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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  December 27, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] jim: jim nantz and phil simms here in philadelphia. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately after the game except on the west coast where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. we get another update. james brown in new york. james: the jets have expanded
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their lead by 14. jones capped the drive with a one-yard touchdown run. the two-point conversion is run. 58 rushing yards on that series by jones. jets on top of indy. jim: all right, so the jets taking full advantage after payton went out with a 15-10 lead. second down and 8. and that's incomplete. now, these wild card contenders these last 12 minutes so crucial here for the broncos. boy, if they could pull this one off look where they would be. but all those teams at u, baltimore, houston, and pittsburgh. and the jets very likely to be at u 7. let me ask you this. peyton manning has been in the league 12 years, never injured. you have a 15-10 lead in the third quarter and you have a
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football. one more peyton manning drive down the field might be enough to lock the game down and then you can keep the perfect soon -- season going. phil: apparently you care more about the perfect season than they do. that's what they were saying by taking him out. it's not a factoror in what they do. jim: what a nice save by champ bailey. phil: it was an excellent job by bailey. he is all over desean jackson. donovan mcnabb, just hops up right in place and when he stands tall, which he did there, he puts it on the money. again champ bailey, we saw it earlier. came underneath, got an interception. jim: bailey is in the middle of the field. he had made that diving play over on the near sideline and just a little groggy and not
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able to get all the way back across to the other sideline. they're forcing philadelphia to punt here. phil: i tell you, the philadelphia eagles, they don't think anybody can cover desean jackson. well, champ bailey is doing a lot of one-on-one. he touches it. oh, boy, he lands hard right on his face. look at the turf. his right hip hits the ground but he's walking off now. brent celek was the star in the first half of this game for the eagles. champ bailey, kyle orton -- jim: they've been the stars of the second half. phil: absolutely. jim: rocca. a 51-yard punt. smith collard at the 33 and a flag.
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white in on the hit. referee: personal foul, major facemask, defense number 46. from the end of the run, 15 yards. automatic first down.
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personalize your card by uploading... your own photo at ( bark ) lady! what's in your wallet? 911, what's your emergency? jim: we might be in philadelphia but denver is trying to pull off a mile hichamback. down 17 in the second half on the road. now with possession near midfield three down. 12 to play. buckhalter takes it to the 50. for a run of three.
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another update on the colts-jets. james: the woes continue for indy without peyton manning at quarterback. curtis painter here throwing a pick. dwight lowry picks him off. painter, 4-, 44 yards. one pick and one fumble. back to jim and phil. jim: j.b., thank you. playing hurt today, j.b. gaffney goes out of bounds at the 45. that's about two yards short of a first. phil: we talked so muchturing game about the eagle offense, how they can get hot. denver's offense is rolling. they have this eagle defense sitting back and reacting instead of attacking and setting the pace. phil: two full yards to go for the first.
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orton. scrambles away. plants the feet, fires it incomplete. boy, he threw that one against some more heat, going for brandon lloyd. phil: the question is, do you go for it here on fourth down or do you punt it? i think you punt it. your defense has really got philly's offense doing nothing. jim: the pass was behind lloyd. phil: yeah, good thing, though. macho harris was in front. had to be came. jim: haven't seen jackson, the league's leading punt returner do anything. hasn't had a chance on the return game. berger will no doubt try to angle it away from him. kicking it high and -- bring on the fair catch. 26 yards. ♪
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jim: we're back. jim nantz and phil simms here at lincoln financial field in philadelphia. mcnabb in the shotgun on first down. gives it to westbrook, who backs his way in for two. hit first by vonnie holliday. now mcnabb, so hot in the first half. this has been a little bit of a sub story on the year. the second half hasn't gone for mcnabb nor the eagles anywhere close to where the first half has been. he's only 2-10 in the second half. phil: 2-10 and they're trying everything. nothing's working. they keep searching. i would say i like this. get donovan mcnabb in the shotgun, maybe if nothing else, nobody gets open, he can move and create a play. jim: second down and 8. lofting it. and incomplete. goodman on the coverage.
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pass intended for jeremy maclin. phil: well, maclin had a chance. it's a pressure deference. i like that too. they're going to keep mcnabb in the pocket. good coverage down the field. it's underthrown. goodman is still close enough. gets his hand right between the receiver's hands. jim: mcnabb thought he had it. phil: as i watch a few of these throws, that one looked like it was close to being on target, but it won leds a little more than you usually see it when it comes out of mcnabb's hand. jim: time-out, philadelphia. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. knock heartburn... into a whole new zip code. 24/7. satisfaction guaranteed. thataboy.
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remaining. third and 8 coming up. i'd like to welcome the audience that just watched the jets defeat indianapolis. jim nantz and phil simms here in philadelphia. third and 8 for the eagles. pass caught. where will they mark it? phil: it's going to be short. jim: reggie brown, a yard short. phil: you talk about this eagles' offense. you say it's stalled out. reggie brown good route. gets past the first down. let's see where they mark it. jim: they marked it a full yard short from what you saw. that looked like he tumbled to the ground right on the 29-yard line. phil: you challenge it. if they moved it a foot short would you go for it?
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jim: they moved it up a little bit. so rocca sends it down and out of bounds. wow. how about this punting today? you haven't been impressed huh? just 28 yards on that one. ok, but the jets winning. let's take another look at the a.f.c. playoff picture. indianapolis with its first loss. san diego has secured the two. new england and cincinnati will go to the final week of the regular season to figure out three and four. new england with a win in houston would take the third position. phil: as you watch this game, broncos able to get back in it. some timely plays on the offensive side but the coverage of the defensive backs of the broncos' defense, that is another huge story here in the second half. jim: orton sets up screen. tripped up, maybe by his own
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man. moreno gets to his feet to the 49. back in the playoff picture. if denver pulls out the win then the broncos and jets would control their own fate next week. denver hosting kansas city. again a win today and then a win next week the broncos would be in and the jets control their fate now. next week they'll be hosting cincinnati and the jets with a win would get in. if denver loses baltimore moves in there as the controlling their own destiny team, along with the jets. now two yards short of the first, moreno. third down on the way. on the n.f.c. side, if dallas wins tonight then the giants are eliminated. if the cowboys win tonight then we'll know the six teams and some things will have to be settled next week in terms of order of seeds. and the n.f.c. east. that game down in dallas. third and 2.
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time-out, denver. jim: next sunday we will have double-header action. you'll have to check your local listings. pittsburgh at miami. new england at houston. kansas city at denver. baltimore and oakland now shaping up as a big one. if denver loses then the ravens would need that win at oakland to get in. it all begins with j.b., dan, shannon, boomer and coach cowher on "the nfl today" next sunday, january 3. phil: here's what i wonder. still plenty of time left in the game. you have two time-outs, :40 to go. you look at it, third and 2. run the football. if you run it and you're just short, i think it changes your thought process where you might go for it on fourth down.
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jim: so you're thinking four-down territory? phil: if you run it here that's what your thinking is. if you don't get it you're hoping to get it close enough where you feel comfortable going for it on fourth down. jim: orton steps up, completes it. gaffney. he is having some afternoon with two touchdown catches and that was a tough grab across the middle, outreaching quinton michael for 18 yards. phil: it was a good job. the pressure. orton steps up and just allows gaffney that extra time. i thought maybe he'd run for the first down. how about that the? go up and snatches it out of the air. puts them in field goal range too. again, everybody trying to stop the receiver. jim: lloyd. scrapes it off the ground, picks up two. even with a loss today philadelphia can win the division next week with a win
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down in dallas. phil: a lot of good things. philadelphia wins here, they win next week, they still have a chance, correct me if i'm wrong -- to be the number two seed. jim: that's correct. with a win here today and a win next week and some help. giants playing at minnesota next week. that was a backwards pass to marshall and well-played. by hanson. it's a loss of four. phil: we've seen him do a pretty good job against these screens. this is the second one, diagnosises it so fast. lloyd not able to get a hand on him to stop him from making a tackle. jim: third down coming up. third and 13. from here it would be a 51-yard
7:22 pm
field goal try to tie it. orton getting knocked down. he got it away in time, short of the first. it will make it a little easier for prater. buckhalter takes it for five. phil: those are big yards. kyle orton was trying to go down the field but the quick pressure. what a good job getting rid of it, seeing the running back coming out of the backfield. just makes a field goal kicker mentally just feel better. of course, the shorter the kick is. jim: berate -- prater from 46 yards to tie the game. the kick is good! dead center. 27-27 with 17 unanswered by the broncos.
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phil: no doubt about this one, right down the middle. jim: lonnie paxton, the long-time patriot. long snapper from 2000 through last year. sent it back to berger. got it down to perfection. crater drives it home. phil: think about it, second half. what has the philadelphia eagles offense done? they did get the touchdown throw but it was a pass that could have been intercepted. mcnabb never saw hill. that drive was kept alive by a defensive penalty that was -- i could say it wasn't one but i had a hard time seeing it. and nothing fancy by the broncos' defense. they're just winning the battles. covering one-on-one and keeping
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donovan mcnabb in the pocket. jim: that touchdown drive the only touchdown drive of the broncos, feeled by two -- eagles fueled by two penalties. see if that offense can be reignited here with six minutes to go. macho harris steps up. fumbles. it's philadelphia football. the second fumble of the game. carrying the ball on the wrong side. phil: a couple of things. just carrying the football loose, not tucked to his body and when it's not tucked to the body, any type of pressure is
7:25 pm
going to knock it out. what a recovery. you go why is it the wrong side? because when you have it on the inside you can't use your other arm to defend the ball and if it's on the outside arm when it gets knocked loose it usually goes out of bounds. jim: mcnabb is tossed down by dumervil! his second sack today. setting the single season mark in denver history with 17. phil: what's so good, it takes so long. donovan mcnabb hoping for a better option. the short receivers were open but you can't think that brent celek, a tight end is going to be able to stop for that long one of the best pass rushers or sackers in the nfl. jim: he breaks simon fletcher's bronco record. fletcher, a university of houston product. went up and had a number of
7:26 pm
good years in denver. a flag, and it's going to be five more marked off against the eagles. referee: false start, offense number 79. five-yard penalty, still second down. phil: this defense of the broncos, wow, fourth straight three and outs. look at the yardage. one yard. but you know, jim, they have this ability and people keep writing the broncos off during the year. i go, hey this defense is touch and they have stretches. remember, we watched the indianapolis colts play? they went three and out many times and gave the broncos a great chance to win that game. jim: second and 25. pass too hype. and open was jeremy maclin. and again mcknack ends up on his backside. phil: well, that's not what caused the interception. he had time and he does a good job of looking it off.
7:27 pm
he's going to the -- let me do that over. he's not able to complete the follow-through to get the football down. the way it's going for the eagles, i don't know. i'd think about punting on third down. jim: all they need is 25 for a first. jim: mcnabb -- he's got a chance to get the first. mcnabb's got the first down at the 42! a 27-yard scramble. phil: what happens here is anybody watching the quarterback? everybody kind of mans up and when the linebacker's underneath. d.j. williams chases the one
7:28 pm
within -- running back. and boy, donovan mcnabb grabs that left hamstring. jim: that's not good. he's staying in the way. he immediately grabed that left hamstring. phil: it took so long, they had so many running deep, that's why he was able to get the third and 25. jim: his longest run of the season and westbrook goes for two. just think how big that was? an incomplete pass, basically a punter standing on the goal line. phil: field position has changed dramatically, of course, and also time. jim: not only his longest run of the season, his longest run since 2007. phil: as i've watched him this year i asked a bunch of coaches for the eagles is he moving around more? they go, no. remember, it's two years after the surgery. he feels good. but he moves around now to throw the football, not to gain
7:29 pm
yards rushing like he did when he was younger. jim: that's an incompletion. hit the ground before maclin got ahold of it. phil: let's get a good look at it. andre goodman having a nice day. mcnabb has to be careful with the throw. that did come out. because the coverage is tight so you don't want to make an error and lose the game here with an interception. but andre' goodman, the other corner across from champ bailey sees a lot of footballs thrope his way. he's been up for the challenge today, there's no doubt about that. jim: third and 8. a yard short of the first. that's goodman you just spoke up of and that not only would have been the first down. that whole side was open for at least another 10 yards, i believe. fourth and 1 coming up.
7:30 pm
phil: boy, nice tackle but goodman. good angle. didn't get underneath where he would be chasing, wouldn't be able to make the tackle if the football was caught. jim: they're going to punt it. phil: i don't blame them. i wouldn't go for it. they've shown nothing that make you think they're going to win at the line of scrimmage. you still have two time-outs. you can back up the broncos and win it with your defense. jim: alphonso smith is the returner. hold on a minute. delay of game coming up against the eagles. referee: there's no delay of game. we're a little slow getting the ball spotted for fourth down. jim: oh.
7:31 pm
so no penalty. phil: what'd you say, oh,? jim: mike carey admits it. here is rocca's punt. it's a good one this time. and smith backs up to make the fair catch at the 8. 40 yards and pens him inside 10. out comes orton, who's having a good day. this game? well, first half it was all about mcnabb and celek. he was over 100 yards. then a quiet second half for the tinlte. gaffney has a couple of touchdowns and then macho harris fumbled on a kick return, recovered by denver. a short while later the touchdown from or theen and then the tying field goal from 46 yards by prater. three minutes to go. each team has two time-outs.
7:32 pm
quick stick by akeem jordan. holds him to one. the lineup tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" followed by tom selleck in a special movie presentation. "jesse stone: thin ice," and "cold case," only on american america's number one network. second and 9. orton. a flag down in the area of offensive holdenen -- holding and that's lloyd out to the 25. will the catch hold up or is it coming back? referee: holding offense, number 73. half the distance to the goals,
7:33 pm
second down. phil: 73, chris cooper, right guard. here he is. oh, he gets his arms around and pulls. another good job. look at the defenders all to the left. everybody for the eagles. that was probably their thought coming into this game. let's guard the short receivers, the guys that guard those five-yard routes and kyle orton getting off that five-yard route and finding wide-open receivers behind him. jim: eagles defense could make a couple of big plays here. second and 14. from out of the end zone. it's gaffney. he's only to the 9. phil: well, the one thing that stuck out when the eagles don't blitz, they're a middle of the road defense. jim: two-minute warning in philadelphia.
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jim: two minutes left. each team with two time-outs and each team with 2 on the board. third down and for the broncos. phil: i think they're just faking the blitz. they'll play it safe. jim: almost got to orton. now running for it and he is stopped short. coming up to make the play, tracy white, but there is a flag back near the goal line. referee: holding, offense number 78. half the distance to the goal. still third down. jim: are you going to take the penalty? you would force him to punt here from the 17. phil: no, he's going to reassess this. referee: correction, declined. fourth down. jim: ok. i wouldn't give them a chance if i had to make a call like that. phil: andy reid complaining,
7:37 pm
all right, there's holding. was it in the end zone? jim: of course they would have taken the next snap from about the 4-yard line. they're going to decline the penalty and get the football back. and that redecision not to go for it, the punt worked out just the way you wanted it. phil: that's right. and kyle orton was not in the end zone when the hold -- holding occurred. good call by mike carey. jim: the leader again in the national football league punt return average in season. it's berger. this will be returned. here's jackson. takes -- shakes off a hit. another flag down back at the 20-yard line. paxton, the long snapper, made the hit on jackson. referee: there's no foul on the play. all of the action was legal. first down. jim: first down from the 42 of
7:38 pm
denver. phil: now you got the time on your side. jim: mcnabb with three touchdown passes. the first one went to jackson from two yards out then an open brent celek. and then the one to avant. phil: so many big plays in the game. go ahead, i'm sorry. but mcnabb's scramble changed field position, allowed the eagles to get the ball back after a punt. jim: and that's mccoy into the pile for two. we talked look how some of these a.f.c. teams can control their own destiny after today. but you have the likes of all the fans down in baltimore, pittsburgh, houston, all right now hoping that somehow philadelphia could put together
7:39 pm
a winning drive. just incremently help their chances. baltimore, that would put them in a position where they could control things. mcnabb. what a catch. now they rule it incomplete. maclin was the receiver. he's ruled out of bounds at the 11. phil: i was going to say, that is a phenomenal catch. jim: this would be inside 2, of course. booth review. phil: went down to the ground. does he have possession of the football? jim: if he has possession, they're going to have to -- that's going to be a catch. phil: i don't know. i need to see it again. jim: i think both feet are in. this is one of those calls that actually will decide a game. because from that point it's a chippy for akers with a minute to go.
7:40 pm
he held on to the football all the way to the ground. i know that's the first thing you wonder. phil: yes, he did catch the football, kept possession as he went to the ground but did he get both feet down? jim: the official was right on top of it and he ruled it on the field incomplete roubs. here ego. -- here you go. phil: tell me when both feet or down? jim: i see the right and the left in. phil: i definitely see the left. the the left foot is in and there's the right dragging. good shot. ok. jim: great catch. phil: what a throw by mcnabb. i thought he was throwing it to the underneath receiver, avonlt -- avant but he was back shoulderering it to maclin. football -- it's not
7:41 pm
>> phil: jim, you're right. i think if i was making this call i would call it a possession. of course there's a little bit of ball movement pp but he did demonstrate in my opinion that he had possession of the football. jim: this is a call, again, if it goes philadelphia's way and the challenge, the play is reversed, it's got a great chance of winning the game for the eagles. phil: the more it takes the more i think it favors the eagles because they're trying to figure out where's it going to be spotted? now i've turned into an investigative reporter. let's look at it one more time. the feet are definitely in. do you see anything that makes
7:42 pm
you think he did not have possession of that football? jim: looks like an exceptional play to me and i think the ball will be at the 13-yard line, which would be 30, 31 yards at that point for akers. referee: the receiver had control, two feet down inbounds. catch. first down, 13 1/2-yard line. jim: denver has two time-outs but philadelphia has a first down and they can inch a little closer and take this thing right down to a last-second kick. a reminder tonight on cbs, "60 minutes," jesse stone, thin ice, and "cold case." westbrook, the tailback.
7:43 pm
and the immediate time-out by denver, leaving them with one. the eagles have had a couple of close wins not all that long ago. week 11 at chicago. mccoy's touchdown run in the fourth quarter helped win it and then week 12 against washington. akers with 1:38 left from 32 yards out. a 27-24 victory. phil: jim, i was thinking about it. would you let the philadelphia eagles score here on the first play? the only reason -- i think about it all the time when i'm watching games, but this football, it is on the 13-yard line. it's not just an automatic extra point. they're not inside 5 when i always think of that. jim: now it would be about a
7:44 pm
27, 28-yard try and another time-out coming up by the broncos. of course akers is one of the best in the whole league. phil: one of the best, no question. what i always like when i watch him kick, it is -- if it's an extra point or a 50-yard field goal, it's full go, -- i always think when you see that there's less chance of the pressure getting to you. but to answer my own question, i wouldn't have let them score. jim: eagles are going to go one more play and they'll go as far as they can. two of philadelphia's four losses on the year have come against the a.f.c. west. defeated by san diego and oakland. they won against kansas city when kevin kolb was actually the starting quarterback.
7:45 pm
third and 7. take another yard or two and be happy with that, as mcnabb. takes it to about the 9. phil: playing the game clock and the play clock. identical. jim: now it will all come down -- they'll call the time-out seven, eight second to go, somewhere around there. and mr. akers, signed by andy reid in 1999. reid's first year. after akers had been cut by the washington redskins. spent a year in nfl europe. phil: the clocks are identical in the stadium. jim: there you go, seven seconds. so you can't declare it if it goes through the uprights for victory because you still have the kickoff to go. time-out, philadelphia.
7:46 pm
seven second, and akers, pretty cool guy, too in these kinds of situations. philadelphia again already in the postseason. has a chance at the number two seed if things break right. still haven't locked up the division. they could win the division if dallas loses tonight or if they win at dallas next week. and denver trying to fight for its playoff life. will not be eliminated with a loss but would need help next week. so near 28 yards. is that the lucky number for the eagles? akers drives it through and philadelphia takes the lead.
7:47 pm
like you said, phil, he doesn't just chip it. he kills it. phil: well, for all the scrug -- struggles this eagles team had the second half, really on both sides of the ball, jim. donovan mcnabb, the big scramble, changed field position and then the terrific catch by maclin. jim: mcnabb. oh, he looked up just in time. phil: justifyry lurie pretty excited about that. jim: josh mcdaniels who was a graduate assistant under nick saban when reid became the head coach of the eagles. he's one of the longest tenured coaches in the league, right
7:48 pm
behind jeff fisher. all kinds of scenarios for next week. the broncos will find out after this game ends that there's even a possible strength of victory tiebreaker they would have against the jets and the chargers next week. all kinds of things. the ball just tossed around a little bit. to smith. and that's not going anywhere. it is over. in philadelphia. the eagles prevail on an akers' field goal from 28 yards. philadelphia 30, denver 27. coming up next, "60 minutes" followed by "jesse stone and "cold case." for phil simms and the crow,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> we need water. we need water. >> stahl: arnold schwarzenegger, the action hero governor, has thrust himself into a battle in california over water shortages that are so severe, a half million acres of its rich farmland are lying fallow. it looks like sand. it looks like a desert, actually. >> yeah. >> stahl: are you in crisis? >> we are. we have been in a crisis.... >> stahl: in crisis? >> we have been in a crisis for quite some time.
7:54 pm
>> logan: hank crumpton was the master spy who led the c.i.a. into afghanistan after 9/11, routing the taliban and al qaeda in just a matter of weeks. and, officially, you weren't here. >> that's correct. >> logan: we brought crumpton back to afghanistan, where he and the head of that country's intelligence agency warned america better win the war, because al qaeda continues to plot terror against the united states. >> the enemies we are fighting, they are truly forces of darkness. >> 3, 2, 1. one to base. >> kroft: there he goes. a small group of extreme sportsmen wearing specially made wing suits have come about as close to flying as you can get outside the confines of an airplane, at least for a minute or two. you can hear them already.
7:55 pm
>> yeah. >> that was probably about 140, 150 mile-an-hour flyby. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories and andy rooney tonight on "60 minutes." boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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but if they do, you know who to turn to. your american express charge card not only gives you assistance around the world, with the membership rewards program, you can use points to travel without blackout dates... on any airline, anytime. can your card say that? >> stahl: water is in short supply, and you don't have to go to africa or the middle east to see how much the planet is running dry.
7:58 pm
just go to california, where, after three years of drought, dozens of towns and cities have imposed mandatory water rationing, and a half-million acres in the country's agricultural breadbasket are lying fallow. arnold schwarzenegger, the action-hero governor, has thrust himself into the fray by requiring towns and cities across the state to reduce their water usage by 20% over the next ten years. that means less water to drink, to bathe in, and to water the lawn. governor schwarzenegger has only a year left in office, and he's well aware of the old saying:, "whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting." >> governor arnold schwarzenegger: people have died over water, you know, so... movies have been made about the wars of water in california. >> stahl: "chinatown." >> schwarzenegger: exactly. so water has been one of those issues. >> stahl: one of those issues that's pitting californians against each other for every last drop. are you in crisis? >> schwarzenegger: we are. >> stahl: in crisis?
7:59 pm
>> schwarzenegger: we've been in crisis for quite some time, because we're now 38 million people and not anymore 18 million people, like we were in the late '60s. so it developed into a battle between environmentalists and farmers, and between the south and the north, and between rural and urban. and everyone has been fighting for the last four decades about water. >> stahl: he took us to the san luis reservoir in california's farm country. >> schwarzenegger: everything that you see here was all full of water. >> stahl: he showed us how desperate things are-- the drought that has affected the western part of the country has left its mark here. water levels here are only half what they should be. there's a bathtub ring. the water was way up there. >> schwarzenegger: people are fishing off this area here. and the tower you see there in the background-- it goes all the way up to the top of the tower. and it's a disastrous situation, and we got to do something about that very quickly. >> stahl: the reservoir is a key


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