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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  September 20, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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dombrowski played right here at san diego state. dennis norman acquired just this week, number 64, is in the game. acquired from jacksonville. dan: here's dombrowski. the quarterback sneak is going to go right inside. rivers gets pushed on top of him. this measurement actually helps dombrowski and the chargers. gives him a chance to catch his breath, maybe shake this injury off. dick: just enough. for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes," you're watching the nfl on cbs. the game between baltimore and san diego. our score, 28-23 in favor of the baltimore ravens. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following the game, except on the west coast where it will be seen on the west coast at its regularly scheduled time on 7:00. quite a game. lots of big plays. and after an interception, the chargers trailing by five have
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a first down at the ravens' 30. rivers. he steps out of bounds at the 10-yard line. 20 yards. washington and reed team up on the tackle. dan: rivers with the intentional underthrow, and gates reading his quarterback, just stops on the sidelines in front of fabian washington. how frustrating for washington to have gates covered so well, but the communication between quarterback and tight end playing wide receiver on that play was absolutely perfect. dick: all set up by cason's interception. that's the fifth catch for gates today, 78 yards. play clock down to four, three, two, one. couldn't get it off. should be delay of game. referee: delay of game. dick: hurricane katrina
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dick: meanwhile, this is philip rivers' career high. dan: it's been a gutty performance. rivers has been sacked a couple times. just twice tonight he's been knocked down -- almost tonight. dick: it keeps going, doesn't it? dan: they've hung in there. a gritty performance. dick: 85 yards in penalties. it's first and goal at the 15. rivers. slides down at about the 12-yard line. he's not going to outrun many people. ngata chased him down on that play. here's a man at 340 pounds-plus that can run like that. his dad was a rug by and boxer star in on the ga, went to oregon. high school in salt lake city.
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he is you have to to get through and around. dan: world's biggest dunk. dick: second and goal. no one open. he says, come to me. long there. tried to hit chambers -- gates, rather, on the back end of the end zone. hoping he could throw it high enough over the purple shirts, and gates could go up over the top. dan: the ravens have been able to use ngata on that defensive line to get pressure on rivers. as we let this one roll, you'll see that they can just come with a four-man rush. they drop one of the linemen out. it's a three-man rush. that means there's eight ravens to defend in the end zone. everyone covered. dick: like a soccer game. everyone checked there. third and goal from the 12. sproles in the backfield with rivers. three-man rush.
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sproles. dumped hard at about the 7-yard line by dwan edwards. an injured raven on the play. fabian washington slow getting up. dan: and how costly was that delay of game penalty against san diego? dick: a time-out with 7:21 left in the fourth quarter. welcome to sprint's now network.
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [closed captioning provided by cbs sports division.] [closed captioning provided by dick: the seals there resting this afternoon. nate kaeding out. this will be the fourth field goal today, all inside 30 yards. this one will be 25 or 24 depending on the spot. and he drills it. 29- close by only threes. hi, it's jimmy football here. nobody likes number 2. so we just upgraded you to number 1.
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they'll even match it. which means come game time... ...i'm just as ready as he is. game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. dick: midway through this final quarter in san diego. the chargers with their fourth field goal, pulled within two. chris carr deep as kaeding tees
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it up. carr looking into the sun shield. fielding at the goal line. we remind you that tomorrow on cbs, see how it all began. the science, the shades, the team, the "csi: miami" season premiere, tomorrow, only cbs. rivens at the 28-yard line protecting a two-point lead. willis mcgahee out of the huddle, the running back behind joe flacco, and todd heap, the tight end, shifts. flacco deep down the middle.
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complete. it's mark clayton. clayton near midfield before he's finally dragged down by eric weddle. welcome to san diego, california, everyone. those of you watching the chicago bears at home, upsetting the pittsburgh steelers. the super bowl champions go down today. dick enberg and dan fouts here at qualcomm stadium. a high scoring affair. john harbaugh's baltimore ravens leading 28-26 with 6:30 remaining. san diego struck with an 81-yard touchdown pass to darren sproles to open the scoring. the difference has been the ravens scored touchdowns in the red zone and the chargers have been settling for field goals. cut down is mcgahee, as weddle came up from safety to force a loss. in the third quarter, that was a throwaway by rivers. lewis went after him, and it led to a touchdown to kelley washington. vincent jackson on a long throw from rivers, who has set a
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personal record, most yards passing in his six-year career. but it's not been enough. four field goals after the chargers have been inside the five and had to settle for threes all four times. second down and 12. flacco. incomplete. and the ball off clinton's hands. and dangerously close to being tipped to antoine cason who has an interception today, as he did on monday night in oakland. dan: this is inexcusable. this is perfectly thrown by mark flacco. this is right in his hands. that ball is in the air about another half a second, cason is doing a touchdown dance at the other end of the field. dick: on third and 13, this crowd of 66,000 rises, offers their vocal support to the defense. flacco under pressure, throws underneath. it's complete to rice.
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rice wrestled down at the 48. short of the first down. kevin burnett with the tackle. baltimore rushing the football against the defense, short of their big defensive tackle jamal williams out for the season. three touchdowns for the ravens. that makes it 7-7 in the red zone in two games for them. rivers having a career day throwing the football. sproles producing big yards, not only receiving and return yards. he's back at the 10-yard line. sam koch who has two kicks downed at the 1-yard line today. back to punt again. sproles lets it go. now he's going to fair catch at the 7-yard line. so that's an improvement. normally you don't field that ball inside the 10, but the way that koch has been laying it down on the goal line, a wise move by sproles. time-out, 4:45 to go.
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i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry, like the new tour, at our lowest prices ever, and get one free. dick: after today's game, "60
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minutes," featuring one of america's most talented inventors. then the prime time emmys tonight, only on cbs. against oakland on monday night, rivers took the chargers 89 yards. for the winning touchdown in the final seconds. he starts from the 7-yard line. four minutes to go. goes on top, throwing line. incomplete. intended for chris chambers. covered well by foxworth. dan: great timing by foxworth. he saw the ball in the air, double coverage inside. landry is not a factor. but that's just beautiful cornerback play by domonique foxworth. dick: born in oxford, england. on the other side of the ball, shawne merriman making his muscles felt today.
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second and 10. representives over the top, incomplete. almost intercepted. jackson, the intended receiver. almost into the arms of landry again. dan: it was ngata with the pressure on rivers. he's really backed up now. third and 10. number 92 is ngata working it right up the middle. that's where all the pressure has come today on rivers. good legal hit by 92. almost picked off. dick: so a big third and 10 facing rivers deep in his own end. the ravens bring a blitz on this one, they show blitz. overloading that far side. into the shadows goes rivers, he throws underneath. an interception for the ravens. antwan barnes with the interception. it appeared to be an early hit.
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rivers wants the call, but doesn't get it. tried to hit chambers, who seemed to be hit from the backside before the ball arrived. dan: fock worth had good timing on the previous play. let's check this one out. left side of the screen. that's pretty good timing as well. bang, bang. had his right hand in. but did he make contact beforehand? yes, he did. dick: he did. it's an interception for barnes. and the ravens with 4:30 with a chance to salt it away. although an eight-point game will give the chargers a chance at an eight-point play. dan: you got to wonder, when do you start using your time-outs if you're san diego? you go back to the end of the first half when the chargers had 10 seconds.
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ball inside the 10-yard line and enough time to run one more play. it was second down -- third down. they came out and kicked the field goal. one down, they could have used to try for a touch down. that may come back to haunt them. dick: clock ticks down under 3:50. flacco. caught and dropped. the first sack of the game. it's castillo. and time-out is called by san diego. their first. dan: there's castillo. getting by willis mcgahee with help from shawn -- shaun phillips. give rivera a lot of credit.
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that makes for a field goal try. dick: the kicker is steve hauschka. rivers has taken a lot of hits today. almost every pass he's gotten the ball away just as contact came. again, those of you just joining us, the chargers with two of their starting offensive linemen inactive today. their pro bowl center nick hardwick and right guard lewis vasquez. two men who have never started an nfl game at the position they've started today. mruczkowski took his place and has done a commendable job. dan: jamal williams on the defensive side. dick: there's a handoff inside. a draw to rice. and they just buy some good
7:20 pm
real estate. that will make the kick easier for hauschka. here comes hauschka. last week against kansas city, two tries. he was good from 44. he missed from 41. this is his first attempt today. and if successful, forces the chargers to score a touchdown to take the lead. he misses, then a field goal would be good enough for the home team. dan: they're going to let the clock run down as far as possible. dick: 33-yard attempt. and he drills it. hauschka pounds it through. and the ravens build their lead to five. dan: rivers is on his feet trying to cool himself off. hot day here in san diego. a hot night in oakland last monday night. rivers had to rally the
7:21 pm
chargers against the raiders. he did by hitting darren sproles on a crossing route. then legedu naanee. there's gates. raiders played softly. they were susceptible to the draw play as sproles got the game-winner right there. but this is the baltimore ravens defense, and it's harassed rivers the entire afternoon. pummeled him at times. dick: and you mentioned the weather, dan fouts, and the temperature was close to 100 degrees at the game's start. and the chargers with the long-range forecast knew it was going to be very hot, so they wore the road uniforms, the white uniforms feeling it would be cooler and forced baltimore to be wear the darker jerseys. on a road trip in hot weather, still 90 degrees on the field, as you can see, it was the hope of norv turner that at the end of the game, perhaps this great baltimore defense would slow down because of the wear and tear of the game and the weather. we'll see, as philip rivers and
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the chargers will get another chance. will they kick it to sproles? they will. he'll take it right at the goal line. he fakes a handoff and comes out across the 25-yard line. faked the reverse to osgood. prescott burgess didn't buy. rivers and the chargers will start from their own 27. dan: the great thing about sproles, and there's a lot, he's always going full speed. regardless of what is facing him, whether it's defensive end or guys running down under kicks. he never slows down, doesn't dance. he just flies. dick: rivers came back out on the field. a little stretch of the pitching paw. dan: he's cratching up is what he's doing. -- cramping up is what he's doing. dick: first down.
7:23 pm
rivers downfield. complete! jackson again to the 35-yard line. foxworth on the coverage. they isolated. rivers saw the man coverage, and a perfect throw. dan: he got perfect protection as well. that allowed the single coverage on the outside. foxworth couldn't make a play on this one. jackson barely holding on with foxworth on his back. dick: 38 yards more. so rivers over the 400-yard mark, passing today by far and away his best ever as a charger. dan: just what the chargers needed today. dick: jackson with catches, 141 yards. overshoots chambers who was covered well. that takes the clock down to 1:59. the two-minute warning in san diego. a five-point game. ( snap beat ) ♪ five
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dick: tonight, of course, "60 minutes," and one of the big tv shows of each year, the 61st annual emmy awards on cbs.
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on second and 10 at the 35 of baltimore. five-point game. rivers dumps it off. it goes to manumaleuna. he's short of the first down. dan: fabian washington is not in the game. his place has been taken by frank walker, backup cornerback. and going against him on the play is vincent jackson. dick: third down and 3. sproles up the middle. he has the first down into the arms of that tough purple jersey defense, dawan landry coming up for support. the first down. dan: chargers still have two time-outs. plenty of time. dick: clock ticking down to 1:10. jacob hester late coming into the huddle.
7:27 pm
a little mix-up. the ravens seem to be disorganized for a moment. but that's settled quickly. here they come. pressure this time. rivers throws to the end zone for naanee. incomplete. he had his hands on it, but frank walker showed up and they went after the substituted corner. dan: naanee is one of those tall receivers at 6'2." give frank walker a lot of credit here. he's battling him. as the ball comes in, he's going to knock it out with his right hand. beautiful play by walker. dick: second down at the 24-yard line. dan: good valet there by naanee. dick: 52 seconds left. up the middle to naanee. hit from behind at the 14-yard
7:28 pm
line. that's going to be short of a first down. and time called by rivers. they have one left. dan: that's a smart time-out. get everybody gathered. you're close to a firstdown, but naanee has got better field awareness. he was looking for the touchdown. made a move back to the outside. and when you hesitate, you usually get tackled from behind. he's lucky he didn't fumble on this play. if he just runs straight away here instead of trying to make moves and getting hit from behind by ayanbadejo, number one, he'll pick up the first down, and number two, he might get out of bounds. dick: meanwhile, philip rivers, the opposing quarterback looking on, has had a phenomenal day. 25-44. 436 yards. and a couple of touchdowns. dan: obviously they're going to go for it on fourth down if you
7:29 pm
don't get it here. this gives the chargers an opportunity to maybe run that draw play that they ran last week to beat the oakland raiders. dick: gates, wilson, and manumaleuna. three tight ends. haven't seen that all day, with sproles behind hester. they don't run. rivers throws it away. was coaching hester to move into the middle. but he was not obliging. so fourth and long yard. dan: once in a while, you get a guy wide open on a play like this. this is manumaleuna, number 86. and all of a sudden, he is wide open, a little bit late. right there in the middle, rivers decided to throw it away. here's your ballgame. dick: 37 to go.
7:30 pm
oh! hit in the backfield! timing it perfectly. who else but the many-time all pro ray lewis, almost as if he knew what was coming. he charged right up the middle and into the arms of the ball carrier to deny the chargers. lewis again. that's an all-pro play. dan: it's a hall of fame play. that's where he'll be in five, six, seven, eight years. whenever he decides to retire. timing is perfect. big hit in the backfield. dick: the chargers, in their frustration of this daying so many times downfield. four times inside the 10 for field goals. this final drive ends at the 20-yard line, as ray lewis with a dozen tackles. that doesn't tell even part of the story of his effort today. dan: ultimately, it came down to the middle of the offensive line for the chargers with the injuries to hardwicke, to vazquez. great effort by mruczkowski and
7:31 pm
dombrowski, but the ravens' big plays came right between the guards and the center today. dick: and when they had opportunity in the red zone, three times, three touchdowns, a couple key interceptions, and baltimore, one of the best teams on the rote -- road last year, 5-3, come to san diego. a hard-earned 31-26 victory against the hometown san diego chargers. coming up, james brourning all the scores and highlights from the scores and highlights from new york. ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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>> and now, here's the geico play of the day. jets rookie quarterback mark sanchez hooked up with tight end dustin kellar on this nine-yard touchdown pass, giving the jets a 10-9 third quarter lead. the jets went on to win 6-9.
7:33 pm
james: twob our new york studios and "the nfl today." tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes." you'll meet one of america's most talented inventors. his latest feat is an artificial arm that's about to revolutionize prosthetics. then, tv's biggest stars celebrate tv's biggest night. neil patrick harris hosts the prime time emmys tonight only on cbs. a reminder that we'll be back next sunday at noon eastern with another edition of "the nfl today" followed by week three doubleheader action. among the early games here on cbs, the chiefs face the eagles and the titans battle the jets. our second games include steelers taking on the bengals. dan marino, bill cowher, and boomer esiason, your thoughts as you take a look. dan: when you look at the baltimore ravens, offensively, they had two weeks in a row they put up big numbers. 31 points in this game. ray lewis, fourth and 1, big hit. that's anticipation, coming right through the hole.
7:34 pm
that's what great defense wins games for you. bill: he's the heart and soul of that defense. he made his presence felt. you look at this game, it was back and fourth. fourth and 1, they went for it. back of the end zone. jay cutler, he played a flawless game, didn't turn the football over, threads the needle right there. then comes back. a bootleg. takes it in. 14-7. i tell you, jay cutler, he brought them back down. big pass right there. two jeff reed missed field goals. led to this game-winning field goal with 17 minutes left. big, big win for chicago. james: along the scoreboard here, other late finals. the denver broncos 27-6 over the cleveland browns. kyle orton got it done there. the buffalo bills, it's a final, 33-20 over the buccaneers. trent edwards finally found the light with t.o. and the 49ers, they are now 6-1
7:35 pm
in the last seven games with mike singletary at the helm. boomer: shaun hill, a former university of maryland quarterback. today's game was all about the new york jets. a great defensive effort by rex ryan and his team. they never let up on tom brady. mark sanchez taking the next step to becoming a great quarterback. bill: the ravens 2-0 atop the a.f.c. north. dan: the baltimore ravens, they can run the football. joe flacco looks great in the pocket. they play great defense. bill: kudos to jay cutler. james: got it done today. we thank you for tuning in to us here on "the nfl today" on cbs. we'll see you next week right cbs. we'll see you next week right here on cbs. here on thbs did cbs. bags fly free. southwe, [ music booming, crowd cheering ] you got a problem with that? ( ding )
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♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> pelley: you're about to see a remarkable leap in technology, and it's just one of the breakthroughs in a $100 million pentagon program called revolutionizing prosthetics. >> for the first time in 40 years, my left hand did this. i almost choked up saying it now. it was such an amazing feeling.
7:39 pm
it felt so good to move my arm again. >> pelley: you just said, "move my arm." >> it did, it did. it felt like my arm. it was me. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm byron pitts. >> i'm scott pelley. >> good evening, a published report says senate banking chief chris dodd will propose merging four banking agencies into a single superagency. the fcc will propose banning internet providers from blocking services or content. and the movie "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" won the weekend box office. i'm russ mitchell, cbs news.
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
>> pelley: when americans are wounded in afghanistan or iraq,
7:42 pm
no expense is spared to save their lives. but once they're home, if they've suffered an amputation of their arm, they usually end up wearing an artificial limb that hasn't changed much since world war ii. in all the wonders of modern medicine, building a robotic arm with a fully functioning hand has not been remotely possible. but that is starting to change. you're about to see a remarkable leap in technology called the deka arm, and as we first reported back in april, it's just one of the breakthroughs in a $100 million pentagon program called "revolutionizing prosthetics." to see how far they've come, have a look at where they started. >> fred downs: it's a basic hook. and i can rotate the hook like this and lock it. >> pelley: fred downs has been wearing the standard prosthetic arm since 1968, after he stepped on a landmine in vietnam. >> downs: in those days, they didn't have a lot of
7:43 pm
sophistication about it. they fit you and say, "this is your arm, this is your leg." and it was the best technology available in those days, and you just had to make yourself learn how to use it. and i did. >> pelley: today, downs is the head of prosthetics for the veteran's administration. this technology has not changed since 1968, or even before? >> downs: it was before. actually, this arm was basically developed world war ii era, after the war. >> dr. geoffrey ling: there's a hook, something out of "peter pan." and that's just unacceptable. >> pelley: dr. geoffrey ling is an army colonel and neurologist who's leading the revolutionizing prosthetics program. he's a physician with big dreams and little patience, especially when touring walter reed army medical center and meeting the troops he's working for. >> ling: we have a saying in the military-- "leave no one behind." and we are very serious about that. and that doesn't mean just on the battlefield, but also back at home. >> pelley: ling told us they've made great strides in artificial
7:44 pm
legs, but a good arm has never been within their grasp. >> ling: if you look at your hand, it's an incredibly complex piece of machine. what nature provides us is extraordinary. the opposable thumb, the five fingers independently moving, articulated fingers. it's fantastic what this does. >> pelley: and when you lose your hand, you've lost something that makes you human. >> ling: you're so right, scott, because think about what makes us separate from every other animal species: we have an opposable thumb. that is, in fact, what makes us human. >> pelley: colonel ling is determined to give that humanity back. his project is run out of darpa, the defense advanced research projects agency, the same group that oversaw the creation of night vision, stealth aircraft, and g.p.s. give me a sense of the scale of this project. >> ling: it's a very large scale. it is very much like a manhattan project at that scope. it is over $100 million investment now. it involves well over 300 scientists-- that is engineers, neuroscientists, psychologists. >> pelley: one of the scientists ling asked to join the team is dean kamen, a sort of rock star in the world of inventors who flies his own jet.
7:45 pm
>> dean kamen: it's the fastest non-military airplane you can buy right now anywhere in the world. >> pelley: his creations include dozens of medical devices, and the segway... it is very intuitive. ...inventions which have made him a multi-millionaire. when the folks from the defense department came to this office and said, "here's what we need," what did they tell you? >> kamen: we want these kids to have something put back on them that will essentially allow one of these kids to pick up a raisin or a grape off a table, know the difference without looking at it. that is an extraordinary goal. >> ling: he basically said, "you're crazy." that's what he told us. he said flat out, he... and he himself, who's a crazy guy himself, i mean, he is a very innovative thinker. he's a brilliant man, totally brilliant man, but mad scientist. >> kamen: i thought they were unbelievably optimistic in their expectations and i told them that. >> ling: he said to us, he said, "i can do... you're crazy.
7:46 pm
but we're willing to rise to this... rise to the challenge because it's important." >> kamen: there are multi-access machining centers. >> pelley: kamen took us behind the scenes at deka, his company in new hampshire, to show us how inspiration becomes invention. >> kamen: engineers design a part on a computer, he fires it up here on our network. >> pelley: kamen and his team of 40 engineers spent a year working on the problem, and this is what they came up with. when you first started this, did you sit down at your desk and look at your hand and figure out how it worked? >> kamen: well, most good engineering is some adaptation of what nature does. >> pelley: it all began by creating dozens of gears, joints and computers that mimic nature's design. but then came the hard part: meeting darpa's demand for an arm no larger than the average human's and no heavier than nine pounds. this is some of the electronics that fit inside the arm. tell me about that.
7:47 pm
>> kamen: well, this has three processors on it. think of this as three p.c.'s worth of computing power. and all of this just fits... it's round because it just fits in the wrist joint. >> pelley: in terms of the engineering, what was the toughest piece of this? >> kamen: all of it. >> pelley: the prototype had 25 circuit boards and ten motors. but it would be no good at all unless the patients were willing to accept it. >> kamen: we went and started talking to the real patients, the potential users, down at places like walter reed. and immediately, we were shocked to learn, even just the hollow plastic shell that they wear, when they're out and about, it sweats and it hurts and it irritates. and we came back and realized that if we build the world's best nine-pound arm, but nobody will wear it because 24 hours a day, or 12 hours a day, of wearing a nine-pound arm is going to be irritating and frustrating, we said, "we've got a way bigger problem here." >> pelley: so kamen's team
7:48 pm
created a new way to connect the deka arm to the body using tiny balloons. >> kamen: and you'll notice now, if i hit this button, these things are inflating. and that's a nice, gentle pressure there. but if that's displaced all over your whole shoulder, that's an enormous amount of structure. >> pelley: so, now, the arm is gripping tight on the shoulder... >> kamen: now, it's gripping tight. >> pelley: ... so you can lift something heavy. >> kamen: right. and as soon as he's not gripping tight and heavy, one or the other might just deflate. >> ready to put it on? >> downs: okay. >> pelley: kamen asked fred downs, the v.a. official in charge of prosthetics, to take off the hook he'd been wearing for 40 years and give the new arm a try. >> downs: i'm moving this around to see how stable my stump is inside here. >> pelley: the arm is controlled by flexing the shoulder, and pressing buttons built into his shoes, almost as if he's typing with his toes. >> downs: okay. ball of the foot. outside of the foot.
7:49 pm
and then, toes. >> pelley: you were skeptical? >> downs: very, very skeptical, because i've seen lots of inventions come along in my years of being in charge of prosthetics, and so... some great stuff. but in the long run, it doesn't really work because your body only has so much tolerance for gadgetry. >> pelley: after practicing for ten hours, downs showed us what he could do. >> downs: now, i use my toes to grasp this. the feeling is hard to describe. for the first time in 40 years, my left hand did this. i almost choke up saying it now. it was just... it was such an amazing feeling. i was 23 years old the last time i did that. it felt so good to move my arm again, to do things with it. not as fast... not as this, that, but it worked. >> pelley: you just said "move my arm..." >> downs: yeah. >> pelley: "...again." did it feel like your arm, all of the sudden? >> downs: it did. it did. it felt like my arm. it was me. you're sure i can't take this home with me?
7:50 pm
i'm ready for this arm. >> pelley: if downs is eager to have the deka arm, imagine what it would mean to chuck hildreth, who lost both arms at the age of 18 in an electrical accident. >> chuck hildreth: push the knob. >> pelley: look at that. he's been volunteering at deka for more than two years. now, it seems to me that one of the issues here would be that you don't have any feeling in this hand. so the question becomes, i mean, how do you pick up an egg? how do you pick up something that you might crush? how do you know? >> hildreth: i have a vibrator sensor here that tells me how tightly i'm grabbing things. the more intense the grasp, the more intense the vibration is. >> pelley: you know, you've set me up here with a plate of grapes. and this i've got to see, okay? so let's... let's... how do you pick up a grape without crushing it? >> pelley: no way. consider, chuck hasn't eaten like this in nearly 30 years.
7:51 pm
many of the innovations in robotics that make this possible are already at work in artificial legs. >> josh bleill: these are the latest and greatest. these are the power knees. they actually have a motor inside them. they help propel me. >> pelley: josh bleill lost his legs in 2006 to a roadside bomb in iraq. last year, he became the first person in the world to walk on two of these. they're called power knees, legs that propel themselves and talk to each other to keep a constant speed and stride. how fast will these go? >> bleill: faster than i can control, to be honest with you. not to a run yet, but they do have a lot of power. >> pelley: now, making a robotic arm that moves as naturally and effortlessly as these legs is the next step in revolutionizing
7:52 pm
prosthetics. colonel ling says the key is connecting the artificial limb straight into the nervous system. >> ling: remember, they lost their arm, but that big bundle of nerves that came out of the spinal cord still exists in their shoulder. >> pelley: so the nerves that control the arm are not necessarily lost with the arm, and the brain continues to send those signals to those nerves when a person imagines moving their missing limb. >> ling: that is correct. >> jonathan kuniholm: i'm one of over 300 engineers worldwide working on this. >> pelley: jonathan kuniholm is uniquely qualified to figure out how to tap into those signals. he's a biomechanical engineer at duke university who lost his arm to a roadside bomb in iraq. explain to me what you're doing with your right arm and the sensors, and how that relates to your new right hand. >> kuniholm: i'm imagining performing movements with my right hand, and when i do that, i am moving the muscles that remain here in my arm. when those muscles move, they make little electrical impulses that we can detect with these electrodes. >> pelley: so, imagine closing
7:53 pm
your hand for me. >> kuniholm: so, i imagine flexing my wrist. doing a key-pinch. >> pelley: to be clear, jonathan is controlling this robotic hand simply by thinking about moving his own hand that no longer exists. how much training is required to move this hand with those muscles? how long did it take you to learn how to do this? >> kuniholm: i'm not really learning, so much as the computer is. i'm doing what i imagine i'd like to do. and we've taught the computer to interpret the signals and do what it is. >> pelley: so, it almost feels natural to you? >> kuniholm: it does. >> pelley: after four years and $100 million, arms controlled by thought are still a work in progress. but in the meantime, the deka arm is now undergoing clinical testing at the v.a. in the hope that it will soon become available to the nearly 200 arm amputees from iraq and afghanistan.
7:54 pm
nobody ever wants to put a price tag on making a soldier or a marine whole again, but you're talking about $100 million. it's a big number. >> ling: it's a huge number. but it does a number of things. number one is, of course, it fulfills our commitment to these fine young men and women who... the issue of money compared to what they have done for the na... for the service of the nation becomes immaterial. however, this is not a classified military weapons system; this is an advancement in medical technology. and the beauty of this particular effort is that this is another gift of the american taxpayer to the entire world. >> hello, welcome to the cbs sports update. i'm james brown in new york with the scores from week two in the nfl. the jets and ravens are 2-and-0, new york beats tom brady for the first time ever at giant stadium. minnesota behind favre's two touchdowns are 2-and-0, san
7:55 pm
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