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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 1, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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million next year because the federal insurance fund might run out of money. for more on reverse mortgages, go to our website at and click on living smart. some are questioning the spending approved by congress in a bill to keep the government running this morning. good morning to you. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with weather. angie goff has the traffic. we begin with howard, it is october, breast cancer awareness month and it is chilly outside. >> it is refreshing. that's the word i like to use but you definitely need a jacket if you are outside. look at these temperatures. shenandoah valley regional airport and garrett county in the 30s this morning. lower 40s culpeper, warrenton and manassas. and southern maryland in the mid 55 -- 50s and here in town
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a temperature of 52. just a couple of clouds an this morning. but for the most part a partly to mostly sunny day today. pleasant with less wind than yesterday. at noon we will be 64. the temperature will be. 5:00 temperatures 65 and highs upper 60s to around 70. it is 5:00. time for angie with the traffic. >> overall traffic not looking so bad. but we have one tieup out there we are watching. we are going to begin with 95 heading northbound out of dumfries to the mixing bowl. looks like you are going to find the lanes open. drivers are moving at speed. the realtime graphics and showing you hyattsville in this area, maryland 500 is closed in both directions. crews are working hard this morning trying to repair a water main break. moving it outside and take a look and see what we are tracking. i believe it is the capital beltway. north of the district, live from new hampshire avenue.
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taillights moving without incident and wrap it up with 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore, no incidents or accidents along the way. over to andrea. the federal government is still running this morning. that's because the senate approved a short-term funding bill last night. the bill includes an increase of 6% in the congressional budget. this year's budget already tops $4.7 billion. according to politico, that money will be spent on things like receptions for foreign dignitaries or postcards about town hall meetings but jim moran defends the spending on staff salaries. >> we don't pay our staff nearly enough. i'm constantly losing people to the private sector who get two, three, four, sometimes five times what i can pay them. >> reporter: another $4 million will go to consultants and some money will be spent on improvements at rayburn and
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cannon office buildings. they have had problems with falling chunks of marble. in maryland the hate crimes law has been expanded to include the homeless. teens must be 16 years and 6 months old for a provisional driver's license and 18 years old for a full license and it is illegal to text message while driving. another new law in maryland will allow jurisdictions in the state to install speed cameras. until now that has only been allowed in montgomery county. 9 news now digital correspondent is live with details. good morning. alex. >> reporter: good morning. the interstate is a place where some people like to zip through without slowing down but for thousands of highway workers, it is the office place. a deadly risk they take every day. a driver speeding in a work zone, killed rick moaser in frederick county in june of 2007. the highway worker's widow was
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among those rolling out a new speed camera system, that will make its debut in maryland today. >> this is their office. you can see how close it is to speeding vehicles, to dangerous situations. >> reporter: the system includes large warning signs going in to the speed trap. also an electronic display of your speed. only then will a car-mounted camera snap your picture. if you travel 12 miles an hour over the speed limit you will get a violation in the mail for a fine of $40. the system will be on i-95 north through the i cc work zone in prince georges county. the work area is on i-95 past baltimore and the baltimore beltway near towson. his widow has been waiting for this system for a long time. >> these men and women don't have any other protection in their work space. >> reporter: the accidents there is higher there. a dozen workers are killed a
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year in work zone accidents. >> in one virginia community, police will soon be training residents to run radar. in leesburg, virginia people complained about speeders at ashton drive, a spot near an elementary and high school. police say speeders often go 20 miles over the 25-mile an hour speed limit. a new speed watch program will allow residents to report speeders and train them on radar guns. however, they will not be able to issue tickets. a second earthquake this morning has brought down more buildings on the indonesia island of sumatra. rescuers were trying to get to the victims of the earthquake in padang where hundreds of structures collapsed. relief workers have not yet reached many outlying areas to assess the damage there. the indonesia quake sent people in samoa and american
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samoa running for higher ground. a separate earthquake sent tsunami waves over the island. 150 people are dead but dozens more remain missing. they believe it could take up to three weeks for rescuers to complete their searches. >> time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle has a preview of the day on wall street. good morning. >> good morning. >> took a tumble yesterday. >> it did but we have a reason to smile even though we saw that performance yesterday because we just closed the best third quarter in get this, over a decade. >> yeah. >> stocks will likely take their direction from jobs data and numbers on personal income and spending. in trading so far today, asian stocks followed wall street lower. the nikkei lost 1 1/2% after the dow dropped 29 an the s&p was up 3. but as for the third quarter, the dow rose 15%. the nasdaq was up 15 1/2% and
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the s&p 500 was up 15. this was the best third quarter performance from wall street since 1998. it is the end of the road for saturn now that penske called off talks for the brand. the deal fell through with another manufacturer to continue making the cars. they will wind down saturn operations. the owners will be able to have their vehicle serviced at other gm dealers. business travelers are returning to the skies. that's expected to increase fares at the front of the plane. they predict a modest rise in business class fares as companies beef up travel budgets. no word, though, yet if the consumer prices will rise. we will have to keep an eye on that. >> exactly. we are keeping your eye out for money savings at the market. >> it is a buyer beware trip.
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some marketing tips used at the grocery store to pad your budget. the first of the stories we will be using as part of interest cancer awareness month. >> this is really big. at this point my life has changed dramatically. i didn't fall through the cracks. that's the tumor that's so small that i wouldn't have been able to find it ♪ [ music ] this is really the first time that i have been able to be ahead of it and make my own choice which was to go ahead and change my hat ♪ [ music ] ♪
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next the news now in the florida man accused of kidnapping, raping 9-year-old jessica runs ford has died in jail. he died of natural causes. he had been fighting his death sentence. the 2005 murder led many states to pass laws after jessica lunsford. it appears the final settlement has been reached in the case of gena 6. they have reached a deal with the local school board. the figure will cover his medical bills from the december 2007 a-- assault. and the first president bush received a surprise honor from his neighbors on wednesday. the people in maine presented him a 6,000-pound naval anchor and a plaque overlooking his estate and a painting showing the anchor and his speedboat. health officials have a new clue as to why the h1n1 is
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killing some younger patients. that story is coming up. plus, it may be chilly here but at least it is not cold enough to snow. we will tell you where it is falling. here's how war. >> a pretty picture and for many people especially when it is somewhere else. a chill now but a warmup and the weekend is around the corner. i will tell you about that also. 9 news now returns in just a moment. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments.
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mother nature helped out firefighters near missoula, montana by dumping the first fire of the season. the first of more to come this fall and winter. >> i am thinking of skiing. >> i hear the powder is the best. i first attempted on icy conditions. >> you can ski anywhere. >> you bet. >> our crunchy conditions. >> yeah, it hurts. i remember it well. soon enough with snow shoes. get to the forecast first, a definite chill many in the air today. not a bad afternoon. we'll have sunshine, cool. highs in the upper 60s to near
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70. tomorrow, 75 and saturday 77. and you see a few rain drops. right now looks like the best chance of that will be happening late friday, really maybe friday night in to saturday morning. so potentially if this works out all right we will salvage a decent weekend around here. here's the moms like bus stop forecast. it is a bit chilly out there. a few clouds and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and then this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, pleasant. highs around 70. and those northwest winds are five to ten miles an hour. tonight, clear to partly cloudy, 44 to 52. still chilly and again back in the 70s tomorrow. we have 52 right now in chicago. washington. winds north northwest at six. some areas out to manassas in the 40s and 30s to the shenandoah valley. and one of the reasons is we have had cool dry air being
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brought in on the northwest winds behind this storm but we have had breaks from the cloud cover and where the skies have cleared and the winds have gotten light is where temperatures have dropped. high pressure nearby that will build in. i don't know if you can see the showers to the west. but we have some rain from western minnesota, western iowa and missouri and that system will be moving east. as we look at microcast nine here. quiet. a few clouds. but then as we go through the period in to thursday very quiet and by friday morning notice showers in to west virginia. some of that may sneak in here by friday evening the way things are looking. here's the seven-day forecast which shows that, well, temperatures will warm up a little bit. 69 today. friday 74. saturday 77. again, i'm hoping we get rid of the stuff early. the terrapins and also for the redskins on sunday. looks nice, mostly sunny and
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72. the next best chance of rain is tuesday next week with a high of 74. 5:16. good morning, angie goff. >> hello, howie b. hello, everybody. welcome to thursday, one of our favorite days of the week. getting geared up for the weekend, right. >> from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl, looking at 45 to 50 minutes and no incidents or accidents along the way. 395 northbound as you continue there from the beltway to the 14th street bridge we are delay free and good morning to maryland drivers. remember, no texting while driving today. 270 southbound we have a little volume from 109 past this point at 121 then you are okay. checking on pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, also 301, we have no incidents or icons on the map. that's a great thing and finishing with the beltway in maryland, on the outer loop, taillights zipping by. same thing on the inner loop. in the district no problems at this time.
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over to andrea. this morning's living well headlines as breast cancer awareness month begins there's good news to report. deaths from the disease have dropped 2% each year since 1990, however there's is still cause for concern. because while breast cancer deaths have declined among black women, they still have a higher death rate than white women. new clues how the h1n1 may turn deadly. many who died from the virus also had bacterial infections. researchers say while h1n1 isn't anymore deadly than the regular flu it infects more people because so few are immune to this strain of the virus. maryland recorded its ninth h1n1 death, a middle school student in baltimore. and as w jay-z in baltimore reports the teenager appeared to have no previous underlying
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medical conditions. >> last week the student collapsed at school family members say her heart stopped beating. medics revived her and rushed her to the hospital. >> i peeked at her. to stand a couple of feet away from my niece and i see is machine doing the breathing my heart was crushed her aunt said she appeared to be recovering and then a turn for the worse. the school said on behalf of the baltimore public school family i'd like to express the deep sadness upon learning today of a passing of a student at montibello elementary-middle school another child whose age and gender are not being released fell ill with the virus and died last week.
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the governor is heart broken. >> we are in a race against the spread of swine flu to try to get the vaccine to as many people as we possibly can. >> that was derek reporting. some 250 million doses of the h1n1 are on the way to clinics and hospitals. are your allergies worse than ever? you are not alone. tonight at 11:00, a physical ailment some doctors say is causing an increase in runny eyes and sniffles and what you can do about it. that's tonight on 9 news now. the redskins have a chance to get back to 500 on the season. and the nationals finish off the final home game of the year with a bang. we'll be right back. soft! soft! hard! hard!
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it is 5:23 on october 1st. here's who's celebrating a birthday today. happy birthday if it is your day as well. the nationals saved one of their best games for the home
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game. ryan goes dead center for his 33rd of the year. 4 will have 2 in the bottom of the ninth. bases loaded. new york walked dunn to make it 4-3. they decided to take their advances with maxwell and the maryland native makes them pay. look. crashing a walkoff grand slam, the nats win the last home game 7-4. last night at rfk, dc united hosted honduras and they got kicked. united up 4-nil when gomez fires it home. united wins 5-1. there are only two ways to look at sunday's game against the bucks, if they win they are 2-2 and that's right back in the mix. if they lose they are 1-3 and there could be sea party protests at redskins park. the redskins returned to practice and did their best to
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tune out the noise from fans and media concerning their failure and to focus that tampa and along with if they win the bandwagon will fill up as quickly as it cleared out. >> no matter what we do we will get ravaged. i told them we have to forget about that. it is time for us to have fun again. >> it is like we suck. i think for us as a team we know the challenge we have. and i think we have the tune to do something special. >> maybe they can borrow flip saunders hypnotist. the eagles quarterback signed a deal with nike. this is two years after nike dropped nic voluming his arrest. it is a marketing trick that can lead you to paying more for groceries. and if you drive in maryland, there are more speed cameras going up on major  highways. it is 5:25. here's angie. all is a go in from the bay
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bridge to the beltway. 9 news traffic and weather, beautifully packaged together. that is up next. stay with 9 news now. of cream cheese. with ae at least that part's easy. there's only one way to eat an eggo... your way. l'eggo my eggo. what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record?
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the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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...of chocolate... ...and raspberry yogurt... ...and only 100 calories. new yoplait delights. get rid of the "or". a woman in illinois got a happy greeting from unan unexpected source, a green pepper. she was cutting green peppers and noticed one was smiling at her. look at that. it has a happy face. she plans to put the pepper picture on her christmas card. so it won't end up in a las vegas museum along with the blessed mary cheese or something. >> i saute them with onions. >> i eat them raw. >> thanks for joining us. howard start us off. >> a decent but chilly morning out there. some 30s at the shenandoah valley. many of us in the 40s to low 50s and even colder if we
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didn't have a few clouds out there. show you this on the satellite- radar. no radar imagery showing up but grayish areas are some clouds across the region. so clear to partly cloudy out there. and today we are looking at temperatures which will start at least here in town in the low 50s. mid-60s for lunchtime and the drive home. looking for high temperatures today, twoa or 3:00, upper 60s to around that 70-degree mark. here's some rain in the seven day. that's coming up in 14 minutes. right now 5:30. angie goff has the traffic. personalized traffic report. that is what i'm here for to hook you up with it. with the route you need to know about every morning. hook me up on facebook or twitter. shoot me an e-mail. volume from 109 to 121. past this point okay to the split. 95en this ' bw parkway, no issues out of baltimore to 495. hey, virginia, 66, tracking the
5:31 am
trip heading eastbound. incident and accident free from manassas to 495 and here's the inner loop. we will get you there. drivers are moving at speed past 95 and little river up to 66 and beyond. andrea, that's a quick look at traffic. now, over to you. today there are several new laws affecting drivers in maryland. the ages for provision at and full driver's licenses have changed and it's now illegal to text while driving in the free state. 9 news now digital correspondent, alex trevino is live in laurel, one of the places taking advantage of allowing more speed cameras. >> the use of automated cameras give many of us the willies but they say the speed enforcement law is a critical tool in the ongoing crusade to keep maryland's roadways safe. >> rick was killed in frederick county in june of 2007.
5:32 am
a driver speeding through a construction work zone struck him. >> it shouldn't take the death or injury of a highway worker. >> reporter: the highway worker's widow was among those rolling out a new speed camera system that will make its debut in maryland today. >> this is their office. you can see how close it is to speeding vehicles an dangerous situations. >> reporter: the speed trap will have large warning signs and an electronic display of your speed. that's where a camera will snap your picture. travel more than 12 miles over the limit you get a violation in the mail, a $40 fine. it will be placed through the icc work zone in prince georges county at a major work area on 95 past baltimore and on the baltimore beltway near towson. workers are not the only ones in danger. four out of five people or killed in work zone crashes are drivers and their passengers. again not workers. on the site of i-95 near
5:33 am
laurel, alex trevino, 9 news now and >> if you are heading to the maryland beaches one final time this year there are concerns about the route 90 bridge crossing in to ocean city. during an inspection on tuesday, engineers found bun of the girders is deteriorating. until repairs are made that bridge will be under weight restrictions. vehicles heavier than pickups will have to use the route 50 bridge. you may notice an extra clean smell on metro this morning. crews are giving buses and trains an extra thorough cleaning. it is an effort to prevent people from catching the flu. fare card machines and gates are also being wiped down. they are encouraging you to cover your mouth and nose and wash your hands frequently. people in virginia can catch a ride to the northeast on amtrak. it is expanding from the district to lynchburg. the line runs along route 29 with stops in charlottesville,
5:34 am
culpeper, manassas, brook center and alexandria. this morning police are asking for your help in locating two men who attempted to lure three children to their truck. it happened around 6:45 last night at the intersection of thomas drive and fairlawn avenue in laurel, maryland. the children were playing outside of an apartment complex when the man called them to his truck. >> trying to get them near the truck. they are about the same way. >> a mother of one of the children happened to be outside and yelled at the children to come to her. two of the children ran to her and the third, a 7-year-old girl ran a block away to her home. the man followed her an sat outside until her mother came outside. it was a beat up small light blue pickup truck with a dent in driver's side fender.
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turning to the race for governor in virginia, a new poll shows a zero restle of fortune. the rasmussen report has bob mcdonnell regaining some of his lead. he is now ahead by nine points. two weeks ago it put the margin at 2%. democrat creigh deeds came to falls church to open a new campaign office. he mingled with supporters and campaign staff at the building on south washington street. if you need to register to vote or update your registration information, you only have a few days left. the deadline is next monday, october 5th. the election is four weeks later on tuesday, november 3rd. 5:35. it is time for another living smart report. and digital correspondent, jessica doyle is back with good news about the global economy. >> yes. this is a pretty positive estimate we just got out.
5:36 am
good morning, andrea. good morning, everybody. the international monetary fund has raise the forecast for growth around the world next year. the fund says the global economy is poised to grow by 3.1%, up from the 2 1/2% predicted in july. the u.s. is expected to grow by 1 1/2% and the imf indicates the economy here in the u.s. will be growing by year's end. many grocery stores in montgomery county are getting is a facelift. the washington business journal reports that locations include damascus, bethesda and wheaton. it is time for the money-saving tip of the day. be mindful of marketing tricks the next time you are at the grocery store. you may not know this but the items with the biggest markups are placed at chest level. if you want to look for a bargain, literally look high or low, reach up and down. items such as painkillers, contact lens solutions and nonfood items can cost more at
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the grocery store than the drugstore. for more tips check out my blog, the and follow me on twitter and i would love to be your friend on facebook. there are subtle tricks even at the mall to get you to buy. >> i never thought if it is at eye level they are trying to lure me in and charge me more. and this was big even by china's standards. why they are taking out all of the steps for a celebration today. we are tracking the taillights on 66 eastbound through manassas where we are picking up the volume. more shots across the region. i will have them coming up. stay with us.
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in the news now, rescuers are searching through hundreds of collapsed and damaged
5:40 am
buildings after two earthquakes struck indonesia sumatra islands. one yesterday and another this morning. 500 people are dead and thousands more are trapped in the rubble. the extent of the damage outside of the island's biggest city is still unknown. today, china put on the biggest parade ever of military hardware to celebrate the 60th anniversary of communist rule. in addition to the military hardware, dozens of floats commemorating events like the olympics, china's manned space program and other symbols of progress. security has been tight in an effort to discourage protests. authorities in colorado have evacuated at least one subdivision in the path of a wildfire. it was spotted yesterday afternoon in larimer county. it is advancing quickly toward populated areas and the winds have prevented firefighting aircraft from assisting crews on the ground. you can dress down to ramp up the fight against breast
5:41 am
cancer. more on that coming up. plus, two redskins legends respond to accusations they have been making money off of a nonprofit program. here's howard. outside on the weather terrace this morning, i wish i had a jacket on. it is chilly out here. many temperatures in the 40s this morning. we will talk about how warm it will get later on and what to expect as we head to the weekend. 9 news now this morning returns in just a moment. lr;
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two former redskins players are responding to criticism they received about the operation of their non-profit program. art monk and charlesman are the founders of the good samaritan foundation, a program that works with at-risk youth in southeast washington. articles in the city paper say the two have not delivered on promises they made to help children. the city paper said they made a profit from the sale of a building they bought from the city for their program. >> we ran out of funding. we -- no one was making anymore
5:45 am
donations to us and the bank wouldn't forward us anymore cash. so our board and the people closest to the foundation got together and decided that we had to sell the building and it is not something we wanted to do, but we had to in order to keep the program alive. >> reporter: both monk, a hall of famer and man say they are still in death and using their own money to fund the program which has change its name from the good samaritan foundation to the youth power center. despite the claims of the city paper they say they are providing tutoring and mentoring programs to 200 children every year. too today the pilot from the miracle on the hudson will be reunited. the captain and first officer skies will be in the cook pit together. they are slated to fly from la guardia airport to charlotte, north carolina. sullenberger landed in the river after it struck a flock of geese on takeoff.
5:46 am
all 155 people on board survived. a miracle on the hudson. what an incredible story. >> those passengers will be excited to see him. >> and know the experience he brought to that cockpit. >> has to put them at ease. >> let's hope. >> hope for better weather. it is chilly outside. it is 8:52. we are in the mid-40s outside. next time i am outside i will have a jacket for sure. a warmup the next few days. temperatures climbing from the upper 60s today to around 70 to the mid-70s tomorrow with a chance of a shower late. i think the best chance of showers will be coming friday night in to saturday morning. and that's a good timing if that works out because a lot of weekend events. you know, we have the fall for fairfax going on. the terrapins have a home game and saturday not a bad day after an early shower highs in the mid to upper 70s.
5:47 am
the bus stop forecast, clouds mixing in and bit chilly, 40 and -- 40s and 50s. this afternoon, mostly sunny and pleasant. highs in the 60s to near 70. northwesterly winds less than yesterday at five to ten miles an hour. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. another chilly one. mid-40s to lower 550 -- 50s with a south wind at five. right now 52 on the bay from annapolis. 56 at the naval air station in patuxent. jan in reedville 57 and bill 52. quantico 50. look at manassas one of the cool spots 41. and out to wiers cave, shenandoah regional airport, 39 degrees this morning. dew point in the 40s. temperatures in the 50s and light northwesterly winds at five miles an hour. at least we don't have much of a wind chill to talk about. we are still watching the storm system up in southeastern
5:48 am
canada it has pulled farther away from us and the winds will be lighter as high pressure builds in. we will have a pretty good day around here with not much to talk about. in fact, other than a few clouds from time to time, a quiet thursday. in fact, thursday night in to friday look fairly quiet. although friday, look at this. by morning in the mountains here, western maryland may sneak a sprinkle in to far northern virginia or up to frederick and charlestown. during the day on friday that moves in to pennsylvania. we are okay, though to the west we watch the moisture slowly move east. by saturday morning, there's the showers on top of us. we get rid of these midday on saturday so things will be improving the second haft of weekend for sure. here's the seven day. 69 today. 74 tomorrow. the best chance of showers, i believe will be on friday in to saturday morning. a decent weekend and then more showers are possible on tuesday in to wednesday. it is 5:48. look at the traffic. here's angie. >> hello, everyone.
5:49 am
we are creeping a little closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour and we are having a great day while we are doing it. 270 southbound. tracking the head lights a good amount of volume between 121 and 109. the inner and outer loop between 95 and georgia avenue. a live shot at minnesota avenue. traffic is filling out. no incidents or accidents along the way. on virginia side of things, 395 pacific income clear to the 14th street bridge. and we have a map in virginia of the beltway. it looks like from 95 past braddock up to 66 it is nice and green and drivers are moving at speed. call it a wrap with a live shot of kennel worth and eastern avenues. no tieups to avoid out here. over to you. more children dealing with the agony of what used to be considered an adult problem, kidney stones. in this living well report, digital correspondent tells us doctors now know why.
5:50 am
>> i was having sharp pain on my right side. >> reporter: taylor miller is a maryland 8th grader who had been through a painful and dangerous journey. >> they discovered she had a massive stone on both of her kidneys. >> reporter: dominique, taylor's mom never imagined what lay ahead for her daughter. the massive stones in her right kidney became so big the kidney stopped working. >> we found out that right kidney had shut down as a result of the stones. >> reporter: when stones were the detected in her left kidney doctors used a laser to destroy them before they caused the same damage. >> three pinhole type incisions and a half moon cut over top of her belly button. >> reporter: this doctor says the size of taylor's stones is unusual. but pediatric case unless the metro area continue to climb. >> the stone belt is an area of the united states that has a
5:51 am
higher incidence of the stones than the rest of the united states. >> reporter: the reason is inactivity in childhood and eating unhealthy food, especially those with too much sodium. >> in general if one has a higher amount of fat in their diet, a higher amount of salt in their diet and they become relatively dehydrated, we believe that is a recipe for developing a kidney stone. >> reporter: without the proper nutrients and calcium to dilute sodium in the body a stone can crystallize. to keep that from happening. the doctor has this recommendation. >> make your urine look as close to tap water as possible. >> if i can maintain my weight and keep my kidneys functioning. >> reporter: anita brickman for 9 news now and the main symptoms youngsters with kidney stones will experience are consistent sharp pains in their lower
5:52 am
abdomen or back, accompanied by a high fever and sometimes nausea and vomiting. again too many salty foods and too few fluids can encourage kidney stones to form. as we mentioned earlier this hour, today is the start of breast cancer awareness month. coming up a look at the increase in testing to see whether -- patients have genetic markers for the disease. we'll be right back. the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe.
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this morning in the examiner, police ask for the public's help in identifying a man who robbed a silver spring bank. it is taking longer than expected to convince people to pony up for the metro to dulles project. and the dc council considers lifting restriction on raising chickens and harvesting eggs on residential property. read these stories and more in the examiner. it is october 1st. and today is the start of breast canser awareness month. we will have on-air coverage an updates on my buddy blog at there's now a fourth step in early detection, it is genetic testing. it used to be reserved only for those who were almost certain to be diagnosed with breast
5:56 am
cancer. now almost anyone with request genetic tests from their doctor and more people are getting them but should they? some caution that testing isn't for everyone and reading the results shouldn't be left to just anyone. >> reporter: it was during her first ever mammogram that corey williams learned she may have signs of early breast cancer. if she does, corey caught it early thanks to another appointment she made months ago. >> this is a picture of the chromosome. >> reporter: one with a genetic counselor that told her to start her mammograms now. >> what they found is tiny but before it was something i felt i wouldn't have had a mammogram unless i felt something. >> reporter: corey decided to get a genetic test at her doctor's office and it turns out she has mutated genes. but knowing exactly what it
5:57 am
meant wasn't clear until she came here. >> we not only take in to account the genetic test results, the piece of paper and medical and family history so it is a more complete evaluation and risk assessment. >> reporter: this genetic counselor says that genetic tests at your doctor's office may offer some insight but not tell the whole story. tests may come back negative with these two specific genes and if the results aren't read thoroughly might give a false sense of security. her advice, remember that getting results an reading them are two different things you should carefully consider who does each. if the tests show you have mutated versions of the genes
5:58 am
your odds of getting breast cancer jumped 85% and thoughteds of your children getting it are 50/50. before you decide if you need a test out line your family history and talk to your doctor to see if a test is right for you. there are a lot of fun ways to observe breast cancer awareness month and one of the best is this. wear denim. casual friday for one day, bring it on for the cure. you don't have to get the jacket or anything. you want to put this on. >> sure. >> angie will put it on but wear your denim tomorrow. because tomorrow is national lee denim day and for a simple donation of $5 you can support women's cancer programs for the entertainment industry. christina applegate of samantha who and a young breast cancer survivor and she has the attitude there is the national spokesperson. 13 years in the making. lee national denim day raised
5:59 am
money for breast cancer. >> why not head over and support wrinkle erase for the cure. we know him as celebrity stylist irwin gomez, dc's very own. he is hosting this event at the -- i believe at the metropolitan institute for plastic surgery all day until 7 p.m. all proceeds, 100% goes to living pink. this supports breast cancer research in the area. andrea has the information on her buddy blog. so check it out. >> also want to do a buddy check nine check to a kathy mczero. she is a breast cancer survivor and entrepreneur. she has come up with this line of pink ribbon party ware to use at a celebration lunch. she looked and found nothing and that's when she had her ah- ha moment. >> started it all. >> so many products are jumping on it. >> even my yogurt. they will make a donation to breast cancer. >>


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