safety in national football right now.
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>> not going to happen. steelers 28-3. >> now he's calling numbers. i'm going with the bears on principle. cleveland browns at denver brorchbroncos. >> i have to go with the broncos. edge the be >> denver last week they barely made that win. >> the bengals barely lost. i'm going with the other team i'm going to cleveland. cincinnati bengals and packers. i am going with green bay. >> st. louis rams and redskins. >> i'm going to do the red skins finally win one. i like the skins. >> st. louis, i'm going with the red skins too. but your steelers are going down
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if that has to be my prayer every night. now i lay me down to sleep. >> we lose 3 in a role that hurts. >> goodness. you can get get your pig skin. you can win a gift certificate to the espn zone and qualify for great national prizes. >> i don't know if i can trust you any more. >> when th the steelers are bacn the super b
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>> welcome back to the espn zone fox 45 play book i'm bruce cunningham. it's now time to get the latest news and notes on the raven's injured injured list. in the third quarter.
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he had his knee rolled on he was led from the field he did not return. as of this taping the head coach still awaiting the results of an mri. he thinks it's a mild sprain. no official word on his availability for sunday. let's talk about goodin. he said he is fine and should play. you guys go up against the defense every day. did he out right win that spot? >> his enthusiasm how he plays and practices is amazing. unbelievable. he got a young linebacker in there and doing his thing to make a play. he got a great leader with ray lewis. the sky is the limit. >> he doesn't yaap as much.
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>> he dances some more. >> coming up next on fox 45 play back the current standing how you can enter our purple pride weekly contest. the fox 45 play book is coming right back. phone service.
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welcome back everybody. here are the current afc north standing after week 1 the ravens and steelers tied for first place. pittsburgh do defeated them. tied with the bengals who lost to the broncos in the last 30 seconds those are your afc north standings. it's only the first week. of course you guys won the steelers won. the steelers is who you guys are
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aiming at this year. >> i'm talking about in the afc north. >> we want to win the division. >> no doubt. >> that's our main goal the division whoever is in the way we got to take them out no matter who it is. 4 game season we focus on san diego. we will worry about pittsburgh when they come up. >> did i violate the one game rule? i didn't mean to. >> you guys are u awfully lose. we are happy to have you here at the espn zone. it is time for you the raven fans so show us how much you support the team. the purple pride segment send us your pictures of your family, friends and kids an and/or pets
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foxballet mr in thfoxbaltimore.o >> gentlemen it was a pleasure i look forward to doing a whole season with you two guys we will see you next week. we will be back next sunday and every sunday at 11:30 on fox 45 later the ravens and chargers. let's hope next woke we are talking about a big baltimore victory. i'm bruce cunningham. thanks for watching everybody. >>real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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